Hot Sister In Law

Following on from my fun with my sister in law Janet (see the non consent section) I was a little worried what she would do. A couple of week later I found out. I had to go round there for one of her sons birthday and she was very nice towards me which was a bit of a surprise. During the evening I went up to the toilet and when I came out Janet was waiting for me “You ass rape me you bastard”. I replied “You clearly enjoyed it given how wet your knickers were”. She smiled and said “Maybe but you did not know that until after.Now I want some payback”. “Payback?” I asked, “Yes if you do not do what I say I am going to tell everyone what you did. So be here at 10am tomorrow”

So at 10am the next day I knocked on her door. Janet answered wearing a long red dress “Don’t say a word just do exactly as I say” she said. I started to say OK and she slapped me very hard “That not doing what you are told, shut up and come in” Janet said as she lead me into the front room.

She made me strip and sit on a chair then started to dance in font of me which made my cock twitch and start to stand to attention. She moved round behind he, stroked my neck then down my arms. Then suddenly she moved my wrists and clamped them together with something. “Now you are going to do what you are told” Janet said again. I was about to reply when, slap, she hit me very hard again “You don’t learn do you” she said. She then dropped to her knees and started kissing and stroking my cock. Once I was hard she stopped stood up and lead me up stairs.

Once in her bedroom Janet released my wrists and clapped them to the bed. She stood next to the bed and slowly lifted the red dress over her head revealing her legs, then her trimmed pussy, then her flat belly before finally her sexy little tities as she lifted it over her head and off. “Are you going to do whatever I say” Janet asked. Remembering the two slaps I nodded “Good you are learning” Janet said “Now I want to fuck you”. Looking at her sexy body I thought the feeling is mutual.

Janet lent over and went back to work on my cock with her hands and mouth. Whilst giving me the most amazing, teasing, slow blow-job she reached her hand under me and started to rub my bum. Before long i was close to coming which Janet sensed. She stopped released my hands and told me to lie face down on the bed. Before I had really thought about it I had done what I was told and she had me face down on the bed with my hands clamped to the top of the bed and my legs to the bottom.

Then I heard a cupboard being opened and somethings being moved around before Janet appeared next to me. “From that smile you don’t understand. I want to fuck you up the ass just like you did to me” Janet said. “What” is all I could say. “I have wanted to fuck a man in the ass with a strap on for some time now you have given me the chance” she said.

Whilst what she said was still sinking in she lent over and went back to work on my cock with her hands. I could not help but push up a bit to allow her more room to play. Panicking I said “I thought you were joking”. “This could hurt a little” Janet said holding up a black belt with a big double ended pink strap on attached “So you had better relax”. I tried to move but it was no good.

Janet went back to playing with my cock with one hand whilst stroking my bum with the other. After a little while she started to kiss and lick my bum. I then felt cold lube being squeezed onto my crack. Janet slowly run a finger along my crack. “Enough is enough you have had your fun so can we stop now” I pleaded. “Remember what you did when I asked you to stop” Janet said as she started to finger my ass while still playing with my cock. She eased her finger in and out of me gently pressing towards my stomach on each outstroke. After a while she buried her finger deep inside me and started slowly stroking my prostate, to my surprise I felt on the verge of coming. The pressure building in my balls which Janet seemed to sense. “Don’t you dare make a mess on my bed” she said. She slowly slipped her finger out of me only to replace it with another alongside it and started fucking me with both fingers.

Janet stopped, stood up and put the strap on on. God that sight made my cock twitch. As I started to smile I got a slap across my ass and Janet said “I’m going to fuck you good and hard” and she got on the bed.

After a brief pause I felt her slippery fingers slide between my ass cheeks. She spent a little while working the lube into my ass, slowly opening me up sliding two fingers in & out of my ass. “Mmmm… you look ready to be fucked are you ready for this cock in your ass?” Before I could reply she placed her hands on my waist and I could feel the end of the dildo nudging at my asshole. She slipped her hands up my back and over my shoulders and said “You are all mine now. Are you ready to be fucked?” With one hand pressed on the small of my back she gently pressed the dildo into my ass. Slowly she eased it into me a bit at a time. I could feel it gradually opening me up a little at a time with each time she pressed it into me. Each time she pushed it felt like I could not take any more and she was just pushing my asshole into me.

“Remember how gentle you were with me?” Janet asked. I opened my mouth but before any words could come out she she rammed the dildo hard into my ass. My scream was met by an appreciative “Mmmmm…” from Janet who started slowly fucking me, easing the dildo in and out of my ass. Tied to the bed I was completely at her mercy as she slowly deep fucked me.

After a few minutes of this she leaned forward, placing her hands on my shoulders and gripping them tightly pulled herself against me so I could feel her hips as she ground them against my ass. This moved the other end of the dildo around inside her and pressed it against her clit. “Oooh! This feels so good.” Janet said. Over the next 10 minutes her hips squirmed against my ass with varying degrees of urgency as her breath quickened. Soon her hips were bucking against my ass and her nails were dug into my shoulders and I knew she was close to cumming. “I am going to cum!” she moaned as she grabbed my hips again and fucked me deep and hard, slamming into my ass before her body twitched and she moaned as she orgasmed with her grip on my hips tighter than ever.

She collapsed on top of me and the dildo slowly slipped out of my ass. After a few seconds she pulled herself up off my back and said “I want you to fuck me like I just fucked you.” She untied me and slipped the strap on off and bent over the side of the bed, spreading her legs nice and wide. Reaching down between her thighs she was soaking, her juices were running down her thighs.

I rubbed her juice around my cock, bent down behind her and rubbed my cock along her pussy a couple of times “Mmmmm” Janet said so i pulled my cock back along her crack until I found her ass hole. As I pushed forward I meet a little resistance then slowly the head of my cock slid in her ass. I slipped my cock in and out of Janet’s ass 5 or 6 times before I could feel my orgasm approaching. The sight of Janet bent over in front of me with my cock in her ass was too much. So I pulled my cock out and cum all over her sexy ass and back.

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