Daring Hotel Sex 2.

Both women were rather giggly as Kim opened the bottle of Merlot. They’d already had three glasses each at the restaurant, and were both eager to add to the buzz now that they were back at Shannon’s house. Getting drunk over a Wednesday lunch was not something they did, ever, but today they’d each agreed it would be best if they were a little, if not very, drunk.

For the past several years, Kim, Shannon and their husbands had developed a sexually progressive relationship. They didn’t trade spouses, but the women had certainly evolved over time to the point where most anything went between them, and it was no secret amongst the four of them that the girls genuinely enjoyed these erotic encounters. Often, during one of these drunken escapades, Kim would suggest she and Shannon get together while the men were at work. Both husbands said they’d be good with it, as long as they knew ahead of time, and heard every delicious detail after the fact. But even at that, the drunken promises of such a pre-planned, purely hedonistic affair never seemed to come to fruition, or even be mentioned again, until the next interlude between the four of them.

However Shannon’s husband, Roger had been pushing her lately to follow through with the often promised afternoon with Kim. She couldn’t quite relate to his motivation, but then again, he was always encouraging her to embrace her sexuality. He often told her detailed fantasies, often about her seducing other men, especially younger, college age guys. Hearing Roger’s fantasies centered around her getting fucked by one or more young studs was always exciting. Given that Kim often played a role in his dirty pillow talk, she had little doubt that thinking about her with Kim would be just another kink to fuel his many fantasies. And of course she’d have to tell him every sordid detail as soon as he got home from work.

So, after they’d downed another glass of wine each, Kim took control and playfully pulled Shannon upstairs to her bedroom, then pushed her down onto the king sized bed. Emboldened by the alcohol, neither woman resisted what was about to happen. They began slowly, lots of soft kisses and roaming touches, but things inevitably escalated until clothes were being tugged off and soft moans transformed into more explicit feedback in praise of each friend’s willingness to please the other.

Not having to worry about their husbands was quite freeing, and both women fully focused on the mutual pleasure they were sharing. Forty five minutes later, they’d each had several orgasms, but as Kim lay with her head resting on Shannon’s thigh, randomly planting teasing kisses across her still simmering pussy, it was obvious they would soon ramp back up for another round of love making. At that moment, the sudden roar of the lawn mower from the back yard broke the mood.

“What?, who is mowing my yard?” Shannon said, more to herself than Kim, and moved from the bed to go and look out the bathroom window.

Kim tagged along behind, as naked as her friend, and peered over her shoulder through the mostly closed blinds, “Mmm, yum! Who is that? And can I take him home to service my, ah, lawn too?” she said in a joking tone, but with just enough underlying desire to convey her approval of the young man mowing the lawn. He was wearing gym shorts that were tight enough to indicate he likely wore nothing beneath them. With each pass around the yard, a rather substantial bulge was easily discernable pressed against the snug fitting material. Shirtless as well, his defined chest, muscular back and broad shoulders indicated he was obviously no stranger to the weight room.

“Ah, that’s our neighbor’s son, Eric. He’s home from college, you know, for the summer.” Shannon replied in a tone indicating there was more she wasn’t telling.

Kim’s hands began to softly stroke her still nude friend, as neither of them had offered to move from their vantage point by the window. “So, what aren’t you telling me?” Kim asked, her hands now gently cupping Shannon’s large breasts.

“Ah, well, I just find it a little odd that he is mowing the yard today, while we’re in here, you know, for the first time alone together.” Kim answered.

“Why, I mean when does he usually mow the yard, and why have you been holding out on me that you have a studly college boy in the neighborhood that cuts your grass while half naked. I mean, seriously, look at his crotch. I actually think I can see the outline of his dick all the way from here.”

Ignoring Kim’s lustful comments, and even her attentive hands, Shannon’s mind was concentrating on the situation before her, and she continued, almost as if speaking to herself, “What I find odd is that he has never cut our lawn before, not even once.”

“So, Roger must have asked him to.” Kim replied.

“Yeah, that’s what I find most interesting.” Shannon paused, then knew it to be silly and keep the rest of the story from Kim, especially given the extent of their relationship. “The fact that he has him working in our yard today, when he knew you and I would be coming here to, well, ah, be alone. I have my suspicions it is more than a coincidence.”

“You’re getting my attention, do tell.” Kim egged her on.

“Well, it all started about 3 years ago. Roger was convinced that Eric had the hots for me. He started doing things like sending me out to wash the car when he’d see Eric outside as well. He’d make me wear something to really accentuate my boobs, not that you can do much to hide these double Ds even when you want to.” Shannon started to explain, the wine, their history together, and her still simmering arousal leading her to hold nothing back.

“He made you go out, dressed to tease….really? Roger doesn’t ‘make’ you do anything. But anyway, did it work, did you lure Eric over and prove to Roger that he wanted this sexy, curvy body?” Kim asked in a half joking manner while hugging and stroking Shannon’s curvaceous form in an overly exaggerated manner.

“Well, I will admit I was a little, shall we say, complicit, cause I could have told him Eric had a thing for me without him parading me around like that. I mean the kid always found excuses to stop by when I was out. I didn’t tell Roger, but I had already started wearing low cut tops during the days while he was at work, just to tease the poor boy a little. I mean, it was really naughty of me, and he was only about 17 or 18 at the time, but I must admit it was rather exciting to think a teenager found me attractive. But that’s ALL I ever did, was to give him some ‘unintended’ looks down my top, I promise.” Shannon paused to ensure Kim believed her. She didn’t want this to make her sound like some slut out there luring in teenage boys. Seeing Kim nod her understanding, Shannon continued, “But yeah, Roger’s little ‘tests’ convinced him of the obvious. Then he started with the fantasies about me teasing and seducing Eric.”

“Oh my, I mean Roger is a man, so I’m not surprised to know he’s depraved, but it is kinda fun to hear what gets him going. What about you, did his stories do it for you too?”

This entire time, Eric kept mowing. The backyard was fairly large, and Shannon knew it would take him most of an hour to finish it using only a push mower. So they stood there and watched while Kim kept her body stoked with her talented fingers, and Shannon divulged what to this point had been between only her and Roger.

“I have to admit, he can spin a tale.” She responded with a sneaky smile spreading across her face. “Usually he’d bring up an actual encounter between Eric and me, then ultimately turn it into a really hot story about me luring the kid into the house and seducing him subtly until his hard cock about rips through his pants and he has to have me.”

“God, you’re making me wet. Give me some details while the young man starring in your fantasy sex life keeps parading before us all sweaty and half naked.” Kim pleadingly whispered into Shannon’s ear, kissing and nibbling her neck as both stared out the window.

“Mmm, God hun, your hands are driving me crazy. When our eye candy leaves you’re going to have to really work me over, maybe with the big vibrator.” Shannon said, squirming beneath her friend’s touch. “Okay, so one of his favorites stemmed from something that really happened up at the neighborhood pool. You remember that older red bikini I used to wear? Tons of cleavage, but the reason I eventually retired it was because it had worn thin enough that my nipples would show through pretty clearly when it got wet, and even a little when dry. Roger had always loved how sexy my boobs looked in it even before it started turning see-through. Every now and then I would still put it on, but took care not to get in the water.”

“Oh yeah. I remember that one. Todd always liked you in that top as well. But go on, tell me more.”

“So there was a week last summer that Roger took off work to do some things around the house. You remember how hot it last July, and with temps hitting the upper 90’s one day we decided to head over to the pool. Since it was a Tuesday, I knew the crowd would be light, and gave in when he begged for the red bikini. He had brought the cooler, and it didn’t take long for us each to knock down several beers. So with a slight buzz and a sparse crowd, I didn’t object when Roger suggested we get in the water. He grabbed our float, and after a bit, talked me into relaxing on it while he held on to keep me from floating away from him. He was slowly towing me around the pool, taking us away from anyone that he thought might take exception to my see-through top. I knew Roger was enjoying seeing me on display in the public pool, even if only for him, but given the intense heat, it didn’t take long for the material to dry out and become a little more modest. It was thin enough that if my nipples got hard, they’d still be easily noticed, but at least when dry my entire areola wasn’t blatantly on display.”

Shannon paused, focusing again on Eric, and his tight shorts as she thought back to that day in the pool. “After a few minutes, Roger splashed water up over me, soaking my bikini again, saying he was just helping me keep cool. Of course I knew his true motive, but played along as he would sporadically scoop water up and over my body. I was actually having fun with this innocent little game and feeling naughty by being randomly exposed in a public place, even if only for my perverted husband. Roger had just finished dumping handfuls of water across me when I heard him speak to someone. By the time I opened my eyes, none other than Eric was wading over to stand right next to the raft, opposite Roger. We were all wearing sun glasses, so even though I couldn’t be certain of his focus, it seemed rather obvious that Eric was having a hard time diverting his attention from my body laid out before him. Roger was mister conversation with Eric, essentially keeping him there next to me as he innocently talked college, sports, weather, whatever. But I knew he was keeping him there on purpose.”

“Holy Hell!” Kim exclaimed, her fingers now lightly strumming over Shannon’s wet pussy. “So Roger just had you laid out there on display for a teenager he knew was lusting for your bod. I have to give it to him, twisted, but hot for sure.”

“Well, yeah, it was actually turning me on. Now they both slowly walked alongside, slowly moving to the deeper end. As they kept talking, Roger would splash water up onto his chest, making sure to keep getting me wet in the process. The excitement of the situation, coupled with the repeated soaking was keeping my nipples rock hard, and while I didn’t look to confirm, I knew the top had to be essentially transparent. Before long, they’d moved until the water was about 5 feet deep, which resulted in their heads being positioned about a foot above my prone body. They were so close to my boobs I swear I could almost feel their breath washing across my wet skin.”

Kim was growing more aroused with every word, and turned Shannon’s body enough to begin licking and kissing her already hard nipples, pausing her assault just long enough to say, “Keep on, this is really getting me going.”

Shannon put up no resistance to Kim’s aggression, reveling in the pleasurable sensations, and continued on, “And then, he asked Eric if he would stay there and hold onto my float while he went to the bathroom, then to grab more beer from the cooler. Eric, of course, agreed, and even though I should have spoken up, left the pool and ended this tease, I just laid there on the raft next to Eric, allowing him to ogle me when Roger left us alone.”

“Eric did his best to keep up with the innocent conversation, even as his eyes appeared to bore into my bikini top. As we talked, he steadily directed the raft to the more shallow water, until I was the one with the view, as eventually his clingy trunks were at my eye level. And believe me, what you’ve been able to see while he’s mowing is nothing compared to the well-defined package so plainly outlined by his wet swim suit. He must have been half hard, cause it looked rather big. It really made me hot to see those wet trunks clinging to him like that, but even more so to know he was getting noticeably aroused because of me.”

“Well…….what did you do next?” Kim asked, directing Shannon’s hand downward to confirm her own damp arousal.

Shannon tenderly explored Kim’s overheated pussy as she answered, “Jeez Kim, I didn’t do anything. I was in our neighborhood pool. He only kept us there for a few minutes, and as Roger was making his way back, Eric maneuvered the raft back to deeper water. I could only assume he had wanted me to see his package, which was way more forward than he’d ever been around me. As soon as Roger came back, I made an excuse for us to leave, and we went home and fucked liked teenagers. And from that point on, Eric starred in our fantasies, almost as much as you do.”

“Ahh, aren’t you sweet.” Kim said, now kissing up and around Shannon’s neck. “But why does everything you just said make you think Roger sent Eric to mow on purpose, today?”

“Well, because he would always spin Eric into other tales that had nothing to do with the pool. One of his favorites was to talk about how you and I would seduce the boy, specifically if he was working in the yard while we were up here, half drunk and engaged in our alter lesbian egos. He always paints the same scenario, all the way down to what we wear and the dialogue that takes place. It is a very erotic fantasy that never failed to get me off.”

Kim waited as Shannon stopped, and just stared out the window. Eric was about half way through, and the sweat was pouring off him, causing his light blue gym short to turn dark and cling even more possessively to his increasingly defined genitals. After several more seconds of silence, Kim spoke up, “Oh good god girl, you think you can tell me all that and not give me the details on how Roger wants today to play out?”

“Now Kim, I’m seriously doubt he wants his fantasy to become a reality. It could just be a coincidence, or even him just wanting to create a setting to really spice things up for our pillow talk. But I will tell you the fantasy, I mean, I think we’ve past the point of any secrets.”

For the next 15 minutes, Shannon recalled Roger’s story of their seduction of Eric. During the retelling, the friends caressed each other, while maintaining their observance of the well-built college boy as he mowed the lawn, and unbeknownst to him, starred in the fantasy being shared just inside the house.

By the time Shannon finished her tale, both women were smoldering with arousal. Kim said, “Holy Hell Shannon, that is one hot story, and the way Roger has me being such a tease in your fantasy…..well, I guess he knows me pretty well. I really think he wants us to do it….Why else would he set this all up, just like in the fantasy?”

“I don’t know, I mean, what if we’re wrong.”

“Have you talked to Roger today?” Kim inquired. “Maybe he called to tell you about the yard work.”

“No, well not since I left to pick you up and go to lunch, but I haven’t checked my phone lately….I’ve been rather busy” Shannon replied with a devious little grin and a soft, moist kiss on Kim’s lips before she went into the bedroom and retrieved her phone. Sure enough, it indicated two texts from Roger. “Oh my…..listen to this.”

Shannon returned to the bathroom, saying, “He texted over an hour ago that he forgot to tell me, but Eric was going to come by after lunch to cut the grass.”

“Ok, well, that doesn’t necessarily sound suspicious.” Kim said.

“But his next text….” Shannon said, pausing for emphasis, “says that he told Eric to come to the back door and I would pay him….he also says that I will need to pry myself away from you to let him in, and that maybe I should wear his favorite white robe, that it could make for an interesting story…..Oh My God Kim, I think Roger IS wanting this to happen. I mean, every time he starts with this story, it begins with me answering the door in my white robe!”

At that moment, the roar of the mower ceased.

Eric was nervous as he approached the back door. He had always thought Mrs. Landers was sexy. She was pretty, with a curvy, mature body and a great set of tits. He’d been perving on her for years. She was often in her yard, working on the flowers, or washing the cars. For a long time he’d watched her from his room, with his binoculars, but as he got older, he’d worked up enough nerve to come up with some excuses to walk across the street and talk to her. She was always chatty, but never gave any indication she viewed him as anything more than a kid. His senior year, however, it seemed she’d started wearing a couple of tops that were rather low cut and he would discreetly position himself so he could peer at her magnificent cleavage as she went about her chores. Only once before had he been as brazen as he intended to be today; last summer at the pool, Mrs. Landers had been on her raft, and he’d been able to see her nipples through her top. It was giving him a semi-boner, and he purposely let her see it, molded behind his wet swimsuit while her husband had gone to the bathroom.

Today would be even more daring. When Mr. Landers had called and asked him to mow, for some reason he’d said he wanted him to start at 2:30 sharp. As usual, Eric had been watching their house to see if Mrs. Landers would come outside, and he saw her drive away before noon. Hanging out by his window, her return around two, with one of her friends, didn’t escape him. He’d seen her friend a couple of times at the pool. She was built kinda opposite of Mrs. Landers, very slender with nice sexy ass, an ass he’d enjoyed admiring from across the pool deck on numerous occasions.

As he waited to go and mow, he worked up the courage to try and tempt them by showing off his package. He knew his plump cock was what the guys at school called a ‘show-er’, and not so much a ‘grow-er’, and ever since he’d impulsively let her see him half hard, in his wet swimsuit, that day at the pool, he’d been fantasizing about doing it again. In his adolescent fantasy, Mrs. Landers would eventually be so enamored of his thick cock she’d give in and seduce him. The presence of her attractive friend only emboldened him to carry on with his exhibitionist plan, so Eric had rummaged through his dresser until he found his old blue gym shorts. He hadn’t worn them for several years, and they now fit even more snugly than he recalled. The stretchy material clearly displayed his cock as he positioned it down toward his left thigh. It would be obvious that he had to know the image he’d be presenting, but after an adolescence spent fantasizing about his sexy neighbor, he decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. If she freaked out, and even if she told his mom, he’d just play dumb and deny being a pervert. Plus, he was in college now, so how badly could the consequences be. On the upside, if Mrs. Landers didn’t made an issue of it, and even if his envisioned seduction didn’t come about, he’d still have the memories of the time he flashed his hot milf neighbor.

He’d surprised even himself by having the nerve to wear nothing more than those shorts and his shoes to the Landers’s backyard. Now that he was finished mowing, the sweat soaked shorts were even more obscene in their display of his manhood. Eric told himself not to back out now, and took a deep breath, then walked up on the deck and knocked on the patio door.

On the other side of the door, Shannon also took a deep breath. She couldn’t believe she’d let Kim talk her into teasing Eric so blatantly. Letting him steal some peeks down her blouse every now and then was one thing. Even the red bikini, while somewhat blatant, happened at the pool where people, intentionally or not, showed off all the time. But Kim had encouraged her to do as her husband had texted, and answer the door in her white robe. The robe wasn’t something out of a porn movie or anything. It was long, well past her knees, with long sleeves, but when she tied the sash across her waist, it hugged and highlighted her obviously braless breasts. And the cotton material, while not transparent, was thin enough that her areola could ever so faintly be seen, if you were paying attention. But what Roger liked the most was the way the sunlight would transform it from modestly sexy to erotically wicked, as recurring glimpses of her curvy body was made visible to varying degrees depending on the lighting. Shannon certainly knew about this feature of the robe, and it did excite her to know she was likely going to allow Eric a sinful view of her body beneath the translucent material, but she would be able to act completely unaware and maintain her innocence.

So, Shannon took one last calming breath, and pulled aside the drapes to open the sliding door. Staring at the sweat soaked college boy, with the sun glistening of his toned, bare upper body, Shannon came to an instant realization that this little game into which she was being pushed would bring with it some very real temptation. She was already fairly drunk, and thanks to Kim’s talented tongue and most recently her constant stroking during the retelling of her husband’s fantasies, incredibly aroused.

Her eyes dipped briefly down to Eric’s bulging crotch, and was rendered momentarily speechless by the erotically obscene way his penis was so clearly outlined by the damp, thin shorts.

Eric noticed Mrs. Landers checking him out, just as he’d hoped she might. Of course he had been doing the same to her. He couldn’t believe the way she was dressed. The robe she was wearing hugged her big titties, and her obviously hard nipples looked like they were about to poke a hole in the flimsy material so tightly embracing her chest.

“Hi Mrs. Landers. Sorry if I’m, you know, disturbing you. It’s just that Mr. Landers asked me to mow today, and said I should check with you about getting paid.”

Hearing the boy’s voice broke Shannon from her increasingly naughty thoughts about his blue shorts, and she nervously responded, “Ah, sure. I mean, no, you’re not disturbing me.” She followed his eyes on one of the many scans of her body, and continued, “Oh, you mean this.” She said, motioning to her attire. “Sorry about being so casual, but me and my friend Kim have been shopping, and were just upstairs trying on some of our purchases.” Shannon couldn’t believe her own ears. Without even intending to do so, she’d just delivered the same line about shopping that Roger always scripted for her in his fantasy version of what was now truly playing out before her.

“Oh, no problem, I mean you look grea….err, you know, I mean comfortable, and it’s your house, you know, you can dress how you, you know, want.” Eric stumbled over his words. Seeing Mrs. Landers like this, with the boobs he’d lusted after all these years, jiggling with practically every word she spoke, and her nipples so blatantly displayed, his brain was struggling to function.

Shannon found his awkwardness somewhat endearing and incredibly exhilarating. Maybe doing a little teasing wouldn’t be all that wrong. She certainly didn’t intend to go all Mrs. Robinson on the boy, but pushing things a little farther into Roger’s fantasy wouldn’t be so unscrupulous. Plus, she could only imagine how excited her husband would be when she told him about how she had teased Eric, just as he would have wanted. So as she stepped to the side and invited him in, Shannon once again took a brief second to covertly examine his muscular form.

“You look awfully hot. Have a seat there at the table and let me get you a drink. I was just coming down to freshen our wine, but I doubt red wine would help cool you down.” Shannon stepped to the refrigerator, opened the door and peered in, again, as if Roger was in the room, directing her. She could feel the cold air caressing her body, already simmering from the wine, sex, and exciting situation, and her puffy nipples pulsed in the cold air. She was ultra-sensitive in this condition, and knowingly exhibiting them to Eric only served to heighten her arousal. “We have ice water, juice….and Roger has some beer here I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you having.”

Eric’s eyes had been glued to Mrs. Landers as she bent at the waist, and the interior light shown around her, allowing every curve hidden by the robe to be clearly visible. As she moved from foot to foot, she would occasionally turn just enough for him to make out the shadows of her wispy pubic hair and maybe even the lips of her pussy silhouetted through the thin bathrobe.

“Well, which will it be?” Shannon asked, looking over her shoulder, not surprised to see him leering hungrily at her posterior.

“Um, well, a cold beer sounds good, if you’re sure it’s okay.”

“Sure honey, you’re 21 right?” Shannon said, not really caring, but curious as to his exact age.

“Well, not yet, not until my next birthday, in the spring.”

“Okay, well, that’s close enough. I won’t tell anybody if you won’t.” Shannon said, wondering if he read more into her statement than her complicity with his underage drinking.

As Shannon was handing Eric his beer, she heard Kim coming down the steps. They’d agreed that Shannon would pay Eric while teasing him in the robe, then send him home and rejoin her friend upstairs to convey all the details. Seeing Kim round the corner, however, with only a towel wrapped around her body, and another draped over her head as she worked to flip it up and over into a turban, exactly as Roger had described so many times, was definitely not part of their plan. This seduction seemed to be moving full speed ahead, whether Shannon wanted it to or not.

“Hey, did you get lost with my wine?” Kim said, still facing downward as she worked to position the towel on her head. Looking up, she did her best to act shocked by Eric’s presence, “Oh my, ah…I didn’t know you had company. This is really embarrassing.” Although she made no effort to conceal her nearly nude body or exit the room.

Shannon watched Eric’s eyes nearly bulge out of his head as Kim stood there, the white material covering her from just above her nipples to barely below her ass. The towel headdress, exposed shoulders and long legs, coupled with the lingering threat that the towel may spring free and drop to the ground at any moment was certainly demanding of attention.

“Oh, sorry about that. Kim, this is our neighbor Eric. He was the boy you heard out mowing the yard. I was getting ready to pay him, but he looked so hot and sweaty, I offered him a beer first. Eric, this is Mrs. Madison.” Shannon said, deciding it was simpler to welcome Kim into their conversation than attempt to redirect her back upstairs.

Eric was still seated at the counter height table. He had turned his chair to better watch Mrs. Landers and at the same time, give her a clear view of his crotch. Now, her sexy friend was standing there only a few feet from him, wearing merely a towel. His cock twitched, and despite his nervousness, began to swell even more within the confines of his already snug shorts.

“Oh, you do look quite sweaty. Looks like you needed a shower worse than I did. Here, let me help you a little.” Kim said, walking directly to stand between Eric’s outstretched legs. Seeing the boy up close, her decision to forgo their plan and come to the kitchen was validated. He was indeed a very nice specimen. Plus, playing the role of ‘fresh from the shower’, straight from Roger’s fantasy would only serve to nudge Shannon further into the real life seduction. “Nice to meet you Eric.” As she spoke, Kim removed the towel from her head, and shook out her damp black hair until it fell onto her shoulders, a few drops of water dripping onto her chest and slowly streaming toward her towel enhanced cleavage. She took what had been her turban and began to dab and rub it across Eric’s shoulders and chest. She wasn’t so bold as to kneel down and dry his legs, although she wanted to. His cock was obviously nice sized, and appeared to be growing by the second. She contented herself with watching it grow as she made one last swipe. “There, now you look a little better.”

“Kim, you just met the poor boy, and you’re toweling him off?….Sorry about that Eric. She forgets about boundaries sometimes.” Shannon said, having moved to the end of the table between Eric and the bay windows.

“Yeah, she’s right. I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I just act sometimes without thinking.” Kim answered, before taking a step back. She left the towel with Eric, who promptly used it to discreetly shift his semi-erect prick into a somewhat less obvious position. Showing off was one thing, but sporting a burgeoning erection might be a little too much.

“How much?” Shannon asked, drawing attention away from Kim. She was bent over the table, pen poised over her checkbook. The sun was striking her from the other side. Her large breasts hung down, and the robe had gaped open to allow Eric a substantial view of her right boob. What he couldn’t see in the flesh was deliciously silhouetted by the bright sun.

“Ah, I don’t know. $20 I guess, me and Mr. Landers didn’t really discuss it.”

“Really? That’s not like Roger. He usually covers everything.” Shannon said.

“No, I promise, all Mr. Landers seemed to really care about was that I come over right at 2:30 to mow. All he said about being paid was that I should come to the back door and you’d take care of it.”

Kim and Shannon exchanged knowing glances. Roger had indeed orchestrated this entire scene straight from his fantasy.

Knowing Shannon might still be reluctant, Kim jumped in, “Well, I say you should get a couple of Roger’s beers to take home with you on top of cash, don’t you Shannon?”

“Ah, sure.” Shannon agreed, surprised that Kim seemed to be signaling the end to the seduction. She was also surprised to find herself as disappointed as she was relieved.

Kim went to the frig and bent over, much as Shannon had, to retrieve a couple more beers. The towel pulled up to expose just a teeny portion of her succulent ass.

Shannon watched her exhibitionist friend toy with the young man, then signed the check and handed it to Eric. “Thanks for the good work today Eric. The yard looks great.”

He was visibly disappointed at the prospect of being sent away from two such sexy older women. He decided it was now or never if he really wanted to flash them his still semi-hard cock and balls so clearly outlined in his sweat soaked shorts once more before he left. He handed Kim her towel back, then stood and began to drink the beer, tilting his head back as he finished off the can while both women stood there and stared with no fear of him catching them.

Of course, Kim had never intended to let him get away, and seeing his young body up close, so toned and perfect looking, not to mention the substantial package he was toting, only strengthened her resolve and she pursued the next step in Roger’s fantasy, “Wait, I have an idea. Eric, if you have a little more time, Shannon and I could really use your help. You see, Roger is taking Shannon out for their anniversary, you know, a romantic out of town trip, and I think having a male perspective on the dresses we’ve been debating would really help, don’t you Shannon?”

Shannon stood there, her pussy still damp from the day’s earlier activities, her brain feeling the wine, and thanks to her husband, the increasingly irresistible temptation of a nearly naked 20 year old ripe for a seduction. The same boy who’d fucked her so many times in the sexy stories whispered during lovemaking with Roger. Her eyes crawled over his defined chest, down his abs and then to the distinct shape of what appeared to be a very thick cock. “Um, yeah, you’re right Kim, I think Eric’s input might really help. Would you mind to come upstairs and give us your opinion on a few dresses?”

Eric could barely conceal his glee. Mrs. Landers was asking him to come with her and her sexy, teasing friend, to her bedroom and help them pick out clothes. He wanted to rip off what little clothes they had on, right there in the kitchen, but told himself to play things slow, and let them make the first move, so he wouldn’t feel like a complete idiot if he was wrong about where this was going.

Kim led the way, never doubting that Eric was being provided an unobstructed view beneath her towel as she very deliberately sauntered up the steps. Shannon, followed behind Eric, equally enjoying the view of his muscular legs, tight ass and broad, sculpted shoulders as she thought to herself how Roger’s sordid little fantasy was actually coming to fruition. Her pussy tingled in anticipation of what might happen next.

Once in the master bedroom, Kim again took control. “Eric, why don’t you just sit here on the bed while we get Shannon into the first dress.”

Eric watched as they disappeared into the walk-in closet. He could hear indistinguishable dialogue and drunken giggling for a few minutes, then Kim came back out. She was still wearing only the towel, and when she plopped down on the bed next to him, it seemed obvious she had no intention of putting on anything more substantial.

She casually placed her left hand on his left thigh, and her right on his bare shoulder as she leaned in, her face only inches from his, to whisper, “Now, the first dress is good, especially on Shannon’s curvy body, but my favorite is the red one, so I expect that one to get your winning vote as well, deal?” Kim stole a glance to his misshapen crotch, his cock obviously continuing to gain interest in what was about to unfold. She also loved the way his eyes roamed over her. The towel was gradually loosening to expose even more of her pert breasts, and sitting as she was had led the bottom edge to ride up until only Eric’s angle prevented him from confirming her arousal as the dampness was practically oozing from her tingling pussy.

Kim pulled her touch from their young victim just as Shannon exited the closet. She was wearing a tight black halter dress, which displayed some serious cleavage, but was still classy. “Wow, very nice…….don’t you think Eric? Step a little closer and give us a spin so we can see from all angles.”

“I feel so silly, modeling my dresses like this.” Shannon issued a feeble protest, even as she spun to let them see how it hugged her ass, and best of all, how her entire back was bared. “Well, what do you think?”

Kim slid off the bed, causing her towel to come undone and only at the last moment did she manage to grab it before it fell enough to expose her. As she refastened it, she looked at Eric, then stepped closer to Shannon “Well, that was almost quite embarrassing, sorry ‘bout that. But back to the dresses….this one is really beautiful, don’t you think Eric?” Without waiting for his response, she continued, circling Shannon as she spoke, “It’s just that, well, you could wear this to a company cocktail party, and you’d definitely get lots of attention, especially with the way it hugs these perfect ta-tas.” As she spoke, Kim reached around and cupped Shannon’s heavy boobs, as if to demonstrate her point. The already plunging neckline exposed even more of her fleshy breasts as Kim jostled them about, “but…….well I just think it looks more like a black tie event than for a fun, sexy night out with your husband…….do you agree Eric?”

Before Eric could respond, Shannon pushed Kim’s hands away, exclaiming, “Kim!……let go of me. You can’t grope me like that in front of Eric….it’s just not proper.”

“Oh, quit being so modest. What’s a little molestation between friends. Eric doesn’t mind, do you Eric?” Once again, before he could answer, Kim said, “Besides, we need his opinion on this dress, and I bet Roger will be grabbing you like that, so it’s only a fair display for Eric to judge by…….so Eric, what’s the verdict on this one?” She finished, essentially ignoring Shannon’s protests.

Eric was equal parts horny and nervous. His cock was throbbing and beginning to tent his snug shorts, and since he wore nothing else, it was impossible to conceal. Even though both women kept stealing glances to his crotch, neither had actually acknowledged his excitement, so he decided he would just ignore his own boner, and try to answer their questions. “Wow, Mrs. Landers, I mean, you look great in that dress. But I guess Mrs. Madison is right, I mean, um, it does look kind of formal, ah, maybe…..I’m sorry Mrs. Landers, I really don’t know much about dresses, you know?”

Shannon suppressed a grin at the boy’s obvious nervousness. She moved over between his legs, and leaned over, placing a hand on each of his knees, her face about a foot from his. “Honey, it’s all right. I appreciate you telling me it looks good on me. If a college man thinks these dresses I’m trying on make a woman my age look good, then I know my husband will approve.” As she spoke, Eric couldn’t resist staring into the deep cleavage presented as she leaned forward, the large breasts he’d often envisioned while masturbating now swaying only inches from his face. Shannon held the pose a few seconds longer than necessary, allowing the obviously aroused young man to continue to ogle her best asset. His growing erection was plainly evident, and appeared quite large as it strained to break from his shorts. God, this was making her so horny. She hoped Roger really intended his fantasy to become reality, because it certainly appeared that neither she nor Kim were going to deviate from his script.

“Come on Kim, help me with the next one.”

Kim dutifully followed her into the closet, and after shutting the door, began to unzip Shannon’s dress as she whispered, “Ok, this is where your husband’s twisted mind has us really turn up the heat and move this little adventure from R rated to Triple X…..are you game?”

“I don’t know, I mean, it does seem that Roger wanted this to happen, and Eric does have a great body, and his dick looks to be bigger than we’re used to from our loving husbands. My best excuse is that you’ve gotten me so drunk and horny this afternoon that I can’t really be expected to resist…….how about you?”

“I don’t see how we can pass up this opportunity. You know how horny I get when I’ve been drinking like this, and I’ve been getting hotter by the second out there, prancing around, wearing only a towel for God’s sake, and teasing the poor boy mercilessly. I just want to drive him crazy a little longer before we give in and get naked.”

A few minutes later, Kim once again emerged. Eric noticed her towel, unlike before, appeared to have been folded over along the top edge, and fastened a little tighter. Now her smallish, but pert breasts were squeezed more snugly together, creating noticeably deeper cleavage as just a hint of areola peeked from behind the towel. The bottom edge was now so short that a portion of each lovely ass cheek played peek-a-boo as she moved to the dresser to retrieve her wine. On her way back to him, her hairless pussy was flashed a couple of times as the towel flapped open with each step she took. His cock lurched yet again, now as hard as he could ever recall. He did nothing to conceal his reaction as the waistband of his shorts were beginning rise up away from his torso. Kim felt her pussy gush even more as she saw the throbbing in his shorts. She wanted to reach over and grab him, but told herself to wait a little longer, and stick to Roger and Shannon’s fantasy.

Kim had barely crawled up onto the king sized bed, next to their awaiting conquest, before Shannon stepped from the closet wearing the alluring red dress Roger had bought her while on vacation a couple of years earlier. This one was so sexy she had never even dreamed of wearing it anywhere near their home. But today, as part of Roger’s fantasy, her suddenly goose bump coated body hummed with arousal at the thought of posing in it for the boy next door.

“Holy Hell! That is one hot dress. What do you say Eric?” Kim said, her voice dripping equal parts lust and envy. She couldn’t resist and slipped her right hand behind Eric, to lightly and discreetly stroke his lower back.

This time, they waited for him to reply, “Um, ah, yeah, I mean, WOW! You look, like, super sexy Mrs. Landers. I mean really, really, like ultra hot!” Eric genuinely effused his approval even as Mrs. Madison’s hand not so innocently caressed his back. The strapless red dress was so low cut, it looked like most of each big, fleshy boob was ready to spill out of the top at any moment. Her cleavage was immense, and absolutely commanded attention. The rest of the dress was kind of a flowing, soft looking material that came to about mid-thigh, and did a fabulous job of showing off Mrs. Landers’s tan legs.

Kim had never seen Shannon is this dress before, even though she’d heard stories of her nights out in a strange city, wearing this very dress at her husband’s request. “Well, you have to wear this one for your anniversary, I mean Roger will absolutely ravage you, if someone else doesn’t first.” Kim glanced to Eric, placing her left hand very gently on his thigh, “Eric, can’t you just imagine how other men would want to, you know, have their way with Mrs. Landers if they saw her out, say at a bar, wearing this dress?”

“Um, yeah, no doubt.” He replied, his body temperature rising from the visual stimulation provided by Mrs. Landers, as well as Mrs. Madison’s ever loosening towel and her soft hands on his skin.

“Aww, that is so sweet,” Shannon purred as her eyes crawled over Eric’s mostly naked body, the general conversation as so often described by Roger, now coming to her naturally, “But I am afraid it is just too much. I don’t want to look like some sort of floosy, going around flashing everyone that sees me.”

Scooting a little closer to Eric, her towel slipping down until most of her right breast was pressed against the boy’s strong bicep, Kim replied, “Oh, don’t be silly. Haven’t you seen pictures of women at high class affairs, wearing tops that show at least this much, if not more?”

Shannon slowly stepped ever closer to Eric, until she was almost directly between his outstretched legs, “Well, I suppose so, but the top of this is so daring, I’m afraid if I move the wrong way, I might, what do they call it, oh yeah, I might have a wardrobe malfunction. “

Kim’s left hand was now ever so slightly stroking up and back the length of Eric’s thigh, just to the edge of his shorts. “Why don’t you move like you might at a bar, and we’ll see how you do. I know, bend over and whisper to me, like you might Roger, and we’ll see if everything stays where it’s supposed to.”

Shannon was now all in, as she and Kim were living out Roger’s fantasy just as he’d breathlessly whispered so many times, refining it into a more erotic interlude with each telling. She figured that once this final tease was complete, she and Kim would write their own chapter to this tale.

“Well, okay, I guess that is the best thing to do.” Shannon leaned over, across Eric’s extended left leg, placing one hand on his thigh, next to Kim’s, and the other on Kim’s left shoulder. Their eyes met, the smoldering arousal evident to each of them. In this position, with Shannon bent at the waist, her ass was positioned erotically before Eric. The short dress was riding up so that most of her left thigh was visible, and brushing against his right leg. Leaning forward as she was, her left breast began to pull free of the dress, offering the lucky young man a clear view of the sexy image being presented.

All three were nearing their breaking point, and as Shannon began to nibble and kiss on her ear, Kim spoke, the sexual tension evident in her halting voice. “Eric, you, ah, have the best angle, is the, um, is the dress preserving my friend’s modesty?” Before he responded, Kim reached up and tugged on the material, causing Shannon’s left breast to pop free. Likewise, the jostling around led to Kim’s towel finally succumbing to gravity, and dropping down fully expose her upper body.

Seeing both sexy older women now partially nude finally gave Eric the courage to reach out, and he slid his right hand slowly up Shannon’s leg and beneath her dress to stroke her ass before slipping his fingers further around to explore her wet and smoldering pussy. His left came up to caress the large, fleshy breast that had been pulled free.

Shannon gasped against her friend’s ear upon feeling Eric’s large hands caressing her. Roger had actually drawn the whole seduction out in a more excruciating manner, but Shannon couldn’t stand it any longer, and lightly grasped Kim’s chin and turned her until she could kiss her, as slowly and erotically as she knew how. She wanted to perform for the hunky teenager fondling her with increasing confidence. She found herself wanting to be a fantasy come- to-life for him.

After almost a full minute, Shannon pulled away, breaking from the smoldering kiss. She stood, her lips puffy and glimmering, and her excitement evident in her lustful gaze and labored breaths. “Ah, well, I’d say this dress is the, ah, winner. At least Eric’s approval is quite evident.” She said, motioning toward his tented shorts.

Kim got off the bed to stand beside her friend, the towel falling to the floor to reveal her sleek, nude body, and inviting, hairless pussy. She turned to Shannon, and deftly unzipped the suggestive red dress until it also cascaded to the carpet. Both women stood there, perfectly naked, their immense arousal made evident by their protruding nipples, glistening pussies and somewhat labored breathing. After only a few seconds, they turned their complete attention to Eric.

He was equal parts nervous, horny, and even apprehensive. He’d bedded his fair share of girls, but never someone this much older than him, and definitely never two at once. It was like a dream come true, and he only hoped he could fulfill his part of this encounter.

“You know,” Kim said, her hands beginning to roam over Shannon’s body, practically buzzing in anticipation of what they were about to do. “There are a few things we never do with our husbands that I kind of want us to try on your cute neighbor, what do you think?” Kim recalled the line from Shannon’s retelling of Roger’s fantasy. She remembered it so clearly because it mirrored her thoughts at the time, and perfectly expressed her desires at this very moment.

Shannon answered in the same manner as Kim, continuing to talk about Eric as if he was here solely for their hedonistic pleasure, “I think this is going to be one fun afternoon. What did you have in mind?”

Kim took Shannon’s hand and stepped closer to the wide eyed boy, pushed him back further onto the bed, and they both began to tug the shorts down his muscular thighs as she spoke, “Well, I’ve always wanted to share a really nice blowjob with you, but there is just so much that could go wrong with our husbands, I never did it.”

Eric’s rock hard prick sprang free as his shorts were removed and slapped against his flat stomach before reaching an equilibrium, jutting at an upward angle above his large, weighty looking balls.

Shannon climbed up on the bed and gently clutched the thick shaft of Eric’s cock as she answered, “Sounds yummy. Come up here and let’s give it a try.”

Kim soon mirrored her friend’s position opposite Eric’s prone body, her hand joining Shannon’s to lightly caress and stroke the impressive phallus. Rather than immediately proceed to their ultimate objective, the two sexy women began to kiss once again, as an erotic and sensual kiss as they’d ever shared. Eric stared on, in shocked disbelief as he watched the woman he’d jacked off to so many times before make out with her equally hot friend. They continued with the kiss, even as they repositioned their bodies and their faces slowly descended ever closer to his now throbbing cock, until his blood engorged head made contact with their chins.

Aware of the boy’s cock, now pulsing against their faces, the women broke from their kiss and gazed at Eric’s lovely penis. “You know, this is always the scene Roger spends the most time with, and usually the one that finishes him off. I know it’s because he always envisions it being him laying here, watching us share him. He’s told me in numerous late night confessions of how he dreams of watching us ever so slowly drive him crazy.”

Kim smiled knowingly. “I’m not surprised, I mean, he is a man……and, well, can you really blame him.” She smiled devilishly, then leaned down and place a velvety soft kiss on the tip of Eric’s cock. She just as quickly pulled away, saying, “But it looks like Eric is going to be the lucky recipient of Roger’s fantasy blowjob today,” then slipped her left hand behind Shannon’s neck and guided her over until their lips met in an increasingly sloppy kiss across the head of the boy’s needy cock. The kiss was like nothing they’d ever experienced, as they maneuvered the spongy, purplish head of Eric’s large penis in and out of their soft, moist lips, alternating between a deep French kiss one second then jointly swabbing and sucking their shared portion of the thick pulsing cock the next. Eventually Shannon grasped the shaft and pulled it free, allowing her unfettered access to engulf the entire head, sucking it gently but firmly well past her lips. Kim watched her friend as she had numerous times before, but this time, she was free to assist, and after a few more seconds as a spectator, leaned over to kiss the lower third of the hairless pole, ultimately moving upward until she once again joined Shannon in another agonizingly slow yet lavish assault of Eric’s throbbing head. They settled into a pattern, one tongue bathing his balls and shaft while the other kissed and nibbled his sensitive tip, taking care not to push him over the edge. Every minute or so, they’d tortuously maneuver to switch places, often diverting into a passionate kiss while jointly running their hands every so tenderly over the boy’s throbbing genitals, until they would once again position their kiss over his pulsing head before moving on to their respective tasks at each end of his steel like shaft. After about 10 minutes of this porn-star worthy blowjob, it was obvious the boy wouldn’t be able to withstand much more, and they reluctantly ceased their attack to give him a break.

“So, Eric, if we keep doing that, you’re going to cum, aren’t you?” Kim asked the obvious as she lightly drug her fingernails from his thigh up past his bobbing penis, to draw little circles on his hard, flat stomach.

“Ah, oh god, well, yeah, I mean, that was amazing.” He panted out his response, “You’re not going to stop are you?”

“Well, no, but I think we better slow down.” Kim replied, “How about I divert your thoughts a little to increase your staying power.” She then swung her leg around and straddled his face, essentially forcing her drenched pussy over his mouth. As Eric began to lick and nibble on her smooth cunt, Kim leaned forward to once again join her friend in the meticulously torturous assault of Eric’s steel hard cock. They alternated between slowly, but firmly licking up the thick shaft, and every time he’d appear to be approaching an orgasm, they’d break free and entertain each other with yet another arousing kiss. As the minutes passed, Kim’s response to Eric’s surprisingly talented tongue escalated, and she lost ability to focus on the task at hand, and leaned back to better the positioning of her clit as her pleasure peaked. Shannon begin more seriously stroking the boy’s thoroughly saliva coated cock while watching the erotic sight of her friend orgasming across the boy’s face. She could tell he was about to cum, and decided it would be cruel to make him wait any longer. To watch Kim writhe across Eric’s face while he grunted and moaned, his cock pulsing fat and hard was almost enough to bring Shannon off as well. Only a few more strokes and she felt the already thick cock seem to swell even more, until it eventually exploded within her pistoning hands. The first expulsion of semen rocketed upward and it Kim on her left nipple. The second hit not much lower, and the third was almost a direct bull’s-eye to her belly button.

Feeling the hot seed splatter against her body only furthered Kim’s desire, and even as Eric moaned into her spasming cunt he managed to lock his lips around her clit and continue his unrelenting tonguing. As yet another orgasmic wave overwhelmed her, Kim began to grind her hips even more urgently into the boy’s face, and frenziedly repeat in an ever escalating and impassioned tone, “Oh fuck! OH fuck! OH Fuck!! OH FUCK!!!”

Seeing and hearing her friend in such ecstasy, as well as feeling the large cock still pulsing within her stroking hands was actually pushing Shannon to the edge of orgasm as well, without any contact with her pussy at all. With no conscious thought, she responded to the incredibly erotic scenario and instinctively wrapped her lips around Eric’s cock even as it continued to erupt into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed with no reservations, her unplanned yet now unavoidable intent was to drain the lucky boy dry.

The stimulation to Kim’s now ultra-sensitive clit was becoming almost too much to bear, and she leaned forward to provide just enough separation from Eric’s aggressive tongue to enable her to gain some degree of awareness as to her surroundings. As she did so, she dropped down to kiss Shannon’s neck and whisper in her ear, even as she continued to tenderly suck on Eric’s slowly deflating, yet still long and thick, cock. “God, you look so sexy loving on his dick like that…..I just came too many times to even count…….this is one incredible little seduction your husband orchestrated.”

Shannon pulled Eric’s drained, saliva coated penis from her mouth, holding it aside while she turned to kiss Kim. “I am glad you came so many times……but I am in dire need of attention….let’s take our boy-toy here to the shower. We’ll give him a little visual incentive to help revive him for round two while we get cleaned up.”

With that, both women crawled from the bed, then helped Eric to his feet as well. They kissed once more while he stood there, a look of lustful disbelief evident on his young face, then they jointly clutched his still half hard cock and led him to the shower.

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