My Big-Titted Daughter

I woke up with the usual morning urge to piss like a
race horse. The bathroom door was closed so I knew my
22 year old daughter must be in there. I knocked and I
said, “Lisa I gotta piss real bad.”

She was taking a bath and she said, “Hold on while I
close the curtain.” After a minute or so she said come
on in. As I stood there pissing like a water fall I let
out a groan which caused Lisa to laugh. “Feel’s good to
pee first thing in the morning doesn’t it?”

Before I could say anything she said, “Dad can I ask
you a personal question?”

“Sure baby, I’m open to anything you want to know.”

She said, “I over heard Mom on the phone and she was
telling her sister that her pussy was sore from your
big cock.”

I turned red and stuttered, but before I could reply,
she said, “Your penis is 9 1/2 inches long, is that

“I’ve always been truthful with Lisa so I said yes it’s
9 1/2 inch’s long when it’s erect.”

What she said next about floored me.

“Can I see it soft and hard?”

I was at loss at what to say and I didn’t answer at
first. Lisa said, “Please Dad!”

When she said that she knew she had me. “I won’t tell
any one, it’ll be our secret.”

Lisa is a big girl, she is 5’11” and a little on the
plump side. I knew her tits were 46DD since I had
snooped in the dryer and checked the tag on her bra.
She has kind of a big ass but it is nice and firm since
she goes to the gym.

I decided ‘what the hell’ and said, “If you want to see
my penis, all you have to do is open the curtain.” When
she opened the curtain and she saw my penis for the
first time her mouth opened as she said, “Wow, your
cock is huge.”

Now I’m proud of my big dick and when she said that I
started to get hard. She reached up and wrapped her
hand around my cock and gave it a squeeze, and let out
squeal. “Oh wow! I can feel it getting bigger!”

I laughed and said, “If you want it to get real big,
stand up and let me see your big rack and your pussy
baby.” She was covered with bubbles and to my surprise,
she ok. As she stood up she took the shower nozzle and
rinsed off the bubbles. I got a big surprise when I
first saw her nipples. I love big nipples and her
areolas covered the whole end of her tit and the actual
nipple was the size of my thumb. Her nipples were rock
hard and standing up a good 1/2 inch.

Did I mention that Lisa is a natural red head? I love a
hairy pussy and Lisa has a magnificent red flowing
bush. Her pussy lips are large like a butterfly’s
wings. I was like a kid in a candy shop, I didn’t know
what to touch first. I reached down and traced my
finger between her pussy lip and she let out a soft
moan, “Oh Daddy, finger my hot cunt I’m so horny.”

I aim to please and slid my finger up into her hot

As I fingered her, Lisa slowly started to jack me off.
By now I was so hard that it hurt, I have never been
this hard in my life. Lisa said, “Dad, I want to suck
your cock and taste your come.”

I love to eat pussy, so I said, “Let’s dry you off and
go into my room and 69 each other.”

I never knew how much fun it would be to dry off a
horny young woman. When she turned around I said bend
over so I can dry your ass. After I dried her off I
couldn’t help my self and I grabbed her by the hip’s
and I pushed the head of my cock against her pussy
lip’s. She looked over her shoulder and reached down
and spread her lips and said, “Fuck me Daddy.”

I gave a slow push since I wanted to enjoy and remember
this fuck forever. Lisa was the tightest pussy that I
had ever been into. It took several minutes of slow
fucking to get it all in. As I slowly fucked her I
reached around and started to finger her clit. All of a
sudden Lisa started to scream and cry as she had a huge

I wished that I could say I lasted a long time, but her
pussy was so tight and her tits so nice that after
about 15 minutes I shot my nut’s into her cunt. As I
pulled my tired softening penis out of Lisa’s soft
pussy, I thought oh shit I just shot my sperm into my
daughter’s pussy. When I voiced this to Lisa she
laughed and said, “Dad, I’ve been on the pill since I
first grew tits.”

I stepped back to admire Lisa’s pussy and I said, “I
think we need to go into my room and lick each other
clean.” I had to smile when she saw my cock was getting
hard again.

“For me?” she said looking at my cock stiffening.

“Yep it’s for you,” I said and she reached down and led
me into the bed room.

We ended up spending the day in bed fucking and sucking
till the head of my cock was sore and her pussy raw.

I will write more down the road, she is a wild woman
and is always horny.

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