The Halloween Pary Bus

Darin groggily lifted his head and looked around him. “Whoa!” he said loudly. “I must have really gotten wasted at that Halloween party.” He quickly checked to make sure that his costume, a large cloth leaf, was still in place.

He then lifted his head and looked at the black and orange crepe paper hanging in big loops from the ceiling of the dimly-lit bus and at all of the other costumed riders. He didn’t remember getting on this bus. The last thing that he remembered was sneaking out onto the balcony at Astra’s party with Karina for a little moonlight sex.

“Hey, sleepyheads,” a voice yelled loudly, “aren’t you going to party? After all, this is the party bus.”

Karina was lying almost comatose against Darin’s shoulder. Her costume consisted of three strategically placed cloth fig leaves. It didn’t show while they were seated, but from the back both she and Darin looked totally naked. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Darin. Then her eyes widened as she looked around the dimly-lit bus. She was obviously confused. Everything was decorated in Halloween orange and black just like the apartment where they had started the night. Fierce looking jack-o-lanterns and skull heads decorated the windows. The driver was even participating by wearing a very authentic-looking devil’s costume. His very black pointed beard was only a shade lighter than his highly-polished ebony black horns.

“When did we leave Astra’s place?” she asked Darin in a slightly slurred voice.

“At least neither one of us is driving,” Darin answered. “We were both really drunk. Last thing I remember is sneaking out onto her balcony for a midnight booty call. They must have caught us and kicked us out.”

“Yeah,” Karina replied. “Astra’s husband is sort of an uptight ass about things like that. You can show everything and get really gross dancing, but as soon as you try to take it any further, out you go.”

“Time to introduce our newest Party Bus Guests,” the loud voice said enthusiastically. Darin and Karina could now tell it was the driver speaking. Despite how loud his voice was in the big bus, he didn’t seem to be speaking into a microphone of any sort.

Darin thought with a laugh, “That is really neat. He must have his microphone built into that fake beard.”

“This is Darin Hamilton,” the voice said and Darin sprang to his feet in surprise. It was almost as if he had been pulled up by something rather than rising on his own.

“And his partner for the evening is Karina McCloud,” the voice continued. Karina also shot to her feet. From the look on her face, Darin could tell that she too had somehow been pulled to her feet rather than standing on her own.

The bus erupted into a loud chorus of cheers and clapping.

“So,” the voice continued, “which one of you is going to receive your welcoming spanking up here at the front of the bus?”

Both Karina and Darin looked totally confused. Darin blurted out loudly, “What the hell?” and the voice answered, “Exactly! But which one of you is going to pay the price of admittance up front here where everyone can see you.? Just come up here, get naked, and grab the bars on either side of the center aisle.”

Like most party buses, the bus was laid out with all of the seats against the outer walls so there was a lot of room in the center. There were also a lot of chrome pipes hanging from the ceiling. Above the seats, the pipes formed an area that looked like it was intended to hold luggage. There were a lot of boxes and cases of various sizes stowed there. And then, a few inches in front of the luggage racks at the edge of the center aisle were two thicker pipes that ran the full length of the bus and appeared to be so people standing could steady themselves.

“Which of you is it going to be?” the voice urged. “Just get naked, come up front here, and grab the hand rails. Then everyone will give you your welcome spanking.”

“I’ll do this,” Darin said softly to Karina and then he stood up. He quickly scanned the seats in the bus and saw that there were sixteen people on each side of the bus, including him and Karina.

As he stood there, four of the women on the bus rushed up to him and began dragging him forward. As they pulled, they were also pulling off his fig leaf so that by the time he got to the front he was totally naked… and somehow, so were the four girls. Another eight girls joined them when they got to the front. They, too, were naked.

“Grab the rails,” the driver ordered and Darin felt his hands reaching up and closing around the chrome pipes. One of the girls quickly wrapped a black leather strap around his right wrist and then wound it over his hand and the pipe before wrapping it back down over his wrist and securing it in place.

Another girl, a black girl with flaming orange hair, began wrapping his left wrist. “I’m Jaylina,” she said almost enthusiastically as she wrapped his hand tightly to the rail.

“Three minutes,” the driver yelled out, “starting in five… four… three… two… one!”

On the count of one, Jaylina slammed a short leather paddle into Darin’s ass. Then she quickly jumped out of the way and one of the other girls slammed her paddle into his ass. He barely had time to scream before the next girl struck.

He could see his reflection in the windshield of the bus. Anyone outside could probably easily see him and he wondered how the bus kept from being pulled over by the cops. The reflection also showed him a long line of naked girls running in a tight circle behind him. One would strike and then scurry to the back of the line while the next girl smacked his ass. Much more dimly in the reflection, he could also see a slightly shorter line of naked men running in a similar circle at the back off the bus. Karina’s screams told him that somehow, she was facing the back windows of the bus suffering a similar fate.

Each time Jaylina came to the front of the line, she would say, “It’s me again,” as she swatted his ass. He was pretty sure that she spoke eight or nine times which means that he got well over a hundred smacks in the three minutes.

After what seemed both a very short and a very long time, the bus driver sounded the horn of the bus. It was a very loud horn that sounded like ten truck horns mounted on the roof and sides of the bus. There was a clatter as the four girls threw the paddles into a large basket located under the seats. Then two of the girls released his hands.

“Welcome Darin and Karina!” the driver shouted and the other people on the bus again clapped and cheered.

Darin staggered back toward where he had been seated. Karina was staggering toward him. When they got to where they had been sitting their costume fig leaves were nowhere to be found.

“Did you know it was going to be like this?” Karina asked Darin.

“I didn’t even know we were going to be on this bus,” Darin answered.

“Oh, you’ll get used to it,” a middle-aged white lady said, nodding her head up and down. “Marvin and I were as surprised as you are when we were first brought on board.”

A thin, slightly gray-haired man sitting next to her leaned across her and reached out his hand. “I’m Marvin,” he said with a smile. “And this is Mandy.”

Mandy reached across Darin to offer her hand to Karina. Karina looked upset and confused, but she tentatively grasped Mandy’s hand and shook it.

“Why are you naked?” Karina asked Mandy.

“It’s the party bus, silly,” Mandy replied with a big smile. “And it’s Halloween. Everyone is naked on the Halloween Party Bus.”

Darin and Karina both looked up and down the length of the bus. Everyone was indeed now naked… including the driver. Portions of his costume remained however, or at least there was some sort of red dye or paint which covered his entire body. He laughed loudly and said, “It’s dance time!”

Suddenly loud music with a very heavy beat thundered out of the speakers mounted on the ceiling. Everyone jumped to their feet and began dancing. There wasn’t that much room on the bus, so the thirty-two people were in a pretty tight bunch and rubbing against each other as they danced. Karina kept trying to move so she wasn’t rubbing against someone. Darin was also trying to avoid that, but Mandy kept pushing back against him and rubbing her ass against his. Karina yelped and jumped forward when a tall, twenty-something black man intentionally rubbed his front against her ass.

“I don’t like this,” she wailed to Darin. “Let’s get off.”

Darin opened his mouth to speak, but the driver answered her first. “No one leaves the party bus unless I say so,” he said loudly. Then he laughed. It was a deep, evil-sounding laugh. He added, “But everyone will have a chance to get off.”

The music stopped and everyone returned to their seats. “Time for a Big O contest,” the driver yelled.

Slightly brighter lights came on in the middle aisle and three vertical brass poles unfolded from the ceiling and latched loudly to the floor of the bus. They looked like stripper poles except for the brass chains which hung from the top of each pole. There were four chains about a foot long on each pole, and each chain had a large, black, wrist restraint attached.

“We will need six contestants,” the driver said enthusiastically. Then he started calling names. “Mandy and Jaylina,” he yelled, “you are on pole number one.

The middle-aged lady and the orange-haired lady ran to the front of the bus and stood with their backs against the pole. Mandy was facing forward and Jaylina was facing back into the bus.

“On pole number three,” the driver continued, “we have Darla and Xena.”

A somewhat plump woman with slightly dark skin hurried toward the back of the bus. Another woman who looked far-east Asian of some sort, stood up from the back row and stepped out into the aisle. As they walked to the pole it was obvious that Xena was much shorter and much, much thinner than Darla. The plump woman faced into the bus. The oriental woman faced the back door.

“And finally,” the driver said, “on pole number two in the center of the bus, we have Bela and … Karina!”

A very dark-haired young woman slowly stepped toward the center pole. She was very tall and very thin. As she passed by, it almost looked like she were a walking skeleton with flesh covering it.

Karina sat next to Darin trembling, but she did not stand up. A voice above her said sternly, “Don’t make us have to force you.”

She looked up and two rather beefy men were standing above her.

“I don’t want to,” she said haltingly.

“Do any of us?” one of them huffed and reached down to grab her by the arms. They easily pulled her to her feet.

“OK, OK,” she said, batting their arms away. “I’ll do it. I’ll do it.”

Since there was only one place she could go, she knew where she was supposed to be. She went and stood with her back to the pole facing the rear of the bus. After she was in place, the two men started at the front of the bus and carefully closed the restraints on the wrists of each of the women. The chains didn’t seem to be adjustable, but despite their differences in height, each of the women was left standing on their tip toes hanging from the chains.

“Now will the contestants’ partners please join them,” the driver called out, “so we can get this contest going?”

Two women and four men, including Darin, walked to stand in front of their partners.

“You all know how this works,” the driver said firmly. Then he laughed and added, “… except our newcomers Karina and Darin.” He laughed again and said, “But they should figure it out soon enough.”

“Mandy and Marvin, mount up.” the driver called out and Marvin went down on one knee. Mandy lifted her legs off the ground and swung her body so that she could straddle his face with her legs. He jostled his shoulders to center her in place and then stood up.

“Jaylina and Joyce, you’re next!” the driver said firmly and the very, very white girl, also with orange hair, standing in front of Jaylina dropped to one knee. As Joyce struggled to stand back up, her back looked even whiter with Jaylina’s ebony black legs hanging over it.

“Darla and Dan!” the driver yelled out. Dan had been one of the large, muscular men who had compelled Karina to get in place at the pole. He grunted slightly as he lifted himself– and Darla– into position.

“Xena and Xu!” the driver called out and an Asian gentlemen not much larger than Xena knelt on one knee in front of her. He had to catch her legs and guide them over his shoulders. Then he stood up.

“Bela and Anastasia!” the driver said firmly and Bela’s matching partner dropped to one knee. Anastasia was as pale as Bela and almost as thin. Her hair was also black, but was obviously dyed. Bela carefully placed one leg over Anastasia’s shoulder and then effortlessly lifted her other leg and set it in place. It was almost as if they practiced this quite often.

“And last, but not least… yet, Karina and Darin!” the driver shouted, almost laughing. Having watched the other five couples get in place, both of them knew what to do. Darin dropped to one knee. Karina supported her weight on her wrists and swung her body up, landing with one knee on each of Darin’s shoulders.

“I remind our contestants,” the driver said calmly, “that it isn’t speed that matters, it is the intensity of the orgasm. When time is called, the woman with the most intense orgasm is the winner.”

A drum roll started sounding from somewhere and the driver said, “In three… two… one… start eating!”

Karina pulled against Darin’s back with her heels and shoved her cunt firmly against his mouth. He began licking and lapping eagerly. Darin said that he didn’t really like “going down” on a girl, and Karina had to practically beg him once in a while to just eat her out. Once he got there, however, he was always enthusiastic about it. She often kidded him about it saying that the only reason he didn’t want to was that he was afraid he would become addicted to pussy juice and become her mouth slave. Darin never found that funny.

The bus must have been sitting still while the couples were getting ready, because no sooner had Darin started when the bus lurched forward almost knocking him off his feet. Karina had to pull hard with her legs to keep him upright… and, of course, buried in her snatch.

Whatever road they were on must have been full of twists and turns because Darin was regularly thrown left and right. If he wasn’t held in place by Karina’s legs, he probably would have fallen over. He did fall to his knees when the driver braked violently to avoid hitting something. Then he was thrown back up onto his feet as the driver accelerated rapidly back up to speed.

He had barely gotten himself stabilized when Karina slammed her cunt hard into his mouth and began crying out in a loud, panting voice, “Take me over the top, Honeybear. Make me cum! Please! Please! Make me cum!”

Darin redoubled his licking, sucking, and slurping, concentrating most of his efforts on her very engorged clit. He could hear Bela crying out to her partner, “Annie, suck and bite. Make me cum, Annie, baby. Suck my clit until I cum.”

On the front pole, Jaylina was bouncing up and down so violently that Joyce was thrown from between her legs and fell against the driver’s back. She screamed as if burned and rolled over onto her face on the floor.

“The contest isn’t over yet,” the driver said angrily and she crawled back to where her partner was hanging. Jaylina quickly swung her legs back up over Joyce’s shoulders and pulled her face into her cunt.

She had just begun to lick and suckle when the driver called out loudly, “Now!” and all six women suddenly climaxed. All of them, including Jaylina, had intense orgasms. Darin felt fluid being squirted into his mouth and Karina screamed and writhed, grinding her cunt hard against his face and pulling him even tighter with her legs.

It was several minutes before the six women were hanging quietly over their partners shoulders. The driver called out loudly, “What do you say, partygoers? Who had the best orgasm? Mandy? … Jaylina? … Darla? … Xena? … Bela? … Karina?”

After each name he paused for the shouts and applause. Then he said loudly, “The bus has voted. Karina and Darin have won the big O contest.”

He laughed. It was a deep, evil-sounding laugh. Then he said in a very deep and slow voice, “And Jaylina and Joyce have lost.” His laugh got much higher and almost jovial as he said, “And you know what that means. Jaylina in the front and Joyce in the back.”

Several women ran forward and grabbed Jaylina and began strapping her in place. A smaller group of men grabbed Joyce and took her to the back where they strapped her in place. Everything looked very familiar to Darin and Karina. It was exactly how they had been tied when they first woke up on the bus.

“Mandy?” Karina called out. “Where are you?”

Darin turned to her and said, “What do you mean?”

“They’re gone!” she almost yelled. “All of them! Mandy and Marvin, Darla and Dan, Xena and Xu, Bela and Anastasia! They’re all gone! Where’d they go?”

“We have only winners and losers on this bus,” the driver said loudly. Then he laughed and said, “Until we have one last winner and loser.”

“What?!” both Darin and Karina said as they looked at each other with wide eyes.

“But now,” the driver yelled, “it’s punishment time. Women at the front, men at the back.”

Nine women remaining on the bus ran to the front and grabbed paddles out of the wicker basket. A dozen men, including Darin ran to the back.

“Karina!” the driver called out in a mockingly stern tone, “you are supposed to be up front.”

Karina stammered out, “Yeah, OK, I’m coming.”

As soon as she got to the front of the bus, the driver yelled out, “Three minutes starting as soon as Karina gets her paddle.”

Karina grabbed a paddle out of the wicker basket and stood at the back of the line.

“Three, two one,” the driver yelled slowly and then shouted really loud, “Begin!”

Each of the women slapped Jaylina hard on the ass and then raced to the back of the line. The next woman did the same, as did the next and the next. Karina was slightly surprised that she slammed the paddle so hard into Jaylina’s ass. She was even more surprised at how good it made her feel to hear Jaylina’s screams and watch her ass turn red. She struck Jaylina at least a dozen times before the really loud horn sounded and the driver called out, “Time’s up!”

Everyone immediately threw their paddles back into the basket. As some of the women were untying Jaylina, Karina walked back to where Darin was sitting and said, “Did you enjoy it?”

“Enjoy what?” he asked.

“Slapping Joyce on the ass. Did you enjoy it?”

Darin looked very uncomfortable. He looked down at his hands which were laying over his lap, then he turned very red.

“You don’t have to answer,” Karina said. “I think little Darin is answering for you.”

“OK,” Darin said, “I did enjoy it. I don’t know why, but her screaming turned me on, especially when she kept saying that she would let all of us fuck her in the ass if we stopped.”

He looked up at her and then suddenly his eyes widened. “You got off on it, too, didn’t you?” he said emphatically.

Karina didn’t say anything, but bobbed her head up and down to meekly indicate yes. She sat silently for a moment and then said, “This bus is weird. It is doing weird things to us.”

As if in answer to her comment, the driver yelled out, “The best is yet to come. But first, Dance Time!”

The music began blaring once again and the twelve remaining couples hurried out into the center of the bus to dance. Jaylina and Joyce were moving somewhat slowly, but they were at least swaying in time to the music. Darin was usually rather shy about dancing, but he was exuberantly jumping around and bumping into everyone around him. Karina was only slightly more subdued, but her bumps were aimed primarily at Darin. Any contact with other dancers– especially male dancers– came from them, not her.

“Little Darin likes this dance,” she said playfully.

Darin looked down at his stiff prick flopping around in time to his dancing and said, “Big Darin likes it a lot, too. … especially when you rub your ass up against me.”

He pulled Karina tight against himself and started to lift her up. She knew where this was going and normally would have fought against him fucking her in public like this, but for some reason she didn’t mind. In fact, she was helping him by pulling herself up on the chrome bars and spreading her legs on either side of his waist.

Just before she let herself down, the music stopped and the driver yelled out loudly, “That’s enough dancing. Time for our blowjob contest. Our reigning winners as well as our losers are automatically in the contest.”

He swerved the bus right and left as if avoiding something on the road and Karina was forced to drop down next to Darin. Then the driver called out, “Darin and Karina you are at the very front position. Since Jaylina obviously can’t give Joyce a blowjob, we are going to have to ask Terry and Jerry to join their team. Terry and Jaylina, you are at the very back. Jerry and Joyce, you are in position five.”

Darin and Karina walked slowly up to stand alongside the driver. Terry, Jerry, Jaylina, and Joyce walked to the back of the bus.

“Ben and Wendy, position two,” the driver called out and a upper middle-aged man and a barely twenty-something young woman walked up to join Darin and Karina.

“I’m Ben,” he said. “And I’m Wendy, the trophy-wife-to-be,” the young blonde bubbled. “At least,” she continued, “I would be the trophy wife if Alice hadn’t caught us in bed together at the Halloween party at their house.”

“So you got kicked out of the party and ended up here,” Karina said.

“Yeah,” Wendy answered, “something like that.”

“Center pole,” the driver called out, “is Marcus and Alquina in position three and Harold and Ellen in position four.”

Marcus was a very muscular man with dark curly hair. Alquina was much darker than him with very straight hair. Harold was a forty-something man. Ellen appeared to be the same age. They looked– and sounded– like an old married couple as they walked up to the center pole.

There were only four men and four women left sitting around on the bus. The men started at the back and the women started at the front binding the men’s wrists into the restraints.

After all were in place, the driver began to explain, “This is more than a blow job contest. It isn’t how fast you get the man to spurt or even how many times he spurts. The contest will be determined by how much spunk you suck out of him. Next to each pole you will find a triple shot glass that is marked for measuring. At the end of the contest you spit everything into the cup. Anything you spit out into the measuring glass counts… but only what you spit out! If he spurts on your face or body, that doesn’t count. If you swallow it… well, that can’t be measured. So you are to get as much out of him as you can into your mouth in six minutes… starting in one minute.”

He laughed loudly and said, “That means, ladies, that you have sixty seconds to use your hands to get your man ready.

Karina looked around wildly and then reached up and stroked Darin’s prick rapidly. It was already stiff and he said, “Don’t take me over the top yet. I don’t know if it will count.”

“Don’t worry,” she answered. “I know the signs that you are about to cum.”

Karina definitely knew the signs that Darin was close to spurting. In the sixty seconds that the other women would getting their man stiff, she brought Darin right up to the edge twice and then stopped her stroking. She had him right at the edge for a third time when the driver called out, “Begin!”

She dropped her hand and put her mouth over little Darin, who immediately spurted onto her tongue. In college, Karina had worked in a strip club to help pay tuition and part of the job required drinking with the patrons. She was a good enough dancer that she never had to do more than sit, talk, and drink, but it seemed that every one of those horny men wanted to buy her a drink and watch her drink it. So she learned to tin roof a drink, meaning that she ordered a shot of something along with a soft drink chaser of some sort. Her drink of choice was always rum. She would take a large sip of the rum, but wouldn’t swallow it. Instead, she would hold it against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. Then she would take a sip of her soft drink. … Actually what she would do was to slide the mouthful of Rum back into the soft drink. The Johns didn’t seem to care if she actually drank the soft drink, they only wanted to see the shot of hard liquor disappear inside her.

She used the same trick with Darin’s spunk. She trapped it against the roof of her mouth with her tongue and then worked on his prick with her tightly-closed lips. Little Darin felt weird sliding against the bottom of her tongue, but she knew that this was the only way to have any appreciable amount of semen to spit into the glass at the end of the contest.

She could hear the driver chuckling softly as she worked Darin up to a second climax. Just as she felt his prick begin to twitch, she lowered her tongue and received the entire load on the top of her tongue. She felt a small amount slide down her throat, but she knew that she had trapped the majority of it against the roof of her mouth.

The driver’s chuckle was getting louder. He was watching her struggle to suck Darin off while still holding the previous spurts against the roof of her mouth.

“One minute,” the driver said and Karina brought her hands up and began massaging Darin’s balls. One hand slipped back slightly and she began sliding her finger between Darin’s asscheeks.

He lowered himself very slightly to open up his cheeks and her finger sought out his puckered hole. The driver was starting to count down, “Ten, nine, eight,” when she pressed hard against Darin’s rosebud and he erupted for a third time into her mouth.

Luckily, the driver yelled out, “Time!” just as Darin spurted. There was no way that Karina would have been able to tin roof the third ejaculation. She quickly grabbed the big shot glass and spit everything in her mouth down into the glass.

“Bring them forward, ladies,” the driver called out, almost laughing, and the six women walked forward carrying their triple shot glasses.

“One tablespoon,” the driver said as the first glass was handed to him. The following glasses were all between one and two tablespoons.

When Karina handed him her glass the driver let out a loud, “Huzzah! Huzzah! We have a winner! This is over three tablespoons!”

“But that is only five,” one of the women said. “Where is the glass from Ben and Wendy?”

The ditzy blonde stepped forward and handed the driver an almost empty glass. Then she turned to face Ben who was still secured on the pole behind Darin. “I’m sorry, daddykins,” she said in her high-pitched voice, “but you trained me to always swallow and I just forgot that I had to spit it back out.”

“Well!” the driver chortled, “we have a very obvious winner and a very obvious loser. Wendy will be in the back with the men. Ben will remain up front here with the women.”

Two of the men from the small crowd watching came forward and began strapping Ben in place. The four remaining women pulled a crying Wendy to the back of the bus and quickly tied her in place.

“This time it will be five minutes,” the driver called out, “so get your paddles and get ready.”

Karina grabbed one of the paddles out of the basket and stood at the front of the line. She took a quick look over her shoulder to see Darin standing first at the back of the bus.

“Begin!” the driver yelled and Karina slammed her paddle into Ben’s ass. With only five women in line and five minutes to spank, she got a lot of opportunities to hear Ben scream and watch his ass turn red… and then purple. By the time the loud horns ended it, she was a sopping mess between her legs.

“I really shouldn’t enjoy that so much,” she muttered under her breath as she dropped the paddle into the basket.

The music blared out louder than ever before and the driver called, “Dance time!”

With only a dozen people left on the bus, there was a lot of room to dance, but even still everyone seemed to keep bumping into each other. Sometimes it was just a casual bump, but other times it appeared to be a definite attempt to rub up against each other’s naked bodies. Karina was holding tight to Darin and whispered in his ear, “I really need you to fuck me.”

“Funny you should say that,” the driver said with a smile. “It is time for our next to the last contest. This is a fucking contest.”

The music had stopped and everyone was standing around in couples.

“We have six mixed couples,” he continued, “so I won’t have to be issuing any strap-on equipment. But the contest is set up so that every type of couple can participate.”

He laughed and said, “The rules are simple. You fuck your partner in the ass in rhythm to the dance music. If you break rhythm you are out of the contest. If either of you orgasms, you are out of the contest. Last couple standing without orgasming is the winner.”

He paused and then said, “Find a spot and get ready. The contest starts when the music starts so you’d better be in place by the time the first note sounds.”

The six couples spread out in the bus. Darin and Karina stayed up front next to the driver. Darin ran his fingers through Karina’s slit and then spread her natural lubrication between her ass cheeks. He pushed one finger into her ass and she moaned deeply. He started pumping his finger in and out of her. Soon it was two fingers. And then three.

“I’m ready,” Karina said with a husky voice and Darin slipped his prick into her ass.

They stood quietly watching the other participants. Ben was having trouble getting it up until Wendy got down on her hands and feet in front of him and wiggled her ass at him. “Fuck me in the ass, daddykins. Do it now,” she pleaded.

The sight of her ass and cunt winking at him was all that was needed to bring him to attention. He stepped forward and pushed into her just in time for the music to begin.

It wasn’t a dance tune. It was a military march. Darin thought he recognized it but couldn’t remember the name. Its beat, however, was very evident and both he and Karina tried to keep themselves synchronized to the tempo of the march.

The first to lose control was the big, muscular man who had been acting as security for most of the contest. His petite little partner suddenly shuddered and cried out, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass!”

Her orgasm would have been enough to take them out of the contest, but it also triggered his orgasm. He stood there thrusting weakly into her ass after he shot his load.

Ben and Wendy were next to go. Or to be more exact, Ben was. He shouted, “You have such a wonderful ass,” as he bent over her and shuddered with his orgasm.

Darin didn’t know the name of the other two couples. He looked over at them and wondered if he could outlast them. Then, thinking about the fact that Karina had sucked him off three times just a short while ago, he began wondering if he had to ejaculate in order to win. Maybe it would be enough if Karina got off, but she always said she hated anal and Darin wasn’t sure that she would climax at all.

One of the other men groaned loudly and slumped over his partner. Evidently that triggered the woman in the other couple and she began screaming and ramming herself back against the man.

“Looks like we have our losers,” the driver said loudly.

Darin turned to the sound of his announcement. When he looked back everyone was gone except for the first couple.

“Stan and Zuzanna are our losers,” the driver yelled out. “And Darin and Karina are our winners.”

As soon as the driver said that, Karina began pushing back almost frantically against Darin, driving his prick deep into her ass.

“It’s OK,” the drive said, “you deserve this one,” and Darin and Karina climaxed together. Everything went dark for a moment and when Darin again opened his eyes, he and Karina were lying on the floor of the bus.

“Hopefully you didn’t hurt yourself, youngsters,” the driver taunted, “because you’ve got one last fight tonight.”

The seats of the bus folded up and the brass poles retracted back up against the ceiling. “This is a double match, two against two,” the driver explained. “The winner is the last one standing. If you are pinned you are out. I will be the referee.”

He got up from the driver’s seat and walked into the center of the bus. For the first time, Darin could see that his body was totally red except his horns, the hair on his head, and his pubic hair. His bright red prick stuck out of the black, shiny tangle of hair and hung limp down his front. It reached almost to his knees and looked like it would be massive when erect.

“The rules are simple,” he said firmly. “There are no rules. Put your opponent’s back against the floor for a three count and they are pinned. Understood!”

Darin and Karina both said, “Yes.” Stan and Zuzanna said, “Yah.”

“Then commence fighting!” the driver yelled and stepped to the side.

Stan and Zuzanna immediately closed on Karina. That seemed like a good tactical move since she appeared to be the weaker of the pair. But Karina was trained in several different defense systems and easily blocked their first attack.

Stan tried to take her down, but she brushed him to the side. That left Zuzanna open for Darren. He was normally hesitant to hit a lady, but after all the weird shit on this bus he didn’t care who or what she was. He slammed into her hard from the side and took her down.

She gave a big “oomph!” as her back hit the floor but Darren wasn’t able to pin her shoulders down. She was trying desperately to squirm out from under him and he was trying desperately to push her shoulders to the floor. She spread her legs wide and kicked hard, arching her back. It would have brought her totally off the floor if Darren hadn’t been laying over her.

They lay still for a moment then Darren could feel her tensing her body to repeat the move and suddenly had an idea. He let her do her wide kick, but as she came up off the floor, he jammed one hand all the way into her cunt and pushed hard with his forearm across her shoulders. She rocked up and back. Her shoulders were on the ground. Now if he could just hold her there while the driver slapped the floor three times.

“Pinned!” the driver finally yelled and Darren jumped up and ran over to Karina. Her defensive moves were keeping Stan busy, but there was no way she was going to be able to take him down. He didn’t see Darren coming up behind him so he gestured to Karina by tapping his knees and then putting his arms across his own shoulders. Then he held up his hand with three fingers raised.

He held it up again with two fingers. And then with one finger. And then he threw himself sideways against Stans legs right at the knees. At the same time, Karina launched herself at him with her knees brought up so that as he fell she rode him down with her knees on his shoulder and her hands against the base of his neck.

Stan made a loud sound and then lay still. The driver smacked the floor three times and then said, “We have a winner!”

“So what did we win?” Darren asked.

“You will see that shortly,” the driver said. “This Halloween Party Bus is a little diversion of mine. It rides around the world every year on Halloween as midnight goes around the world.”

“How did we get here?” Darren and Karina asked together.

“Simple,” he said with a smile. “You died making love on Halloween night.” He shrugged and said, “Oh, I don’t get everyone who does that. Only those who are sneaking around or cheating or otherwise breaking the rules.”

“Like fucking on Astra’s balcony,” Karina said.

“Exactly,” he said with a big smile. “But you won.”

He pointed to Stan and Zuzanna and said, “And they lost. So they will be coming with me back to the bus barn.”

“What about the others?” Karina asked.

“They will be here next year…” he answered, “and the next… and the next until they are either a final winner or a final loser.”

The bus starting getting darker and darker and Darren’s body was suddenly full of pain. Someone was shining a light in his eyes. “This one’s alive!” he exclaimed in surprise.

“So is this one!” another voice called out.

“How in the hell?!” a deeper, louder voice said.

“We’ll figure that out later,” the man who was with Darren said. “For now let’s transport them to the hospital.

Darren had six broken ribs, a broken arm, and two bones broken in his right foot. Karina had a broken arm and a broken leg. According to the final report, they survived because the building that Astra lives in is set back every three stories in the front forming large balconies like Astra’s place. There are large awnings over the private balconies so people on the floors above can’t see what is going on down below them.

Darren had evidently set Karina up on the balcony railing so he could enter her, but something happened and they tumbled over the railing. They both fell three stories and landed on a heavy-duty awning that broke their fall– more or less– but they slid off of that awning and fell another three stories to another awning… and then another… and another… and another… and another… and then two stories onto the awning over the doors of the building.

At the hospital, as the inspector was explaining to Karina and Darren what had happened, he concluded with. “That is what we think happened, to the best of our reckoning. But there were a thousand things that could have gone wrong. I really can’t say why the Hell you both aren’t dead.”

A loud voice from the hallway boomed out, “Exactly!”

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