Adding spices into our sex life

We have been married for almost 18 years and right now we have three
sons with the eldest one is eighteen years old. We just moved back to
our home country after living in a cosmopolitan city where east meet
west that is Hong Kong.

We have a wonderful and interesting marriage life and healthy sex
life. Nothing to complain about. This is our experience in around
1983, when our marriage entered its fourth year, we start talking to
add spices into our marriage life. The idea of having third person in
our sex life came very often and we discussed it many times and yet
nothing happened for quite sometimes. Both of us have an open mind
about sex and other people’s way of life. When she look at a handsome
guy, she always told me and asked my opinion, likewise if I saw a
pretty and sexy woman I asked her opinion too.

One day when I came back from the office, my wife told me that she
met a handsome man in one of the fast-food shop during her shopping
trip in Hong Kong island. He is the manager of that shop and he is
mixed Chinese and American. He was looking at her and showed interest
too. I asked her whether she would like to have him or not. And she
said yes, and will seduce him if I agree. I said OK if you think he
is sexy and you want it too.

Two days latter, I have to fly to Singapore and leaving her with my
son. The night before I left, she told me that she went to the shop
and have invited Derrick, the shop manager to come to our house. I
felt uncomfortable but kept my promise and said it is OK with me.
During the flight I was not able to concentrated, thinking of what is
going to happen in our house tonight.

As soon as I reached Singapore around 2 p.m, I called home and asked
her whether she is still going to invite him tonight. She said
definitely she will have him tonight and having fun. I was so jealous
thinking of what they both might do. I was not able to sleep all
night, it was the longest night I ever felt in my life and couldn’t
cope imagining of him between my wife’s legs. I wanked myself and
came many times that night. The next morning I was so exhausted and
tired, but have to fly back to Hongkong.

When I reached home, the first thing I asked was her sexual
experienced with Derrick. She took me to the bedroom and told me
every single things that happened last night. My prick was stiffed
and hard and couldn’t wait any longer to have it between her legs.

She said that Derrick came around 9 p.m. right after our son went to
bed and sleep. They started with chatting in the living room. He
knew what she wanted. She said he kissed her and start playing with
her boobs and pussy. Her pussy by now was wet and ready for him. To
make thing more comfortable she suggested that they moved to the
bedroom. He helped her removing her dresses and start kissing her.
She said he smelled good, he was using baby lotion on his body
especially around his prick. The only thing that disappointed her was
the size of his dick. It was quite small and limp. She kissed and
sucked it to make it hard and still it stayed small.

He kissed her body and went down to her pussy, she still having her
black lace panties with a panty shield on it. She just finished her
period few days ago. He removed the panties and started kissing her
pubic hair. She was expecting that he is going to lick her pussy,
but it was just a dream. He never touched nor licked her pussy at
all. I guess because of her panty shield, it made him think twice
before start licking her love lips, what a disappointment. Right
after that he went up and kissing her while at the same time trying to
push his dick into her cunt. It was quite difficult to push it in
because of the size and she was so wet, it slip out easily. When he
managed to pushed his dick in, he pumped her few times and when he
just about to shoot his load, he pulled it out and told her that he
need to go to toilet. That was the end of her experience that night.
It was quite a disappointing experience.

While she was telling me the story, my hand moving around her body
and played with her clit, she has tiny clit that I have ever seen,
It was difficult to see and feel unless you really pulled up the
cover. She was so wet and ready for me to fuck her. She said she
didn’t come when Derrick fucked her. I pushed my prick into her and
she was moaning with pleasure. It didn’t take us long time to reached
our orgasm, it was our habit to come together.

Her experienced with Derrick, became our night talk whenever we made
love. It was not good enough and we would like to try with somebody

One night, around three months after Derrick experienced, we were
listening to the radio, she said the DJ’s voice is so sexy and it
turn her on. I casually asked her what is she going to do with it.
Without saying anything she called the station and talked with the DJ,
his name is R.O. I was not able to hear what they were talking
about. But one thing that I was aware, she keep on crossing her
legs. When she hang up the phone, I touched her pussy and found it
was wet. She said that R.O is coming over in 15 minutes, straight
from the station. I was shocked, panic and at the same time exited
knowing that she is going to fuck somebody in front of me. We played
with each other while waiting for R.O, she was really wet and hot.
It was a longest waiting time for me. I have a mixed feeling about
her having other guy’s prick right in front of my own eyes. It was
easy to brag on about you and your open mind but, the jealousy still
creep on.

Not long, we heard somebody knocking the door. I run to our son’s
room and hid behind the door. From where I hid, I can see the sofa
and whole living room clearly. R.O came in and sat by the dining
room, I was not able to see both of them but I can hear they were
talking and laughing. They get aquatinted very fast and feel relax
with each other. I saw they walking to the sofa and continue talking
and laughing. While they were talking, I saw R.O hand started
touching her body and boobs. She closed her eyes and enjoying the
touch, he kissed her and gave her a long deep kiss. She reacted to
his kiss and start moving her hands towards R.O body, they were
hugging each other tight. R.O’s hand started to removing buttons from
her blouse and exposing her breast. She has a small breast but nice.
He played with her nipple and start sucking it. She grabbed his hair
and started squeezing it. It very obvious she enjoyed what he did.
She was moaning and moving her head.

R.O stopped kissing and sucking her and both of them stood up and
walked to our bedroom. I was so exited and playing with myself. Once
in the bedroom, they continued kissing and touching each other. One
thing that I noticed, she always stop R.O’s hand whenever he wanted
to touch her cunt. She still having her miniskirt and did not allow
him to touch her there.

I saw her hand moving down to R.O’s short and sliding her hand inside.
She played with his prick for quite some times while he sucked her
tits. She was in trance with her eyes closed and moaned. She
unbuttoned his short and push his underwear down and his prick sprang
out. It was quite a prick, she was looking at the size of his prick
and smile. He has a big and huge prick, around 11 inches with 3 to 4
inches in thickness.

I was surprised and at the same time jealousy creep in into my heart,
I was worried that she may not like to have my average prick after
this experienced. She went down and start kissing his monstrous
tools. It was quite difficult for her to pushed his prick into her
mouth because of it size. She is a petite lady around 5.2 and slim,
wearing jeans size 26. She managed to pushed his dick into her mouth
and it stretched her mouth wide. It looks so sexy and unbelievable.
Right in front of my own eyes she is having somebody else dick in her
mouth. She pumped his prick in and out and I can see R.O was enjoying
the treatment. He tried to reached her pussy but she kept on pushing
his hand away. From time to time she looked at my position and smile,
showing me how good she felt at that time having huge dick in her
mouth. I gave her a signal to let him touch her pussy but she shook
her head.

Her motion and sucking action brings R.O to the edge. She noticed it
and pulled his prick out and start wanking it hard. She didn’t like
the taste of men sperm. He grabbed her head and shot his sperm into
the air. She kissed him and laid beside him at the same time
caressing his prick, he was jerking from time to time and they were
talking and caressing.

As soon as he left, I came out from the room and kissed her. She
took me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed and removing my
short and shirt. The bed was wet because of R.O’s sperm. She kissed
me deep and I can smell the musky smell of R.O’s prick in her face.
It was so sexy and nice. She went down and started sucking my prick
hard, I have a 6 inches prick with 2 inches thickness. I removed her
skirt and panties and found it was soaking wet. I licked her pussy
and drank all the juice, I never can get enough of her juice, I
licked it clean and wished that it has R.O sperm on it.

She told me how satisfied she was with R.O’s prick and was shocked to
see the size of his prick. I asked her why she didn’t let R.O touch
and fuck her, she said next time she will.

We fucked and fucked and keep on fucking each other the whole night.
It was the best fuck we ever have so far. She came few time and so
did I.

The story continues.

Three days latter, R.O called her while I was at home. It was around
1.30 p.m. and said that if it is OK he would like to see her. She
look at me asking for approval and I said yes if he wanted to come
right away. He said he will be coming in half an hour.

We prepared our house and took a mattress out from the bedroom and
placed it in the living room. Our son was having his afternoon nap in
the room. I removed her panties and start licking her pussy. It was
wet and ready, she sucked my prick and played it with her tongue.
She is very good in giving a blow job, she would send you to the edge
and would not let you come. I took my prick out and shoved it into
her pussy. It was so wet and made a lot of noise. The door bell rang
and it was R.O. I pulled out my prick and hid behind the door. I can
see the whole, living room and the view over the mattress was very
clear. So I will have a best view of both of them.

He came and sat on the end of the mattress, I heard that she was
explaining that she was sleeping with our son earlier and have to move
him into bedroom. A good lies that he believed. She kissed him and
caressed his body. He responded by touching her breast and started to
squeezing it. He removed her blouse and started sucking the nipples,
it was hard and she was moaning and moving her head.

His hand travelled down to her pussy and lift her skirt up. There was
a wet patches on her panties, she must be very hot by now. He
touched her pussy from outside and gave her clit a massage. Soon his
hand was pushing her panties aside and playing with her pussy. He
pushed and dipped his finger into her love hole and start finger
fucked her. She was now moving violently and lifting her legs up. He
removed her panties and dived down and buried his face into her love
spot. She was screaming by now and squeezing his hair hard. She
reached his short and unbuttoned it She touched his limp prick and
started to massage it. His prick slowly growing harder and she put it
into her mouth. They were doing 69 while I was playing with my self.
He was on top of her with his head towards my direction. I can see
clearly when his prick goes in and out of her mouth. They both moved
violently. He stood up and positioning himself in front of her. He
lifted her ass, exposing her love hole, he directed his huge prick
onto her hole. I was terrified with what will happened to her. His
prick was so huge, I was wondering whether she can take the whole
prick in. He rubbed her clit with his prick and played it outside her
pussy. I can see his prick head was glistening with her juice and his

She kept on pushing her hips up whenever he touched her pussy, she
wanted to have his prick into her love hole not teasing her like that.
He got the message and start aiming into her love hole. He pushed it
slowly and little bit and pulled it out again. I guess he was very
careful not to hurt or tear her cunt. She was thrusting her hips up
whenever he pushed his prick in. His prick spread her pussy wide open
until it touch her tights. His prick was so huge that it filled and
stretch her cunt wide. When he felt that she was ready, he pushed
his prick deeper. She closed her eyes, holding and squeezing her
hands on to the mattress. She was obviously in state of no return.
Her eyes was rolling with pleasure and her moaning was very loud, I
was worried that it will wake our son up or attracted neighbour
attention. With one deep thrust he pushed his prick all the way in,
but he was having problem because his prick was not as hard as the
night before. I heard he apologised and asked her to suck it.

He pulled it out and climbed onto her face and shoved it into her
mouth. It was unbelievable to me, she never took somebody prick once
it has been visiting her cunt. She did took his prick and started
sucking it hard, it gave a sloppy sound and I can see white cream
juice around her lips.

His prick getting harder and he pulled it out and shoved it back into
her cunt. It went in right away and he started pumping it hard. I
was shock seeing his prick disappeared into her cunt. She was moving
violently, not because of the pain but because of the pleasure. He
kissed her and playing with her tits. She wrapped her legs around his
waist and this gave me a clear view of his prick disappearing into her

They were both moaning loudly and rolling all over the mattress. I
think this is the first time he ever fucked such a tight cunt in his
life. He pulled his prick out and lifting her up so that she was
sitting on his face. He licked her cunt and fucked her with his nose.
She lowered her body and start sucking his prick again. What a view,
they were so intense, enjoying each other body without realising that
I was playing with myself.

She moved her body and fucked him from the top. His hands were
caressing her back and he pushed his finger into her ass hole. She
was shocked and did not expected it. She didn’t object to his action
and I can see that she was enjoying it. It was the first time that
somebody ever finger fucked her ass. She moved her hips and at the
same time squeezing her cunt. I can see that R.O was enjoying it. I
can imagine how tight her cunt right now, even when she squeezed her
hole while I was inside her I can feel that it was very tight. Now
with R.O’s huge prick it would give him a feeling that he is having
the tightest cunt in his life.

Her pussy squeezing action having an impact on R.O’s prick, he
started to move faster, thrusting it hard and pushing his prick all
the way in. It all disappeared into her love hole. She was having
difficulty in maintaining her body position, seems she was riding a
wild bull in a rodeo, he was pumping her hard. With one deep thrust
he let his sperm shooting into her womb, and she reacted with
squeezing his chest. He kept on pumping and sending her body up until
all his sperm dried out. He collapsed and hugged her tight, he
kissed her and caressing her body.

When he pulled his prick out, it was soft and wet, his sperm
dripping out from her cunt. She catch it with a tissue paper. He
helped her cleaning and wiping her cunt. It send a shiver into her
body. He dressed up and kissed her and left.

As soon as he disappeared, I came out from my hiding place and laid
down on the mattress. She went into bathroom cleaning her self. When
she came out she was smiling and right away she gave me a blow job. I
was so high and my prick was quite painful, her mouth soothing it and
relieved the pressure. I beg her to give me her cunt, she positioned
her cunt lips onto my face and rub it all over my face. I can smell
R.O’s prick in her cunt and it was so tender, it was so red and soft.
Obviously R.O had been pumping it hard and made it red and swollen.
There was no traced of R.O’s sperm, nothing behind, she had cleaned
it thoroughly before. However I still enjoyed the feel and the smell
of her sweaty cunt. I pulled her up and ask her to fuck me exactly as
she fucked R.O. She pushed my prick into her love hole and pumping it
hard. Before I came I pulled it out and ask her to suck my prick.
She did and suck my prick with our juice around it. It felt good and
it was unbelievable to me. My wife suck my prick after it went to her
cunt. I pulled her up and kissed her, I asked her why did she suck
R.O’s prick after it went in to her pussy. She said she didn’t know,
it just happened and she couldn’t stop it. She said it was not that
bad, and she was very high earlier.

She told me that she was not able to reached orgasm earlier, and she
wanted me to fuck her hard and make her come. She told me it was the
best prick she ever have so far, it filled her cunt and it felt up to
her womb. It make her cunt sore but felt good. She herself can
imagine that his prick goes all the way in to her love hole. It
almost tore her cunt apart. R.O’s prick was not as hard as the first
night went she sucked it. She said she can not imagine how it felt if
his prick was in fully erect and hard. She is looking forward for it.
Our love making session for that day continues until early morning
where we were exhausted and tired.

Harder prick

Not having R.O’s prick fully erect makes her wanted to try for more.
She called him in the station at one night and ask him to come over,
she said that I was not home and will come back quite late. He came
over around 9 o’clock p.m. And she was ready with her sexy dress and
mattress in the living room. I have set the lighting so that it will
give enough lights to the mattress. I can see very clearly from my
hiding place.

I fucked her hard and make her ready and wet for R.O, I want him to
lick my pre-come juice out of her pussy. She was happy and willing to
do it. The idea of having me fuck her first, did turn her on. And
she sucked my prick and rub it all over her face.

He came on time, right after he finished his works. As usual they
were talking and laughing and went straight to the mattress. He
removed her blouse and skirt leaving her wet panties. They were
standing by their knees on the mattress, he removed his cloth and
totally naked, his prick was already hard and it sprang out when he
removed his short. She kissed, licked and sucked his prick. He was
moaning and touching her breast. When he almost come, she pulled it
out and laid down by the mattress, he went down on her and licked her
pussy clean. I was wonder whether he can smell the left over that I
had put over her pussy or not. Seems he was enjoying it as much as
she enjoying the action. She reached his long prick and massaging it.
His pre-come juice was dripping from his prick and she wiped it and
used it as lubrication. Her massage took a strong effect on R.O. He
was moving his hip following the rhythm that she did.

He went up and pulled her cunt towards him and pushing his prick in
one go, his gentleness was gone, what I saw was a crazy man pumping
his prick hard into my wife’s pussy. She seemingly enjoying his
action and was moaning like a hell. He pulled out his prick and
shoved it to her mouth and start pumping it as it was her pussy. I
was so terrified, afraid that it may choked her. He pulled his prick
out and stood up, pulled her up and hugged her while standing up. He
touched her cunt and played with it, she spread her legs so that R.O
would have enough room to play with. He was fingered fucked her while
they were kissing each other. His prick was hard and poking her

He lifted and raised her legs and mounted her while standing up, she
wrapped her legs around his waist. Her weight was resting on his huge
prick. It seems that he was carrying and fucking a small girl, she
hugged him and kissed him. He was pumping her pussy and finger fucked
her ass at the same time. Her ass was wide open and it gave him easy
access to her ass hole. What a view.

He was tired of carrying her and put her down, he was lying on the
bed and ask her to seat on his prick, she was facing me so I can see
when she pushed his prick into her pussy, it stretched her lips apart
and pushed it all the to her tight. His thickness was touching her
both tights. She look at me and smile and licking her lips with her
tongue, she gave me a dirty look and enjoying her show. She pumped
him up and down and every time she pulled his prick was pulling her
cunt lips, and every time it went in, it took the cunt lips in, the
cunt lips also collecting the juice as it pulled out and it started to
flow down his shaft. It didn’t take them a long time to changed the

He pushed her forward until she was resting on her knees and hands,
he was fucking her doggy style. This was the style that she like the
most. He pumped her hard and his hand was finger fucked her ass. She
was screaming from pleasure and stretching her body forward, he
followed her, not wanting to let his prick out of her love hole.

She was really in ecstasy her moaning was grew louder and louder. He
reached her tits and start squeezing it hard. She responding by
moving her hips harder towards his body. I was afraid the neighbour
will hear her scream.

He pulled her prick out and with her position he licked her cunt, he
cleaned dry her juice.

He ask her to lay down and fucked her from the top, she helped guided
his prick into her love hole, and spread her legs wide open. She
raised he legs and wrap it around his waist. He kept on pumping it
and she was closing her eyes and enjoying his thrust. Her body was
disappear under his body, and only her legs face and hands were
visible, her hands were caressing his back and from time to time
visiting his ass.

His rhythm getting faster and faster and he gave a loud moan and
shooting his sperm into her pussy. When it end he collapsed and
closing his eyes. She look at me and giving a signal that it was a
very good one.

After he left, she went to the bathroom cleaning herself. She came
out and I was ready for her. She told me that she have not come yet
and it was my duty to make her come. It was difficult to come with
such a huge prick. It didn’t’ take us a long time to reach our orgasm
together, and it was a very good and long one.

Our love making session did not stop here, we still have interesting
session with my own brother, her uncle, her ex boyfriend and many
more. But we still enjoy each other very much. Now we are talking
about threesome. Anybody interesting on this?

Brotherly swap

Our story continue so do our sex experience. I have a brother who
lives in Germany, he is good looking and slightly bigger then me. He
only went back to our country twice in 20 years. My wife knew him
only from the family picture. She agreed that he is good looking and
sexy. Her casual remarks brought us to a discussion of possibilities
of her having him. She had few guys before and would like to try some
thing new and more exiting like screwing my brother.

We talked a lot of her having him, but the question was how are we
going to do it? We have no chance of visiting him in Germany yet.

So the idea was still an idea and the more we discussed and talked
about it the hotter she became. The opportunity however finally came.
He called and said that he is going back to our country this coming
holiday. It was exactly the right time as we are going to have
holiday in our home country too.

When the holiday time came, my wife and son went home first leaving
me in Hongkong for several days. It was the first time she is going
to meet him in person. She had an opportunity to get to know him
better before I am joining them. She called me in Hong Kong and said
that he is still good looking and sexy, even better then what she was
imagining. I asked her whether she still want to have him between her
legs. She said a big yes.

I was supposed to joined them few days latter, as part of my
scheduled to conduct a recruitment interview in Jakarta. I was
scheduled to stay in Jakarta for four days. Although I have a room in
one of the hotel, I opted to stay with my parents and family. My
works start at 9 a.m until 4 p.m and leaving night time free for

Having been home few days earlier it gave her an advantages, she
wasted no time to get to know my brother and sister in-law, by this
time she was already very closed to my brother and have no problem of
clutching on his arms in front of everybody, who will ever think that
she would someday fuck him. Even his wife did not suspected it. We
talked about her having him and drew a plan. She said that she will
started to seduce him tomorrow. She even said that she already talked
to his wife about sharing her husband with her. My sister in-law was
for it. She had a crushed on me for a long time and sees this as her
opportunity that she missed so far. Both of them had arranged the
plan even before I asked her.

With so many people at home it was very difficult to executed the
plan, until one day before I have to go back to Hong Kong. As last
minute shopping spree for souvenirs for our friends in Hong Kong we
went shopping. My brother and his wife joined us for shopping spree.
We went all over the place in Jakarta and having a good time.

In the afternoon my wife suggested that we go to the hotel and having
tea in the coffee shop, an idea that I am sure will ended up in the
room. However it was decided latter that we better go straight home.
We reached home around 5 p.m. Everybody was very tired from walking.
The house was not very crowded, the rest of my family staying in my
sister’s house, what a coincidence. Nothing happened in the
afternoon. Every body busy with their own thing. After diner, I
went to my parents room and had a chat with them, around 8.30 p.m I
went to our room and found her talking to my sister in-law. They were
lying down by the bed and were laughing and whispering. I asked them
what are they doing? The only answered I got from the was a dirty
smiled. I joined them and lying down next to my sister in-law. My
wife told me that she already talked to my sister in-law about having
her husband tonight and she agreed. I was surprised with their
directness. My brother at the mean time was sleeping in his room
alone, not knowing that our wives had plan to have him fuck my wife.

Around 1030, my wife said that it is about time to test their plan.
She said that she is going to the other room and having fun with my
brother. She asked me to have fun with my sister in-law. Right after
she left, I asked my sister in-law whether she was serious having me
between her legs, she just smiled and kissed me. Her kiss send a
messages to my prick and it started to grow. We kissed and touched
each other body, enjoying the opportunity. She told me that she
actually fancy me and always imagining that it was me who fucked her
while her husband was pumping her. I didn’t say anything except
started to undress her. She has a small and firm breast smaller than
my wife. It has a big and dark nipple and was hard already. I guided
her hand to my prick and asked her to massage it, which she did it
happily. My prick was hard and wet with my pre-come juice. Her
massaging send a shiver through my back bone. I pushed her head down
and asked her to suck my prick, again she did it happily without any
hesitation. She was good but can not beat my wife. I almost come in
her mouth, and immediately I pulled her up and started to kiss her
again. I lowered my hand finding its way to her pussy, I slipped my
hand under her panties and found out that it was soaking wet and had
soaked her panties. It was my favourite to have a really soaking wet
pussy. I was glad that she has what I really like. I found her clit
and began to massage it. Her clit became harder and came out from its
cover. It was much much bigger than my wife’s clit.

I removed her panties and at the same time lowered my self so that I
could licked her clean. Before I can reached her cunt lips, she
pulled me up and said she just finished her period and she thinks it
was still dirty. I said I didn’t mind even if she just had her
period. But she insisted that I did not go down on her. I didn’t
want to spoil the night so I climbed up again and started to kissed
her and at the same time guided my prick into her cunt.

Before I can inserted my prick, my son woke up and started to call
his mom. I tried to make him go back to sleep again but instead of
making him fall a sleep I woke him up and he started to cry. I put on
my short and went to the other room to call my wife.

I didn’t know what is happening in the other room, but I guessed she
is having fun with my brother. I saw the door was open slightly and
try to peep in. It was quite dark and I can not see any one of them.
I climbed up the chair and peep through the small window above the
door. I can see that my wife was wearing her T-shirt but nothing
cover her pussy. She was on top of my brother and was looking at him.
I didn’t know whether she is having my brother prick inside her cunt
or not. They were not moving like normally people having sex. I
called her and told her that our son is looking for her. She went
back to the room and told my brother that she is going to look after
our soon first. We both walk back to our room, while we were walking
I touched her pussy and it was soaking wet, obviously she had his
prick inside already. Most probably they didn’t move at all earlier
because one of them is just about to come and they tried to hold it.

I sniffed at my finger and it smell sex and good. I always like the
taste and smell of her pussy, especially after a prick went in to
that hole.

In our room she went straight to our son and soon he is already in
deep sleep. She went back to the other room and my partner followed
her too. Not very long my partner came back and said that it is
better if we continue the session in the other room. When I walked in
my wife already riding my brother and pumping him.

My partner went to their bed and watching her fucking my brother. She
just look at her and continue pumping him. My partner took my hand
and took me to the other bed at the end of the room.

She laid down and spread her pussy for me, I positioned myself on top
of her and pointing my prick into her cunt. She helped me by holding
my prick, she rub the head of prick over her cunt and slip it slowly
into her love hole. It went slightly in and she pulled it out again,
while she massaging my prick she rub it again all over her cunt. When
she slip my prick again, I couldn’t hold any longer, I just pushed
it all the way in. She didn’t expect that I will pushed my prick in
one go, she was moaning and gripping my hands. And it send her to
her orgasm. She was moaning so loud and moving vigorously. I have a
problem of keeping my body and my prick was grounded hard by her
pelvic, her cunt squeezing my prick so hard until it aching. She had
a very long orgasm and seems it was kept on coming.

When the orgasm subsided she kissed me and say thank you. She ask me
whether I came or not, when I said I didn’t, she went down and lick
my prick and balls clean. She keep on pumping my prick with her
mouth. The sensation of having my prick sucked while watching my wife
being fuck really send me high. I pulled her up and shoved my prick
into her cunt and pumping it hard until I came. It was the longest
orgasm I had ever experience in my life. She tighten her cunt really
tight until I feel slightly pain. What a wonderful feeling I have.

Seeing me coming, it send a wave of orgasm in my wife part. I can
see her bucking up and pumping my brother hard. Being on top of him
she had a clear view of both of us. She was saying a dirty words and
asking my brother to shoved his prick hard and hurt her. She ask him
to pinch her nipples and bite it hard.

Having reach an orgasm once did not satisfied my partner, she went
down again on my trying to make my prick hard. Her job work, my
prick slowly grew harder and harder, but I guess it got to do with
seeing my wife went down on my brother too.

As soon as my prick grew harder she climbed on top and slid it into
her hole. Her pussy was so wet it make a lot of slouchy noise, I
enjoy the noise and find it very sexy. I moved my hands down to her
bums and started to squeezing it. On the way down I found her ass
hole ant it was so wet. I inserted my finger into her ass and she
look at me without saying anything, only smile on her face. I
started to finger fuck her ass, I can feel the bulge inside her ass
pushing my finger, it was my prick. The sensation of having prick
and finger at the same time really make her hot.

At the other bed, my wife was trying very hard to make my brother
reach his orgasm. She went down and up kissing and sucking his prick.
When he is about to unload his sperm she climbed up and pushed his
prick in. He turn their body and now he is on top, by doing so he
can see his wife riding me. My wife wrap her legs around him and
urging him to fuck her hard and unload his sperm. She kept on begging
him to do it harder and faster. Not long after that he start unload
his sperm and pumping her very hard. She responded with hugging him
and saying yes! Yes! Yes! Give it to me all.

Hearing her husband unloading his sperm it triggered my partner to her
next wave of orgasm, it was as strong as the first one. She ask me
whether I came or not, and I have not. She works had to get me off
again, but the night was quite long and my prick was sore from her
pounding and squeezing action. Without realising it was early
morning, and we have to prepared for our trip. The other side of the
bed was quite also they were only cuddling and may be waiting for us.

I called my wife and asked her to go to our room. When we reached our
room, she jumped on top of me and ask me to fuck her. Seems that it
was not enough for her, when I asked why? She just say she was
jealous seeing me pumping other woman in front of her eyes. She
wanted me to make her come again as what I did to my sis in-law. She
climbed and push her pussy to my face, asking me to lick it clean.
It was so wet and sore, I still can smell his sperm and sweat. But
the smell really turn me on. I licked it clean and played with her
clit. Having clean pussy is not enough, she pushed her body down and
slid in my prick into her love hole. My prick still sore from
previous session. I pumped her hard and squeezing whatever I can get
hold of, but both of us were to tired to reach another orgasm. She
finally gave up and prepared our self for our trip.


My dream to have threesome became reality in summer 1990. I have to
operate a flight to Frankfurt, and this is the country where my
brother lives. He lives in Bonn.

Before I left for Germany, I called him and told him that I will be
coming over, he said that he will pick me up in the airport.

I arrived at 7 o’clock in the morning, as soon as I got off from the
plane, I saw my brother was waiting for me by the airbridge gate. He
had his pass on his shirt. I asked him where are the family and he
said they are outside waiting for me.

When I got out from the airport, my sister in-law, and their kids
were smiling and waving to me.

I gave them a hug and kiss, we left the airport and drove directly
for Bonn, we reached home around 9.30. My brother said he has to go
to the office and will be back in the afternoon. I and the rest will
have to go to town by ourselves.

We went to down town for lunch and shopping. At night after he came
back from the office, my brother asked me whether I want to go out
for dinner or not? I just said I will follow whatever they had plan.
Finally the three of us, me, my brother and his wife went out to
have dinner in a small restaurant where the decoration was romantic
and cosy.

We finished having dinner around 9 p.m. The night still early, so my
brother said we should go to one of the bar to have a drink. We went
to one of the bar and have few drinks and dancing. Around 1030 we
left the bar and my brother said he wanted to show me the red district
in Bonn, I can not remember the name of the place, both of us (my
sis in-law waited in the car) went to a big bar with many girls
hanging around with a minim dresses, on the TV screen I saw a porno
movie was playing.

He took me in to one of the door and it was an alley with many doors
on both side. There were so many girls with even less dresses on
their bodies. Some were wearing only panties with a T-shirt, some
wearing mini skirt showing their asses. Some of the girls invited us
in, and they were talking in German to my brother, I didn’t really
know what they were talking about. He asked me whether I would like
to try one of the girls. I said no, for two things, my sister
in-law is waiting outside, second I never pay for a girls and I don’t
believe on paying. It has to be both side want it.

We left the place and drove to down town, it was around 1130. My
sister said she was tired and asked him whether we can go home now.
He drove the car home, we reached home around 12 midnight. We said
good night and I went to my nephew’s room. I was so tired because I
have not been able to sleep for almost 24 hours. I hit the sack
immediately. While I was sleeping I felt that something was on my
prick and it was a nice one. I thought I was dreaming and having a
wet dream. The dream didn’t disappear just like that, it has it own
story to tell. The thing on my prick was getting better and better
and I can feel that my prick is now growing and getting harder.

Reluctantly I opened my eyes and to my surprise, I saw my sister
in-law was sucking my prick. My training suit and underwear already
half down. I try to get up but she ask me to laid down and enjoy it.
Enjoy is one thing but thinking of my nephew on the other bed made me
fully awake and asked her to stop. She stop sucking my prick and
asked me to follow her. We went to living room and she asked me to
sit on a sofa. Once I put my ass on the sofa, she pulled my training
suit down and start sucking it again. I can not stop her because it
was so nice. I lowered my hand down and reached her pussy, it was
soaking wet and she wore no panties at all. Seemingly she was ready
for me.

I asked her where is my brother

She said, he is in the room waiting for us.

Waiting for us? I asked her and she said yes!

“Why is he waiting for us?”

“Because he want to share my pussy with you”.

“Is he really want to fuck you with me?”

She said yes!

I asked her to check again with him, she left me alone in the living
room. Few minutes latter she came back and said, he is waiting for
us in the room. I just nod my head and kissed her and at the same
time finger fucked her. She was moaning and spreading her legs.

We walked to their room and saw my brother was on the bed waiting for
us. I asked him whether he really serious about this, he said yes.

He said because he felt sorry for me after we went to the hooker
place. He said I must have been very horny by now and that is why he
want to share his wife with me.

She immediately lying down on the bed next to my brother, she pulled
my body down and I was lying next to her. It felt awkward because I
don’t know how and where to start.

She reached me and started to kiss me while at the same time pulling
my training suit down. My brother had removed his short and shirt,
he was lying naked beside her. Both of us soon were naked and she was
the only one fully clothed minus panties.

She reached my prick and start giving it a massage. It immediately
grew harder and stood straight up. She went down and started sucking
my prick, without wasting his time, my brother pushing his finger
into her twat and started to lick it too. His licking action proven
to be very effective, she responded towards his action by licking and
sucking my prick harder. I was on the edge of shooting my load,
because it was the first time I saw in a very close range, somebody
fingering a pussy right in front of my eyes.

He pulled her body up so that she is now on her legs and hands, this
position exposed her pussy wide for him to lick and suck her clit.
She kept on sucking my prick and tried to pushed it all the way in,
what a feeling. His licking and sucking action caused her to reached
her first orgasm, she was moaning through my prick and moving her ass
towards his finger. He noticing her orgasm almost there, moving his
finger and found her clit. He massaged her clit and at the same time
pushing two fingers into her hole.

She had a very long orgasm, and it seems to me it never ending, she
kept on moaning and moving her hips and sucking my prick. She was out
of her control I guessed, bite my prick, althought it was not very
hard, but enough to gave a dent into my blood vessel.

Not wasting his time, my brother stood up and fucked her from behind
doggy style. Every time he pushed his prick it cause her swallowing
my prick deeper. The chain reaction really works well. I for one
thing just laid down enjoying the blow job and the show. His pumping
action getting faster and harder so her sucking motion. He was
reaching his point of no return. He stop pumping and playing with her
tits, his hand was touching my hand, we were playing the same tit.
She at the other hand can not hold any longer, and started
experiencing her second wave of orgasm.

She sucked my prick and really pushed it deep into her mouth. Her
tongue was circling the head of my prick, it gave a tingling
sensation through out my body.

She was having a long and violent orgasm, her body was bucking up and
down and at the same time pushing her cunt deeper into her husband
prick. It grounded his prick and squeezed it at the same time. What
a view. I can believe her ability to reach orgasm in a short of time,
what a woman, sure she made man felt superior when they fucked her.

I was able surprisingly hold on my orgasm. When her orgasm subdued,
she climbed, and kissed me. She position herself on top of me and
lowered herself onto my prick. It was so wet and gave a gushing sound
when she pumped me. Her husband was looking at us and playing with
his prick. I played with her bums and pushed my finger into her ass,
she responded by tightening her pussy and ass, it grips my prick hard
and at the same time hold my finger in the position. Her juice
luckily was flowing over her ass and it was wet, it made my finger
move in and out easily. I pushed my other finger , so by now she was
taking two finger in her ass, I was wonder whether she had a prick in
her ass or not. She seems enjoying the action and moving her pussy up
and down.

She tried very hard to squeeze my prick and made me come. I pushed
her and asked her not to neglect my brother. I asked her to suck his
prick instead of kissing me. She immediately turn her body around
without releasing my prick form her pussy. My husband welcome her
action and enjoying the blow job. She was very skillful in handling
two pricks at one time. Her motoric action worked very well, she can
sucked prick and at the same time grounding my prick.

Her pussy movement was excellence, it really massaging my prick, she
tightened and griped my prick and after a while releasing it, her
pussy muscles were in a good shape. She had two children and yet she
still had a tight pussy. She was able to control it and made somebody
felt good inside her.

Her sucking action seemingly takes it victim, her husband start
grabbing her head and pushed it towards him, he squeeze and pulling
her hair with his both hands and at the same time directing her head
up and down. She followed his hand and start sucking it in a long and
deep suck and pulled it out and plowed it back into her mouth while
tighten her lips.

She kept on doing it and after a while I can see my brother’s hand
started to squeezing her hair and pushed it all the way in. With a
loud moaned he unload his sperm into her mouth, she swallowed it all
and still sucking his prick. His body was jerking from pleasure and I
believe from the tingling sensation it got from her tongue. His
orgasm was followed immediately by her, and she turned her body and
position herself right on top of my body and lowered her lips and
started to kiss me. I was forced to sucked her lips and kissed her,
she pushed her tongue into my mouth and I can tasted the tangy and
salty tasted in her mouth. It was a strange taste, but what the
heck, it was my own brother sperm.

She tighten her pussy and tighten her legs over my body. Her breath
getting faster and faster and in one go she pushed her mound hard into
my prick and letting a sexy moan out of her mouth. She reached her
third orgasm in a row, what a woman. Her orgasm was violent as her
first two orgasms. I am not sure how many orgasms she can have and
how many more she have in store for our fucking session.

Her orgasm by now really affected me, I was not able to hold any
longer and I told her that I am going to unload my sperm into her.

She responded by saying “Yes! Yes! Yes! Give it to me, I want to
feel it deep inside me, ooohhh, it feels so good! My prick started
to spurt the sperm inside her, I pushed my ass up and hit her mound
hard, I really want to pushed my prick all the way in.

Her body was lifted by my action and she pushed it down. I can feel
the pressure on the base of my prick, it hurts but the tension that
had been building up inside me, override the pain. I load my sperm
deep inside her, she was screaming and enjoying my shooting action.
My orgasm triggered another orgasm in her pussy, she was able to
reach another orgasm after the third one. It was unbelievable that
she could reach a multiple orgasm within seconds.

Her pussy was so wet, I can feel the juice flowing through from her
pussy and seeping down through my ass, it was sticky and warm.

Her pussy was making squashy noise and sexy. I really like the sound.
My brother watching the action had his prick on his hand and it was
hard and stiff. He took a towel and wiped clean his wife cunt, he
really took care that hole, make sure that he dried it up, he spread
her pussy and pushed the towel between her lips, carefully so that he
wont hurt her.

He unfold it and with a gentle stroke wipe it dry. She on the other
hand was enjoying the stroke and closing her eyes with her smile on
her face, she spread her legs wider and pulled her legs up so that
her cunt lips wide open by itself. Her clit was protruding from her
cover, it was glistening and whitish colour. Her clit was much much
bigger than my wife’s clit. Seeing her pinkish lips I lowered my self
and started to lick her cunt. It smell sex and sperm. It was sexy
and aroused me, my prick started to grow slowly.

I licked her lips and suck it into my mouth, while her cunt lip
inside my mouth I chew and bite it lightly. I chewed and sucked each
side alternatively, I can see her pussy started to producing a tasty
juice, it was clear juice with a white milky trace on it. I licked
her lips way up and found her clit, it was protruding out from its
cover and stood up like a small prick. I extended my tongue and
licked the tip of her clit slowly, I massaged the clit with the tip
of my tongue, and giving it a circling motion over it. She was
responded with moving her hips slowly, following my rhythm. I covered
her clit with my lips and started to sucked it into my mouth, my
action pulled her clit even further out from its cover, I squeezed it
with my lips while touching the tip with my tongue. I inserted my two
fingers into her love hole and found out that it was already wet,
despite my brother effort to wiped it dry. My brother position
himself infront of her head and pushed his prick into her mouth, she
took his prick and lick the shaft with her tongue. She followed the
contour of his prick and found his balls at the other end, she opened
her mouth wide and started to suck his balls.

Her hands were around his prick and giving it a massage. I can see
from corner of my eyes that a transparent fluid started to flowed out
from his head. She used it as a lubrication, her thumb catch his
juice and spread it over his shaft with a gentle motion.

Her tension started to build up again and she continually raising her
hips to expose her mound and clit to my mouth. She grab my hair with
one hand, and pushed my head hard to her cunt. She raised and bend
her knees and she clamped my head between her tights.

My head really locked in her tights, with no where to go except
diving in further, it even caused me trouble to catch my breath. It
was really dead locked, my saliva was out of control, it pouring out
from my mouth into her cunt, it makes her cunt even wetter. I was
not able to close my mouth and swallow my saliva. She was really mad,
with a long sight between her teeth, she is having another orgasm,
her strength and power was unbelievable, if earlier her tight was
locking my head, now I am not sure what to call it. It was pressing
hard and my ears both felt like it blocked. The kind that you get
when you traveling on an airplane.

She humped and humped, raised her bums up. My head was totally out
of my control. It followed wherever she took. My lips was painful,
my teeth was grinding her cunt and yet she didn’t feel the pain.
Seeing her wife moving violently, her husband speed up his pace, he
pumping her mouth faster and deeper, his prick was totally in to her
mouth, she was practically deep throating him. He pulled her head
and hold it tight while he ejaculate inside her throat. I was worried
that he may choked and suffocated her. But she was OK, she took his
prick easily and drunk all his sperm, I guessed it has no way to
escape from her mouth, it went directly into her throat and down to
her belly.

Slowly she slow down her movement and realising her grips, I lifted
my head and took a long breath, unbelievable, I can not believe what
I have been through. I think I did hit the right button. She is very
sensitive in her cunt especially in her clit, my licking and sucking
action really send her to her ultimate climax. Both of them were
exhausted, he laid down beside her and kissing her. I was the only
one who still very high and have unfulfilled needs. I laid down next
to her on her right side, I lift her right leg and pushed my prick
from her right.

She looked at me and say “Thank you for that wonderful orgasm, she
took my prick and guided into her cunt, she rub the head of my prick
over her cunt. It was very ticklish and send a tingling sensation to
my body. I touch her breast and suck her nipple, my brother was on
the other side and did the same thing from her left side. She
inserted my prick slowly into her love hole, I pumped her slowly,
enjoying and feeling the texture of her vagina walls against my prick.
I didn’t intent to come soon. I just want to keep my prick inside
her. She responded by squeezing and releasing my prick, whenever I
pushed in she tighten her cunt and when I pulled it out she released

We were lying down for quite a while and without realising it,
morning already start coming in. It was 5.30 in the morning. It was
the longest fucking session I ever had in my whole life. And I can
say it was the most interesting one too.

I am not sure how will I break the news to my wife, I don’t think she
would be able to accept it, although we have an open marriage and she
screw different man. Some infront of my own eyes. We always discuss
about our sexual encounters, but this one, she didn’t expect that I
will fuck my sister in-law again after our swapping session with them
few years ago.

Back in hometown

Our sexual escapade continues, my wife by this time enjoyed being
fucked by other and different man. But she still very careful in
choosing who will fuck her. There are so many conditions of who will
and can fuck her.

We are now back in Jakarta and her habit of having other guy’s prick

One day she was invited to a wedding party of her relative, she went
there with her sisters and brothers as I have to travel to Malaysia.

When I came back from my trip, she told me that she met her uncle,
which she had crushed on him when she was a little girl. He is still
looking good and sexy and attractive. She said she want to fuck him,
being very bluntly about her feeling. I said OK if you felt that

As usual she already prepared and seduced him. She said that tomorrow
she will meet him for lunch. I guessed she will not only having lunch
but she will be the main-course of that lunch meeting.

The next day she called me and said that she had just finished lunch
in one of the restaurant and now they are going to one of the motel
for dessert. She said over the phone that she was soaking wet and she
can feel it seeping and dripping through her panties. She asked me to
wait for her in my parent’s house around 4 o’clock. I was so anxious
to meet her and hearing to what she is going to tell.

At 3.45, I reached my parent’s house and waited for her, five
minutes after I had arrived, a car stop in front of the house and it
was her. A big smile and grin was on her face. I took her straight
to the bedroom and lifted her skirt. She didn’t have her panties.
Her pussy was so wet and it stained her skirt. I immediately dive in
and lick her pussy. It was delicious and smell musky plus sweaty. I
licked her clean while she unfold her story.

She said that while they were driving to the motel, her uncle (around
48 years old) talking about how he wished that some day he will be
able to fuck her. And his dream came true. He pulled her hand and
asked her to play with his prick. It was hard and ready for her.
Driving and having sex is quite difficult. He lifted her skirt and
touched her pussy, he was saying that her panties was so wet. He
slid his finger into her panties and pushed in into her love hole, he
played for a wile and took out the finger and licked it clean.

When they reached the motel, they went straight to the covered garage
and straight up to the room. She was trembling and her knees felt
weak, she was so exited and can not say anything.

Once they were in the room, he helped her undressed and start sucking
her tits, at

the same time he fingering her love hole. The fingering really turned
her even hotter. She was moaning and spreading her legs wider for

Slowly he put her down on the bed and start licking her pussy, he
really takes his time exploring her curve and cunt lips, he was
looking for her clit and yet couldn’t find it. She had a tiniest clit
I have ever seen, smaller than a rice grain, but it didn’t affect
her sexual performance at all.

Finished with her clit he went up and start nibbling her tits one by
one. He chewed and sucked it thoroughly. She went wild and grabbing
his prick. He has an average size of circumcised prick. His prick
still soft and she tried hard to make it hard. When it was semi hard
he guided his prick head into her love hole and rub it over her cunt
lips to lubricate his prick. It was actually not necessary because
her cunt was wide open and ready for his tool. She helped him and
inserted his prick, he pushed it into her hole and it was not easy.
His prick was not hard enough and he kept on missing the target.
Although her cunt was wet but it was quite tight and it makes his
effort quite difficult. He kept on trying by lifting her legs up and
pushed her tights apart spreading it wide. He has the ultimate view
and access into her love hole. He tried to inserted his prick again
and this time it went in smoothly. She responded by tighten her cunt
muscles when his prick penetrated her. She moved her hips following
his rhythm. Although he was able to pushed his prick in, it still
stayed semi hard, he said because he had so many things in his mind
and has meeting to attend after this. They tried different styles and
changed position few times, when it came to her favourite position
that is doggy style, his prick slip out few times and its getting
softer. They finally gave up and stop screwing. They just hold each
other and talking.

By now my prick was really hard and about time to fuck that hole. She
said better wait until we reach our own house. Our making love
sessions that night become very interesting.

Her experienced with him did not stop there he still went to see her
and took her several times to a different motel, the one that
interesting is when he screwed her in the morning, they made an
arrangement to meet in the morning around 9 o’clock. He supposed to
pick her up in the lobby of my office. Her story unfold, they went
straight to the motel near by and started to undress each other, they
were sitting on the sofa and he kissed her and as before started
finger fucked her, he really pushed and dig into her love hole and
twisting his finger inside. His action really made her juice flowing
out from her cunt. She has the most lubricated cunt I have ever
experienced. He kept on fingering her while kissing and sucking her
nipples. The only thing she can do is enjoying the touch and moan.
He start kissing her naval and down to her cunt, it became a ritual
for him to go down on her every time they make love, this one with no
exception. He spread her leg and waste no time licking her pussy. He
liked the taste and the aroma of her love hole. He took his time
exploring her hole and lick every inch of it. When she was really
high and wet, he got up and inserted his prick while holding her legs
up, this time his prick was hard. It went easily into her love hole.
She squeezed her pussy really tight, he felt the tightness and start
moaning loudly, he almost screaming. She kept on squeezing and
pumping him, until he can hold no longer.

He just unload his cream into her hole and she felt the twinges inside
her pussy. She can feel the sperm shooting into her womb and it gave
her the tingling feeling. He kept on pumping until he has no more to
shoot. He was trying hard to make her come and yet he was not able,
my wife told him that it was not easy for her to come with somebody
else. She said it is only her husband can make her come. A lie that
really help my ego.

Right after her morning sexercise session, she came to my office.
She wore no panties at all. I believe people would be able to noticed
and saw her pubic hair when she climbed the stair. But she has this
exhibitionist inclination, and got the thrilled out of it.

I poke her pussy with my finger and smell the sperm and the wetness.
It really turned me on. Unfortunately I was busy with my job and the
fingering and fucking session has to wait until this afternoon. I
told her not to wash her pussy at all. I would lick it clean latter.

Cheating wife

This is the next sexual experience of my wife, although we have an
open marriage, doesn’t mean we can fuck anybody just like that. Both
of us agreed that we would ask other partner permission before we even
flirting with them. An agreement that we kept all the time. However
our agreement somehow was not followed by her. And this is the story.

I have few colleagues working in my office, one of them is a very
attractive young man (24 years) which caught my wife’s eyes and
interest. One day I have to visit my client office in the airport and
spend whole day there until evening. I and my wife made a date to
meet at my father’s house which is only two minutes drive from my
office. While I was in the client’s office, my wife came to the
office to do some errand, she usually help me to tidy up things and
trained my new secretary how to arrange things the way I like it.
When it was the time for her to go to my father’s house, she ask my
secretary to call a cab for her. Before she can call a cab, the
young man that my wife was eyeing, offered her to drive her there.
She gladly accepted the offer and both of them went to my father’s
house. On the way to my father house, he asked her which way to
take, she jokingly said to him anywhere you like, and I believe we
are passing a motel on the way to my father in-law’s house. Shall we
stop there. The young man jokingly said “Are you serious about this?
She said yes! But the young man did not take her to the motel.
Instead he drove her home. He said next time maybe I take you there.

When she told me the conversation, I told her to drop it and don’t
even think about it, he is my colleague and if she did fuck him it
may spoil the relationship between all of us in the office. She said
of course she would not do it.

I kept on reminding her about the consequences of fucking this young
man. One month after that conversation, I have to go to my client
office and I would be going back to the office around 4 p.m. I told
her to wait for me in my office. While I was in my client’s office I
called her in her office and asked her where will she go for lunch?
She said she will go down stairs and having lunch with her office

At 4 p.m, I arrived at the office and saw her already waiting for me
there. I gave her a kiss and asked her about her lunch, she said it
was OK nothing special. I smelled her different when I kissed her and
she said because of people were smoking in the restaurant. We drove
home from the office and normally it took us around 45 minutes to one
hour drive. On the way home as usual we discuss about our day, and I
was telling her about my meeting with client. When it came to her
turn, I asked her about her lunch, who did she go with, she was
reluctant to tell me and avoiding the subject, I was suspicious about
it and pushing her to tell me. She said that she had something to
tell me and she asked me not to get upset. I said tell me first and I
will decided after that. If you did nothing wrong than you don’t have
to be afraid of. She told me that she actually didn’t go for lunch
with her friend but with the young man from the office. My heart was
pumping hard and faster. I asked where did she go to, she was having
difficulties describing the place and what they ate this afternoon. I
asked her whether she fuck him or not. She said she didn’t. I told
her if she did I would drop her in the middle of the road and forget
about having me as her husband. To this point I took her words.

She said they went to have lunch in one of the restaurant and have a
quick lunch. Nothing happened she said.

But my mind was wandering whether she told me the truth or not. At
night after everybody went to bed, we retired to our bed and were
talking again as usual. We were talking and at the same time playing
with each other body. When I touch her pussy it was really wet and
sticky. I kissed her and raised her so that she is on top of me now.
I guided my prick into her love hole and slowly pushed it in. While
we fucked the subject of lunch came up again. And now she said that
actually the young man kissed her this afternoon and she liked it. I
asked her what else did she do with him, she kept on saying it was
only kissing. But her breath was getting heavier and faster. I was
wandering whether she was really stop where she told me or there was
something else. I directly asked her whether she fucked that guy,
she said no, I asked her again whether she fucked the guy or not,
she was crying and said yes I did. I was so angry and at the same
time was aroused, I didn’t expect that she fucked him this afternoon,
because we made an agreement that she would not fuck this guy. I
released my anger by fucked her very hard, I pumped her pussy like I
never pumped before. I believe it was hurting her as much as it hurts
me. It really turn me on but at the same time I felt the jealousy and
anger building up inside me.

I asked her to tell me the process. She said actually they made an
arrangement the day earlier to have lunch near her office. But when
he picked her up for lunch, he said that he knows a nice and cosy
place. He drove passing through my office and straight to a place
that looks like a motel to her, when she asked him whether it was a
motel or not, he said yes, but there is a restaurant for them to
have lunch. Immediately after they entered the area, he drove
straight to one of the garage and stop the car there. He opened the
door and took her hand. She bit curious about the place but say
nothing at all. Her heart was pumping quite fast and her knees was
weak, she can feel that her pussy start producing a lot of juice
When they got to the room, they were seated by the sofa and ordered
some lunch. While waiting for the food to arrive he removed his shirt
and fold it nicely over the table, and than he went to her and kissed
her. She was asking him what is he going to do and why he took her
there. He just asked her to keep quite and continued kissing her.
His kiss affected her sexually, she responded and kissed him back,
while they were kissing the doorbell rang. The waiter came with their
order and placed in on the table. After the waiter left, he
continued kissing her and at this time he undressed her. She was
struggling and refused to let him took her dress off. But her
resistance was no use, his sexual advances were too much for her. He
was able to removed her dress leaving her teddy’s. He continue
kissing her and at the same time start exploring the curves in her
body, he was playing with her boobs and nipples and nibbling it.
Next he tried to pushed his hand down to her pussy, she kept on
pushing and holding his hand. He removed his pants leaving his
underwear. He took her to the bed and they were now lying on he bed
side by side and still kissing, he kept on trying to touch her pussy
and she kept on refusing it. She let him as far as kissing and
licking up to her tits. His action did aroused her at the end and
voluntarily she pushed her hand under his brief and reached for his
prick and massaging it under his underwear, he had a thick prick and
quite good in length. His prick was hard and his pre-come oozing out
from the tip of his head. She used his pre-come to make his prick
slippery and smooth. Next thing without both of them realising it,
she lift his brief and expose his prick little bit, immediately she
went down and have him in her mouth. She sucked and sucked his prick
few times and he was moaning. She pushed his prick all the way in and

By this time his mind was to high to be able to control himself, he
tried to touched her pussy again, but she still refused him. His
action stop her from sucking his prick and she went up and kissed her.
He was out of control now, and climbed on top of her, he removed his
brief and exposing his prick to the air. He lifted her hand over her
head and hold it there. At the same time he pulled her teddy’s, it
snatch opened easily. Immediately it expose her pussy, he said that
she was unfair to him, she did suck his prick and played with it,
while he was not allowed to do the same to her. He pushed his prick
into her love hole, and without even guided by both of them, it went
straight into her love hole, she was in deep trouble because his
prick filled her pussy and she can felt the tip of his prick head
spread her pussy wide open. While he hold her hand, he pushed his
prick all the way in one go, she was shocked and moaning loud, she
responded by moving her hips up meeting his thrust. She really
enjoying his prick and start responding to it normally. They were
kissing each other and rolling all over the bed. He was a good lover
without any gentleness at all. He treated her as a sex object and she
liked it.

They rolled over and this time she was on top of him. She squeezed
and pumped him hard, he grabbed her boobs and played with her
nipples. They changed position again, this time he was on top of him
and he lifted her legs up without letting his prick out from her hole.
He rested her legs over his shoulder and pumped her hard, she raised
her head and look directly to his disappearing prick. He really
fucked her hard, the hardest fuck she ever had so far.

Tired with that position they rolled over again, and now she was on
top. She bucked him up and pushed her pussy hard into his pelvic
bone. It send his prick all the way in until it touches her inner

He pushed her up and know they were in sitting position, he was
sitting on his ass and she was squatting down having his prick poking
into her cunt. He had such a wonderful time, his hands were free to
do what ever he liked, he squeezed her boobs and at the same time
sucked the nipples one by one. She grind his prick hard it was really
hard and almost made him shoot up his load, he asked her to slow down
and hold, he was just to unload his sperm into her hole, and yet he
didn’t want it, he had his own reason for not shooting his sperm into
woman hole. We talked a lot about our sexual experiences in the
office and he told us that whenever he fucked a girl, he liked to
hold and not too unload it. Like wise he will not let the girl to
come also, a weird thing to do. But by doing that he said next time
if they fuck again, it will be the best fuck they ever have. Somehow
he was right, my wife was so high and yet she didn’t reached an
orgasm yet. It drove her crazy, and she fucked me really wild. I
fucked her many times that night and really hard, I want to punished
her for what she did to me. But my punishment made her even hotter,
because we fucked and talked about the experience at the same time, I
lost count how many times we reached our orgasm, but for sure the
next day we were very tired and no energy at all.

My anger did not stop there from time to time I still felt the anger
build up inside me. And one solution to let it go is by having my
prick between her tights. I have my own way of accepting her that is
by talking and discussing it over and over again. By doing this I got
myself immune to this and can accept her cheating action easily. I
was even asking her to fuck this guy again. An experience that she
would appreciate but have no chance at all until now.

Small but nice

My wife sex adventure continued. When we got back to our hometown,
she start looking for her old old friends. On her effort she met one
of her ex boyfriend. To make the story short, he called her and they
made an arrangement to have lunch together. She talked to me and
asked whether it is OK for her to meet this guy. He is happily
married, although he actually was hoping to marry her. But was not
able because she was and is married to me.

The night after they had lunch together, I asked her where did she
went to and what was happening between the two of them. She was
saying that there was nothing happening between the two of them. She
said that this guy was putting some weight and looks much older than
his age.

They had lunch in a Japanese restaurant in one of the hotel and was
sitting in a private room. An enclosed room where it was only the two
of them. I was wondering whether they did more then just having lunch
knowing how active my wife can be.

She insisted that they just having lunch and nothing else. When lunch
was over, she said he kissed her and hug her.

They met few more times and every time she kept on saying nothing
happening between them, something that difficult for me to believed.
This guy is in love with my wife and yet nothing happening.

One night I had a dinner meeting with one of my client, knowing that
I will go home late, she said that she is going to bar to have a
drink with him. And she asked for my permission. A permission was

After dinner, I called her and pick her up in the gym where she works
as the manager. On the way home I asked her whether something
happening tonight? She said nothing special, except when he dropped
her in her working place he hold her hand and start touched her, he
did not get into her skin, just from outside. I asked her whether
she was attracted sexually to him or not. She said she did and she
doesn’t mind to have him.

One night after we reached home, he called and they were talking for
a while. She came to me and asked whether she can go out and see him
tonight. I said sure why not.

They planned to meet in one of the Indian restaurant in one of top
hotel. She called me after they finished dinner and said they are
going upstairs to one of the room.

At home I was very horny, thinking of what is going to happen in that
hotel room. I was not able to concentrate, my mind was on her and
him. When she came back, she was so exited and began telling me the
story. And this is her story. During dinner they ordered wines and
drank plenty of it, wines and spicy food seems working very well for
their sex appetite, even before they finished dinner she felt quite
horny already and wanted to be fucked. The wines worked well on her.

They began talking about sex and telling each other their fantasies,
right after dinner, he asked her whether she have to go home
immediately or not, it was around 9 pm. Jokingly she asked what if
she doesn’t have to go home straight, what will he do? He just
pressed the lift button up, and went in to the lift. When they
reached the floor he took her hand and took her to one of the room.
Once they were inside, he kissed her and started to undressed her,
she was now wear her bra and panties only. He lay her down on the bed
and start kissing her. Her pussy was very wet and her heart beat
pumping very fast, her breath showed how horny she was.

He removed his shirt and trouser, he removed her panties and start
finger fucked her. She likes being finger fucked, and he was quite
good in doing it, she was moaning and moving her hips following his
rhythm. Her cunt was so wet by now and the juice drips to the
mattress. He kissed her body and stop by her nipples, he chewed and
sucked her nipples one by one. She reacted by reaching down to get
his prick, at this time she was disappointed because his prick was
soft and quite small. It was around 3 inches only and soft. She kept
on massaging his prick and try hard to make it hard. She said even if
his prick is small, she better make good of what he has down there.
She started to kiss him and stop by his nipple, she sucked and licked
his nipples and he likes it. She continue kissing his body and now
reached his prick. She put his prick into her mouth and suck it
slowly, it goes all the way into her mouth nothing left outside. She
sucked and licked his tip with her tongue, she is very good in doing
this. Doing a blow job was one of her favourite. She can put all of
his prick into her mouth and suck it in one go. He was moaning and
turning his head side to side, seems he enjoyed the treatment given
by her mouth. He pulled her up and kissed her again, no long after
that he pulled her even higher and mounted her pussy over his mouth,
he lick and suck her cunt while she was squatting over his face. It
really send her high. Drips of her juice started to rolling over her
tights on to his face. She pushed her cunt hard over his face and
started to fucked his face. Enough with that he put her down and rose
up. His prick started getting harder and he positioned himself on top
of her, he spread her legs and mounting her pussy. She was very wet
and horny, she raised her pelvic so that he can pushed his prick into
her hole. She helped him guided his prick and into her love hole. It
was quite small prick, once it went in, he start pumping it hard,
he really pushed his prick all the way in a strong and fast motion.
She tried to squeeze her cunt’s muscles but it was difficult. His
pumping motion did some massaging on her clit and that good enough to
raised her blood. He kissed and fondling her body. One thing that
she didn’t expect was reaching an orgasm. It was quite difficult for
her to reach an orgasm when being fucked by other men. But this time
she can feel the wave is coming up. She pushed her hips up and pulled
his ass down so that his pelvic really touching and massaging her
clit. When the tension was so high, she moaned and let a soft cry
and she was having her first orgasm. She told him that she was coming
and asking him to shoot his load into her pussy. Knowing that she is
coming, he pump her harder and suck her nipple. Trace of tear drops
from the corner of her eyes, and that was the sign that she was
having a very good and fantastic orgasm. She kissed him and trying to
make him come, he pulled his prick out and shoved it into her mouth,
she sucked it and sucked it until he almost come. He didn’t want to
shoot it in her mouth, he pushed it back into her cunt and shot his
sperm. She can’t feel it, and asking him whether he came or not. He
said that he did and as usual it was just a small drops. But it was a
good one.

He rest his body over her and take a nap, he was holding her while he
was sleeping. His prick slid out from her pussy and became soft.
After a while he woke up and start touching her again. But he has no
energy and drive to have another session. He apologised for his
lackness in size and drops of sperm. She said not to worry about all
of this. They dressed up and send her home.

Around 9.45 pm the phone rang, it was her, I asked her how was it,
she said it was good that was all, obviously it was quite hard for
her to talk over the phone while he was next to her. She said she is
now on the way home, his driver is sending her, and she should be
home around 15 minutes.

When she reach home, immediately I took her to our room, and kissed
her, at the same time I touched her pussy. I was surprised, she
wore no panties at all and it was soaking wet. I inserted my finger
into her cunt and played with it for a while. She pushed me down on
to the bed and ride me from the top. I lifted her skirt and played
with her ass cheeks. From time to time I pushed my finger into her
ass hole and cunt. She gave me a deep kissed and playing with her

My prick was swollen and quite uncomfortable inside my short. She
helped to remove my short. My swollen prick sprang out immediately
after she removed my trouser. She went down and suck my cook, saying
that this is how she did it on him. I was in ecstasy imagining her
mouth having his prick and now sucking me exactly as how she did it on

I was moaning and moving my hips trying to diffuse the tension that
building up on my prick. The more I moaned the harder and faster she
sucked me. That what she did on him. Before I was ready to shoot,
she stood up and mounted her cunt over my lips. She was so wet and
the juice drips on to my mouth. Her pussy smells musky and strong, I
believe it was the combination of his and hers juice, sweat and
sperm. Although I was not able to smell his sperm, there was no
trace of sperm in her pussy. I was quite worried when she lowered her
pussy onto my mouth. The idea of drinking his sperm some how
frightened me. I was somehow relieved by at the same time want to
know how it fell to have somebody else sperm. She pushed her pussy
into my mouth and start massaging it, as it was a hand or flat bed.
She spread her wetness all over my face. I grabbed her bum and start
holding it tight so that she could not move to far away from my lips.
I sucked her lips hard and try to put it all into my mouth. Her pussy
was quite small and I was able to covered it all with my mouth, I
sucked it hard and at the same time licking her clit. She was moaning
and rocking her body up and down. Suddenly she stop and asked me to
slow down. She said that she is about to come and don’t want it
there, she want it with my prick inside her pussy. She lay down and
asked me to fucked her from the top. She try to direct me to how he
did it with her. She grabbed my prick and start to mounted it into
her love hole. With one stroke she pushed it down. She hold my bum
and start pushing it up and down, beginning with slow motion and then
faster. While she pushing my bum, her other hand caressing my
shoulder and nibbling into my ear. She saying sexy things and it
really send a shiver into my spine. She pushed me little bit and
start sucking my nipple. This is something that I can’t stand. She
insisted that I try to enjoyed it because that what she did to him
and he liked it very much.

I can not stay any longer and start telling her that I am about to
come, she increased the pace and squeezing my prick hard. With one
deep thrust I let the sperm flowing into her pussy, the jerking
motion of my prick send a wave of orgasm inside her. She was moving
violently and holding me tight. When her orgasm subsides, she kissed
me and her tear drops onto my face. And thank me for the wonderful
session and also for my understanding for letting her fucking this

We holding each other and drifting to our dreamland, my prick was
still inside her and still hard. It was a nice feeling and we thank
for this experience.

Her experience with him did not stop there at least they did few more
time. By now he was hooked on my wife pussy. One interesting thing
is about his wife. She didn’t know that her husband having my wife
pussy regularly. And she met my wife few times because of their job.
My wife talk to her as nothing happened between her and her husband.
I asked her whether she felt uncomfortable and guilty for fucking her
husband. She said no. And no wonder why he did fuck her. His wife
dressed up like an old lady and very plain, while my wife put on a
make up and look very sexy.

They made an agreement that she will become his girl friend and they
will continue fucking each other from time to time. He is quite
loaded and rich. An idea of using this as opportunity came up between
us. The idea of getting some financial gain from this relation really
turn us on. After her first sex encounter with him, we made up our
mind that she will ask him for something in return. Of course she
will not asked him directly. On her second courting, she came back
with some money. It was quite a lot. They again met in the same
place and same room. They did almost the same thing over again,
except this time there is no influence of wine. She still enjoyed
being fucked by him and was able to reach an orgasm. I am still
anxious and nervous when she is having him in that hotel.

One night she comebacks from her sex routine with him and I was ready
for her. She came home while I was waiting inside the room and half
dose off. She walk in slowly and directly sucking my prick, of
course my prick was very hard already. As usual she wore no panties
and her pussy was wet, she was wearing her yellow miniskirt and a
cotton T-shirt. I woke up and found the feeling of being sucked by
her. I pull her hips towards me and reaching for her pussy. It was
very wet and spread over her tights. I pushed my fingers into her
pussy and start finger fuck her. She moaning between my prick and
spread her legs wider. I pull her ass closer to me and tried to lick
her pussy. Our position was in no way allow us to do that. The only
thing I can do is looking at her cunt lips and play with it. I pulled
my finger and try to lick it, this time I can smell sperm inside her
pussy. To my surprised, I didn’t feel disgusting or dirty, but the
smell really turn me on. I licked my finger clean and dipped it again
into her pussy, I was trying to catch the juice and sperm using my
hand and bringing it to my mouth. My tension was going up and I feel
that I need a lot more than just licking my finger, I pulled her
pussy towards my face and pushed my mouth over it. I licked clean her
pussy until it has no trace of her juice nor his sperm. What left was
my saliva. I was quite wild when licking her pussy it was shown on
her reaction, she was moaning and pushing her pussy deeper onto my
face, and sucking my prick harder.

She pulled my prick out and positioning her self over my prick and in
one go pushed it deep into her love canal. While she pumped me, she
told me that he gave her money after he fucked her, and she felt like
a whore. I asked her how she felt, whether she think she is really a
whore and fell dirty or normal. She said actually she felt quite sexy
after he gave her money. I can really see that she was telling the
truth, because the way she fucked me tonight somehow quite different
from the normal fucking session. We fucked each other hard by this
time and imagining that she is now can make money out of her pussy.
Even though we don’t really need the money. But the idea of being
paid make the whole thing more exiting. It took us few more strokes
and pumps before we let our scream and having our orgasm. It was
seems the longest orgasm we ever have.

As usual we fall a sleep with my prick inside her feeling filled up
satisfactorily. After this experienced I love to smell sperm and
licked it clean. And most of the time she comes home with something
from him. I was looking forward for her to come home with sperm for
me to lick.

This is my last stories and hope you enjoy reading it as much as we
enjoyed experiencing the action. Our love grew stronger and our sex
life become more exited. We are not sure whether we are going to have
another experience or not. One thing for sure we have been talking a
lot of having threesome, and now we are trying to get a partner to
fulfill our dream. A bi-sex man was interested in joining us, and I
was quite happy to have fuck him in his ass or to be fucked by him.
The idea really turn both of us. See you on maybe our next stories.

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