Sex Clinic Wife


A low rumble rose in a quickening crescendo that ended abruptly with a thunderous crashes the wave hit the beach. The quieter whispering rush of sound as the waters receded across the rocks and sand exposed for a second the rasping noise of her zipper as he tugged it downward… and then another pounding wave drowned all other sounds in its suddenness…

Darlene Jefferson tossed restlessly in her bed, knowing she had to get up and fix breakfast, but not yet willing to give up her dream. She could hear Roger’s electric shaver going in the bathroom and the sounds of early morning shuffling through the paper-thin walls of the apartment next door, but still she couldn’t bring herself to leave… not now… not now… not yet.

She wanted to cry out, but his hands had touched her breasts just as softly and tenderly as the withdrawing surf that caressed the sand in its return to the sea. Her senses seemed to be so vibrantly alert — the crashing waves became an explosive roar in her ears, the ebbing waters seemed to be whispering soft encouragement to her and the warmth of his searching hands offered such comforting protection against the salty chill of the night air.

“Just lean back against me, Darlene, “she heard him say, and the intrusion of his words into her thoughts snapped her abruptly back to reality.

“No… NO!… Please,” she moaned and tried to pull away from him. “Please, you can’t… no, no, I don’t want to… I can’t…” Her voice trailed away as she tried to squirm away from his touch, the heat of his body as he pressed more firmly against her… and then she felt the cold air hit her back as he parted the silken top of her sundress and moved his hands inside past the zipper until they touched her skin like an electric shock.

He knew that her surrender was almost complete, that soon there would be no struggle, only desire left in her… but, he also knew that another premature word or move could destroy everything. And so there was only tenderness and gentle hesitancy in the way his fingers traced a soft trail across her back. He ached to reach forward — to reach farther around her until his searching hands could feel the firm swell of her breasts — he wanted to move his hands downward over the curve of her belly, past the elastic waistband, and feel the burning excitement at the first touch of silken curled hair at her naked loins — but still he waited…

“Honey?” Roger’s booming baritone voice cut through Darlene’s reverie from another world. “Baby, it’s time to get up and put the coffee on, if I’m going to make that eight o’clock class!”

The nineteen-year-old blonde wife gasped a furtive sigh as she rolled over on her back and allowed her warm hazel eyes to flutter open in a ceiling-directed blank stare. In the adjoining bathroom, she heard the shaver’s whir cease with a loud click, then the sound of the doorknob turning as her handsome twenty-four-year-old husband swept into the room to plant a brotherly kiss on her sleep-furrowed brow. “Something wrong, Darlene?” he queried concernedly. “You look like you lost your last friend.”

“No, darling,” she forced a pair of dimples. “Still a little sleepy, I guess.”

Roger slapped her playfully on the thigh. “Better shake a leg,” he smiled importantly. “Can’t be late for the last day of the semester!”


With only the steam pouring out of her coffee cup to keep her awake, Darlene watched indifferently as her young husband polished off a stack of flapjacks. Then, waiting until he was dabbing the last vestiges of Karo syrup from his neatly scissored mustache, she announced calmly, “Roger, I’m going to take a job.”

“Job?” Roger echoed over the rim of his coffee cup. “What job?”

“Barbara Fletcher called yesterday — the one who works at the college pla-placement office — and…”

“You mean your skinny redheaded girlfriend with the buck teeth?” Roger interjected.

Darlene grimaced. “Yeah, that’s her. Anyway, she called to tell me there’s a new clinic opening up in Westwood, and…”

“Westwood? What kind of clinic?”

“I’m not sure, Roger. Barbara just said this Doctor Parker called up to ask for a nurse to work on his staff.”

“Sounds okay, I guess,” said Roger. “But, why? I mean, we’ve got enough in savings to see me through my last semester of law school.”

“I know, but, Roger… Well, I’m bored stiff staying home all day with nothing to do… and, we could really use the money. It doesn’t hurt to have that savings account to fall back on… you know, a cushion,” she explained.

There was a pause in the conversation while Roger mulled over the idea. Then, “Suit yourself,” he downed his coffee. Getting up from the table, he headed towards the door. “Gotta go now, hon… see you later!”

Darlene sat for a moment at the kitchen table. Wow, she heaved a sigh, that was easier than I thought it would be. She rose and removed the breakfast dishes, taking them to the sink, and rinsed them off, then turned to glance at the wall clock. Well I certainly have plenty of time before my two o’clock appointment at the Parker Clinic this afternoon, she yawned, so I might as well go back to bed and catch up on my sleep.

The pretty blonde wife padded sleepily back into the bedroom and plopped down on the bed. Mmm, she murmured to herself, that feels so good. She sank back into the soft mattress and pulled the covers over her smooth voluptuous body. I’ll bet anything that I’m going to have that dream again… especially since I’ve been having that same dream for the past three weeks… I wonder if that’s because Roger and I haven’t made love since then…?


The faceless stranger’s hands shook as he reached down and crushed the soft, resilient mounds of her breasts between his strong fingers until tiny ridges of white stood up between the dark tan of his fingers like the whiteness of the moon in the dark sky. He kneaded and stretched at them… watching the whiteness ooze through his hands like firm, and yet soft, foam… springing back into their voluptuous shape the moment the pressure lifted. He pushed them together so that they met across her body and formed a velvet yielding tunnel inside which his cock was so sensuously entrapped. He pressed them so hard that the nipples met at the top, and then began a gently rocking motion, thrusting his whole swollen rigidity through the warm channel formed by her firm, white rounded breasts. As he pushed the swollen red tip of his cock appeared at the far end of the warm soft tunnel and brushed gently against her chin, leaving a tiny spot of whitened moisture each time it touched.

He kept up the slow rocking motion between her quivering breasts for several moments, feeling his penis growing and expanding until he was afraid it would erupt into a great gushing fountain of sperm before he was ready. He had to force himself to sit still for a moment and content himself with pushing and putting at the maddening softness of the two throbbing mounds so warmly surrounding him. He tweaked at the nipples and rubbed them over the top of his cock, watching with bared teeth as they jerked and throbbed into an even greater hardness than he thought possible. At the same time, he studied her face and the reaction it was having on her.

It was electrifying!

Her eyes were open now and gazed unseeing up into the darkness. A thin, smoky veil, of passion obscured their dilated pupils. Her hips and buttocks writhed sensuously on the ground beneath her, and then drawing up again as though searching for some invisible lover to draw inside them… She was completely out of her mind and he knew that she would do anything he wanted and the thought made his body almost quiver with lust.

He moved up a little so that his knees were on either side of her neck and his long, swollen pulsing cock throbbed out directly over her face, presenting her unseeing eyes with a view of the sperm-filled ridge running beneath it. His balls lay gently against her chin. He was still for an moment feeling the firm resilient mounds of her breasts flattened beneath his buttocks. He didn’t move in order to give her mind time to adjust to the change in position. He placed both hands gently behind her head and lifted it up off the ground beneath her, bending her neck up toward him so that her face and mouth were poised directly in front of the huge, palpitating head of his cock. He pushed forward slightly, his buttocks rolling on the cushion of her breasts, until the tip of his penis was pressed gently between her slightly open lips. He groaned when he felt the soft velvet surfaces of her lips brush against the sensitive skin of the head. Her mouth closed at the first touch and he held his breath, waiting for a sudden cry of protest… but none came…

Instead, her lips fell limply open and her head pressed forward of its own volition without his having to pull her to him. The movement caught him by surprise and then he watched with unbelieving delight as the tight rounded oval of her mouth enclosed the tightly stretched skin of his pulsating prick.

She started to use her tongue, slowly at first, and he could feel it moving in circles around him, causing his hardened cock to jerk in tiny spasms inside her mouth. Her lips were soft and warm and enclosed him in a tight, clasping elastic ring of flesh. He could feel them with pained intensity moving down his cock and taking as much of him as she could in her mouth — surrounding him with the hot moist warmth of her saliva and the tender inner flesh of her tongue. He pressed his hands on either side of her hollowing cheeks and pressed inward with his fingers.

She began to suck at the huge swollen shaft in her mouth with a moist nibbling pressure and her tongue curled around him as though she had done this a thousand times before — though this was in reality the first time she had ever held a man this way. She could faintly hear him groaning above her and she felt the insistent pressure of his hands against her cheeks. Again and again she sucked at him with all of her strength as if she were trying to draw him further and deeper into the fiery hunger of her mouth.

Again and again, he drove into the eager, hungry heat beneath him. He wanted her to make him cum and he wanted to make her swallow it so that she would know even in her own mind that it was she and not he that had made this happen. He could imagine her horror when he showed her who was boss; that it was her own lust coming to the fore. He flexed his hips in and out at the ova led hole formed by her lips and rotted his buttocks on her soft, yielding breasts as though he were attempting to flatten them down into her chest. He watched wild eyed from above as his thick, glistening flesh disappeared into her clasping tips like it was another hungry, nibbling cunt. He could feel all of himself, every nerve he possessed, pulsating and throbbing between her lips and into the moist cavity and warmth of her saliva-filled mouth.

He felt the tingling deep in his loins, watching the swelling and hollowing of her cheeks… feeling her licking him as she sucked, biting gently from time to time. Now, her eyes were seeing him, holding his, matching his look of furious passion with her own. He held her face tighter with his hands, guiding it feeling the rhythmic movements deep inside her mouth. As he pressed inward he could feel his solidity in her mouth.

“Suck harder,” he ordered throatily.

He felt her answering response — a greater pressure, a tighter embrace from the warmth of her lips. He felt his culmination growing into a burning fire in his loins — the pain almost driving him to climax.

He began to rock again slowly, flexing his loins forward as she sucked. She had released his prick from her hands and reached behind him and stroked his buttocks, running them teasingly across the soft sensitive skin. She was breathing heavily, passionately, through her flared nostrils… and he could feel her hips moving again under him.

Her hands couldn’t stay still on him and he felt them suddenly drawing lines of loin-convulsing sensation across and around his balls as they hung down across her breasts. He gasped aloud at the new attack and shoved so hard that for a moment she fought for breath and nearly choked before reorienting her embrace.

He gasped again, tensing his loins. He could feel himself starting to cum… slowly at first in a sort of smoldering ember. She began to tick and suck with great urgency and a hot, clamping urgency spread rampantly through his body. He flexed his loins harder, holding her face tightly.

Inside him the ember burst into flame and roared from the pit of its sensation… louder and more furious… he looked deeper into her eyes, owning her, subduing her beneath him, wracked with passion. The fire raced all trough him, quivered in his penis, trembling and threatening to overflow.

The passion in his body neared sudden, violent explosion. His loins grew hotter, and he was sweating between his legs, but still she sucked… burying her face between his thighs until he knew it was the end. The pressure built in his balls as they slapped against her chin white she drew him into her wildly sucking mouth even deeper — her passion and ecstasy beyond control — and the delicious pain in him became excruciatingly unbearable. His cock seemed to inflate and lengthen beyond anything it had ever been before.

And then, suddenly, there was a jerk in his loins and nothing in the world could have stopped the liquid white flow that was rushing like a water fall up from his aching balls and out the tip of his spasmodically jerking penis. He gripped her head tightly between his hands and shoved his cock deep into her throat. She groaned beneath him as the first needle-thin spurt of hot, fiery liquid flooded into the back of her mouth, filling the warm moist cavity, bloating and expanding her cheeks until they almost burst. Her throat worked gluttonously, swallowing and spluttering to keep from choking on the white flood of semen as he emptied his baits relentlessly into the depths of her throat.

The unknown lover’s body quivered above her as he felt the last of his masculinity drain from his rapidly deflating penis. He was momentarily exhausted and had to brace himself with his hands tangled in her blonde hair to keep from failing to the sand. He started to lift himself from her but to his amazement she would not let his deflated organ from her tips. She continued to suck gently, undulating her buttocks behind him and rubbing her legs together hungrily. He watched with disbelief the tiny trails of viscous white semen trickling down from the corners of her mouth to her chin below. He had never in his life felt anything like what had just happened to him… it seemed that he had been completely drained of all the strength and desire that he had ever possessed.

But after a while she felt his felt his penis begin to thicken again in the soft, now-slippery warmth of her mouth. She licked it and bit it gently… taking pleasure and delight in her power to bring it to life again after its cataclysmic collapse.

Then, when it had grown to its full size again, she felt the surge of desire and want growing again in her loins. She continued to nibble for a moment longer, curling her slippery tongue around and around him until she was certain that his swollen penis had restored itself to its full length and power… she’d never known anything like this before… such overpowering hunger and desire. She let her head fall back onto the sand and his rejuvenated and throbbing organ slipped wetly from her mouth, trailing with it a thin string of semen from her glistening lips.

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him through smoky, desire-ridden pupils for a silent moment, and then pleaded in a desperate whisper, “Fuck me… Please!”

She reached for him, biting his lips and his neck. She was like an uncontrollable, fighting tigress.

He began to caress her then, to tantalize her, and her mind whirled with disbelief at the delicious pleasure she’d discovered with him. It taunted her, bringing her to a savage pitch of excitement… a thunderous, growing passion that seemed to be lying in wait… waiting to explode with frightening fury.

Her thighs slipped and dug beneath him, trying to get him to mount her, and her arms pulled his face to her — his chest pressed tight against her breasts straining upward-digging into him with stiffened, erected nipples.

“Now, now,” she murmured huskily. “Do it to me now!”

Her unknown lover hesitated, caressing her with his hands only until she was groaning wildly is ecstasy.

“Please, please, now, now,” she begged, hardly able to utter the words, her hands squeezing blindly on his throbbing rod of flesh.

Finally, she felt him slithering farther up onto her, and she swung her thighs outboard and up again as she felt the smooth pulsing head of his penis brushing against the eager warmth of her vagina. She gripped both of his shoulders very tightly with her hands and felt her whole body quivering uncontrollably with emotion.

She ground against him, longing for his to plunge into her hot, liquid depths immediately. Abruptly, because she could stand it no longer, she released her hold on his shoulders and moved her hands downward feeling for and then finding his hardened throbbing cock. She held it gently, holding her breath at the same time, then guided it between her open legs toward the beckoning warmth of her cunt.

Now! Now! her mind screamed at last in a final moment of fierce violent joy. Now! She felt him thrust in with a long, excruciatingly slow pressure… all the way in a bursting, agonizing movement that lasted through a blinding eternity.

A soft choking scream escaped her clenched lips, changing to become quieter and muffled, and then she was motionless except for the spasmed quivering in her thighs. She was still for several seconds until she again drew her thighs up and clasped them across his back her teeth nibbling into his shoulder.

“AAAhhhhhhh,” her moans continued on a slightly lower key, a continuous gentle, lost groaning… the soft mewling moans of ecstatic emotion and passion.

The lustful blonde opened her thighs farther, giving him wider access, and moved them back toward her shoulders, then she brought them back to his hips, moving and slithering against them as he pistoned his body, his huge swollen prick moving in and out of her hot, eager cunt. Her breasts flattened and rounded under his varying pressure and her eyes opened to took abandonedly into his as her groaning lips sought to kiss, then to bite and caress his face.

Her whole body seemed aflame, consumed in the ecstatic relief of her clenching containment… she could feel the fires building until it seemed that she must be dying. She knew that her orgasm would come quickly and there was nothing she could do about it. She tried to urge him to meet her quickening speed, to have him reach the same climatic completion simultaneously… Oh God! Oh, my God! her mind screamed out again and again in the velvet darkness of her senses. What’s happening? What, dear God, is happening to me? That fire burning in my body… that fire…!

Over and over her mind cried out indiscernible screams of desire and pleasure. She had never known anything… never anything like this!

She squirmed under him thrusting and pulling at him, grinding her hips and her love-starved cunt up onto and around him… her lust building up into intense final pressure… She moved her hands around him, over his shoulders, down his back, to his buttocks. She pressed on them, pulling him deeper into her churning depths, swinging her legs higher to encircle his thighs, then pulled them up even further to grip his waist. Her head began to flail from side to side on the sand and her legs fell from his waist and swung down, straightening and flattening, gripping him again before failing away, almost at right angles to her body.

Her lover’s fingers slipped from the liquid heat of her wetly clinging cunt and ran up the soft jerking crease between her buttocks. He pulled the smooth, rounded cheeks apart, and she gave a gasp of passion through her moaning. He plunged a finger against the small tight barrier of her rectum and felt it give, his finger breaking through the soft, inner flesh inside.

“Oh, oh! Oh…!” she gasped again and again.

She began to writhe as if in a trance. It had to be soon! her mind screamed, It had to be! The only thing she could feel was the all-consuming fire as he pounded into her, pulling back and thrusting again, with each thrust coming faster and more furiously.

Her eyes bulged wide and gaped up at him desperately. They seemed to be speaking to him, pleading with him, abandoning herself to him. Her mouth opened and her tongue came out — a long, point-tipped, moist and perfectly smooth tongue. The unknown lover lowered his lips to hers and bit her tongue gently. He ground into her clasping cunt now with slow, strong strokes.

She wriggled furiously, her shoulders quivering, and her breasts under his face. She groaned and looked into his eyes in a last gleam of passion and then her mouth opened wide, her head dropped back, her thighs clasped him, and then she came…

Rasping, aching gasps broke from her mouth, another and another, finally dwindling into body-wracking sols of ecstatic passion.

Still cupping her churning buttocks in his hands, and fired by the sight of her fulfillment, her lover trembled on the brink of release. Her beautiful body, heaving with passionate sighs, was totally his. He looked down and saw her thighs hanging over his palms as he held her bottom. Her huge breasts swayed and heaved below him, and her flat white waist undulated above the hips he held off the sand.

He thrust savagely into her and felt his prick growing and swelling as it would expand a thousand times larger and ultimately burst into a million shattering pieces. He ground slowly, extracting every blinding sosation from the slow, long stroked. His breath was rising up from his chest, rising up through his throat in great bellowing heat. He felt the quick fire darting through his loins and come racing into his mind and senses. He surged up into her belly as the breath broke from his throat, twisting his mouth out into an agonized explosion. He felt the pressure of her thighs renewed and fleetingly heard a faint gasp echoing her recognition of his orgasm as it ricocheted wildly through the depths of her smooth, quivering belly.

For several moments he slammed into her, then slowly he collapsed onto her warm, cushioning flesh and felt her arms circle him gently and her lips, tight and tender, on his cheek…


“Miss Haywood, please send in the next applicant.” Dr. Lionel Parker released the switch on the intercom and leaned back in his chair, absent-mindedly reaching down to straighten his cock in his pants. He glanced up as the door opened and a beautiful black, girl entered, peering around uncertainly. “Good afternoon, Miss… Uh…”

“Sykes… Doctor Parker… Winona Sykes. I’ve-I’ve come about the job.”

“Yes, yes, I know,” he showed her to a chair. “Please sit down.” Taking her application, he returned to his chair, then carefully studied the paper he held in his hand. “Mmm, very good, Miss Sykes… you seem well suited to the job. However,” he surreptitiously fondled the rising bulge in his pants, “there are a few specific qualifications that are definitely required that we did not have you list on your application.”


“Yes. Now, the Parker Clinic is not just another private, high-priced medical facility… It is what I fondly call a ‘Sex Clinic’. Our work runs along the same line of that of a marriage counselor. But we go one step further… we are concerned with aiding couples with sexual problems.”

Winona Sykes fidgeted restlessly. What is he getting at? she wondered. I wish he’d come right to the point!

Dr. Lionel Parker quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock, pumping his hand up and down behind the desk. “Since we deal with sexual problems, there would be times that you will see active involvement in… uh, solving these specific problems. Do you understand what I am talking about?”

“I-I’m not sure, Doctor Parker,” she stammered.

“Well, it’s quite clear, my dear,” he leered at her from across the big desk. “Simply, you must pass one test before you are eligible for the job in my clinic.”

“What do you want me to do?”

Parker rubbed furiously on his cock. Here goes, he cautioned himself, the moment of truth arrives! “Suck my cock,” he said evenly, pushing back from his desk so that she could see his tremendous hard-on. “I want you to suck me off!”

The words hit Winona like a thunderclap. “That’s horrible,” she cried, rising shocked from her chair. “NO!”

“If you really want the job,” Parker replied, not disturbed at all by her outcries, “you’ll do it!”

“Oh please,” Winona sobbed, “please don’t make me do it!”

“It’s your choice, my dear,” Parker murmured, beginning to grind his pelvis obscenely up off the chair. “Either you demonstrate your willingness to obey my orders, or you might as well leave now and stop wasting my time!”

For an instant, Winona Sykes was about to cry out that that was exactly what she would do, leave his depraved place and never come back! But something stopped her. She had to have that job! She had to! She needed a job desperately, and the pay was exceptional! Making a great effort of will, she moved around the desk and knelt before him, reaching her hand out to where she could feel the thick, rubbery shaft of his penis. Steeling herself, she clasped the huge, heatedly throbbing penis in her slim black hand. It was so thick she could just barely encompass its bulk.

“I didn’t say play with me, damnit, I said suck me off,” Parker hissed.

Fighting down a wave of revulsion at his coarse words, Winona grasped the heavy, blue-veined column in both her hands. It was long and thick, and a few droplets of pre-coital fluid glistened on the smooth, rubbery tip. Despite herself, she found it fascinating to look squarely at the fully erect penis. It gave a little jerk as she touched it, lurching out of her hands for a moment and waving blindly in the air as if it had a life of its own. Retrieving it, she groaned softly to herself and began lightly licking the wetly glistening length of the shaft, noticing for the first time the velvety texture and the deep ridges of the veins against her tongue.

“Now that’s more like it,” Doctor Parker declared, Then, with one hand he reached down and seized his heavily throbbing cock, pulling her head forward with the other. “But you must take it all!”

Winona Sykes recoiled as she felt the huge, lust-swollen tip of his hotly pulsating penis press against her lips, trying to force an entry into her mouth.

“Nnnoooooo!” she moaned between tightly clenched teeth, trying to back away from the massive assailant.

Parker gave a vicious wrench to her hair, however, which caused her to cry out in pain. Immediately, he plunged his thick, bludgeoning shaft into the warm softness of her mouth, forcing it all the way to the back of her throat so that she gagged helplessly on its fullness. For a moment, she contemplated biting down with all her might, but Parker seemed to anticipate her thought.

“And don’t try any funny business,” he hissed, twisting her head backwards again, “or you’ll regret it! Now, suck me off real nice!”

I… I don’t know if I can stand it Winona thought, almost faint with fear and revulsion. Suddenly, she began to panic and struggled desperately to free herself. “I want to go home,” she sobbed incoherently, arching her body upwards with all her might to pull away from Parker. “Let go of me! I want to go home!”

“Aha!” he shouted, pulling her down with his hands, “I see now that you really don’t want the job… then you have to leave!”

“No,” Winona mewed, “you’ve got to believe me, I do want the job!”

“Then, you suck my cock!” Parker barked lewdly.

Winona Sykes shuddered slightly as, tears streaming down her face more heavily now, she again allowed her wetly ova led lips to enclose the tip of his long heavy organ. A shiver of revulsion ran through her again as she determinedly took the entire blunted head into her mouth and began to suck on it as he commanded.

The Sex Clinic director growled with satisfaction as he felt his eagerly pulsating cock slide wetly around the soft yielding mouth of the tearful young Negress. He watched with victoriously gleaming eyes as the young woman took the hard swollen shaft all the way up to the hilt in her throat. You’re okay, baby, he thought, I like a dame who fights back a little! Keeps me in shape.

Enjoying his power, he moved his hips and fucked his heavily pulsing cockhead in and out deeply and slowly, savoring the delicious feeling of her warm young lips nibbling and licking at the smooth bulbous hardness and then clasping wetly around the thick skewering pole. He liked the feeling of his cock-flesh rubbing tantalizingly against her white teeth, and her tongue swirling hotly against the sensitive underside. In and out he went, increasing his tempo as his corrupt passion mounted, exploring with undisguised glee the interior of her warmly working oval cavity, twisting his pelvis lasciviously about in rhythm to her small hesitant sucking motions.

Winona gagged again, almost choking, as the massive pole of rigid male flesh throbbed against the back of her throat. But it seemed that the more she resisted, the worse it was. Maybe if I suck a little bit and help him, she thought, it’ll be over faster!

Tentatively at first, she began to suck and pull on the huge rubbery instrument.

“That’s it, my dear, suck a little harder,” Parker groaned huskily, gyrating his naked pelvis more obscenely up against her lovely black face. Winona felt as though she would be smothered from his sheer bulk. Feeling utterly degraded, she fought back tears as the huge man towered over her. I must go through with this to get that job, I must! she screamed inwardly. No matter how humiliating it seems!

Strangely, as soon as she accepted the situation, a great deal of her tension seemed to lighten. Her body began to relax, and she was amazed to feel a warm excited moistness seeping from between her legs, soaking her little bikini panties, and she realized that for sometime she had been unconsciously rubbing her thighs together, squeezing her clitoris between her cuntal lips, and creating a pleasant throbbing in her vagina.

Hungrily her warm wet mouth pulled on Parker’s shaft of swollen flesh as she worked feverishly, straining to take all of him into her oral cavern. She actually began to enjoy the depraved act. She felt like a whore… yes, even a slave, his to be used as he wished… and she loved it! She wanted more!

“That’s it,” Parker shouted. “Keep sucking! Harder!”

Swept away in an erotic torrent stronger than anything she had ever felt before, Winona did as she was told. A pungent taste of seminal fluid flooded her mouth, filling her with a new kind of wild excitement. She let her hand slide down the smooth hot penile shaft and then reach inside Doctor Parker’s trousers until her fingernails were scratching lightly at the wrinkled hair covered sac of his balls. At the same time, she lovingly tongued the veined underside of the glans sliding erotically into her mouth until it was all the way back to her tonsils, almost gagging her. Automatically, she ova led her red painted lips, clasping them tighter around the huge lust-swollen shaft sunk so obscenely into her face.

Lionel Parker let his weight fall back into the chair, afraid that he was going to collapse from the sheer ecstasy of the young black nurse’s, unbelievable mouthing of his cock. As his heavy loins began to rock up into her face again, his meaty hands circled together behind her head to pull her sucking lips down tighter against his aching penis. The thick cock slid lecherously in and out of the passion-softened face.

Parker stared down at Winona, watching the young black beauty’s cheeks hollow and fill around his thrusting hardness, her tongue snaking maddeningly around it inside her hot little mouth. The gasping older man fumbled down with one hand under Winona’s quivering body and shoved his hand inside the low bodice of her dress, finding her voluptuously swaying breasts. He began to knead them cruelly, first one passion-swollen mound and then the other, and squeezing the hard little nipples between his fingers until Winona whimpered half in pleasure, half in pain, her lustful sucking of his aching penis increasing with every second. Parker reveled in the firm resilience of the young black nurse’s taut breasts as he molded them like warm putty in his strong fingers.

The moaning Sex Clinic owner was becoming more cruel now as his passion mounted, and reaching up, he tangled his hands in Winona’s ebony hair to hold her head in a vise-like grip while he brutally rammed his cock far down her throat. The gasping young woman found her mouth so filled with Lionel Parker’s stone-hard cock and her own free-flowing saliva that she thought she would choke, and she tried to pull her head away. But Parker’s arms were too strong for her as he pulled her dark head even tighter into his up thrusting loins.

“Oh, no, my dear,” Lionel Parker muttered half consciously. “You’re going to have to go on to the end now. Go on ’till I cum… got to cum.” And somehow that made it seem even more exciting to the lewdly crouched girl. Her whole body oddly tingled at this further humiliation as she found herself actually trapped between his powerful thighs, forced to do what be wanted, no matter how she might struggle to get away.

Yes, yes, she wanted him to cum in her. She wanted to taste the hot sperm in her mouth. As the last ounce of hesitation fell from her, the writhing young nurse turned into a complete wildcat, ramming her head down, her smooth young cheeks forming great hollows from her powerful sucking of the clinic Doctor’s tingling cock.

I must have pushed the right button, he thought, a lewd cruel grin coming over his face. This was without a doubt the best blow-job yet the older man could ever remember getting, and there were a hell of a lot of good ones in his past.

Parker could feel his desire-heated semen beginning to gather and surge in the heavy sacs of his testicles, which bobbed and slapped lewdly down against Winona’s chin with every stroke up into her now-hungrily working lips.

“AAAuuuggghhh,” he moaned, feeling the approach of his orgasm. If this hot little bitch falls apart at the last minute, he thought, if she doesn’t swallow it all…

But the young black nurse sucked furiously at his cock, drawing it deeply into her mouth. So aroused was she by now, that Parker’s precautions were unnecessary. Swept away by the novelty of the bizarre situation, she pulled and teased the huge organ.

Suddenly, Lionel Parker’s pelvic gyrations became more intense. She felt as though he was going to shove his wildly throbbing shaft all the way down her throat with each stroke. His head was thrown back and a grimace of ecstasy contorted his face. His breath came in short, guttural grunts.

“Aaahhh… AAAggghhh… Oh Christ, baby, I’m cummminnnggg!” he shouted. “Suck me good, you black bitch! Suck me good!”

Suddenly, Winona felt a hot spurt of thick wetness shoot out of his madly jerking penis into her throat, the first of a series that seemed like little explosions.

At first the thick, creamy liquid repelled her and she nearly gagged, but as the obscene humiliation of her position dawned on her, the initial distaste she had for taking Parker’s scalding male sperm into her mouth vanished completely. Instead, the gushing white cum that continued to pump furiously into her mouth thrilled her as nothing ever had before. Abandoning herself completely to the depraved experience, she swallowed the big man’s spurting seed with eagerly sucking lips.

“MMMmmm!” she mewled in erotic frenzy as she voraciously gulped down Dr. Lionel Parker’s white hot semen, “MMMmmm! HHHmmm!”

“Swallow it all, baby! SWALLOW IT ALL!” the head pf the Parker Clinic shrieked, his thrusting loins bucking obscenely in the throes of his heaving climax. He drove his wildly spurting cockhead deeply into the young black nurse’s throat, and the humiliated young woman slavered without question over his rapidly draining hardness.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity of volcanic release, Parker drained himself of the last of his hotly searing semen. With a deep moan of satisfaction, he withdrew his softening rod from Winona’s still greedily sucking mouth and fell back into his chair, enjoying the sense of power and contentment that always pervaded him after sex.

“That was very good, Miss Sykes,” he commented, rising to insert his now flaccid penis back inside his pants. Then, pulling the exhausted black applicant to her feet and leading her towards the door, “Let me show you out.”

“B-But, Doctor Parker… about the job…!”

“That’ll be all, my dear. You don’t have to get in touch with us… I’ll call you if I decide that you’re right for the job!” he replied as he shut the door.

Returning to his desk, the satiated Doctor pressed the switch on the intercom. “Miss Haywood, cancel all my appointments until…” he consulted his wristwatch,”… oh, say, two o’clock.”


It was five minutes to two when Darlene entered the small, stylish, but unassuming, white brick building, looking around and then moving toward the reception desk.

“May I help you?”

She whirled around to face a beautiful young uniform-clad woman just coming out through a door marked Private. “Uh, yes… I was referred by the UCSB College Placement-Office for the nur…”

“Yes, the nursing job… What is your name, please?” the receptionist interrupted.

“Darlene Jefferson… I have an appointment at two o’clock.”

The pretty receptionist rifled quickly through the pages of the large book to confirm the appointment. “Ah, yes, here it is… Darlene Jefferson… two o’clock job interview with Doctor Parker.” She motioned to the small waiting area. “Won’t you please sit down? The Doctor will be free in a moment.”

Darlene made her way over to the small sitting area, and seated herself, looking around appreciatively at the comfortably modern furniture arranged to one side of the building’s entrance. Two black leather couches faced each other, while at opposite ends were two chrome and leather chairs. A simple glass table with matching end tables completed the setting, and on the walls were ink etchings by one of the city’s new and upcoming young artists.

She sat, anxiously waiting, watching the door to the Doctor’s private office, unconsciously crossing her fingers in the good luck sign. She still didn’t know exactly what the job entailed, but she was already certain that she wanted the job… wanted to work in this quietly expensive clinic.

“Mrs. Jefferson… Mrs. Jefferson;..” the receptionist startled her. “The Doctor is free now; you can go right in.”

Uncertainly now, Darlene passed through the door being held open by the pretty uniform-clad girl, and entered Doctor Parker’s private inner office.

“Good afternoon, Miss…?”

“Mrs. uh… Darlene Jefferson, Doctor,” she interjected hastily.

“Won’t you sit down, Mrs. Jefferson?” he offered kindly.

“Oh, yes. Yes, thank you,” Darlene answered. She moved to a chair set in front of the desk, sat down and crossed her legs. It wasn’t a brazen gesture designed to come on strong, to show her legs and sex, he realized. Just a natural, casual gesture, not displaying too much leg at all.

Lionel Parker looked at her closely. She was really something. Her complexion was flawless, milky-white skin and gorgeous long blonde hair. Her figure was superb, large melonous breasts, a hand span waist, and flaring hips leading to long slender legs. She’s beautiful, Parker thought, and just what we need at the clinic.

“Well, now, Darlene,” he began, looking over her application, “so you want a job here.”

“Oh, yes,” she replied, and leaned forward a bit. The upper part of her blouse fell away slightly and Lionel caught a small glimpse of the tops of her firm young breasts and the separation between them. He felt himself growing excited and steeled himself to keep his mind on the business at hand.

“Well, you have the qualifications… even though it says here that you’re just recently graduated from nursing school. But, that’s all right, I don’t consider on-the-job experience that necessary… your willingness to learn and do the job is of greater importance.”

“Oh, I’m willing Doctor Parker… I’m very willing!”

“Well, we’ll see. First let me tell you something about the clinic.”

Darlene listened attentively as the director of the clinic recited his speech, one that was very like those he had used with the other applicants. The fact that the clinic dealt in sexual problems didn’t bother her very much, but when he mentioned that the solutions were not just talked about, but actively, physically, tested, she began to get worried.

“Now, I haven’t mentioned the salary yet, Darlene, but it is a good wage…” she heard him continue. “But, before we go any further, there is one final ‘test’ you must pass. As a matter of course here in your work, you will often see people in states of undress or completely naked… and so you’ll have to get used to seeing nudity.”


Abruptly then, the lecherous Doctor rose from behind the desk and she heard the soft sound of a zipper being undone as he continued. “I just want to be sure that you will be right for the job, my dear, so I must see your reaction to seeing my penis… that’s all, my dear, just look at me.” Casually, he reached inside his now unzipped pants and pulled his semi-erect cock out into the open. His hand, engulfing the shaft, slid downward, then upward again, causing it to stiffen perceptibly.

Darlene stared in horrified shock as the lecherous Doctor pumped the shaft of his cock, back and forth, until it stood out at a lewd forty-five degree angle, pulsating and bobbing wickedly toward her.

Oh, my God! her mind reeled. Look at that! It’s so evil… I can’t look… I mustn’t… Oh God! Unconsciously, she began t… rub her thighs together, her pussy beginning to tingle from her rising excitement. Her eyes remained glued to the obscene sight, as the Sex Clinic director continued to pump his rigidly swollen prick; on the down stroke leaving the bloated purplish head nakedly sleek, and on the upstroke, using a gently milking motion that caused a milky pearl of precum to pool lewdly at the tiny split in the tip. For a moment, Parker allowed his cock to stand free, and it jerked and throbbed in an obscene dance as if it had a life of its own. The tiny eye in the head of the pulsating rod winked at her, beckoning at her to come and taste its delightful flavor…

Suddenly, Parker sat down, removing from her delighted gaze the sight of his lust-inciting cock. “There, my dear,” he panted hoarsely, “I think that’s enough… You have shown me that you can handle yourself adequately in this type of job.”

Bewildered, the lovely young nurse tore her eyes from the spot where she had recently stared at the throbbing purplish cock. “Oh, uh, excuse me?” she answered vaguely. Somehow, she managed to focus on her prospective employer’s face.

“I said, my dear, that you are just right for the job… You’re hired.”

“Oh, Doctor Parker, thank you… thank you very much!”

He turned away and picked up a handful of medical records. “Now, if you’ll excuse me… Oh, and report for work tomorrow morning at ten o’clock.”


It was nearly six in the evening when Roger let himself into the apartment. Sheepishly, he hung up his coat in the hail closet before entering the living room. “Darlene,” he called, “I’m home.”

“I’m in the bedroom, honey,” she returned cheerfully. “Just a moment!”

Bedroom? What the hell is she doting in there at dinnertime?

“By the way, darling,” she called. “I thought you’d be happy to hear that I got the job!”

What job? Oh, yeah, the one at that clinic! “That’s nice, honey, real nice.” He plopped down on the sofa and heaved a deep sigh. It’s so good to relax for awhile… been hitting those books kinda hard lately, he mused.

“What took you so long?” Darlene sang from the bedroom.

“Oh, you know, I was studying so hard that I lost track of the time… the librarian had to kick me out at closing time.”


In the bedroom, Darlene was preparing herself for what she hoped would be a very satisfying evening. The memory of what she had witnessed at the Parker Clinic had remained with her and kept her in a prodigious state of agitation all afternoon, and even now she felt a wanton tremor of excitement between her legs. She liked sex, she really did, and it had been virtually impossible for her to not show her disappointment at their abstinence from sex. My God, she thought in astonishment, three weeks… it’s been three whole weeks!

She stood in front of the full-length mirror, admiring herself — the way the filmy see-through lounging dress she had chosen to wear caressed her velvet white flesh, still moist from her bath. Her hands on her hips, she sucked in her breath slightly, and blew her reflection a kiss over her shoulder. Almost narcissistically, she admired her breathtaking pale loveliness stretched smoothly, almost willowy, over her diminutive frame. About the only thing in the least way grotesque about her appearance was the size of her bustline… and Roger had never had any complaints there! Fully the size of ripened cantaloupes, they rode high and elastically proud on her chest. Yet, despite the firmness of youth, a certain degree of sag was inevitable because of their sheer bulk; but oddly, the sag seemed to enhance the angle at which her puffy pink nipples perked up and strained against the transparent material of her lounge dress.

“What are you doing in there?” came her husband’s voice from the living room.

“Oh, nothing, Roger,” she called, her reverie broken. Then, “Please come in here, darling!”

Oh hell, what does she want? He grumbled to himself as he pushed his tired body up from the couch and walked down the short hail to the bedroom.

He stood there in the doorway, mouth agape, staring at the lust-throbbing sight of his lovely wife dressed so sexily.

“Well?” Darlene mocked. “Are you going to stand there all night with your mouth open, or what?”

Despite his fatigue, Roger felt his penis begin to thicken ponderously beneath his shorts, and, and closing the distance between them in three long strides, he took Darlene in his arms and crushed her luscious white body tightly against his own. He kissed her passionately, his tongue probing wetly into her mouth, and felt her melt against his chest in erotic response.

He could feel the distended points of her nipples spiking against his chest, even through the material of their clothing, and knew instinctively that she was already wet between her legs. Wordlessly, he pushed her down on the edge of the mattress, and they leaned back together without, breaking their kiss. Then, in a flurry of fingers, they undressed each other until both reclined nakedly, their clothing in a heap at the foot of the bed.

“Oh, Roger… Roger!” Darlene breathed passionately as her hand groped between her husband’s legs for his now fully erect cock. “Make it good, darling!… Make it last, Roger!”

The young law student searched for, and found, his wife’s own pubic area with his hand, and unceremoniously thrust his middle finger deep into her passion-slickened pussy.

“Oh God, yes, Roger! Like thaaat!” she flinched.

Quickly, the young student rolled his rangy, muscular form on top of his squirming young wife. With the one finger still sawing viciously across her distended pink clitoris, he raised his free hand to one breast and lowered his head to the other. Cruelly, he mauled and chewed and sucked on her soft breasts, bringing excited mewls of pleasure gurgling to her lips.

“Yes, darling! Bite them! Squeeze them!” she cried out in her delirium as she continued to jack him off softly with her hand. “Treat me like… like a whore!”

His fingers left her pussy then, even as he raised his lips to kiss her once again. Then, she felt the lips of her cunt being spread below, with thumb and forefinger, as he laid the tender pink flesh of her interior open for assault. “Ready, honey,” he choked above her, passionately. “Are you ready for a fucking?”

“Oh, yes!… Oh God, yeses!”

He entered her quickly and brutally, while she, possessed by now with a hunger that surprised even herself, took every stiff inch of him with clasping eagerness. Roger rocked above her, thrusting in and out with short, smooth strokes, and Darlene’s soft white body began to react of its own volition, surrendering completely to the wanton thrills that surged through her body.

“Oh, Gawwwd!” he moaned as she stared up at the pleasure-wracked face of her lusty young husband filling her cunt with long, slow, rhythmic strokes that fucked into her tightly yielding vagina to greater and greater depths. She felt the rubbery head of his cock brush her cervix and his semen-filled balls slap resoundingly into the soft sensitive crevice of her ass. The pleasure-pain left her breathless… somewhere between heaven and hell, she thought wildly. Her delightfully clasping cunt initiated a voracious muscular squeezing along the full length of Roger’s deeply burrowing cock, and her hard little nipples gouged sensuously into his hairless, muscular chest. The flat plane of her belly pushed hotly against him while her thighs, smooth and slender, clamped at his waist as she worked her now hungrily accepting pussy up and down the full hardness of his plunging penis.

“Oh, Roger… darling… please don’t stop! Not now, not ever!” she pleaded as his aching rod of desire-hardened flesh soared into her excitedly quivering cuntal sheath and her head began to flail from side to side. He saw tiny teeth marks appear on her ripe lower lip where she had nibbled at it. Then, she was sucking and biting at his tongue as she forced her own into his mouth. The lewd sight of her enchantingly naked body, writhing and bucking beneath him, spurred him viciously onward. She was his… to fuck any way he chose to fuck her!

Roger, hearing her moans of lust, plunged ever harder and deeper in his mounting passion, screwing his leanly driving pelvis tighter into her soft, sensitive cunt, grinding the flaccidly cringing flesh almost demoniacally with his excitedly working fingers.

Below him, Darlene arched her hips up to meet him, meeting his brutal lunges with sudden, equally-brutal up thrusts of her own. Her eyes glazed with unrestrained passion, and she raised them both inches off the bed in wild, untamed cadence with her incessant moans beneath his nakedly pounding body; and, opening and closing her legs high up around his waist, she slid her heated young pussy up and down his lust hardened cock in an obscenely working rhythm she could no longer control.

Insanely, Roger fucked into her, cupping her nakedly trembling loins tighter and tighter against his pelvis, and felt her draw back her thighs until she was almost bent double, causing the moist clasping hole of her tightly milking cunt to flower open even further in reception to his pistoning cock tunneling ever deeper into her.

Darlene tossed her head in mesmerized, rapturous bliss, her smooth firm thighs and buttocks on either side of his virile, thickly impaled cock quivering and twitching spasmodically in unleashed ecstasy, her tongue slithering hotly in and out of his sucking mouth in simulated oral fucking.

“Oooohhh, harder! Harder, darling!” she urged. “Please do it HARDER!”

Roger stared down at her disbelievingly. Christ, he’d reached the point of losing control over his climax! He’d collapse if he didn’t cum soon! In one last desperate effort, he attempted to step up the pace and deepen his lunges as she writhed frantically under him, grinding up and down his almost bursting cock with incredible fury, her long legs jerking uncontrollably, her toes curled under as she drew her white thighs back higher. Below, the smooth, clasping flesh of her inner vaginal walls began milking the life from her young husband’s throbbing shaft of lust-hardened cock-flesh.

Violently, Roger pounded, in one last futile effort, and, pressing his hands behind her knees and forcing them back hard until her head was enframed by them, lifted the plane of her naked pussy higher and more widely open to his battering of her helplessly exposed genitals.

“OOOOhhh, that’s it… yes, like that,” she cried. “Don’t stop! My God, don’t stop, Roger! Fuck me… fuck me…!”

Roger’s senses were a mass of confused lust, and he needed only to hear the lewd four-letter word tumble wantonly from his wife’s lips to peak him! His aching, screaming cock was going to explode any second now! He ground hard into her rhythmically sucking young cunt in his efforts to penetrate the furthest sanctuary of her deliciously grinding belly. He watched her perspiring breasts heave and quiver beneath his brutal hammering… even saw their tiny pink nipples distend as she flailed her head madly from side to side. And then it tripped! He was cuming…

An odd expression contorted Darlene’s delicate features. She felt the jerking and expanding of his heavy, sperm-laden cock and realized its meaning. He was going to cum! And, leave her unfulfilled!

“No… please nooo! Not yet, Roger, don’t cum yet…!” she begged, jamming her voraciously sucking cunt against the thundering, thrusting rod of his flesh as if to try and stop the unstoppable. “Wait for me…!”

The handsome young law student wanted to hold back for her, but it was too late. The hot stream had already begun to charge the length of his cock, his throbbing balls pumping sporadically like some well-tooled mechanism extracting oil from the bowels of the earth. They both felt it spurt into her, he from the tip of his exploding cock… she, as the blood-inflated head expanded and contracted, squirting its thick, hot sperm like a jet scalding cream against the walls of her desperately clasping vagina.

“No… no… Roger, NO!” Darlene screamed.

But her handsome young husband was too far gone at that moment, and though he heard her cries, he knew he could do nothing but revel in the delight of his hot sperm racing the full length of his cock as its stimulating ecstasy wracked his muscular frame.

And then it was over.

Unashamedly, the young nurse sobbed out her desperate frustration as his rapidly deflating prick grew soft and slipped from her cum-filled pussy and he fell back in confused disgust with himself, his cheeks flushed, his mouth slack.

“Damnit, Darlene… I’m sorry… honest I am, but I couldn’t help myself!” he whined weakly, scarcely able to look at her, “I really tried, you know… but I just couldn’t!… Probably it’s because of the studying… I’ve been working so hard at school that I’m all tired out… You believe me, don’t you?” he finished lamely.

The frustrated young wife said nothing as she fought to regain control of her ragged emotions and quell the raging inferno of sensation that were tingling wildly in her unsatisfied loins.

“I-It’s alright, Roger,” she whispered reassuringly. “I understand… it doesn’t matter.”

But, even as he climbed out of bed and padded off toward the bathroom, she wondered.


It was exactly ten o’clock when Darlene Jefferson reported for work the next morning. The excitement of the new job had brought a sparkle to her eyes and a becoming flush to her cheeks, and she bounced in ready to tackle any difficulties of her new position at the Parker Clinic, even after a virtually sleepless night of frustrated tossing and turning.

“Good, morning, Darlene. Welcome to the Parker Clinic family,” came from the smiling receptionist seated behind the appointment desk.

“Why, uh, thank you.”

“Doctor Parker told me you were joining us… I hope you’ll enjoy it here.”

“Thanks, I think I will… the clinic’s so nice, and the work seems like it will be very interesting,” Darlene responded warmly to the young secretary’s interest.

“Good. By the way, my name is Jenny… Jenny Haywood.”


“Now, first thing we have to do is get you settled in… You can hang up your coat in here,” she motioned to a utility closet.

Darlene moved toward the indicated door and hung up her coat on a hook, then turned back expectantly to Jenny, smoothing her uniform down her hips. “Now what?” she brightened.

“Well, let me tell you about your ‘duties’, Darlene. Quite simply, you will be working intimately with the Doctor, helping him in his counseling sessions, and at times working directly with his patients. Clear enough?”

“Yes, but, exactly what will I be doing, I mean…”

“Doctor Parker will show you the details of your job, Darlene. Don’t worry about it.” She turned and went back toward her desk. “Now, there’s only one more thing,” she shot back over her shoulder, “and that’s your uniform.”

“Oh?” Darlene was confused.

“Yeah. It’s nice, Darlene, real nice… but not exactly ‘what the Doctor ordered’.” she laughed.

“What do you mean, Jenny?”

“Well, we really keep upon the latest and most attractive styles, and though your uniform looks nice, Darlene, it doesn’t reflect what we represent here. Now, don’t get me wrong, hon,” she hastened to add, “it’s just that the doc likes to give his patients the impression that we’re all in love with our work around here!… After all, this is a Sex Clinic, remember?”

“But, what shall I wear then, Jenny?” the new employee queried worriedly.

“Oh, something simple, like this,” the pretty secretary advised, posing to show off her own uniform-clad figure.

Darlene gaped in astonishment. “Y-You mean we have to wear something like that?” That was a uniform, to be sure, but only so far as color was concerned. Jenny’s slender figure was clad in a very mini dress, and the garment also had the distinction of being styled with a low V-neck, showing off her ample charms well.

“Yeah, Darlene, Doctor Parker is particularly fond of this style,” A gleam appeared in her eyes at a sudden thought. “Tell you what… I’ve got another uniform just like this one in the other room. Why don’t you wear it today… Doctor Parker won’t get on you for wearing that.” She motioned carelessly at Darlene’s dress.

The lovely young blonde considered for a moment. Then, “Alright, I will!… Where can I change?”

“In here,” Jenny opened another door that led into a small employee’s lounge. “The dress is in that closet, and there’s a mirror on the back of that door.”

Darlene passed through and turned to stick her head out, “I’ll only be a sec… and… thanks, Jenny.”

The pert young receptionist laughed. “What are friends for?”

Quickly now, Darlene moved over to the indicated closet and pulled out a single white uniform. Jenny was right, she grimaced, examining the garment that more closely resembled a blouse, it is just like the one she has on!

Standing behind the closet door, Darlene stripped off her dress, and, taking another look at the length of the uniform, removed her slip as well. Turning, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, staring critically at herself wearing just her low-cut bra and bikini panties. Not bad, she thought, admiring the uplifted fullness of her white breasts, then down past her slim waist to her lusciously rounded hips. Not bad at all, if I say so myself! I can hold my own anywhere!

Satisfied, she quickly pulled down the zipper and stepped into the dress, pulling it carefully up over her hips. Oh, hell, it’s just a bit snug! she struggled with the uniform. Slipping her arms through the sleeves, she reached behind her and slowly pulled the zipper up, feeling the dress tighten as the fastener closed.

Once again, she looked in the mirror, and the young nurse gasped aloud in shock. Oh, my God! she stared at the sight of her full luscious form squeezed into the too-small dress. That’s terrible! I’m going to burst the seams! She turned slowly, noting how the tight uniform was tightly molded to her buttocks behind, and her breasts were pushed up and out even more, looking as though they were about to burst out from the very tight confines of the bodice. Oh Jenny, the dress had looked like a short mini, but on her it looked like a not very long blouse. Darlene was sure that she would not be able to bend over, for fear that everyone would be able to see her panties. Oh, no, she gaped at her reflection, this won’t do at all!

“Well, how’s it going in there?” Jenny queried cheerfully at the door. “Let me see…!”

Darlene came out from behind the closet door. “Jenny, I…”

“Hey, that looks great!” enthused the pretty young receptionist. “Doctor Parker will love it!”

“Y-You think so?” stammered the incredulous blonde nurse. “You don’t think it’s… it’s kind of small?”

“Oh no, Darlene, it’s just right.” Then, when Darlene shook her head negatively, “Would I lie to you?”

“N-No, I guess not.”

“Good! Now, come on out and we’ll have a cup of coffee and relax… We still have plenty of time, the first patients… uh, a Mr. and Mrs. Ballard…” she consulted her appointment book, “… won’t be in ’till eleven, and the Doctor seldom gets in more than ten or fifteen minutes before his first appointment… so we even have time to gossip!”


As Darlene Jefferson hastily scanned the files of Harold and Ann Ballard in anticipation of their eleven o’clock appointment, she couldn’t help noticing, somewhat embarrassedly, that their “problem” was not unlike hers and Roger’s. In fact, despite the difference in their ages, it was the same… frequent impotence and premature ejaculation. Of course, she reassured herself somewhat uncertainly, the causes couldn’t be the same; Roger was capable; it was just… well, he was so busy studying most nights that he was either too tired to get it up, or felt guilty at being away from his studies for the requisite few minutes. And then, when he did manage an erection, it was usually with the result that the pent-up emotions from his self-imposed celibacy rendered him useless after what seemed like mere seconds.

On second thought, maybe the causes weren’t so different, after all!

As she read on, Darlene noted that Harold Ballard was the self-employed owner of a lucrative furniture store… certainly a job that would keep him as preoccupied as Roger was most of the time! Intrigued, she quickly scanned the wife, Anne’s, file, to see if there were any similarities between herself and the older woman. Anne Ballard, the file read. Age: thirty-seven (nine years husband’s junior — possible problem area). General Appearance: comely, unusually large breasted redhead-former stripper. Darlene’s pouting pink lips formed an inaudible “wow” as she read and reread the phrase, former stripper. Then, continuing, Education: eleventh grade. Remarks: Patient is highly sexed as evidenced by her early, voluntary loss of virginity at hands of older male cousin… Anne is very conscious of her breasts and confesses to a desire to “show as much of them as possible when out in public.”

Unconsciously, the young nurse rubbed her own thighs together at the exciting thought that her own generous breasts were rather exposed themselves and, indeed, it was curiously thrilling in an exhibitionist sort of way.

The sudden sound of the door opening caused her to jump, but it was only Jenny entering Parker’s inner office. “Hi, Darlene,” she said, “it’s almost eleven, and I’d better get Doctor Parker’s office ready.”

She went over to the wall unit that dominated the far wall of the office and got a film projector from one of the many cubicles. Placing it on a small end table she had moved to the center of the room, she quickly and efficiently set it up, explaining in response to Darlene’s unasked question, “This,” she waved a hand at the projector, “is the Doctor’s latest experiment with the Ballards… he’s trying a ‘sex’ movie to stimulate their love life.”

“Oh.” Darlene couldn’t think of anything to say, and her mouth hung open in confusion.

A slight breeze of fresh air just then caused her to glance toward the office’s outer door, in time to see Doctor Parker rushing in. He looked around, and nodded, satisfied, then turned to Jenny. “That’s okay, Jenny, I can handle it from here.” He strode over to the projector as the young receptionist left the room, and proceeded to set the film that he had brought with him into the machine. “Darlene,” he tossed back over his shoulder, “I want you to have your pad ready to take notes of this session… You will record the Ballards’ reactions to the movie… particularly Mr. Ballard’s.”

“Yes, Doctor Parker.”

“And now,” he turned to face her, the loading of the film complete, “I suggest we adjourn to the next room…”

“But, why, Doctor Parker… aren’t I supposed to be in here to take notes…?”

“Yes, but for now we’ll go into the adjoining room.” Then, in response to her questioning look, “You’ll see why, my dear… you’ll see!” he soothed.


“Come right on in, Darlene… and make yourself comfortable, This…” he gestured,”… is our special examination room. As you can see, this room has some very special features which you can look at while I go and get you some coffee,” he excused himself.

Alone now, Darlene looked curiously around her, and immediately noted a viewing panel of two-way glass that looked into the Doctor’s inner office. Through it she could see the entire room, including the movie screen and the couch on which the Ballard couple, having just been ushered in by Jenny, seated themselves. She moved closer to the mirror, staring at the couple who she was about to observe, but turned rapidly as the door behind her opened to let in Doctor Parker with a coffee pot and a cup.

“Well, how are you getting along, Darlene?… And, how do you like our special mirror?” He moved to the table and set down the pot and cup. “There, that’ll keep you.” He turned then, and moved a chair in front of the two-way viewing glass, motioning for her to sit down. “Now, remember what I said… You will record all the reactions of the Ballard couple in there especially Harold Ballard… Understand?”

“Yes, Doctor Parker,” the newest Parker Clinic employee murmured.

“Good. I’ll leave you now and join my patients.”

Through the mirror, Darlene saw Doctor Parker greet Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, then explain what they were going to try in this session. A mutual nod of agreement heralded the dimming of the lights, and a moment later the title flickered on the screen, A STAR IS BORN, and then the credits followed in rapid succession.

The movie, it was explained, was about making a movie, the setting carrying out that explanation by appearing as a movie set. Against one wall, having her make-up repaired, leaned the star of the movie, a beautiful young woman who bore a striking resemblance to Darlene herself. All around were the customary minor actors and camera crews, and at center stage stood the director, shouting and gesturing his orders…

“Okay, Dennis, get in position!” ordered the gruff scowling director, and a handsome young man wearing only a loin cloth moved out from the sidelines and took his place on the set, standing next to what was clearly intended to be an elaborate royal throne. The actor named Dennis was a tall slender, and extremely handsome young man with a broad muscular chest and extraordinarily light blue eyes. There was something about the easy confident way he moved, coupled with his striking animal sexuality which made it impossible for the slave-girl to take her eyes off him.

“Right, now you know the sequence kid, so try not to screw it up!” warned the director in the same aggressive bullying tone. “You stand next to the throne at attention and when the queen comes in you bow real low. Remember, you’re a miserable slave, and you’ve never been anything but a stupid slave and this lady can have your head chopped off anytime she feels like it, so you’re respectful right? Okay, as soon as Maurine gets her queenly ass on the throne, she’ll nod at you and you serve her a drink from the tray, right? She takes the drink and downs it, but she’s still hot, so she stands up and as you take off her robe, remember after that, you know what to do. Okay, let’s see if we can get through the sequence without somebody dropping their false teeth. Slave girt? Where the hell is the fucking slave-girl?”

“I’m here,” she volunteered weakly as the director glared furiously in her direction.

“She’s new at this,” advised the producer from behind the camera. “Take it easy on her, okay?”

In the adjoining room, Darlene stared in astonishment at the movie. A movie about a movie, she thought. Well, that’s one way of doing it! Curiously, she glanced over on the couch at the Ballard couple, but saw nothing to take notes on.

“All right, all right,” moaned the ill-tempered director. “Why didn’t you tell me this was going to be amateur night? Look, honey, that big handsome slave up there is your boyfriend and you don’t want to share him with anyone, including the queen, but she can chop your head off just as easy as pie, so when she starts fucking around with your man, you aren’t in a position to protest, got it? But that doesn’t mean you can’t look mad once in awhile. And that’s all you’ve got to do, stand there and took irritated, and we’ll give you an Oscar. Now get out of that stupid fucking towel and stand on the other side of the throne!”

This was the moment Lana had been dreading with all her heart, and for an instant she seemed to ask herself why in the world she didn’t tell this foulmouthed, cigar-chomping idiot what he could do with his stupid movie and walkout of the studio. But no, she was in it now and there was no way out, even if it meant absorbing some embarrassment.

Her coralline pointed little nipples were barely concealed by the ridiculous costume and it gave her no support whatsoever, so that every time she moved, her firmly up thrust breasts bounced provocatively in such a way that all the men in the room could see them jiggling up and down on her chest. And from the bellybutton on down, she was in even worse shape. Supported by a slender golden chain which ran around her waist, there was a triangular shaped jewel shield that inadequately covered her pubic zone, but the full fleshy half-moons of her buttocks were left exposed and perfectly naked.

But it had to be done, and everyone was looking at her expectantly, so she quickly dropped the protective towel on a nearby chair and walked to the other side of the throne, knowing that her face was reddening with shame, but unable to do anything about it.

“Okay, let’s roll ’em! Slaves, in position! Maurine, make your entrance!”

Behind the see-through mirror, Darlene mentally shook herself, roughly chastising herself for paying more attention to the movie than to the couple watching it in the next room. A quick glance told her that the movie was finally having an effect; from the dim light of the projector, she could see mounting lust in their faces, and their bodies fidgeted restlessly on the sofa.

The slave girt drew herself up into a position of rigid attention, while Dennis, the other slave actor, was doing the same. From the sidelines came Maurine, her hair done up beautifully and looking as majestic and royal as any real queen. The actress was wearing a long robe which covered her from shoulder to ankles.

The queen walked regally forward, turned slowly and seated herself deliberately on the throne. For a moment she simply rested, fanning herself with her hand to indicate that she was suffering from the heat. Then she nodded imperiously to Dennis, the actor impersonating a male slave, and he obediently went to a nearby table and presented his queen with a golden goblet containing some clear liquid. The older actress gulped it down greedily, but it was clear from her expression that she was still feeling warm. With a slow deliberate motion, she untied the strings holding her cloak together at the throat, allowing the garment to fall open and reveal the deep mountainous swells of her lushly tantalizing breasts.

The queen rose majestically from her throne then, her eyes fixed on the lewd male, and her hands pulling the cloak away from her overheated stunning figure, thus destroying any illusions that this was something even remotely legal. The film had to be pornographic because the camera was only a few feet away from where the actress stood smiling at her captive slave, and the electric eye of the mechanism could hardly fail to be picking up the lascivious patch of softly curling hair which masked the entrance to her vagina, and the rounded heavy spheres of her shamelessly exposed breasts.

God! Darlene thought excitedly. If this doesn’t turn them on, nothing will! She peered through the mirror at the lasciviously squirming couple on the couch… jotting down a quick note about the effect that the visual stimulation was having on them in her steno pad.

“I am warm!” Maurine announced in queenly tones, glancing at Dennis with a superior air. “Remove my cloak, please.”

Sending a nervous glance at his girlfriend, Lana, Dennis made haste to do as he was told, stepping around behind the queen and gently removing the robe from her shoulders. When he returned to his original position, the queen started running her hands sensuously over the satiny naked flesh of her voluptuously welt developed body.

But the queen was not satisfied.

“I do not like to be naked when a man is clothed in my presence,” she ordered calmly. “Disrobe!”

The slave bowed submissively and unsnapped the loin cloth which covered his groin, tossing it calmly to one side and facing the queen just as naked as she!

Darlene took a gulp of air when she saw the actor’s genitals so unexpectedly revealed. The man’s thick white penis was still in the relaxed state, but even dangling tranquilly between his legs, the excited young nurse could see why he was able to specialize in this kind of film. He was huge!

It was evident that the “slave” was not going to be able to remain unaroused forever. His long thick cock was already quivering and jerking slightly as if he were feeling the excitement of being naked in front of this stunningly sensual woman, and fighting a losing battle for self-control.

Nor was Maurine giving him any help. Her narrowed eyes fastened on the lust-inciting spectacle of his massive sexual organ, she walked deliberately toward him, a lewd grin on her face.

“Does my slave dare to become excited in the presence of the Queen?” she asked him softly. “I command you to control yourself, or I will summon the royal surgeon and require him to remove the cause of the difficulty!”

The slave was obviously unsure whether the monarch was kidding him or not, but the seriousness of the threat had its effect upon his face. But the Queen was apparently supposed to be something of a sadist, for she clearly had no intention of allowing her slave to remain unaroused for long. By pre-arrangement, Dennis was standing with a pillow at his feet, and the queen dropped gracefully to her knees before him. Dennis struggled to keep his eyes straight and steady, but his internal torment was clear.

“Let me see how well disciplined a slave you are,” muttered the queen sadistically, her soft feminine hands reaching up to take his slowly swelling cock between her delicate fingers. Iron discipline or not, this direct sexual provocation was obviously too much for the young handsome actor, and his massively awakening penis slowly began a steady inexorable rise as Maurine tormentingly manipulated it between her hands, stroking and massaging the thick heavy shaft and blowing on it gently with her full wet lips ova led.

By this time, the Ballards were thoroughly aroused, and Darlene dutifully made note of this, despite her own rising excitement. In the dim light she could see that Anne Ballard was almost completely undressed, and Harold was fondling her with one hand between her legs, while the other massaged her pendulous breasts maddeningly; and Harold Ballard was squirming under the expert manipulations of Anne’s hand inside his unzipped trousers.

Meanwhile, the sexual drama onscreen was becoming more torrid by the moment. Dennis had achieved a massive erection despite the fact that he was still standing rigidly at attention, his eyes straight ahead and obviously trying to give the impression that all of this was not realty happening. Below him on her knees, the queen continued to torment her helpless slave, cradling his large swaying balls in her hands with an amused expression on her face, and rubbing the thick leathery foreskin back and forth over the fat bulbous head of his mighty cock, exposing to the camera’s prying eye the blood-engorged gland.

“Your majesty…” the slave began hesitantly, but the words stuck in his throat as the queen slowly but surely drew his massively pulsating instrument closer and closer to the red glistening surface of her parted wet tips, at the same time carefully pushing the foreskin back as far as it would go. Dennis jerked again and now there was no question that this queen was closing in on him and actually intended to commit this sordid depraved act.

“You have been a disobedient servant, “the queen informed the trembling male slave, her voice now unnaturally tow and husky with gathering passion. “For your punishment, I am going to suck you dry!” And with a sudden skillful lunge, her head dropped forward, one hand snaking around behind his back to hold the man’s strong flexed buttocks while the other hand circled his long thick hardness. With a sadistic chuckle, the woman parted her wetly glistening lips and enclosed the head of his cock in the warm sanctuary of her mouth.

Darlene swallowed nervously as she watched with horrified fascination, uncomfortably aware of the sexuality of the scene. The aroused nurse realized that her own little bud-like nipples were expanding inexorably and uncontrollably, trying desperately to poke through the tightly binding fabric of her bra and dress. To her shame, she also felt the orgiastic juices in her body beginning to flow, dampening the smooth creamy flesh between her firmly trembling thighs, despite the fact that she kept assuring herself mentally that she was watching all of this with a professional detachment.

The queen was paying no attention to anything except the business at hand, sucking away energetically as if her life depended upon it, and Dennis was slowly losing what there was left of his self-control, his hips beginning to jerk back and forth convulsively as the woman’s tongue lashed his poor tormented cock into a lather of excitement. Maurine’s quivering breasts giggled and danced on her heaving chest white her head bobbed up and down over the man’s wildly pulsating cock; and, her hands on his iron-hard buttocks, she was urging him to move, to start pumping in and out of her, wanting him to treat her delicately ova led mouth as if it were simply another cunt which could be fucked and abused any way he wanted to. She was inviting him to pour the hot sticky liquid from his loins deep into her throat and fill her mouth with cum until she over-flowed!

The slave had been slow to get the idea, but once he understood precisely what his queen wanted, he went to work with rough enthusiasm, his hands sliding into her long hair as he pulled her head back and forth in front of him. Dennis groaned unintelligibly, causing one to wonder for a moment whether he was simply acting or whether the whole business was really starting to get to him. After all, film or no film, his hard thrusting cock was still stuck brutally between the tightly-clasped lips of a real live woman who was doing her damndest to stimulate him to the utmost.

Darlene once again checked on what the Ballard couple was up to, and what she saw caused her to gasp aloud. Now, they were lying on the couch, with Anne crouched up over her husband, and she was busily lathing and caressing his cock with her smooth tongue. Harold, below her, was thrusting his loins up into her face frenziedly, an expression of sheer lust contorting his face.

As the depraved actress sensed that she was winning her obscene battle, Maurine intensified her efforts, sucking his massively throbbing cock a little harder and moving forward to take as much of it into her throat as possible, sucking away on it happily with sounds of intense masochistic pleasure, erupting from her cock-stuffed mouth.

Deep inside the actor’s body, great swirling clouds of heat were building up as he looked down at the strained contorted face of the ripe, splendidly-built woman who was kneeling submissively at his feet. In the back of his head, Dennis obviously knew that this was merely a scene in a dirty movie, and one for which he could expect to be well paid, but like every good actor, the young man had the capacity to forget about reality while he was making a film and lose himself completely in whatever part he was supposed to be playing. The hard-bodied, handsome young actor was not in the slightest embarrassed at the idea of having this perverse sexual act performed upon him in the presence of others, infact, it seemed that he had very nearly forgotten about them. It was evident that all he could think about at the moment was the searing, burning sensation caused by his semen as it started to work its way out of the depths of his nakedly pumping body, moving slowly at first and then much faster and rushing explosively down through his testicles and out the long narrow channel in his wildly jerking penis.

He gasped as the spasm hit him with all its force, tightening his grip on the queen’s head out of some wild irrational fear that she would pull away from him just as his churning hot cum swamped her mouth, spoiling everything just when he wanted it to be perfect. The heated white cum spurted out of him in long powerful waves, apparently destined to go on forever, but the lust stricken actress made no attempt to avoid her degenerate fate.

Indeed, the queen gave every indication of enjoying it enormously, and the woman sucked wildly as he came brutally into the warm wetness of her open throat, her adam’s apple bobbing furiously as she endeavored to swallow every drop of the lust-inciting fluid he was pumping so ruthlessly into her mouth. Coughing a little as she choked on the sperm, hums and mewls of slavish masochistic pleasure emerged from the queen’s cum-filled mouth.

As she had threatened to do, Maurine had sucked her disobedient servant dry, but it was clear to everyone that she had not quite finished with him yet. She never let up for a minute, persistently continuing to run her lithe active tongue over his jerking, slowly-deflating instrument until she had cleaned away the last remnants of hot sticky cum, but the kneeling actress obviously was still far from satisfied.

Using her hands skillfully, the heavy-breasted woman began to chaff his poor tired cock, pulling the skin back as far as it would go and exposing all of the red palpitating gland to the torments of her wetly lashing tongue. There was a surprised expression on Dennis’ face as his exhausted penis began to react once again to the intensity of the stimulation she was giving him, struggling to rise one more time despite the fact that he had just finished a powerful body-shaking orgasm.

“Now that you have learned your lesson, slave,” Maurine grinned at him, traces of his sticky white cum still clinging to her lips, “I will give you the opportunity to please your queen. Perhaps if your little slave girl watches carefully,” she smiled knowingly at Lana, “she will learn how a monarch is to be treated, and I will hand her over to the king for further lessons!”

In the adjoining room, Darlene found herself reacting strongly to the movie so far, unconsciously rubbing her thighs together as her budlike clitoris throbbed down between her wetly quivering pussy lips.

“Come!” commanded the queen, lying back on the floor with her legs lasciviously parted and her arms stretched out invitingly. “Come and show me that you are worth more than a life of slavery. Make me happy and you win your freedom!”

His manhood fully restored, Dennis wasted no time in complying with this depraved order, dropping quickly to his knees between her widely spread legs and allowing his muscular young body to fall forward onto Maurine’s full ripe breasts.

“Oh, that feels so nice!” the queen commented as his nakedly powerful body crushed into hers, pinning her helplessly to the floor. Now there was no longer any question of queen and slave, but the age-old picture of man dominating woman, and the camera zoomed in to study their two lewdly writhing bodies as they sprawled and grappled on the floor like a pair of wildly rutting animals. Maurine’s fingernails trailed ruthlessly across the broad expanse of his back, but if Dennis noticed the discomfort, he gave no visible sign of it. Instead, he expertly slid his hands beneath the two flaccid half-moons of her buttocks, lifting her clear off the floor with his bulging biceps and gracefully gliding his massively erect cock into her warmly inviting vaginal crevice as if they had rehearsed this bizarre movement for months.

Dennis was taking his tine, Letting the cameras follow his every movement as he ran the heavy, red-tipped rod of his glistening penis torturously up and down the length of her widespread cuntal slit, knowing that this lecherous maneuver was turning her on and taking the opportunity to torment this haughty queen and pay her back for all the humiliations she had heaped upon him.

Nor was the queen slow to react. Her ripely rounded buttocks were rotating around in desperate circles while her smooth creamy thighs locked around the back of his hard muscular thighs, as if she were trying to force him into her shamelessly aroused body by brute force.

“Now, slave, now!” she groaned, giving the impression of being half out of her mind with unsatisfied lust. Obviously, she could wait no longer. The sex-maddened woman reached down abruptly between their two straining bodies, and she caught his thick tormenting cock in a death grip, hauling it forcibly in between the hair-lined lips of her hotly moistened cuntal opening and driving it into her almost against his will. There was no question about it: Maurine was still the queen, and she still possessed the power to make the slave do what she desired.

A violent movement in Parker’s inner office caused Darlene to move her spell-bound eyes from the images on the screen. On: the couch, Harold and Anne Ballard were writhing in sexual ecstasy, and she shakily noted their movement on her steno pad. Glancing down, she could see the hard little points of her nipples protruding through the material of her uniform, and had to forcibly resist the temptation to rub them lightly with her fingers; while, between her legs, the moisture was flowing freely now, and only a stern grip on her pad and pencil kept her hands from stealing down under her dress to probe beneath the panties and into the streaming crevice of hotly throbbing flesh.

By this point, Dennis was beyond resistance. Accepting the inevitable with a cheerful grin, he crashed forward violently and groaned aloud as the queen’s warm, elastic-like sheath slipped wetly around the pulsating hard shaft of his rock-like penis. The actor’s long bulbous cock raced up through the already lubricated passageway of her heatedly throbbing vagina, sliding easily through the soft yielding tissue as he thrust himself forward in her narrow clasping hole with one bone-jarring, brutalizing push, and his heavy, hair-covered balls slapped brutally against the upturned unprotected flesh of actress’ ass. She was hopelessly skewered like a chicken on a spit, and for a moment, the tables were turned. The queen was no longer in charge of what was going on, and the slave was proving with a vengeance that he was man enough to be free.

“Ooohhhh! Fuck it! Fuck it harder!” the actress groaned, muttering all the filthy obscene words that came to mind as she raced towards her climax. The actor never gave her a moment to recover, thrusting into her with all the strength in his tawny unrelenting body.

“I’m cunmmmminnnngggggg!” Maurine gasped suddenly like a woman announcing a history-making event. “I’m cumming!” she repeated a second time almost as if she were talking to herself, or trying to convince everyone of some incredible fact. Her mouth was wide open with ecstatic abandon and instinctively she putted her thighs even farther back, offering up to the savagely fucking actor the whole of her pink, wetly clasping vaginal slit like some strange pagan sacrifice. A trickle of saliva dripped lewdly from the woman’s open mouth and her eyes seemed to wander around the room, unseeing and glazed, as if she were drugged.

Maurine’s legs went limp all of a sudden, and a cry of total happiness and relief issued sensuously from her tips. Dennis groaned his way through the last seconds of his orgasm and then collapsed on top of her, his body completely spent.

“Cut!” yelled the director, chomping on a fresh cigar as he signaled the cameramen to switch off their machines. “Looked real good, kids… now let’s get the slave girl in on the action!”

Darlene continued to watch in disbelief, nearly forgetting the reactions of the Ballards, as a few seconds later, the slave, girl in the skimpy costume was ushered center stage before the exhausted queen. Indeed, the young nurse sucked in her breath as one with the girl onscreen, as the lovely blonde was suddenly confronted by two burly “palace guards”… one black, one white!

“How do you do?” quavered Lana nervously, her small stature dwarfed by the two monsters.

“Man, this is gonna be somethin’ else!” proclaimed the black one, Artie, boldly studying the smoothly-rounded contours of her ripe well developed body without even taking the trouble to hide his lustful gaze. “Where you been hiding, baby?”

“Well I normally don’t do this kind of… of thing,” she began to explain with an unhappy stammer, but the other man, Harry, cut her off with a harsh laugh.

“Why does every skin-flick actress have to say the same damn thing?” he wondered sarcastically. “Sure, honey, we’ll believe you were a virgin until the day before yesterday if you want us to! Just make sure you put some life into those screwing scenes. Anything I can’t stand is a cold fish while I’m working in front of the camera.”

“Of course,” Lana replied, making a timid attempt to appear sophisticated. “But I’ve never had to simulate a love scene before, and nobody’s yet told me what I’m supposed to do.”

Artie and Harry exchanged an amused grin as they heard the unsuspecting young woman use the word simulate, but before either of them could offer some lewd comment, the director began shouting for attention.

“Okay, everyone,” he ordered bruskiy… “position as last time.”

Dennis moved into his position next queen’s throne, and Maurine regally seated herself on the throne, again draped in the massive shoulder-to-floor robe she had worn during the first sequence. Artie and Harry, whispering excitedly to one another, both remained off-camera for the moment, while Lana took her designated place.

“Right, actors, you’ve been told what to do,” growled the rotund director, waving his half smoked cigar in the direction of the throne. “Let’s get it right the first time! Roll ’em.”

The cameras lighted up.

“l am bored,” announced the queen imperiously as she glanced at her favorite male slave.

“Your majesty has only to command,” replied Dennis obediently, bowing slightly as he answered.

“I think it’s time that your little friend entertained us, “announced the queen, jerking her head in Lana’s direction. “What do you say to that, slave?”

A worried look crossed the slave’s face, and he glanced nervously back and forth between the two women, acting his part beautifully. The handsome slave had a fairly good idea of what his queen had in mind, and he was thinking feverishly of some way to avoid a situation in which he would have to choose between the royal lady and the slave girl. Also he realized clearly that the queen was jealous of this younger and more beautiful woman. It was a difficult moment for a helpless slave, but the queen gave him no time to think of a suitable answer.

“Let us experiment! Let us see exactly how loyal she is to you,” suggested the queen with a lewd grin. “Guards!”

Immediately, the two actors Lana had met earlier entered, both carrying spears. They presented themselves respectfully in front of the queen.

Darlene was extremely aroused now, but still she had the presence of mind to glance over at Anne and Harold Ballard on the couch. They were clasped in a warm embrace facing each other, with his cock embedded deep in her cunt, and once in a while he jerked out and thrust back in deep causing her to gasp aloud with the pleasure pain… and all the while they kept their eyes glued to the screen.

“Your queen has decided to reward you for your royal services,” Maurine announced, raising her arm to point to Lana. “You may take this slave girl and do with her as you desire… but do it here so I can observe.”

The guards galvanized into action, dropping their spears and sprinting across the set to where the slave girl stood helplessly waiting. Grinning like the devil himself, Artie hit her like a football player, knocking her completely off her feet and wrestling her to the ground as his greedy hands roamed over her body.

“Let me go!” she gasped as the man’s heavy body crushed into her. “I don’t want…” but the breath was knocked from her frantically squirming body as the other guard, Harry, jumped on top of the pile. For a moment Lana lay stunned under the combined weight of the two big men.

The guards wasted no time, going to work on her like a pair of professionals, each one rolling off of her vainly resisting body as a camera angled in from above to catch every minute of the action.

“We’re gonna fuck you ’till you cant stand up, slave!” the black guard whispered viciously in her ear, keeping his voice low, but not too low to not be picked up by the microphone over their head.

The two rough professionals gave the violently writhing girl no time to contemplate the difficulties of her situation. Artie’s cruel black hands swarmed over the warmly fleshed globes of her naked breasts, twisting and forcing her to cry out with the sudden pain. Harry amused himself at the same time by pulling her long blonde hair with one hand while the other tried to force its way up between her tightly clasped thighs. The slave girl’s eyes flew open and filled with alarm at the sight of the two men on their hands and knees over her like avenging angels preparing to punish her for her sins. Their eyes seemed to glow with lewd lusty anticipation as they tormented her, and realization spread over her face at the sudden knowledge that there was going to be nothing simulated or make-believe about this scene. They were going to ravish her for the benefit of the cameras and enjoy every minute of it. The more she screamed and protested, the better the film would be. She was playing the role of a woman being raped by two brutal men, and all her reactions would be perfectly natural.

Despite the evident fear and revulsion that was showing on the blonde slave girl’s face, Darlene found herself wishing that she was the one who was about to be raped, she was the one who would soon be filled by the two men’s cocks, one black and white. Frustrated, she squirmed around on the chair, pressing the plane of her pussy down onto the seat, rubbing it back and forth… aching for some kind of release!

Artie rose up on his knees beside the slave girl then, his hands busily undoing the fastenings of his loin cloth, and the frightened girl got her eyes closed just in time to avoid seeing the burly ebony man strip himself completely.

Then Artie’s hard hands coursed over her stomach and the girl shivered involuntarily. “Hey, slave,” commanded the black man. “Open those eyes and take a look at the present the queen is giving you.”

Lana shut her eyes even more tightly, refusing to cooperate in the slightest, but Harry’s hands tightened their grip on her hair and started to pull torturing her into obeying their orders. Her eyes popped open and Artie rose nakedly up off his buttocks to give her and the camera a good took at the instrument of torment he was planning to use on her.

As her eyes focused on the black guard’s lust thickened penis, the girl’s face suddenly contorted in horror. His cock was monstrous by any standards, thick and blunt as a cudgel and it was immediately evident that the actor had worked himself into a real state of arousal while they had been abusing her. A took at his face informed her clearly that there was no point in asking for mercy. He had every intention of brutally ramming that hard long shaft up into her frantically trembling vagina, and there was nothing to stop him from doing anything he wanted!

Seated in the adjoining room, Darlene couldn’t believe her own reaction to the scene. She had never watched, or even thought of watching two people making love before, and was amazed how strongly it affected her. She stared at the screen, reveling in the prurient sensations of desire that coursed through her body. Suddenly, she was aware of yet another sensation — that of her own hands touching her body — her breasts; her fingers were pulling at her swelling nipples through the material of her uniform, then mauling and kneading the magnificent mounds. She rubbed her thighs together unconsciously, yearning silently for a long hard penis to be shoved up between them. Her legs were drawn up, the bottoms of her feet resting on the rungs of the chair, her toes curled under. One hand left her breasts then and fluttered lightly down over her trembling belly to the soft inner flesh of her thighs, then back up under her skirt to the juncture of her long slender legs. Her fingers probed, and then slipped under the elastic leg band in the soft champagne curls of her little pussy, slipping back and forth to graze against the inflamed coral nub of her clitoris. Oh, that’s good! she flinched at the electric sensations.

By now, Harry had stripped himself as naked as his partner and occupied himself with holding her arms tightly to prevent any attempt at an escape. At some pre-arranged signal, both me suddenly rolled her over onto her stomach and Artie cruelly spread her long tapered legs apart as she struggled to keep her balance. As her young tender breasts crushed into the unyielding floor, Artie moved quickly and deftly into position behind her, his legs mercilessly working to force her knees farther and farther apart despite her desperate efforts to clamp her thighs together and protect the defenseless little opening to her sex. His hands kneaded and tormented the helpless half-moons of her buttocks, forcing a painful groan from her lips. The miserably unhappy young woman ground her teeth together, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of hearing her cry out in agony.

“Up on your knees,” Harry whispered to her suddenly, his voice as impersonal as a stage manager giving instructions to a forgetful actor. Lana stayed where she was, trying to cover her face with her hands in the vain hopes of somehow managing to spoil the scene for them. Then the man’s hand slipped beneath her shoulders, and his fingers found the tender swollen nipple of her left breast. He squeezed, hard, and the slave girl immediately forgot about her resolution to remain silent and motionless. Instead she screamed as Harry squeezed again, even harder, digging his sharp fingernails into the softly yielding flesh of her breast until she thought she could bear it no longer. Hastily, she tucked her knees under her, wilting to do anything to alleviate that torture, and the next thing she knew, her full smoothly rounded backside was thrust obscenely into the air.

Kneeling above her, the black actor gazed down at the full white moons of her buttocks, offered up to him like some depraved pagan sacrifice, and he felt his body start to throb with savage uncontrollable desire. Artie had participated in dozens of these porno-films, and the idea of actually raping a naked young woman in the presence of all these people only made it more stimulating for him. He had seen many a skin-flick actress in his career, but never anything as young and innocent as this one, and the thought that she was his to use and abuse as he desired was driving him wild. His sperm-bloated testicles were burning as if they were on fire, and he could not tear his bulging eyes off the narrow, lust-teasing pink slit which trembled helplessly before him. All he could think of was jamming his hot throbbing cock into her tight little pussy, and he realized that he could not hold himself back another minute.

But the actor knew from past experience with women that his penis was abnormally large and capable of bringing a gasp of pain to the lips of the most experienced of females. What his massive hardness would do to this tender little vagina was anybody’s guess… and, abruptly, Artie did not really care.

Taking his long punishing rod in his hand for better control, the actor grinned lasciviously at his partner who was pinning the girl’s shoulders to the floor and leaned forward, running his long thick cock up and down in the narrow moistly pink crevice of her ass. He was about to worm his way into her when he seemed to get an even more depraved idea in his perverted mind.

Bending from the waist, the black actor planted a wet, open-mouthed kiss of the tiny puckered hole of her anus, using his strong hands to pry her warmly gleaming buttocks even farther apart as he lapped at her like an animal gone mad.

The man was kissing her backside, the realization came over her face. He was sloshing his long fluttering tongue up and down the entire length of her wide spread cuntal crevice, all the way from the tingling pink button of her clitoris up to the tightly clasped entrance to her anus. Was nothing sacred? What kind of an animal was he, anyway?

Seeing that he was really starting to get to her, Artie grinned sadistically and dropped his face down for another run over the target, this time lingering over the straining muscles of her inner thighs, his tongue lashing in at the thin red folds of her hair-covered flesh which surrounded her tight little pussy. The actor realized that the glands deep inside of her frantically squirming young body had already been triggered in involuntary action and begun secreting the heated juices which were designed to prepare a woman’s body for sexual intercourse. Like it or not, he told himself cruelty, this chick is turning on… time to bring in the heavy artillery!

Straightening, Artie gradually moved his hips forward then, trying to worm the massive tip of his long blunt cock past the sensitive elastic lips of her vagina without hurting or alarming her. Once his hard thick shaft was inside, the little bitch could scream all she wanted, but at this stage of the game, delicacy was very important.

“Aaaaaaawigghhh, “she groaned, but it was the mindless sound of pleasure and nothing more. Encouraged, the muscular black porno-actor inched forward, angling his heavy cudgel from side to side in order to widen the passage.

By now, the couple on the couch were fucking steadily again in and out, and Darlene could faintly see the long white shaft of Harold’s throbbing cock glistening in the dim light on the outstroke, then disappear back inside on the in stroke. She could hear the groans of lust coming from the writhing man and woman on the sofa, accompanied by wet slurping sounds from their working genitals, and she gyrated on her chair in time to the lustful noises.

The queen had stepped down off her throne by this tine, drawn by the overpowering sensuality of what was happening before her very eyes; and Dennis, the loyal slave, stood obediently by her side, apparently, not overly grieved at what was being done to his delicate little girlfriend.

“Oooh, ooohhh!” Lana was murmuring now, her moans matching the cautious maneuvering of the black man’s massively throbbing cock as he pushed gently and easily into her. The girl’s cunt was flowering open completely now, and he felt there was a serious danger that the girl would ruin the whole scene by cumming before he got the full length of his hardness totally embedded in the warm moist pocket of her naked body, and decided that the time for caution was past. This slave girl was ready to be skewered, and his painfully throbbing penis was aching with anticipation.

He moved forward again, forcing his knees as far up between her widely-stretched thighs as it was possible to go, and used his thumb and forefinger to guide the slippery shaft directly into the moistly receptive chamber of her tight little cunt.

In the next room, Darlene still had a modicum of self-restraint left, but that was rapidly being depleted. She now had one palm cupping her swelling pussy mound with one long-nailed finger lying lightly in the tender vaginal crevice without entering. The tip of her nail scraped softly over the quivering little bud of her clitoris, and little shudders of lewd pleasure rippled through her belly, causing the juices of her pussy to flow increasingly. Then, the aroused young nurse began to rub the entire length of her outer vaginal lips in a slow steady rhythm, dipping her finger just slightly into the moist warm slit, teasing herself until she could stand it no longer. Slowly, gently, she pressed her outstretched finger up into her hungering cunt to the first knuckle… only to withdraw and repeat the entire process again… a little deeper each time, until her finger was embedded to the palm of her hand in her willingly accepting pussy. My God, that feels so good! she thrilled.

Experienced and hardened as he was, the black man found himself forced to groan aloud with pleasure as he felt the soft warm lips of the slave girl’s pussy closing tightly over the bulbous rounded tip of his blood engorged cock. Never in his long depraved career had he felt a sensation quite like this one. He expected Lana to groan or cry out with sudden pain as he steadily worked his way into her juicy, well-lubricated vagina, but she, was already too far gone to object to anything he chose to do to her now.

“AAAaaaggghhh!” she moaned, half in discomfort and half in ecstasy as the man surged powerfully into her, pushing the smoothly yielding walls of her wetly clasping cunt ahead of him like the prow of a ship dividing the waves. Lana’s entire sensually aroused body quivered and trembled before the suddenness of this all-out invasion, taken a little by surprise. Now she had no further illusions about what was going to happen to her; in fact, it had already happened. Lulled by his gentleness into a false sense of security, she had let down her guard, and now she was paying the price.

He was already deep inside of her, buried to the hilt, and any hopes she may have entertained of rallying her strength and fighting him off at the last moment were now dashed forever. In the presence of all the other actors and the film cameras, she was being fucked, yes, fucked, like a bitch in heat.

Her warmly clasping cuntal muscles tightened around Artie’s long driving shaft, stimulating him to greater and greater efforts. Suddenly, the camera zoomed in for a close-up, and the magnifying lens of the camera was recording everything on film; his hard relentless cock and the pink, cruelly-stretched flesh of her cunt clinging tightly to his rough leathery foreskin as he pounded in and out of her like a sex maniac.

“Come on, slave,” he jeered at her from above, tormenting the white moons of her buttocks with his hard demanding hands as he fucked back and forth with long punishing strokes. “Lees see a little life! The queen wants you to give us a good time!”

Her mind said no, but her poor over-stimulated body was no longer taking orders from her brain and reacted by doing precisely what he had commanded her to do. Experimentally at first, and then with real determination, she began to rotate her nakedly quivering ass, twisting and swinging back against the man who was fucking so ruthlessly into her, trying to give him as good as she was getting.

“Oh! Oh! Oh… oh… oh!” she was chanting mindlessly, knowing that the saliva was dripping from her open mouth and that she was making a perfect fool of herself but unable to fight off the storm of lust which was sweeping over her. She was an animal, a passion-driven pile of flesh being fucked half to death by a strange savage man and this was the bottom of the barrel. There was nothing lower or more depraved than this!

She was wrong. They had one last little surprise in store for her. Unexpectedly, she felt Harry’s hand fumbling at her mouth. What does he want? she asked herself blankly.

And then, in another, instant, it suddenly became clear to her. A hard moist object began to rub against her tips, and her eyes popped open in time to see that the other actor was trying to force his thick bulbous cock into the warm sanctuary of her mouth.

“No, no!” she groaned, and this proved to be her fatal mistake. The moment the innocent young woman opened her mouth to protest this new depraved invasion, Harry expertly flicked his hips forward, burying his long invading pole between her wetly trembling lips and holding her head rigid between his hands so that there was no possibility of escape.

Disgust and revulsion swept over her and the doubly-penetrated young blonde woman tried to wiggle free, but these men were real professionals, and she only succeeded in exciting them more. Gagging slightly at the unaccustomed invasion of this large unnatural object in her mouth, she could feel the length and the weight of the man’s heatedly throbbing cock on the softness of her tongue.

Harry’s hands were entangled in her hair, and she knew from bitter experience that he would not hesitate to hurt her in order to get his way.

“Suck!” he commanded harshly, giving her long blonde hair a slight tug just to remind her of his mastery. “Suck me like you never sucked anyone before!”

On the couch, the Ballards were fucking more rapidly now, and through the two-way mirror Darlene could see and hear them stepping up their pace as they raced towards their mutual orgasms. “Oh, fuck me, Harold!” she heard Ann hiss through clenched teeth. “Come on, you bastard, fuck me harder… Harder!”

The young slave girl was beyond resistance now. The tormented blonde no longer had a will of her own, and she involuntarily began to do as she was told. Her tightly ova led lips went slowly to work, timidly nibbling at this strange hotly pulsating instrument and she experimentally began to make use of her tongue, whipping it back and forth over the broad pungent surface of his penis. This was the punishment she had been longing for, and she accepted it with masochistic joy, knowing that she had finally hit bottom and there was nowhere lower to go. They had broken her down to the bottom-most level of humanity… she was worse than the lowest whore!

Darlene felt waves of consuming lust rip through her at the sight of the two fuckings — the one on the couch, and the one in the movie — and she dropped her finger still lower, insinuating it in her mow thirstily throbbing vagina, pumping in rhythm to the fucking on the couch while her thumb toyed with her erectly swollen clitoris.

The young nurse was caught up in the passion of the occasion. She wriggled on the chair and let her wet thighs open completely, the wet sucking sound of her masturbation clearly discernible to her ears. Her panting body heaved and bucked from her whipping fingerings. She secreted heavily, more heavily than she’d ever remembered.

Behind her, the slave girl abruptly sensed that Artie was building towards his climax. His mercilessly skewering thrusts were coming faster and faster by the minute, and she could hear the man’s panting gasps for breath as he labored like a maniac over her. His cruel hands dug fiercely into the nakedly tender skin of her hips as he fucked wildly into her.

“Oh, yeah… oh yeah!” he was grunting almost painfully as he tried to bury himself inside of her, working like a demon to finish and hardly noticing what was happening to the battered and abused body of the woman beneath him. Lana’s subserviently kneeling young body was suddenly jerking and wantonly twisting, and moans flowed out of her cock-filled mouth one after another without interruption. Her fair naked flesh shone with a fine layer of sweat, and her long blonde hair thrashed back and forth as strange torturous sensations raced overpoweringly through her shamelessly aroused body.

The depraved thought of being fucked half to death by two strange men simultaneously while a roomful of other people looked on had finally gotten to her… and she was masochistically racing towards the wildest orgasm of her entire young life.

Harry caught the mood of intense lust and doubled his own efforts, surging in and out of the soft warm hole formed by her ova led lips and watching in a wanton excitement as the wetly glistening shaft of his long hard cock disappeared into her saliva-filled mouth. She was almost driving him insane with pleasure.

“I’m… I’m cumming!” she mumbled incoherently, her words distorted by the presence of Harry’s massively thick penis between her sucking wet lips. No one heard her, but a special announcement was hardly necessary since it was perfectly obvious to everyone in the room what was happening to the, kneeling young woman. Her straining, nakedly pulsating body rammed itself savagely back into the loins of the man who was fucking so energetically into her from behind, and she rotated her smooth rounded ass around in vicious little circles as if she were trying to suck the cum out of him by brute force.

The spasm hit and all the muscles in Lana’s lust stricken body seemed to go tight and tense at once, causing both men to groan simultaneously as her orgasm caught them off balance. It was customary for porno-actresses to simulate a moment of ecstasy at the end of the scene, but the two actors both realized that there was nothing simulated about this. The girl was cumming as if there were no tomorrow!

Nor were they destined to be far behind her. The quantity of saliva in her mouth grew greater by the moment, becoming thick and pungent with the emissions of lubricating fluid secreted by the glans in Harry’s wildly plunging cock. His hands were winding their way into the curls in her hair, and he was pulling her head brutally up and down over his long thrusting shaft as if her face was nothing more and nothing less titan another tight little cunt into which he could shoot the torrential waves of his cum. Lana could feel his lust-thickened penis expanding and sweating until he had fitted her mouth completely, pushing farther and farther into the gagging depths of her throat as if he intended to try to meet the other brutalizing cock which was pounding into her from the other end.

Diverting her glance from the movie, Darlene watched as Harold’s penis stretched his wife’s clasping cuntal hole, disappearing between the hair-lined lips in one long smooth stroke after another that seemed to reach into the deepest recesses of Ann’s vagina. Once more he drew his long impaling shaft slowly out of her cunt until all but the inflated head was exposed to view. Darlene’s eyes widened at the sight of the pink cuntal flesh that clung to his hardened penis like a straining rubber band. Then he thrust hard up into her wide-spread cunt, beginning a buffeting motion that joggled their lewdly entwined bodies crazily on the bouncing sofa cushions.

“Ooohhh… oh, my God!” Anne cried lustfully.

Darlene whimpered in total identification with the older woman when Harold plunged his enormously thick penis back up into Anne’s urgently smoldering vaginal slit. It looked like his rampaging cock would split her cunt apart, She watched as Anne’s hands reached down for the ballooning sac of his testicles and began desperately milking them.

“Oh God, Harold, fuck me!” she gasped hotly. “Fuck me hard!… I’m going to cum… Fuck me deep… and HARD!”

“Yes, yes…!” he exclaimed. “Cum, cum, cum!”

Harold Ballard’s cock looked obscenely huge to Darlene as it began to wildly spew its pent-up cum deep into his wife’s milking cunt. She watched as his sperm-inflated balls smacked hard against Ann’s passionately upturned anal crevice as the last of his spurting semen drained from his jerking cock. Then she saw Anne’s mouth gape open and suck on her husband’s tongue as her own body convulsed in her earth shattering climax. “Oh God, Harold, I’m cummminnnnggg!” she screamed as her body spasmed one last time.

Artie, the man behind Lana, had had a head start, but Harry beat him to the finish line by a split-second, ramming his wildly jerking cock into her throat until her nose was crushed up against the wiry curls of his pubic hair. Suddenly, his massively pulsating cock began to explode like a roman candle as he mumbled profanities into the air. The steaming white cum poured into her furiously gulping mouth, causing her to gag and choke as she did her best to swallow every drop of this obscene degrading drink. It seemed to go on forever as her mouth filled with the thickly heated fluid from his loins, and she gulped and swallowed like a real slave, her mind almost completely destroyed by the shameful degradation of what these men were putting her through.

But then she was distracted by a grunt from behind her, and Lana felt Artie fuck violently into her one last time as far up inside of her tormented young womb as he could go and then began spewing forth his own hot sticky cum. A warm pleasant sensation flooded over her as she felt the semen flowing hotly into her from both ends and for a moment the confused young woman felt like one enormous cunt available for all the men in the world to batter and pound, a bottomless receptacle for cum! The thought triggered her second orgasm, and the second quickly ripened into a third.

“Cut!” cried the director and dimly in the distance, Lana saw the short fat man smiling at her happily.

“Jesus Christ!” said Harry gleefully, carefully withdrawing his slowly-deflating cock from the girl’s cum-filled mouth and getting casually to his feet.

“Another day, another dollar,” sighed Artie philosophically, abruptly removing his glistening ebony penis from her exhausted body. “Best lay I’ve had in years!”

“This kid’s got what it takes,” commented Maurine, getting up off her throne and lighting a filter cigarette as she hoisted up her royal robes to avoid tripping on them. “Why don’t we use her in the next flick as the lead, Boss? I like making money too much to be jealous.”

In the adjoining room, the young nurse’s wetly glistening fingers flashed in and out, keeping time to the passionate gasps and moans emitting from the other room. She was staring off into space now, her eyes vacant and unseeing as if her whole soul were focused on some distant horizon. The wild ramming of her fingers into her own pussy increased in tempo as the sounds grew louder and louder and it was clear to the writhing blonde that something was going to give soon.

And then it happened. She heard the wild crashing of the couch springs as Anne Ballard and her husband thrashed wildly in completely abandoned fulfillment. At that moment, Darlene thrust her fingers as far up inside herself as they would go, almost as if she were trying to puncture some illusory bubble of passion and let out all its wild force.

And then it hit her, the first incredible shock of her orgasm. The young nurse’s straining stomach muscles sucked in as if she had been struck in the belly and her whole body stiffened and arched backward. Trying not to scream out in her passion, the ecstatic blonde cruelly bit her own lips to choke off any sounds as with wide-staring eyes, she threw back her head so that the cords in her neck stood out like ropes. She had just enough presence of mind left to thrust her two fingers once more, hard up into her spasming cunt, and then she was completely out of control, her body jerking and twitching as wave after wave of hot seething sensations ran a desperate race over her burning nerve-paths. The beautiful young blonde’s knees automatically opened wider as if she were welcoming some invisible lover up between them, and then she could feel the hot gush of her own orgasmic juices pouring over her hand, soaking her tight-stretched panties and smearing down over the smooth skin of her quivering young thighs.


No sooner had the climaxing young nurse extracted her probing long-nailed fingers from her velvet sex than she heard the knob turning in the door. Hastily, she stooped down to retrieve the discarded steno pad just as the Doctor entered.

“Hi, Darlene,” he winked as if it were the most natural thing in the world, “how’d it go?”

Darlene straightened quickly, before her half-naked breasts popped free of her uniform. Then, smiling prettily despite her embarrassed flush, she looked up at the beaming, lecherous physician and chirped, “Doctor, I think your experiment was a crashing success!”


Lionel Parker stood smiling for a few more seconds, enjoying the amply displayed view of Darlene’s swelling white breasts before responding, “And you, Darlene?… How did you like the picture?”

Darlene swallowed nervously, her gaze dropping from Parker’s cruel thin face to the ominous bulge in the medical man’s Good Humor slacks. CM God, she panicked silently, he knows… he’s been watching me at the same that I’ve been watching the Ballards, and he knows!

“Darlene,” the Doctor repeated, closer, “I asked you a question.” Oh, dear God… it’s happening!

“I know you were watching, Darlene… Watching and loving every minute of it!” His voice had a sinister velvet quality to it that caused an unexpected shiver to thrill up the young wife’s spine as the lewd Doctor Parker stepped directly in front of her then and boldly placed his hands on her resilient breasts. “I want to screw you, baby,” he announced suddenly. “I want to fuck you with my big red cock!”

Darlene was shaking so badly she nearly fell off the chair. She wanted to push his hands away and slap his face, but she didn’t. Instead, she whispered hoarsely, “W-What about the Ballards… Aren’t you supposed to talk to…”

“Jenny is seeing them out now,” he continued, his lascivious squeezing through the thin material of her uniform becoming ever more insistent “See for yourself.”

“I-I believe you,” Darlene said.

“Do you want to fuck?”

“No!… I-I mean, yes… Oh God, I don’t know!”

Parker dropped one hand to his fly, lowering the zipper, and fished out his swollen cock. “Are you sure, Darlene?” he milked his hard rod. “I’ll bet that little punk you’re married to doesn’t have a prick like this!”

Darlene’s eyes were drawn to and locked on her employer’s huge swollen cock sticking out menacingly from his loins. It throbbed there between his legs, and fear mixed with her passion shivered through her body.

“Take your clothes off, Darlene,” he ordered, and without the slightest word of protest, the young nurse did as she was told, removing first her uniform, then her bra and panties and shoes until she was standing naked before him in all of her nakedness.

He took her by the arm then, and led her toward the long white examination table that stood next to one wall in the room. He gave her a little push, and mutely she climbed up onto the table, lying back with her smooth slender legs slightly spread.

He crawled up over her then and positioned himself, holding his lean body up with his strong arms and pinned her shoulders down to the cool flat surface. Leaning his head forward, he captured one of her lust-hardened nipples and drew it into his mouth, and she winced in agony as his teeth bruised it painfully.

“You are one young lady I’m really going to enjoy fucking!” he spat down at her, “and after I shove this big cock of mine up your sweet little pussy, you’re going to yell your pretty head off for more!”

Darlene just lay there beneath him, watching his mouth spewing obscenities at her, their vileness piercing her brain and inciting further erotic feelings of excitement in her. Her own body had betrayed her, she knew… otherwise she wouldn’t be there getting ready to fuck her employer… a man she wouldn’t have known from Adam two days ago.

“It’s time, Darlene, for you to do some of the work yourself,” the Sex Clinic Doctor gasped above her, “so you can just put your pretty little hand down there and take my cock and put it in your sweet little cunt!”

Abruptly, she had a moment of doubt. His big fat cock would be too big for her… it would split her in two! “Oh, nooo, Doctor Parker… I can’t… I just can’t… It’s too big for me!… It’ll kill me!”

But even as she spoke, her hands were moving to obey. She moved her hand down between his legs, reaching out to grasp the huge pulsating shaft of his awe-inspiring penis, but, suddenly, it stopped short. Her head began to shake from side to side as a flood of tears began to flow down her cheeks.

Parker, noticing her reluctance, roared in anger down at her face. “Do it, God damnit, put my cock in, before I do something you’ll regret!”

The young nurse groaned in submission, but her hand continued down, then attempted to encircle his massive girth. An expression of real fear contorted her face as her slender fingers failed to meet around the monstrous width of his cock, and she knew, by the feel, that it couldn’t possibly fit into her little vagina.

“Come on, you little bitch, quit stalling and put it in!” the Doctor spat harshly, then began to lower his hips so that Darlene had to splay her thighs wider. The young nurse’s hand trembled with fear and anticipation as she guided his cock into the moistly throbbing split of her pussy, using the bulbous, purplish-red head to part the soft champagne curls and the trembling pink lips of her vagina.

Then, hearing his confident leer as he held himself poised above her on his strong arms, ready to ram the massiveness of his cock at the entrance to her quivering loins, Lionel Parker’s domineering voice came to her again, “Stop screwing around and do it!”

Her hand grasped Parker’s rampantly pulsing cock, her slender fingers still around the pulsating shaft as she again lined it up with the smooth pink flesh of her vaginal passage. She lay there, shivering with the lustful, forbidden anticipation of taking a strange man’s cock into her pussy for the first time!

Lying there on the examination table in the special examining room, Darlene gasped and tossed her head excitedly and her hand guided an almost perfect stranger’s lust-hardened cock into her open receptive cuntal entrance. A shudder of wicked delight passed through her shapely young body at the first electrifying contact with the smooth naked head against the moist, sensitive flesh of her pussy. She held her breath, not daring to move, then, the moment she had been dreading came as Parker flexed his hips forward slightly, causing her to gasp at the sharp little pain as the red head of his cock began to worm its way into her.

Despite the pain, she could feel the throbbing warmth of it in her as she shivered excitedly.

“Ooohhhhhh!” she groaned as he pushed forward a little harder into the secret hole between her widely spread legs. She choked on the pain as the ponderous, bulbous head of his prick forced its way into the tight opening, brutally stretching the tender, resisting flesh until Darlene was certain the delicate tissues would tear from the almost unbelievable pressure he was exerting.

“Oh God… Doctor Parker! Y-You’re hurting me… please, stop… STOP!” she gasped, eyes bulging and her mouth opened wide. But, she knew that she was just wasting her breath begging him to stop as she saw a lewdly sadistic grin spread across his thin good-looking face. She knew then that he wasn’t about to stop until he was finished.

Through pain-filled eyes, Darlene stared up at Lionel Parker’s leering, lust-contorted face… at the expression of sheer delight that told her of the pleasure he was deriving from her sexual surrender.

He pressed his hugely throbbing cock into her soft moist cunt inch by inch and she wailed out her agony again. And suddenly, she became aware that he would not be able to maintain his slow pace much longer, that soon he would disregard any concern he may have held for her as he struggled for his own desperate release.

Then, suddenly and with no warning, he thrust with unbelievable force, his long, hard cock searing up into her wetly cringing vagina to its full depth.

“Ooohhh Gawwwwd!” she screamed as the lecherous Doctor’s painful entry stretched the walls of her cunt, battering into her until she felt his sperm-filled balls smacking up against the white, upturned globes of her ass. “Please, Doctor Parker… that hurts… please don’t!”

She lay motionless under him, not moving for fear of experiencing the agonizing pain of his entry. Her employer’s cock had more than filled her, and her tender vaginal walls felt tender and abused… she could feel every ridge and wrinkle as his enormous weapon lay warmly clasped in her encompassing sexual sheath, and then he flexed the shaft of his cock, making it swell deep in the confines of her pussy.

“AAAuuuggghhh!” she moaned, and then he flexed again, and again, grinning down at her lewdly as he extracted a groaned protest from her pain-tightened lips. But then, slowly, she felt her painfully throbbing cunt begin to accustom itself to his enormous rod of flesh that had stretched her to capacity.

Her whimpers grew softer as the pain diminished, and then ceased as the pain disappeared completely and were replaced by tiny shiverings of unmistakable desire being renewed. He sensed her acceptance of his thick hard cock in her hungering vagina, and he initiated a teasing, grinding motion as he strove to bury every possible fraction-of-an-inch of his lusting rod into her completely filled pussy.

Doctor Parker gloated down at her evilly, his thin face twisted into a mask of diabolic lust. “Now, my dear,” he ordered, his voice thick with excitement, “you will beg me for it!”

Darlene stared at him in astonishment. He wasn’t going to be satisfied until he had drained her of every vestige of self-pride! she realized. Yet, the idea of playing whore to such a man held its own peculiar brand of charm and her mind, once again, became a whirl of confused sentiments. Even as her eyes glazed over in ecstasy from the screwing he was throwing to her with such inordinate power, she looked up at him for mercy, a sign of tenderness. She didn’t want to be humiliated, she wanted to be fucked!

“Oh, no, please, Doctor Parker… don’t make me say it… Please don’t!”


After another moment of hesitation, she gave in to the thrills that had begun to course through her body from her hair-covered pubic area. “Oh, yes… do it! Please do it!”

“Do what, Darlene?”

She swallowed dryly, trying to force the required words from her mouth. “P-Please make love to me,” she managed lamely, knowing full well that those were not the words he wanted to hear, but hoping that he would not force her further.

“Make love, Darlene?” he flexed his cock deep in her belly, causing her to wince from the pleasure-pain he had inflicted upon her. “Don’t you mean fuck? Don’t you want me to fuck you, my dear?”

“Oh, yes, fuck me, Doctor Parker!… Damn you, fuck me!” she shouted through her tightly clenched white teeth. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…!”

She despised herself for breaking down and saying those vile words, but the fat cock in her stomach was what she needed, and pride be damned!

“Oh Christ, fuck me, Doctor Parker… fuck me like the bitch I am!”

Abruptly then, Lionel Parker rocked above her, using short brutal strokes that sent only half of his monstrous cock spiraling into her, and she skewered up, trying to take every inch of his shaft into her worming cunt. She surrendered herself to the obscene thrills that raced through her body and little tremors of passionate arousal tingled along her spine as she felt her medical employer pistoning his cock ever deeper into her moistly pulsating pussy. Her whole body felt like one big cunt, begging and needing to be fucked and fucked.

The young nurse began to feel her body respond to him, writhing and squirming beneath him as he increased the tempo and depth of his strokes into her. He kissed her, and she thrust her tongue up into his mouth to be nibbled and sucked, her moans of lustful acceptance coming from deep within her throat now. She was prepared for anything now, and she began to raise her feverishly sucking pussy up to him in a counter rhythm to his every thrust. She was his now, and as she gave her body over completely to lust, her lovely face was contorted with passion, her nostrils flared, and her breath came in short gasps.

She was completely aroused now, and perspiration formed on her brow and between her luscious white breasts as she increased her efforts. Her employer slipped his hands over her body, first on her breasts, then down to her ribcage, and then beneath the half-moons of her smooth satiny, buttocks, and he grasped them brutally in his strong hands. The added abuse of his hands twisting and kneading the soft flaccid flesh of her ass cheeks only increased the excitement she was feeling.

She pulled her thighs back as far as she could to accept his plunging cock as be hauled her loins up tight against his own, and groaned aloud as she felt her employer’s cock going even deeper into her hungrily clasping cunt.

There was no reluctance on her part now; the last twinges of pain were gone and there was no shame left to be felt. Her long slender legs stretched out rigidly on either side of his thickly impaling penis quivered spasmodically with the strength of her passion. He felt her tongue slither in and out of his mouth in lewd parody of the fucking he was giving her, matching him stroke for stroke. In response to his thrusts, she emitted little purring moans of lustful rapture and satisfaction from deep in her innermost being.

Now, she knew what she had been missing all along in her lovemaking… the lewdness… the vileness of fucking someone one shouldn’t be fucking… the depravity and coquettishness of playing whore… Never in her remotest imagination would she have thought that such delightful sensations were to be had from committing adultery… Adultery! she thought with passion, rolling the word around in her head like a savory, forbidden candy, Darlene Jefferson is an adulterous! She was committed now, to the final victory… she would cum tonight, come hell or high water!

Lionel Parker thrust into her with all of his might, lengthening his strokes and stepping up the tempo of their fucking. He then withdrew his penis until just the bulbous head was still embedded inside of her. Suddenly, he drove forward like a man possessed by the devil until his sperm-laden balls rested in the crevice of her ass at the end of each jolting thrust. He felt a throbbing painful ache in his balls as the pressure began to build, signaling the imminent release of his orgasm. Oh, damn! he felt a moment of panic. I won’t last too much longer… got to bring this bitch off, fast!

His hand slid down over the smooth taut skin of her smoothly gyrating buttocks, searching for the small, crinkled opening of her anus. He dipped the tip of his finger into the viscid opening of her cock-stuffed pussy and wet it with their combined juices, then poked it gently into her ass up to the first knuckle.

“Know what I’m going to do now, my dear?” he leered down at her sadistically. “I’m going to finger fuck your asshole!”

“Oh, yes! Do it! Shove your finger in my asshole! I want it!” she hissed back into his face.

Lionel Parker’s brain whirled in lustful exhilaration. She wants it! he thought triumphantly. She really wants it… and she’ll get it! His long middle finger fumbled at the tightly puckered anal opening, forcing inward to the second knuckle with a brutal thrust.

“AAAggghhh! Ohhh, my God! It hurts!… IT HURTS!” she screamed in real pain as he continued his merciless pounding with his thick long penis into her creaming pussy, all the while ruthlessly fucking his finger into her asscheeks. Suddenly, he buried his finger to the palm of his hand in her defenseless ass, feeling the warm rubbery confines clasp and cling to his cruel probing finger in masochistic abandon.

Darlene’s whole body seemed to quiver in forbidden ecstasy. She had never in her entire life felt such rapturous bliss! The pleasure-pain she was receiving from the rotating finger in her asshole eddied a new dimension to the lewd coupling of the young nurse and her employer. She was forcing her buttocks back onto the viciously thrusting finger, then pushed her pelvis forward to absorb more of his huge throbbing cock.

Lionel Parker could barely control his lust now. His cum-filled balls ached from the desperate need to empty their load, and he pistoned his pulsing prick into her cuntal channel furiously, and drilled his middle finger into her sweet little ass.

He had reached the point of no return, now, and he slid his rhythmically fucking cock in and out of her sweet smooth vagina, concentrating on the liquid feel of her warm clasping channel. He watched the embracing lips of her cunt being pushed in and pulling out around his cock with each stroke he made into her, and felt the contracting muscles of her pussy sucking and massaging his shaft like a milking machine, attempting to swallow all of his delicious hardness deep inside her.

The Sex Clinic Doctor increased the speed and depth of his hammering thrusts as she writhed beneath him, sliding up and down the hardened shaft of his cock with animal like energy, her long slender legs jerking spasmodically, while her satin thighs flowered open to receive every inch of him into her secret depths. His penis pistoned, into her cunt with demoniacal fervor, and he jerked his invading finger from her backside with a wet sucking sound.

Suddenly, the fervently chanting voice of his lovely nurse broke into his sexual reverie as her face contorted with her desperate need to cum. He stared down at her, and her features reflected the sensuality of her deep passion as she moaned aloud. “Oh God! Yes, like that, Doctor Parker! Fuck me like that… fuck… fuck… fuck… I’m going to cum…!”

He grunted in acknowledgement as he labored over her, grinding his huge cock into her hard and deep, going far past the point of maximum penetration that her own husband had ever achieved. He was certain that she would cum soon and he watched as her breasts heaved and quivered with the shocks of his punishing strokes. The spiking pink nipples of her breasts expanded before his eyes as her passionate ecstasy grew more and more. She flailed her head wildly from side to side hopelessly entangling her beautiful blonde hair.

“Now, Darlene… Cum! Cum! CUM!” he spat down at her as he felt the acid burning of his own need for release, and he could only hope that she was ready to cum.

He thrust one more time, and then she convulsed beneath him. Her body writhed and spasmed uncontrollably as wave after wave of orgasmic release thundered through her. “Oh, God! I’m… I’m cummmiiinnnggg!… I’m… AAAuuuRRRgggHHH!”

The young nurse’s body clung to him tenaciously as she gained even greater spasms to her voluptuous climax as her lover hammered his cock into her faster and faster. Her breathing was, labored, and came in short feverish gasps.

It was then that the Sex Clinic Doctor fit his own searing heated sperm begin its mad race up the full length of his massive prick. It pumped and spurted unceasingly into her as he ground his pelvis up tight against her loins in one last thrust before he stiffened in the throes of his own climax.

And then it was over. The Sex Clinic Doctor collapsed on top of her, panting heavily from the exertion of his final driving thrusts. Under him, the young nurse basked in the afterglow of her orgasm — the first satisfying one she had had in a long time. She looked up at him gratefully, wanting to thank him, but not knowing how to say it.

“Uh, Doctor…”

“Thanks for the fuck, Darlene,” Parker interrupted as he pushed himself up off her to walk over to where he had left his pants. “That was real good… we’ll have to do it again some time.”

Darlene just lay there on the examination table, surprised, and stared at his back as he left the room, quietly shutting the door behind him.


“Hi, honey!” Roger smiled at his tired wife as she came in the door. “Had a hard day at work?”

“I sure did!” she relaxed back into the love seat. “Boy did I learn a lot today!”

“Oh, yeah?… Bad, huh?” he sympathized with her.

“Oh, no, Roger… not at all! I loved it… I really did!” She self-consciously pulled down the hem of her uniform as she remembered that she was still wearing Jenny’s. “I, uh, left my uniform at work, honey… They said that it was too old fashioned, and that I would have to get one like this except in the right size… this one’s too small!” she hurried to add at his slightly astounded look at her ripe figure almost popping out of her dress. “Otherwise, how do you like it?”

“Fine, Darlene,” he answered, mollified by her clarification. He got up from the armchair and headed into the kitchen. “Hey,” he called back at her, “do you want something to drink, a Coke, maybe?”

“Oh, yes, that’d be nice, Roger.”

“By the way,” he added as he brought her Coke over to her, “you haven’t asked me how my exams went today?”

“Oh, Roger, I’m sorry… How did they go?”

“Well, it was really tough, but I did the best I could,” he spoke dejectedly, a downcast look on his face. “But,” he brightened with a joking smile on his face, “I think I did okay… and I know for sure that I passed!”

“Oh, that’s great, Roger! Fm so glad for you!”

They were silent for awhile, and the handsome young husband watched his beautiful wife with her voluptuous figure squeezed into the small uniform as she sipped contentedly from her Coke. She was really gorgeous, he told himself, and he was lucky to have her.

The sight of his lovely young wife in the too-tight dress was causing him to remember an important little item that had been neglected pretty much since he’d been studying… and that something reminded him by giving a lurch in his pants as it started to rise in response to his wife’s appearance. He wanted her, he decided, he wanted to fuck her… and right now!

He walked over to her, sitting relaxed in the love seat, and took her glass, setting it down on the small table beside her. She looked up surprised and opened her mouth as if to protest, but Roger quickly bent down and fastened his mouth over her warm soft lips, stifling any protestations she might have made. At first she recoiled in surprise, then relaxed and gave herself over to the enjoyment of the kiss. But Roger broke the kiss too soon, she thought, and sat beside her in the plushy stuffed love seat.

Again he kissed her, his tongue shooting forward deep into her throat until she thought she’d choke. She struggled for her breath, then caught it. She relaxed again, and gave herself up to the little darts of pleasure shooting through her body. She felt a tingling between her legs, the beginning of a moistness that she could hardly comprehend.

Roger’s hands then moved to her shoulders, and slid slowly down to the ripe mounds of her breasts. Very gently, he kneaded the melon-shaped orbs, then teased the already protruding buds of her nipples through her uniform with rolling and pinching motions, until she mewled softly with the exquisite pleasure she was deriving from the manipulations.

His hand now stole down to her knee, then moved rapidly upward along her inner thigh until he could feel the, soft tangle of pussy hair under her little bikini panties. She spread her legs wide, holding her thin panty crotch band aside, inviting his lewd access, and with no hesitation his fingers began to explore the warm wet territory of her cunt. Roger’s fingers rubbed harder at the sensually moistened lips of her pussy under the skimpy bikini panties. Then his hand left that cock-stirring warmth, and he hooked his fingers into the narrow elastic waistband of her panties and tugged insistently on them. She raised up, and her panties slid easily down under her firm ripe buttocks, and he dropped them on the carpet at her feet.

“Oh, Roger,” Darlene murmured, holding his head close to her breast so that he could hear her lust-quickened heartbeat, “w-what are you doing?”

He knew what he was doing, and what he wanted to do… more than anything else in the world! He wanted to cover her lewdly squirming body with hot wet kisses! He wanted to taste the rich, womanly aroma of her from head to foot. He wanted to make her cum from just the contact of his mouth, his ups, his tongue and teeth nibbling, sucking, licking, driving her crazy!

Roger reached behind her and unzipped her uniform, slipping it off her shoulders, then urging her to raise her hips off the seat, and slid it the remaining way under her, dropping it to join her panties on the floor. He then made her slide down in the chair until her milk-white ass cheeks were perched right on the edge. He knelt on the floor between her slender thighs, almost drooling with hunger at the pinkly glistening jewel of her gold-fringed pussy right before his eyes. With his hands cupping her buttocks, he pulled her loins closer to his mouth.

He moved slowly, but unceasingly, licking wetly up the insides of her thighs toward the tempting little triangle of her cunt, inhaling the musky scent of her softly moistening pussy flesh, and wanting to taste it, tongue it, swallow it.

“Oh, my God… Do it… Do it…!” Darlene pleaded, grasping his head in her hands and jutting her pelvis lewdly upward, as if she couldn’t wait for the searing penetration of his tongue into her steaming pussy. Roger looked at the sparse champagne curls that partially hid the wet pink lips of her cunt. He had never in his entire life been so hungry for sex! It was almost as if this were his first fuck, and Darlene were a pristine virgin who was unattainable, untouchable, but finally his!

His tongue worked rapidly in toward its target, licking her thighs, moving ever closer to the hot little splitting of flesh where he knew he could find the consuming lust he was seeking.

He spread her slender cunt lips with his thumbs as his fingers spread out over her thighs. Then, with a deep breath of the young nurse’s desire-scented loins, the young law student inserted his tongue, with a maddening slowness, into the moist musky opening of her pussy.

Darlene’s firm full body lurched nakedly upward to meet his electrifying tongue-thrust. She was groaning and gasping for breath now, and Roger’s recently-awakened penis lurched suddenly into semi-hardness. She actually wanted him to lick her pussy, and then, obviously, to drive his cock deep inside her cunt and screw her good! Christ! He dug his tongue deeper into the whimpering blonde’s wildly quivering pussy.

Roger Jefferson felt his young wife’s body tremble and heard her gasps of joy, and then the pretty young woman snuggled her cunt even closer to his obscenely probing tongue. She then began to quicken the thrusting of her hips, and her long slender legs raised to wrap themselves up around his neck, her calves pulling his head closer to speed his tongue as she approached her climax.

“Oh God… Suck me… Suck… Suck… SUCK…!” she gasped as her inner pussy began to contract as surge after surge of orgasmic release swept over her helplessly shuddering body, releasing wave after wave of warm moist cum inside her vaginal sheath to come seeping out from between the hair-lined lips of her cunt. Her legs tightened and relaxed convulsively around his head, and her hands held firmly to his hair, tugging at it almost painfully, as Roger continued to soothe and caress her trembling inner flesh with his lips, his tongue and teeth.

He paused after a few moments and half rose, leaning up over her lewdly slumped form to claim her beautiful mouth with his own. He hadn’t had this dizzying feeling for quite awhile, he knew, as her tongue tangled lustfully with his own, sucking it deep into the warm wet cavern of her mouth. Her arms pulled him to her, and he managed to slide his pants and shorts off as he relaxed his body over her naked flesh. Immediately, Darlene’s eyes were drawn to and locked upon the lust-purpled length of Roger’s massively erect penis as it stood out from his loins at a menacing angle. As it throbbed there between her slender white legs, she felt a tremor of delicious horror fuse with her passion. It looked bigger tonight than it had ever been!

Her young law student husband poised himself above her, holding his rigid shaft of lust-aroused male flesh in one hand while Darlene opened the moisture-beaded petals of her cunt with her fingers. He looked down lewdly as he inserted his bulbously throbbing cock-head into her tight vaginal opening, thrilling at the lewd sight of his angry red rod of flesh disappearing up into the prettily ova led little orifice. Then, with a lingering delight, he began to slowly push into the warm wet slit, and he let his weight down on her gently.

Darlene’s trembling pink flesh absorbed his penis to the hilt as she contracted the inner muscles of her pussy in a gently nibbling rhythm. Then, as her handsome husband began a marked cadence of thrusts and withdrawals, they both wallowed in the sensuous pleasure suffusing throughout their loins. Almost dreamily, the young student kept pushing his blood-engorged cock into her as deep as it would go, then withdrawing it slowly, clinging to each tiny second of delight that the lustful friction provided.

The young nurse reached down and began to gently massage his sperm-filled testicles in the cup of her palm, and Roger thought he would soon explode from the delightful sensations. He began to speed up the tempo of his plunging cock, and the young golden-haired wife responded in kind. She hooked her heels behind his hips and thrust her pelvis up to meet his with each hard desperate lunge he made between her welcoming thighs.

Roger Jefferson’s brain screamed with victorious exhilarations as he slammed his big thick cock up into the curvaceous young blonde’s upturned pussy. This time, he knew, he wouldn’t let her down… He’d make her cum!

Never in her entire life had she felt such rapturous excitement. Her whole body quivered like a pressure-taut bow string in lustful ecstasy. She loved it… all of it.

Roger gaped down at the glistening shaft of his cock sliding rhythmically in and out of Darlene’s sweetly contracting little cunt and concentrated on the feel of her liquid warmth accepting him like a clasping oiled glove.

Her whole body responded to him with a squirming wantonness that snapped his lust crazed mind. Dropping his head again, the young husband’s mouth sought her lips and he kissed her feverishly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth to be sucked. Then, with a wild depravity of her own, Darlene began to grind her smoothly flaring hips up to meet him in a lewd and rhythmic cadence to his plunging rod of flesh.

Her face was contorted with the intensity of her passion, her eyes were glassy, her nostrils flared, her breath coming in short, jerky pants, as she pounded her pelvis against him in the age-old ritual of sex. Now, moving with him, sliding her eager young vagina madly up and down on his throbbing hot shaft, she found the intensity of her sensations multiplied, and she wanted to give back as much as she was receiving. Oh, dear God… It’s… It’s utterly fantastic!… Let it go on… forever… His big cock… fucking me… fucking me… fucking… FUCKING! her mind chanted endlessly.

Then, as they sensed that their mutual climax was near, their hot mouths met once again, tongues battling furiously, their bodies threshing about wildly in the throes of sexual perfection. Darlene moaned aloud in her ecstasy. “Oh, Roger, it’s so good… so wonderful… I’m cumming… Fuck me, Lover, fuck me… FUCK ME… AAAaauuurrrggghh!!!”

Roger’s lust-hardened member was plunging in and out of her pussy rapidly now, his breath coming in hoarse gasps, as low, animal-like grunts issued from his throat. In a violent finish, he began to raise a bit higher with each stroke, slamming his aching cock deep into her, the strokes quick, hard, and sure.

The lusciously built young wife cried out again, as she felt her law student husband’s white-hot semen begin to shoot into her moistly yielding pussy, and her long fingernails raked his back as she tried to pull him even closer to her. They struggled to drain the last drop of pleasure from their tempestuous union, and finally all motion ceased as they lay quietly, Roger now half-lying on Darlene’s still obscenely hunched body in the overstuffed love seat, and his deflating penis still buried to the hilt in her wetly throbbing pussy.

Then, she felt him slip softly from her vagina.

“Christ, that was good, honey,” she heard the compliment for the second time that day. “Thanks a lot!” He got up then, stepping into his trousers, and leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips.

He turned then, and moved down the hall. “I think I’ll go take a nap,” he threw back over his shoulder at her as he headed for the bedroom. “Wanna come?”

“No thanks, darling,” she replied, sitting up to watch as he walked down the hallway.

For a single fleeting instant, Darlene debated the relative merits of telling Roger about what had happened today at the clinic, then decided quickly against it. After all she reasoned, a girl shouldn’t have to tell her husband everything especially, she promised herself, since I won’t ever do it again!


The following morning, Darlene awakened happily and began to dress silently in the predawn darkness. Beside her, Roger slept the sleep of the dead, exhausted as he was from three weeks of steady cramming.

She was still ashamed of her weakness the previous day at the Parker Clinic and had every intention of quitting her job when she arrived that morning. Now that Roger was able to function again, she had no more need for daydreams or Lionel Parker.

Not that she hadn’t enjoyed it all, she admitted to herself, but now she would have her needs taken care of at home, at least until school started again, and she’d worry about that time when it came.

Her mind made up, she tiptoed down the hallway and into the kitchen. She put on the pot and sat down at the table, half-listening for the sound of the coffee perking as her mind drifted back over the events of the past two days.

She could still visualize clearly her employer, Lionel Parker’s, long, thick, throbbing cock as it poised at the entrance to her hungrily accepting vagina. And also permanently imprinted on her brain was the most erotic scene she had ever seen, or would probably ever see in her entire life… Her first pornographic movie, with a blonde girl who looked surprisingly like herself being forced to submit to the most obscene acts she’d ever seen or heard of… and to witness, also for the first time, the act of intercourse in such explicit detail, to see the many masks of lust that distorted the faces of Harold and Anne Ballard. And, just thinking about it all again made the delicate hair-lined lips of her pussy flower open to allow the throbbing pink bud of her clitoris to slip wetly out into the moistly creaming slit….

The sound of the rapidly perking coffee boiling over brought Darlene back to the present, and she hastily rose and moved over to the stove and removed the pot from the burner, a startled gasp escaping from her lips as some of the hot liquid splashed onto her hand. She let the morning coffee perk for a few moments, then poured herself a cup, downing it in small tentative sips. A glance at the kitchen clock told her that she had an hour yet before she was due to leave for work, and she padded quietly through the living room to the front door and retrieved the morning newspaper from the welcome mat. Another cup of coffee and the complete perusal of the paper hastened the passing of time, and her second glance at the clock caused her to exclaim in surprise.

The young nurse rushed into the bathroom and quickly applied her makeup, then ran a brush through her long blonde hair, and grabbed her lightweight coat as she ran out the door on her way to the car.

The roads were already packed with the early morning rush hour traffic, and she concentrated on maneuvering her car swiftly and expertly through the congested streets and intersections. Only once on her way to work did she reconsider her decision to terminate her work at the Parker Clinic, but, shaking her head in the negative, she quickly reaffirmed her previous resolution. There was nothing else she could do in the circumstances, she acknowledged, at least not with a clear mind, and she would stick with it!


“Good morning, Doctor Parker,” Jenny smiled seductively at her handsome employer as he entered his private inner office through the back door. “You’re here early this morning, aren’t you?”

“Morning, Jenny,” he replied to her timely greeting. He extracted a handful of medical records from his special filing cabinet. “I have some things to do before my first appointment, Jenny,” he hinted for her to leave.

“Oh?” Her curiosity was overwhelming.

“Yes, Jenny,” he resigned himself to satisfying her womanly interest. “I’m having one of my ‘special’ patients in this morning… Dick Jenkins.”

“Dick Jenkins!” she exclaimed. “Isn’t that the super fat guy that’s been in a couple of times… the one with a cock like a horse?” she remembered.

“Yes, that’s him,” Parker answered. “But, in addition to being obese and hung, he also indulges in a special practice… he likes Greek.”

Jenny’s jaw dropped in astonishment. “With a prick like that, and his specialty is Greek!… How in the world are you going to fix him up?”

Lionel Parker’s face broke into a very secret smile. “Don’t worry, Jenny… I have something in mind… something very special, indeed!”


“Good morning, Darlene… Are you rested and ready for another day?” Dr. Lionel Parker’s face broke into a deceptively kind smile. “I hope you are, my dear, because we have some interesting patients coming in today.”

“Uh, good morning, Doctor Parker,” Darlene couldn’t meet his eyes, and she glanced down at her shoes like a shame-faced kid caught doing something wrong. God, she thought desperately, is this ever going to be hard to do… I know he won’t like it one bit! She determinedly set her shoulders, and marched into his private inner office, quietly shutting the door behind her. “Doctor Parker, if you have a moment, I’d like to talk to you.”

“Certainly, Darlene,” he leaned back in his chair. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“Well, uh… I don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful, Doctor. I really do like the job and the Clinic is just beautiful to work in… And I really appreciate the fact that you didn’t hold my inexperience in years on the job against me. But, I just can’t work here any more. I’m afraid I’m going to have to quit!”

The smile faded a little from his thin sardonic face. “Oh, really?” He pushed his chair back from the desk. “Why?”

“I, uh…”

“Does it have anything to do with what happened yesterday?”

“A little, Doctor… plus, my husband doesn’t want me to work!” she blurted out the rash lie.

“Oh, really?” he repeated, plainly showing his disbelief at her white lie. “Why not?”

Darlene stammered aimlessly as she tried to think of a coherently convincing reason in answer to his question. She finally gave up and replied, “Because he doesn’t want me working anymore!” She glared at him defiantly, squirming slightly under his direct, steady gaze.

“And what if I don’t want you to quit?”

“I don’t care. Doctor Parker, I won’t work you can’t make me!”

“Oh? Are you sure?… Would you like to reconsider, Darlene?” He smiled at her, a gentle understanding smile that made her feel ashamed of her defiance.

“No!” She kept up the brave front, knowing that if she softened in response to the apparently sincere concern that was evident on his face, she would lose her determination and give in to him.

“That’s too bad, Darlene… too bad, indeed!” He reached down and pulled out the bottom desk drawer, retrieving a plain manila envelope which he threw onto the desk in front of her. “Look at that,” he stated flatly.

“W-What?” For some unknown reason, she became nervous and confused.

“I said, look in that envelope!” he spat at her, a distinctly menacing look suffusing his thin face with deviltry.

Her slender white hand shook as she reached it out slowly and grasped the innocuous-looking envelope. She turned it over and examined it carefully, but there was nothing to tell her what was contained within.

“Open it, my dear,” she heard Lionel Parker say softly, no longer angered now that she was compliant. “Open it and see what’s inside.”

With trembling fingers, she quickly undid the metal clasp and folded back the flap, reaching inside to remove some flat white objects — a small stack of them — which turned out to be snapshots. She shuffled through them, her look of troubled curiosity changing to incredulous dismay, then to shock and hateful anger.

“I-I… You… You…”she stammered hopelessly. “These… These are pictures of you and me, when we were… were…” She stared at him in helpless rage, too shocked to be able to think or say anything clearly. All she could think of was that there was no evident way out of this mess… no way at all!

“Were you about to say, when we were fucking yesterday?” the Doctor questioned sadistically, a cruelly lecherous smile on his face.

“N-No, I mean, yes!” She was frightened to death, wondering what he wanted, but she didn’t dare ask.

“Pretty good pictures, aren’t they? I personally think they are quite well taken.”

“How were these taken?… There was nobody in the room with us… there couldn’t have been!”

“You’re right, Darlene. There was no one in that room with us… but a two-way mirror can work both ways!” he hinted.

“T-These photographs,” she stammered incredulously, “who took them?”

“Jenny did, my dear,” he responded. Then, at her shocked look, “Does that surprise you?”

Words failed her as her face reddened in shame and anger, but she managed to spit out, “So she’s in on it, too! I thought she was my friend… the little bitch!”

“That’s a little harsh, wouldn’t you say, Darlene? After all…”

“You bastard!”

Dr. Lionel Parker merely smiled.

“W-What do you want in return for the negatives?” the young blonde nurse asked coldly.


“You are blackmailing me, aren’t you, Doctor? How much do you want for the negatives?”

“Well, you are right about the blackmail, but I don’t want money.”

“What do you want then?”

Very slowly, his lecherous eyes roved up and down her body, lewdly appreciating the perfection of her figure. “You.”

“Me? But…”

“I want your cooperation, Darlene.”

“Oh. Why?” she was suspicious.

“As you are aware, I have special patients, and one of them is here now. I want you to help with his therapy.”


“Yes. You will partner him in his session… in any sexual act he wishes to indulge in today.”

“You’re… You’re insane!”

“Am I?” he smiled at her.

“W-What if I refuse?”

“Then your punk of a husband will get a set of prints… Maybe the Dean of his school, too!” he added as an afterthought.

“You’re filthy!”

Lionel Parker shrugged it off with an easy grin. “It’s your choice, Darlene,” he responded to her red-faced rage.

Darlene Jefferson slumped back in her chair, defeated. “Alright,” she conceded to his wishes, “I’ll do it.”

“Good! Now, if you’ll come over here with me… your patient is in the special examination room… you can see him through the mirror,” he led her toward the piece of glass set into the wall.

“Oh, my God!” she blurted out at the sight of the still-clothed blimp that was a man. “Oh, no!” She was physically nauseated by the sight of the obscene rolls of fat that made up the man, and she shivered in disgust at the thought of being touched by him. But she knew that she would still go through with it. She had to… or her whole world would be torn down around her ears. After all, she consoled herself, it is for Roger’s sake…!


“Good morning, Mr. Jenkins,” the lovely young blonde nurse addressed the obese man sitting in the special examination room. “My name is Darlene… and I’m going to be your partner in today’s session!” She smiled at him, and seductively started lowering the zipper of her uniform. “By the way, Dick, Doctor Parker said for us to just go right on ahead and do whatever you want, and he’ll join us in a little while.”

The fat man stared open-mouthed as the alluring young woman proceeded to strip out of her clothes, first stepping out of her uniform, then reaching back to unsnap her bra, letting the full firm mounds burst free to jiggle and sway proudly as she bent over with her back to him, and then she very slowly peeled her tiny bikini panties down over the swell of her buttocks until he could see the soft golden down of her pubic hair peeking out between her legs.

Dick Jenkins felt the long hose of his cock begin to jerk rapidly into life, and by the time Darlene had turned around to face him, there was a new and strangely lively bulge under his slacks in the vicinity of his groin. Immediately, Darlene approached him rapidly, here eyes lighting upon and glued to the exciting, pulsing mass that she knew was his cock.

Doctor Parker had not told her much about this man, and she was only guessing when she estimated how long his cock must be. Oh God! she thrilled. It must be huge! Lewdly, she dropped to her knees in front of him, then reached out and caressed the bulge in his pants.

“Take your cock out! I want to see it! Go on, take it out for me!” she hissed suddenly.

“Shit!” the fat man choked, fumbling at the zipper and reaching inside to unleash his huge length of thick, heavy-veined hardness. His beady little eyes burned with lust as he watched her sudden intake of breath, her pretty young face flushing with intense desire, her avid stare looking on the exposed, jerking rod of rigid cock-flesh.

Darlene senses the hot wetness seeping from her stimulated pussy, while her loins and belly began to seethingly jerk inside at the obscenely provoking sight of his naked, long thick cock extended toward her from his lap. Christ, it was even bigger and harder than she had thought. And as she hungrily filled her lust-gleaming eyes with the sight, Dick began to lewdly work its thick foreskin back and forth over the bulbously growing head until little drops of thin white liquid oozed from the tiny split at its tip!

“Good Lord! It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen on a man!” she groaned softly, her slender white hand quickly darting out to grasp the hot, thrusting rod of hardness.

“Oh, Jesus!” Darlene heard him vilely choke out at the feel of her clutching hand, but she hardly cared what emotions she was raising in him. It was her own wild passion she selfishly intended to satisfy. Eagerly, she began to work its heavy foreskin back and forth as the big man grunted and thrust his hips obscenely forward.

The sudden movement caused the thick layer to skin lewdly back, until the smooth, wet glans were naked before her face. Excitedly, she leaned forward and with a snake-like swipe of her greedy little tongue, licked away the warmly seeping drops of his escaped semen before ova ling her full lush lips to slide smoothly and wetly up over his eagerly pulsating cock-head, the sweaty smell of his loins invading her nostrils.

Dick Jenkins sucked in his breath from the hot, moistly clinging sensation of her inner mouth cheeks around his hardness, chills rippling upward along his spine, another grunting oath escaping him. He could see her eyes filming over with erotically rising desire as she slid her already intently sucking mouth farther onto the hot vibrance of his painfully swollen cock, her softly working lips enclosing its pulsating head in a moist, burning pressure locking tightly around it!

“Goddamn!” he grunted, gaping down at her outwardly bloated cheeks, abruptly reaching forward to clutch her hardened, nippled breasts, their smooth resilient flesh yielding hotly beneath his kneading fingers. Jesus Christ, he could hardly believe it.! Here he was, sitting in the examining room while this young nurse was actually sucking his cock while he played with her lush naked tits, their tiny pebble-hard nipples searing into the palms of his hands like flowing hot coals.

He forcibly suppressed a desire to thrust his desire-hardened penis all the way down her smooth warm throat. Instead, he sat back in the chair, keeping his thickened cock shoved tight between her clinging lips. He almost felt sure the luscious blonde would choke from the sheer size of the throbbing shaft disappearing between her roundly ova led lips. But instead she began sucking at it rapaciously as though she had waited through all eternity for this moment.

Dick began a slow, rhythmic fucking motion into her open mouth. He watched her cheeks puff outward as he wormed his cock slowly in, then hollow as he slithered his cock back on the outstroke. The fat Sex Clinic patient let the throbbing glans lay for a spine-tingling second on the tip of her warm, saliva-moistened tongue.

Darlene’s eyes were half-closed and glazed with a wild ecstatic look that made the blood pound heavily through his aroused rod of flesh. “Oh, suck me!… Run your tongue over my prick!” Dick Jenkins and thrust deep into her throat, making her cough and sputter for breath.

But she didn’t stop sucking on him for a moment. “MMMmmmmmm, yesssssss,” she gurgled. “I love sucking you off!”

The lovely young Sex Clinic nurse fingered the swollen sac of his testicles, sending wild pulses of pleasure through his cock-shaft as she wormed her tongue around the hard rubbery edge, tickling the sensitive ridge beneath the hugely expanding head. She was sucking him like a wild woman! The deeply plunging pole of male flesh seemed to vanish into a lewd lengthening fusion of Darlene’s face as Dick Jenkins tightened his buttocks muscles and drove in harder… deeper yet!

Suddenly, the obese man pushed her away, his monstrous cock popping noisily from her wide stretched lips. “That’s enough, baby,” he growled down at her. “Now I wanna fuck you… so getup on that damn table over there!”

Wordlessly, Darlene did as she was told. She was overcome by lust now, and she could hardly control herself as she waited for his next move.

“Get up on your hands and knees” he ordered as he laboriously climbed upon the exceptionally large examination table behind her, “we’re gonna do it dog-style!”

“Oh, yeses!” she hissed back at him. “Fuck me, Dick! Fuck my pussy hard and deep!”

“Pussy? What pussy? I ain’t fuckin’ no lousy pussy, baby! I’m gonna fuck your asshole!” he crowed lustily.

My asshole! Oh God, NO!

Thoroughly frightened now, the young blonde tried to jump off the table, but a vicious smack of his beefy hand against her smooth creamy buttocks convinced her she should remain where she was.

He reached out towards her then, and kneaded her flesh toughly, running his hands along her sides and dropping to the smoothly rounded half-moons of her buttocks. He pulled them cruelly apart, straining the dark trembling crevice that lay hidden there unbearably. The young nurse’s moans of fear and pain only incensed him further, and a deep ache gnawed incessantly at his loins, causing his cock to feel as if it were on fire, and his testicles felt heavy and full.

His big beefy hands furiously kneaded her quivering flesh while his brain became more and, more inflamed with lustful desire. Lewdly he ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, all the way to her wetly shivering cunt, and she pulled back instinctively from his unwanted touch as his fingers tightened even harder on her quivering pussy flesh. “Keep still, goddamn it!” he snapped.

He grabbed hold of the throbbing length of his cock then, and guided it towards the cringing split between her satin-smooth ass cheeks. The huge bulbous head was flushed purple with the suppressed blood of his lascivious desire, and as he trailed it along the moist dark crevice, a chill of forbidden pleasure lurched through his flabby fat body. His middle finger began to circle luridly around the crinkled hairless opening of her anus and his eyes bulged with perverted excitement as he stared at the tiny brown orifice. He began to prod at it, jabbing his finger against its rubbery resisting surface.

“Oh, please stop that, Dick… don’t do that,” she begged, horrified by what he was doing to her.

But her plea was like a green light to the fat man, and without further hesitation he rammed his middle finger into the tightly clenched ring.

“Owww! Please stop… pleeease!”

But Dick was oblivious to her cries as he screwed harder into the dark tight passage, feeling the ridged inner membrane closing in like a rubber band around his intruding finger. Desperately, Darlene tried to wriggle her impaled buttocks free of his finger, but her every frantic movement only served to allow him deeper illicit entry into her forbidden depths. Shame surged through her, and her face crimsoned from the realization of what this fat stranger was doing to her. He’s crazy, she told herself again and again, and it was her only consolation. Nothing else could explain his obscene gesture… something she had never dreamed he’d do to her.

Jesus, she’s really tight, Dick thought as he finally began to withdraw his finger from her virginal rectum. His cock was now pounding heavily, the surface flushed and quivering and little pinpricks of licentious pleasure were stabbing at his feverish flesh. His brain urged him on to put into practice the salacious thoughts which were fermenting in his deepest consciousness and he was filled with uncontrollable bravado. All he wanted to do was subjugate her in the most debased way possible… to fuck her in the ass!

Darlene crouched on the table in agony of fear, the pain in her ravaged rectum burning throughout her loins. Then, once again, she felt his hands crawling over her trembling buttocks and felt them being pulled and forced apart cruelly.

“Oh, please, Dick… you’re hurting me!”

The clinic patient smiled sadistically, his lips drawn taut over his teeth.

“You ain’t felt nothin’ yet, baby!”

The young nurse’s blood ran cold and her heart nearly stopped. Then she felt the unmistakable contact of his hard spongy cock-head against her finger spread ass cheeks and a chill of paralyzing horror ran through her vunerably pinioned body. Oh dearr God, please don’t let him do that… it isn’t human… he’ll kill me!

Dick positioned his massively swollen cock at the tiny shivering aperture of the young nurse’s anus and he felt perversely exhilarated at the sight of the appalling difference in circumference. He flexed his hips forward in an exploratory nudging and he heard his defenseless victim whimper with new pain.

“Oh, please don’t Dick… don’t do this to me!”

“Quit whining, bitch… it ain’t gonna do you any good!”

His eyes nearly popping out of his head with sadistic pleasure, the fat ugly man tightened his savage grip on her hips and surged forward with all the strength of his pent-up lust.


Darlene cried out as a sheet of blinding pain enveloped her. Desperately, she tried to pull her imprisoned buttocks down and away from the savage attack, but escape was impossible. She was a slavish victim to this ugly man’s cruelty and there was nothing or nobody to save her from this awful outrage. She sobbed piteously as he thrust harder against her futilely resisting anus. Pain exploded in blinding bursts throughout her distorted body and she suddenly wished she could die, anything to be spared from this terrible crime that he was so wantonly perpetrating on her.

Dick Jenkins’ face flushed from his exertions and he was beginning to think that he could never storm the barricade of her virginal asshole, but he couldn’t admit defeat. Summoning up all his strength, he charged forward like a rampaging bull and finally succeeded in embedding his blood-bloated cock head in the tight, clinging opening.

“Oh God, you’re killing me! YOU’RE GOING TO SPLIT ME IN TWO!” Darlene groaned as she felt her rectum cleaved by the ruthless penetration of Dick’s lust-engorged cock.

“Quit fighting it, damnit!” he gasped between clenched teeth as he strove to insert more and more of his passion-hardened penis in her warm rubbery rectal depths. He hadn’t realized it would be quite this difficult to fuck her in the ass. He knew she was small, but not this small!

Darlene felt as if she’d been crippled for life. Her loins were on fire with pain and she was sure her rectum was torn and bleeding. But her physical lacerations were nothing to the anguish she was suffering mentally. She felt bathed in shame and degradation, sure she could never look the world in the face again. This man was acting like some kind of animal and making her the defenseless victim of his illicit desire. Never in all her life had she dreamed of such a thing happening to her, and she moaned aloud, tears running in streams down her cheeks.

Dick Jenkins heard her sobs and felt intoxicated with the evidence of his masculine power. Inch by inch he was succeeding in sinking his blood-heavy cock up into her sorely stretched back passage. He could feel the bruised inner flesh slowly giving way to his superior strength and in a few minutes, it would be all the way in!

He gasped triumphantly as the sperm-laden sac of his balls slapped wetly against the cheeks of her helplessly upturned buttocks. “There!” he grinned evilly. “I got all my cock up in your ass now!”

The young blonde nurse cringed from his obscene words as much as from the overwhelming pain of his complete impalement. She was past caring now anyway. It was no use resisting. Struggles were futile against his strength and nothing, could turn him from his lascivious desire, she realized. She could only endure the mortification he was heaping on her, just as she had to bear the terrible pain he was causing her by this savage assault on her rectum.

Dick held his lust-inflated cock inside her for a moment, feeling triumphantly victorious, excited by the sight of this young nurse completely powerless against his wishes. He had subjugated and degraded her in a way which she’d never forget.

He began to withdraw his long hard cock, easing it slowly out of the still dry passage, wringing fresh groans of pain from her. With just the lust-bloated head still embedded in the tight sphinctrical ring, he rammed forward again, this time regardless of her futile resistance. A tiny amount of inner secretions helped him to establish a slow laborious rhythm as he began to fuck in and out of her ass with savage sadistic strokes.

Dick continued to battle against her upraised buttocks, sweeping her thighs aside with each flesh-splitting instroke. Suddenly, she wanted him to spew his white hot sperm into her forbidden depths. That, she knew, would be the only way she could be free of him. “Go ahead, you bastard!” she screamed.’ “Kill me!”

As the fat man sodomized her with brutal thrusts of his hose-like cock, Darlene became aware of a change coming over her. The pain she’d been feeling had begun to fade, and in its place she felt renewed excitement. Timidly at first, then with ever-increasing vigor, the beautiful young blonde fucked back against the monstrous cock that was reaming her backside.

“Oh… oh God, Dick, your cock’s so big… so long… it’s going to come right out my mouth!” she suddenly exclaimed, tossing her head from side to side and making her ripely full breasts quiver and bounce as they hung beneath her. Incredulous, weirdly erotic torment spread from the depths of her brutally invaded anus through out her body in every direction, and she thrust herself even harder up and down the length of his long hard shaft. Perspiring, she worked back to his vicous up thrusting stabs, feeling his bulbous blood-pulsing cock head probing deeper into the tender, quivering bowels of her belly. Good God… nothing had ever been more debasingly satiating!

From his kneeling position behind her, Dick Jenkins lustfully stared at the obscene sight. He watched the long throbbing length of his cock vanishing up into the painfully stretched opening of her rectum. The reddish, inflamed-looking inner flesh clinging to his pulsing veined shaft obscenely intrigued him as she fucked it in and out of her. It appeared and disappeared with the mind bending back and forth movements of her smoothly rounded white hips, the tightly ova led brown sheath grasping and smothering it as if she never intended to let it free again.

Christ! At first, he thought, the pressure had been almost unbearable, but now it was just rubbery tight and wildly stimulating, the type of potent influence that promised to draw the boiling cum right out of his bloated balls with the ferocity of squirting, molten lead at every stroke!

He could feel his cock growing, burgeoning deep up inside the lovely nurse’s asshole. He could feel the tension mounting in his sperm-filled balls that smacked against her clitoris below. Oh shit! He was near the end, his final explosion that would send the ultimate joy shooting through him when at last he emptied his sperm far deep up inside the young blonde’s receptively clinging rectum.

And he knew that the beautiful young Sex Clinic nurse — in spite of her pain, and her initial resistance to this fucking he was inflicting on her — was about to cum. Her face was contorted with her obscene lust eyes were half-closed, but filmed with her intense passion.

“Oh, dear God!” she cried in her mounting lust “I’m almost there…!”

“I’m not far behind ya… Oh, shit!… AAAUUURRRGGGHHH!” he bellowed out his climax as his white-hot sperm shot the length of his rigid member to shoot into the deepest recess of her cock-filled ass.

And through the mist of his orgasmic release, Dick Jenkins heard his lovely young partner, let out a long, low wail, hoarse with all her pent-up passion and lust, and he knew she had also reached her peak. And the two of them thrust once more against each other and then held there, their minds blank of anything else, their bodies all but consumed with their ecstasy. She was home free!


Darlene stretched languidly in the early morning sunshine, her slender white arm reaching out to touch the warm place her handsome young husband had just left vacant. She could hear his electric shaver whirring busily away in the bathroom. God, it hardly seemed like she’d quit her job a week ago already! With a self-satisfied yawn, the young golden haired wife slipped one tapered leg out from under the protective covering of the sheets, then sat up on the edge of the bed and shook the cobwebs from her tousled head. “Roger?” she called sleepily, slipping her pretty feet into a pair of satin mules, “why didn’t you wake me, darling?”

Instantly, the electric whir of the young law student’s shaver stopped. “You say something, honey?”

Darlene stood and slipped into her housecoat, a flickering smile of remembrance crossing her lips as she caught sight of the sexy new nighty she’d so hastily discarded the night before lying on the floor at her feet. “I said, why didn’t you wake me up, darling… I wanted to fix you a big breakfast before you took off for the first day of your last semester of law school!”

“You looked so peaceful, I didn’t want to wake you up,” the young husband explained. “I’ve got some coffee on.”

“But, darling, you can’t be studying on an empty stomach!”

Roger’s handsome face peeked in around the door at her. “Thought I’d just grab something in the Student Union,” he smiled.

“Anybody I know?” she teased, sticking her tongue out at him.

Roger stepped up to her then, sweeping her up in his arms and kissing her full on the lips.

“Put me down, or I’ll scream rape!” she struggled.

“Like you did last night when you were sucking me off?” he teased.

“Oh, you!”

Indeed, it had been glorious. The young husband didn’t have the faintest idea what had gotten into his wife during the past week or so, but whatever it was, he wasn’t about to complain about it. Christ, he almost had to make her quit sucking him these days so he could screw her!

“Put me down so I can get you some breakfast, you pervert!” Darlene pounded his broad chest.

Roger set his young wife down, then turned back to the bathroom to finish getting ready for school. “Two eggs over easy and a whole shit load of sausage ought a hold me ’till lunch,” he offered.

“Orange juice? Hash browns?”

“Yeah, let’s live dangerously.”

“Yes, Master.”

Idly, Darlene walked into the tiny kitchen and began to place on the counter all the paraphernalia she would need to prepare the morning meal. She seldom bothered with breakfast herself, but it gave her a wholesome sense of well-being to cook for Roger. Indeed, after what she’d done behind her young husband’s back, she felt an almost compulsive need to be the “model” wife and homemaker… a need made painfully acute by the knowledge that eventually, inevitably, she would play around on him again.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love him — God, Roger was her whole world, almost. It was just that well, she was a woman now… a woman who understood her needs and limitations… a woman who liked to supplement her now-beautiful sex life with her husband with something strange and lewd and exciting!

“How’re the eggs coming, babe?”

“I’m still working on the sausage, darling… it’ll just be a sec.”

“Honey, I’m going to be late,” he warned, entering the kitchen fully dressed, combed, shaved and showered.

“All set, darling,” she smiled strangely up at him, scraping the last of his eggs onto a melmac plate. Roger stepped up behind her and nuzzled her neck. “Gee, you smell good, darling,” she commented, melting back against him. “What’ve you got on?”

“I’ve got a hard-on, Darlene,” he teased, rubbing against her lightly-clad buttocks. “But, I didn’t know you could smell it.”

Playfully, she stabbed her elbow back against his rock-hard stomach. “You’d better feed that homely fucking face of yours,” she laughed. “You’re going to be late, remember?”


Jenny Haywood caught the phone on the second ring. “Good morning,” she sang happily into the receiver. “Parker Clinic.”

“Hi, Jenny, this is Darlene Jefferson.”

“Oh, hi, kid!… Jeez, I never thought I’d be hearing from you again… Not after the way you stomped out of here last week.”

There was a brief pause on the end of the line as Darlene cleared her throat. “Uh,” she faltered, “that was… childish of me… I-Is Doctor Parker around?”

“He hasn’t come in yet, Darlene. Is it important?”

“Well, yes… I-I wanted to see if I could get my job back.”

It was Jenny’s turn to clear her throat. “Uh, you’re too late, kid,” she said, “he’s still pretty mad about your quitting and, well, he’s got himself a new girl… a redhead.”

“Oh?” Darlene swallowed disappointedly.

“Hey, wait a see, kid,” Jenny offered suddenly. “Doctor Kirapopolis is looking for a new girl for his clinic. It’s over on Wilshire Boulevard and…”

“Kirapopolis?” Darlene echoed. “What kind of name is that?”

“Greek, honey,” Jenny laughed. “Think you can handle it?”

“Do you have his phone number…?”