Taboo adventures 3.


They went up to the apartment on the third floor. Even before they got to the landing they could hear the thump of the music from the apartment. Her mother knocked and they waited. Her mother’s hand trembled nervously in hers. Mikey glanced around at the dirty walls and worn carpet while her mother fidgeted.

Finally the doorknob clicked and turned and the door opened a crack. A young black girl, probably in her middle or late teens, peeked at the them through the crack.

“What do you want?” she said in a slurred voice. Her eyelids drooped over her glazed eyes.

Mikey’s mother held up her hand. “I came to pay my debt,” she said.

The girl looked down at Mikey. “Hold on,” she said and closed the door. They waited a few minutes. Mikey’s mother chewed her lips nervously.

When the door opened, the girl stood behind it. “Come in,” she said. Mikey’s mother dragged her in.

The apartment was very dark, lit only by the glow of subdued red lights and the glow of a television in one corner. The throb of the music made the floor vibrate under Mikey’s feet.

The apartment was tiny. Against the far wall under the window was a sofa with two guys and two girls sitting on it. The guys wore jeans and football jerseys. One was skinny and one was fat. The girls wore nothing but panties. Against the other wall by the door to the kitchen was a guy in an arm chair. The girl who answered the door, who wore only a tight, short skirt, went back to him and sat on the arm of the chair. He put his arm around her waist and slipped his hand between her legs, which parted for him. Mikey’s mother went to him. Mikey noticed another woman in the kitchen who looked out at them to see what was going on. She was completely naked. They stared at each other for a long time. Finally, the other woman turned away and Mikey felt like she had broken out of a trance.

Her mother and the guy in the chair appeared to finish their discussion. Her mother turned away from him, put her hand on Mikey’s shoulder as she walked past, and left.

Everything seemed to cave in on Mikey at that moment. It hadn’t been apparent to her until then why she was there. Now she understood, and she was suddenly very scared, frightened enough to tremble in her shoes.

“What’s your name, girl?” the man in the chair said.

Mikey looked at him sheepishly, giving him the impression she was naive. She did it only to hide her anger. She hated being used this way because she knew that what was about to happen to her was going to feel really good.

“C’mere,” he said. Mikey slowly walked over to his chair.

Leo put his hand on her ass and squeezed. “How old are you?” he repeated. “You speak English or are you stupid like your Mom?”

“I’m Mikey.”

“She talks,” one of the other guys said.

“Mikey,” Leo said, looking at her over the tops of his sunglasses. His hand ventured down around the back of her upper thigh. A couple of his fingers poked in through the leg hole of her shorts and rubbed her warm, moist crotch.

“You don’t feel like no Mikey to me,” Leo said. His finger slipped under the band of her panties and touched her pussy lips. He pulled his hand out. His fingers were wet. He looked at his friends and laughed. They laughed with him.

“You ever suck a cock, Mikey?”

She nodded.

“You any good at it?”

She nodded again.

“You worth five hundred dollars to me, girl. You better be good at it.” They all laughed again. “Why don’t you take your top off and make ourself at home?” he said, indicating with a slow wave of his open hand the other young girls in the room.

Mikey looked at them again. Their nakedness lent an intimacy to her situation, exciting her even more. Everyone in the room was watching her, and she did as she was told and pulled her loose t-shirt off over her head. She was as naked as the other girls.

“There. Don’t that feel good?” Leo said.

She agreed, but she wasn’t about to tell him that. Leo was checking her out. Her nipples stood out on the tips of her growing breasts, which were filling out. Her waist curved slightly inward and her hips started to flare out.

“You definitely don’t look like no Mikey I ever saw,” Leo said.

“No way,” one of the other guys said.

Leo waved to the other two guys on the couch. They unbuckled their pants and pushed them down to the floor with their underwear. Their erections stood straight up in their laps. Mikey stared right at them like she was staring at her first meal in days.

“You like that, don’t you, girl? I can see it in your eyes.”

The guys on the couch laughed. Their dicks bobbed. The girls laughed. Mikey looked at Leo. He was laughing, too, while he took his pants off. They dropped to the floor and Mikey’s eyes widened. He was much larger than she expected. The other two were no bigger than any other man she had seen, but this one had a dick that seemed longer and thicker than her arm. And he wanted to put it inside her. How was she supposed to manage that?

His big, sleepy eyes never wavered from hers. “Why don’t you lick this for me here?” he said, shaking his dick at her like a stick. The others in the room snickered and laughed excitedly. Mikey glanced at them, but quickly looked away.

Leo waited patiently. Mikey slowly dropped to her knees, putting her hands on his bare knees. At that level she was staring straight at his dick, almost looking up at it reverently, like it was some serpent she had come to worship. Its single eye stared back at her dauntingly, defying her to touch it. She touched the head lightly with the tips of her fingers. It was hot and firm, just like the head of any other cock, only bigger.

“That’s nine inches, girl. You’ll never see a dude hung bigger than me. I don’t care how many cocks you suck.”

She closed her small hand around the thick shaft and stroked lightly, moving the brown skin back and forth. It was wonderfully hard and burned in her hand. She salivated in anticipation of taking it between her lips. She ran her tongue over them, making them shiny.

Mikey parted her lips, blinking demurely, and leaned forward. Her hot breath blew across the head. Her soft lips touched the tip of the head like she was kissing it, and the head pushed her lips apart as she forced it into her mouth. Her jaw spread wide and kept spreading.

He spread his legs wider and she crawled forward on her knees. His cock forced her jaw wider. She met it with her tongue, swirling it around the tip. Her lips closed around the shaft just beneath the head and she started to move her head slowly back and forth.

She opened her eyes and turned them up, looking into his while her lips moved a couple of inches up and down his shaft. Leo looked at the guys on the couch.

“Yeah, she’s gonna do pretty good,” he said.

They were all staring at her. One of the guy’s mouths was open. Even the other girls were surprised. Feeling encouraged, she sucked in another inch or so. The head touched the back of her mouth and she held it there, sucking firmly until Leo groaned.

“You like that, girl, don’t you?” he said, staring back into her eyes. “You like it fine. I know you want it bad. Why don’t you come up here and fuck me now. Let us see what you can do.”

Mikey took his cock out of her mouth slowly and stood up. She pushed down her shorts and stood naked before him. She had the skinny, bony body of a young girl, but already the buds of her breasts had begun to show.

She climbed up on his lap. It was like climbing onto a large chair. She straddled his legs. His cock stood up in front of her, touching her belly. Her knees pressed into the cushion on either side of his lap. She put her hand around his cock, stroking it, and lifted herself over it to put the head between her pussy lips, all in one smooth motion. She was leaning over him, looking into his eyes, her free hand on the back of the chair to hold herself up.

She started to lower herself on it and moaned softly. It was big, and it hurt. Leo laughed.

“It hurt, don’t it? You ain’t the only bitch it hurt, but damn if you ain’t the tightest.”

Mikey stopped when she felt the pain, but she forced herself down on it. She didn’t know if it was going to fit, but she was determined to make it fit, no matter how much it hurt. It slid into her, but not without a great deal of difficulty.

“Mmm,” Leo said. He put his hands around her tiny waist. “You damn tight, bitch.”

She was moving up and down on him and staring into his eyes. Leo pulled her down hard and at the same forced his pelvis upward, jamming his long cock deep into her hole. Mikey winced and whimpered. Leo laughed.

Mikey pulled out the rubber band that held her hair in a ponytail and shook out her hair. She arched her back and rode him like a horse.

“Go girl,” one of the other girls said.

Mikey leaned forward and laid against his chest, whimpering as her ass moved up and down and his cock slid in and out of her. Leo grabbed the cheeks of her ass in each hand and squeezed tight.

“Get ready, girl,” Leo said. A second later, his cum spurted inside her. He grunted. Mikey moaned. “There you go, there you go,” he said. She kept moving her ass up and down. He jammed his hips up hard, forcing his dick as deep into her hole as possible. Mikey looked like she was in pain.

His orgasm finished and he let out a deep breath.

“Not bad,” he said. He lifted her off and his cock fell out of her hole. “She’s all yours,” he said, pushing her toward the guys on the couch.

“Come here, bitch. I want to see how tight your ass is,” the one said. He grabbed her around her waist and pulled her toward him. Mikey yelped.

Leo’s cum was running down the inside of her leg. The skinny guy stuck his hands between her ass cheeks and poked his finger into her asshole.

“Oh yeah.” He grinned at the other guys in the room. They all laughed.

“Don’t fuck me dry,” Mikey snapped.The guys were suddenly quiet, looking at each other in surprise, like they’d been scolded, then they squealed with laughter.

“You’d better put some grease up this girl’s asshole so you don’t hurt her delicate back door.”

One of the girls brought in a tub of margarine. While he held Mikey with one arm, he scooped out some of the margarine and smeared it on her asshole. It was cold and made her flinch.

He squeezed her narrow hips in his greasy hands and pulled her back on his lap. His hard cock poked her in the ass, and he moved her until it was aimed at her hole. There was nothing delicate about him. Once the head of his cock had found her tight opening, he pulled her down hard, jamming his cock into her.

Mikey groaned. The margarine made her slippery enough, but it was still tight. She winced in pain.

“Come on … come on,” he kept saying. His cock started sliding in. “Goddamn. Bitch gonna make me come right now.”

Mikey bit her lip to keep from screaming. She put her hands between her legs on the edge of the sofa to hold herself up and try to keep him from going too fast. The man started moving her up and down on his shaft.

She couldn’t fight them. There was no way she could get away from them. She had to take it and try to enjoy it as much as she could. This man was hurting her, but she wouldn’t let him see it.

He pulled her back and she settled on his lap. His cock was all the way up her asshole and he was moving her up and down on it. It felt good, even though there was so much pain. He knew he wasn’t that big, not as big as Leo for sure, but he felt enormous inside her.

She tried not to look at the others in the room but could not resist. They were all watching her. Leo had a huge grin on his face. She felt so embarrassed. Leo laughed.

“Ain’t that so cute,” he said.

“What’s she doin’?” the guy she was fucking said.

“She’s blushing.”

“Get her up here. I want to put my thing in her.”

Mikey looked at the guy beside them on the couch. He had been pulling on his dick. Now he had an anxious look in his eyes and was staring at Mikey’s crotch.

The guy she was fucking held her glued to his crotch and turned so he was laying lengthwise on the couch with Mikey on top of him and his head resting on the arm of the couch. She tried to hold herself up but had to lay back against him.

The second guy kneeled on the couch and spread her legs. He was grinning wickedly and staring at her bare mound. Droplets of Leo’s cum leaked from her lips. His cock was rigid in his hand. He moved between her legs and his hand guided his cock to her hole.

She watched it part her cunt lips and push in. He used his weight to sink it into her and she groaned. She could feel the shafts of their cock rubbing against each other.

Leo kicked off his pants, got up and sauntered to the couch. Mikey watched him approach, her eyes focused on his swelling cock. Her mouth was open. She was moaning and panting and her small body rocked between the bodies of the larger men. Leo raised his cock to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue. He put the head of his cock on her tongue and she closed her lips around it and started sucking. She put her hand around the shaft to hold herself steady. It was difficult to keep it in her mouth when she was moving back and forth so much.

The guy beneath her was the first to cum. He shouted, then she felt his warm fluid squirting in her asshole. The second guy came quickly after that. He rammed his cock deep into her cunt and sprayed her insides. He was grunting loudly in her ear, but she didn’t care. At that moment she wanted him to cum inside her.

She wanted Leo’s cum as well. She sucked hard to get it. His knees started to buckle and she knew she was going to get it. The first spurt shot to the back of her mouth and the rest of it filled her mouth rapidly. She drank it all up and let the rest spill from her lips.

The guy on top of her pulled out in a hurry and left. Mikey had to release Leo’s cock when the guy under her lifted her off and dumped on the couch. He pushed her back and spread her legs. He was still hard.

“Let me have some of that,” he said. He hooked her legs under his arms and pushed them back, pressing her knees up by her head. Fresh cum dribbled from her cunt and mixed with the cum from her asshole. Mikey, panting, held her head up to watch. He put the head of his cock between her cunt lips and pushed it in. She groaned. The cum made her channel slippery, but she was still tight.

She looked up at him. His eyes were looking down into hers. She put her hands on his sides and wrapped her short legs around his waist. He was pushing with his hips and this made her crawl on her back up the couch until her head touched the arm.

Having spent himself once, this guy was able to last longer the second time. Mikey started moaning. She felt an orgasm building inside her. The guy kept up long enough to make her cum, then he came himself, spilling even more cum inside her.

He climbed off and left her with her legs spread. She sat up on her elbows and looked at Leo. She was sweating and breathing hard. Cum ran from between her legs and there was still some on her lips and chin.

Leo got up. “Why don’t you rest for a while. You gonna be her a few days. Trudy, get this girl something to eat. She looks real hungry.”

Mikey finished the sandwich when they arrived. She was glad for the interruption. Everything she ate tasted of cum. She had not, however, anticipated what the interruption was going to be. Half a dozen black men came into the living room and greeted Leo. Every one of them looked at her with intense lust in their eyes. She set the glass of milk down and sat up, attempting to cover her nakedness.

One of them came over to her and put his hand under her chin to tilt her face up.

“You fucked this girl, Leo?”

“Man, you won’t believe how tight she is. And she suck you good, too, man.”

The stranger rubbed his hands together. “So let’s get this party started.”

“Hey, man, you gotta pay to play, if you know what I mean. You gotta drop a fifty every time you want her.”

“Fifty? What the shit make you think she worth fifty?”

Leo arched his eyebrows and laughed. “Hand it over and find out for yourself.”

Mikey realized with horror what she was expected to do. All of these men had come here to fuck her and she had to do it with them no matter how many times they wanted it. She began to shiver with fear.

Leo grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to one of the bedrooms at the back of the apartment.

“I’m gonna put you in Trudy’s room. I don’t care if you make a mess on her bed.” He tossed her on the small bed and went out, leaving the door open. Over the noise of the music she heard him ask who was first.

It was the one who had touched her chin who came in first. He had a stern look on his face. Mikey was frightened of him. She thought he was angry at her because of the amount of money Leo wanted and was afraid he might want to hurt her.

He closed the door and stared at her. Mikey tried to back away from on the bed, cowering in fear. He was a tall, lean man with a thick moustache and piercing eyes. He took off his leather jacket and she could see his large muscles under his tight t-shirt. Her eyes traveled down to his crotch and she saw a large bulge there.

“Leo says you worth my money. We’ll see about that.”

He came over to the side of the bed and opened his pants. He pulled out a cock that looked as big as Leo’s or even bigger. It was long and thick and very black.

“Let’s see you suck on this.”

Mikey blinked several times. She was so frightened she wanted to cry. She inched close to him, her lower lip quivering. Staring at the head, she reached for it and leaned up to bring it to her mouth. His eyes glared down at her when she glanced up at them. Shivering with fear, she parted her lips and allowed the huge head of his cock to pass between them.

Her jaw had to open very wide to let it in. She shifted position in front of him, squatting on her folded legs with her knees spread. She put both hands around his shaft and moved her head slowly back and forth.

The man had his hands on his hips. When she started, he stood as still as a statue. Gradually, he loosened up and started moving his hips back and forth. Mikey stretched her jaw a bit wider and took a little more in her mouth. She let her wet lips slide over the shaft and licked the underside of the head as it moved over her tongue.

The man’s breathing grew heavier. He put his hands on Mikey’s shoulders and made her move faster.

“Yeah, that’s pretty good,” he said. Then he suddenly yanked his cock out of her mouth, leaving her there with her jaw wide open. “But it’s not what I paid fifty bucks for.” He shoved his pants down and pulled off his shirt.

Mikey scooted backwards on the bed. Her eyes were on his penis. He climbed on the bed and grabbed her wrist before she could get away. He pushed her down on her back and moved between her legs. Mikey did not try to resist him.

He stared at her bare pussy for a few seconds. “Leo said you was tight. You gonna feel tight with this.”

Mikey watched his eyes. She felt the head of his cock rubbing along her slit until it found the opening of her pussy, and he forced it in. She whimpered. It would be a very tight fit. He pushed her legs farther apart and jammed himself in. She winced, but did not cry out.

“Yeah, real tight.” He had about half of his long cock inside her. He moved it in and out a few times, then jammed it in hard. Most of it sunk in.

Mikey moaned. She was tiny under his large, muscular body. His hips had her legs spread very wide. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth. Her tiny cunt was stretched for his thick pole and the pain was unbearable. He jammed his hips forward and she moaned.

“He was right. You worth fifty. You worth more than that.”
“I fucked Trudy when she was virgin and she was nowhere near tight as you.” He moved his hips back and forth in a slow, steady motion. “I’m gonna enjoy fucking you.”

Mikey put her hands on his sides. She didn’t want him to know, but she was going to enjoy it as well. She was unable to move her own hips because he had his entire weight pressing her down into the bed, but she just held onto him for the ride. She ran her hands up over the stretched, bulging muscles of his chest. He was sweating and his skin was slippery.

Her cunt was finally getting wet enough to let him slide his cock in and out. He started moving his hips much faster. Mikey was moaning out loud.

Someone knocked on the door and it opened. Leo stuck his head in.

“Jer, man, how much longer you gonna be?”

Without stopping, Jer snapped at Leo, “I paid my fifty, man, I’ll take as long as I want.”

Leo laughed. “I told you you’d like her, I told you.”

“Yeah, you told me, now get the fuck out.”

“Hey, man, you take much longer and I’m gonna charge you double. I got other guys waiting for her.”

“I’ll take my time and you won’t charge me double. Now get the fuck out of here.”

Leo closed the door, snickering, his hand over his mouth. Jer sighed and picked up his pace again. He rocked her for another minute, then grunted. Mikey felt his cock throb inside her, and felt the warm fluid of his cum spreading through her belly. He slowed, groaning as his cock throbbed over and over.

He sighed, then lifted himself off her. His cock came out of her tight hole like a huge cork, releasing his cum, which spilled from her like she was a bottle tipped on its side.

Jer sat on the edge of the bed and picked up his pants. Mikey did not move, laying with her legs spread and panting hard. Jer licked his finger tips and rubbed them on her nipple.

“You pretty good, girl. I think I’ll come back later and take you for a ride one more time.”

Mikey squirmed. His fingers made her nipple tingle and it felt good. He finished dressing and went out of the room. Mikey squeezed her legs together, enjoying the warm, tingling feeling inside her. She sighed. She would like it when he came back. He had felt good inside her. She would do it with him any time he wanted.

The door opened and two younger men came in, both wearing jeans and football jerseys. They took off their clothes and climbed on the bed. One of them grabbed her by the ankles and forced himself inside her. The other climbed up by her head and forced his cock into her mouth. After a few minutes they switched and both of them came in her cunt.

Another guy was waiting outside the door when they finished. When he took off his clothes, he rolled Mikey on her belly and shoved his cock in her asshole. She clenched her teeth together and endured the pain. He didn’t last long.

The next person to come in was Trudy, the girl who brought her the sandwich. She was completely naked, holding her hand between her legs and laughing. She climbed up and straddled Mikey’s head. Mikey looked up at her pussy. It was the first time she had ever seen one. A big drop of cum dripped from Trudy’s pussy on Mikey’s cheek. She told her to lick and Mikey did, drinking up all the cum that leaked out. While she was licking, another man came in and started fucking her.

It went on that way for the rest of the night. Men came to her by themselves and in groups. Some fucked her hard and some did it gently. Some put their cocks in her cunt, some in her ass and some in her mouth. All of them left her filled with fresh, warm cum. It leaked from both of her holes and covered her mouth. The insides of her thighs were rubbed raw and her cunt was sore from being stretched open so many times. Her asshole was numb.

Hours before she had lost count of the number of men who had climbed into that small bed with her. The length of time between them got longer and longer. Mikey curled up and dozed off, but the door opened again. She did not roll over. The bed shifted when the person sat on the edge of it. She felt a hand touch her shoulder.

“Hey, you all right?” said a girl’s voice.

Mikey rolled over and looked into her face. It was Trudy. She was smiling. Mikey tried to smile back, but was wondering what she was going to do to her next.

“They’re all gone. You can sleep now. Why don’t you stay in my bed? I’ll get you up in the morning and we’ll see what Leo wants to do with you.”

She got up, shut off the light and closed the door. Mikey stared into the darkness for a few minutes, then quickly fell asleep.

She was awaken in the morning when the bed moved. Somebody put a hand on her ass.

“Wake up, girl. It’s my turn.” He rolled her over and Mikey looked up into his face. He was grinning at her and taking his pants off. She automatically spread her legs and looked down at his hands unbuckling his pants. “Yeah, you ready for it, ain’t you?”

He pushed his pants down and laid between her legs. The head of his cock pushed between the lips of her cunt. Mikey bit her lip to fight back the pain. She was still very sore.

“Hey, leave her alone,” one of the girls shouted. Mikey looked to the doorway. Trudy and another girl came in, grabbed the guy and yanked him off.

“What the hell!”

“You know Leo doesn’t want anyone touching her. What you thinkin’, man?”

He scrambled on the floor to pull his pants up. “Leo said I could have a piece of her.”

“Why don’t you go ask him again?”

The guy got up to his feet, glaring at the girls with indignance. He turned and left.

They took Mikey to the bathroom and gave her a towel so she could take a bath. After the bath, she dressed in the same clothes she wore when she arrived, and went out to the living room. None of the guys was there, only Trudy and the other girl. They were both dressed.

“He’s gone,” Trudy said when she noticed Mikey looking around. “You’re done here. Leo said your Momma’s all paid up. You can go home.”

Mikey looked longingly toward the door.

“Go. And don’t let your Momma get in trouble again, or Leo’ll make you do all that again.

Mikey rushed to the door, opened it, closed it behind her, and rushed down the steps.