Gina’s exciting Examination

Gina green had dreaded the arrival of her gynaecology examination; her last time was embarrassing as the doctor was her old family doctor of many years standing; having treated not only her mother but also her grandmother. In fact the most embarrassing aspects where his constant references to family traits of elongated clits and protruding pussy lips.

When she received the medical assessment form in the post she tried several times to put off making the appointment; for she hated the thought of an elderly man looking at her cunt let alone touching her there. The latest summons for her check up had threatened informing her employers that she was no longer medically covered in the firms insurance and she realised that she just could not put off this dreaded thing any longer. So with dread in her voice and a heavy heart she called her old surgery only to be told that old Dr James had finally hung up his stethoscope and the collective surgery was now under new ownership.

She reluctantly arrived at the old surgery just ten minutes ahead of her appointment and was suddenly surprised to see all new faces and even the decoration of the rooms seemed fresh and appealing. Gone was the aged receptionist and instead was a young voluptuous woman answering to the name of Rosie; she handed Gina a questionnaire and asked her to fill it out before returning it to her. Gina noticed that her new doctor was called Dr Simon Janus and it even listed all the centre medical staff and that the woman who had handed her the forms was Rosie Tindle, the main Surgery nurse was Janet Price-Davis. Somehow this seemed to make her feel more at ease; as if the surgery was saying it had nothing to hide.

No sooner had she completed filling in the form then a woman in a pressed white coat came out and called Gina’s name; she beckoned Gina to follow her through the same door she had entered the room by. The corridor beyond seemed to run on and on; much longer than the building actually could take or was it her imagination. The floor seemed to slope up and her steps seemed to be harder to take as she slowly walked ahead of the nurse. Suddenly she felt the nurse give her a gentle nudge or was she trying to feel Gina’s arse; her soft voice introduced herself as Janet Price-Davis reassuring her everything was fine.

After what seemed an eternity they reached a door on the left and the nurse opened it ushering Gina into the room beyond. Pointing to a set of screens; Janet requested that Gina undress and put on the paper gown folded on the table and then to come back to the centre of the room. With that Janet busied herself preparing the silver trolley on the opposite wall. Between Gina and Janet lay the examination Table; even this look so much more inviting now that the one Gina imagined had been there before, the examination light above the table seemed so new and immaculate that Gina allowed herself to imagine a few really naughty thoughts.

She allowed herself to think just for an instant of her being sexually aroused by Janet on that table under the brightest of lights while a camera whirred in the back ground capturing all the erotic action. She suddenly found herself wishing the doctor could not attend and that Janet would carry out her exam. The other thought which flashed through her mind was a dishy doctor taking sexual liberties with her while Janet assisted in making her so aroused that she was prepared to let them do whatever they wanted to do to her.

All of these naughty thoughts had the normal effect and she found that her panties were rather more than damp than usual and she imagined her pussy squelching as she slowly walked towards the examination table; Suddenly in mid stride she had the most wickedest of thoughts; what if the nurse could smell the arousal she was now feeling in her cunt, would it be embarrassing or highly erotic. Gina suddenly shivered down her spine as a mental image of herself being bent over the edge of the table with Nurse Janet’s fingers delving into her soaking cunt as the young dishy Doctor Simon entered the room and Janet began telling him how she had smelt Gina’s arousal and she was dealing with it appropriately before the examination began.

This was not like Gina at all she usually had a firm grip on her sexual side and even sometimes knowing she was going to have sex with her boyfriend she would find herself extremely dry between her cunt lips and often had to make an excuse to go to the toilet to smear some lubricant between her legs. If the truth be known this was also one of the contributing factors to her pushing herself to keep this appointment.

But today there was something about the location and the pretty looking nurse which had stirred her juices; what Gina did not really understand was that for her one of the most important factors adding to her excitement was the sense of power these people had over her. The fact she was naked beneath a thin gown and they had the authority to remove that gown and not only expose her genitals but also to touch, probe and generally stimulate them and all under the guise of her proper examination.

Just then there was a knock at the door and nurse Janet went to the door opening it only slightly, she spoke to the person on the other side before turning back to Gina; “are you ready to begin your examination and the doctor wants to know if you are ready for him? She asked. This shocked Gina as she had never been treated at a doctor’s with such courtesy as she was receiving now.

“Yes! By all means.” She stammered.

Now into the room came a man old enough to be her father; just and he politely introduced himself as Dr Simon Janus. Gina found herself looking him over as if deciding whether he would be suitable as a boyfriend rather than a doctor. Immediately she lost herself in his deep blue eyes and seemed almost hypnotised by his features; at six foot tall he obviously took care of his body as he seemed lean almost athletic in stature.

He held out his hand and gave Gina a firm but friendly handshake; before announcing before they started he needed some background information and he turned his head slightly towards Janet and asked her to be so kind as to fill in the forms whilst he prepared himself for the forthcoming examination.

Janet grabbed a clipboard and began asking the usual questions of Gina; age, 18; Weight Gina whispered 176 lbs for she always thought she was a little heavy for her height; height 1.74 metres she replied. Any sexual problems that you are aware of?, asked Janet and Gina’s mouth suddenly dried as she tried to answer quietly enough for Janet top hear but not loud enough for anyone else to hear it; Yes sometimes I fail to get excited and wet enough to enjoy sex with my boyfriend she confided.

Janet then informed the next few questions may seem a little personal but it will help diagnose the under lying problems; then in a matter of fact tone, she asked Gina’s what was her breast size and quickly wrote down the response of 38C. Next she was asked how often did she indulge in sex with her boyfriend and again wrote down the response of about once a week as a rule; the next question really shocked her as Janet asked if she ever masturbated and if she did what did she think about whilst doing so? Almost red as a beetroot now Gina replied that she sometimes used a few toys and always tried to think of realistic situations where she was sexual with another person.

Janet pressed home the question by asking what people? Again Gina blushed as she said it depended; sometimes it may be someone she had met recently or sometimes if she felt really naughty it may be school friends of either sex. Suddenly upon hearing this Janet let out a sexy smile as she wrote the details down.

The last series of questions were much more normal and about personal care and preferences; like did she always use condoms and if so what type?; did she shave her cunt as a matter of course and finally were there any sex acts that she really like and also any she really hated. All the answers were duly recorded and Janet announced to Dr Janus that the forms were now complete.

The doctor took the clip board and scanned the answers before turning to Gina; It says that you sometimes fail to get excited enough to self lubricate, does this mean you use artificial lubricants at these times. Embarrassingly Gina nodded and blushed even further when the Doctor asked if she was dry right now; it took all of her courage to shake her head and mumble no.

Dr Simon Janus reassured her that there was no need for any embarrassment as they were there to ensure a happy outcome from the examination and he leaned closer and asked Gina if she trusted him; she nodded sheepishly.

“Remove your gown Gina! Dr Janus said but in a commanding manner. Almost as if her mind had deserted her she found her hands automatically go up and reach the ribbon behind her neck and the flimsy gown drifted to the floor. Standing naked now before these two strangers had the strangest reaction on Gina, her nerves seemed to tingle and her breathing began to shallow as she felt extra dampness between her legs. Simon smiled as he said loud enough for all to hear, I just love my job as I get to see all the beautiful sexy females as naked as the day they were born.

Just then Gina sensed rather than felt the close presence of Janet; the doctor then asked Janet to check Gina’s wetness and Janet was delighted to slide her hand down the silky smooth stomach of the patient and across the cleanly shaven pubic area until her fingers seemed to naturally curl into the swollen open cunt lips of Gina. Oh Simon, she is extremely wet and excited, Janet respond but not removing her two fingers now stroking the inner lips of Gina’s cunt; a little gasp of pleasure escaped Gina’s lips.

“I see by your response to our questions; that anal sex is a problem for you!” the doctor said, “please explain more fully!”

Gina began hesitantly, “Well it is the thought of having my boyfriend stick his thingy up there and I have heard it is very painful to stretch the anal ring to accommodate!” she replied.

“OK, then what we will need to do is find an object roughly the same size as your boyfriend’s cock! Stressing the word cock; and see how it feels for you! So would you be prepared to be blindfolded and then to pick out the object by feel rather than by sight? Dr Janus enquired.

Again Gina heard what sounded like a distant voice agreeing to this but she recognised the voice as her own. Reluctantly Janet stopped toying with Gina’s cunt and moved off to the left before returning with a custom made blindfold, it was like a pair of large swimming goggles with the lenses blacked out. Quickly she slipped them on to Gina’s head and adjusted them before informing the doctor they were ready.

Janet now moved directly in front of the blindfolded Gina and held two soft Jell-O penises one in each hand and Dr Simon Janus simply dropped his trousers and presented his own cock to the collection. Now taking Gina’s right hand he placed it on one of the soft Jell-O cocks and asked if this was the right size. A nervous Gina answered with a non committal maybe. So the doctor now moved her hand to the larger of the two Jell-O cocks and repeated the question. A now flustered Gina again denied she could be certain and so the doctor now placed her hand on his own cock; immediately Gina felt the fleshy warm of the cock and knew this had to be a real one and not the same as the other two. Repeating the question again to Gina, this time the doctor got the answer he was waiting for; and that was that his cock was the nearest to her boyfriend’s size of the three of them.

Nurse Janet put away the Jell-O cocks but not before managing to slide one up her short uniform dress and into her cunt and the other into her warm wet mouth. Returning she helped Dr Janus undress and then guided the still blindfolded Gina to the exam table where instead of laying her flat on it she simply made her bend forward until her tits rested on the cold leathery feeling table covering. Nurse Janet then used her feet to guide Gina as to how wide to open her legs; before kneeling behind the patient and admiring the sight before her eyes.

By now Gina was so aroused her cunt had opened like a little flower displaying its inner most secrets to Janet’s view; she quickly dipped her head forward and lightly ran the tip of her tongue all the way along from Gina’s erect clit to the rim of her anal ring and she delighted in rimming that area gently but firmly before pulling back. Gina was in such a state now that she would have sold her own mother for a good hard fucking.

Harder now Janet pushed her tongue against the resistance coming from Gina’s anal muscle until the tip of her tongue was gaining access to her inner sanctum. Replacing her tongue with her index finger Janet continued to expand the anal ring until she was sliding three fingers smoothly in and out of her arse. Interspaced with this she was still licking away at Gina’s clit and occasionally she would suck hard on that erect nubile flesh. Every time she sucked hard on Gina’s clit; groans of animalistic passion escaped from Gina’s mouth until she was literally begging someone to slide a hard cock into her; lust fuelled burning cunt.

Up stepped Dr Janus and allowed Janet to guide his now rigid cock into the stretched opening of Gina’s arse; Now instead of ramming it home, he held it with just his cock head inside her clasping anal ring and as Janet now began to explore Gina’s cunt; he slowly began to push home the full extent of his eight inch cock. Centimetre by centimetre he push home; always stopping to allow Gina to adjust to the new intrusion; all the way home until his pubic hairs were pressed against the arse cheeks of his new fuck doll.

Gina at first began to protest about having it slide into her arse but her passions soon destroyed her pleas and now she groaned with fever pitched pleasure; begging Simon to fuck her hard; pleading with him to make her cum again; promising her very soul if only he would fuck her hot anal chute. With Janet now three fingers deep in Gina’s cunt and her bewitching tongue tickling Simon’s balls he began to fuck Gina. Slowly at first and then picking up speed as Gina’s vocal encouragement seemed to reach new heights.

Just when Gina thought she would die a glorious erotic death; she came but she came harder and longer than she could possibly remember, coloured lights flashing before her eyes and sirens and explosions going off inside her brain. It was at this exact moment that she did something she had never done before, she squirted a long streak of fluid hitting Janet in the chest as a mixture of cum juice and piss forcibly erupted from Gina’s cunt.

Realising that Gina had now reached and exceeded her peak plateau; Simon pulled his soaking cock out of her clutching arse and it was instantly engulfed by Janet’s mouth; meanwhile an ecstatic Gina fought to get her breath back as she gasped away still shaking from the ordeal of her ultimate orgasm. She whimpered as Janet’s fingers still twitched inside Gina’s cunt and Simon pushed Janet’s head towards Gina’s soaking cunt. Taking the hint Janet began to suck up all the juices that Gina could produce and in the process taking Gina back to a euphoria level as orgasm after orgasm now merge into one.

Without thinking Gina accepted Simon’s cock into her mouth and she devoured it as only a starving whore could do; she was soon rewarded with a face full of sperm as Simon’s cock erupted in triumphant delight.

Calming down now they proceeded to complete the real examination and after declaring Gina to be A1 fit; Gina asked how often she needed to come around for the repeat of the first part of her examination.

Dr Simon Janus told her that next time she come; she should bring her boyfriend and he would be shown how to bring about the same results; but that is another story for another time.

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