Slut Wife

Sean’s Wife (Slut Wife)

“I’d love to watch you with another guy.” I thought I hadn’t heard my husband correctly. “What?” I asked, sure that the look of surprise on my face said it all. “I’d love to watch you… with another man, I’d […]

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The Nursing Facility 2.

For years I worked as a geriatrics nurse, specializing in relaxation techniques. I had a wonderful and prestigious job at a very posh facility, with patients mostly aged 70-80, (still well enough to care about life.) Mr. Peterson was a […]


Vampyre Daze

In the middle of the darkened room stood a red covered plinth, the centre of attention for a reverential, hushed audience. A dark skinned couple, naked, and writhing in the throes of their ecstasy, adorned the plinth. The only light […]

Slut Wife

Being the other woman

I currently work as an administrative assistant to 4 mid-level executives. I’ve held such positions for the past 5 years, though I’ve had this particular job less than 6 months. Two of the guys are mid-50s; one is mid thirties; […]

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College Life

In high school, there’s usually only one reason a senior will date a sophomore. I know that now. At the time, though, I was naive enough to think love was involved. Jack first asked me out in October. This was […]

Slut Wife

My Whore Wife Lele

The day that Ronny, the boy came to our house with Dave. Dave had been teaching the boy about caring for roses. He laughed about getting the boy ready to have lots of pussy when he got older. ” I […]

Slut Wife

Kinky wife seduced in spa

Denise and I had been living together about six months when I began to get pissed at how often she was away in the evenings. Don’t get me wrong–I don’t believe in women always staying in the home, but she […]

Group Sex Stories

A Nomadic Encounter

Hywel woke suddenly. He had a strange feeling that he was being watched. Jumping quickly to his feet he scanned the valley but he couldn’t see much in the early dawn. Even the bushes seemed to take on different shapes […]

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Dana and Dana Naked in School

1. Sunday Dana Partlow It was Jeanette who reminded me, late Sunday night. I was doing algebra homework on the dining room table, waiting for her to come over for bed. I’d almost decided she wasn’t going to make it […]

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