I would savor every smokey kiss

At the very bottom of the box, something rattled. It was a film canister
housing his dad’s one and only porno flick. Vincent ran to the family room
closet and pulled out a projector and screen. We waited impatiently as a
couple of the guys scrambled to set everything up. With the exception of the
girls, who migrated to the next room, the family room was filled with just us
horny ‘men’ … champing at the bit for Christmas to begin!

The 8mm film began, already sending my dick skyward, with a sexy 30-ish
woman standing at a bus stop and SMOKING A CIGARETTE. She looked so hot, I
thought I’d die! Before long, a car pulled up and the man inside offered her
a ride. She crushes out her cigarette with high-heeled pumps and accepts the
offer. They end up at his flat where things eventually progress to a rather
intense game of ‘hide the salom.’ The important point to be made here is the
way the film ended … with the man pulling out of her drenched pussy,
brazenly jacking off his stiff cock in front of her face and… the
obligatory facial cum shot! I honestly did not expect this to happen! It took
me COMPLETELY by surprise! Yet I watched, enthralled with the flickering
image of this girl having spurt after ropey spurt of jism splash with pent-up
force against her made up face while she moaned with a passion you can’t
fake! I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was not only letting him do this NASTY
thing to her, but SHE LOVED IT AND BEGGED FOR MORE!! I had to see it again
and again. Hence, the start of my second fetish began to take shape. I wanted
to do that some day!

My cohorts agreed to another showing. For some reason, during the second
time, my sexy cousin popped into mind. Sandy was away at college and I hadn’t
talked to her for awhile. I can’t explain why she invaded my thoughts at that
particular moment, but as the hot wet ending of the movie unfolded before me,
my mind began to drift. The sound of the projector became a distant
mechanized hum. Thoughts of those sexually electric days with Sandy came
flooding back in short snips of imagery. All those teasing smoke-filled
moments entered my brain with ever increasing velocity. Until… it was
Sandy’s face being absolutely deluged in hot sperm as she blew smoke
teasingly at MY spurting prick head! Cum dripped from almost every part of
her cute face! Her lips, cheeks and nose… even her dangling hoop earrings
were blasted with flying jit (a local term we used to describe sperm) as she
moaned through her own intense orgasm!……….

The laughter came in chortles at first… Then gaffaws filtered into this
scene happening in my head. It was at this point I’d realized that I had shot
off in my pants! And a hefty load at that! It was my friends’ laughter I was
hearing and it was directed at me! I’m telling you, it took me a long time to
live that one down! An incident which would almost repeat itself in the years
ahead… only I wouldn’t mind it at all! The steamy scene ran like a movie
over and over again in my teenage thoughts for days on end. When Sandy
returned from college during her break that year, it was hard to look at her
without imagining what her pretty face would look like dripping with my gooey
hot spunk! From that point on, I only dated girls who smoked. I’d go out of
my way to be near them whenever they’d light up and I would savor every
smokey kiss.

As I said before, I’ve lived with these fetishes for quite awhile, long
before I met my wife Becky. I never told anyone about them. Even my closest
girlfriends were completely unaware of my fantasies of seeing their facial
features covered in shimmering sperm as they smoked a cigarette. Nor, did I
ever give the slightest thought to cornering some other unsuspecting soul
into indulging me in what I considered to be ‘my dark desires.’ I kept it to
myself. It took my beautiful wife to bring it out. BROTHER, DID SHE EVER

When we met, a great many things attracted me to her; Her looks, for one!
Her intelligence was above reproach. Her wit, unrestrained. Logic and
perceptiveness were at the forefront of her character. She was quite a find!
Oh, and did I mention? She was and still is a ‘little devil,’ too! She liked
to tease!! There was just no way of getting away from these women! It didn’t
take long to fall head over heels in love with her.

I didn’t know she smoked until our third date. I treated her to the best
restaurant in town. One we would visit later in our marriage with another
purpose in mind other than just eating. We had just ordered our dinner and
struck up a discussion about her schooling when, in the middle of the
conversation, she asked if I would mind if she smoked. My response was choked
with sexual tension as I said, almost too loudly, “NO… I mean… no,
please… go right ahead.” At which point, she pulled a cigarette from her
purse and asked for a light. I fumbled through my shirt pocket, produced a
lighter and with a quivering hand, I held the flame out to touch the end of
her cigarette. She gently steadied my hand with her own and looked straight
into my eyes! The touch of her hand sent shock waves through my body right
down to my cock! I nearly lost it right there! My pants immediately tented
when she had asked me for a light. But when she took a long drag with those
lush red lips, while still holding my hand, and proceeded to blow the smoke
directly in my face during her exhale… WELL!… I almost set me slacks
afloat (read last line in ‘pirate’ voice)!!

She didn’t seem to notice my reaction to this and she continued to smoke in
a sexy way as our conversation progressed. I tried to keep my composure and
stifle a groan while my stiff member attempted to betray me by saturating my
Fruits-of-the-loom! I KID YOU NOT! By the time she’d finished her cigarette,
I had already shot off in my pre-cum soaked trousers once, and was well on my
way to another when the waiter brought our food! I had to put my overcoat on,
while in a sitting position, before we got up to leave the restaurant. Thank
goodness it was the middle of winter or the truth would have been quite
evident to everyone there, including my future wife! As I found out later,
the sight of my cum stained pants would have been a turn-on for her, also!!

Over the years of marriage, she began to take notice of how attentive I was
whenever she’d light a cigarette. Especially when she was in full make-up and
wearing earrings. Her ovaled lips shimmered wetly as she blew the smoke passed
them. I started to envision my stiff sputtering cock in front of them when she
did that! All this did not escape Becky’s attention although we never spoke a
single word concerning my obvious excitement.

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