Picnic Toes

Sarah stood in the shade of the thatch-roofed picnic shelter, sipping on a diet coke as she spitefully contemplated how her weekend had been completely ruined. After two continuous weeks of stressful work, she had been relishing this much needed weekend to herself. That was until Friday night, when a dreaded phone call from her cheerily coercive mother had ended all her hope of relaxation.

Before she knew it, she had been roped into helping to prepare for the family picnic that she had no intention of attending in the first place. As a result, she had spent the whole Saturday and Sunday morning at her mother’s, slaving away in the kitchen, frantically trying to fulfil the ridiculously long list of finger foods and desserts before jetting off in her car to pick up a bunch of her noisy relatives.

A ray of sunlight pierced through the sparse clouds of the early afternoon sun and Sarah reflexively shielded her eyes with her hand. In her rush to pack up her car and pick up her relatives, she had forgotten to bring her tube of sunscreen and her pale freckled skin was not faring well in the scorching heat. With a sneer, she looked over towards the vast expanse of lush grass covering the picnic area, upon which a dozen of her relatives lay, already sloshed on wine and beer, loudly gossiping and cackling between each other. A series of grating screeches and screams pierced her ears as she turned her gaze towards the handful of bratty nieces and nephews running amuck.

Sarah leaned back against the shelter’s wooden beam and chided herself for being so nice and gullible. Why had she even accepted to come here? After all, none of the other cousins had bothered to show up, let alone help out. And yet, here she was, a lonely woman in her mid-twenties, her favourite dress stained with frosting and vanilla extract, as she slowly wasted away the last remaining hours of her weekend. This whole situation was slowly driving her insane and she desperately wanted go home and finally crash on her comfy bed. Yet, as one of the only sober people left in charge of transport, and not wanting to cause a scene, she was left stewing in her own misery.

Finally, Sarah could not take it any longer and needed to at least get away from the commotion. As everyone chatted away distractedly, she filled a Tupperware with a bunch of cupcakes, shoved a few cans of soft drink into her handbag and surreptitiously slipped into the thick trees surrounding the picnic area.

With each crunching step through the thick vegetation, the loud screeching sounds and obnoxious laughter gradually diminished and as she finally emerged into the neighbouring clearing, the cacophony had become barely audible.

Sarah’s eyes widened as she marvelled at the cosy little spot of paradise before her. As if plucked from the scene of a Disney movie, a small stream flowed along the edge of the secluded clearing, with the thick overhanging branches from the surrounding trees providing plenty of shade. At the opposite end, hidden within a little nook, a long sturdy bench, carved from a giant fallen tree, beckoned Sarah to rest her weary body.

With a sigh of relief, Sarah plopped herself onto the bench, letting her bag and box of cakes drop onto the ground. She extended her arms above her head and stretched out her whole body as her shoulders and back gave a few satisfying cracks. Turning her attention to her aching feet, she propped up her heels and slid out of the confines of her leather flats. Hot and sweaty from a whole day’s frantic running, her toes felt slippery as she wriggled them against the cool steady breeze that gently swept across. As her shoes fell beneath her feet, the strong aroma that had been trapped within wafted into her nostrils.

“Good thing I’m alone!” she chuckled to herself as her nose crinkled.

She looked down at her little black flats. They were the most comfortable shoes she owned and had become her go-to pair ever since she had bought them about six months ago. Sadly, the near daily abuse had taken its toll on them. Sarah noticed how the leather exterior, once smooth and shiny, were now dull and scuffed at the toes. The little decorative buckle on top of each shoe had tarnished and chipped. At the back of the shoes, her habit of constantly slipping them on and off had slightly crushed the back heels and had formed small crack lines. Inside of each shoe, the hundreds of hours of wear had formed an imprint of her feet on the insole. Worst of all, she thought, was the increasingly strong smell. Those flats were not the most breathable and the stench of sweat and leather had built up to a point where she now felt uncomfortable taking her shoes off in public.

“Guess I’ll have to go shopping for another pair soon…” she muttered in resignation.

Sarah turned to her small size six and a half feet, which dangled a few inches above the shoes. She spread her toes as wide as she could, letting the cool breeze flow through them. A small smile pursed onto her lips as she saw that the dark violet polish she had applied a few days ago had held on surprisingly well. She had picked the latter on a whim from the large display rack at the department store during her lunch break a week prior. Initially drawn by the name on the little bottle, ‘Mystery’, it was the pretty glittery specks mixed into the dark shade that had sealed her choice.

“Why do I even bother…” she sighed.

For the amount of effort she put into keeping her feet presentable, it wasn’t like anyone ever noticed. In fact, the only compliments she had ever received were from a couple of female co-workers and that one massage therapist a couple of years ago. Although she found the process of pampering her feet rewarding in itself, she often wished that at someone would at least acknowledge the results.

Sarah crossed her left ankle over her right knee and leant forward. Her neck and back strained in protest as she outstretched her arm to grab her foot. Slowly, she began running her fingers along her sole and between her damp toes, brushing off a few stray pieces of lint that had stuck to them. She moaned softly as her small hands, weak and sore from a morning of cooking and baking, started kneading her heel.

“Ughh…” she groaned in exasperation.

This wasn’t doing any good. Her tired hands simply weren’t strong enough to dig into those knots and within a couple of minutes, her hand seized into a painful cramp, forcing her to stop.

“Screw it…” she muttered.

Releasing her grasp on her foot, she swung her legs onto the bench and lay on her side, cradling her head with her hands. For a moment, she just stared at the beautiful scenery before her, listening to the relaxing sounds of nature. The slightly concave surface of the bench was surprisingly comfortable and soon her eyelids became heavy as the exhaustion that had been piling up throughout the past weeks kicked in. As she closed her eyes, the chirping of small birds overhead, along with the sound of water trickling down the stream, gently lulled her into a deep sleep…

Sarah awoke to the sound of a soft rustling. Forcing her eyes open, she stifled a soft yelp as her blurry vision outlined a figure at the other end of the clearing, facing the stream. A mixture of fear and nervousness instinctively overcame her as she contemplated whether to bolt or stay still and hope to remain unseen. The bench on which she lay was nestled within some trees and it was possible that the person hadn’t realised she was even there. Sarah decided on the latter, more optimistic version. Even if he had seen her asleep and vulnerable, she reasoned, no harm had come to her. After all, it could just be some person looking for a moment of respite the same way she was. As such, she decided to wait and observe the situation. Her decision paid off…

As her eyes came into focus, the blurry figure transformed into that of a tall athletic man, rummaging through his rucksack, dressed in a tight shirt and biking shorts. His muddy trail bike was propped up against tree a few metres away. The man took out a sport bottle from the bag and as he lifted it towards his lips, Sarah’s heart skipped a beat. Through the distance, and with his back towards her, she could see the outlines of his back muscles moulding his shirt as he drank deeply from his bottle. The afternoon sun, now a light amber, bounced softly onto his manly physique, highlighting his broad shoulders, the V-shape of his lean torso tapering to his powerful legs. Her lips parted slightly as she became transfixed at the gorgeous view unfurling before her.

Sarah’s initial fear completely vanished, now replaced with an unfamiliar sensation of exhilaration and wonder. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this way. Her stirred up feelings suddenly brought back memories of her last relationship. It had been nearly a year since the messy breakup, after which she had decided to take a break and throw herself into work. However, the passing months had spiralled into a vicious work cycle, and before she knew it, she was slowly being drowned in loneliness. Sarah felt an ache in her chest as she once more pined for the excitement of a new relationship. Deep down, she missed the companionship, the intimacy of human contact, the feeling of safety that a happy relationship could provide.

She broke out of her reverie and her heart sank as she glanced down, suddenly cringing at her appearance. A million thoughts reeled within her mind as she cursed at the whole situation. There she was, lying alone on a park bench, looking like a complete wreck. Besides, how long had the man even been there? Had he even noticed her? If he had, what kind of horrible impression had she left on him?

“Dammit!” she whispered forcefully as she flailed her arm frustratedly towards the ground.

Sarah’s descending arm hit her bag violently, causing the cans within to clink together loudly.

“Crap!” Sarah muttered as she heard the noise.

The man turned his head at the noise.

For a few agonising seconds, the man stood still, looking in her direction. Finally, Sarah watched the figure crouch and drop his bottle before starting to make his way towards her.

“Crap, crap, crap he’s coming over!” Sarah whispered as she held still, not even daring to breathe.

“What now? Do I get up? Do I run away? Do I pretend to sleep? No…that would look stupid. What if he’s a murderer trying to kill me? What am I even doing here?” her internal monologue went into overdrive.

By the time she had run every option in her head, the man was already half way towards her. As his face finally came into view, all of Sarah’s apprehensions melted. Striding towards her was a handsome young man, about the same age as her. His short, dark brown hair, slightly messy from wearing his bike helmet, matched perfectly his piercing hazel eyes that gazed towards her. His strong jawline framed the most enchanting smile she had ever seen.

Sarah froze, still laying on the bench. As he approached, all she could do was look him right back in the eyes and crack a huge smile.


Luke savoured the fresh outdoor air as he rode his bike leisurely along the botanical garden’s main trail. This was his favourite part of the week, those few hours where he could escape into nature and clear his mind from all the troubles and stresses of the past week. This Sunday, a particularly large crowd had come to enjoy the warm summer weather. From the intimate couples curled up against each other on a lonely bench, to the larger families who had come to enjoy the picnic and barbecue facilities, the usually serene atmosphere had turned into a cheerful ambience.

Luke slowed down his pace as he passed along one of the larger and noisier groups. A pang of loneliness hit him as he witnessed what looked like the perfect family outing. The dozen or so people, happily eating, drinking and chatting reminded him of his own family and friends that he had left across state. It only been a couple of months since he had volunteered to move interstate to head his company’s marketing department in this small town, hoping to meet friendly people and delve head first into new adventures. Instead, he had been met with a dull town and a general coldness from his co-workers, bitter that he had taken one of their entitled positions.

Within the picture perfect scene, an oddity caught the corner of his eye. Away from all the merriment, a pale woman with bright red hair, dressed in a cute little blue and white patterned sundress, stood under the shade of the picnic shelter next to the large food-covered table. Focusing his gaze, he could just make out her delicate facial features that had contorted into a contemptuous scowl as she looked vacantly into the distance. It was clear that she was not having the best of days.

“Finally, a kindred spirit…” Luke chuckled.

Taking one last look at the lone woman, he once again picked up his pace and rode off. For the next hour and a half, Luke switched to sport mode as he sped through the reserve’s inner bike tracks. He had discovered the latter a few weeks ago and relished in the challenge as he cycled and tail-whipped along the fast and narrow trails, zipping in between the thick trees.

A couple of hours later, Luke emerged into a small secluded alcove. His Under Armour shirt was drenched with sweat and his lower half was caked with flecks of mud. The intense bike ride through those challenging trails had left him physically tired yet mentally rejuvenated. All he wanted now was to relax by the stream in this tranquil spot for as long as possible before going back to the dreadful daily grind. As he propped up his bike against a nearby tree, he slowly scanned the area, admiring the variety of flora and listening to the chirping of the birds within the trees. That’s when he noticed her…

On the other side of the circular clearing, partially hidden behind a few overhanging branches, stood a long sturdy bench upon which lay a lithe motionless figure. As Luke squinted his eyes against the sun to get a better view, he immediately recognised her. The bright red hair, porcelain skin and blue patterned sundress were unmistakeably that of the sulking woman from the picnic area.

Luke took a few silent steps forward, careful not to step on any stray branches. As he peeked between the trees, her beauty stopped him dead in his tracks. Like a weightless fairy, she lay poised gracefully on her side, her hands gently cradling her head. With each slow breath, her chest softly heaved and contracted. The delicate features of her face, from her cute button nose, her the tiny freckles that graced her rosy cheeks, to her luscious pink lips, now showed a content look, a stark contrast from the frown she had been wearing just hours earlier. Luke’s eyes followed the curves of her slim body, admiring the way the little sleeveless sundress hugged her body. Her pale, svelte legs were slightly bent at the knees, at the end of which were the softest and creamiest looking pair of bare feet propped one on top of the other.

A combination of adrenaline and excitement overcame him as he stared at her tiny feet. Luke had a major foot fetish, although he tended to keep that side of him tightly closeted. From previous experience, the mere admission of being attracted to feet was a major deal breaker to most women and often garnered strong negative reactions. Hell, even his last girlfriend, whom he had introduced to his fetish as tactfully as possible, had found it extremely weird and would barely let him rub her feet. The latter had been one of the factors, in addition to a souring relationship, that had caused their breakup.

Yet, at this moment, he could not tear his eyes away from this stranger’s perfect feet. Those small, snow white feet, nails painted a deep violet that contrasted beautifully against her creamy skin, epitomised daintiness and almost looked too fragile to touch.

Luke considered what to do next. In his gut, he knew that this was a once in a lifetime encounter and he couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. This went beyond her feet; there was something special about this woman and he could feel an instant attraction towards her. All he had to do now was to figure out how to properly introduce himself without scaring her off. Easy, right?

The situation didn’t bode well. How would this woman, all alone in a secluded corner of the park, react to the sight of a tall, imposing man as she awoke? With a twinge of resignation, Luke decided to leave the mystical stranger to her slumber and only engage her once she woke up. Again, he retraced his steps back towards the stream. At least, he figured, he would be at a large enough distance to not wake her up and would hopefully appear less scary from afar. Plus, he could use the time to wash some of the dirt that had caked on his legs and shorts.

As he settled at the edge of the water, he could not help but occasionally glance back to admire the sleeping stranger. He sighed as he cupped his hands into the flowing stream and started patting himself down. After a few minutes, Luke had cleaned up as much as he could, although a stubborn flecks on his shorts remained. Parched, he drew his rucksack closer and rummaged through to fish out his water bottle. As he popped the cap and drew his first sip, he suddenly heard a clanking noise within her direction.

Luke turned his head to see that the beautiful lady had indeed moved, her right arm now hanging off the bench, resting on her bag beneath her. As soon as she saw him looking, the lady quickly retracted her arm and tried to resume her previous position. She had definitely awoken. Focusing his gaze, he saw that her eyes were wide open and were staring directly at him.

“Now or never…” he whispered as he steeled himself and started making his way towards her.

Moving with some trepidation at first, Luke relaxed as he drew closer to her. Instead of the expression of fear that he half expected, a big smile was plastered on her face. Better yet, her big, light green eyes hid a slight hint of embarrassment as she watched him moving forward. Luke mirrored her smile and his strides became more confident as he closed the distance.


“Hi…” the tall stranger said.

Sarah nearly squealed in delight at his smooth, rich voice, which sent a tingle down her spine.

“Hi…” she replied in a small voice as she abruptly sat up.

“I’m sorry if I woke you up. I didn’t see you until I had settled down…” he pointed toward his belongings by the stream “and I didn’t want to move and risk waking you up…Wait…that didn’t sound right…” he stammered.

“Oh no, I’m the one embarrassed here. I’m sorry you had to see me sleeping like that” she replied.

Her body tensed. “Please tell me I wasn’t snoring! I was, wasn’t I?”

Mortified at the thought, Sarah’s face flushed bright red as she covered her face with her hands.

“No…” he chuckled. “Nothing that I heard anyway…” a small grin crept up his face.

Sarah let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m Luke” the man said as he extended his hand towards her.

“Sarah” she replied as she extended hers.

Sarah melted at his touch, instantly feeling a comfortable chemistry between them as they maintained eye contact. Her tiny hand engulfed within his fingers, she could feel his restrained strength as he gently and delicately clasped her fingers.

Unsure what to do next, and still slightly groggy from her nap, she clumsily reached down and grabbed the box beneath her.

“Cupcake?” She offered as she lifted the lid. “I made them myself this morning.” She continued.

“They look delicious” he replied, reaching in to grab one.

Sarah invited Luke to sit next to him and they instantly hit it off. For the next half hour, Sarah eagerly learned about Luke’s backstory, regaled by the charming stories of his friends and family back in his home state, and commiserated at the relative disappointment of this town. In return, she recounted how her horrible weekend had panned out, to which Luke reacted with genuine concern. Never a lull in the conversation, Sarah relished the connection that she had for so long yearned for.

“…and that’s how I ended up here, sleeping on this bench. And my feet are still killing me…” she finished.

“Well…” Luke said tentatively, his voice faltering slightly, “If you wanted, I could give you a foot massage…”

Sarah instantly remembered how gross and smelly her feet were.

“No way!” She blurted out loudly, retracting her feet to hide them under the bench.

Sarah instantly regretted her words as soon as they had left her mouth. She looked up to find Luke startled, his previously straight and confident posture now slightly slumped. Although he was trying to maintain his smile, she could see behind his eyes a sense of shame and regret.

“I mean…” she tried to recover, “I couldn’t possibly make you do that. Look at the state of me!” She pointed at the stains on her dress, “And my feet really smell from walking around all day.”

“I completely understand.” Luke replied, his voice resigned and apologetic. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so forward anyway.”

And there it was, the lull in conversation that every new couple dreaded. Sarah cursed to herself. What was she thinking? A gorgeous man, sitting mere inches from her, had actually offered to rub her feet, her aching feet that desperately needed some attention. And what had she done? Of course she had to overreact and scare him off!

She took a few seconds to calm herself down.

Finally, she steeled herself and decided to just go for it. After all, when would such an opportunity arise itself again?

“You know,” she said softly as she met his eyes, “my feet really do ache and I would love you to give me a foot massage.”

“You really don’t have to do this…” Luke tried to reassure her, his voice still slightly uncertain.

“Please, I really want it,” she said, this time her voice more steady. “But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you how gross my feet are!” she quickly added.

Sarah noticed a smile creep back onto Luke’s face as he straightened up once again.

“Have you seen the state I’m in?” Luke pointed to the legs of his shorts and Sarah noticed a few small specs of dirt stained on them. “Are you sure about that?”

Sarah only nodded, this time being the one to give a reassuring smile. At that, Luke scooted deeper into the bench and brushed off his thighs. Sarah took the latter as an invitation. Placing a hand on the bench for support and the other holding down her dress, she gingerly lifted her legs and placed her feet onto Luke’s muscular thighs.

As she finally settled into a comfortable position, Sarah felt Luke’s hand slide under her left ankle. His big hands softly cradled the back of her heel with a delicate grip and he lifted her foot until it was half way up his chest. Sarah winced, fully expecting him to recoil from the smell and back out of the ordeal. However, his face seemed to tell another story. As he gazed into her sole, an intriguing glint appeared in his eyes, which piqued her curiosity. As he held her foot, this man was showing a completely different side of himself and she couldn’t help but look on.

“How bad are they?” She inquired, her face still in a grimace.

Luke looked up to her.

“Perfect. Your feet are beautiful.” He replied without a hint of sarcasm.

Sarah snorted.

“Really? So what do you like so much about my feet?” she replied cheekily, not expecting a serious answer.

Instead, he once again turned his attention to the foot he held.

“Well, I like how small and soft your feet are.” He started caressing the length of her sole. “What size are they?” He asked.

“Six and a half for most shoes” she replied.

Luke moved onto her toes, gently rolling each one between his thumb and forefinger.

“I like how your toes are nice and straight. Not too long yet not too stubby, and uniformly descending in length from your big toe…” he gently squeezed the pad of her big toe, “all the way to your little toe…” repeating the same process for each successive toe.

“Wow, I’ve never thought of my feet this way,” Sarah was now genuinely intrigued. “What else do you like?”

“Well, I like that you care for your feet and get them professionally pedicured. The dark colour looks great on you.” He said as he ran his finger gently on her big toenail.

“Actually, I painted them myself…” She corrected, a hint of pride in her voice.

Her smile widened as Luke looked up in amazement.

“Incredible,” He whispered.

Sarah was having fun.

“Is that it?” she prodded.

“Not even close.” Luke replied.

He ran his thumb along her instep, tracing the line of her arches.

“You have the softest feet I have ever felt. You have incredible high arches and your heels are perfectly soft, without even a trace of blemishes or dry skin.” He marvelled aloud.

Luke’s deep, passionate voice, combined with the soft strokes, were working wonders for Sarah. At last, all those foot baths, scrubbing, moisturising and nail painting, that had gone unnoticed throughout the years, were paying off within this single moment. This was what it felt like to be properly pampered and appreciated. With each careful stoke, she could feel the intensity of his voice through his fingers, melting away all the stress and tension within her whole body. Yet, one small doubt still niggled at the back of her mind.

“What about the smell? Doesn’t it bother you?” She asked.

Luke paused for a second.

“I love how your feet smell.” He finally said, a hint shame tinging his voice.

Luke lowered Sarah’s foot back onto his lap as she saw him ponder for a moment.

“The thing is…” he said, this time more softly. “I have a bit of a…fetish…for women’s feet, and yours are the most gorgeous and perfect pair I have ever laid my eyes on.”

He looked into Sarah’s eyes and took a deep breath.

“Truthfully, I really like you and feel like I’d be taking advantage of you if I didn’t let you know about it now.” He continued. “I completely understand if you want me to stop.”

Sarah looked confused for a moment as she tried to process the information. She had vaguely heard of men with foot fetishes in the past but had never seriously entertained the face that she would actually ever meet a person with such a fetish.

“So what you’re saying is that massaging and rubbing your hands all over them also gives you pleasure?” Sarah clarified.

“Yes. Very much so.” He replied timidly, giving a small nod.

Sarah started chuckling softly.

“So that’s what you were worried about? That you were actually enjoying giving me the most amazing foot rub I have ever received? And here I was worried that the smell of my feet alone would send you running.”

Sarah lifted her feet and buried them into Luke’s big hands.

“My feet are at your mercy.” She told him, looking him straight in the eyes. “If there’s anything, absolutely anything you can do to make them feel better, I implore you to do so. Please, will you continue?”

Sarah smiled as she watched Luke’s worried face turn into that same handsome big grin.

“In that case,” he replied, “leave them to me.”

She lay flat on the bench and closed her eyes as she left the fate of her feet to Luke. Once again, she felt those big strong hands grab hold of her right ankle and gently raise it upward. His two thumbs began pressing along her insteps in small circular motions, starting at her heel and ending at the ball of her foot. Sarah moaned a sigh of pleasure. The world around her slowly disappeared and at that moment all that was left were her feet in the hands of the man of her dreams. Her mind wavered as she revelled in the strange dynamic of submitting her feet to this man that she had only just met, while at the same time knowing how much power her small feet held upon him.

“How’s that?” she heard his deep voice ask.

“Hmm…that feels so good…” she moaned softly. “Harder…” she continued.

The gentle pressure instantly grew to a firm knead as he complied with her demand. Sarah felt his strong hand clasp and squeeze her heel as his thumb dug more deeply into her skin, diligently seeking and smoothing out every tense knot. His hand moved to her toes, where each blissful tug released a small popping sound that caused her to cry out in joy.

Sarah felt a small series of tickles on her foot and craned her neck to cure her curious itch. What she saw as she opened her eyes left her breathless. Now kneeling at the foot of the bench, Luke held her foot directly in front of his face and was blowing a series of small kisses on her sole. Starting at her heel, Sarah felt the small ticklish pecks move upwards along her arch, covering every inch of her foot. As he reached the base of her toes, Sarah let out a small giggle, to which Luke briefly looked up and smiled back before kissing each toe one at a time.

The small pecks gradually turned into forceful, passionate kisses. Sarah gasped as Luke’s lips parted and his tongue flicked onto his sole. His eyes still locked onto hers, each successive kiss becoming longer as he French kissed her sole along her arch. Her eyes widened as she watched him press his tongue flat against her heel and lick the whole length of her foot from bottom to top in a single stroke.

As his tongue left the tip of her toe, Sarah let out a loud moan as Luke opened his mouth and bobbed his head down to engulf her first three toes. The wet, slightly ticklish feeling of his tongue dancing around her toes was nearly too much to handle. Her breath increased and her hands clasped the bench as she watched her toes disappear between his lips and felt his tongue dancing between each toe.

Sarah sat transfixed, unable to tear her eyes away from the utterly peculiar, yet incredibly sensual scene before her. This was the first time anyone had licked and sucked on her feet and the new experience was a blissful assault on all her senses. Seeing such a powerful man, the muscles on his massive forearms gently rippling as his fingers deftly kneaded her feet, yet working with such a light touch and restrained focus, awakened something primal within her. This went way beyond sexual desire. This was an intimate, emotional, ethereal connection that she had never felt before. She finally felt complete. Letting her body relax onto the bench once more, she closed her eyes and released herself completely to her sensations…

“Saraaaahhhh!! Saarahhhh!!”

The screams of her name in the distance jolted her back into reality. As she opened her eyes, dusk had finally set, with the last amber rays of sunlight shining through the tall trees.

“Saaarahhhhh!!We’re leaving!!” the voices echoed in the distance.

“Dammit!” she exclaimed angrily, remembering that she had to drive her family back home.

With an annoyed sigh, she started to get up, only to realise that Luke was still at her feet, fondling and caressing them with the same uninterrupted focus.

“Looks like your family is looking for you…” Luke said as they locked eyes.

At the sight of Luke’s smiling face, Sarah’s anger instantly vanished.

“How long have you been at my feet?” She asked.

“Not long enough…” he replied.

“Sarahhh!” The screams became closer.

They both sighed in resignation, knowing that the moment was finally coming to an end. As she began pulling her feet back, she felt Luke’s grip slightly tighten as he leaned forward, buried his face into her soles and placed a final kiss onto each one.

As he let go, her whole body felt like jelly. Luke’s hands and mouth had worked wonders and all the pain she had previously felt had magically disappeared. She began to stand on her wobbly legs and felt Luke’s arm wrap around her, gently providing support and guiding her up. Still slightly groggy, Sarah pressed herself against Luke’s chest. Her head barely reaching his neck. For a few seconds, they held each other tightly.

“Give me your phone, she whispered to him” she asked, finally breaking away from him.

Luke dug into his pocket and handed it to her.

As she put in her digits and handed it back, she stood on her tiptoes and reached around his neck.

“Call me.” She whispered in his ear. “Next time I want you to show me what else we can do with my feet.”

She pulled his head towards her and locked her lips passionately against his before grabbing her bag and bolting towards the voices shouting her name.


Luke stood in a daze as he watched his redheaded goddess scamper off and disappear into the woods. His hands and forearms ached from what must have been over an hour of pure indulgence and the heavenly taste of her feet still lingered in his mouth. From the initial sight of her sleeping silhouette, the touch of his hands caressing her arches, the sensual sounds of her moans as his tongue swished around her toes, to her faint vanilla scent as she pressed herself against his body, he replayed every scene in his mind, making sure that every minute detail was truly etched into his memory. Finally, fate had presented him the perfect hand and his gamble had paid off in spades.

Looking back to where the magic had happened, a glint from underneath the thick bench caught his eyes. A huge grin crept on his face as he bent down to find Sarah’s little leather shoes neatly tucked one besides the other. Extending his arm, he placed a finger into each of the little flats and snapped them up. The insides were still slightly damp, and as he brought them closer to his face, the familiar, intoxicating smell of Sarah’s feet combined with the leather tickled his nostrils. Taken by a moment of pure reflexive instinct, he brought them to his nose and inhaled deeply the aroma from within.

As he pressed her shoes against his nose, Luke suddenly pictured Sarah’s delicate feet padding on the prickly forest ground. Concerned, he quickly grabbed his phone and dialled her number.

“Hello?” Sarah replied within a couple of rings.

“Hi, Sarah? It’s Luke. Did you make it safely back to your family?” He asked.

In the background, he could hear a loud commotion of screams and random noises.

“Yeah, unfortunately…” she sighed as the screams behind continued.

“That’s good to hear.” He said, relieved. “You…uh…left your shoes behind…”

From behind the phone, Luke heard Sarah shuffle away from the ruckus.

“I know…” she lowered her voice.

Luke froze, not knowing what to say.

“I hope I can trust you to take good care of them…” she continued, “until the next time we meet…” she added in a playful voice.

“Definitely!” Luke replied, his smile permeating his voice.

As he hung up, Luke dropped down onto the soft grass, clutching his phone in one hand and the shoes tightly in the other.

“Maybe this town isn’t so bad after all…” he thought to himself as he watched the last rays of sunset die down.

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