A man has a size problem and is humiliated by his new bride

Hi, my name is Tim. Last year I turned 57, I’m
divorced and childless and I’ve actually had sex
exactly 57 times in my entire life, one day for every
year of my life.

I have a small problem, my dick is only two inches
long when fully erect and not even an inch when
flaccid. Needless to say, it’s pretty hard to satisfy
a woman with equipment my size.

Yes I was married, but she was a religious woman and
we didn’t have premarital sex of any kind until our
wedding night. You can imagine what kind of night
that was. At first (after she got over the shock) she
tried to be nice about it. She said that
relationships were made of more than just sex.

I believed her until one day, two years later, I came
home one afternoon from work with a cold and found
her in our marriage bed with the mail man. I can
still remember walking in on them, her, with her
little feet pointing toward the ceiling and him
grunting like a pig, thrusting that huge dick of his
into my wife’s pussy like his life depended on it.

Even though I was willing to forgive my wife for
straying, she said that she couldn’t take living with
a small-dicked man any more. I knew she was right, I
knew that I’d let her down. You see we’d only tried
to have intercourse several times since our wedding

I just couldn’t get my tiny dick hard for her. It
wasn’t that she wasn’t sexy or anything, it was a
performance problem. I could see the disappointment
in her eyes every time I unveiled my equipment, and
that look always kept me soft.

She finally just up and left me one day. I came home
from work one evening and all her stuff was gone,
along with our savings account. I couldn’t blame her
and I never tried to talk her into coming back. I
knew she wouldn’t and besides, nothing would change,
I’d still have a tiny dick.


I lived by myself after that, and never let any woman
get close to me. I just worked and came home and
watched TV and jacked off to Internet porn. That was
always the best. When I did that I could imagine that
I was one of those big-dicked studs fucking pretty
co-eds and they would love me for it. Thank god for
internet porn otherwise I’m not sure I’d have made it
to 57.

Anyway, something startling happened to me a few
weeks ago. Remember me telling you that I’d only had
sex with a woman 57 times in my 57 years? Well 50 of
those 57 times was since my new girlfriend and I have
been together – just over three months now.

I guess it’s true that there is a woman for every
man, you just have to find her. Carla is a waitress
at a local restaurant bar and she’s a single mom with
a 12 year old daughter. She’s 35 and had a problem
getting dates because she has a kid.

Being single, I’d go to the same restaurant all the
time and I got to know Carla and I always gave her
nice tips so over time we became friends. The thing
about Carla, is that she’s very assertive and her
personality clashed with her ex-husband’s to the
point that he would end up hitting her. Hence the
reason they divorced.

After a while Carla asked me if I wanted to take her
out on a date. I was flattered, after all Carla’s a
pretty fine looking woman with a nice hard body, but
there was no way I was going to but myself out there
for further humiliation, so I gave her every excuse
in the book.

But Carla, being an assertive woman, didn’t let my
protests win out. So finally one night after I’d
eaten and she’d asked me again, I decided to tell her
about my problem. I wasn’t going to tell her
everything, but I figured if I gave her the basics
that she’d leave me along. I also figured that she
wouldn’t try to make me feel bad about myself because
I was still tipping her nicely.

So when she asked me again that evening I screwed up
what courage I had and said, “Carla honey, I really
do appreciate your interest, honest. But I’ve had
some bad experiences in the relationship department,
so I think it’d be best if we didn’t date.”

I sincerely hoped I wouldn’t have to go any deeper
into my humiliation, but true to form Carla wasn’t
taking some vague rejection from me. She sat down
beside me and put her hand on my thigh under the
table. Then she leaned close to me and said in a soft
voice, “Tim, I’m really good in bed, you don’t know
what you’re missing honey.”

My heart was in my throat. I wanted to fuck her so
bad I could have died. But reason overcame lust and I
mumbled, “I can’t, I-I don’t… have the equipment to
make love to you.”

I looked down at the table top, totally humiliated
and waiting for her to laugh at me or ridicule me, or
worse, ask me what I meant. I’d have to tell her
more, I knew she wouldn’t let it go. But she did none
of those things, no laughing, no ridicule. What she
did was move her hand from my thigh to my crotch and
then she squeezed me, dick, nuts and all. I gasped in

“I feel something down there Tim, are you telling me
it doesn’t get hard?”

“Um, no, it gets hard alright, it’s just… that it
isn’t very big. I mean…” my voice trailed off, I
was totally humiliated now.

“C’mon,” she said, taking my hand and making me stand
up. Without another word she tugged me along behind
her to the employee’s restroom. It was getting late
and the evening crowd was pretty much gone and the
dinner staff were mostly gone home by now.

The employee restroom was coed and the door locked.
I’d never been in there, but I guess it was pretty
much like any restroom, a little uriney smelling not
all that clean. Carla shoved me in to the room ahead
of her and locked the door.

She pushed me up against the wall and said, “I’m
gonna see what your problem is once and for all
mister. I’ve been tiring to get a date out of you for
months now, so let’s just see.” She was tugging at
the fly of my pants. I wanted to stop her but I just
stood there like a deer in the headlights of a truck
bearing down on it.

I didn’t want to go through the humiliation again,
but at the same time this whole situation was making
me crazy with lust. I knew that my dick was stiffened
out to it’s full two inches and that it was leaking
in my shorts because I could feel my pre-cum against
my skin.

Then my pants-fly was pulled apart and Carla was
tugging at my underwear and pants. She pulled and
tugged until they moved down my hips and then my tiny
stiff nubbin was standing straight out with a faint
upward curve, bobbing in tune to my heartbeat.

Carla stood back and stared down at my exposed
equipment. My face was bright red with embarrassment
and I could feel the blood draining from my short
penis shaft as that same old feeling of failure and
disappointment rushed over me to engulf my whole

I was beginning to feel anger that Cara had forced me
into this situation. I had tried to stop this moment
from happening. But just as I was about to tell her
what I thought of her, she dropped to her knees in
front of me and covered my softening nubbin with her
hot wet mouth and began to suck and tongue me.

I groaned and leaned back against the cool tiles that
covered the wall. I’d never had sensations like this
before. Her mouth was wonderful, her tongue was out
of this world as it swirled around and around my dick
making me light headed.

I hadn’t jacked off to Internet porn for almost a
week and I knew that I had a nice load built up. I
felt Carla’s fingers at my tight nuts, massaging
them, urging then to release their contents. She
moaned, “C’mon Tim, cum in my mouth. C’mon honey do
it, do it now,” as she bobbed her head faster and
faster and her nimble fingers massaged my nuts to a

I was helpless in her grip, I gasped and my body
jerked violently as I shot jet after jet of my cum
into Carla’s willing mouth. For the very first time
in my life I was ejaculating into a woman’s orifice.
It might be just her mouth, but it was an absolutely
wonderful feeling to know that someone wanted my cum.

I looked down and groaned with passion as I watched
Carla finally pull her lips away from my moist cock.
I could see her spit mixed with my cum and it was the
best sight in the world to me at that moment. Then I
looked into Carla’s eyes, wondering what she’d say or
do next. My heart almost stopped when she licked a
small glob of my cum from her lips and smiled up at

That was all I could take. My mind was spinning and
my legs were weakening to the point that they gave
way under me and I slid down the wall to sit on the
dirty floor in front of my kneeling lover. I guess it
was inevitable, but Carla leaned close and gave me a
wet, cummy kiss, with lots of tongue.

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