You are so obsessed with panties, my friend!


In my line of work handyman I need good shoes. And, since my feet don’t match I have to shop at places where I can get custom services.

I am greeted by a 50 ish woman and I sit for a fitting. We discuss the possibilities and she asks what I do and in the chat she says that there are things at her house that I probably could fix.

All during the fitting and the chat I am treated to shadowy views up her skirt. She skootches to lace the new shows and I just stare between her thighs and at a lacy slip, stocking tops, thighs and panties!

A time for an estimate is set and off I go to break in my new work shoes.

At the appointed Sunday morning I approach the front porch, knock, wait…..knock again…wait. Nothing!

On a hunch I go around the house to the back door. There, the door is open and the screen door is closed. I linger for a moment as there is a small clothes line off to one side and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but several panties hung to dry!

Yummy, silky ones of different pastel colors. Lacy ones and even one thong! I tear my eyes away from the silky scene and find that she is standing in the doorway smiling! I try to recover and we go right for the areas that need repairs.

After making a list of the litany of items she suddenly is reminded of the water that appears behind the toilet from time to time. I admit that I could use the toilet as well and I will check it out for leaks.

I am standing over the toilet taking a leak, [trying to aim well] when I spy another pair of panties by the tub! The door is closed and my cock is already at half mast and I do not even try to resist! I snatch them up from the floor and look them over. Pink, silky, lace at the waist and leg holes. Without much thought I bring them to my nose and sniff… tentatively, at first and then deeply! This woman’s pussy is sweet! She must have had them on all night. Maybe even masturbated in them. Maybe had a wet dream in them?

By then my cock was very hard and it was still poking through my fly. I lightly caressed the head with the soft crotch of her pink panties! I felt so horny and naughty and excited! I began to rub my cock and had plans of shooting the panties full of cum when I heard her coming up the stairs.

She raps on the door and I slip my boner as best as I could back in my pants. She opens the door and I am on my knees looking under the toilet. I can see that she glanced at the panties where I had tossed them and I was pretty sure that she did not notice they had moved…..

She smiles as I see her check out my ass [no plumbers crack, I hope] and reminds me to come and see the one final item that needs work at the end of the hall. She leaves and I can hear that she is far enough away so I can sneak one more sniff. I flush the toilet a few times and find no wetness or leaks.

I walk to the end of the hall and innocently look in the open door to my right…I see a beautifully decorated bedroom with a big fluffy bed and my customer-lady laying there! Her jeans had been tossed to one side and the T shirt showed no bra, round tits and hard nipples. Her legs were slightly parted and the light blue panties were clinging to all the right places! I stared!

“Come in!”

“Well, um…….”

“Oh, for goodness sake! Come [I]in here! I know you like what you see! Come closer…..”

I walked closer and kept staring at the outline of her soft mound that was shaping her panties. The groove of her pussy was showing plainly. My cock was creeping down my pant leg. She could see it.

She quietly said, “I have wanted to get you into my bedroom since we were at the shoe store. I had hoped that by letting you see up my skirt that you would get the message and we could hook up. But I guess you are too much of a gentleman. But I knew that you liked the view of my panties. Then when you had to come to the back door and saw all my little unmentionables on the line I knew you really were a panty man!

Then, when you took so long in the bathroom I was pretty sure that you were inspecting and maybe enjoying the pair I took off this morning! Weren’t you?? Tell the truth!”

“Yes………I was……I do……..yes”, I mumbled.

“I want you to enjoy these”, looking down her soft tummy to her crotch, “Do you think you might like to inspect them closely?”

I took a small step closer and whispered, “May I?”

“You have to let that big cock out to breathe first. Just out the fly opening! Don’t get undressed……There! Oh my! It looks like it likes what we are doing!”

I kneeled beside the bed and slid between her bare thighs. I stared and began to caress her upper legs.

“Open your legs for me? Please?”

“Like this?” and she spread them wide.

“Just like that!” I kissed my way to the silky damp panty crotch. I heard her sigh as I pressed my face against her mound, her pussy, her cunt!

“You like my pussy scent? You want to eat me through my panties?”

I groaned and began to nibble and press and lick her panty crotch and her sexy treasure within.

She began to shudder and wiggle and get even wetter than I was making her. “Make me cum, Panty-Man! Eat me and make me cum good……ooooooo”

I was pretty sure that she had cum and I was slipping the cloth of her soaked blue panties aside and licked her cum juice directly from her swollen labia.

My cock was aching and I stood between her splayed legs. I looked down and saw that she had been twisting her hard nipples and that sight along with her crooked panties and open cunt drained all of the spare blood from my brain. Gravity was winning.

“If you are hoping I will suck that nice fuck-pole, forget it! I never have and never will! But, if you can bring yourself to fuck this old girl……do it! Fuck my wet cunt till you fill me with your cum!”

With a fleeting thought of changing the services on my business card I drew near. Her legs were draped over the edge of the bed and I stood just right. My cock slipped past the lacy panty leg and smoothly into her waiting and surprisingly tight cunt. Her legs wrapped around me and held me against her.

She almost screamed and I groaned loudly. “Fuck me! Yes! Do it!” I could sense the rough denim of my trousers banging roughly on her open thighs.

“You are so fuckable! My cock is raging! I feel your panties against my cock. I’m cumming!!!”

I don’t remember ever shooting with so much force and in such amounts! I looked down as my softening cock began its retreat and saw slippery cunt lips clinging to every last drop.

Can you come back next Sunday and finish the jobs?

Wow! All business, and so fast a recovery!

“Yes”, I nodded.

“Good, and take these to be sure you find your way!”

She slipped off the wet, well fucked panties and stuffed them in the fly of my work-pants. I could still feel the heat of her sex as I zipped up.

No kisses, no hugs………just a wave from the back porch. As I drove away I saw her taking down her dainty laundry.

“Hmm, what pair next week?”