Daring Hotel Sex

The story recounted below, all taking place one drunken night in a hotel room, is 100% true. The events that enabled me to undertake what would have to be the most daring sexual escapade of my life, however, had been evolving over time.

For the past several years, my wife and I have developed a swinging relationship with another couple, sort of. Essentially, with lots of wine and gradually over time, the women have evolved from playful kissing to pretty much anything goes. Me and the other husband have been mostly content with watching. We participate on the periphery, with our own wife, but are not “allowed” to touch the other. This rule has been broken, by me at least, quite often, but always covertly during times that everyone is too drunk to notice or care very much.

As a result of this soft swinging, some sexy teasing and flirting has developed between me and my wife’s friend, Kim. Both of us take it for what it is, some occasional naughtiness to spice things up, but really nothing more. While planning for the four of us to go out of town for a concert weekend, I joked with Kim about what might happen if both spouses passed out. Again, it was flirtatious teasing, but I doubt either of us really expected or planned on what ultimately transpired.

So after a night of partying at the concert, then hitting the area bars, we all got back to our room (given our situation, we got one room with two beds). Everyone was extremely drunk, and it didn’t take long for the girls to end up in bed together with the men joining in as we normally did. Kim even pulled out a vibrator to play with, so had the night ended here, I would have chalked it up as a successful trip. I’m not sure how long this went on, but eventually the alcohol caught up with everybody and each headed to their own bed.

I was the last one to get in the bathroom, and by the time I came out, I could hear Todd snoring, and it even appeared my wife and Kim were both already asleep. I started for the far side of our bed, and noticed much of Kim’s leg and one of her breasts, exposed by the tussled sheet. I at once recalled our joking reference to a daring little tryst, and walked closer, between the two beds. I looked at my wife, on her side, facing away from me. She was breathing heavily, obviously in a deep alcohol induced sleep. I then examined Kim, as she appeared to be sleeping just as deeply as my wife. My drunken, aroused brain was strongly suggesting I take advantage, but I knew how risky it was. Still naked myself, I stepped away, and actually paced between the TV and the beds, stopping every now and then to assess everyone’s state of sleep. After maybe 10 minutes, Todd was still snoring, and hadn’t moved from his position on his side, facing away from Kim. My wife showed no signs of coming around as well, so I made the decision to go for it.

Creeping between the beds, I silently knelt down next to Kim. I then noticed the buzzing sound of her vibrator. She was obviously asleep, so I reached under the sheet and found the toy humming harmlessly in her limp hand, perched just above her pussy. I slipped it from her fingers and slid it down along her slit, until I could press the vibrating toy vertically between her already wet lips. I was able to press it against her clit randomly as I pleased. While playing with her in this manner, I couldn’t resist her erect nipple, clearly visible from the parking lot lights filtering around the edges of the drapes. Her breasts aren’t large, but her tit was so soft and inviting as I began to caress it in my right hand. With no further thought, I leaned down and gently licked and kissed her, keeping up this assault for several minutes. I took notice of the way her nipple distended, practically begging me to suck it and began to press my face ever more firmly into the softness of her breast, consuming her with my tongue and lips, all the while keeping up the stimulation from the vibrator.

Steadily, she started to respond, mostly with moans and gasps. Given our experiences over the years, I knew Kim tends to get quite vocal, and obviously this was not the time for that. I quickly released her nipple and grasped her behind the neck with my right hand. I gently tugged her closer to the edge of the bed, and brought my lips to hers, smothering her attempted moans with a passionate kiss. I kept this up, while my left hand was unrelenting with the vibrator across her clit. Slowly, her awareness of the situation became evident, and I kissed my way over her face, to her ear, and whispered that she needed to remain quiet, because I was going to eat her pussy like I’d wanted to so many times before.

She nodded her understanding and approval, and I kissed my way downward. Kim has a slender, sexy body. What is even more sexy to me about her is her teasing, exhibitionist ways. Sometimes at the country club pool, she unties her top and then moves around in her chaise, haphazardly keeping herself covered while often providing brief flashes, yet all the while acting completely unaware of her innocent exposure. Another time, on a weekend trip with several couples, she jokingly let it be known that she wore nothing beneath her short, rather sexy sundress. With only me and another husband in the living room, she decided it was time to lotion up before going out to join everyone else in the sun. She sat on the couch and pulled the dress up higher and higher while rubbing lotion into her legs. She acted oblivious to her actions, but it was quite an enjoyable exhibition, and I doubted at the time she didn’t know how she was teasing.

At any rate, Kim is obviously a sexual person, and I now had the opportunity to appreciate her body, without any restrictions, well, other than the fact that our spouses were sleeping with arm’s length of us. I briefly nibbled and sucked on her other breast, but rather quickly kissed my way down to her pussy. I gently pulled the sheet from her body, and turned off the vibrator. After kissing down across her flat stomach, I teased her by licking and nibbling all over, but never really giving her any significant pressure from my lips or tongue. She was completely hairless, which drives me crazy, and after doing my best to torment her, her body and the excitement of the situation overtook me, and I essentially devoured her. I attacked her pussy with like a starving man being presented a long withheld buffet. My lips and tongue were everywhere, probing, sucking, tasting. Her juices coated my face, and soon her vow of silence was beginning to crumble. At this point, I again tore myself away and moved back to her face, I let her taste herself on my lips as I urged her to remain silent, in between soft, teasing kisses. I moved closer to breathe into her ear how I had been lusting for her, mentioning specifically the way she had stretched and twisted while standing next to me when we’d stopped for gas during our trip, and how that one (innocent?) little move had further ignited my desire to take her, as I was now.

She moaned as I whispered to her, then I kissed her deeply once again, and quickly moved back to feast on her inviting, wet, hairless cunt. I moved her left leg over my shoulder, and as before, assailed her, licking firmly from her clit downward, until I could delve into her tight opening. I did this over and over, and as the exhilaration of my actions began to drive me onward, I did something most unusual for me. I lifted her lovely ass up off the bed and traced my tongue downward to tease her as her juices had now run down to her asshole. I’m not sure what came over me, but I was powerless to stop my assault. I would run my tongue from her ass to her clit, licking and probing over and over, often pausing to concentrate on her engorged clitoris and the next pass I’d linger further down, licking and teasing as I’ve never done to anyone.

Kim was moaning once again, but not too loudly, and I was just about past the point of caring, when I heard her plead in a broken whisper that she wanted me to fuck her. As much as I wanted to give in and do so at that moment, I knew it would be going too far. She started reaching down past the edge of the bed in an attempt to grab my cock. I moved away, realizing that if I let her touch me, we may give in and do something we might regret, and something that would certainly increase our chance of getting caught. But I still wasn’t ready to relinquish the opportunity before me, and I moved yet again back up to encourage her silence through more kisses. I allowed my left hand to linger between her legs, and as we kissed, I slipped my thumb into her soaking wet pussy. I pistoned slowly as deeply as possible and I could feel her hips grinding in response. With the thoughts of her ass still in my mind, I allowed my middle finger to slip down and press against her saliva coated asshole. I didn’t sense any resistance from Kim, and slowly inserted it. I began to fuck her with both digits, while moving from her lips to once again suck on her puffy nipples, then back to kiss and nibble on her lips and tongue.

I by this time had forgotten about the precarious nature of our encounter, and was beginning to do my best to make her cum, alternating my thumb and finger so that each could forcefully probe as deeply as possible. Unfortunately, around this time Todd began to stir. At once I dropped to the floor and crawled silently around the foot of my bed. I heard them exchange some drunken words, or maybe just sleepy grunts, but nevertheless I was scared back to the reality of what we’d just done, and gotten away with. As much as I wanted to crawl back over and continue the fun, I knew it’d be stupid to push our luck. I crawled back into my bed, and fell asleep right away.

Oddly enough, I didn’t feel awkward or guilty the next morning. While it was obviously a risky thing to do, I think we both understood it was just one of those serendipitous drunken events that will provide me, and hopefully Kim, many enjoyably naughty memories.

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