Sea and sexual awakening 2.

I don’t need her to finish her sentence to know what she was going to say and what she wants from me but I want to make a show of it so I wait until she is looking up at me first before I do anything. Elena is looking up at me with eyes half closed from arousal when I finally make my move, I slowly lift my arms letting my fingers trail up the sides of my body before sweeping my long strawberry blonde hair back over my shoulder and undoing the string behind my neck that holds the bikini top up. I continue my teasing movements by slowly lowering my arms and shaking out my hair, I then move my hands behind me to my shoulder blades and undo the string there, normally this would cause the bikini top to fall off but I hold it in place for just a moment as I make eyes contact with Elena and then I slowly pull it off and quickly throw it across the bed to where she had thrown my hoodie and her own t shirt.

“Wow, you’re just, wow.” She gasps as I enjoy watching her eyes move down to hungrily take in the sight of my bare boobs.

I can feel myself blushing again partially from her compliment and partially because I’m feeling rather self conscious, I’d never felt self conscious until I met Elena and have always loved my body but now I find that I’m comparing the two of us. It could be because the two of us are naked from the waist up but I find myself especially comparing our boobs, hers are bigger than mine not by a considerable amount but enough to make me jealous then there is how they seem to be firm and soft at the same time and how they seem to defy gravity and stay perky on her chest, even her nipples are bigger than mine and seem to get harder than mine too.

I may be comparing us and feeling jealous but at the same time I feel lucky because I never thought I would feel like this about someone let alone have that person feel the same way about me, it is all kind of overwhelming but in a good way almost like I’m a normal girl, well semi normal, after all I’d fallen for another girl something that would horrify my conservative parents. I’m so deep in thought about how my parents would be horrified by this turn of events that I don’t see Elena reach up to touch my boobs so when I feel her hands touching me I gasp in surprise which cuts off and becomes a moan as she starts to manipulate my chest. Her hands are so soft and her actions are gentle almost questioning like she is trying to find what brings me the most pleasure, she starts off gently squeezing my boobs but starts to slowly apply more pressure and actually move them lifting them and letting go so they bounce back into their natural position.

“Oh shit, wow.” I gasp at the feeling that her actions bring me which is so much more intensely pleasurable than any time I have played with my boobs myself.

“O…Oh.” I moan loudly as she changes things up by softly pinching both of my nipples at the same time and then rolls them between her fingers sending shockwaves of intense pleasure through my entire body.

“God, your moans are the best thing I’ve ever heard.” She tells me with a soft moan of her own, her words and her actions has my pussy leaking the juices of my arousal which I’m sure she must feel with me still straddling her stomach and only that thin bikini thong separating her stomach and my drenched pussy.

“Fuck, I’ve never been so turned on before.” I tell her as I softly start moving my hips rubbing my covered pussy against her as she continues to play with my boobs.

I can’t stop myself from squealing when a long moment later she suddenly pinches my nipples and pulls, her actions are unrelenting and I’m forced to lean forward until I’m lying on top of her again. Once I’m lying on top of her she lets go of my nipples and wraps her arms around me pulling my bare boobs down against her own and bringing her head up to kiss me deeply with our tongues dancing together. The pleasure I feel from our kiss and the way our chests are rubbing against each other has me moving my hips a little harder and a little faster which causes my nipples to rub quicker against her boobs sending shocks of pleasure through my body to my pussy. The pleasure I’m feeling right now is so intense that it is like nothing I’ve ever felt before and my whole body feels like it is both on fire has little sparks of electricity all over me.

“That fantasy you told me about, do you want to make it reality?” She asks in a voice so husky with arousal that just the sound of it alone sends my mind into a kind of shock and I don’t even register what her words are for a moment but when I do it sends a tremor through my body making me moan like I just had some kind of mini orgasm.

“Can we change it a little bit?” I ask feeling like I won’t be satisfied by only having her watch me as I get myself off.

“Change it how?” She asks her voice teasing like she already knows what I’m going to ask but wants to hear me say it myself.

“Will you please be the one to make me cum?” I ask feeling myself blush like crazy and I feel so embarrassed by my question but then I see her smiling up at me and that embarrassment starts to melt away.

“Only if you do the same for me.” She tells me biting her lower lip and looking at me with a look of such intense arousal that it makes me heart go into overdrive.

“Yes. Yeah, sure.” I answer her quickly but then not wanting to appear too eager I take a breath and answer her again but this just makes her laugh softly.

“Someone’s eager.” She laughs leaning up obviously mean to give me a quick kiss but I wrap my arms around her and hold her against me making it into a long deep kiss.

We finish kissing and I feel Elena’s hands gently push against my stomach pushing me off of her so I roll off of her and then from my lying position I watch as she climbs off of the bed and slowly reaches down to the waistband of her shorts. I watch mesmerised as she slowly unbuttons her shorts and slides then down her long legs leaving her standing their in just a pair of dark red panties that match the bra still around her stomach, she reaches behind herself and unhooks her bra pulling it off and then she reaches down to her panties. I can feel myself practically panting with arousal and need as her fingers slip inside the waistband of her panties and she slowly slips them off with a wiggle of her hips revealing her most intimate area.

I can see a small amount of pubic hair on her mound like she hasn’t shave for a couple of days but that doesn’t bother me because all I can think about right now is that I’m going to able to touch her, she wants me to touch, she wants me to make her orgasm. I know I was the one to put forward the idea of having her make me orgasm but I hadn’t really been expecting her to agree and definitely hadn’t been expecting her to ask me to do the same for her but now that it is about to happen I feel like I am shaking from excitement. I watch as she collects her bra, panties and shorts then puts them on the bed with her t shirt, my hoodie and my bikini top and then turn around to face me with a nervous looking smile on her lips.

“You need to take those off.” She tells me gesturing to my bikini bottoms which I had completely forgotten about because I was so totally absorbed with watching her undress.

“Y… Yeah right.” I stutter feeling nervous and excited and so aroused all at the same time.

I stand up and fumble with the string holding together the tiny thing style bikini bottoms, I’m unable to concentrate on what I’m doing because as I’m doing it Elena sits down in the bed and I get my first full view of her sex. I can see her pussy glistening slightly in the light as an obvious sign of her arousal, her pussy is a light shade of pinkish red and looks so inviting and perfect that I want to dive at her and bury my face between her thighs licking and sucking at her delicate folds so I can taste every last drop of her juices and make her orgasm. I have never felt this sexually excited before and I can feel my hands shaking softly as I continue to try and struggle with the string of my bikini bottoms to the point where I give up and instead push then down and off with a slight wiggle of my hips in an almost mirror image of the way Elena had removed her panties.

I always ensure that my body is completely hairless and shave almost every day but standing there naked in front of Elena I feel nervous as I start to wonder if she likes the fact that I’m hairless or if she would like it more if I had some pubic hair. The fact that I’ve never felt so self conscious of my body than I do with her looking at me is maddening and I wonder if this is what love is, the desperate want to be with someone in every way possible while also feeling so self conscious that they will find something they don’t like about you. I feel some of that self consciousness fall away as Elena’s eyes travel down, up and then back down my body before settling on that spot between my legs that is pulsing and aching with the need to be touched.

“Fuck, you are so fucking gorgeous.” Elena tells me her voice almost a growl as she bites her bottom lip and reaches between her legs and runs two fingers across her pussy lips.

I find myself unable to speak and working on autopilot as I drop my bikini bottoms and move across the room coming to a stop in front of her, I take hold of her arm and pull making her taking her hand away from her pussy where I bring her fingers up to my lips. I pull her fingers into my mouth and start to hungrily lick up every last drop of her juices from her fingers, I think I hear her moan as I savour her sweet, musky flavour but I’m not sure as all I can concentrate on right now is the taste of her and I want more of it, all of it. I don’t think and just move as I take her fingers out of my mouth and my face between her thighs, I’m sure that she could stop me if she wanted but she doesn’t which spurs me on and I reach out with my tongue flat and run it up her pussy collecting as much of her juices as I can.

The feel of her silky soft folds and the taste of her juices makes me feel almost wild and I don’t hold back licking and sucking her pussy like it is the most delicious thing in the world which to me right now it is. I am vaguely aware of Elena moaning loudly but right now my entire attention is the taste of her and how her pussy feels against my tongue and lips which is one of, if not the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. I’m not even sure that I’m doing a good job at bringing her pleasure as I’ve never even considered licking a pussy before or having someone lick mine but I hope I am doing well because along with the need to taste her is the desire to make her feel as amazing as possible.

“Oh fuck, please suck my clit.” I hear Elena say her voice husky and shaky like she is very close to her orgasm, I’m not sure that I would have heard her if it wasn’t for the fact that just before she spoke she had wrapped her hands in my hair and pulled my face hard into her pussy.

I had been acting on instinct and the desire to devour as much of her juices as possible but her voice breaks through the haze and guessing that she knows what will bring her the most pleasure I listen to her and suck her clit into my mouth. The moans that leave her mouth as I suck on her clit are her loudest and most intense so far which just makes me increase my efforts, my increased efforts make Elena thrust her hips up and start to grind against my face while at the same time uses her hand wrapped up in my hair to pull my face harder against her. The force that she use to pull me against her crushes my nose and is a bit painful but right now I don’t really care about that because her moans and the way she is grinding against my face tells me that I have put her right on the edge of an orgasm.

I swirl my tongue around her clit as I suck it into my mouth wanting to push her over the edge into her orgasm but when this doesn’t work after almost a minute I change things up by using my teeth to gently bite her clit. My actions make her cry out and for a moment I think that I have hurt her but then I feel her body shake and I think she is having am orgasm then suddenly my face is being drenched with some kind of fluid squirting out of Elena’s pussy. I think she is peeing at first but as the liquid squirts into my mouth I realise that it isn’t pee but is something entirely different, something that tastes very similar to her juices so I let my mouth hand open as I try to drink as much of the heavenly nectar as possible while also trying to swirl my tongue around her clit and keep her in that orgasmic state.

“Holy shit, that was amazing, I’ve never squirted before. What did you do to me at the end there?” Elena asks sounding shocked as she takes her hand out of my hair and stops pressing my face hard against her pussy letting me move back to look up at her while she starts to gently stroke my hair.

“I, urm… I may have bit you.” I stutter feeling like she might not like that I had bitten her but the smile on her face tells me a different story.

“You better remember that for next time, I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard in my life.” She tells me with a big satisfied smile on her face which gives me a rush knowing that I’m the reason behind that smile.

“You want there to be a next time?” I ask timidly not wanting my question to make her change her mind.

“If you can keep making me cum like that then I hope there will lots of next times. But for now it’s your turn.” She tells me making me feel like I’m on cloud nine as she reaches down and takes my hands pulling me up onto the bed with her.

When I’m on the bed with her Elena rolls over on top of me, I love the feeling of her curvy body and her weight on top of me which is only improved when she kisses me deeply. Elena pulls back from the kiss taking her lips from mine then moves her head down and starts to trail soft kisses across my jaw and neck making me moan softly from how good her lips feel on my skin. She starts to slowly kiss her way down my body stopping at my boobs to kiss and lick each of my nipples sending lightning bolts of pleasure through my body and making me moan loudly, the way she navigates my body seemingly knowing all the right spots to kiss highlights my inexperience as I had just dived right in.

The feeling of her lips descending across my stomach to my mound has me desperate for her to finally starting eating my pussy but instead she moves further down and starts to kiss her way up the inside of my right thigh until she reaches my now drenched sex but again she doesn’t touch me there and starts to kiss up the inside of my left thigh. By the time she has finished kissing her way up my inner thighs I’m about ready to beg her to touch my pussy but I don’t need to because suddenly I feel her blow across my wetness the soft tickling sensation making me gasp and like she had been waiting for that she finally brings her lips into contact with my sex making me moan loudly at the unfamiliar yet intensely pleasurable sensation.

Elena’s mouth is like magic bringing me sensations and pleasure unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, the feeling of her lips and tongues getting me off is so completely different than my fingers and I find myself reduced to a panting and moaning mess. The feeling of her licking and sucking my pussy and clit is intense in the most pleasurable way possible to the point where all I can do is lie there moaning and writhing with pleasure the likes of which I’ve never felt before but hope to feel again. I feel like this might be the best most pleasurable feeling ever with her soft lips and firm tongue all over my pussy but that changes when she suddenly starts to hum sending vibrations through my pussy bringing me to an all new level of pleasure.

Her actions are so intense and it doesn’t take long for them to bring me right to the edge of an orgasm, the way Elena keeps changing her actions is like she is purposefully keeping me in that state right on the edge of my orgasm but unable to tip over the edge and actually cum. I don’t know what she does but suddenly I feel pressure around my clit almost like she has pinched it which seems to be just what I need to push me over that edge and I cry out loudly as my orgasm slams into me. I can feel my back arching almost painfully and my hips lifting off of the bed to push against Elena’s face as wave after wave of overwhelming pleasure floods through my body making me let out a low guttural groan type sound that doesn’t sound entirely human.

“Holy shit, what did you do to me?” I ask with a soft laugh what feels like an eternity later as I finally come down from my orgasm with my entire body feeling weak and like it is made of jelly.

“I used your trick against you, I bit your clit.” She tells me while she climbs up on the bed and lies down next to me resting a hand on my stomach where she makes small circular motions.

“Fuck, that was just… Holy shit.” I tell her with a soft laugh as I can’t think of the words to describe how intense and pleasurable that all was.

“You gave me the idea.” She says softly as she moves her hand to my side and uses it to roll me on to my side so I am facing her where she gently brushes a lock of my hair out of my face then leans forward and kisses me.

The kiss is passionate and lasts for a few minutes then when we stop neither of us really moves and we end up lying their gazing into each other’s eyes with big grins on our faces and the arms we aren’t lying on draped other each other in a kind of partial embrace. We stay in that same position for what feels like hours with our only movements being when Elena wraps her legs around my own, the soft circling motions I make with my hand on her back and the small shuffling we do to steal a kiss every few minutes. Neither of us speak as we lie there and for the first time in my life I don’t feel the need to break the silence and enjoy lying there with her feeling comfortable and in a state of bliss that I hope never ends but it does by, it ends by my own hands, or more accurately my lips, as I feel the urge to tell her something, three little words that mean more to me than everything I’ve said in my past combined.

“I love you.” I tell her feeling myself blush deeply as I see her smile widen even more than the huge grin that was already on her face.

“I love you too.” She says back sounding almost like she was choking up and about to cry like those words meant as much to her as they did to me then we fall back into that comfortable silence where we continue to steal quick soft kisses from each other.

“Oh shit, I need to go.” Elena surprises me with her words as she looks at the window and we both seen to realise that we have been here for so long that it is getting dark.

“Please don’t go, please stay with me.” I hear myself practically beg her scared that if she leaves now then I won’t see her again and will be left with a painful hole in my heart where this new found love for her currently is.

“What? Scared that you won’t see me again?” She asks seemingly reading my mind and rendering mute to the point where I can only nod my head to let her know that I am scared of exactly that.

“Don’t be, you’re not getting rid of me. I want to spend ever second I can with you but my parents will worry if I don’t go home.” Her words make sense and while they should reassure me I can’t seem to shake the feeling that if I let her leave now I will never see her again.

“Can I come with you?” I ask desperate to stay with her even if that means going with her to her home.

“Not tonight. Before I go though I’ll give you my number that way we can call or text each other so you know I won’t disappear.” She unwrap herself from around me and climbs off of the bed as she speaks with her words washing away some of the fear of her disappearing on me while also giving me hope that I will get to see her house and more importantly her bedroom.

“Give me your phone so I can give you my number.” She tells me as she finishes dressing hiding away what in my opinion is probably the most beautiful body in the world.

I scramble out of bed and walk slowly over to my back where my phone is, the whole time enjoying how I can almost physically feel her eyes glued to my nude form. I take out my phone but instead of handing it straight over to her I open the new contacts page and enter the name I want to save her as which I don’t have to think about for even a second. I feel a bit nervous as I hand my phone over to Elena wondering what she will think about the name I want to save her as in my phone, if she will like it, if it will seem corny or if she will think I’m being silly.

“There you go, now text me so I can save your number. I like what you’re saving my number as.” She tells me handing me back my phone making me blush and silently squeal that she likes the fact the name I have for her in my phone is ‘My love’ followed by a heart emoji.

“What do you think of the name I’m saving you as?” She asks showing me the contact info she has for me after I text her a simple heart emoji to give her my number.

“Is that really how you feel about me?” I ask feeling tears of joy spring to my eyes as I see myself saved in her phone as ‘Dream girl’.

“Yeah, you are everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a girl.” She tells me making those joyful tears spill over as I lunge forward wrapping my arms around her and kissing her deeply trying to make her feel all of the emotions and love I feel for her right now.

“I love you.” I whisper against her lips as I pull back slightly from the kiss, those words feel weird to say after never thinking I would ever say them to anyone but at the same time it feels right to say them to her.

“I love you too.” She whispers back before giving me a quick soft kiss and then pulling away obviously getting ready to leave.

“I’m going to miss you.” She says pausing at the door to my hotel room and looking back at me with a sad expression on her face that makes me want to run to her, grab her in a tight hug and tell her that I’m not letting her leave but I don’t.

“I already miss you.” I tell her knowing it sounds corny but it is true because I already miss the feel of her arms around me, her body against mine and her lips pressed against my lips.

“That was so corny.” She laughs making me blush with embarrassment but then she takes her hand off of the door handle and skips back over to me where she kisses me, a kiss so deep and passionate that it has me blushing even more just for a more enjoyable reason.

“See you tomorrow dream girl.” She says using the name she has saved me as in her phone while looking over her shoulder at me as she open my hotel room door.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow my love.” I reply feeling my face light up in a smile even though I know I’m going to feel so alone when she leaves.


I was right about how lonely I would feel when Elena left and almost the moment that the door closes behind her I miss her and wish she would have stayed with me. I feel the loneliness so deep that all I can do is lie there on my bed thinking about her, the way she looks both clothed and naked, the way her voice sounds and that amazing musical laugh, the way she smells like fresh fruit, sea air and sugar, the way she tastes both her lips and the juices of her arousal. This loneliness I feel is a new feeling, I’ve never felt it before having always enjoyed being around myself where I could easily slip into a sexual fantasy about myself or daydream about thinks I want to do always alone so I could enjoy my own company but now when I try to slip into one of those fantasies or daydreams Elena is always there with me.

I try watching TV to distract myself in an attempt to take my mind off of Elena and the loneliness I feel now she is gone but I find myself wondering if she would like the programs I skip over and the ones I watch for a couple of minutes, I wonder if the jokes of the silly comedy I watch would make her laugh that wonderful musical laugh I adore so much. It quickly becomes painfully obvious that watching TV won’t take my thoughts off of her and even if it was I find myself yawning more and more to the point where I turn off the TV and climb into bed ready to sleep but it quickly becomes obvious that even my attempt to sleep is going to be plagued by thoughts of Elena.

I can’t sleep as I keep thinking about Elena, what it would feel like to lie in bed wrapped in her arms, to hear her whisper goodnight to me and that she loves me, I wonder what it would feel like to have that be the last thing I hear before I drift off to sleep and what kind of dreams that would bring with it. I had brought my phone to bed with me and I can’t stop looking at it but more specifically the texts between Elena and myself, there are only two texts, the heart emoji I had sent her so she could save my number and the heart emoji she had replied with. I find myself wanting to call her, I desperately want to hear her voice but the clock on my phone tells me that it is way past midnight and I guess that she is probably asleep by now but just as I’m about to lock my phone and put it down to once again try to sleep it starts to ring with the person calling me being the one person I want to speak to right now.

“Hi.” I answer the phone sounding groggy bit feeling my heart race at having her call me just as I was thinking about calling her, almost like it was fate.

“Hi, I’m sorry, I didn’t wake you did I?” She asks sounding guilty obviously thinking that the grogginess in my voice is caused by being woken up and not because I’m tired and unable to sleep.

“No, I couldn’t sleep.” I tell her not wanting to think she had woken me up and then feel guilty about it.

“Me neither. I can’t stop thinking about you, I really needed to hear your voice.” Her words make me squeal silently feeling a rush at knowing that she had been feeling the same way as I had.

“Same here, I was thinking about calling you but didn’t want to wake you.” I tell her to which she laughs quietly, that musical laugh that never fails to bring a smile to my face just it is quieter than usual like she is trying not to wake up her family.

“I miss you.” She says making my heart race which won’t help me get to sleep any time soon but feels good anyway.

“I miss you too, I really wish you were here.” I say still wishing she hadn’t had to leave earlier so instead of lying here talking on the phone with her I could be cuddled up to her.

“What would we be doing if I was?” She asks making ne wonder if she wants me to describe something sexy to her but honestly all I want to do is fall asleep next to her so I decide not to lie to her and tell her the truth.

“Well I’m pretty tired so I’d like it if we could cuddle and fall asleep together.” I answer thinking about how nice it would be to fall asleep wrapped in her arms.

“That sounds like heaven.” She whispers back sounding dreamy like she is imagining that exact scenario right now.

“Tell you what, how about tomorrow I tell my parents I’m staying at my new girlfriends place so we can do just that.” She says making my heart leap and a huge smile to break out across my face at the idea of it butt more so at hearing her call me her girlfriend.

“Girlfriend.” I whisper experimentally like I can’t wrap my head around someone calling me that when I never thought I would want that especially not from another girl.

“That’s what we are right?” She asks sounding almost afraid that I’m going to tell her that she has the wrong idea about what is going on between us.

“Don’t you usual ask a girl that before she tells you that she loves?” I ask partially teasing her but also partially serious as all this is so new to me.

“Yeah I guess so. Does that mean you already thought of yourself as my girlfriend?” She answers my question with another question, I can’t blame her though as I am now wondering the same thing about her.

“I don’t know. I think that’s something two people need to agree on, like it would be weird if I thought of myself as your girlfriend but you didn’t think of me as your girlfriend.” I answer her hoping that she understands what I mean and that I don’t sound crazy.

“Yeah that makes sense. In that case let me ask, Riley will you please be my girlfriend?” She asks with her words making me squeal and kick my legs into the air with excitement even if we have already told each other that we love one another this feels like a big step.

“I take it that was a yes.” She laughs that musical laugh I enjoy hearing so much while I feel embarrassed about my reaction to her question and how her question made me feel.

“Yeah, yes, I’d love to be your girlfriend.” I tell her quickly which makes her laugh at my eagerness and makes me blush.

“I’m so happy it feels like my heart is about to burst out of my chest.” She describes exactly the way that I feel right now giving me a rush to know that she feels the same way about me as I do about her.

“I didn’t know it was possible to feel this happy, if this is a dream I hope I never wake up.” I tell her knowing that this is the happiest I have ever felt.

“It’s not a dream. I love you Riley.” She says with a soft laugh before telling me she loves me with the sound of her saying my name making me feel all kinds of things.

“I love you too Elena.” I say back as I rest my head in my pillow and close my eyes with a big smile in my face.

I had drifted of to sleep not long after that as I listened to Elena tell me all the places she wants to take me, she had started off small with places like the cinema and a spot in the woods she called romantic but as she had carried on the places got more and more elaborate. She had spoken of going with me to places like Paris and Venice, all the places she described were places that people would probably describe as romantic which made me smile and feel happy but also made me feel sad because I knew that I only had six more days with her before I had to go home. What would happen when I went home, would things still be the same between us or would the distance of a couple of hundred miles put too much strain on our relationship causing it to fizzle out and die.

I guess that the thought of Elena and my relationship ending once I went home after the holiday had stayed with me as I went to sleep because even though I don’t remember my dreams I wake up with tears in my eyes and that intense lonely feeling I had when she left yesterday. The first thing I do when I wake up is reach for my phone wanting to call Elena just to hear her voice but when I pick up my phone I realise that the battery is dead so I plug it in to charge as I jump in the shower. I find my thoughts turning to Elena as I shower and I start to wonder what it would be like to shower with her, would it turn into a sexual experience or would we be content with just washing each other or washing ourselves with the other there with us.

My phone has finished charging by the time I’m done in the shower and finished drying myself off, when I turn it on it instantly chimes alerting me that I have a couple of texts both of them from Elena. The first text she had sent reads ‘I guess you’ve fallen asleep, I bet you look so cute sleeping. Hope you have sweet dreams’ the second of her messages reads ‘call me when you wake up, I want to hear your voice’. I don’t waste a second and quickly call her as I flop down onto my bed with my legs kicking in excitement and my heart racing at the thought of hearing her voice, the phone only rings twice before she answer and before I can speak she does with the sound of her voice alone making me break out into a huge grin.

“Good morning girlfriend.” She sounds cheerful and I wonder if that is just her normal excitement or if it is because she is speaking to me.

“Morning girlfriend.” I say back to her feeling my heart race even faster and that grin in my face grow from hearing her call me girlfriend.

“It’s good to hear your voice.” She sounds breathless as she speaks almost like she has been running, but I don’t think about that as her words mirror my own thoughts.

“So I’ll be at your hotel in a couple minutes.” She tells me making me think about how she sounds breathless and making me ask myself if she had been running to get here so soon after I wake up.

“Oh shit.” I gasp not meaning to say anything but having it slip out anyway as I think about her seeing me without any makeup on and making me scramble to get at least the bare minimum on before she gets here in case she doesn’t like what she sees if I don’t have any on.

“What’s wrong?” She asks sounding concerned at my accidental outburst like she thinks I might be in trouble and not just feeling this new found sense of self consciousness.

“I haven’t done my makeup yet.” I tell her which just seems to make her laugh even though I’m now plagued with thoughts of her seeing me without makeup and deciding that I’m actually ugly and she doesn’t love me anymore.

“So what you’re gorgeous.” She says sounding so sure of the fact while the idea of her losing interest in me because of seeing me with no makeup continues to harass me.

“Says the girl who could be a model.” I mutter as I rush into the bathroom and start to quickly yet carefully apply my makeup hoping and praying that I don’t make a mistake so I can look my best for when she gets here.

“If either of us was going to be a model it would be you. I mean your hair, your eyes, your legs and that ass, I could spend all day looking at you.” Her words make me blush which just makes it harder for me to apply my makeup which makes me curse silently.

“But you have all those things too then there’s your boobs plus you have the figure of a model. You really are the most beautiful person in the world.” I tell her as I finish putting on my makeup but then cursing silently again as I realise I’m still naked and have to get dressed which has the potential to mess up my makeup.

“We could be models together, can you imagine how fun it would be to do a fashion shoot together.” She sounds so excited that I can’t help but smile at the idea even though I know everyone’s attention would be on her as the prettier of the two of us.

“They would probably dress you up in something skin tight to show off how perfect your figure is.” I say thinking about her in a skin tight dress that would accentuate her wide hips and small waist and finding myself getting aroused by the mental image.

“They would probably put you in something that would show off your legs and the colour of your eyes and hair. I love your eyes, they’re like the summer sky.” She tells me sounding poetic and making me wonder if my eyes are really that pretty or if it is only her who thinks that, it doesn’t matter though because what does matter is that she likes them.

“How long until you get here?” I ask her as I look at my ***********ion of clothes and consider what I should wear today.

“I should only be a minute, you that eager to see me?” She teases me and while I am very eager to see her I was asking more so I know how long I have to choose an outfit.

“I am but if I had my way you wouldn’t have left last night.” I tell her while at the same time finally deciding on an outfit which happens to be a royal blue sundress my mom had brought for me and that I had convinced a friend to help my bring the hemline up so instead of covering my knees it now falls to about half way down my thighs.

“I can’t wait to see you too.” She says making my heart race while also giving me an idea for when she gets here.

“I’m going to leave my door unlocked so you can just come straight in.” I inform her while smiling to myself at the idea that I have in mind for when she gets here.

“Ok, I’m just outside the hotel I’ll be up in a second.” She tells me making me rush over to the room door where I unlock it and stand behind it smiling to myself with the plan I have.

“Ok, see you in a second. I love you.” I say feeling a rush as I tell her that I love her and I think about what her reaction will be to what I have planned.

“I love you too.” She answers making me heart race and the big smile on my face grow even bigger as she hangs up the phone.

I find myself struggling not to giggle like a little kid as I standing hiding in the little recess behind where the door opens and wait for Elena to open the door. I don’t have to wait long for the door to open but it does take everything in me not to respond when she calls out my name and closes the door behind herself never looking in my direction so she doesn’t notice me as slowly walks into the room calling out to me again. I wait as she starts to walk into the room and then follow her trying to keep my steps as light as possible so she doesn’t hear me approaching her from behind and once she stops to look around the room I catch up with her and wrap my arms around her making her cry out in shock.

“Surprise.” I say a little bit too loudly but instantly I can tell I’ve made a mistake because her whole body is rigid and she is shaking.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” I instantly apologise feeling guilty and horrible that I have scared her.

“It’s ok.” She says her voice shaky with it being very obvious that it isn’t ok and I have really shaken her up.

“I’m really sorry.” I apologise again as I take my arms from around her and she walks shakily to my bed where she sits down her face pale and drained of colour.

“No, I’m sorry, it’s just she used to do that except she never hugged me and it was a bit more, well violent.” She tells me referring to her ex which makes me feel even more guilty as I hadn’t even considered that what I was doing was something her ex had done to hurt her.

“You have nothing to be sorry about I was being stupid, I didn’t even think.” I tell her feeling like an idiot and regretting my actions especially as they had caused her to remember such a horrible and traumatic time in her life.

“I know you wouldn’t hurt me but for a second I forgot you were you.” Her voice is less shaky now but she sounds like she is having trouble getting rid of that fear.

“It looks like we both chose the same style today.” I say trying to distract her and take her mind off of her ex and stop her from descending further into the dark thoughts I can tell she thinking.

“Huh, oh, yeah, you look amazing.” She tells me but it sounds half hearted with her voice flat and emotionless, I can tell that my attempt at distracting her has failed miserably.

“Hey, don’t think about her, she’s gone. I’m here now, I love you and I will never hurt you.” I try to comfort her as I sit next to her on the bed while slowly and softly taking her hands in my own.

“I know. I’m sorry, I thought I’d gotten past this.” She sounds annoyed and I can tell from her words that it isn’t me that she is annoyed with but is actually herself.

“You don’t have to apologise, if I had thought for more than a second I would have realised it was a stupid idea. Trauma like that doesn’t just disappear.” I whisper thinking about one of my friends back home who had been attacked when she was young and still suffered panic attacks from being in situations similar to then.

“I’ll be ok, just give me a minute.” She says gripping my hands a little tighter as she closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths.

I keep quiet as she works her way through what I can only imagine is some kind of panic attack, I want to move wrap her in a hug and reassure her that everything is ok but I don’t because I’m worried that I will just make things worse if I do. After a couple of minutes she turns to look at me and takes her hands out if mine making me think that I effected her more than I realised but then she shuffles closer to me and wraps me in a tight hug and buries her face against my shoulder. I love the feeling of her hugging me but at the same time I feel guilty because I know that this isn’t a hug born of romance but of the need for comfort to help her feel safe after my own stupid actions had scared her to the point of having a panic attack.

“Please don’t do that again, I know you wouldn’t hurt me but things like that take me back to when she would do that, she wouldn’t hug me though she’d… she’d…” Elena trails off but I know what she was trying to say and her unspoken words become even more obvious when I feel and hear her start to cry against my shoulder.

“I promise I won’t do it again, I don’t ever want to hurt or upset you.” I whisper trying to comfort her as I slowly start to stroke her hair and let her cry.

“I’m sorry, I’ve cried all over your dress and you look so amazing in it too.” She says a few minutes later with her voice soft and quiet once she has finished crying and leans back to look at me.

“You don’t have to apologise, I should be apologising, I mean it’s my fault you were crying so I’m sorry.” I apologise again because I feel horrible that I have made her cry like this.

“Will you please kiss me, make me feel better and remind me that you aren’t her.” She says looking at me with an expression so vulnerable that it makes my heart ache and even though her tears have made her makeup run I still think she is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I don’t waste even a second and lean forward kissing those soft perfect lips of hers trying not to focus on the way it makes me feel but the way I want the kiss to make her feel. I want her to feel safe and loved when she is with me, I don’t want her to have any bad memories of me when I finally have to go home and want her to look back on our time together the same way I’m sure I will, as the best time in her life. I think that she must feel what I’m trying to convey with this kiss because after only a short moment I feel all the tenseness leave her body and she leans into the kiss pressing her body against mine and parting her lips to deepen the kiss with her tongue joining mine in a passionate dance.

“Yeah definitely nothing like her, she never kissed me so gently and lovingly.” Elena tells me sounding breathless with a big smile on her face once we stop kissing a few minutes later.

“Good, I don’t want you to remember me the same way you do her.” I say thinking about the way we will remember each other and our time together when I have to go home in only six days time.

“Please don’t speak like that, I don’t want to have to think about being away from you.” She whispers sounding upset again as she hugs me tight against her.

“I don’t like it either but you know I have to leave as much as I don’t want to.” I whisper back to her feeling myself choke up and get upset at the idea of being away from her.

“Maybe I could come with you or something, I mean I don’t want to be apart from you.” She tells me bringing tears to my eyes because I know she can’t come with me and I don’t want to be somewhere that she isn’t.

“Maybe I could convince my parents to move here, they seem to like it enough. I couldn’t tell them I want to move here because I’ve fallen madly in love with another girl, god, my mom would probably try sending me to a conversion camp or something.” I mutter to myself trying to think of a way that we could stay together and not have to try to hold our relationship together over a distance over a couple of hundred miles.

“Wait, are your parents…” She trails off her question like she can’t think of the word she wants to say or can’t bring herself to say the word.

“Yeah, my parents are old school conservative types, they are rather homophobic. They would freak out if they found it I kissed you let alone what we did yesterday.” I tell her feeling myself blush as I remember how we had made each other orgasm with our mouths yesterday.

“Well we can figure that out when we need to, for now though, do you have plans today?” She asks knowing full well that the only plans I have for today is to spend time with her.

“My plan is to spend the day with my beautiful girlfriend.” I answer her loving the way that my words make her blush and smile widely.

“Good, there’s somewhere I want to show you.” She tells me with her smile growing as she takes a smaller handbag out of the backpack she had brought with her and checks that she has her phone and a few other things before dunking the backpack next to my own bag.

“I meant to ask, what’s with the bag?” I ask her curious about why she had brought a backpack with her to my hotel.

“Well I need a change of clothes if I’m going to spend the night.” She answers making my heart race at the idea that she is going to spend the night with me, sleeping in the same bed and hopefully cuddling.

“Yeah I guess you do.” I say my voice quiet as internally I’m screaming with joy but obviously she doesn’t pick up on my internal celebration as she looks at me with concern on her face.

“Have you changed your mind? Do you not want me to spend the night?” She questions me sounding suddenly self conscious and completely misinterpreting my quiet voice.

“No. I mean I want you to, I really want you to.” I quickly answer her scared that if I don’t she will collect her things and leave.

“Good, just so you know there will be lots of cuddles.” She tells me making me blush even harder and my heart race even faster.

“Well we should probably head out.” She tells me obviously going back to the idea of taking me somewhere as I silently scream in joy over her telling me that we are going to spend the night cuddling.

“Wait, you should fix your makeup.” I tell her guessing that hasn’t realised that her crying had caused it to run and that she wouldn’t want to go out with streaks of makeup down her face.

“What? Why?” She asks looking confused but then I turn her around to face the big mirror and she gasps in embarrassment.

“Can I use yours please? I kinda didn’t bring mine.” She tells me looking even more embarrassed as I hand her my makeup bag and she moves to sit in front of the mirror and starts to fix her makeup.

I enjoy watching Elena as she goes about wiping off her ruined makeup and replacing it with fresh makeup, my makeup. The fact that she is using my makeup feels intimate because I never let any of my friends use any of my makeup and I start to worry that Elena like it because of our different skin tones with her having natural olive tan skin while mine is usually quite pale. My worries are quickly washed away though because I realise that she really doesn’t use all that much makeup and only puts on a bit of eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, a little bit of foundation and finally some darker red lipstick. I feel those familiar butterflies in my stomach as I watch her slowly trace her lips with the lipstick and wonder if she would think I’m weird if I use the lipstick right after her as I want to feel it against my lips as I know it has just touched her own lips but then an idea strikes me.

“That lipstick looks so good on you, I really want to kiss you.” I tell her putting my idea into motion while being well aware that her reply will be the make or break point of the plan.

“Really? Thanks. If you kiss me though you’ll get the lipstick on your lips.” She tells me speaking words very close to what I had wanted to hear from her.

“Well what if I just put some on anyway?” I ask rhetorically feeling a rush at the fact my idea is going exactly the way I want it to.

“Ok, I’d like it if you kissed me anyway.” She tells me letting me know that I hadn’t needed to come up with the idea to kiss her and probably could have used the lipstick anyway.

I take my own lipstick from her and carefully apply it to my lips hyper aware that she is watching me the whole time with her eyes trained on my lips. I feel a strange rush of excitement as I put on the lipstick knowing that it had just been against Elena’s lips, once I finish applying the lipstick I check how it looks in the mirror and find that it suits her much better than it does me. I don’t waste any time after applying the lipstick and Elena seems just as eager as I am for us to kiss as she leans forward with me bringing our lips together in a kiss that I think would always take my breath away no matter how many times our lips meet. Her lips are so soft to the point where every time we kiss I wonder if this is what it would feel like to kiss a cloud.

“I don’t think I will ever get tired of the way you kiss me.” Elena tells me her voice and expression dreamy when we draw back from the kiss.

“I don’t think I will ever get tired of kissing you, I’m pretty sure your lips are the softest thing in the world.” I whisper as I lift a hand up to my own lips and trace them while feeling the lingering sensation of her lips on mine.

We leave the hotel with our hands clasped together and the faint phantom feeling of her lips still lingering on mine. I had completely forgotten about my idea to change clothes after having Elena crying on my shoulder but it is nice that we were in a way matching with us both wearing sundresses that show off some cleavage and almost all of our legs. I find myself constantly glancing at her as we walk hand in hand through town, I’m glancing at her because of a couple of things, the first is how beautiful she is in profile with her small nose and soft facial features making her look delicate, the second is because I can’t stop looking at what she is wearing.

She is wearing a sundress like me but that is all they have in common because her sundress is an off the shoulder style that plunges in a cut so low that her boobs look like they are about ready to pop out of it and leaves everything from her chest up and her lower arms exposed while falling to just above her knees. The dress is black with a kind of floral pattern that makes her skin look more tan than it is and makes her long light brown hair look closer to a dark blonde as it falls to the middle of her back. Her dress is different than mine with my royal blue sundress covering most of my upper chest with a modest neckline and also cover my shoulders and upper arms but while hers stops at her knees my alterations mean my dress stops after covering only a couple of inches of my thighs.

“Are you ok? You keep looking at me.” Elena asks obviously having spotted the glances I keep throwing her way.

“Sorry, it’s just that you’re so beautiful.” I tell her not hesitating to speak my mind and being rewarded with a big smile breaking out on her face.

“You think so? I actually chose this dress because I thought you’d like it.” She blushes at her confession which just makes her all the more beautiful.

“I do like it but I think it looks better on you than it would anyone else.” I say thinking that any clothes would look better on her than anyone else even the most unflattering of clothes.

“I dunno, I think it would look good on you too although I think I prefer you in that dress.” Her words make me blush a little but the way her eyes travel over my body paying special attention to my legs makes me blush harder.

“My mom brought it for me, it was way too long but I thought it was cute so with some help from a friend I shortened it to this.” I tell her proud of my handiwork and feeling glad that I had chosen this dress as I really like the way she is looking at me in it.

“I didn’t know you could sew, you’d make a good wife.” I can tell that she hadn’t thought about what she was saying and had just spoken because she gasps at her own words and blushes almost as deeply as her words make me blush.

I don’t know how to respond to what she had just said so after spending a moment thinking about what I could say I end up saying nothing and just grip her hand a little bit tighter. We don’t really speak again as she leads me through the town and out the other side but I like the silence it feels comfortable and not at all awkward like we don’t need to speak to enjoy being around each other and are both perfectly content with just being with each other. I wonder if this is how everyone feels when they are in love, if everyone is happy just being with the person they love with nothing else mattering, not the people around them, where they are or even the words they say to each other just the person they are with and their feelings for each other.


I had listened to Elena and worn a pair of actual shoes instead of the sandals I had been defaulting to for almost every day since I got to starting spending the holiday away from my parents and I’m glad for it as she leads me out of town and into the forest. The forest that she leads me into is thick but there isn’t anything growing ag ground level probably because the trees are growing so close together that hardly any light can get through the branches making it feel like it is late evening and the sun is setting and not like it is the middle of the day. I don’t usual get freaked out in the dark but something about how Elena leads me through this dark forest with no path to guide us has me feeling uneasy to the point where I find myself gripping her hand tighter and moving closer towards her to the point where our arms brush together with every step we take.

I think that I wouldn’t have the courage to actually walk through this forest if I was alone or with anyone else but Elena because even though I’m not afraid of the dark this forest feels downright creepy. The weirdest thing about this forest is the absolute lack of sound, you would expect to hear birds chirping and the sounds of small animals scurrying about but there is only the irregular and occasional sound of a bird call but apart from that the only sound that can be heard is what sounds like either rushing water or a string wind blowing through the trees. There doesn’t seem to be any wind blowing through the trees so I guess that there must be a river or something running through the forest not too far away but just out of sight.

The source of the sound I had been hearing is revealed a few minutes later as I see what looks like a clearing not too far ahead of us which makes me walk quicker to get out of this dark and creepy forest. I come to a halt as we wall into the clearing because it is much bigger than I had expected and is dominated by a small cliff face with a waterfall pouring over it into a large still looking pond that is almost big enough to be a small lake. The large pond is ringed by what looks like a sandy beach and a ring of grass that meets the edge of the trees where the trees all stop in a uniformed style like someone had come through here and cut them all back to a certain point so there was somewhere to sit that wasn’t sand but had left the scattering of rocks and boulders that litter the area.

“Wow, this place feels almost magical like something out of a fantasy book.” I whisper keeping my voice quiet because I feel like speaking at a normal volume would break the magic if the place.

“I know right. I love this place, I found it after everything that happened with me being in the hospital.” She tells me her voice quiet and sounding almost sad as she refers to when she was attacked by her ex and then tried to kill herself.

“Everyone acted so weird around me like I was something fragile that could break if they said one word wrong or they just treated me like some kind of weirdo. This place became like a little private getaway for me, no one really comes here so I could imagine I was in a world all of my own, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone here actually and you’re the first person I’ve brought here.” Her words make me blush and feel special as she explains the importance of this place and how I’m the first person she has shown it to.

“Come in let’s go for a swim.” She says letting go of my hand and walking over to a boulder where the grass meets the sand.

“What’s up?” She asks sounding confused and looking back at me while she places her handbag on the boulder and kicks off her shoes.

“I didn’t bring a swimsuit.” I tell her thinking back and trying to remember if she had told me to bring my bikini or not but I’m pretty sure she hadn’t while also pretty sure that I hadn’t seen any sign of her wearing a swimsuit under her dress and certain that one wouldn’t fit into her small handbag.

“Neither did I, but like I said no one comes here so I… urm… I thought we could, maybe, like, go skinny dipping.” She trips over her words and looks nervous while her words make my eyes go wide and my mouth open wide with shock at what she has just suggested.

“S… Skinny dipping?” I stutter the question feeling myself blush and wanting to make sure I had heard her properly.

“Yeah, you know, swimming but, well, like n… naked.” She blushes with embarrassment and stutters over her last word in the most adorable way possible.

“You’re sure no one else comes here?” I ask wanting to make sure we will actually be alone before making a decision because I don’t want anyone but Elena to see me naked.

“Urm… Yeah, pretty sure.” She answers her voice shaky and making me wonder if she isn’t actually sure or if she is just nervous at the idea of us swimming together naked.

“Ok, I trust you.” I tell her meaning I trust that she isn’t lying to me about over people coming here and with that I walk over to her and take off my shoes.

“I mean I’ve never seen anyone here so we should be ok.” She answer my question again like she knew I was still nervous about getting undressed here.

“I trust you, if you say people don’t come here then people don’t come here. I was just nervous because I don’t want anyone but you to see me naked.” I tell her feeling myself blush but wanting her to know that I trust her more than I’ve ever trusted anyone before.

“I wouldn’t come up with the idea if I thought people would see us, I don’t want anyone but me to see you naked and I don’t want anyone but you to see me naked.” She reassures me making me feel more comfortable with this while also making my heart race ag hearing her say that she wants only me to see her naked.

“Ok, let’s do it then.” I say making up my mind and deciding that I am going to do this as I don’t want to miss out on the chance of doing something that feels like it will be so exciting.

The excitement on Elena’s face and the way she squeals with happiness is absolutely adorable and just as I’m thinking about how cute she is she rushes forward wraps her arms around me pulling me tight against her and then kisses me. The kiss is quick but like almost every kiss we have shared it is filled with passion and love for each other, we end up breaking away from the kiss and just gazing into each others eyes for a minute or two before either of us make any move to get undressed. Elena is the first to start getting undressed which she does slowly as she sees that I am watching her like she is performing a strip tease for me with her hands slowly and sensually running up her legs and over her stomach then back down to the hem of the dress.

My arousal is sky high and I can feel moisture between my legs as she slowly lifts the hem of her dress up, she never takes her eyes off of me and I find my gaze flitting between the thighs that she is slowly exposing and the big amber eyes she has trained on me. I watch as she slowly lifts her dress showing off those beautiful long and smooth legs drawing all of my attention away from her eyes and making me admire how perfect her legs are and giving me a strong urge to touch them and feel her soft skin beneath my hands but I don’t want to move and ruin the magic of this moment. My attention is ripped away from her legs a moment later and my arousal reaches a new height as she slowly lifts her dress up further revealing that this whole time she hasn’t been wearing panties.

Elena seems to get more into her strip tease when she sees the look of arousal on my face, she turns around showing me her perfect heart shaped ass as she continues to lift her dress higher and higher. Her hands travel all over her body and her face becomes a mask of arousal like her actions and the way I can’t take my eyes off of her brings her pleasure, she continues to lift her dress up until she reaches her boobs and gathers the dress under her bust lifting her tits up with her dress. I want to go to her and quickly pull her dress off but at the same time I’m enjoying the show that much that I let her continue, finally gravity wins out and her boobs pop out of her dress dropping back down into their natural perky position and showing me that not only had she not been wearing no panties but she hadn’t been wearing a bra either.

She doesn’t stop once her boobs drop down out of her bunched up dress and while holding her dress around her shoulders with one hand she the starts to rub her other hand over her boobs, she also lifts them up one by one letting then bounce back down. My eyes are glued to her boobs and the way she manipulates them one at a time with her free hand but after a minute she stops and finally pulls her dress completely off leaving her standing there between myself and the pond while completely naked. Elena is so beautiful and I’m so turned on by her show that I want to dive between her legs and lap up the juices I can see making her pussy glisten and bring her to an orgasm but I hold myself back not sure if she would be ok with that.

“You drive me absolutely wild.” I tell her as I feel the result of my arousal start to run down my inner thighs.

“It’s your turn, get undressed.” She says in reply biting her lower lip while running her hands over her naked body.

I hesitate for a split second wondering if I can do what she just had done and while I’m not sure if I can or even if it will have an effect on her like her strip tease did to me I decide to give it a try. I start by turning away from her and bending over in a way that has my dress riding up and letting my ass peek out from under the high hemline all the while running my hands up and down my legs when what I really want to do is bring them into contact with my wetness and get myself off. I run both hands up my legs at the same time and when they reach my dress I flick it up and onto my back exposing my ass to Elena hoping she enjoys the view of my ass as I stick it out further and hoping that she notices the damp spot on my panties caused by her strip tease.

I can feel myself getting even more wet and my nipples getting so hard that they actually hurt as I run my hands over my ass giving each cheek a nice firm squeeze before standing up. I turn to face Elena as I stand up and part my legs slightly loving the way her eyes dart down to my panties and the rush of arousal that her gaze causes me to feel, I feel bold under her gaze and slip my hand between my legs running it over my clothed pussy and feeling that my panties are absolutely drenched with my arousal. I bring my hands up to the top of my panties and in the heat of my arousal I pull them up tight against my pussy making me moan softly as it applies pressure to my pussy, I have stop myself there though because I know that if I keep touching my pussy then I won’t be able to stop until I orgasm.

I trail my fingers across my stomach as I lift my dress up so it is just underneath my bra but my attention isn’t really on myself anymore and except for the feeling of my panties being tight against my pussy no doubt giving me an obvious cameltoe my entire attention is on Elena. I am completely focused on Elena because when I had pulled my panties tight against my pussy and let out a moan she had slipped a hand between her legs and very obviously started to slowly masturbate. I start to abandon my strip tease and quickly pull off my dress but when I do Elena’s hand slows down and I start to feel less sexy and aroused than when I had been putting on a show for her so decide to go back to my little strip tease.

I flick my hair over my shoulders as I start to again run my hands over my body trying to make my actions as erotic as I possibly can and being rewarded by her hand again picking up the pace that she rubs her pussy with. I feel so sexy, desirable and aroused by her response to my actions that it spurs me on, I repeat what I had done earlier and pull my panties tight making the outline of my pussy obvious and making me moan at the pressure on my now very sensitive clit. I repeat my action a couple of times, pulling my panties tight and then loosening only to pull them tight again letting out a soft moan every time it applies pressure to my clit, I stop after a moment and while pulling my panties tight I turn around and bend over giving her a good view of my ass and spread my legs so that she can see my pussy outlined against the panties that I have pulled almost painfully tight.

I run my hands over my ass, squeezing and spreading the cheeks while looking over my shoulder at Elena trying to gauge her reactions but her reactions seem to be to stare at my ass and that spot between my legs with a look of pleasure and lust on her face as she uses her hand to get herself off. I decide after a little while of manipulating my ass that I need to lose the panties so I slow start to pull them down in a teasing style but as I do I can feel them clinging to my wetness in a way that lets me know my pussy is drenched with the juices of my arousal. I can hear Elena gasp and then moan softly as I bend further and further over pulling my panties down my legs until they reach my feet and I slowly step out of them bent over so far that I am touching the floor with my legs spread.

I feel scared that any random person could come along at any second and see me bent over wearing only my bra and with my bare pussy on full display while Elena masturbates with her gaze trained on me. I feel a rush of excitement and arousal along with that fear because I can see Elena’s eyes glued to me with an expression of pure pleasure and need all over her face all caused by my actions, the fact that I can hear her breathing heavily, moaning softly and the wet sounds of her masturbating has the juices of my arousal leaking down my inner thighs and makes me want to masturbate along with her but I don’t and instead continue with my show as I know that she is enjoying it and right now that is all that matters to me, well that and the desperate ache in my pussy.

I run my hands up my legs as I move into a less extreme and more comfortable bending position then once in that position I reach back and with my legs as spread as I can have them I reach back and use my hands to spread myself even wider. The sound of Elena’s moans and her getting herself off mix with the sexy and aroused way I feel so that when my hand barely brushes against my pussy I almost orgasm right then. The feeling of how wet my pussy is gives me an idea which I immediately act on by turning to face Elena with my legs spread wide, I slip my hand between my legs and while holding eye contact with her I use my fingers to collect a large amount of my wetness and then while still holding her gaze I bite my lower lip and slowly bring my fingers up to my mouth.

The look on Elena’s face tells me that she is close to her orgasm so I make a show of it as I part my lips and start to hungrily lick my juices off of my fingers. The taste of myself, the loud groan of pleasure from Elena and the way she licks her lips like she wishes that it was her licking my juices from my fingers has me wondering if it is possible to orgasm without touching yourself and that if it is possible I might just be about to. I’m still thinking about if it is possible to orgasm without any physical stimulation and still greedily licking my juices off of my fingers when Elena lets out a loud moan and her body starts to shake with what is obviously a rather power orgasm.

I instantly dip my hand between my legs as her orgasm hits her and start to quickly rub my clit knowing that with how aroused I am it will take very little for me to orgasm. I’m right and after only a second of rapidly rubbing my clit I can feel myself right on the edge of an orgasm with my moans coming thick and fast as jolts of pleasure shoot through my body starting at my pussy but spreading through every last inch of my body promising a rather powerful and intense orgasm. I see Elena slowly coming down from her orgasm with a dreamy and satisfied smile on her face that manages to be both cute and erotic at the same time and like seeing that look on her face is the trigger my body tips over the edge into a rather strong orgasm. My orgasm is so strong that my legs almost give way and I come close to collapsing onto the floor, I also feel myself stop breathing for a moment almost like my orgasm is so powerful that my body can’t keep doing things that the things that it should do without me thinking like breathing and keeping my heart beating.

My orgasm ravages my body draining every last bit of strength out of me to the point where I less than gracefully lower myself down to sit on the ground where every single one of my limbs starts to twitch as my orgasm continues to send wave after wave of intense pleasure through my body. Just as I’m thinking that I can’t take any more my orgasm starts to die off with the waves of pleasure receding and leaving me feeling like my body is made of jelly to the point where I don’t think I could move even if I wanted to. I slowly start to become aware of Elena looking at me and I blush as I lie there sprawled out on the grass but with that comes the realisation that I hadn’t properly finished my little strip tease because I am still wearing my bra, I try sit up slowly and try move to take it off but my arms don’t want to move and after a moment I give up

“Could you take off my bra? I can’t really move right now.” I tell Elena watching her eyes light up as she gets to her feet and crosses the short distance between us.

I can feel Elena’s fingers brushing against my back as she unhooks my bra and then slides the straps off of my shoulders using her whole hand so her hands rub along my arms as she slowly removes my bra. I wonder what she is doing as I see my bra get thrown on top of the rest of my clothes but don’t hear her making any attempt to move from behind me which is when I hear her shuffling on the grass and see her legs appear on either side of my own. I don’t know what she is doing with her legs either side of me but then I hear her shuffling again and I feel her body press up against my back with her boobs squished against me and finally her arms circle around me crossing just below my own boobs and she pulls me back against her in a tight and intimate hug.

“I think that was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.” She says her voice husky and her breath tickling across the side of my neck and my ear, I wonder if she means my attempted strip tease or the rather powerful orgasm I had experienced, I don’t have to wonder long as she answers my silent question a second later.

“I think I’ll have to get you to strip for me like that again.” She tells me before kissing my neck making me moan softly and start to get aroused all over again at the feeling of her soft lips on my neck.

“I’ll do it whenever you want.” I inform her feeling a sense of pleasure from her admitting to having enjoyed my inexperienced strip tease.

“God, you are perfect, I love you so fucking much.” She practically purrs into my ear making me shiver at her to me of voice which seems to silently promise more orgasmic delights.

“I love you too.” I tell her as I move my head back so our heads are next to each other then turn and kiss her lips trying to make her feel how much I do love her because I feel like no words I could ever say would make her feel just how deep my love for her is.

“How are you feeling?” She asks a few minutes later as we continue to sit there in the same position with her chest pressed against my back, her legs in either side of me and her arms around me with my hands resting on top of hers.

“Happier than I ever thought possible.” I answer her hearing the emotion in my voice which is filled with love and happiness.

“I have to ruin the moment but I’m getting really hungry.” She tells me with her stomach rumbling just after she speaks almost as if to prove her point and the thing is I feel hungry too, having no breakfast and a rather strong orgasm will do that to you.

“Does that mean we need to get dressed and head back into town?” I ask feeling a little disappointed that we will have to leave and haven’t even been in the pond yet which seemed to be Elena’s while reason for bringing me out here.

“Nope, just wait here a second.” She says taking her arms around me and standing up making me miss the feeling of her arms around me and her body against me the moment that they are gone.

“Where are you going?” I ask watching her walk away towards a boulder that is just within the treeline and when she gets to it she reaches behind it and pulls out a basket.

Elena doesn’t answer me and just smiles widely at me as she walls back across the clearing to me with the basket held out in front of her. The sight of Elena walking across the clearing holding what looks like a picnic basket while completely naked is pretty surreal along with the fact that I too am naked and the knowledge of what we had just done makes this feel more like a dream than reality. I can’t shake the feeling that this is a dream as she sets the basket down on the floor near me, I feel like I’m going crazy trying to figure out if this is a dream or not so in a moment of what can only be called madness I reach out, grab her hands and pull her down on top of me. The thud of her body landing on mine is reassuring so is the way it knocks the air out of my lungs, the weight of her body and the feel of her soft skin chases away the idea of this being a dream and convinces me that this is actually reality.

“What the hell? Why’d you do that?” Elena asks sounding frustrated and out of breath like the impact had knocked the air out of her lungs too.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t a dream.” I tell her feeling myself blush from the embarrassment of being so stupid that I had almost convinced like this wasn’t real.

“There’s better ways to check than pulling me down on you like that. Like would a dream feel like this?” She sounds annoyed still but then her voice changes with as slight husky quality to it as she lowers her lips to my own.

I still can’t believe how soft her lips are and how much I enjoy the feel of them against my own, she quickly parts her lips and I follow suit accepting her tongue into my mouth and meeting it with my own. The weight and feel of Elena’s naked body on top of my naked body feels both comforting and arousing as we start to passionately make out while also chasing away any lingering doubts I have of this not being real and in fact being a dream. I love the feel of her lips, the feel of her tongue dancing with my own, her weight and soft skin on mine and the way she moves her body on me rubbing my nipples against her soft skin causing them to harden and making me get aroused all over again.

“You still think this is a dream?” She asks looking down at me as she takes panting breaths after our heavy make out session with her body still on top of mine.

“I dunno, I think I need a little more convincing.” I tell her want any reason to have her kiss me more.

“I think I can do that.” She laughs with that musical laugh that makes my heart race and makes me fall even deeper in love with her every time I hear it.

She may have laughed at her words but after her laugh trails off she again lowers her lips to mine and we are straight back to making out again. I’m so happy as we make out with Elena lying on top of me that it feels like my heart could explode but I hope that it won’t because I want, no, I need to spend more time with the only person I’ve ever loved, the girl who has showed me that love is real and I can feel it as long as she is there with me. I’m basking in the joy of our love for each other when I have a sudden intrusive thought that brings tears to my eyes, what happens when I have to go home and I can’t be with Elena anymore, will I go back to the old me who only cared about herself or will I not even be able to do that and end up spending my time as an empty husk of a person longing for someone hundreds of miles away from me.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” She asks wiping away my tears with a touch so gentle that it feels like being caressed by a feather.

“I just thought about what will happen when I have to go home, it wasn’t a good thought.” I tell her feeling more tears leak from my eyes as I speak.

“You don’t have to think about that yet, we still have time just focus on what is happening now.” She says her words and the gentle way she wipes away my tears making me feel a bit better.

“And what’s happening now is that we are finally going to eat.” She informs me with a big smile breaking out across her lips as she climbs up off of me and moves over to the basket she had retrieved from behind a boulder.

“Did you come out here before you came to the hotel?” I ask trying to forget the depressing thoughts and instead thinking that she must have planned this out during the night and woken up seriously early to bring the basket out here.

“Yeah, I want to drop this off here I so I didn’t have to carry it with us if we decided to go somewhere else first.” She tells me having obviously planned for a variety of situations today.

“What if we hadn’t come out here today?” I ask wanting to see just how far her planning had gone while also feeling rather impressed.

“Well the food would have gone to waste but I wouldn’t have minded so long as I got to spend the day with you.” Her words make me blush and feel special in a way I never had before meeting her.

“I bet you’re glad we came out here so it didn’t go to waste.” I say trying to tease her a little but also curious if she would be upset if the food had gone to waste.

“I mean a little bit, I’m more glad that we came out here because of other things that have happened.” She tells me smiling suggestively obviously referring to our strip teases and the other things we had done earlier which makes me blush all over again.

“Come on, help me get this unpacked so we can eat, I’m starving.” She says as she opens up the basket and I move to help her out like she had asked.

Elena pulls out a blanket which we work together to lay it on the grass before we start to unpack the food which she had obviously taken a long time packing in the basket as everything is in its own little section looking neat and orderly. We remove and place a ***********ion of sandwiches, fresh fruit and even a couple bars of milk chocolate onto the blanket, normal I would say that this was way too much food for just the two of us but I can hear Elena’s stomach rumbling in hunger and I feel mine doing the same as I hadn’t eaten since yesterday. The food looks really good and once everything is set out I don’t waste any time and start to dig in seeing Elena do the same, I’m struck by the delicate way that she eats, nibbling at her sandwiches and somehow making the act of eating look elegant.

“These sandwiches are so good.” I say thinking out loud as I pick up another sandwich this one a ham and lettuce combo that is absolutely delicious.

“Thanks, I made them myself, I mean they’re only sandwiches but…” She trails off looking embarrassed and with her gaze landing everywhere except on me.

“They’re really good though I didn’t know sandwiches could taste like this.” I tell her which finally makes her look at me with a soft smile on her lips.

“Oh, you’re probably thirsty, I did bring drinks too.” She announces a moment later after I had gone back to eating my sandwich but she is right a drink would be really nice right now.

I watch mesmerised as she crawls over to the picnic basket giving me a great view of her perfect ass and a glimpse of the sex between her legs. The sight of Elena’s pussy lips peeking out from between her legs makes me want to abandon my sandwich and eat something entirely different but after a seconds consideration my hunger beats my horniness and I continue to eat my sandwich. I watch as she retrieves a small cool box from the basket and brings it over to where she had been sitting before, the whole time she has this teasing grin on her face that tells me she bent over to get the cool box the way she had on purpose to get a reaction out of me. I wonder if the reaction she gets out of me is the one that she wanted as I bite my lower lip and feel the urge to pounce on her and feel her body against mine, the softness of her lips all over me, the taste of her and the way she cries out my name in pleasure.

“You look… excited. You must be very… thirsty.” Elena teases me pausing for a second before finishing each sentence just to drive home the double meaning to her words.

“Oh, I am rather… thirsty.” I practically purr in reply and pausing in the same way she had as I start to crawl towards her.

“Well I can definitely do something about that.” She tells me with her voice husky but then as quick as a flash without giving me time to react reaches into the cooler pulls out a bottle of cool water and presses it against my hot cheek making me yelp in surprise and jump away from her as she bursts out laughing.

“Hey, what the hell.” I complain feeling shocked and annoyed by her actions while at the same time loving the sound of her laughing.

“You said you were thirsty.” She manages to hold back her laughter just long enough to speak before the laughter claims her again.

“It’s not that funny.” I grumble but at the same time in glad she finds it so funny because I could sit hear listening to and watching her laugh for hours.

“I’m sorry, let me make it up to you.” She says as she starts to crawl towards me with the tender look in those deep amber eyes helping to wash away the last of my frustration.

I don’t say anything in reply but I don’t think I need to as I believe the way I bite my lower lip does the speaking for me. The way that Elena crawls towards me also biting her lower lip while her gaze flickers between my eyes and my lips is a massively erotic sight and I can feel myself getting aroused all over again like she knows just how to keep me in an almost constant state of arousal. I had been expecting just a kiss but when she reaches me she reaches out with her hands and pushes me backward on the blanket so I am lying down, starting at my stomach she starts to kiss her way up my body until she reaches my lips. By the time she kisses my lips she is lying on top of me, her slight weight pressing down on me is comforting and the way her boobs squash against mine letting me feel her hard nipples is very arousing.

“Mmm, that more than makes up for it.” I purr when her lips retreat and her tongue slips out of my mouth.

“Oh, I’m not done yet.” She tells me as she snakes her hand between us and brings it into contact with my soaked pussy making me moan but also wonder if she feels obligated to do this as her vile ex made her do it so many times.

“I love it when you touch me like this but you know you don’t have to, I already accept your apology, I’m not her.” I inform her hoping that if she does feel like she has to do this then my words will get through to her.

“I’m not doing this because I think I have to. I’m doing this because I want to, because I love the feel of you, because I love the sound of your moans. Most of all though I’m doing this because I’m madly in love with you.” She tells me in a husky voice with her words settling my fears and allowing me to enjoy the feeling of her fingers teasing my clit.

“Oh fuck, I need to touch you.” I moan as her fingers circle and then lightly pinch my clit sending electric shocks of pleasure through my body.

“No, stay on top of me.” I groan wrapping an arm around her and pulling her hard down on top of me when she starts to climb off of me.

“Wait but how… Ooh.” She starts to ask me a question but cuts herself off with a moan as I slip my free hand between her legs.

The position we are in means that our arms are rubbing together as we tease each others wet sexes making us both moan from our lovers touch. The most erotic thing about this isn’t the feeling of Elena’s hand stroking my clit and pussy or the feeling of me doing the same to her, it isn’t even the feeling of her weight on top of me or how her boobs press against my own but is in fact the look of intense pleasure on her face and the way she keeps stealing quick kisses off of me between her moans. I can’t get enough of her expression, her moans, her touch and her soft breathless kisses, all of these things send shocks of pleasure through my body and quickly bringing me to the edge of an orgasm.

“Oh fuck, I’m so close, cum with me baby.” Elena moans with her breathing becoming more irregular as her hips thrust and grind against my hand.

“Oh my god, yes, I’m gonna cum.” I moan with my own hips thrusting up against her hand as her words put me right on the edge of my orgasm.

“Oh, cum now, cum with me.” She demands and a split second later her orgasm hits her making her convulse on top of me as her face contort with pleasure.

The sight of her face as she experiences her orgasm triggers my own orgasm which barrels into me hard making my toes curl with my body shaking and twitching beneath her. The feeling of Elena’s weight on top of me and the way I can feel her body convulsing as she orgasms makes my orgasm all the more powerful to the point where I feel like I might black out from the waves of intense pleasure crashing through my body. I think that I do actually black out for a moment because one second Elena’s face is hovering above mine contorted with a look of intense pleasure and then the next her face is buried against my shoulder with the full weight of her body pressing down on me which is understandable if she anything like I do right now like I have absolutely no strength left.

“If you keep making me cum like that you might just kill me.” I whisper jokingly with her body shivering as my breath tickles across her ear.

“I know right, I think I blacked out for a second.” She whispers back to me making me shiver now as her breath tickles my neck while her words make me laugh softly and breathlessly.

“So it wasn’t just me then.” I laugh again as I hear her laugh softly against my shoulder sending vibrations through me.

“You know what, I did actually bring us out here to swim but instead we’ve spent the whole day making each other cum.” She sounds disappointed but at the same time she was the one who had initiated it each time.

“Well we can still go swimming just give me a little bit to regain my strength.” I tell her wanting her to feel better which must work because she softly kisses my neck.

“I’d like that but I need some time to recover too.” She says as she rolls off of me and lies beside me with us both looking up at the clear blue sky.

“I’m gonna get a great tan from this.” I laugh as the sun beats down on me no doubt making my already tanned skin tan even more.

“I like your pale skin, it reminds me of snow, you even sparkle a bit being that sweaty.” She compliments and teases me in the same sentence making my heart leap at her compliment but her comment about being sweaty makes me feel gross.

“I’m not the only sweaty one.” I comment as I roll over to face her and let one of my arms come to rest across her stomach which is in fact sweaty.

“If I’m so sweaty why can’t you take your hands off of me?” She teases me again with a soft laugh and whole I don’t think she expects an answer I give her one anyway.

“Because I love how soft your skin is, even if you are sweaty.” I tell her which must take her by surprise because she rolls onto her side to face me with a faces mere centimetres apart.

“How do you always seem to know just what to say to make my heart race?” She asks and I get the sense that she does actually want an answer this time.

“I just tell you the truth, I’m yet to find a single thing about you that I don’t love even the things you don’t like about yourself.” I answer her honestly but then quickly wonder if I have messed up as I see tears forming in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.” I apologise as I take my arm from around her and start to gently wipe away her tears.

“Don’t be sorry, they’re not sad tears it’s just that sometimes you make me feel so happy and loved that it is a bit overwhelming.” She tells me with a big smile on her face even though she is still crying softly.

“I can back off if you want, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” I offer but my words make her smile turn into a scowl as she looks at me.

“Don’t you dare, you make me feel special and loved and I don’t ever want that to stop.” Her words bring tears to my eyes and we both end up lying there looking at each other crying but with smiles on our faces.

“You think you’re ready to go for a swim yet?” She asks a few minutes later when we have both stooped crying and I have regained most of my strength.

“Yeah I think I can swim now.” I tell her before stretching my arms and legs to make sure that I can move them properly and won’t have any trouble swimming.

“Ok, let’s go then.” She sounds excited and quickly gets to her feet before reaching down taking hold of my hand and helping me get to my feet.

Elena and I spend most of the rest of the day in the surprisingly cool water of the large pond, we spend that time playing and swimming in the water, Elena is a very competent swimmer moving through the water so gracefully that she barely causes a splash while I look almost like someone who’s drowning. We even have a little water fight that consists of us splashing and dunking each other until we both go under at the same time which results in us kissing while still under the water like we are in some kind of mermaid romance novel. We end up climbing out of the pond a few hours later where we dry ourselves off with a couple of towels that Elena had brought in that picnic basket, once we are finished drying off we get dressed and start to head back to my hotel room with my heart racing as I remember that she will be spending the night with me.


I’m so excited as we walk into my hotel room with our hands clasped together that I feel like my heart is racing at a hundred miles a minute. It may sound a bit weird after all the sexual things Elena and I have done together since meeting a couple of days ago but the idea of having her send the night with me in the same bed feels like the most personal and intimate thing we have down so far. We don’t get into bed when we get back to the hotel and instead order room service which we eat quickly before striping down and sitting on the bed naked and cuddled up together watching TV, I couldn’t say what we watch because my attention is purely focused on how I’m cuddled up naked with the girl I love.

“You ready to sleep yet?” Elena asks letting out a big yawn as something that should probably be exciting happens on TV but I only vaguely notice it.

“Yeah I’m pretty tired.” I answer her with her yawn causing me to yawn while at the same time I wonder if I will be able to sleep with her lying next to me.

“Can you not, well, urm, do anything to me while I’m asleep please.” She requests sounding embarrassed by what she has said and blushing deeply but I don’t quite understand what she means, does she mean like drawing on her, I know people supposedly do that at sleepovers but this isn’t asleep over.

“Do anything while you’re asleep.” I mutter her request to myself as I stare into space trying got work out what she means but when I look at her the expression on her face tells me everything.

“You mean sexual. Of course not, I’d never do anything without your consent plus where would the fun be, I love your moans and reactions and I wouldn’t get them if you’re asleep.” My words seem to make her throw herself at me where she wraps her arms around me and kisses me deeply like I have just promised her something special and not that I won’t assault her in her sleep.

“I really don’t deserve you.” She says softly the emotion in her voice a little overwhelming and the vulnerability she displays makes me hold her closer.

“I think you’re kind of right, I think you deserve better.” I tell her as my thoughts turn to how I’m going to have to leave her in less than week.

“Don’t say that.” She shouts sounding annoyed with me and making my ears ring before she seems to calm down and speaks again at a more regular volume.

“Please don’t say that, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you with all of my heart.” She tells me with her declaration bringing tears to both of our eyes.

“I love you with every single fibre of my body but I’m scared that when I go home it will break me because I won’t be able to see you, touch you, kiss you and just thinking about that makes me want to push you away to try and stop it from hurting so much when it happens. I guess I’m selfish and stupid in a way though because I know that I won’t do that, I’ll keep seeing you, I’ll keep kissing you, touching you and anything else we end up doing until I have to go home or you don’t want me any more.” I pour my heart out to her thinking that I probably sound silly and expecting her to move back out of our hug but instead she clutches me tighter against her until it feels like she is going to break my ribs.

“I’ll always want you Riley, I never want to be without you so we will make it work even if I have to travel to the other side of the country to see you we will make it work.” She tells me with her words and the tight unrelenting way she is holding me bringing me comfort and putting me at ease.

“No matter what we will make it work.” I whisper back to her feeling hopeful and hugging her back as tight as she is hugging me.

We decide to go to sleep not long after that and with the TV turned off we lie in bed together completely naked and comfortable with each other. We try out a couple of different positions, Elena tries to be the big spoon at first but complains that it doesn’t feel right so we switch and I try to be the big spoon but this time I don’t feel right. We end up in a slightly uncomfortable position with us facing each other with an arm over each other and looking into each others eyes with sleepy dreamy expressions on our faces that makes a comforting warmth spread throughout my body.

My dreams are filled with Elena and manage to be somehow both erotic and romantic with the erotic parts dedicated to us fingering each other, eating each others pussies and even in what I think is called a scissoring position. The romantic parts of my dreams consist of is lying in bed cuddling and talking, walking along a street in what could only be Japan as we watch the cherry blossoms fall, sitting at night in front of the Eiffel tower and even a gondola ride in Venice, all very clichéd but at the same time nice to dream about. My dreams are so good that a part of me doesn’t want to wake up so I can continue visiting all those places with the girl I love and continue doing all those erotic and sexual things with her but as enjoyable as that sounds it isn’t real and I want to do all of those things and more just with the real Elena, the one I’m asleep beside not the one in my dreams.

I wake up slowly with the memory of my dreams still fresh in my mind and surprisingly I find that Elena and I are still wrapped in each others arms. Elena is still asleep with such a peaceful expression on her face that she looks almost angelic and I find myself desperate to kiss her but at the same time I don’t want to so anything that will wake her so I can continue to admire her. I lie there just looking at her admiring just how beautiful she is and thinking about how much I love her, I still can’t believe that I feel this way about someone and don’t know why I do but I am glad that I do.

I enjoy these feelings I have for Elena but at the same time they scare me a bit because it feels like they have turned my entire world upside down, things that I had thought were true about me were now being proved wrong. I’m happy that my previous thoughts about myself are getting proved to be wrong because if they hadn’t been then I would never have known what it feels like to be loved and love in return, I would never have known how good it feels to have the person you love unable to take their eyes, hands or lips off of you or even how it feels to have the person you love bring you so much pleasure that it feels like your mind might break.

It feels weird to look back over the short time that I’ve known Elena, I had thought she was some crazy girl when we had first met and she had dragged me off down the beach while I was just trying to work on my tan in my bikini. If someone had told me that day that I would end up as that crazy girls girlfriend I would have said they were crazier than she is yet here I am madly in love with her. My thoughts and the memories of the couple of days we’ve spent together make my feelings of love for Elena become almost overwhelming to the point where I can’t hold myself back anymore and I move my head forward softly pressing my lips to her forehead.

“That’s a nice way to wake up.” Elena whispers sounding sleepy as my lips retreat and I can see that her eyes are half open and looking at me.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.” I feel guilty about waking her up but the smile on her face and the way she slowly moves forward and kisses me reassures me making me feel less guilty.

“Don’t be, it means I get to spend more time with you. What time is it anyway?” Her words make my heart race and her question makes me wonder the same thing after all the only thing I’ve paid any attention to since waking up is her.

“I dunno but it’s light outside.” I tell her as I’m ae to see the window from the way I am lying and can see the sun shining in from underneath the curtain.

“I guess it doesn’t really matter.” She mutters dismissively before looking at me with an expression so full of lust and need that it sends a shiver through my body and almost makes me gasp.

“What’s that look about?” I ask feeling exposed like her gaze is seeing every little thing about me which makes me feel both nervous and excited.

“You’re just so beautiful, I really want to touch you.” She whispers sounding breathless giving me the impression that she doesn’t mean just hugging or kissing me but something all the more sexual.

“Then why don’t you touch me?” I ask with my voice turning husky as I hear her softly.

“I wanted to make sure you were ok with it first.” She informs me making my swell with even more love for her.

“You don’t have to make sure, all I ask is that if I say no or tell you to stop then you stop.” I tell her wanting her to not have to feel like she has to check if it’s ok every time she wants to touch me more intimately and instead just touch me.

“Ok, if you’re sure about this I’ll stop asking.” She says sounding a bit confused and maybe concerned but also excited.

“I’m sure. Now please touch me.” I practically beg her as my desperation to feel her touch me becomes almost unbearable

Elena answers my pleas by moving one of her hands down to my ass which she squeezes softly while her other hand takes hold of one of my boobs making me moan softly. My moans come more frequently as she massages my ass and plays with my boobs in turn one after the other and back again. Elena’s actions don’t stop with her playing with my ass and boobs and after a minute or so she muffles my moans with a deep kiss slipping her tongue into my mouth which has me pushing my chest out into her hand. I want to touch her back but one of my arms is trapped underneath me so I start to trail the hand I can move across her back towards her ass, Elena takes her hand away from my ass as I move my hand and I wonder if I should have kept still but then she places her hand in my chest with her other hand and softly pushes making it obvious she wants me to roll onto my back so I oblige and roll onto my back.

Elena climbs on top of me the moment that I am lying on my back, the feeling of her body on top of me makes me feel safe and comfortable but also extremely aroused to the point where it feels like my pussy is dripping wet. Elena smiles down at me with a seductive smile that has my breath deepening and my heart beating faster then after a moment she dips her head down and starts to kiss me, her lips are so soft and feel amazing and the sensation of her tongue exploring every last inch of my mouth is intensely erotic making me moan against her mouth. We make out like that for a while and because I’m able to move both of my arms now I wrap them around her and pull her tight against me loving the feel of her curves and how I can feel her very obviously erect nipples pressing against my boobs.

“I want to try something, you know what scissoring is right?” She asks blushing madly and making me gasp at her bringing up something that I had dreamed of last night, her words effect me so much that I can’t speak and can only nod my head to let her know I have heard of it.

“Well would you, maybe, wanna try it? I mean with me?” She asks stumbling over her words sounding absolutely adorable and making me kiss her.

“Is that a yes?” She sounds a little flustered when I pull back from the kiss but she has a smile on her lips and looks excited.

“Yeah, definitely a yes.” I say quickly with my excitement getting the best of me as I remember my dream from last night that had involved the very thing we are about to do.

Elena practically squeals with excitement and starts to plant quick soft kisses all over my face before stopping only a moment later and kissing me properly. I love the feeling of her lips, her weight on top of me and the way her body feels pressed on mine but most of all I love her, everything about her, the girl who has done what I thought would be impossible and captured my heart. I kiss her back trying to convey just how much I love her and how grateful I am that she came into my life and changed it for the better making me more happy than I have ever been and maybe ever will be, I think she must feel my emotions because she brings one of her hands up and cups my cheek as she deepens the kiss in a way that can only be described as loving.

“I love you so fucking much.” Elena whispers breathlessly when she pulls up from the kiss but stays lying on top of me and gazing into my eyes.

“I love you more.” I whisper back with my voice sounding almost as breathless as hers had.

“You can be so cheesy, it’s cute.” She laughs softly like she finds it funny but I can see her blushing too like my words mean more to her than she is letting on.

“Are you ready baby?” She asks looking down on me with such need and passion in her expression that it leaves me speechless so all I can do is slowly not my head to let her know I am ready.

Honestly I don’t know much about scissoring except that usually the girls lie with their heads at opposite ends of the bed then hook their legs together bringing their pussys into contact and grinding against each other to orgasms. Elena doesn’t get into the position I had been expecting and while she does hook one of her legs over one of mine and then my other leg over her second leg she stays lying on top of me. The moment her wet pussy comes into contact with my soaked sex I moan from the unbelievable sensation and think that it might be the most amazing thing I have ever felt but then when she starts to move her hips and grind herself against me I think that I was wrong and that this is the best feeling ever.

“Oh my god.” I moan wrapping my arms around her and clinging to her as pleasure courses through my body and I start to move my hips along with her.

“Fuck yes baby.” She groans before kissing me hard as she thrusts her hips down against me making her pussy slap against my clit sending sparks of pleasure through my entire body.

Elena continues to kiss me as she starts to grind her pussy against mine again but this time her movements cause her entire body to rub against mine. I can feel her hard nipples rubbing against my boobs which makes my also hard nipples rub against her boobs sending even more pleasure coursing through my body. Her movements are slow but I get the sense that they are deliberately slow like she knows what pace to move at to make this as she can for the both of us but that thought is wiped away a moment later when she starts to move faster. The way that she moves her hips faster has me doing the same making our lips spend more time apart as our moans become more frequent and I rapidly climb to the edge of my orgasm.

“Oh fuck, I’m so close. I love you. Cum with me.” She moans her words coming quickly as she moves her hips even quicker.

“I love you. I’m gonna cum.” I pant knowing that any second now I’m going to fall over the edge into my orgasm.

“Yes, cum with me.” She moans as I cling to her with my fingers clawing at her back from the overwhelming pleasure coursing through me.

The way she tells me to cum with her is like a trigger for me and a split second after she speaks my orgasm hits me making me cry out loudly with pleasure. I think that Elena experiences her own orgasm not long after mine starts as I’m vaguely aware of her crying out much like I had and then her body shaking on top of me. I’m only slightly aware of Elena having her own orgasm because mine is still going strong sending wave after wave of intense mind blowing pleasure through my body making me shake and buck my hips even with Elena’s weight pressing down on top of me. I think the feeling of Elena’s weight on top of me along with the sound of her panting breaths and soft moans directly in my ear prolongs my orgasm and makes it even stronger.

“Holy shit.” I gasp taking panting breaths once my orgasm finally subsides and leaves me lying there unable to move or even think properly.

“I know right.” Elena mutters weakly sounding breathless and tired but also dreamy and satisfied.

“Can we do this again sometime?” I whisper already sure that I know what her answer will be as I softly kiss her neck.

“Yeah, I’d like that.” She says obviously trying to play it cool but I can hear the excitement in her voice.

“I love you so much.” I tell her as the excitement in her voice makes my heart race and causes a big smile to fall across my face.

“Hearing you say that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, I love you.” She makes my heart race even faster with her words and I can’t stop myself from kissing her neck but when I do she moves her head to look at me and I kiss her lips instead.

“I’m all sweaty I need a shower, want to join me?” Elena asks a few minutes later while we lie there with her still lying on top of me.

“Ok but I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my hands to myself.” I tell her wanting her to know how I feel and what will happen if we do shower together.

“Is that a promise, half the fun of showering with your girlfriend is not being able to keep your hands to yourself.” She tells me with a soft laugh as she lifts herself up off of me and looks down at me with a suggestive smile.

“I swear you’re the perfect girlfriend.” I whisper feeling my love for her grow even more.

“I was just thinking the same thing about you.” She says softly before leaning down and kissing me deeply.

We climb in the shower together a few minutes later and after only a few seconds of the water falling on us I can’t resist anymore and reach out to touch her. The way that the water runs over her body gives Elena a kind of unnatural beauty like she is some kind of fairy queen granting me the highest honour of being allowed to admire and touch her. Her skin is so soft and perfect that along with my love and arousal I feel a slight tinge of jealousy, not enough to hurt me but enough to make me feel self conscious as she reaches out and returns my touch by running her hands over my body making me gasp and moan at her gentle and loving touch, it isn’t long before she is crouching slightly with her hands parting my legs and touching my most sensitive spot.

My moans come thick and fast as Elena’s fingers tease me with my sex wet not just from the water of the shower but also the mixes of my arousal. I return her attention by slipping one of my hands between her legs and stroking her wetness which I’m sure is like my own and caused by a mixture of the water from the shower and her arousal. We stay like that under the stream of water from the shower our lips meeting every few seconds as we kiss and with our hands teasing both of our pussys and occasionally our boobs and nipples too making us both pant and moan with pleasure as we get each other off. Elena changes things up after a couple of minutes when she slowly pushes what feels like a couple of her fingers inside me spreading my pussy open and almost making me orgasm right at that moment with her fingers giving me an amazing full feeling that has my legs trembling.

I try to return Elena’s actions and push my own fingers inside her but the position we are in doesn’t give me the ability to do so but she doesn’t seem to mind as she practically begs me not to stop and pay a little more attention to her clit. I find it hard to concentrate on my own actions as Elena starts to slowly move her fingers in and out of me curling them in a way that has them scraping over my g spot with her every movement and sending intense shockwaves of pleasure through my body.

“I love feeling you inside me. Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” I moan as her fingers continue to stretch me and hit my g spot with every movement.

“Fuck yes, rub my clit baby, I want to cum with you.” Elena purrs before kissing me and moaning into my mouth as I focus on her clit.

We both orgasm at the same time with loud moans of pleasure as we collapse against each other out wet bodies pressed together as we both tremble and shudder as our orgasms send waves of pleasure through our bodies. We don’t stop when we recover from our orgasms but continue with our actions with Elena finger fucking me as I rub and tease her clit until we both orgasm again with my orgasm seemingly triggering her own. Our second shower orgasms are stronger than the first and when we collapse against each other this time our legs completely give out underneath us and we sink to the floor of the shower our limbs entwined with each other as we take deep panting breaths and softly kiss each other until we feel like we are able to move again.

We actually wash when we recover from our second orgasms but instead of keeping our hands to ourselves we wash each other with our hands running all over each other as we soap up each others bodies. Elena’s touch is so soft and sensual as she washes my body and I try to match her energy as I want her to feel as good as she makes me feel which I seem to achieve as she moans softly while I wash her body. Every time we do something that I think is the most intimate thing possible I’m proved wrong with us doing something even more intimate like washing each other after we male each other orgasm multiple times.

“I love you.” We both say at the same time as we finish washing each other making us both laugh before we kiss each other deeply.

This holiday may have started off boring and with me feeling frustrated and annoyed at having to be here but now I’m so glad that my parents had forced me to come with them and I know that I couldn’t be happier and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now than right here in this hotel with my perfect girlfriend. I had wanted this holiday to end before it had even began but now I never want it to end so I can spend every last second of every day with Elena, the first and only person I’ve ever felt attracted to and love so much that it feels like my heart might burst from how much I love her. The worst thing though is that I know I don’t have long left with her and even if I did would I be able to tell my parents about this love I feel for Elena after all she is another girl and my parents aren’t exactly accepting about that type of thing.


I can’t take my eyes off of Elena as she dresses, pulling on a pair of matching red lacy underwear before putting on a pair of short frayed denim shorts and a tight black t shirt that highlights her tight waist and big boobs. I know that Elena is the most beautiful person in the world and I can’t help but admire how perfect she looks in her outfit with my feelings of love growing with every passing second. I try and make sure that she notices me skipping over putting on any underwear beneath the long flowing sundress that I pull on with part of me hoping that she asks about my choice in forgoing the underwear which she does a moment later.

“No underwear? That’s bold.” She says looking at me with an expression that makes me feel like she is looking straight through the sundress to my naked body beneath.

“I want you to have easy access.” I purr as I take her hand and place it on one of my boobs letting her feel my hard nipple through the thin fabric.

“Fuck, you can be such a tease.” She moans looking at me like she wants to throw me down on the bed and take me right now which just causes my pussy to get wet.

“Why don’t you do something about it?” I tease her with my voice husky as I hope she will do something about it.

“We can’t stay here all day making each other cum over and over again.” She tells me ruining my fantasy of us doing just that.

“Why not? That sounds like fun.” I say wanting her to change her mind because it does sound like fun to me.

“I have a day planned out for us but if you still want to them tomorrow we can spend the day making each other orgasm.” She tells me making my heart leap and causing me to wrap my arms around her and kiss her.

“Ok so today we do what you have planned but tomorrow we stay here and make each other orgasm again, and again, and again.” I tell her and emphasise my words by kissing her quickly between each repetition of my words.

“You’ve got a deal. Now come one, let’s go.” She says taking my hand and leading me out of the door.

“God, I love you.” I say quietly as we walk out of my hotel room hand in hand but someone must hear my words because I hear a gasp when I speak and look up to see my parents a couple of places down the hallway looking at Elena and myself.

“Riley who is this girl? Why was she in your room? And why are you holding her hand?” My mom snaps her questions rapid fire all the while she glares at our clasped hands like the sight has personally offended her.

“Mom, Dad, this is Elena she’s my… well… I…” I stumble over my words scared of the way I’m sure my parents are going to react and unable to tell them the truth.

“Riley?” Elena whispers softly with her grip on my hand tightening slightly making me wonder if she is making sure I’m ok or if she is scared by the way my mom is glaring at us.

“Elena is my girlfriend.” I say quickly drawing in her grip to give me the strength to tell my parents the truth and hoping that she doesn’t run away when my parents explode like I expect them to.

My mom doesn’t disappoint and the moment that my confession leaves my lips she starts shouting and screaming at us, I don’t catch most of her words as I can hear my blood rushing through my body but I do pick up on some things that she says. I am hardly surprised by my moms rant of how Elena has corrupted me, how she is a whore, a harlot, a disgusting sub human thing that deserves to burn in hell but throughout her rant I say nothing scared by her outburst and the sheer hatred in her voice and twisted expression. My dad doesn’t say anything either as my mom rants but just stands there staring at me with a look of confusion and disappointment like he can’t believe what is happening, he doesn’t even speak when mom stops ranting and stares at Elena and me with a look of such burning hatred.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Mom snaps the question with spittle flying from her lips and in a moment of courage or more likely madness I tell her the truth.

“I love Elena and if you say one more bad thing about her then you will never see me again.” I tell her meaning that I will run away but this was obviously the wrong thing to say because mom launches into another rage filled rant.

“I warned you, let’s go.” I say with my soft words cutting off my moms rant as I turn away from her and start to walk of down the hallway only to be stopped when my mom grabs the strap of the small handbag I had brought with me to carry my phone.

“Take your fucking hand off of me.” I growl putting as much venom and anger into my voice as I possibly can as I want to hurt her like her words are hurting me.

“How dare you?” My mom snaps looking at me with shock and anger all over her face but all I do is let go of Elena’s hand and slap away my moms hand forcing her to let go of my handbag.

“I dare because I fucking love her and I won’t stand here and listen to your medieval bigoted words as you offend me and the only person I have ever loved. Either you accept this or I’m gone.” I give her an ultimatum hoping that her love for me, her daughter, beats her backwards views.

“You’re not going anywhere.” She growls bringing tears to my eyes as she proves just how little I mean to her.

“I see how it is. Let’s go Elena.” I say turning my back on my parents while trying to keep myself from bursting into tears.

My parents don’t follow us as we walk away but I can hear my mom shouting and screaming, hurling abuse at Elena and I as we walk away down the hallway. We turn the corner at the end of the hallway and I collapse to the floor sobbing in pain and anguish over the way my parents had reacted, Elena doesn’t say anything and just holds me as I sob uncontrollably with my breath catching in my throat. As I sit there sobbing against Elena I find myself hoping that my parents will come after me and tell me that they are sorry, that they were wrong, that they are just happy that I’ve finally found love and that they will at least try to accept me even if it goes against what they were taught growing up. None of those things happen though and instead I’m left there to cry wrapped in the arms of the girl I love until my tears dry up and I can’t cry anymore.

“I need to go clean up.” I whisper with a shaky voice minutes later when I finally feel like I have some control over my emotions again, I’m sure that all my crying has ruined my makeup and I probably look horrible.

Elena comes back to my room with me but while I head into the bathroom to wash off my ruined makeup and apply a fresh coat she waits in the main room. I worry that my moms insane outburst has ruined this for me, that Elena will be scared to go near me now all because my mom is a horrible bigot and she won’t be able to see past that. I find myself in tears again as the dark thoughts consume me and I become certain that this will be the end of my relationship with Elena because every time she looks at me all she will see is my mom screaming and calling her a whole bunch of vile things. I can’t keep myself from crying every time I think about how horrible my mom had been so in the end I give up trying to put on any more makeup and shuffle my way back out into the main hotel room cursing my mom and hating myself as I look over at Elena who is lounging on the bed.

“I don’t feel up to going out anymore, sorry. I understand if you want to go.” I mutter feeling utterly worthless and like shit.

“I didn’t think you would. We can stay in and watch TV.” She tells me taking me by surprise because I had fully been expecting her to leave.

“Wait, you’re not leaving?” I ask hearing my voice wobble as my emotions take over again and I feel myself tearing up from the fact that she isn’t leaving.

“What kind of girlfriend would I be if I left now, no, I’m staying right here.” She says firmly while looking at me with such a tender and loving expression that I can’t help but burst into tears again.

“You really aren’t going to leave, I thought after what my mom said you wouldn’t want to be with me anymore.” I feel my tears spill over as the fear of losing her consumes me and I feel a sense of emptiness at the idea of her not being in my life.

“You warned me that your parents wouldn’t accept us, I didn’t expect then to be so angry about it but oh well. I know you don’t share the same views and I love you not them so I don’t care what they think only what you think.” She informs me as she stands up, walks across the room and then wraps her arms around me pulling me tight against her seeming not to care about the tears streaming down my face.

“I don’t think like them, I never will.” I tell her desperately wanting her to know that I don’t share my parents views.

“I know, I know, I never thought you did because you’re so kind and nice, that’s just one of the many things I love about you.” She whispers her voice soft and her words almost as comforting as the way she gently strokes my hair.

I practically melt against Elena as the soft yet tight way that she holds me and the gentle loving way that she strokes my hair helps to chase away my tears. The feel of Elena’s body against mine and the way she gently strokes my hair is so comforting and feels so good that it helps to drive away some of the lingering feelings of sadness and hurt caused by my moms outburst. I think that I could happily stay like this with Elena forever, it feels right and natural to be with her like this even if it also makes my heart race like crazy, I can’t imagine doing anything like this with anyone except her or even feeling anything like I feel for her for anyone else.

“Please kiss me.” I whisper wanting to feel her lips, wanting to feel her love for me because I need her to reassure me that she does love me.

“Are you sure, after everything that’s happened…” She trails off but the same reason she wants to make sure it’s ok to kiss me is the reason why I want her to kiss me.

“I’m sure, I just need to feel loved and I think you do too after everything my mom called you.” I tell her still shaken up from everything that had happened and all the things my mom had called us.

“I’m ok, honestly. I’ve been called worse before and anyway I only care about the opinions of people who I care about, people like you.” She informs me making me feel loved and washing away the last of my fears that she will stop loving me because of my mom.

“You know just what to say to make me feel better but that also makes me want you to kiss me even more.” I laugh softly at my own words because I feel a little nervous.

“Good thing I want to kiss you too then.” She whispers looking deep into my eyes before leaning forward and kissing me.

I feel so happy with Elena that I notice every little detail of our kiss, the feel and taste of her lips the way her hair falls forward slightly and tickles my cheek, even her smell which is different than usual because of her staying here last night and using the same body wash and shampoo that I did. I’m so entranced by our kiss that it is like a bomb could go off right outside the hotel and I wouldn’t even notice or care as long as I can stay like this with Elena and I wrapped in each others arms and our lips locked in an intensely passionate kiss. My theory is proven wrong a moment later, not by a bomb detonating but instead by the soft chime of my phone which surprises me because even though a few of my friends have my number they almost never text or call me.

“No. No. No.” I repeat the word over and over again feeling my heart shatter as I read the message on my phone and let then let it drop from my grip to fall to the floor.

“What’s wrong?” Elena asks softly as she picks up my phone and hands it to me before I silently hand it back to her so she can see the text on the screen.

“No.” Elena gasps as she reads the text which is from my mom and simply tells me that she and my dad have decided that this town is no good for me and that I am to pack my things as we are leaving and getting a train back home tomorrow.

“No, I refuse. I’ll run away, I’ll come live with you or on the beach or the waterfall in the forest.” I speak quietly but frantically posting off places in this town that I know as shock, anger and sadness mix together putting me on the edge of tears.

“She’s already thought of that.” Elena says softly, I can hear the despair in her voice as she hands me back my phone a second after it chimes again and when I look at it I see a second message from my mom that tells me she plans to call the police if I try to run away.

“No. Fuck her! I won’t go! I cant be without you.” I start off screaming but end up whispering as the idea that I will be hundreds of miles away from Elena becomes a reality much sooner than expected.

“It’ll be ok, we’ll be ok. We will make it work, our love is strong enough to survive a few miles worth of distance.” She tells me firmly as she wraps her arms around me and pulls me into a tight hug.

“It’s not only a few miles, it’s more than two hundred miles. I can’t go back to who I was before.” I say quietly with my tears spilling over as my fears are realised and I think about how horrible my life will be without Elena.

“I don’t care if it’s two miles, two hundred miles or even two thousand miles, I love you Riley and nothing will change that.” Her words make me cry even more because I believe her and I start to feel a slight twinge of hope.

“We will make this work, I won’t give up on you, I love you.” I say the words more to convince myself than to reassure Elena who already seems sure that our relationship will survive.

“We can call and text each other all the time, we can even video chat. We may not be able to touch each other but we can still hear each others voice and even see each other.” She sounds like she is doing what I was doing and is trying to convince herself more than she is trying to reassure me.

“You should start packing. I need to go home to get something I’ll be back in like ten minutes.” Elena tells me after we spend a few minutes wrapped in each others arms.

“Please don’t leave me.” I whisper knowing how weak and vulnerable I must sound because I’m scared that if she walks out of that door now it will be the last time I get to be with her.

“I’ll be back, I just need to get something, trust me, you’ll like it. I plan on being with you until the moment you get on that train.” She says giving me a quick kiss as she turns and leaves me to pack on my own.

It takes barely a minute for me to start crying again after Elena leaves, I know that there isn’t really anything we can do about this whole situation with us both still being a year away from graduating high school and unable to move out of our parents homes. I try and distract myself from the loneliness I feel without Elena here with me by thinking about a thought that has just popped into my head, what would it be like to live with Elena. The idea is exciting and I think about all the things that would mean, every time I would come home she would be there, we would sleep in the same bed every night and we would be able to touch and kiss each other and even have sex whenever we want, it sounds like heaven.

I find myself not actually packing my things like I should be, at first it was because I was crying but now it is because I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to live with Elena. I keep thinking about how nice it would be to spend all of my time with her, to come home to her, fall asleep next to her and even have sex with her whenever we want. I really like the idea of us living together and make up my mind that if we are still together once this year has passed and we graduate then I want us to move in together, partially so I can escape my parents who I’m now sure don’t actually care about me but mainly because I love Elena and never want to be apart from her.

I hear a knock at the door and hesitantly cross the room to check who it is half expecting it to be my parents who will tell me that they aren’t waiting for tomorrow and that we are leaving now meaning I won’t be able to even say goodbye to Elena. It isn’t my parents at the door though and is actually Elena who is standing there with a smile on her face as she waits for me to open the door, I open the door and drag her into the room by pulling her into a hug. I wonder of this is what it would be like to live with her, if my heart would race like this every time she walks through the door, if my first thought every time I would see would be about how much I love her and how much I want to hug and kiss her.

“Did you miss me that much?” She asks with a soft laugh as she kicks the door closed behind her with me still holding her tight in my arms.

“So much.” I whisper holding her tighter against me and never wanting to let go of her.

“Me too.” She whispers as she tightens her arms around me clinging to me like she needs to hold onto me to live.

“Ok, you need to let go now. I brought something for you but I can’t give it to you if you don’t let go.” She tells me putting me in two minds because on one hand I don’t want to let go of her but at the same time I want to see what she had brought me.

“I had this plan where I was going to take you somewhere nice and give this to you then but with everything that’s happened I’m going to have to give it to you now.” She explains as she reaches into the bag she is carrying and pulls out a small jewellery box that she hands to me.

“I love it.” I gasp feeling tears form in my eyes with my emotions overwhelming me as I lay my eyes on the simple silver ring inside the jewellery box.

“That ring is a promise to you that I will keep loving you and that in a year from now when we have both graduated I will come take you away from your parents and we can start our lives together.” She tells me making me cry from how romantic her words are as she takes the ring from me and slowly slides it onto my finger.

“You’re not joking, right?” I ask through my tears loving the idea of being free of my parents who won’t accept me and being able to be with the person I love.

“No joking, I love you Riley and I will do anything to be with you.” She says making me feel so overwhelmed by her love for me and my love for her that I can’t speak and can only lunge forward and tightly wrap my arms around her.

We spend the next couple of hours working together to pack my bags, it takes us so long to pack because we keep stopping every couple of minutes when our hands brush against each other making us look at each other lovingly and hug and kiss like we are unable to stop touching each other. When we finally finish packing my bags we lounge around on the bed wrapped in each others arms barely paying attention to the TV and just enjoying the feeling of being together in what may be the last few hours we ever get to spend together while awake.

I don’t think that either of us are really in the mood to do anything sexual because even though we have plenty of opportunities being wrapped in each others arms and kissing every minute or so we don’t attempt to move past that as we half heartedly watch TV. We stay like that wrapped in each others arms with the TV playing but neither of us watching as we are more focused on each other until we both start yawning more and more and decide that it is time to try and sleep. We switch off the TV and undress before climbing into bed and relaxing into the same position we had last night, facing towards each other with one of our arms draped over the others chest where we kiss and slowly, almost reluctantly fall asleep.

I wake up slowly in the morning and instantly feel this out of sadness forming in my stomach making me feel sick as I remember that in only a matter of hours I will be forced to leave Elena and travel hundreds of miles home. I don’t open my eyes but stay there with my eyes closed while I savour the feel of Elena’s body against mine, the gentle warmth coming off of her, the way her smell fills my nostrils, the sound of her soft breathing and the way I can feel her chest rising and falling beneath my arms as she breaths. I don’t stay with my eyes closed for long because even though I enjoy these feelings I want to look at Elena so I can memorise everything about her but when I open my eyes I find that her eyes are open and she is looking at me.

“Morning beautiful.” Elena says softly a moment after I open my eyes with a smile falling across her lips but instead of looking happy the smile actually makes her look sad.

“Morning.” I whisper back feeling as sad as she looks because I know in a few short hours I will be boarding a train that will take me away from the only person I’ve ever loved.

“You look so cute when you’re sleeping.” She tells me before she leans forward and kisses me on the nose.

“Am I not cute the rest of the time?” I ask trying to tease her softly which makes the smile on her face change so she actually looks happy now.

“Nope, you’re not cute you’re beautiful.” She informs me completely unbothered by my teasing as she leans forward and kisses my lips.

“Can we please make love?” I whisper the question desperate to feel her gentle loving one more time before potentially losing it forever, I also feel myself blush with embarrassment over the way I word my request.

“Make love? Weird way to phrase it, but it’s more accurate than simply calling what we do together sex.” She says seemingly speaking more to herself than to me but making me feel a rush at her words.

“I want to memorise it all, the way you feel, the way you taste, the way you moan and the way you say my name in pleasure.” I punctuate each of my points with a soft kiss on her lips while doing what I say and trying to memorise how her lips feel, their fullness, their softness and even the taste of the saliva she leaves on my lips.

“Ok, I’d really like to make love with you.” She tells me in a husky voice before she leans forward and kisses me deeply her tongue slipping into my mouth and dancing with my own tongue.

Elena starts to use the hand she has resting over my body to trace small shapes on my bare skin as we passionately make out like we don’t need to breathe. After a couple of minutes making out I start to trail kisses down her body stopping at her boobs where I circle her nipples with my tongue and then in turn suck them into my mouth making her moan in pleasure before I continue my journey down her body. I trail kisses across her stomach and don’t stop until my heads is between her legs with her obviously wet pussy mere millimetres in front of my face.

Elena lets out a loud moan as I flatten my tongue and lick up her pussy collecting as much of her juices as I can, savouring her delicious taste and the way her body reacts by pushing her hips up into my face. I don’t waste another second and I start licking and sucking her pussy, I am a little wild as I’m desperate to taste as much of her as I cam but at the same time I’m doing everything I think of to make this pleasurable for her. I like the way her moans get louder and more intense when I grip her hips and pull her pussy against my face, I suck her clit into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it making her moans get even more loud until she is almost screaming in pleasure.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” She begs when I take one of my hands off of her hips and bring my fingers down to her pussy.

Elena’s moans become so loud that I’m sure every single person in the hotel can hear her as I gently push a finger inside her while still licking and sucking her clit. After a moment of thrusting just the one finger in and out of her I decide to add a second finger which makes Elena thrust her hips up fucking herself on my fingers as I slowly start to move them all the while still paying attention to her clit with my mouth and tongue. I curl my fingers inside her with every thrust as I try to hit her g spot, I find a part of me doesn’t want her to orgasm so I can keep up my actions and continue to finger her while also devouring her delicious juices.

“Fuck yes, I’m gonna cum.” She almost shouts making me double my efforts and thrust my fingers faster inside her.

I don’t just increase how quick I am thrusting my fingers inside her because I remember what had happened last time I had eaten her out, the explosive way she had cum and what had caused it. I can tell that she is right on the edge of her orgasm by the way she is moaning and thrusting her hips up to fuck herself on my fingers so I decide to do what had given her such a powerful orgasm last time I had eaten her out and I lightly bite her clit. Elena cries out loudly and I worry that I might have bitten her a little too hard but then I feel her pussy pulsating around my fingers and her legs snap closed with her thighs holding me in place letting me know I haven’t hurt her but that she is having a powerful orgasm.

I don’t stop my actions as Elena’s orgasm rips through her body making her shake and writhe in pleasure, she cries out again as I keep up my actions and she explodes. I open my mouth wide trying to catch and drink as much of the liquid squirting out of her pussy, I love the taste of her and want more which her orgasm supplies filling my mouth and covering my face with the result of her orgasm. I stop finger fucking her but leave my fingers inside her as her girl cum forces its way out of her pussy around my fingers squirting into my mouth and covering my face.

“Holy shit.” Elena gasps between panting breaths as I pull my fingers out of her and hungrily devour the juices coating them before returning my mouth to her pussy to lap up the juices coating her pussy and inner thighs.

“Stop, stop.” She pants reaching down and pulling my face from between her legs and then tugging on me so I slide up the bed and lie next to her.

“So that’s what I taste like.” She whispers after kissing me and then licking up some of her juices that have covered my face.

“Delicious.” I murmur as I lick my lips trying to taste more of her love juices in a haze of sexual desire.

“Well it’s your turn now.” She whispers huskily as she starts to trail kisses down my body.

I moan in pleasure as she stops at my boobs wetting the fingers of her one hand with her spit and then using her fingers and mouth at the same time she starts to play with both of my nipples. The way she teases my nipples with her fingers and mouth sends tingles of pleasures through my body making me moan softly but those moans become louder as at the same time she pinches and gently bites my nipples sending shocks through my body. She releases the sensitive buds of nerves and the switches nipples replacing her fingers with her mouth and her mouth with her fingers where she repeats her actions teasing both nipples before gently biting and pinching them at the same time.

I can’t stop moaning as she once again releases my nipples but this time she starts to descend down my body again planting soft kisses every second or two as she goes. She stops when she reaches my pussy and pulls her lips away replacing them with her hands which she places on my inner thighs and uses to spread my legs wide. My moans become louder as she starts to rub my wetness with the pressure and friction on my clit sending jolts of pleasure through my body. I place my hands on the bed behind me and push myself up as I feel the urge to look at her, when I look down my body my eyes meet hers as she peers back up at me giving me a massive feeling of love and intimacy as we hold eye contact as she continue to rub her hand firmly against my pussy.

“Fuck, I need you inside me.” I moan desperate to feel her fingers inside me and have her finger fuck me which she is more than happy to give me.

“Oh my god, yes.” I groan as my arms give way and I collapse back onto the bed as she slowly pushes her fingers inside me.

I love the full feeling of Elena’s fingers buried inside me as they spread my pussy open and she starts to move them agonisingly slowly while also curling her fingers to stroke my g spot. Her slow almost torturous movements have me pleading and begging for her to speed up and finger fuck me properly but she just laughs teasingly which has me taking matters into my own hands and thrusting my hips up trying to fuck myself on her fingers. She realise what I’m doing a second later but instead of letting me carry on she takes her free hand off of my inner thigh, places it on my lower stomach and presses down preventing me from thrusting up with my hips and rendering me immobile as she now starts to speed up her actions so she is properly finger fucking me.

This new almost dominating attitude of Elena’s combined with the pressure of her hand on my lower stomach and the way she is now thrusting her fingers in and out of me at speed is mind blowing. My mind goes blank with all thoughts flee my brain and my world narrowing down to the pleasure Elena is inflicting upon me making me feel like this is all I am just a bundle of nerves and orgasmic pleasure. I can feel my orgasm rapidly approaching as Elena’s fast and rough actions have the palm of her hand slapping against my clit every time she slams her fingers inside me, the intense pleasure coursing through my body tells me that this is going to be an orgasm like none I’ve experienced before.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” I pant feeling myself right on the edge of my orgasm and barely recognising my own voice because of how raspy all my moaning has made it.

“Yes, cum for me baby.” Elena purrs before lowering her head between my legs where she sucks my clit into her mouth and bites it triggering my orgasm.

It must sound like I’m being murdered because I scream loudly as my orgasm hits me like a speeding train, my scream cuts off a moment later and changes into a guttural growling type sound as I throw my head back with the waves of pleasure overwhelming me. Elena increases the pressure of her hand on my lower stomach preventing my hips from bucking against her like they want to as she continues to mercilessly slam her fingers into me and suck on my clit. I’m vaguely aware of my back arching up off of the bed as my orgasm ravages my body making me shake uncontrollably with a guttural groaning sound leaving my lips. I think I momentarily black out because the next thing I know Elena’s fingers are no longer inside me and instead of holding me down she is lying next to me softly holding me in a gentle hug.

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to be so rough. I didn’t mean to make you cry.” Elena whispers to me in a soft loving voice while also making me aware that I am crying.

“They’re not sad tears, It’s just like my emotions are bursting out like I feel a bit overwhelmed. I think I liked it though, that was a crazy strong orgasm. I would ask to experiment with it more but…” I trail off my words making it clear what I mean but not wanting to say it, I want to let her know that I enjoyed it though so she doesn’t feel guilty or anything.

“I swear you’re the perfect girl, I love you so fucking much.” She tells me with her voice so full of love that I can’t stop myself from kissing her.

“I love you so much too.” I whisper as I break away from the kiss and see the smile that lights up her face and makes my heart race.

“Ready to carry on?” She asks with her smile changing from the loving happy smile to one that looks teasing and flirty.

“Carry on?” I question her feeling a little confused at first before suddenly realising that she means she wants us to carry on making love.

“I want to try scissoring again, if you think you’re up for it.” She says with that teasing flirty smile spreading across her face again.

“Will you be rough with me like you just were?” I ask hesitantly as I’m still trying to figure out if I want her to do it because I enjoyed it or because she did.

“I can be if that’s what you actually want.” She says obviously sensing my hesitation and checking to make sure I actually want it, which all makes me fall even deeper in love with her.

“I think I do. That last orgasm was insane, I want more like it.” I tell her after taking a moment to think things over before deciding on what I want.

“Ok but if it is too much tell me to stop. I don’t want to hurt or scare you.” She informs me making my heart leap at her words and then start to race as she leans towards me and kisses me.

Elena’s kiss is rough and kind of intimidating nothing like the soft gentle way she usually kisses me, it doesn’t feel like it has before with us sharing our kisses but more like she is claiming my lips telling me with her actions that my lips belong to her. Her hands creep down to my boobs as she continues to roughly kiss me and once her hands touch my boobs she grabs them hard making me gasp against her lips which she takes as invitation to plunge her tongue into my mouth. Elena’s hands squeeze and manipulate my boobs in a way that causes me a little bit of pain but more pleasure, the biggest feeling I get though is a feeling similar to the one her kiss is making me feel, like she is claiming my boobs with her actions and telling me that my tits belong to her.

The way she is being rough with me and this feeling of her dominating me like she owns my body is intense and has me pushing my chest up into her hands while also trying to find something to grind my hungry pussy against. I feel desperate to get off, her actions making me feel like they had when she had been finger fucking me as if my body is a bundle of sensitive nerves and I am something built just for this, to feel pleasure. Elena’s hands leave my boobs at the same time that she breaks away from the kiss biting my lower lip gently and tugging it with her as her lips retreat but she isn’t done with me yet, she trails her fingers down my body making me moan as her nails scratch lightly across my super sensitive skin coming to a stop just above my pussy.

“You’re a greedy little slut, you’re already dripping wet.” Elena purrs as she lightly trails her fingers over my pussy making me feel a little humiliated but also even more aroused.

“Please.” I moan feeling desperate for her make me cum to the point where I would accept any way she decides to do it.

“Please what?” She asks the teasing and almost cruel smile on her face letting me know she knows exactly what I want but that she wants to hear me say it.

“Please make me cum.” I beg trying to push my hips up into her hands but she quickly moves it away so all I meet is thin air.

“Oh, I’m gonna make you cum. I’m going to fuck your needy little pussy until you scream my name as you cum.” Her voice is a rough whisper and her words make me feel embarrassed but more turned on than I ever have before.

“Yes. Please.” I moan desperate for her to follow through on her words while my whole body heats up to the point that I feel almost feverish.

“Such a good girl using your manners, I think you deserve a reward.” She tells me with the way she calls me a good girl giving me a rush of pleasure as she runs her hands up my inner thighs.

She doesn’t waste another second and climbs on top of me getting into the same position she had used to scissor with me yesterday, one leg hooked over one of mine with the other hooked underneath my other leg and her body lying on top of mine. The feeling of Elena’s weight on top of me has made me feel safe, protected and loved every time I have felt it before but this time it gives me the same feeling that her rough kiss and treatment of my boobs had given me like she is claiming my body and silently telling me that I belong to her. The mental feeling of being owned by Elena along with the physical feeling of her wetness pressed firmly against mine work together to put me right on the edge of an orgasm.

“Look at you, I’ve barely even moved yet you’re already about to cum.” Elena teases me after I let out a loud moan as she starts to slowly move her hips.

“Just so you know I’m not gonna stop until I cum or you beg me to stop.” She warns me causing my arousal spike and then making me moan loudly as she lifts her hips up and brings her pussy crashing down on mine sending an intense jolt of pleasure through my body.

My moans come thick and fast after that as she starts to move her hips properly grinding her pussy against my own and rapidly pushing me towards an orgasm that promises to be as powerful if not more so than the one from when she finger fucked me and I first experienced this dominant side of her. We may be doing the same thing that we had yesterday but it feels so much different today, so much more intense and pleasurable almost making it feel like a completely different thing altogether to the point where I can’t even move my hips to match hers like I had yesterday.

“…una… um…” The words that leave my mouth as I try to tell her I’m about to cum are strangled nonsense.

“Yes, cum for me.” Elena’s voice is practically a growl as she tells me to cum with her obviously understanding what I had been trying to say.

Elena’s demanding words and harsh tone of voice give me more of a sense of being dominated which almost tips me over the edge into my orgasm but for some reason doesn’t and leaves me in this pre-orgasmic haze. The thing that does push me over the edge into my orgasm is when Elena reaches out and wraps a hand around my throat squeezing softly, her actions aren’t hard enough to hurt or even affect my breathing but does increase my feeling of being dominated and helpless. The moment that her hand wraps around my throat I explode, a wordless guttural groan escapes my lips as my orgasm barrels into me narrowing my world down until the only things that exist are the waves of pleasure ravaging my body and the way my body shakes and convulses from the extreme pleasure.

“Holy shit.” I groan my voice coming out raspy when I come down from my orgasm after what feels hours of mind breaking pleasure.

“Are you ok baby?” Elena asks softly giving me a quick yet gentle and loving kiss as I become aware of the absence of her hand on my throat.

“Yeah… give… me… a… second…” I tell her taking deep panting breaths between each of my words as I try to make myself feel more like a person than a big ball of orgasmic energy.

“Are you ok for me to start moving again?” She asks after giving me a moment allowing me to catch my breath and recover from the intense pleasure of my orgasm.

“Yeah, ok.” I whisper in a raspy voice with a sore throat caused by my loud and very frequent moans.

“Hey, I love you Riley.” She makes sure she has my attention before she tells me she loves me making me feel safe and loved compared to the helpless and dominated way I felt not long ago.

“I love you too Elena.” I tell her feeling like using her name right now is important and intimate, I think I am right because the moment the words leave my mouth she kisses me with that passionate kiss that makes my heart race.

“Do you want me to be rough still?” She questions me as she breaks away from the kiss making me wonder if she had been rough because I wanted to experiment with it.

“You choose. I’ll be happy either way.” I tell her giving her the choice in case she was being rough because I wanted it.

“I think I’m done being rough, I want passionate.” She informs me before she leans down and kisses me as she slowly starts to move her hips again.

We both moan softly into each others mouths as we kiss and Elena moves her hips slowly grinding our sexes together with our tongues dancing in my mouth. Our act of love takes on a whole new feeling now, yesterday had felt experimental like we were both figuring out if it worked for us both, the one that had just resulted in the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever felt had made me feel dominated and helpless but this time all I feel is love and passion. Elena’s lips leave mine for only a second letting us both take gasps of air before her lips return to mine but this time instead of plunging her tongue into my mouth she runs it over my lips, I understand what she wants and chase her tongue into her mouth with my own.

Elena’s weight settles onto me fully as our tongues dance in her mouth and I feel her hands running up and down the sides of my body making me moan into her mouth. I wrap my arms around her and pull her down harder on top of me with her weight on top of me giving me that safe and comfortable feeling again as her hands run over my body and her tongue chases mine back into my mouth. The feeling of her body rubbing against mine sends tingles of pleasure out from my nipples through my body to meet the pleasure emanating from my pussy making me moan and climb quickly towards yet another orgasm.

“Tell me when you’re close. I want us to cum together.” She tells me her voice dripping with pleasure and making me think that she too is quickly approaching an orgasm.

“I’m close.” I moan with her words and the sensations flowing through my body making it feel like my third orgasm could strike at any second.

“Yes, cum with me.” She moans a split second before her orgasm hits her and her body starts to conclude with her hips thrusting down slamming her pussy into mine and triggering my own shaking orgasm.

“Fuck.” I groan when I come down from my orgasm which is my smallest today but leaves me feeling exhausted and completely sexually satisfied as I still feel Elena’s body twitching on top of me.

Elena’s body is hot and sweaty and I know mine must feel pretty similar but it doesn’t bother me, in fact I actually like and can’t stop myself as I wrap my arms around her and pull her tight against me. I think my actions cause Elena to experience a second wave to her orgasm as her body starts shaking a little more violently for a moment before she slumps down on me. Elena’s pussy is pressed firmly against my own as she takes deep breaths lying almost like a dead weight on me and I become aware of how inflamed and sore my pussy is but it doesn’t bother me and I actually like it because it reminds me of everything we have just done together and my intense love for her.

“Holy shit, that was perfect.” Elena whispers when her body finally stops twitching and she recovers from her orgasm.

“You’re perfect.” I whisper pushing her up off of me slightly so I can kiss her try to convey with one kiss just how much o love her and how much I’m going to miss her when I have to get on the train with my parents in just a few hours.

“We should probably get up, you need to shower before you leave.” Elena says but neither of us make any effort to move and continue to lie there wrapped in each others embrace for a few not minutes.

We finally get up to shower almost half an hour later and when we do we just shower, sure we spend more time than we need to touching and cleaning each others bodies and even spend a decent amount of time kissing with the water flowing over us but we don’t stop to do anything sexual, we don’t need to after earlier. I feel tears in my eyes as we dry off and start to get dressed because I know that any minute now my parents will be knocking on the hotel room door to take me to the train station and away from the only person I’ve ever loved. I hesitate to get dressed and as I do I look up and through my tear filled eyes I see Elena looking back at me with tears filling her eyes too and I can’t help but curse my parents, silently calling them every vile word and name I can think of at that moment before Elena suddenly rushes forward and wraps me in a tight hug.

Elena’s tight embrace causes tears to stream down my face as I think about how much I’m going to miss her, her voice, her laugh, her smile, her touch, her lips, everything about her but also how she makes me feel, how she makes me happy and feel loved. I don’t want to ever let go of her but as my mom’s texts yesterday let me know that she will go to crazy lengths to try and keep Elena and I apart so after a couple of minutes I reluctantly pull back from the hug. I can see tears falling from Elena’s eyes as we pull back from the hug so I reach up to wipe them away at the same time that she attempts to do the same for me making us both laugh softly and sadly as we wipe away each others tears.

We finish dressing just as a knock sounds at the room door and my mom’s voice calls out telling me that I better be dressed and ready to leave, I don’t answer her and make her wait for another five minutes or so as Elena and I just sit there on the bed our hands clasped together. Elena comes with us to the train station taking one of my bags and carrying it for me so she can hold my hand the whole way drawing annoyed and disgusted looks from my mom. We arrive at the train station with a little while to spare so while we wait Elena sits down on a bench and taking me by surprise she pulls me down on top of her so I’m sitting on her lap facing away from her as she wraps her hands around me and across my stomach pulling me tight against her.

I don’t know if Elena’s actions are just to anger my mom even more or if they are to try and comfort me but she manages to do both giving me that now familiar feeling of being safe and loved while also making my mom shoot us angry glares every few seconds. Elena and I talk softly to each other as we sit there with me on her lap and her arms around me, our words are meant to reassure each other that we will be ok, that this distance won’t be able to separate us in the ways that matter and that our love is stronger than a couple hundred miles. We don’t know for sure if our words are going to end up being true and that we will stay together but the more we say it and the more things we plan about our future the more certain it starts to feel that everything will end up working out.

I feel tears forming in my eyes again as an announcement comes over the stations Tannoy system letting me know that the train that will rip us apart will be arriving in a couple of minutes. I rise to my feet and start to reach down to collect my bags but before I can I feel hands pulling me upright making me panic for a second before I realise that the hands belong to Elena who then wraps her arms around me pulling me into a tight hug and kisses me. The kiss is filled with passion and love so much that I can hear my mom explode into another hate filled rant and also the sounds if a couple of men jeering and wolf whistling us but I ignore it all knowing that this will be the last time I feel her lips and her body against me maybe forever.

I ignore the sounds of my mom’s rage and the men’s vile sexual remarks and try my best to memorise everything about this kiss, the way her lips feel, how her saliva tastes as her tongue plunges into my mouth, the way her curves feel against me and even the way she smells, I want to remember it all. The kiss lasts for a long time with neither of us seeming to want it to end but eventually it has to and her lips leave mine as we stand there holding tightly onto each other taking deep panting breaths with my heart racing in my chest. I hear the train pulling into the station and silently curse both it and my parents for being the cause of this pain and heartbreak I can feel right now, I know that there are tears in my eyes very close to spilling over as I reach down and collect my bags but I hold them back not wanting Elena’s last sight of me to be of me crying.

“I love you Riley.” Elena tells me softly sounding as breathless as I feel and looking as if she is about to cry much like myself.

“I love you Elena.” I say back to her doing everything I can to hold back my tears and plastering a shaky smile on my face.

I give Elena one final quick kiss before turning away and boarding the train, no one else is waiting to get on the train behind me so I stand in the doorway and look back at Elena as the doors hiss closed. I try to hold back my tears as the train starts to pull away from the station and Elena jogs alongside the train looking at me with tears freely falling from her eyes as I try my best to hold back my own tears. The train finally speeds up to a point where Elena can’t keep up and has to stop chasing after me with her quickly leaving my vision as the train pulls out of the station carrying me away from the girl I love and breaking my heart.

I stagger into the carriage and slump into one of the seats feeling my tears start to fall from my eyes as I drop my bags onto the floor feeling more sadness than I ever thought possible. My phone chimes a moment later and I check it to see a message from Elena telling me that she already misses me and that she loves me, her text breaks me and I start sobbing loudly not caring about the way people look at me or even how my dad comes and tries to comfort me. I can’t even reply to Elena’s text because of how hard I am sobbing with my tears distorting my vision and my entire body shaking as my tears fall and soak my face, my T shirt and even the bags between my legs.


I had spent the rest of the train journey crying until my tears dry up and I can’t cry anymore, my dad attempted to comfort me but he along with my mom were the reasons I was sobbing so much and his words had fallen on deaf ears. I had promised myself that from that day onward I would have as little to do with my parents as possible and that as soon as I could I would start working on a way to be free of them. I had locked myself in my bedroom for the next week, I finally understood those songs about heartbreak and listened to them loudly pretty much all day every day for that week turning them off only to sleep and speak on the phone with Elena who called every day only for us both to end up crying about how much we missed each other.

A week after getting home I put a plan into action and had gone out and gotten a part time job clearing plates in a restaurant, the manager had soon given me a promotion to a waitress as I was willing to work as much as I could so long as I wasn’t at school. I started saving every penny I got and while my job interfered with the time I spent on the phone with Elena I knew that eventually it would be worth it and we still managed to find time to talk every day too.

The relationship between Elena and myself didn’t suffer from the distance between us and we stayed very much in love with each other talking on the phone every day and spending most of every day texting each other. The distance between us didn’t effect our sex life either, sure it changed with us not being able to touch each other so instead we would spend hours video calling each other telling the other what we would do to them when we finally saw each other in person all the while we would be getting ourselves off.

The next time I saw Elena in person was during the Christmas school holidays, I had told my parents that I was going to visit Elena, I didn’t ask off I could but told them that I was going to visit her whether they agreed or not. My mom had said that I wasn’t allowed and gone off on another rant about how ashamed she was to call me her daughter, how I was a vile harlot and a whole bunch of other horrible things that I blanked out. A few days later day I ran away, I packed a bag with enough clothes to last two days and went to the train station where I brought a ticket and started the long journey to the town where Elena lived with the only things on my mind being that I would get to see her in person again and the present I had brought for her that sat wrapped up and in my bag.

I hadn’t told Elena that I was visiting her but in my planning I had asked her where she lived, she had given me her address without asking why, I then used that address to find my way to her house when I got off the train hours after boarding it. It had been getting dark when I finally knocked on the door of a house that I hoped was Elena’s, it had taken a minute but finally the door had opened and standing there in front of me was Elena dressed in a rather unflattering too big T shirt and a pair of joggers. She had stood there staring at me for a few seconds with a look of surprise and disbelief on her face but that quickly changed to a look of extreme happiness as she had screamed and thrown herself at me.

The way Elena had thrown herself at me had almost knocked me over but luckily I had managed to keep my balance as she wrapped her arms around me in a hug so tight that I couldn’t breathe. Her parents must have heard her scream because as I had hugged her back they had rushed to the door to see what was happening, they had relaxed when they saw me which struck me as weird until I thought that Elena had probably told her parents all about me and maybe even showed me some of the more safe for work pictures she has of me. Elena had kissed me then as her parents retreated into the house leaving us alone, I think I will always remember the way she kissed me that day with a passion and need so intense that it had taken my breath away, I had kissed her back with the same feelings overwhelming me at being with her again.

I had turned my phone off earlier in the day when my parents had started relentlessly started calling and texting me because I had refused to let them ruin this day for me. I planned to text them in the morning to let them know I would be home the following day so even if they made some kind of threat that I couldn’t ignore then at least I still got to spend a night with Elena. Her parents had told us we had to spend an hour with them before we disappeared off alone as they wanted to get to know me after hearing all the good things Elena had to say about me. Elena’s parents turned out to be two of the nicest people I had ever met which explains a lot about Elena, they were so much better than my parents as they were actually not only accepting of our relationship but after half an hour together they seemed to be encouraging us to stay together saying I was the best thing to happen to Elena.

Her parents had finally let us go after less than the hour they had originally said, her dad had given us a parting comment telling us to keep it down with a smirk on his face which made me wonder if he knew how physical our relationship could be. Elena had kept staring at me with disbelief and her hand had kept tightening around mine while we spent time with her parents like she couldn’t quite believe I was really there. She had poked me when we retreated to her bedroom causing me to make a joke about not being a dream and pinching herself which made her laugh before she pushed me down on her bed kissing me so intensely that it was like she needed to feel my lips to live.

We had done so much with the rest of the night, we had started off catching up on the things we didn’t want to talk about in front of her parents all while holding on to each other with our hands clasped or our arms wrapped around each other stopping speaking occasionally to kiss. Later in the night we had made love over and over again trying to keep it quiet so her parents couldn’t hear but at the same time making up for all the time we had spent away from each other unable to touch the other. Her parents must have known what we were doing with each other that night as neither Elena or I have ever seemed able to orgasm quietly when we are together.

I had offered to stay at a hotel that night not sure which hotel I could stay at for a couple of days that wouldn’t drain my bank account like it would if I stayed at the hotel my parents had booked last time but Elena had firmly told me that she wasn’t letting me leave the house. I had spent the night at Elena’s parents house in a bed too small for both of us to fit on properly meaning we were squashed tight against each other and clinging to one another. I had text my dad in the morning to tell him I was safe and would be home the following day, his reply told me that he knew I was at what he assumed was Elena’s house, that I should disable the find my phone app before mom checked and that he would tell mom he talked to me and that I was at a friend’s birthday party sleepover.

My dads text had left me on a high thinking that maybe he was willing to accept me and I could have the love of at least one of my parents. We had to shower separately unlike when I was at the hotel but that was ok with me because it gave me time to memorise what products she used so I could buy them and recreate her smell when my loneliness got too much. We had sat and ate breakfast with her parents which had a nice comfortable and easy feeling to it not like when I had to eat with my parents and I felt like I was always one word away from setting my mom off on some kind of rant. Elena hadn’t known what to do and had heard her discounting ideas as needs to be summer or too long for such a short visit until her dad had mentioned a Christmas tree which seemed to really excite her and settle her mind for her as she decide we would visit a Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree was just that, a massive Christmas tree sitting in the middle of a town square but instead of being decorated with the usual ornaments it looked to be decorated with strips of festive coloured paper. Elena had explained it was an old tradition of the towns called the Wishmas tree that was a Christmas tree but as decorations were strips of paper that had peoples wishes written on them. I liked the idea and found myself liking it even more when after a moment searching Elena had showed me a piece of paper that read ‘I wish that Riley and I are together forever’ that I knew she had written. The rush of love that seeing Elena’s wish made me feels had me almost unable to stop myself as I turned around pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her deeply to let her feel the love I had for her.

I had told Elena I wanted to make a wish too so she had lead me to a small kiosk near the tree where I got a slip of paper and wrote out my wish. ‘I wish that Elena and I will stay together forever’ was the wish that I had made and then attached to the tree right next to Elena’s wish before taking a step back to stand there with Elena and our hands clasped together. We had stood there for a while just enjoying the warmth of each others hands in the winter chill until suddenly Elena had lead me just down the road to a small park where the town had actually frozen over one of the ponds for use as an ice skating rink.

We had spent the rest of the day ice skating, well Elena was skating and looking all graceful while I kept slipping and almost falling over even with her help. I had a great day though and loved every second of the time I got to spend with Elena as we had a nice warm lunch in a cafe near the park where we had spent the rest of the day ice skating on the artificially frozen pond. I had waited until the evening to give my present to Elena, we were in her bedroom wrapped in each others arms barely watching the tv when I had broken free and retrieved the present. Her eyes had shone when I handed her the jewellery box and she had gasped when she opened the box to reveal a silver locket necklace, the locket was in the shape of a love heart that I had spent extra money on to get both of our names customers engraved onto.

Elena had started smothering me with hugs and kisses with her excitement and happiness making her seem almost childlike as she practically vibrated with her excitement. It took me a couple of minutes before I was able to remind her that lockets are meant to hold pictures inside which made her carefully open the locket and then gasping with a big smile on her face as she saw the picture I had put inside. The picture I had put in the locket was of when we were at the pond in the forest, I had taken it while we lay together and it showed our bare shoulders and our heads as we gazed into each others eyes and looked very romantic.

Elena had announced that she wanted to take a picture to add to it and a second later she was kissing me deeply, I had heard the shutter sound as she took a photo of us kissing. She had showed me the picture when we broke from the kiss a little while after she had taken the picture, it looked good with us kissing our eyes closed and a look of happiness and bliss on both of our faces. She had gone on to tell me that she was going to get the photo printed off and treated so it wouldn’t get worn down or discolour or anything else that might damage it. I had ruined the mood a little while later when I told her that I would be going home the next day, she had looked disappointed but all she had said was that we had best make the most of the time we had.

We had made the most of our time together that night cuddling, kissing and making love until the early hours of the morning when we both fell asleep exhausted and very sexually satisfied. We had spent a few hours together the next day when we woke up, spending those hours naked and together lazily, cuddling, kissing, touching each other and even making love again. Our actions may have been slow and lazy because of the lingering exhaustion from the night before but it still felt amazing and we both wanted to be together one last time before we were separated again. There had been some tears at the train station again when I had to leave but it felt different that time compared to the first time like our relationship was stronger and more stable and we weren’t afraid that the other one would lose interest or fall out of love while we were apart.

My mom had tried to go off on a rant when I got home but my dad had backed me up and she had quieted down with no proof of me doing anything wrong. My dad and I had a talk a few days later where he told me that he didn’t agree with my mom and that he could see how happy Elena made me and how that in turn made him happy because that was all he wanted from me, for me to be happy. I had told him that Elena did make me happy, that being with her made me happier than I could ever remember feeling before and how she made me feel loved and safe, to which he simply told me to ignore what others say and think and hold onto that love. I promised myself that day that when I did move out and cut off my mom like planned to I would stay in contact with my dad.

Elena and I talked less as school kicked into high gear with us both studying for exams and the fact that we were both working part time too. We still managed to find time to speak almost every day just not as much as before which seemed to upset us both but at the same time excited because I had started a new plan. The new plan was similar to the one that had lead to me buying Elena a present and going to see her near Christmas but a bit more complex because the plan was to earn as much money as I could and then move out when I graduated, hopefully to live with Elena or just closer to her.

We had spent new years video chatting to each other until the early morning which was actually romantic in a long distance unable to touch each other kind of way. We had talked about either her coming to visit me or me going to visit her on my birthday but I didn’t want her coming here because we would have to stay in a hotel as my mom would never allow Elena to step foot in the house and we both wanted to save money so in the end we didn’t get to see each other in person on my birthday. I wasn’t too upset that we didn’t get to spend my birthday together in person because I hoped that after we graduated we would be spending every single one of both of our birthdays together. I spent the school holidays working full time and after Elena asked why we couldn’t visit each other again I told her what my plan was about moving out and hopefully living with her, she had gotten very excited and agreed to live with me even going so far as to send me links to apartments the next day.

Juggling work, school and trying to find a place to live was hard and I felt almost constantly tired but I knew that in the end it would all be worth it, and it was. My parents had given me a little bit of money for doing well in my exams which I had immediately told them I was going to spend along with the money I had made from my job to buy an apartment more than two hundred miles away in the town were Elena lived so I could live with her. My mom had freaked out big time screaming and shouting at me, usually at this point my dad would try to calm her down or just roll his eyes and let her rant but this time he didn’t do either of those things. My dad had gone on a rant of his own telling my mom that the way she spoke to and about me was in his opinion one of the reasons that I wanted to move out so badly before turning on me and straight up telling me that he loved me and that he wanted me to be happy even if that meant moving hundreds of mile away to be with the girl I loved. I had told my dad I loved him and that I would keep in contact with him when I moved away but that I was definitely moving away to be with Elena which he told me he had no problem with and supported me and my happiness.

I had moved a week later, my dad came to the station with me to see me off while my mom stayed at home shocked and furious that I had done what I said I would and had moved out. Elena had met me at the train station and after a minute or two of hugging and kissing each other for the first time in almost seven months we walked to our new apartment together. The apartment was only small but it was ours, a place where we could be together, where we could grow as people together, a safe haven for us to be who we are and that is just what we have been doing. My dad had come to visit us a month after we moved in together, he had met Elena’s parents on his visit and everything had been good, he got along well enough with them and was nothing but kind to Elena who he almost treated like she was his own daughter reassuringly me that I could have a good relationship with my dad if not my mom who had refused to join him.

Things are very good between Elena and I, we both attend the same college just in different courses yet manage to see each other a decent amount during the day, even having lunch together and walking home or just off campus together. We both work, at separate jobs, but that time apart makes it feel even more special when we get to go home and be together and at the end of the day we always come back home to each other. We have discovered so much about each other and continue to do so exploring everything with each other from sexual preferences to favourite foods, music and movies and all of that just makes us fall more and more in love with each other with every passing day.

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