Maid to Order


When I was living back in Malaysia with my parents, we had a maid who was from Indonesia. Her name was Minah, and she was 36 years old when she came to work at our home. I was still studying back then, and with my parents out at work most of the time, I was often left at home alone with Minah. She would usually prepare lunch for me when I got back from school, and do all the necessary housework as instructed by Mum.

Now Minah was a very diligent and hardworking person, getting up early in the morning to prepared breakfast, do the laundry, sweep and mop the floor until it was time to turn in at night. I could deeply feel her hardship, so I did whatever I could to help her, whenever it was possible. I would buy her snacks and treats sometimes even though Mum said that wasn’t allowed. She said that we shouldn’t spoil her and that there should be some ‘distance’ between employer and employee, or ‘they wouldn’t respect you anymore’ she often said. But I didn’t feel that I was doing anything wrong, so I kept on going what I was doing; I helped her do some of the simple housework, chatted with her, and asked her to take breaks so that she wouldn’t tire herself out. Over time, we became closer and closer until she was more of a friend than my maid to me. This, plus the fact that Minah was always friendly and cheerful made it easy for me to get along with her.

Minah wasn’t a particularly pretty woman, but she always had a warm, happy smile on her face, especially when I’m with her, be it just chatting or doing housework together, and that was charming in itself. She had a rather tanned complexion, long wavy hair, and she wasn’t too fat nor was she too thin – rather average in most people’s opinion. But other than her attractive personality and attitude, there was one physical aspect of Minah which also attracted me – her large breasts. Even though Minah always wore a loose-fitting working blouse buttoned all the way up to her neck, it could not hide the fact that Minah had a more than ample bosom! It wasn’t like I had a chance to see her bare breasts before, but just stealing glances at her chest while she was doing the household chores made me excited! Don’t get me wrong now, I didn’t offer to help her with the housework so I could stare at her boobs! Rather, it was after helping her out a coupla’ times that made me realize how attractive her bosom was (with her warm smile and all too, of course!). And I would be lying if I said that I had never fantasized about seeing her topless!! There was more than once that I wished I could just feel her breasts, even with her blouse and bra still on. But of course, I never did or said anything that pointed in that direction before….. just occasionally admiring her bosom while she bent down to clean hard-to-reach places. However, my wish did come true one bright, sunny Saturday morning…..

The knocking on my bedroom door woke me up with a start. Mum poked her head in even before I could answer it and told me that she and Dad had to go out of town for some urgent business matters. They would be gone for the whole of today and would only be back by noon tomorrow. I just uttered a grunt of acknowledgement and before long, I heard Dad’s SUV backing out of the driveway. I continued to laze in bed for a while more; and there was another knock on the door. A more gentle and patient knock this time. It had to be Minah, because there wasn’t anyone else in the house. When I opened the door, she told me that she had prepared my breakfast and that it was getting cold so I’d better go have it now. There was a hint of nervousness in her voice when she spoke, but I wasn’t sure why. I found it pretty unusual, but quickly dismissed it and went to wash up.

I went to the kitchen clad only in my shorts and nothing else, as I always did around the house (when there no guests around, of course). I sat at the dinner table and started on the scrambled eggs and sausages which Minah prepared to perfection. Minah on the other hand already had hers and was now preparing the food for today’s lunch. She was in her usual white working blouse and black working skirt, with her long hair tied neatly behind her. My eyes moved all over her body; scanning her bosom down to her buttocks. I never got sick of looking at Minah doing the chores; she was just so attractive to me!

I soon finished my breakfast and was about to do my own dishes when Minah beat me to it and collected my plate even before I could get stand up. She smile at me (a little of that nervousness showing again) and took the plate to the sink, but just left it there. She came back to where I was standing and started nervously,

“Sir…. Minah has something to tell sir…..” she only looked at me for a moment and then her gaze shifted to the floor. She had her hands held together in front of her, and had a shy and nervous look on her face.

“Oh, what is it, Minah?”

“Minah just want to tell sir that Minah is very, very greatful for sir being so kind to Minah……. Sir often help Minah with the housework, and buys good food for Minah…. and is so friendly to Minah…

“Oh, well, that…”

“Minah just want to say……… just want to say that Minah likes sir a lot…..” she smiled a nervous 2-second smile at me, and then looked down again.

I was shocked and surprised at her sudden confession, but tried my best to keep composed. I could feel that I was blushing though. She must have seen that for sure!

“Well, I …. I kinda like you too, Minah” I dared.

“Really, sir?”, Minah beamed, looking at me again.

“Yes, Minah, of course!”

“Minah… is too glad to hear that! And sir….. Minah also wants sir to know that Minah…… is willing to do ….anything that sir asks Minah to do.”

A second surprise of the morning! I didn’t know for sure what exactly that meant, as my mind went blank for several seconds. But soon, many thoughts came rushing back in!

“Minah will do anything for sir?” I asked to confirm her ‘offer’.

“Yes…. Sir…. Minah is willing to anything for sir…..”

A few more seconds went by without any words spoken. Then….

“There is actually one thing that I’d like you to do for me, Minah…..”


“Come, follow me, Minah”, I led her into my bedroom slowly, my mind still deciding what I actually wanted her to do for me, and whether I should really go ahead with it. Should I? Shoudn’t I? Oh, what the hell! This could be my only chance! And she’s the one who offered!!

I closed the room door and sat down at the edge of my bed, while she stood in front of me by the door. She looked at me with a shy gaze and slight smile. My heart was pounding inside my chest like it was going to explode! Finally, I said to her,

“Er…. Minah, actually….. I would like….. like…. you to take….. take off your clothes…” My voice was trembling, my hands were ice, and my heart was pounding like discotheque music!!

Minah just looked at me, a face of calm and innocence. Did she understand what I just said? Was she gonna freak out and start screaming? Wild and shitty thoughts went though my head again suddenly. Then after what seemed like an eternity (which in fact was actually only a few seconds), Minah’s hands moved up from in front of her towards the topmost button of her working blouse. Her nimble fingers undid that button in a flash, then moved on to the second one slowly, then the third….. and so on. As her blouse became undone, I was able to her see her deep cleavage, the smooth skin of her chest, and a glimpse of part of her bra, in succession. As her blouse was tucked neatly into her skirt, Minah had to jerk the bottom part out to finish unbuttoning it completely.

Minah let her blouse slip off her shoulders onto my bedroom floor. Her floral-design beige-coloured bra was fully visible to me now, as were the top part of her smooth, flawless breasts. Next, she used her long slender fingers to slowly pull the straps of her bra outwards until they came off her shoulder. As that happened, her bosom dropped a little bit lower due to their sheer weight, lacking the much needed support of the straps. On her shoulder where the straps once were, I could see obvious marks, showing how tight the straps were biting into her skin. Her hands then rose behind her back (also slowly) to undo the buckle of her bra. The few seconds that it took to accomplish that seemed like hours to me. The anticipation had built up so high inside me that all sort of thoughts went through my mind about how her breasts would look like! And when her bra finally loosened, Minah peeled the cups off her breasts downwards and let it fall to the floor gracefully. My dream had come true….. And I think there was more to come!!

I do not want to exaggerate, but Minah’s breasts were perfect; more beautiful and sexy than I had ever imagined! There were no tan lines whatsoever, her skin was so smooth, her areolas were just the right size and their dark pinkish hue added to their perfection. I could tell Minah was excited too as her nipples were slightly erect (it was not a cold day, you see, so I ruled that out), and her nipples weren’t the only things erect now!

“Sir… sir likes Minah’s body?” she purred, her arms held together lightly by her fingers in front of her, creating a rather impressive cleavage.

I only nodded dumbly. There were no words to describe how I felt. ‘Like’ would be too much of an understatement.

As if wanting a more obvious response from me, Minah started taking a few steps towards me, until her bosom was no more than inches away from my face! I was shaking from head to toe, nervous and excited as hell! I didn’t know what to do next! My throat was dry and I tried to moisten it by swallowing my saliva.


“Umm… Minah… I want to feel your body…. Is that all right with you?

Minah nodded and smiled approvingly. I wasted no time and raised my hands, one to each of her massive assets. Her breasts were soft but firm, and when I tried to lift them up a little, I found that they were indeed heavy! And even though I spread my fingers as wide as possible, I just couldn’t grasp the whole of her breasts! So I move around and squeezed them softly at each new spot – lift, move, squeeze….. lift, move, squeeze (and repeat)!

Soon, touching and squeezing no longer satisfied me, and I moved my hands down to hold Minah’s hips. It was my mouth’s turn to enjoy those breasts of hers and I felt a wave of power and excitement taking over me! I cupped my lips over her right areola tightly and started sucking on her breast! Minah began to moan at once – with each moan spurring me on to suck and lick even harder. My mouth was opened as wide as I could as I wanted to cover as much area of her breast as possible! The rest of the world stopped at that instant; it was just me, a topless Minah, and my sucking her huge breasts!! Nothing else mattered. I must have spent no less than 10 minutes before moving on to her other side, and repeated the process 3-4 times! Minah encouraged me with her deep, long moans and also her hands holding my head towards her chest.

The feasting of her bosom ended with both of us panting and sweating as if we just had a long run at the gym. I was a little dazed (from all the physical strain), but mostly because I could hardly believe what we had just done. Dreams do come true!! Most of my nervousness had disappeared and I was full of confidence now.

“Take off your skirt, Minah”, I ordered with authority, and she did as she was told immediately. Her movements were not as slow as before now. There was no doubt that she was enjoying this as well! I did pause for a while to enjoy the view of her matching floral panties, but that piece of undergarment soon came down as well to reveal her pubic bush. I felt the area gently with my fingers (without even asking) and discovered that Minah was rather moist there. . Then, rather unexpectedly…

“Sir, come…. Let Minah massage sir to enjoy……”, as she reached down and got hold of my shorts. She tugged it bit by bit until it was completely off, and knelt down between my legs; her swollen, reddish breasts bouncing a little as she did so. Minah held my already erect penis tenderly in her hand and began stroking it slowly. I had wanted to ask her if she had done this before, but didn’t want to interrupt her excellent work, so I just kept quiet instead.

After a few minutes of ‘massage’ as she had put it, Minah lowered her head in the direction of my member, but kept her eyes on mine, anticipating my reaction. Without sensing any disapproval from me, she wrapped her soft lips around my penis and proceeded all the down till the end of its shaft. Oh, how I felt heaven then!! She went all the way to the tip again, and repeated the process, gaining speed as she went along, keeping the right amount of pressure on with her lips. Before long, I was ready for her…

She asked me to move up along my bed so I was lying down comfortably (I mentioned that she was a diligent worker) and knelt over me, her right hand still holding on to my penis.

“Minah hopes Sir likes what Minah is doing for Sir…….” And she slipped my wet penis into her, giving out a big, satisfied sigh as she did.

Minah rode me that morning. And boy did she ride me well!! With both her hands planted on my chest, her breasts were swaying back and forth while we made love! The sight of her bosom, the intense feel of me inside her, the sound of her lustful moans (and mine) – it all completed the sweet, sweet love we made!!!

When I felt that I was reaching the point of no return, I only had to look at Minah and she understood at once. She slowed down, eased off me gently and knelt on the bed between my legs. Then, in an almost yoga-like movement, she had her elbows propped beside my hips, one on either side, her buttocks pointed back, and her chest thrusted out in front of her. Next, she lifted her breasts, one in each hand, and stroked my penis between them, up and down in her cleavage, again and again until I finally exploded!! I let out a cry which I suspected my neighbours had heard, as I came all over Minah’s breasts, neck and face. She did not faze at all when I ejaculated onto her. Instead, Minah kept her breasts pressed firmly on me in that soothing, milking motion until everything was over.

Minah got up to a kneeling position again, wiping the droplets of cum off her face, but not her smile.

“Sir….. enjoy Minah?” she asked, with a look of satisfaction on her.

“Oh Minah, you were so good…… you were SO good!” was all I could reply!!

And being a responsible worker as Minah always was, she led me into the bathroom and cleaned me up, before cleaning up after herself. I watched as she put on her clothes in front of me, admiring her attractive body one last time (for now, at least), before resuming her household chores for the day…