Pee time in the military


I had left the US for two week coverage for someone taking leave in the medical corp. I had never been to this country and was pretty nervous about it. Because there was no real thought about women in the planning, the US government took over a couple of floors of hotel a few blocks from the local hospital where we also had a few floors dedicated to US servicemen.
I arrived at the hotel about mid-day and was shown to my room. When I walked in there was another woman, Jen, taking a nap. I felt bad waking her, knowing she probably had a night shift or something, but there wasn’t much I could do.
When Jen saw me she bounced out of bed and welcomed me like I was an old friend. It didn’t bother her at all that she was just in her bra and panties. After a few minutes I had gathered that her last two room-mates had been “old-maids” and she couldn’t believe that she (all of 21 years old) had someone 29, to room with finally.

I put my duffel on the floor and we started to talk, I was looking at this really cute nurse, who had a nice set of tits, and her dark areola were showing through the typical military white boring under garments. She asked me “so tell me about you?” I was about 3 minutes into my life story when she stopped me and asked “no, I mean tell me about you. Are you straight, bi, gay, traditional, kinky, dominant, submissive? Tell me.” I looked at her, I had been in the room all of about 10 minutes and she is asking me to bare all. She could see the hesitation and surprise in my face and continued “Do you want me to go first?” I smiled in relief and said “yes, please.”
Jen looked at me and said “well I guess I should ask first if you are a prude or goodie-two shoes?” I looked at her and said “I do out rank you, but as far as being off-duty I may be as wild you appear to be.”

She almost jumped up and down. She then said “Like ok then; I love to cum so I don’t care if it’s a guy, girl or toy that is helping me cum. I am definitely kinky and will do just about anything if it has to do with sex. When I get horny I can play either role, but I guess I am much more dominant because I want to get off the way I want to at the time… Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but I usually masturbate myself to sleep even for a nap.”

Wow I thought to myself, this girl and I could be twins. I looked at her and decided to have some fun for a minute or two and replied “Now Jen, I guess I didn’t know you were that wild. You actually will be masturbating while I am in the room and you want me to be OK with that?” the girl’s huge smile disappeared and she actually looked nervous that maybe she went to far to too quick.

“Did you actually do that with the other roommates you had, who you said were older and not much fun?” I asked. She looked back at me , her head down a bit and said “well I did, but I had to hide it which meant I had like little orgasms.”

I was having a little problem keeping a straight face, so I stated “ Well Jen, if I am in the room I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t masturbate.” I hesitated and saw her head drop even more. I continued “I would hope that you ask me if I could finger or lick you into an orgasm instead.” Her head snapped up and smile started to appear. I went on “to answer your questions, I go either way but since joining the military I prefer to be with a woman or more when possible. I don’t know what you mean by kinky, it is a very relative term, but in the right setting I would love if we were making out and you needed to pee that you would just let it flow all over me. Giving that statement I guess you can tell that, when out of uniform, I prefer to be submissive and make my partner happy.” I stopped at that and looked at her.

She looked back and replied “Well, you just made me very happy.” And she threw her arms around my neck and we hugged. My hands started to move along the bare skin on her back and she didn’t release her tight hug on me. I finally pulled my head back and so did she. As we were about to kiss a knock came at the door and we parted quickly. A few seconds later the door swung open and there was another cute young woman, wearing civilian clothes. “Good you’re up. You want to catch some grub?” the girl said. Then she looked at me and said “Oh sorry, I am PVT Green, Sara actually.” I walked over and shook her hand and introduced myself. I was also in casual clothes as I had been told not to wear my uniform on the way over. Sara didn’t not seem at all surprised to see Jen is in her underwear or that another a woman was standing about 3 feet from her when the door opened. Interesting I thought.

Anyway, things progressed and at about 7pm people were talking about meeting the gym. The hotel had the gym closed off for the military women every other evening. Jen looked at me said “now- tonight is Thursday and we kind of have a special shower time on Thursday.” I looked at her in a way of saying “and?” She continued, “well, there is a shower room off the gym and the girls that hang back are the ones that like to make the drains yellow if you know what I mean?” I nodded my head. I hadn’t been here one day and I think I was going to be taking a golden shower with the girls, I was going t enjoy these two weeks.

We were down in the gym, which was really just an exercise room like in most hotels. There were 8 women there, I had met 5 previously. I would say the age range was 20 to 40, with me being right in the middle. Half the girls and myself had two water bottles with us and the others had one. I laughed to myself that I had already figured who was hanging back. Jen had insisted that I take the second bottle when we headed down there. Because of meeting everyone Jen and I had not been alone since we met, I think we both knew we would be making out before the night was over, however she had the graveyard shift which meant we weren’t going to be going to sleep at the same time. But it was only 7 so I figured we had some make-out time before she had to go in to work.

I was pretty beat from the traveling so I couldn’t keep up most of the girl’s on the weight s and exercise equipment. I rested a lot but hung around. Pretty soon 3 of the women had left, without showering and the 5 of that were left were the 2 bottle gang. From the minute the last of the other 3 had left the mood in the room had changed, things were definitely more playfull. I noticed one of the girls spotting another on the weights was straddling the other ones face and the one on the bottom must have been getting some view. I was getting turned on in anticipation.

“Enough of this bullshit” one of the girls yelled and everyone stopped within a couple of minutes and everyone downed what ever water they had left—I joined in. Another 20 something girl came over to me and asked “so you know what happens now?” I looked toward Jen and then back and said “I got a hint that the toilets are broken down here or something?” The girl turned to the group and said ‘I like this one.” She turned back to me and said “well its like this, its just a fun time, everything goes and when you have to pee just make sure a girl or two are lying under you OK?” “Got it” I replied, but I didn’t really understand totally, but for the moment I didn’t need to pee so I figured I would pick up it pretty quickly..

We all went into the small locker area, off of which was an open shower room with 4 shower heads. Everyone was getting undressed and before I even had my top and bra off two girls were naked and making out. The others, like myself were watching as we too got naked. Jen came over to me, she was already undressed and she helped me off with my panties which was all I had left on. She came back up and stood next to me and again, right before our lips met we were interrupted. This time by the girl who had asked me if I knew what was going on. She appeared to be somewhat of the leader of the bunch.

“Now wait just a minute. You two are room-mates; you have plenty of time together” barked Betty the bossy one.”Jen you come with me, Kris, you can have the new girl first.” I was thinking “who died and left this bitch in charge,” but the submissive side also loved that I was being told who I could make out with and who I couldn’t.

Kris had the biggest breasts of the group; she also had a tattoo of a devil on the lower part of her right breast. She came over to me and asked “do you like my tits?” I nodded and she pulled my head into one of them. I opened my mouth and took her nipple in and started to suck. She grabbed my arm and pulled my hand up and put it on her other tit and I started squeezing it and the nipple. “That’s it rookie, work my tits and get my pussy all wet, you’re going to be lapping it up in a minute.” Wow, I thought this one is bossy to. I started to think that these nurses must get bossed around all day and can’t wait to release that on others.

I was playing with her for a few minutes when she stopped me and grabbed my hand and said “come-on.” When I looked up we were alone, but not for long. All the other girls were naked in the shower, all making out in some way or another. I was told to get on my knees and soon Kris was leaning up against the wall and I had my tongue inside her very wet pussy, licking her as deeply as I could. She was moaning and loved to use the words fuck and cunt as she ordered me “suck harder cunt” and “fuck, that feels great.”

She was on the brink of cumming I thought when she said “stop” she pulled my head way from her pussy and held it by my hair. She then yelled “pee” like an announcement and then urine came gushing out of her pee hole and into my face and ran down the front of my body, warming my tits, my belly, my thighs and actually running down the middle of body as well so it looked like I was peeing. It felt great and as the submissive little bitch I can be, I got extremely turned on.

The other girls were yelling encouragement to Kris to “keep peeing”, “cover the bitch” and then “way to go Kris.” When she stopped I was pulled back in to clean her up. As I was doing that one of the other girls yelled “pee.” I stopped licking Kris and looked over and a girl was standing over Sara who was lying on the shower floor. Her stream began and she was covering the Sara with her pee. The girl on top was walking slowly over her and then as her stream approached the Sara’s face she opened her mouth wide and was soon rewarded with the ending flow of urine right into her mouth. Because all us girls were drinking so much water, the urine was very weak and mostly water.

I noticed the other couple was Jen and Betty were making out on the floor and Betty was on top. I didn’t think it was a coincidence that Betty had Jen on top of the drain, blocking the pee from the two girls that had already peed, from running down the drain. Instead the yellow liquid was forming along side Jen’s body pressed into the floor of the two that where Betty had just changed positions and were now in a classic 69 position with Jen still on the bottom.

Sara was still lying on the floor below and looked over to me and said “come on rookie get over her.” I looked at Kris and she said “you heard her go.”

I walked over Sara and as I did the girl who was in front of me walked over to Kris and we had switched partners. I was so turned on at this point. All these naked girls, all making out, all making kissing and sucking sounds, the smell of sweaty girls, pussy and pee- it was hard to not climax without even touching myself.

I stood over Sara and lowered myself to her mouth. She may have wanted me to pee on her, but I needed to come and I had waited long enough. I put my pussy over her mouth and felt her mouth open and her tongue dig its way past my labia and into my heat. I pushed down and grinded myself into her face, I wanted all the contact I could get. I was facing her tits and pussy and started to feel her up to get her more excited knowing that would speed up her tongue.

I leaned forward and started to lick Sara’s pussy. As I started to suck on her clit, she returned the favor and I started to whimper, and started to move my ass and basically started to fuck her face from above. I was starting to cum and needed the release so bad. I was sucking and licking on her as well and then felt her push her face away, just for a moment and she yelled out “pee” and as I was sucking her clit, her yellow stream shot up and towards her feet. The girl who was now with Kris moved quickly and got on her knees not far from my head, put her hands into the stream and splashed the yellow liquid all over her body.

I was now cumming like crazy and bucking into Sara’s mouth. The other girl who was next to me reached over and started to squeeze my nipples. Kris was now behind the girl and was fingering her hard. The four of us were becoming entangled making the others join the climax. I heard Betty say to Jen, come-on and they came over to us. Betty was first to yell out “pee” and I didn’t even know where she was standing, but I felt splashes on my back. Someone else was coming too I could her screams, that were louder than mine. I was coming down from my climax and was trying to pee.
Jen was next to cry out the warning and heard noise like someone slurping and spitting, she was obviously getting Jen’s stream in her face. I finally felt my bladder releasing and yelled my first “pee” and even though I still positioned over Sara’s face below me, I let go my stream. Sara didn’t push me way or anything, she just let me soak her face. I looked up from the pussy below me and the rest of the girls were sitting on the floor, all of them had piss running along their legs and butts, I was the only one on top of a body and thus not on the floor, but I smiled knowing I had been pissed on first today.

Pee time was over for this Thursday. I was still on my first day in this fucked up country, but the girls had made be forget about that completely. I guess this is why they do this. We all showered, got dressed and headed back to our rooms.