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I would savor every smokey kiss

At the very bottom of the box, something rattled. It was a film canister housing his dad’s one and only porno flick. Vincent ran to the family room closet and pulled out a projector and screen. We waited impatiently as […]

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Mary’s Train Ride

Mary had always been a bit of a tart. In fifth grade, her little brother Andy, then in fourth grade, had caught her with a boy behind a tree on the school grounds. They had shooed off her brother and […]

Free sex stories

Picnic Toes

Sarah stood in the shade of the thatch-roofed picnic shelter, sipping on a diet coke as she spitefully contemplated how her weekend had been completely ruined. After two continuous weeks of stressful work, she had been relishing this much needed […]

Free sex stories

Karen’s Sexy Feet

I was bored in a lecture staring at the screen hoping Dr Allen would finish his droning on. I played with my flats dangling them of one foot then the other not really thinking about the lecture. As I copied […]

Free sex stories

My Hospital Sexperience

I didn’t understand, but here I lay in Room 3408 waiting on the Doctor to show, it seems that I fell and then woke up here in the hospital and this room. When the Doctor finally showed, she introduced herself […]


Taboo adventures 3.

They went up to the apartment on the third floor. Even before they got to the landing they could hear the thump of the music from the apartment. Her mother knocked and they waited. Her mother’s hand trembled nervously in […]

Free sex stories

My soon to be niece

A little back ground, my name is Mike I’m 19 and I live with my girl friend Jill (18 yr) Jill’s sister and her are 15 Year’s apart in age so Jill and her niece Amanda are 2 years difference […]


Pee time in the military

I had left the US for two week coverage for someone taking leave in the medical corp. I had never been to this country and was pretty nervous about it. Because there was no real thought about women in the […]