I sleep with the girl next door

I came home early because our computer had to be replaced and it was going to take almost 24 hours to accomplish. I also needed my car serviced so I dropped it off at the service station and walked home.

When I got up to the room which I use as a home office, and I looked out the window, I noticed the 19yo daughter of our neighbour sunning herself naked by their pool. Jenny and her parents had lived there for a few years and I had seen her mature from a kid into a woman. She was not what I would describe as attractive but she had a great figure and now seeing her nude I could see that the loose clothing she normally wore covered a firm well shaped body. She never seemed to have many boyfriends and was really a student.

She was touching her slit and from what I could deduce was either getting herself ready to masturbate or was coming down after a good fingering of herself. She had manicured her hair into a nice straight strip and from where I could see it only went from the top of her slit and she looked like she had shaved around her vagina as I could se the plump mound and her slightly protruding labia.

I watched her for a while and she just lightly fingered herself and was not really working herself up to anything erotic – well not yet. She occasionally rubbed her nipples as well and she had beautiful tits. I had noticed her beginning to blossom out but she never wore clothes that suited her figure and always looked sloppy.

After watching her for a while it became too much for me and my cock hardened and I was half inclined to strip off and jerk myself off looking at Jenny laying on her back down there.

Then I thought no I will go down and accidentally on purpose walk in on her in my swimmers as our family frequently used their pool with her parents. They had always said anytime you want to just come in and have a swim. Now was the time I was going to test their generosity and see just how far young Jenny was prepared to go. I may frighten her off but we had always been friends and had kissed a couple of times at parties and I had always noticed it was just a bit more than a peck sometimes and I wondered if it were a tease or a come on. I am 5 years older than her and have always been a sort of older brother when we were growing up.

I got my towel and into my swimmers. I thought I should be wearing something less revealing as my hard cock was plainly visible tucked into the budgie smugglers.

I walked in to their yard as if I didn’t know she was there as I didn’t want to give her a chance to cover up. I did however do it quietly and being bare footed I was on top of her before she realised I was there. When I was standing almost next to her she sort of woke from the trance she was in. and let out a yelp knowing I was seeing her naked. Her towel was at the side of the pool some distance away and it became obvious she had not worn swimmers to the pool.

She said you bastard you crept up on me.

I said not really I came through the gate and I wasn’t aware you were here until I was almost on top of you.

She said that’s what you want isn’t it to be on top of me. You knew I was here naked.

I was taken back a bit at her forthrightness

I took her at her word and said it would be easy with you like that.

She said and you with that thing in your jocks – that’s not normally the way you come over here.

I said when I saw your naked body how I could not be impressed and curious to imagine what it would be like to have sex with you. I have never seen you look so beautiful or naked either.

Flattery will get you nowhere.

I said I am being truthful, you are extremely attractive and very seductive and I am impressed with what you have done to it. Believe me I have had a few fantasies about you and have wondered how many guys have managed to penetrate the iron maidens defences.

Well it might surprise you to know if I were to invite you to share this beautiful naked and seductive iron maidens body as you call it – there have been others before you and I have never had a complaint.

Well I will have to take your words for that or am I allowed to see for myself if what they say is the truth.

She stood up and threw her arm around my neck and kissed me – and this time is was passionate and I responded and the embrace was as good as I have ever had. She was no novice it seemed. Another thing was the way she ground her pubes onto and over my hard cock still constrained in my swimmers.

Ohhh God – she said after she broke away still holding her arms around my neck, you have no idea how often I have wanted you, ever since I was about 15 or 16 I dreamed of you asking me out and taking me to a hotel and making love to me all night.

I said why didn’t you ask?

She said I thought you would just tell me I was a silly young girl and you preferred women to girls. I have seen some of the women you date and they are stunning.

I said and some are nothing more than gold diggers or office sluts that will do anything for a good night out and hope that they will get better jobs.

What am I she asked.

A stunningly beautiful naked woman I want to fuck.

Well you are not going to do it with your swimmers on and she bent down and used both hands to pull my swimmers down and as they passed my cock it flew out and stood erect an inch before her eyes. As she pulled the swimmers down to my ankles and as I stepped out of them she put her mouth over the head of my cock and sucked the pre cum off me before releasing it again.

You are not going to believe this but that is the first time I have ever had a cock in my mouth – it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. I think that I will leave that for later though as what I want and need now is to be fucked and to be fucked well.

Come lover boy make me scream for mercy.

She pulled the mattress off the lounge she had been laying on spread her towel and lay down on it. She then prepared for me to enter her as she lay back, opened her legs and pulled them back almost onto her shoulders. Her lips were partly opened and her vagina was shiny and pink with her wetness and looked so inviting. I just got down between her feet and prepared to guide my cock into her waiting love nest.

I put the tip of my cock on her lips and got it wet from her juices then slowly pushed the top into her waiting cunt. Then I pushed my cock in slowly and up into the tunnel of love filling the centre of her universe. It was wet warm and so firm and comfortable – she was made for me. Her cunt walls firmly surrounding my cock as it found its way into her deep dark chasm. I watched her face as I pushed down and fed my cock into her and I could see immediately she knew exactly what to expect and she was enjoying every second of my seduction and the sensation of having her cunt filled with cock. The further I went into her, the bigger her smile got and finally when my 8 inches was buried deep inside her right down to my balls which were now resting between her cunt and her ass hole, she said now that’s exactly what I needed, far better than a couple of fingers that I was going to have to use.

Where have you been big fellah, you have found my secret garden. Now I want you to plant your seed there and make it blossom. I have never wanted anything as much as this and now I have it where I want it I might never let it go.

Ohhhh shit she said that feels magnificent. You have no idea how many times I have imagined this happening – but it was never as good as this. I have been fucked by a few guys but it never felt this good. This is absolute heaven and she put her arms up and pulled my mouth to hers and we kissed and I had both ends of my body deep inside her. My tongue was locked with hers as we exchanged the passion of the union of our bodies with out mouths, and deep inside her my cock was massaging her clitoris and cervix.

The sun and warmth of the day made it feel even better as a gentle breeze cooled our naked flesh, now hot with passion.

Even I could not recall having such an erotic moment. I had fucked quite a few girls and women in my life but for some reason this felt better than any before her. She was possibly one of the youngest women I have fucked apart from a few school girls who were about my age then. I gave the age difference between us fleeting thought but she was obviously experienced so I didn’t feel that I was seducing her. Most of my conquests were just fun or just fucking and there was no emotion, but for some reason I seemed to be enjoying this more than I had done so before. It felt different having sex with her. We both really wanted it and I have watched her blossom from a young school girl into a woman and I had some feeling or attraction for her. I had often wondered what she would be like in bed, and now I knew. She had learned or somebody had taught her well.

I began to stroke my cock inside her and gently fucked her for a while and gradually went a bit faster and she said don’t get too anxious I want this to last. I haven’t enjoyed anything like this – ever. Most guys just want to get in blow their load and piss you off. This I am enjoying and its my first one in the middle of the day outside in fresh air and it feels fantastic. Holy shit if our parents came home now and saw us like this they would blow their stacks.

I said more like blow their load. I reckon my dad would be cheering us on. We must look fantastic with your legs out and me pumping my cock into you. My mother wouldn’t be impressed though as she thinks the world of you and to see me fucking you naked would have me in deep shit.

My parents would skin me alive – my mom is always on about me and some of the boys who date me. She knows one of them has a reputation and I have been out with him and to be honest I think is reputation is overrated – sure he fucks anything that moves but he is hopeless – on and off in a few minutes and all he wants is scalps to talk about. I let him and I let him know how bad it was and he doesn’t talk to me now. My mom knows I am on the pill because she asked me one day about contraception and had I slept with that jerk after I had dated him. I said I hadn’t and that the doc had given me the pill because I complained of tummy cramps and irregular periods. She fell for that. He just gave me a script and told me they would fix everything up – and winked at me – he obviously knew what I was alluding to, half the girls at school are on the pill as a result of bad periods which is all bullshit. I have made some guys I have been with use condoms because I don’t trust where they have been. I know one guy had fucked a prostitute so he would be a bit of a risk after being in her. She tries to frighten me and keeps telling me they don’t work – she made my dad have a vasectomy after I was born.

Then she said forget this crap take it out and lets try doggy.

I said have you done it like that before.

She said a few times. I don’t mind the sensation and having my tits swinging when you fuck me like that, but I prefer to look at your face while you fuck me. But what the hell – its fun.

I pulled out and I looked down at her cunt and it was wide open where I had been fucking her. Then she rolled over and got up on her knees and arms and I proceeded to mount her from behind. She had a beautiful arse and firm small cheeks which I held apart as I pointed my cock toward her gaping hole. I knew I would have no problem getting it in. She also had a cut little pink button ass hole, and I wondered if anybody had done her that way yet, I slid my cock into her as we were both soaking wet from our missionary fuck and it went in easily. I began to fuck her reasonable fast and she loved it and after a few minutes or rocking into her she began to respond herself and move with my thrusts.

I put my finger down and slipped it just into her ass hole and she said holy shit what are you doing. I said just adding sauce to the meat.

I continued to doggy her and she was loving it. I could see a bit of her tits swinging in the breeze as I pounded my cock deep and hard into her and every now and again I would slap her ass with my open hand and she would say OOuuch, but I like it.

She said I have never had anybody do that before.

I said so you are an arse virgin, I was wondering about that.

Yes nobody had got in there yet – I am not too keen on that and one bloke tried but we couldn’t get it in. I think every time he pushed I tightened up and sort of made it too hard for him to penetrate me. But I like whatever you are doing – it feels nice. I proceeded to finger her little ring as I was fucking her and she said now I know why I wanted it doggy.

I suppose we had been fucking for almost ten minutes and she said ok time for a change – now I am going cowgirl, I have only tried this a couple of times and it was great.

I pulled my cock out of her and my finger as well and she said I want to try that finger again sometime I liked that but getting fucked up the ass doesn’t really turn me on so we might leave that for another day.

I lay down and she got over me and I held my cock up while she lowered herself onto my hard cock and slowly lowered herself down onto it and took me in deep.

It was magnificent looking at her sitting on my cock and bouncing her cunt up and down at the same time. It was a different sensation all together and felt good. Her tits were swinging and bouncing a bit with her vigorous fucking and I could feel my cock really rubbing the walls of her cunt. I said shit this feels good.

She said I am glad you are happy because I am over the moon, this really lets me get the sensation of your cock inside me and I love the way it rubs the lips of my cunt and clit, I use this method a bit when the guy has cum too quick and I get him up again get on top and I then rub myself up this way and there has not been a time I haven’t cum fucking like this.. Some guys get a bit funny when I am in control and not them. They thinks its their right to make me cum but I keep telling them I wont cum unless I want to and they cant make me. That makes some guys really go for it to prove they can – but they never do, because I control wether I am going to cum or not.

Shit she said I don’t think I am going to last much longer My cunt is screaming to cum and I will in a minute or two – would you mind if I came like this.

I said as far as I am concerned you cum any way you like because it won’t be the only time today. I am going to have a second helping of this believe me. They day has only just begun for us.

Jenny began to really get herself primed up, I could tell she was feeling the sensation building in her tummy and down into her cut. She started to move around on my cock, being on top she could manipulate herself around so my cock was hitting all the right places and stirring her into a frenzy or orgasmic pleasure. She began to grunt and I started to move and plunge my cock up into her from below as she sat astride of me and then I placed both hands on her nipples and teased them softly. The grunts began to get louder and more frequent and I could tell from the lines on her forehead and the way she was squinting and using her lips and tongue she was well into her orgasm and then she started to really grunt and in between gasps of breath tell me fuck me you bastard, Her head began to roll and she was talking to herself –come on baby get it up, cum you little beauty, Oh sweet geezus my cunt is screaming with delight ram it up me boy do me hard, she said. My cock hardened even more and I began to really push myself up hard into her as she came down on me then she collapsed and lay on top of me and grunt and shiver each time a spasm of her orgasm hit the spot on her clit which drove the maximum excitement out of it. She could feel every nerve in her body responding to my cock driving up into her and the way she was moving her cunt over my cock and getting the remaining spasm of her orgasm. She was breathing really heavily and I could see the veins in her neck pulsating as her heart pounded as her orgasm began to subside. She lay there and said to be – that was the most amazing orgasm I have had since I cant remember when – the only thing that got close was when I rode a Symbian machine and my friend turned the speed up fully as I came – I nearly passed out that time it was so intense. This was almost as good if not better – it didn’t hurt. Oh god that was amazing, you were magnificent I didn’t have to do it all myself what you were doing really brought me on and I don’t think I could have enjoyed it any more than I did – it was perfect. Now you have shown me what really getting fucked can be light I want us to do this as often as we can.

I said I don’t know about me but you really put everything into that, I havnt seen a girl be able to stimulate herself and drive her orgasm to such a high before.

She said with you it was easy, I could feel your cock hard up inside me and as you thrust it up me it hit my clit and that really drove me over the moon. I didn’t think it was possible to get so much pleasure out of my clit. I loved it. Now I have to do something for you as you haven’t cum yet have you.

No but watching and sharing that one you had was almost as good.

Ok I think I can handle it now let me roll over and you can bring yourself off on me and fill my cunt full of that beautiful cum I have yet to sample.

She rolled over and drew her legs up and exposed her now quite red or dark pink cunt lips to me. She had really worked herself hard on me and it showed.

I went back into her and my cock slipped into her easily, she was really wet with her cunt juice and sweat, I could even smell the scent of her cunt and our sex now as it was now a bit stronger with all the stimulation she had experienced.

I looked down at her face and she was smiling and said my god my cunt still feels good now after all that, maybe I can cum again and she laughed, but I don’t think I could bear the excitement. Your cock is filling a need and something else perfectly, now fuck me lover and fill me up.

She put her legs over my shoulders and I got right on top of her and got maximum penetration, for a novice she really knew the moves. I began pounding her reasonably hard and my cock got to maximum length and hardness and I could feel the walls of her vagina rubbing the top of my cock, I wasn’t going to take long so I raised the speed and pressure and went for her really hard and drove my cock hard and fast into her wonderful cunt and I could see her whole body shake as the slap of our bodies filled the air, the feeling was building inside my balls and I began to go faster and her tits were virtually bouncing with each stoke of me hitting her body when I was in as far as I could go. She had lifted her ass up to give me maximum penetration and it was unbelievably good.

Ohhh god I have never been fucked as good as this —-you are great —this is fantastic – fill me up – drive your pile into me – spill your milk – ohhh fuck I cant believe that fucking can be so good. Nothing is better than this —oh shit that cock of yours is plowing my furrow and I want you to fill it with your seed, ohhh fuck go harder go harder.

I didn’t think I could have gone any harder I was going full speed and my cock should have been coming out her ass I was going in so deep. The cunt juice was going all creamy around my cock and the rim of her cunt. It was like whipping cream and she was enjoying every moment as much as me – why hadn’t I cracked onto her before – she is one of the best fucks I have ever had..

I could not control it any longer

Oh shhhhiiiiiiittttttt I amm uggg cummmmmmmminnnnngggggg oh shit ugggg ugggg uggggg ahhhhhh and three spurts or four of cum must have nearly blown her off me- they were so powerful and then a few more not so strong, I was filling her up, there was no question of that and as I kept pumping to get the best sensation of her cunt up and down and all over my cock as the remaining drips of cum managed to dribble out of the eye of my cock into the depth of her and flood all over her cervix. I could imagine what is must have been like inside there. The both of us had expended every ounce of effort and cum and orgasmic juice we could possibly have generated.

I lay on top of her and let my cock subside and it came down about half way and stopped enjoying the warm wet cavern of her body, all hot and steamy from the bullocking I gave her. Her cunt was covered in white creamy cunt juice where my cock had ploughed her up and turned her juices into cream.

She looked into my eyes and said I think you enjoyed that – I know I did- I have never been fucked like that ever. I kissed her and we lay locked together by mouth and vagina for ages. I slid and slipped on her body as the both of us were soaking wet with sweat, her hair was soaking wet.

When I rolled off her we were both exhausted but happier than we could have ever imagined. We had fucked and been fucked in an amazing session of passion. I lay there trying to think who I had fucked that had been even half as good as her. I was unable to even imagine who I had got even half the pleasure off than her.

She lay back and said I think I am going to have to hop into the pool, I am so full of your cum its beginning to flow back and run down over my ass. I have never been fucked like that before by anybody – not even close. That was fantastic.

Then she stood up and stood in front of me and spread her legs – her cunt was swollen and red – the bare skin of her lips looked delightful covered in the juices of the lust of our passion. She said look at that, as my cum and her cunt juice mix virtually ran out her cunt and down the insides of her legs, isn’t that wonderful she said. It’s the first time I have seen cream on me, maybe I should get some strawberries and you can have strawberries and cream. Then she hopped into the pool swam a length and then sat on the steps and proceeded to flush her cunt out and clean herself up, ready for the next session.

I did the same cleaning all the grunge off my cock and washing my balls as they were covered in the slime that had leaked out of her cunt as we fucked.

Then I swam up to her and we kissed again, this time my cock didn’t get hard and she noticed and said – oh dear it is exhausted and I thought it might do it all again for me.

I said believe me it will, I think it’s the cold water and the exhaustion of filling such a beautiful and lovely cunt, trying to make the best girl in my life happy.

She said don’t kid me.

I said I am not kidding – I can not remember enjoying having sex with anybody else ever before and enjoying not only fucking her but the personality of the girl as well. You have done something for me that I have never felt before.

She said I have known for years that I wanted you but never gave myself a hope, now all my dreams have come true. I just wish I was bit older and we could be together.

I said we can and we will – I am not letting anybody who fucks as well as you do get away.

She hugged me again and kissed me and said fuck me again please.

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