My Hospital Sexperience

I didn’t understand, but here I lay in Room 3408 waiting on the Doctor to show, it seems that I fell and then woke up here in the hospital and this room.

When the Doctor finally showed, she introduced herself as Doctor Rene, she was beautiful and sat down next to me; started asking medical questions, and then told me to lie on the bed so she could examine me. As she bent over with her stethoscope, I was able to view the tops of her breasts and thought, what I wouldn’t give to be sucking on those. I must have muttered something to that effect because she just smiled and looking me in the eyes, said maybe, if I continued to be a good boy.

She had the nurse to bring in a sheet and told me to unbuckle my pants so she could examine the rest of my body. I’m not a shy guy, so I started removing my pants, when she stopped me and told me that it was state law and hospital policy to provide cover when examining a patient below the waist.

The Doctor advised me that I had fell out of a window that was 3 stories up and that I was very lucky, therefore, we will put you up for the night so we can observe you in case there are further complications which we did not find on the initial examination. I know now how I ended up in room 3408.

The nurse’ came in and did what they normally do, temp, BP, BS, and took my clothes. I thought fuck it, if they don’t like what they see then fuck them, as I crawled up on the bed and waited to be covered with a blanket. The young Nurse was smiling the whole time she was doing what she had to do for the records, as she covered me with the blanket she whispered that she would be back later.

The Doctor started her exam lifting the blanket up above my knees and checking my legs, then dropped the blanket and reached under checking my groin area. Needless to say I was getting an erection from her manipulations; she told me that there didn’t seem to be a problem and sent the nurse out to get her something from her office. Once the nurse left she raised the blanket and told me that I was well indwelled and started jacking me off; what surprised me next was when she placed her mouth over the head of my dick and began sucking.

It was not long before I was arching my butt and came; she swallowed every morsel of cum that flew out of my cock. When she finished she told me that everything was in good working order but she would have to come back and check me out further. She replaced the blanket just as the nurse returned with the item she wanted from her office. The Doctor issued instructions to her and left.

The Nurse told me that she would have to insert an IV in my arm and she would be right back after she got the necessary items she needed. When she returned she had unbuttoned the top two buttons of her uniform and bent over me so I was able to see the tops of her breasts, they were full and looked as if they needed sucked.

As she was inserting the IV needle I reach over and started massaging her breast, she smiled and asked if I like what I was feeling? I replied, Lord yes!! When can I see the whole thing? She told me later when she came in to administer my scheduled medications. When she finished with the IV she took my hand and placed it under her uniform so I could also have a feel of her pussy and how wet it was. She leaned over and gave me a kiss and left the room.

I lay there thinking between the Doctor and the Nurse I might enjoy this hospital stay. After dinner had been served and the tray taken away my Nurse came in and this time when she placed my hand under her uniform there was no panties so I was able to slip and finger inside her pussy and use my thumb to rub her clit.

This got her going and she crawled up on the bed straddled me and lowered herself on to my cock. When I was fully imbedded inside her hot wet pussy she started rocking back and forth; I took my good hand and started rubbing her clit, it did not take her long before she was saying in a low tone of voice the she was Cumming.

OH God!! I’m Cumming and she squirted her juice all over my chest. When she finished she crawled down and started licking her juice as she worked her way down to my still hard cock; when she took him in her mouth I knew right away she was no novice at sucking dick. She had me blowing my wad within minutes of placing him in her mouth, I arched my butt and she took every drop I could give.

She rose up licking her lips as she was leaving, I asked her name; she told me it as Dolly, and she was going to make sure that she would be my attending Nurse for my entire stay. Later that evening the Doctor stopped by and told me that some of my test would have to be redone so I would have to remain in the hospital longer than was expected.

Then just as I suspected she reached under the covers and felt of my cock, seeing that it was hard she raised her skirt and let me feel her pussy which was wet, then she climbed up on the bed and straddles me slowly lowering herself as I entered her hot cunt. Once she was all the way down she began rocking back and forth.
She opened her blouse and pushed up her bra and placed a tit in my mouth so I could nurse on the nipple. I nursed for a few minutes then pushed her back up to a full sitting position and helped her rock on my dick. It did not take her long before she was yelling; Jesus Christ!! OH God!! I’m Cumming!! When she fell forward my dick was still buried so I gave her an additional thrill by flexing my cock, she rose up looked at me and said; Mother of God!! I’m Cumming again!!

This time when she finished I let her climb off and she sat on the edge of the bed trying to catch her breath. I took her hand and placed it on my rock hard cock and she did the rest, she began jacking me off till I reached a point where I was raising my butt which let her know that I was Cumming. When I came, I shot all over her hand and that’s when she took him in her mouth and sucked the remaining drops down her throat. When she had everything she started licking her hand and sucking her fingers for the cum that was there. She leaned over and gave me a kiss so I could taste my own cum on her tongue and lips, said goodnight and left.

I was in a deep sleep when I was awaken at 1 AM by another Nurse, who’s name was Helen and she was there to take my BP , pulse, and Temp. I knew something was funny when she said she had to place the thermometer in my ass. She asked that I roll towards her and she would bend over and insert the thermometer; as I rolled over she had removed the covers and was looking at my dick which was very hard.

After she had made the insertion I took her other hand and placed it on my dick just to see what she would do. She did not disappoint me as she started jacking me off. I took my good hand and ran it up under her uniform and sure enough her pussy was very wet, so I rubbed it through her panties which was getting her very excited.

Helen pulled the thermometer out of my ass laid it on the night stand, reached under her uniform and removed her panties, climbed up on the bed and lower herself on my cock. As she began rocking back and forth I began playing with her clit; she must have been really Horney because within minutes she was screaming she was Cumming. Mother of God!! Here I cum!! I kept her in the upright position and after her climax I started flexing my cock and this just drove her towards another cum; this time she was digging her nails into my chest and yelling: You Son of a Bitch!!! I’m Cumming again!!

When she finished she climbed off and took one look at my hard cock and told me she would suck me off but I could not cum in her mouth, she didn’t like the taste. As she started sucking I knew she had no idea how to satisfy a man through oral sex. I told her to stop and then instructed her on how to provide a man the pleasure of her mouth, think of my dick as an ice cream cone and lick up the sides and then take the head in your mouth and using your tongue lick all around the head, keep this up until the man arches his butt up which will indicate he is Cumming.

As she did as she was instructed she really got into sucking my cock. The next thing I knew was she clamping her lips around the head of my dick and moaned, I knew she was having another climax just from sucking my dick. Once she was finished she started sucking again and this time when I neared my climax I told her I was Cumming and I wanted her to swallow my nectar. I told her to suck harder and when the first shot hit the back of her throat she began swallowing and swallowing as each shot left my cock. When she had all my juice she removed her mouth and kissed me and thanked me for helping her learn how to suck a cock, telling me that the way I taught her was an experience she would never forget. She kissed me again and left the room.

At 6 AM Dolly came to the room and in her hand she had a razor and a can of shaving cream. She told me that she was going to shave my groin area in preparation for a test the Doctor had ordered. As she was shaving me I got an erection and Dolly just smiled and continued shaving the area, once she completed her task she climbed up on the bed and turned so her pussy was over my mouth. I started licking up her juices and she went after my dick taking it in her mouth and sucking like there was no tomorrow. In the mean time I was tongue fucking her pussy and also licking her ass hole, this got her going as she was bearing down on my mouth.

I felt her lips clamp around my cock so I knew she was Cumming and I opened my mouth in order to accept her juices as she stated squirting them in my mouth. After she was finished I refused to let her go and kept licking as she kept sucking my dick. Unknown to either of us the Doctor had came into the room and observed what was going on. When Dolly started receiving the cum from my cock and swallowing every last drop she fell forward and after a few minutes she climbed off and that was when we saw the Doctor.

Doctor Rene looked at both of us and said; well you guys sure ruined it for me today, I was hoping to get some of that lovely cock but just look at the poor thing, so I guess I will just have to settle for the next best thing, your tongue. With that she raised her skirt and climbed up on the bed and placed her pussy over my mouth, and at the same time she told Dolly to come over and suck her breast. I started tongue fucking the Doctor and watching Dolly nurse on her tits. I thought, I’ll fix this woman and reached around her thighs and began diddling her clit with one hand and with the other I stuck a finger in her ass, that’s all it took; She screamed; OH my God!! I’m Cumming.

I kept licking her pussy and finger fucking her asshole hoping for one more climax from her, and I got it, she grabbed my hair and pulled my face tighter against her pussy and unloaded another round of sweet tasting cum while yelling: It’s too soon, here I cum again, OH Shit!! When she finished this time I had Dolly help her down and I looked at her and said: I hope that made up for what you lost this morning. She smiled and kissed me then told me about the test she had ordered.

We had no more than got finished cleaning up when the OR folks came in with a gurney and wheeled me to the OR. After the procedure I was wheeled back to my room and placed back in my bed. Dolly came in with some medications for me to take, after swallowing the pills she told me she would be back in an hour and for me to rest.

While Dolly was gone I tried to sleep but to no avail I was wide awake and feeling very strange, for some reason my dick was hard as a rock and seemed to have grown a couple of inches more, that’s not possible, but it sure felt that way. Just as I wrapped my hand around my dick the door opened and Dolly appeared, she came over and removed my hand, felt my dick and told me the pill was working. I asked; what fucking pill? Oh Darling! I gave you Viagra; you are taking care of me and Doctor Rene so you need help, she was telling me this the whole time she was climbing on the bed and sticking my cock in her pussy.

As we began fucking I was experiencing a feeling I had never felt before while fucking a woman, shit it felt like I could go all night; as we continued fucking Dolly experienced two climaxes in a row and I was still going strong. As Dolly approached her third cum she yelled at me to cum with her, I told her I wasn’t ready yet and for her to keep fucking. After her cum she jumped off and began sucking my cock attempting to get the nectar within.

Her efforts did not go in vain, for when I came, I came like buckets full, I came so much that it was running out of Dolly’s mouth like a broken dam. Bless her heart she was trying real hard to catch and swallow as much as she could but was failing at the task. After I finished and she had used her tongue and mouth to clean me up I was still hard as a rock and ready for more.

Just as she placed her hand on my cock and started jacking me off in walked Doc Rene who took one look and asked Dolly what she had done. Dolly replied that she had given me Viagra and he fucked me three times and I sucked him off till he came. Doc Rene told her to go get Helen because it was going to take all three of them to settle me down. After Dolly left Doc Rene mentioned that she had enjoyed my finger up her ass so she wanted me to fuck her there, she pulled out some cream and greased me up real good climbed on the bed placed my dick at her asshole.

When the head popped in she began slowly lowering herself until I was buried deep in side her ass canal, then she began rocking back and forth moaning the whole time. About that time Dolly and Helen showed up and Helen seeing the action decided to sit on my face and let me eat a little pussy. She got into position facing Doc allowing me to lick both her pussy and her ass, she was holding on to Doc’s shoulders and then as the pleasure increased she started kissing Doc. With every thing that was going on Dolly felt left out, so she came over and started diddling Doc’s pussy, this is all it took for Doc, she screamed; Mother of God!! OH Shit!! Here I cum!!

When Doc pulled off Helen swung around and stuck my dick up her ass and started bouncing up and down and playing with her pussy, she too screamed that she was Cumming. As Helen started too get up I held her down and filled her ass canal with cum. When the first shot hit she went berserk and I thought she was going to rip the skin off my chest as she hollered; OH you Fucking Bastard!!! Give me that juice!! I want all of it!! OH God!! I’m Cumming!!

As Helen pulled off cum began running out of her ass and Doc was right there to catch every drop, I thought, what a crazy bunch of cock hungry Bitches. Poor Dolly, she had been left out of the action but when she saw that I was still hard she decided that a blow job was in order and started sucking me off. She was in a position where I could reach her ass and pussy so I started playing, I stuck a finger in her ass and one in her pussy and began finger fucking her as she sucked away on my dick.

I felt Dolly clamp her lips around my cock and knew she was Cumming as she squirted all over the floor. What surprised me next was she stopped sucking and climbed on the bed and placed my dick at the entrance of her ass, telling me to go slow as she has never been fucked in the ass before. When the head of my dick made its entry I stopped her from going further till she adjusted to both the feel and the size. I told her when she felt she was ready, for her to take over and slide as much of my cock in as she could take.

After a couple of minutes she started sliding down until I was all the way inside her ass canal, then she began wiggling her ass around and started bouncing up and down, I began playing with her clit to enhance the experience of being butt fucked for the first time. As I butt fucked Dolly I noticed that Doc and Helen were lying on the other bed and sucking each others cunts. Dolly and I kept fucking when all of a sudden Dolly began screaming; Jesus Fucking Christ!!! I’m Cumming!!! After she finished she released my cock from her ass and lay down beside me, telling me that because of me she was now addicted to ass fucking. I held her and asked her what she intended to do about the hard cock between my legs.

She looked at my dick and then at me and told me that she was sorry that she feed me the Viagra as she wrapped her hand around my dick and began jacking me off. She not only knew how to suck dick she also knew how to manipulate a dick for maximum pleasure with her hands. After a few minutes I told her that I was ready and she placed the head in her mouth and that was all she wrote, I blew a load that exceeded my last cum, but, bless her heart she tried sucking as much as she could down her throat but it still ran out the sides of her mouth.

As Dolly was cleaning me up we both noticed that my dick had lost its ability to remain hard and was going soft. She hollered at the Doc and Helen saying; “Ladies we did it, look this lovely tool of love has gone soft”. There were cheers all around as each of them came over and held him in their hands as if they were inspecting a piece of meat at the market, then they gave my cock head a genital kiss and then kissed me as they departed from the room. Me, hell I was exhausted and glad to see them leave maybe I could get some sleep.

The next morning Doc came into the room and told me that I could go home all the test came back negative so I was free to leave, then she handed me a slip of paper with her name and number telling me that I could call her anytime day or night and left. Dolly came in with my clothes and also handed me a slip of paper, except this had both hers and Helens numbers, with a imprint of their lips next to their numbers. After getting dressed I bid everyone goodbye and checked out and thinking what a lovely stay.

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