asstr sex stories

The Maid Husband

Friday started as any normal day. At the alarm, Alan rose and went to the bathroom to run Lisa’s bath. He quickly showered himself and when the bath was ‘just so’ woke Lisa. She greeted him and dragged herself sleepily […]

Group Sex Stories

The swinger party

Tuesday morning was the first morning I was able to get up before Swimmer, who still lay curled on her side of the bed, head in her arms. I didn’t blame her. Last night would have been exhausting for anyone. […]

Group Sex Stories

More than stepmom 2.

The next day after bathing, Barbara pulled on a pair of shorts she had not worn in a long time. They were a bright yellow color and hugged her shapely ass like a second skin. The legs were cut high […]

Group Sex Stories

Just Another Day At The Office

Danny’s cock throbbed painfully, his balls aching with the pressure of unreleased cum, his shaft stiff, and his cockhead swollen to a daunting girth that made Carnie wetter just looking at it. I’ll be right back, she said from behind […]

asstr sex stories - Taboo

More than Step-mom

If it had not been for Candy. If it had not been for the erotic nature within her mind and body. Barbara sat in her bedroom, darkness cloaking her. She was not aware that night had come. She had fled […]

asstr sex stories

Naked Screw

My apartment in Singapore is immaculate. All the walls are clean and white, except for the one with the naked screw sticking out of it, where I took the wedding photo down. I’m the one who took the picture down; […]

asstr sex stories

Asian Erotica volume 2.

Syafiqah was not sure just where the old fragment of book came from, but she was bored and it was the only material to hand that she had not read. She had finished the American book about the teenage vampire, […]

asstr sex stories

The coin opearted sexrobot

Most every year the strip club convention was the same routine: a handful of seminars on legal issues facing gentlemen’s clubs, presented by the lawyers who specialized in tackling them; dozens of feature entertainers signing autographs for the casual conventioneers […]

asstr sex stories

The love boat

“Rise and shine sleepy-head!” Dawn McIntyre called out as she pulled open the small window drape and flooded the tiny cabin with early morning sunlight. “It’s another beautiful day out in the middle of nowhere.” “Screw you!” called out a […]

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