At The Shoe Store


This story takes place in shoe store where I worked
part time during the early 1970’s, I was in college and
worked night and weekends to help pay the tab, it was
rather late on a Friday night only about an hour before
closing, business had been slow and the assistant
manager who was in charge had let the other employees
leave, I had asked to stay on because I really needed
to make every dime I could for school.

The assistant manager asked me if I would mind closing
up as he really wanted to get home to his wife, I said
I would, so he handed me a spare set of keys to the
store and left, at this point I was alone, There was an
hour left before closing and not a customer in the
store so I busied myself arranging the shoes on display
in our rather large display window.

This was before the days when everything had to be in
enclosed malls. This shoe store stood alone just off a
busy main drag in a bedroom community in Northern
Virginia just outside Washington, DC, the display
window faced the parking lot so I was sure to see if
any customers drove up.

After only a few minutes, I noticed head lights out of
the corner of my eye and sure enough, a car pulled up
right in front of the store and parked, two very
attractive young women got out of the car walked up to
the display window, I was sure they had noticed me but
they didn’t pay any attention, instead they walked up
and down the display looking over the shoes that were
on display.

I couldn’t help but admire their looks, both were
brunettes with clear complexions and only modest
makeup, as was the fashion, they were braless, the
taller of the two wore a halter top and very tight blue
jeans, the shorter, wore what was called a tube top (a
tube of a stretch material) and very tight cut off blue

They might have been sisters as they had similar
features, they were slim. Though nicely built, the
taller woman had what I would were 34 inch breasts of a
full C or D cup, the shorter woman was more petite but
still quite attractive, both had very long luxurious
hair that would occasionally drop down and hide their
pretty faces, I would guess they were in their late
teens or early twenties.

I was probably standing in the window holding a couple
of shoes with my mouth hanging open when the taller
woman looked me straight in the eye and mouthed some
words, I could not hear clearly through the glass so I
worked my way to the very front of the window and
cupped my hand around my ear and pressed close to the
glass, she repeated that she wanted to know if a
particular style on display was available in a color
other than what was shown, I looked at her, smiled,
nodded and made a sweeping hand gesture toward the
door, the young women smiled back and entered the

I got out of the window and met them coming through the
door, I welcomed them in and escorted them to chairs,
the taller young woman sat down while the shorter one
busied herself looking over the displays, I gently
removed the taller woman’s shoes and measured them
both, having acquired the proper size, I walked into
the back area of the store where we kept our stock to
get the pair that was requested.

When I returned from the back room I noticed it was a
moment or two after closing, I stopped at the front
door long enough to lockup and hit the light switch
that killed the lights in the display window, then I
returned to the taller woman with the pair of shoes she
had requested,

She looked up at me with a very serious expression and
said, “Well, you’ve got us locked in! We can’t escape!
I guess now you’ll want to have your way with us!”

I was a little stunned, she had said that so seriously.
I really didn’t know what to say. Up until this point
the only thing on my mind was selling a pair of shoes
and earning a few dollars in commissions, but the look
in her eyes became playful, she reached behind her neck
and untied the strap that held her halter top close to
her chest, she laid the straps on her shoulders and
stood in front of me, then she unbuttoned her jeans and
wiggled them down just below her knees, her white
cotton undies and the now dangling halter top were all
that remained of her modesty.

I heard movement to my right and turned to see that the
shorter woman was watching with an amused look on her
face, she must have seen my discomfort in my facial
expression, she reassured, “Relax! She saw you in the
window when we drove up and said she just had to have

The taller woman added, “That may be true, but it’s
obvious he had this planned all along! He’s captured us
and lord only knows what he will do with us!”

The shorter woman then decided to get with the program
and said, “Oh what will we do! We are his captives and
will have to do whatever he tells us to do if we ever
want to escape!”

Ok, so I’m a little slow, I had never encountered two
very sexually aggressive women and really did not
understand at first, however, I was getting the idea
now and was very willing to play the game, I looked at
the shorter woman and said, “If you ever expect me to
let you out of here, you will do exactly as I say!
Remove you shorts, now!”

The shorter woman giggled a bit but quickly complied,
she wore no undies, so there she stood, about ten feet
to my right with only the flimsy tube top covering her
breasts and her hands covering her pubic area, she
looked me right in the eyes and said, “Yes sir! Will
there be anything else sir!”

I told the shorter woman, “Yes, your friend needs your
help getting out of her clothes!”

With this, the shorter woman move quickly to taller
woman’s side, she brushed against me playfully on the
way, she undid the clasp at the back of the halter top
and with a single motion removed it from the taller
woman’s chest, I was very pleased to see two firm round
breasts appear, small dark nipples that were very
nearly erect and the cutest tan lines.

Not stopping there, the shorter woman bent over to
remove the taller woman’s jeans which were now pulled
down to her ankles, she made a special effort to bend
over in such a way that I was presented with her full
round rear only a few feet from my face. It was quite a
nice sight, she had very fine hair folding in waves
obstructing my clear view of her wet spot, she was so
close to me that I could smell her perfume.

Once the jeans were removed, the shorter woman stepped
behind the taller one and slowly, very slowly, as if
unwrapping a package, dropped the taller woman’s
panties to the floor, the taller woman had a very full
mound of hair that had been trimmed in a bikini cut,
with her standing in front of me naked, I was able to
see that she was truly a very attractive woman, firm
round breasts, a slim waist, a slightly rounded stomach
and nicely rounded hips.

The taller woman move her arms to hide her nakedness,
she looked down at the floor and asked, “Do we meet
with your approval, sir.”

I did not say word, I moved to the taller woman and put
my arms around her, with modest force, I pressed her
against me and ran my hands up and down her spin, she
became loose in my arms and laid her head on my
shoulders, I ran my hands between the cheeks of her
ass, then up her spine across her shoulders and then
fondled her hair, she shivered a bit and moaned.

I noticed that the shorted woman had removed her tube
top and that now I was the only one not naked, its
strange how being the only person with clothes on is
nearly as uncomfortable as being the only one naked, I
said to them both, “You will now remove my clothing!”,
I helped a bit by kicking off my shoes and socks, but
the rest of clothes were removed by the two of them
working as a team.

Well, the story had a very happy ending, it was one of
those once in a lifetime experiences, I never saw them
again after that night, though I always volunteered to
close down the store.