Slut Wife

Sinful wife cuckolded

When Larry came to, he was on his back on the coffee table, strapped down securely. The light over the table made his eyes hurt; but his glasses were still on, and positioned correctly on the bridge of his nose. […]

Slut Wife

How my wife fucked in the stable

My wife works at a riding stable. She’s loved horses for years and has worked in several stables. Over time she’s became good friends with a horseshoer that travels a circuit visiting many stables in the area to shoe the […]


An unhappy husband sexually fulfilling 2.

For the next two hours, they talked about everything in the world, from engineering courses to music to boys. Or, as Aly corrected him, “men.” He didn’t like to think of her dating men instead of boys, but she wasn’t […]

Slut Wife

Sharing my wife with a young stud

My wife and I had always had a good sex life. We are both good looking. She has strawberry blonde hair, and sports a nice ass and titties sitting on top of some long legs. When we first started dating […]

Group Sex Stories

Nikki and the kinky boys 2.

“MmmmmmHMMMMM….fuckmebaby,” Hardbody groaned down at him as her hips churned her pussy on her father’s still unseen boner. She had an idea that her father was a big man in the pants based on seeing him getting out of the […]

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Nikki, Eric and a hot-blooded male

“Mmmmm, look at that pretty pussy,” Nikki purred for Eric’s benefit. Nikki made a quick swipe across the top flap that hid Tori’s sensitive clit, her tongue feeling the sparse blonde hairs that surrounded the area. This position wasn’t any […]

Slut Wife

We are undressed, and fucked my wife

I was reading all the great stories here for quite awhile, and now I finally have something to share with everyone. The stories I’m most interested in have been stories of wife sharing/cheating. I would fantasize about the stories I’d […]

Slut Wife

Ultimate cuckold wish

ope nervously paced the ground floor, waiting for John, wondering if she would regret her agreement with Tom. She loved Tom and very much wanted to please him, but she had never shared her body with another since their marriage […]

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