Lisa and Bonnie’s porno tale

It was about 7:30 on Friday night when Bonnie knocked on my door. ” Hey stranger, it’s time to start living again” She screamed through the door when I did not answer it. “You know I will not go away […]

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A Lesbian Seduction

Sitting in the lounge, lights low. A few wines between us and I’m beginning to think well maybe, just maybe, this is the night for me and Kay. I know she’s not a dyke, not yet, which kind of makes […]

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The big All-girl orgy

She was a darling girl and I had plied her with enough liquor that I thought I would now have no trouble seducing her. And I was right. She seemed almost suspiciously willing to go along with my wants and […]

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Girls going wild 3.

It was Monday morning. Laura sat up in bed and stretched her arms high toward the ceiling. Her firm breasts rose higher on her chest. Her body still tingled even after wakening, which was odd. She felt flushed, almost feverish, […]

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Julie Exposes Her Fantasy

“See you at school tommorrow,” I said. My date, Brian, was a nervous mess. He wasn’t accustomed to being in this scenario. “Oh, um, ahhh…” He sputtered. Normally, I would’ve kissed him. But I haven’t ever kissed anyone. Not even […]


A Mother-Daughter Twosome

Ann Walker trudged wearily from the front office of the Bay Construction Company, and turned down Market Street to begin the four block walk to her car. San Francisco screamed around her in the throes of its rush-hour convulsions, spewing […]


Afternoon With The Sisters

“And she liked to lick my clit while pushing a small four inch vibrator up my ass!” “No!” Both ladies took a sip of wine, and the elder brunette again crossed her long silk covered legs again. The blonde continued, […]

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The Swappers Next Door 2.

“I guess we’d better hurry then,” Sharon purred. “Why don’t you get out of those hot clothes and lie down on your back. I think all three of us would like a little piece of the action, right, girls?” Vonda […]

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Supermarket Sweep

One day I had a surprise at the checkout of the local supermarket. I had paid for my shopping, when I saw the Supervisor stroll across to me. “May I invite you to have a chat with our manageress,” she […]

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