Innocent wife at the beach

For our first wedding anniversary I took my wife on holiday to Greece to enjoy the beautiful weather and relax on the beach.
There was a huge shortage of beds on the beach but on the second day an older local approached us as we searched for one in vain, introduced himself as Eli and said that he had a house further up the beach and could give us a couple of beds if we liked.
We gladly took him up on his generous offer and accompanied him along the beach. As we chatted I could see him checking out the topless girls tanning their breasts.

His house fronted onto the beach behind the wall that ran along it. We followed him up a few stairs and saw he had a nice swimming pool a few metres from the top of the steps. Several deck chairs lay next to it.
He helped us carry them down to the beach and stayed making small talk for a few minutes. I could see his eyes behind the sunglasses and they were checking out my wife’s breasts and erect nipples. She seemed oblivious to this. I had always felt a bit jealous and aggressive in the past when guys checked out my lovely wife but for some reason I found myself feeling differently this time. I felt an involuntary stirring in my swimming trunks and realised I found it very exciting that this grey haired man, probably about 65 years old, was eyeing up my young wife. I wondered what randy thoughts were running through his mind about her…
After a few minutes we told him we were going for a swim in the sea, thanked him for his generosity and said we would return the beds later. He smiled and told us to have fun and he would see us later.
We went for a swim and came back to the beds to lie down and dry off. After about ten minutes I turned over to face away from the sea and saw our new friend staring at my wife laid out in her bikini. Again I found myself getting excited and decided to put on a mild show for the old guy. I sat up and starting rubbing lotion over my wife, taking my time. I glanced up and he was watching the movement of my hands intently. I massaged the lotion into her exposed cleavage and quickly slid my hand into one of the cups and squeezed her nipple before she could react. She immediately pushed my hand away and told me off for doing that in public.
I looked over again and saw that the old man had a big smile on his face. I lay back down and the next time I looked up he was gone.
Later we packed our things and got up to leave. We carried the beds up the stairs and put them back next to the pool. As we did Eli opened the door to his house and came out to see us. He asked if we had enjoyed ourselves and we said that we had. He invited us to stay for a glass of wine before we headed off and we accepted, not wanting to be rude.

Eli told us that his wife passed several years ago and that he led a fairly lonely life but enjoyed seeing all the tourists come to the beach and enjoy the sun. I thought to myself I bet you do!
My wife was still just in her bikini and I saw him sneak regular glances at her cleavage and legs. He asked how long we were staying for and said that we were welcome to use his deck chairs whenever we liked and that if we fancied a bit more privacy we could lay out next to his pool and swim in it too. We thanked him and said we might take him up on his offer.
The next day we went back to the beach and again it was heaving with no spare beds in sight. We decided to go back to Eli and he welcomed us enthusiastically. We had another glass of wine with him and then asked if we could borrow his chairs again. He said yes of course but looked disappointed that we would be leaving. He re-iterated his offer to lay out by and use his pool and we thought why not so accepted.
We jumped into the pool while he sat back drinking his wine watching us. I could tell he was enjoying seeing my sexy young wife splashing around in the pool.

We got out and sat back with him and had another glass of wine. My wife is a bit of a a lightweight and was getting visibly tipsy. She knocked her glass off the table by accident and bent down to pick it up. As she did I saw his eyes immediately dart to her bulging cleavage. He said he would get her another glass and as he stood up I immediately noticed that he had an erection. Knowing that this old man was lusting after my young innocent and slightly stuck up wife made me very horny and I suddenly had a throbbing erection of my own!
Eli came back out and placed the glass on the table before filling it up for my wife. We started telling jokes and they became more risqué as we drank more. I said to Eli that he must see some lovely “sights” on the beach and he admitted that he “enjoyed the beautiful scenery”. He then looked at my wife and told me I was a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife. She blushed as I thanked and agreed with him and he asked if she ever went topless on the beach to which she very quickly (and truthfully) said no, she didn’t want to expose herself in public like that. I loved this old man asking a question about Laura’s pert young breasts and perversely also enjoyed her look a little uncomfortable about it! As she squirmed a little my dick pulsated a lot! I told him she crazily didn’t like her breasts (she slapped me at this point!) and that I loved them and would love to see them beautifully tanned.

Eli looked incredulous, looked her in the eye and told her it looked like she had “very lovely breasts” and she blushed crimson! Her breathing had become more rapid and I noticed that her nipples were very erect and were sticking through her bikini very prominently. I had a sudden urge to reach over and pinch them but she would have gone mad so I restrained myself. I wonder if Eli was thinking the same.
Very casually Eli said she was very welcome to sunbathe topless by his pool if she was too shy to do so on the beach. Still bright red she thanked him but said she couldn’t in front of another man. After a few more minutes chatting about other things he told us he had some errands to run and would be back in an hour but that we were welcome to stay and relax.
He left and we stayed where we were joking and drinking. I could tell she was horny, the unexpected conversation with Eli about her tits had clearly got to her! We then started kissing and I lightly pinched her nipples through her bikini, making her moan. To her shock I told her that Eli had almost certainly been imagining getting his hands on her titties too and she dismissed that, saying he was old enough to be her grandfather and was just a lovely old man, too nice to think of young women like that. I enjoyed her naievity while knowing I was obviously right!

Although she was fairly prudish when sober alcohol always had a great effect on her and made her very horny. I then told her we should make the most of this seclusion and she could finally sunbathe topless without being seen. She hesitated and I knew I could get her to do it. After a little more coaxing she finally agreed and I stood up behind her and untied her bikini, pulling it away until her sexy titties were exposed to the hot sun. That was the first time her breasts had ever been bare outdoors. I thought about all the people on the public beach only a few feet away down the steps and secretly hoped someone would come up the steps and catch her with tits exposed…
We went and lay down on the grass next to the pool, her lovely titties sticking up proudly, her nipples still erect. I took out the sun tan lotion and liberally applied some to her breasts before taking my time massaging it into them, enjoying the feel of her succulent globes in my hands. I pulled on her nipples, making her moan loudly.

After the lotion was absorbed I leant over her and took her nipples in my mouth alternately, while squeezing the soft flesh of her firm titties. I reached down and slipped my hand into her bikini bottoms and played with her clit before reaching further down and feeling her pussy, which was very wet. I slipped one then two then three fingers inside her and started sliding them in and out of her while continuing to greedily lick and suck her tits.
Her head was back and her eyes closed as I played with her hot little body. I was about to suggest that we go inside Eli’s house and fuck before he came back when I heard a rustling and looked up and saw some movement in the bushes about 10 feet away.
Amongst the foliage I saw him. Eli was on his knees, mostly obscured by the bushes but I could see most of his face and I saw what he was doing. He had his cock out and was vigorously masturbating while staring at my sexy wife, her tits exposed to his sight and he could obviously see my hand moving inside her bikini bottoms.
I was very shocked and even more excited. I made a snap decision not to tell my wife because she would have put a stop to it…I continued to fondle her tits, lick and gently bite her nipples and finger her hot little pussy while he watched…
I decided to try and give him even more of a show and laid down between her legs and started tongueing her pussy through her bikini. She was moaning and panting and started playing with her tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. I pulled the material to the side, exposing her wet and shiny lips to my gaze and pushed my tongue inside her pussy. I glanced back at the man and he was still pumping away. I reached up, gripping the elastic of her bikini panties and tugged downwards. I thought she might stop me but instead she lifted her firm ass and let me pull them down her juicy thighs, past her ankles and off. She was now lying completely naked in an old man’s garden, her pussy wet, puffy and gaping beautifully.

I could hear the people on the beach so close by and was still glancing over at old eli perving on my blissfully unaware wife while pulling hard on his impressively large and old dick! I couldn’t believe how hot this was. As I continued licking her pussy and sucking on her clit Laura came hard, pressing my head into her soaked mound. I quickly moved up her spread eagled body, pulled my trunks off and mounted her, thrusting my cock all the way into her. My cock felt harder than ever and her pussy wetter than I could remember. It was a great combination and the whole situation was too much for me. After a couple of minutes I quickly pulled out, straddled her and exploded a huge load all over her comely breasts and pretty face. As I did I heard a soft groan and looked over to see a spurt of creamy liquid shoot from the bushes onto the grass in front. As Laura lay back and caught her breath I saw Eli stand up quietly and stuff his cock back in his trousers. I couldn’t believe what I saw next. He had pulled out a camera and was pointing it at my naked and cum drenched wife!!!
He must have quickly taken a couple of pictures because he put it away again and then with a rustle he was gone. Laura heard the noise, said “what was that?” in a slight panic and looked round to see just the bushes. I told her it was nothing and leaned over and rubbed my cum into her tits. I lifted some off her face and offered her my finger. To my delight she licked it clean.
She sat up and said she had better quickly clean up before Eli came back. I suggested she jump in the pool to wash off and she did, still naked and her tits bouncing.

After a few minutes she got out and hurriedly dried herself and put the bikini back on before going inside to use the toilet. When she did I went over to the patch of grass in front of the bush and saw a large amount of cum glistening in the sunlight.
As I looked down at it Eli came up the stairs from the beach with a massive smile on his face. He told me he had seen me notice him and not do anything, thanked me profusely and told me I had made his year by not saying anything to Laura.
I admitted having seen him and told him that I found it so exciting that he had masturbated watching me play with my unaware naked wife…
He told me Laura was sensational and he wished he could fuck her tight little pussy too before immediately apologising and saying he shouldn’t have said that and sorry if he had offended me.
I told him not to worry and at that moment Laura came back out, still flushed. Her nipples were still very erect and her bikini panties were bunched in the middle. We sat down and I noticed that her lips were protruding from either side and were glistening. I looked at Eli and he was staring at them before snapping his gaze away. This time Laura noticed and had a complex expression on her face; part shock and indignation and part curiously naughty!

We chatted for a while and then I said to Eli that we had to thank him for his hospitality and would like to take him out for dinner which he eagerly accepted. We said we would go home and change and come back and pick him up.
We went back and Laura got straight in the shower. In the meantime I rummaged through her clothes and picked out a pretty mini skirt and thin low cut spaghetti top. She hardly had any revealing clothes and rarely wore these but I had insisted she bring them with her.
She came out of the shower and I gave her the outfit but she refused, saying it wasn’t appropriate for dinner with Eli. I told her he had seen her in her bikini (and thinking and out of it too!!) and so there wasn’t much difference. She relented and went to pick out some underwear. I stopped her and told her she could wear panties but no bra. She looked at me inquisitively and after a few moments agreed. I was very surprised but happy as well! She completed the outfit with some stillettos
We picked up Eli (he was delighted when he was how she was dressed!) and went to a restaurant bar. Laura looked stunning and a lot of her lovely titties were visible. Her cleavage was nearly falling out of the top and her nipples poked through. If the top were to slip a fraction her nipples would have been exposed.

Her legs were very sexily on show too and the skirt stopped above mid-thigh. She had a tantalising amount of flesh on show and I was loving it, as was Eli and the waiters too! They were incredibly attentive and topped Laura’s glass up at every opportunity. They were trying to be discreet but I could see them looking down her top each time, enjoying the sight of her lovely young titties.
Eli was a very accomplished conversationalist and very charming and we having a great time with the wine free flowing.
After dinner we moved over to the low sofas in the bar area and when we sat down I glanced down at Laura next to me (Eli was sitting in a couch opposite) and saw that her little skirt was riding up dangerously high. We continued chatting and as we drank more Laura became less aware of how she was sitting and moved her legs a little more freely. At one point she crossed her legs and Eli’s eyes darted between them. I looked down and her little white panties were clearly visible, stretched taught against her pussy. A small damp patch had formed as well!
She seemed blissfully unaware that she was showing them off and when the waiter came back to take another drinks order he looked straight up her skirt and tried to suppress a horny smile as he too enjoyed the sight of my wife exposed like that.
Eli thanked us for spending time with a “lonely old man” and we told him not to be silly and that it was our pleasure and moreover thanked him for being so hospitable.

Laura looked at him sadly and reached over and patted his leg, saying he was a lovely man and he should find a nice lady friend. He looked at her cleavage again and then down at her hand and I guessed he was imagining it a few inches higher on his cock! He said that he doesn’t like women his own age, he is only attracted to younger ladies and they wouldn’t be interested in him. Laura said “you never know” and that he should keep looking.
I asked Laura if she would consider being with a much older man if she was single and not married to me. She hesitated and said it had never occurred to her but that she would have considered it if the chemistry was right.
Eli went off to the toilets and I turned to Laura and kissed her hard, slipping my tongue in her mouth. She said she wanted to go home and have sex but I said let’s stay out a while longer. I asked her to do something for me and she asked what. I told her it would drive me crazy if she went to the toilets and removed her panties. Feeling drunk and horny she surprised me and agreed to. I thought she would go to the toilets to do it but instead she quickly looked round to make sure no one was looking and then very quickly lifted her bum and slid them right off, handing them to me. I sniffed them and then stuffed them in my pocket. I very quickly slipped a hand between her legs and dipped a finger in her pussy before bringing it to my face and slipping it into my mouth, sucking her juices from my finger.
A minute later Eli came back and sat down. Even though she was very drunk by now Laura tried to be very careful how she sat so as not to show off her bare pussy. Problem was that because we were sitting so low and her skirt was so small she couldn’t manage it, even though she thought she did!

Within a few minutes the skirt had slid up again and as she crossed her legs her beautiful pussy came into view. Eli noticed at once and looked shocked that her panties were no longer in the way. From his position he would have had a bird’s eye view of her lovely lips!
Laura got up to go to the loo and tottered off in her stilettos while we watched her shapely ass wiggle away. I asked Eli if he was enjoying the view and he said he loved it and couldn’t believe she had taken her panties off!
I smiled, reached into my pocket, pulled out the panties and handed them to him, to his sheer delight. As I had done he brought them to his face and smelt them before quickly licking the gusset. He told me her pussy smelt and tasted incredible and I agreed.
As he brought them down from his face the waiter appeared around the corner and saw him holding the panties. His mouth hung open and he stood there speechless. Just then Eli saw Laura heading back and he stuffed them into his own pocket. Laura came back and sat down and the waiter looked at her and as she sat again her pussy came into view and the penny dropped. He had a big smile on his face as he took our order and Laura asked him if he was always so happy at work. He replied that he was enjoying the extra tips he was getting tonight! She was the only one who didn’t know what he really meant and he left to get the drinks.

We left after that round and walked back. Whenever Eli was behind us I raised Laura’s skirt at the back so he could enjoy her beautiful bare ass (she had no idea!). Eli’s house was on the way and when we arrived he asked if we’d like to come in for a nightcap. We declined but said we would come and see him the following day.
Laura gave him a hug goodbye and kissed him on the cheek. As they embraced he casually placed his hand on her ass, separated only by the thin material of her skirt. I loved that.
The next day we both were nursing hangovers and after some breakfast made our way to the beach. We popped in to see Eli when we arrived and he was as happy as ever to see us. We went for a swim in the pool and then laid out. Eli brought out some weed and we smoked a couple. Laura was very relaxed and when she asked me to put some lotion on her I asked Eli if he would mind doing it. He jumped at the chance and rubbed it into her back, legs and shoulders. Laura was completely at ease and he continued to give her a shoulder massage. He slipped his hand down a little and stroked the very top of her cleavage as he rubbed and she didn’t say anything. He didn’t push his luck any further.
I suggested she take her top off and she said no but then slipped her straps off her shoulders to avoid lines. A little while later she sat up and with the straps down the cups were slipping down her breasts, and were close to falling off.
Her tits were bulging beautifully and the sight was tantalising for Eli and I.
A little while later the three of us got in the pool. I started grabbing Laura and she was play fighting me off. We were all in the shallow end and the water came up to Laura’s waist. I made a snap decision and quickly reached round and untied her top and pulled it away from her breasts before she could react. She tried to pull it back but I held firm and pulled it away from her. Her beautiful breasts were exposed in all their glory to Eli and this time she knew about it!
She tried to cover her tits with her hands and wickedly I threw the top out of the pool. She told me off and I told her not to be shy and just relax, that is wasn’t a big deal. After some more goading she finally relented and slowly pulled her hands away, exposing her breasts to both of us. Eli was standing no more than three feet away and was transfixed.
We started throwing a ball to each other and as Laura threw it and reached to catch it her breasts were bouncing up and down and looked so succulent and sexy. Eli looked like he was in heaven!
We eventually got out and laid down and smoked another joint.
Eli’s cock was bulging through his speedos and to my surprise Laura commented on it. He looked a little embarrassed and started apologising, saying he hadn’t been with a woman in a very long time and he was finding it hard not to be excited by having such a beautiful and sexy young lady topless in his garden. Laura thanked him and told him not to worry, she wasn’t offended but flattered.
She then asked him if he masturbated since his wife passed away and he said he did, several times a day. Laura looked surprised and said that was impressive for a man of his age. She asked when he had last done it and he sheepishly said when we left the night before. I asked him what he had thought about and he looked down before saying Laura in her sexy outfit last night! Laura blushed and again said she was flattered. I then said I had given Eli something to help and she asked what I meant and I told her that Eli had her worn panties!! She looked at me with astonishment and didn’t say anything. I asked Eli if he had liked the smell of her young pussy and he said it was the best thing he had ever smelt!
We needed to reapply lotion and I asked Eli if he would do Laura again. She looked at me naughtily and laid back as he squirted lotion on her and started rubbing it in. He did her stomach, legs and arms and I said “you’ve missed some places!” He looked at me with immense excitement and then at Laura. She looked very naughty (weed also has the same effect as alcohol on her!), arched her back slightly and pushed her breasts out! Little slut I thought to myself!
Eli slowly squeezed lotion directly onto her breasts and then slowly reached down and started rubbing it in very softly. Laura closed her eyes and he started massaging more firmly, his hard cock pressed against her leg through his speedos.
He took his time and rubbed her nipples in the process. I was about to cum in my trunks!
He pinched them lightly and she just lay there, so sluttily for this 65 year old man! I couldn’t believe this was my formerly conservative wife!
She turned over and he rubbed the cream into her tight ass, massaging and kneading her buttocks.
He then asked if she would apply some for him and she agreed….she applied it all over his exposed skin and when she finished she reached down and gave his cock a firm squeeze through the speedos.
He groaned and reached out and cupped her breast, thrusting his crotch towards her.
He asked if he could take his cock out and jack off and she said no. He looked bitterly disappointed but a moment later she reached in and pulled his cock out!! She grasped it tightly and then started stroking it slowly then more quickly. He continued to grope her tits as she milked his old cock…
I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to relieve myself…I pulled out and started stroking while watching this amazing sight….Laura then leant down, extended her tongue and licked the tip of his pulsating penis. He groaned and put his hand on the back of her head…suddenly she opened her mouth and slid it over the purple head of his thick cock and he then pushed her head firmly downwards until his cock disappeared all the way into her mouth and down her throat.
He lay back and her head started bobbing up and down, sucking him like a horny slut…he reached down and started pulling hard on her nipples and pinching them forcefully….she moaned on his cock and kept on sucking as he abused her tits…I stood up and got behind her and slid her bottoms down to mid thighs and pushed my cock into her from behind….it was incredible to pump my wife from behind while she sucked a cock belonging to a man forty years older than her while he roughly groped her breasts. I put a finger in my mouth to wet it and then pushed it forcefully into her tight anus while continuing to pound her soaking pussy. I put another finger into her ass and worked them in and out.
With a loud groan and while pulling her nipples very hard Eli thrust savagely into Laura’s mouth and came deep in her throat as she didn’t miss a beat. Prior to that she rarely swallowed (and ever since she does every time!!) That was too much for me and I pulled out and quickly shoved my cock into her ass, just in time to shoot my own hot load deep in her bowels…
We all collapsed back, catching our breath. After a few minutes Eli was hard again (he later told us he had bought some Viagra in case he got lucky with Laura!) and asked if he could fuck her. I looked at her and said it was up to her and she hesitated before asking if he had a condom. He sadly said no and she said she couldn’t then but she would suck him off again which he was very happy with…I interrupted and said that’s not the only solution…they both looked at me and I said “Eli, how would you like to fuck my slutty young wife in her tight little ass?!”
An enormous smile spread across his face and he said he had never had anal sex before and would love to fuck Laura in the ass if she would let him…Laura looked at me and then at him then without saying a word turned on all fours so her sexy ass was pointed at him.
He stared at it with animalistic lust and then slid two fingers into her pussy and pushed his thumb into her ass. Mmmm he said, I cant believe I’m about to fuck your hot little ass you sexy slut! This shocked me because he had been such a gentleman to this point but I loved him talking to her like that and she didn’t seem to mind!
He pulled his fingers from her orifices and slapped his cock on her buttocks. He asked her to pull her cheeks apart to spread herself for him and she did, Her ass was gaping from when I had fucked her there and my cum was oozing out. What a sight!
He looked to the heavens as if to give thanks before lining up his cock and very forcefully stuffed it all the way in past her tight sphincter making her cry out…”Damn your slutty wife’s ass is the tightest thing I’ve ever felt!” he exclaimed as he held himself balls deep in my young wife’s ass that only I had violated up until then.
He reached underneath her and mauled her breasts and twisted her nipples as she moaned with lust and actually begged him to fuck her ass…my wife had become a horny little slut, of that there could be no doubt!!!
He laughed and said “you seemed so innocent and proper when I met you both two days ago and now look at you on your hands and knees with my old cock buried in your ass as you beg me to fuck it!” SLUT!! He exclaimed loudly (I was half worried and half hoping someone from the beach might hear that!) before he pulled his cock all the way out of her lovely young ass before ramming it back in. He started rhythmically pumping her ass and he reached forward and took a fistful of her hair, pulling her backwards towards him as he pounded her ass. I went round to her front and watched the lust, pleasure and pain mingled on her face. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them then pulled her nipples as she moaned loudly. Eli lifted his hand and then started spanking her firmly as he fucked her…I had tried spanking her before but she never liked it…until now! She told him to spank her harder and he did, alternating buttocks….she was moaning like a whore and she had never seemed more sexy!
I did something I had never done before and smacked her tits, making them reverberate even more than they already were from the force of his thrusts and she looked at me with sheer lust. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and we French kissed savagely as I continued to abuse her sexy tits….I brought my cock up to her face and started slapping her across the face and lips with it….she tried to get it into her mouth but I resisted and kept slapping her with it. Finally I gave in and pushed it between her lovely lips and into her hot wet mouth…that was the first time she had ever put her mouth on my cock after I’d fucked her ass without cleaning it first…..she was loving being so dirty and slutty!
Suddenly Eli said loudly “I’m gonna cum, where do you want it sexy slut?!” Laura let go of my dick, pulled her ass off his cock and said “on my face!” and we stood either side of her as she jacked us off in either hand and we simultaneously exploded all over her pretty slutty face! “Mmm take that slut!” said Eli very aggressively as we covered her. After we had shot the last spurts we both wiped our cocks all over her cum coated face….finally, to show how much of a horny slut she had become she took his cock that moments before had been stuffed in her ass into her mouth and looked him in the eyes as she sucked him clean.
He went off to the toilet and I told her how much I loved her and she said the same. I told her that was the hottest experience of my life and she agreed! She told me she had secretly fantasised about doing something like this for some time but never thought she would!
I turned her around slowly and inspected her used body. Her ass cheeks were very red and Eli’s handprints from spanking her were very evident. Her ass gaped like never before and her pussy was still dripping. Her tits were red too from the slapping I had given them and her face was dripping with cum. A lot of it had run down to her tits and nipples. She looked incredibly sexy and so deliciously slutty. I loved it!
Eli came back out and suggested we have a swim. He asked if he could take some pics of Laura as a private souvenir and promised not to show anyone. We weren’t sure but then agreed. He said he would love some of her naked in his pool so she got in, washed the cum from her face and then he proceeded to snap away….
We then joined her in the pool and grabbed and fondled her. We got out and dried off and we were both hard again but Laura’s holes were too sore to take more cock yet…instead she lay down and gently rubbed her clit as we stood over her and wanked off until we both came on her again.
We showered and then it was time for us to head back to the hotel so we said our goodbyes…Eli stuck his tongue in her mouth and roughly squeezed her ass cheeks by way of goodbye…despite her earlier protestations he slipped a finger between them and underneath her bottoms and fingered her ass for a couple of minutes before she pulled away.
We went back and collapsed on the bed and didn’t wake until morning.
We talked about what had happened and both agreed we had no regrets. We also decided to continue having fun with Eli until we headed home…
We went back to the beach and bumped into Eli there. He thanked us for last night and we told him we both had a great time. He asked us to join him for lunch and we said we would love to after spending some time together on the beach. He walked off back to his house and we stripped to our swimwear and strolled down to the water. Laura walked in front and I looked down and smiled….she was wearing a very skimpy bikini that from behind was not much more than a string down her crack and her ass was still very red and a handprint was still visible!!! I let her walk further ahead to see if anyone noticed!
A group of three young guys were sitting close to the water and were eyeing up Laura’s jiggling breasts as she approached. The top consisted of two small triangles that covered her nipples and not much more! As she passed them all three heads turned to check out her ass. They saw the redness and the handprint and started pointing at her ass and laughing to each other. Didn’t take a rocket scientist to see she had been spanked!!
I caught up with her and we frolicked in the sea, I played with her tits under the water and rubbed her pussy. I untied her top and pulled it off and she let me…we started kissing as I groped her breasts under the water and then behind her back I purposely let go of her top and let it float off. After a minute we stopped and she said she was hungry and wanted to go for lunch. She asked where her top was and I told her I lost it by mistake (yeah right!!!) She actually believed me though and in any event she had no choice but to emerge from the sea and walk up the beach past the three guys with her tits on display for all the world to see for the first time!
The guys whistled as she walked past then one called out “lost your top out there did you darling?!” and another followed up with “love your tits!” Laura turned round, bent over towards them so her titties hung down beautifully and blew them a kiss. She quickly cupped her breasts and shook them at the delirious guys before proudly strutting away as they watched her sexy ass up the beach. As I passed them one of them looked round and said to me “your wife is one hot sexy bitch!” I nodded my head and smiled and he added “ next time you spank that fat ass tell her its from the guys on the beach!” I laughed and said I would.
As we reached the top of the beach we saw Eli waiting for us by our towels. He looked at Laura’s bare breasts and smiled wickedly. “What happened to your top?” he asked and I replied “she doesn’t need it anymore” which made him laugh as he continued to stare at them hungrily.
We dried ourselves and Laura put her skirt on over her bikini bottoms before reaching up and pulling her wet bikini down and off. “Can I keep that?!” Eli asked and she smiled sluttily before tossing them to him. “Quite a collection of my wife’s panties you are building up!” I said and he laughed and said he would treasure them always and sniff them often!
Laura was now just dressed in a skirt and nothing else. “Can I take a picture of you topless here on the beach?” Eli asked. Without answering Laura posed as he took out his camera and took a great pic…first picture of Laura topless properly in public! A couple of late teenage boys were sitting close by, watching intently and staring at my wife’s sexy tits!
I desperately wanted to fuck her but we were going for lunch first. After lunch I’ll tag team her with Eli I thought to myself. Maybe try dp’ing her for the very first time…
We walked up to Eli’s house and sat down at the table by the pool as he went in to fix some drinks. He came back out and told us lunch would be ready in half an hour. We thanked him and then talked about the night before as we sipped sangria.
About ten minutes later we heard a car pull up and then we suddenly saw two men appear at the top of the stairs. Both were about Eli’s age. They looked straight at Laura and in particular her bare breasts and massive smiles appeared on their wrinkled faces.
“I hope you don’t mind but I invited a couple of my oldest friends round as well” said Eli. “Not at all” we answered in unison. Eli made the introductions, during which both men made no pretence of not focusing on Laura’s lovely young titties.
Lovely wife you’ve got they said to me as if she wasn’t there and I thanked them. Laura offered to help Eli with the food and she followed him inside. The two newcomers stared at her spanked ass as he walked away. I sat and chatted with them. They told me they lived close by and loved coming here to check out all the young sexy topless tourists on the beach. I said I’d enjoyed that too. One replied that if he had a hot young wife like mine he’d be too busy with her to check out the other girls.
I thanked him and said I liked to look at other women and liked other men to look at Laura! The other man said “so we hear” with a massive smile. Eli has obviously not been particularly discreet!
The first man said he had loved the pics of my wife in the pool (so much for Eli promising to keep them private, he hadn’t lasted one day!!) and they wondered whether she would be keen to sample some more older cocks!!! The other chimed in that Eli had invited them round with the promise of a big lunch and a hot young slut who loved giving up her tight holes to older men!
I was pretty shocked by this conversation – what had developed with Eli over the space of a few days was one thing, but for these two old men to be talking about Laura like that within minutes of meeting us was a different matter!
Truth is though that those feelings were more or less instantaneously overridden by something else…..massive excitement at the prospect of three men in their sixties having their perverted way with my newly slutty hot young wife!
I excused myself and went inside to see if they needed any help….I heard noises as I looked for the kitchen and I followed them….I turned the corner and saw Laura bent over the kitchen counter, skirt hoisted above her waist and Eli standing behind her spanking her with a wooden spoon!! She was moaning and rubbing her naked nipples….he stopped spanking her for a moment and instead pushed the handle into her wet pussy!! This was so nasty and hot! He fucked her with the spoon for a couple of minutes then pulled it out, spat some saliva onto her anus and then used it for lubricant to shove the spoon handle into her •••••••! He fucked her ass with the spoon for a few more minutes as she resumed her slutty moaning and then he pulled it out and tossed it on the floor, unzipped his pants, took his already hard cock out and shoved it into her ass! He fucked her very roughly, pushing her down onto the surface so her breasts were squashed against it and started calling her names…”you love my 65 year old cock in your tight ass don’t you, you filthy cumslut?! You’re a whore Laura and I don’t even have to pay you! Now you’re going to let my friends fuck you anyway they like too and you’ll love it because you are such a horny slut!”
At this point he grabbed her around the waist and next and, still buried inside her ass, pushed her down so she lay face down flat on the floor, spread her legs and fucked her ass like that until I saw his buttocks stiffen as he pumped a load of hot creamy cum into her slutty arse.
He stood up and pulled her to her feet and she pulled her skirt down but he stopped her. “No, you are going to serve my friends lunch with your skirt above your waist like the dirty slut you are and so they can see my cum oozing out of your hot little shitbox! They are going to love fucking your ass over and over again and after today you will be shitting our cum for weeks!”
“We are all pumped up on Viagra just for you, you lucky slut!”
Without even realising it I had taken my aching cock out of my shorts and was masturbating vigourously. At that last line I moaned and shot my cum all over Eli’s tiled floor. Hearing my moan they both looked round and Eli laughed. “You love seeing your wife being a cumslut don’t you?!” I nodded my head and he replied “lucky for you that’s exactly what she’s going to be today!”
The three of us walked back outside, Laura still with her skirt bunched above her waist and Eli’s cum had started running down the back of her legs.
The two other old men wolf whistled at the sight of Laura like that carrying two platters of food. As she put them down they both reached over and started groping her, immediately fingering her two hot holes and squeezing her firm young titties with their randy old hands.
After a couple of minutes of this one of them said “now go and get us some beers slut!” Obediently (this trip was the start of a new submissive and highly suggestible Laura!) she trotted back inside, her red ass cheeks quivering.
The four of us sat and ate a very fine lunch and drank plenty of beers while my lovely young wife waited on us. At the end of the meal one of the men pulled out some cigars and we all sat and smoked. I suggested that Laura orally pleasure us under the table while we smoked and she immediately went down on her knees, crawled under the table and proceeded to suck each of us under the table until we had all cum down her slutty throat.
Eli then told her to clean off in the pool and we all watched as she got in and washed herself all over then got out and dried off.
Meanwhile Eli went back inside and came back out carrying a large box. He placed it on the table and opened it….all manner of sex toys were inside and he removed several. First he pulled out two pairs of handcuffs and, having pushed everything else off the table, pushed Laura down on it and cuffed her hands and feet to the four legs so she was completely spread-eagled and at our mercy.
Her pussy was visibly soaking wet. She was loving this!
Eli proceeded to take out nipple clamps which he put on her (a first for her!) and she moaned as the metal bit into her erect nipples.
He had a very large vibrator, thai anal beads and a paddle for spanking. Over the rest of the day we used all of them on Laura, and she had orgasm after orgasm as we used our hands, mouths and cocks on her as well.
My favourite was when they made her airtight…again and again! They alternated between her three holes and showed no mercy! Seeing three 60-something cocks stuffed inside her simultaneously was sensational….
At the end of the day they asked if they could fulfil one final fantasy….they had all always wanted to urinate on a hot young slut and couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of their hot piss! They asked my permission but that was something only Laura could give so I left it up to her…
Laura looked at each of us in turn, completely covered inside and out in multiple loads of our cum and looked exhausted but still very naughty and just nodded her head and smile wickedly before lying down on the floor like a submissive horny little slut…
The three of them stood round her and then it started to flow as they soaked her in their hot piss…I had never done that before or even considered it but seeing them do it I thought I might as well join in so I did…we were drenching her breasts, her pussy and her face…she even opened her mouth and swallowed a lot too…very nasty and degrading but she loved it and so did we!
Finally we finished, she sucked us all clean and then jumped in the shower to clean up. Before we left they all french kissed her and mauled her weary slutty body all over before I took her back to the hotel very tired and sore but very happy!
When we got to the room I threw her on the bed and spanked her again for being such a naughty slut before mounting her stretched pussy one more time for the night. I pulled out before cumming and knelt next to her before spurting on her face and tits. We were so exhausted we then fell asleep, my cum still all over her!
Eli came with us to the airport the next day to see us off…as a final goodbye Laura sucked his old cock one last time in the parking lot and swallowed his cum like the naughty little slut she had now become…on the plane I took her to the toilet and fucked her ass hard as I thought about all the slutty things she had done on our wedding anniversary holiday and came deep in her ass…

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