Group Sex Stories

Kinky Cousin

It dawned on Brenda the next morning that she didn’t have to wait for Bob. She and Mike would be home alone together again. Mike was out of school for the summer, while everyone else had to work. So if […]

Free sex stories

But who am I really?

– “Hi, where ya headed?” She stuck her head into the window on the passenger side. “To Dublin, where are you headed?” Hugh smiled at her Irish lilt, musical, like a light gavotte. “Oh, too bad. I’m not headed to […]

Anal Stories/Backdoor Lovers

Spanking and fucking

Jennifer woke up with Richard still in the bed next to her. “Good morning,” she said, crawling over him and rubbing her bare breasts agains his chest. She was still wearing the corset and heels, but nothing else. Slowly, Richard’s […]

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