Black grandmom


I’d been lusting after my sexy aunt Velma, Aunt V to us in the family, my mom’s younger sister, ever since I was 18, after I walked in on her one day a year ago, wearing only tiny white see thru panties, during a visit to her home. The plump lump of pussy and the high round long nipple breasts that greeted my eyes that day stirred things in my young body and mind that permanently shaped my opinion of what women’s body parts should look like. To this day I always judge pussies based on how they matched up to Aunt V’s high fleshy mound. Since that erotically awakening day, hers was the body that provided the mental stimulation for ninety five percent of my almost nightly and sometimes daily wanking of my solid and still growing five inch long five inch girth dick. She had handled the situation quite gracefully and made us promise that neither of us would tell about this to anyone else, which pleased me immensely, because I knew that I would get one hell of a tongue lashing from my mom and maybe a box to the ears if she knew I’d barged into Aunt V’s room without knocking and seen what I’d seen.

Even before that incident Aunt V had always demonstrated and more than once verbally stated that of all the other kids in our family I was her favorite. Now with our little shared secret her affection more than doubled, and she was always good for a nice tight hug and peck on the cheeks whenever we met, which was about once or twice a month. I relished those little embraces and the pleasure of being crushed against those juicy breasts. I envisaged all kinds of erotic scenarios between myself and Aunt V as I lay in bed at nights jerking off and filling socks and hand towels with sperm.

Aunt V was a tall, slim but not boney, light brown complexioned woman who always sported a small curly afro hairdo. She had long, nicely rounded thighs and a small waist that flared into wide hips and a fleshy ass that bounced wonderfully when she walked. Her breasts were full and round without being huge, and at age thirty five they still pointed straight out in spite of having suckled three kids. Her nipples were long and stout and seemed perpetually erect even through bras. I longed for the opportunity to get them between my lips or fingers and vowed to myself that given half a chance to explore or use my aunt’s hot body an affinity for grabbing the bull by the horns. From the way Aunt V looked at me and the little knowing smiles she gave me I harbored a suspicion that our little secret could well blossom into a bigger secret under the right conditions. It wasn’t long before I found out.

There was a wedding in the family so Aunt V and her three adorable daughters aged eight, ten and twelve turned up one Friday afternoon with stuffed overnight bags. They lived in a rural town about eighty miles away from the city. We lived in the city, a ten minute drive to where the wedding was being held. The wedding was set for Saturday afternoon, and I learned that they would be staying at our house after the wedding until Sunday afternoon. When I heard that, my imagination went into overdrive and I got an instant hardon. I was a little bit disappointed when it was suggested by mom that my twelve year old sister would share my room and give up hers to our visitors. But the girls objected sulkily and loudly, and begged to be allowed some girl time with each other. So Aunt V said she wouldn’t mind sleeping on the couch but mom told her she would be torn apart by the mosquitoes which were plentiful at that time. I did the smart thing and offered to occupy the couch, though deep inside I was secretly hoping for an entirely different solution. I pretended to be a little disappointed as Aunt V charmingly begged me to be a good nephew and share my bed with her, promising that she wouldn’t kick in her sleep or snore or make a single turn that would disturb my rest.
“You won’t even know I’m there” she said sweetly
“He will be the one kicking and snoring” my sister said. I glared at her and trying hard not to show my delight, agreed to the bed sharing. I didn’t miss the glitter in my dad’s eyes; I knew he had a thing for Velma, and must be thinking:
“Lucky little bastard”

After dinner my aunt had a bath and came into the living room wrapped in a house coat. She sat down next to my mom and together with my dad the three of them sipped wine and laughed heartily at the jokes in the comedy movie we were all watching. Velma would give me an entirely innocent look every now and then, none of the knowing smiles and penetrating stares I’d grown to love over the last year. At the end of the movie the girls eagerly retired to their room. I remained for another half hour into the next movie before making my exit. I turned off the light and got under the mosquito net. The window blinds were drawn, and bright light from our neighbor’s outdoor lamp provided my room with a fair amount of visibility. I was pleased with this, and lay in bed playing with my hard cock as I imagined my aunt’s naked body lying next to me. I slipped my dick through the fly of my boxers, and stoked and squeezed it as I lay there waiting and hoping for at least a little look at Velma in her nightie, hoping it was short and sheer enough for me to properly feast my hungry eyes.

I was awakened from a raunchy dream by the sound of my bedroom door being closed. Without moving a muscle I opened my eyes slightly and saw Velma standing beside the bed looking down at me. After about thirty seconds she moved away and went to a corner of the room where she took off the house coat while backing me. The nightie was indeed very short and sheer as I had hoped, barely reaching below her ass. In the semi darkness I could see the red small panties she had on. They were stuck snugly between her butt crack, leaving most of the plump cheeks exposed. She turned around and looked my way once again, as if trying to make out whether or not I was sleeping. I could see her proud nipples poking against the light material. I felt my cock lurch, and lowering my half closed eyes I saw that it was sticking straight out the opening of my boxers.
“Holy shit” I thought, “She must be seeing this”
I thought about putting it out of sight, but realized that would show that I was not sleeping. I faked a soft but audible snore. She stood still looking at me for about another minute before coming toward the bed. Through the side of my slightly opened eyes I watched as she climbed under the net and lay on her back beside me. The nightie failed to cover her crotch, and I gazed at the heavenly bump that I’d dreamed of so often. My cock throbbed and jerked wildly. After a couple of minutes she raised up in a sitting position and tried to get the covering sheet that was trapped, folded, under my feet, but I pressed down hard, no way was I going to let her cover up that sexy body. Probably not wanting to awaken me she lay back down and pulled the nightie as best she could over her crotch.

My heart was beating heavily and I was breathing hard as I lay there pondering the next move. I couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste, but I didn’t want to misread things and make any rash move that would incur her wrath if she was displeased. I decided that for the time being half a safe loaf was better that going for the whole loaf and getting busted. So I lay there silently listening to her heavy breathing and my fake snores, waiting for her to drop off to sleep so I could cop a little feel. I could smell her perfume or body spray mixed with the scent of wine escaping from between her partly open mouth. I hoped that she was more than a little bit tipsy. After about half an hour I was convinced by the sound of her breathing that she was finally asleep. Making a little deceptive cough for safety’s sake, I turned onto my side and simultaneously threw my right leg and right hand onto the sleeping woman, resting my open palm on a soft heaving breast as I snuggled my leg between her soft thighs, pressing down on her barely covered crotch. My intrusion startled her awake and she half tried to sit up, but then quickly lay back down and relaxed. I could feel her heart pumping heavily under my open palm and shortly after there was a definite lengthening and hardening of the nipple, followed a few minutes later by a tiny pulsing of her pussy. I increased the heaviness of my fake snoring and was pleasantly rewarded with her cautiously spreading her legs apart, allowing me to sink down deeper between her thighs, my hard cock resting on her pulsing pussy. I was in heaven. I didn’t even realize that sleep was overtaking me.

I awoke to the realization that my hot sexy aunt was jerking and grinding her pussy against my hard cock and upper thigh while her hand rested firmly on the back of mine, holding it securely against a soft breast and stiff nipple, my nose buried into her smooth armpit. I didn’t make a move, for fear of making her stop what she was doing so nicely. I could feel the wetness of her pussy juice seeping through the tiny panty, smearing my cock and shorts. I loved it. After about ten or fifteen minutes her breathing increased tremendously along with her upward thrusting and grinding. I felt her hand grip my ass and suddenly she was hissing loudly as she tried to control her convulsions beneath my prone pretend-sleep body. No sooner had her trembling ceased and her breathing become normal than I felt my raging cock start shooting hot thick sperm onto my aunt’s crotch and belly. I felt her rise and look at me to see if I were awake. I didn’t give anything away, and after feeling satisfied that I was victim of an induced wet dream, she relaxed and set about gently untangling our limbs.

She got up quietly and went out the door after taking something out of her bag. When she returned I watched through slightly open eyes as she gently cleaned me up with a wet rag and tucked my half erect cock into my shorts. She then lay down on her side with her back to me, and was soon asleep. I lay there silently for a while staring at her exposed ass in clean white panties, enjoying the sight and the feel of my once again hard dick. I rolled over and pressed it against her softness, enjoying the strange intimacy until I fell asleep.

When I next awakened it was just before dawn; I knew because the neighbors’ security lamp was no longer on and the lesser visibility was provided by the slowly rising sun. Me and Aunt V were in a spooning position, my arm around her and my right thigh fitted neatly between hers. Her right leg was bent at the knee and drawn up, her pussy bracing against my thigh, my rampant cock snuggled against her warm butt. I was just about to press my body harder against hers when I felt her stir in her sleep. I felt her carefully reach behind without turning around and a little shiver went through me as her soft fingers wrapped around my pulsing, aching dick. She squeezed it softly a few times as if testing its rigidity. I felt her press backward as she raised her leg high in the air. Placing my cock against the plump mound of her pussy, she began rubbing it softly against the hot contracting flesh. After about two minutes of that she rose up slowly, and bending over, licked my cock head lightly four or five times before taking it into her mouth. She swirled her wet tongue around the engorged head as one hand cupped and gently massaged my young balls. And then her cell phone started to vibrate and sound an alarm from under her pillow. She quickly disengaged herself and reached for the phone and stopped the alarm. She turned around and looked at me. My eyes were already tightly closed, my lips slightly parted and letting out a sleepy panting.

She got up into a sitting position on the side of the bed, her elbows on her thighs, head bent over, cupped in hands. She was breathing heavily as she sat there for a few minutes as if pondering the next move. She placed her hands on the side of the bed and still in a bent over position lifted her beautiful ass off the mattress. Her nightie was propped atop the splendid mounds of flesh, and my eyes took in the tantalizing sight of her bare ass. She wasn’t wearing panties; she must have ditched them sometime during the night. The implications startled and excited me. Getting rid of her panties meant she had been prepared to go all the way, to let me into her body. Had I been privy to that information while she was rubbing her pussy with my stiff cock a few minutes ago, I would surely have taken the chance and rammed my cock up into her wanting twat. I could have kicked myself, how could I not feel that her pussy was not covered. As she slowly got up I got a glimpse of her fat, lightly haired pussy lips. My young cock bucked like a bronco, begging for some action.

I watched intently as she walked to the other end of the room and backing me, got out of her nightie and put on the house coat. I looked at her sleek body and plump ass in amazement. She then took a bath towel and threw it around her neck. I decided that I would continue to feign sleep and hang around for another look at her naked body when she returned from the bathroom. But that dream was shattered when I saw her take from her bag a pair of long tights, a bra, and a blouse and headed out of the door. A minute later I rolled over to the other side of the bed and looking on the floor saw the discarded white underwear. I scooped it up and brought it to my nose, inhaling the rich feminine smell. I covered up with the sheet, wrapped the white panties around my rampant cock and started to jerk off.

Just as I felt the first signal of impending orgasm the door flew open revealing my mom standing there looking at me. Luckily I was under the sheet and my knees up. My mom was in a nightie. The nightie was knee length and not as sheer as Aunt V’s, but thin enough for me see the nipple imprints of her full breasts and the outline of her brief panties. I had seen my mom like this hundreds of times before and never saw or felt anything sexual in the situations, but this morning under the prevailing circumstances I found myself looking at my mother through different eyes, and was alarmed at the response of my cock as my eyes moved up and down her body while she spoke to me of some chores that she had lined up for me. After my eyes rested at her midsection for a longer than normal time I saw my mom quickly look down and brought her hands across to cover the area I was fascinated with. It was an awkward moment, and I began to panic but mom, without showing any displeasure finished off what she was saying and left the room. I lustily watched her retreating fat ass, she was a little on the plump side and a good six or seven inches shorter that her sister Velma.

I was a little ashamed of myself for a moment, but allowing my cock head to dictate to my other head I thought to myself
“what the heck, that body looks good and fuckable” I grabbed my cock and started beating my meat with a fury while letting my mind alternate between Aunt V’s and mom’s succulent bodies. Within minutes I was spurting cum into my aunt’s panty crotch. I rubbed in the gooey stuff to make it less obvious then I replaced them on the floor. Shortly after, Velma entered the room fully dressed but still desirable as hell and found me wide awake. She said good morning and looked at me with one of her usual meaningful smiles and then went about unpacking things. I watched as she went to her side of the bed with a piece of clothing in her hand and bending over picked up the telltale underwear and discreetly covered it up with the other piece of clothing. I smiled inside.

At the wedding, from time to time Velma’s twinkling eyes would look at me and hold my gaze for a while as she smiled sweetly and she also touched me as often as she got the opportunity. I noticed that she was drinking somewhat heavily and by the time we left was obviously tipsy. Mom teased her about it, telling her that when she hit the bed she was going to sleep like a log and snore like a horse. Velma giggled and gives me a quick look as she told mom to shut up before she caused me to shut my door on her. Mom laughed and looked at me strangely. She had been looking at me strangely all day, no doubt a little concerned about my unusual attention to her body that morning.

When we got home I loudly declared sleepiness and quickly headed for my room. The girls did the same. Half an hour later Aunt V came into the room and after unsteadily getting out of her clothes, panty included, wrapped a towel around her body and headed out of the room. A minute later mom knocked at the door before entering. I heard her softly call my name and when she got no response, came over and shook me a little. I didn’t budge or utter any sound other than a soft snoring. I was under the sheet and I realized that she had brought another sheet which she put at the foot of the bed on Velma’s side. After she left the room I got out from under the sheet and bundled it along my side. I lay on my back in my boxers, cock freed and blood hardened as I waited for Aunt V’s return.

I watched in fascination as she toweled herself then rubbed her body seductively with cream followed by body spray before putting on the same piece of a nightdress she wore the previous night. And just like she had done the night before she came and lay on her back beside me, only this time she wasn’t wearing panties and she had brought her side to rest against mine, her hand behind her caused my head to be right against her armpit, as I was shorter than she. I couldn’t resist the bewitching smell, and feigning restlessness turned on my side and poked my willing nose into her armpit. I felt her fingers gently stroking my head and twirling my afro locks. I heard her say softly:
“You awake Roy?” I didn’t answer, wanting her to make the first big move if sex was what she had in mind. Her other hand came around and found my hard twitching cock. She squeezed and stroked the hot flesh lovingly. I felt her spread her legs wide and after a while she let go of my cock and moved her hand to her pussy. I felt her body jerking upward as she fingered herself. I made a little sleep sound and leaned over onto her letting my cock press into her thigh. I made another little sound and leaning further brought my hand to rest between her legs on top of the hand that was self-pleasuring her wet twat. She froze for a moment, then she softly eased out her own hand leaving mine resting on the wet contracting pussy. She pressed down on my hand sending one of my fingers into her. She then parted the swollen labia lips and forced another of my trembling fingers into her. She held them there and began to buck and grind under them while holding my stiff dick in one hand, pumping it gently.

While pumping my dick and grinding against my fingers she brought her mouth down to my ear and poked her tongue three or four times into my ear sending me into heightened ecstasy. I shivered and forced my fingers deeper into her. She gasped into my ear. And then she spoke.
“I know this is wrong Roy baby and I shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t help myself. I love you so much; I want you so much, I want all of you inside all of me, please forgive me” she curved her body and quickly took my cock into her hot wet mouth and began a frantic chewing and sucking on the hard flesh. This is just what I had been dreaming of for more than a year. I decided it was no longer necessary to feign sleep, all the cards, the queen’s pussy and all were on the table. Let the game begin. I started to finger fuck her energetically as I rammed my cock into her welcoming mouth, making her gasp and choke.

We continued like that for about three minutes, and then she quickly pushed me onto my back and after pulling the little nightie up over her head and pitching it across the room straddled me. She gripped my cock and holding it firmly in place as she eased down on and around it making it go flush all the way into her dripping chute. I cried out in ecstasy at my cock’s first journey into pussy. She hurriedly placed a hand over my mouth to quiet me, then stuck two fingers into it.
“Sshhh” she whispered. I chewed on her fingers hungrily as she bobbed her plump ass up and down around my dick. She bore down hard to the root of my cock, her pussy lips plastered against my hairy groin. She started to grind and jerk frantically, and soon she erupted into a mass of quivering, convulsing flesh on top of me, all her nerve ends coming together in a forceful blast. I gripped her ass sinking my fingers into them as I felt my own eruption come into play. We bucked against each other wildly. When our bodies had finally let every spark of electricity escape she rolled off of me and laid on the bed beside me, satisfactorily spent.

After a few minutes I slithered downward and getting between her wide spread legs brought my face to her wet swollen pussy and began to lick and suck her gently at first, then hungrily, slurping and poking her wet inviting lips and hole. She bent her knees right back to her chest and my tongue found her tiny puckered asshole, hesitantly at first, but as I inhaled the strange, funny but strong and arousing aroma I abandoned all inhibitions and settled into the pleasurable treat with gusto. I was well into teasing her hole when her legs came down beside me and I realized she was fast asleep. I nevertheless moved to her pussy and played with it until, still deep in sleep her body gave in to the convulsions of orgasm once again.

I lay awake for a long time thinking of what had just happened between me and Aunt V. I was happy, I was pleased, I was satisfied and I was proud; I had fucked a beautiful woman who was also my aunt. If only it was something I could boast about it to my friends, but I knew I would never tell a soul about what my beautiful aunt and I had just shared. I stared at her sleeping body in the dim light. I could make out the wet hairs on her plump pussy, the fat labia lips that spreaded over neatly on either side of her entrance, the prominent clit sticking out of its fleshy pocket, the female juice maybe mixed with mine that had trickled out and down making a trail to her puckered hole. I began to gently stroke her pussy, getting my fingers wet with sticky juice. I rubbed her soft stomach, squeezed the sides of it, squeezed her thighs, and kissed her deeply indented navel, poking my tongue into it. I put my nose to her nicely trimmed bush, inhaling deeply. The womanly aroma dizzied me in a nice way. I moved up to her breasts and marveled at the compelling beauty of those two globes. I flicked the long stubs with my index fingers until they became erect, standing straight up like fat little black caterpillars. I massaged the doughy globes until they reddened with rushing blood. Leaning over I began to lick and suck at the one on the right which seemed a wee bit bigger to me. I loved rolling the long nips between my tongue and teeth.

While teasing her nipple with my mouth it dawned on me that we had done so much but hadn’t yet kissed. I traced her full soft lips with my fingers before bringing mw mouth down on hers. I stiffened my tongue and probed between her lips; her mouth opened slightly and I went past her teeth. My tongue searched around until it found hers and I felt her responding, pushing up her tongue to mingle with mine. I latched on to it and began sucking it. She moaned through the kiss and I felt her arms wrap around me, pulling me down on to her heaving bosom. I felt her hand nudging me in the side signaling me to get on top of her. I eased myself onto her and settled between her legs, feeling her hand grab my hard cock and align it with her entrance. “Push hard” I heard her whisper,
“Ram that cock into auntie’s pussy, fuck me hard baby”
I needed no further urging. I slammed my cock deep into her soaking pussy and heard her softly grunt. I began slamming in and out of her furiously, causing the bed to creak a little. I was glad my bedroom was across the corridor next to my sister’s room and not next to that of my parents, for surely their experienced ears would have would have picked up the sounds and deciphered them. Aunt V wrapped her long legs around mine, anchoring them and giving her leverage to wriggle nicely under me as I slammed into her hungry pussy. Alter about fifteen minutes of me slamming into her I saw her bring a hand to her mouth and bit into the flesh of her palm as her body jerked and flopped and trembled under mine in the throes of a mighty orgasm. After she was drained I continued pumping into her but she pushed me up, slithered out from under me and grabbing hold of my buttocks dragged me up to her face where she opened her mouth and took in my cock wet with her juices. She sucked my cock for about two minutes then she put her hands to my shoulder and pushed me down her body I placed my mouth between her legs and began licking her, but she turned over suddenly. Lying on her belly she spread her legs apart. I looked down at her big inviting ass cheeks and felt like roaring at the erotic sight. Bringing my head down, I began licking and softly biting her fluffy cheeks. On an impulse I started slapping the tempting cheeks one after the other and found myself loving the satisfied moan she let out after every whack. I then parted the mounds and fitted my face between them. She raised off the mattress a little to give me better access to the puckered hole which I obligingly pleased and teased with deep pleasure.
She reached around and started pulling me up. I got on my knees and settled down between her legs. She rose up onto her elbows and cocked her ass in the air inviting my pulsing tool. I squeezed her pussy mound a little then braced my cock to the entrance and started to push forward, but she grabbed my tool quickly and moved it away from her pussy while lowering her ass a little so that the head of my cock rested against the entrance of the puckered hole.
“Rub some of my slime on your cock then push it in slowly” I heard her whisper. I lathered my cock with her pussy secretions, centered it, and pushed forward. I felt her tremble a little and heard her gasp as the head of my cock glided against her anal walls and entered her. I stopped pushing.
“Push a little more then wait a couple of seconds and do it again” she said. I obeyed her instructions until all five inches of my stout cock was in her ass.
“Yeah baby, you can fuck it now fuck my ass till you come.” She snarled, wiggling her delightful ass a little. I began packing my meat into her ass as she wiggled and bucked under my onslaught, groaning and hissing and whispering expletives as I polished the walls of her anus with my veined tool. I pounded her for about five minutes before I felt the volcano of passion inside me threatening to erupt. When it came I had to stifle a growl as the biggest orgasm I’d ever felt rocked my body. I collapsed onto her pushing her down on the bed. She reached behind and held me fast against her quivering ass I drained into her. She manipulated her anal walls contracting and releasing my cock until every drop of cum cream was drained from it.

I awakened to bright sunlight and the sound of my mother’s voice and her soft hands gently shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw her standing over me. The first thing I noticed is that her eyes were glued to my midsection surveying the obvious tent.
“Sorry mom” I said, blushing.
“Nothing to apologize about, It’s normal” she said
The second thing I noticed was that her silk robe was wide open and that beneath it she was wearing a nightie not much longer than the one Aunt V wore. Now, my mom never moves around the house with her robe wide open unless there is something solid under it, never! My eyes rested first on the little bright orange panties visible through the light blue sheer night dress. I managed to drag my eyes away and let them travel up to her bosom and the nice grapefruits settled into the cups separated by a deep v neckline. I could see the outline of her nipples. I looked away quickly. What was she doing, was she testing me, trying to find out if the way I’d looked at her the previous morning was just curiosity or something more than that, sexual interest?
“Young man,” I heard her say “do you know what time it is, what did you do last night, you had a few drinks or something?”
“No mom, I didn’t drink any alcohol” My parents were dead set against teenage drinking
“Well, it looks that way to me, it’s ten in the morning and I had to come and wake you”
“Mom, I didn’t drink anything” I said exasperated. And as if to unsettle her for bothering me I looked straight at her crotch. Her hands, as if against her will, it seemed, started to move to her front like they did the day before, but she pulled them back this time leaving the interest of my lustful eyes exposed. I looked upward and saw her nipples now a great deal stiffer than they were when she first came into the room, poking against the nightie cups straight at me. I know she was a bit nervous, but did a fine job of holding herself together, pretending not to notice my new found interest in her privates.
“I’d like to believe you son, but it looks like you really did have something last night” I didn’t miss the stress she put on the words ‘son’ and ‘something’. After a quick look at my still tented sheet she turned around and walked out the door.
Does she have suspicions about me and Aunt V, I found myself wondering. And was her appearance in the short nightie just to find out if the previous day’s interest in her body was due to youthful curiosity or something decidedly sexual. What conclusion did she come to, and was this the last time she’d let me see her dressed like that. Or was she turned on by my interest in her the first morning and was now trying to let me know that she liked it? One thing I know, pondering those questions was keeping me hard. And also, I had to get answers; it was worth a try.