My friend’s fat mom


Well it was a Friday night and I was looking for something to do. So I called my friend up, Rob. The town I live in isnt very big and there isnt a lot of things to do. Anyway I asked him what he was doing and he said nothing so I decided to go over to his house. I got all showered up and started to make my way to his house. It is a pretty long drive too.
I get to his house about 8:30 or so. I get to the door and knock on it. His mom answers the door. I ask “Is Rob home?”, she replied “Actually he passed out on the couch in the living room”. I said “Can i come in and wake him up?” she said “sure go right ahead”. So I start to follow her into the living room, me not paying attention she stops going through the doorway and I kinda bump into her. She’s like “better yet my back is kind of sore, would you mind giving me a massage?” I say in shock “Are you serious?” and she replies “well of course”. So I agree and we both go upstairs trying not to wake Rob up.
When we get to her room she says “Just let me slip into something more comfortable”. She takes about 5 minutes or so and comes out wearing a silky nightgown thing.

I was pretty suprised to see this. Now she isnt the best looking mom around by no means she what you might say a BBW. She has the biggest breasts i have ever seen. So anyway she sits down on the floor in front of the bed and says “well you better get started”. I sit down on the bed and put my hands on her shoulders and i say “well im not to experienced in giving massages but ill do my best”.

As im going along shes moaning a little bit in pleasure. She leans up and gives me a little kiss. I say “What was that for?”. She replies well your a handsome young man and you deserve it. I say “well thanks I guess”. I keep going a little bit longer and finally get my courage up and I reached down and started to kiss her neck. When I get done she turns around.
I thought to myself “Oh crap maybe I shouldnt have done that”. but to my surprise she smiles. She reaches down and starts to unzip my pants. heraklion escorts Then she takes them all the way off. When she sets the pants down she pulls my 6 inch cock out of my zipper. I know im not the biggest down there but im proud. She says “Not bad this is pretty thick, just the way i like it”. She starts to suck it, it didnt take me long to come. I said “im going to cum” but she kept sucking until i blew my load into her mouth and she swallowed it all up.
She gets up and lays down on the bed and says “Now its your turn”. I take her pants off to find no pantys. I laid down infront of her and stuck 2 fingers in her slit. She was dripping wet. I bang her for a few minutes. I finally dive in and shove my toung in there, tasting the pussy juices in my mouth. Im licking away for awhile and shes moaning away. Then she starts bucking her hips and cums.
When i was finished there i was hard as a rock. I laid down next to her and start kissing her.

Then I climb on top of her and said “Those tittys are looking mighty sexy”. She takes my cock in her mouth and gets it well lubed up. I slide back a little bit and squeeze her tits together. I slid my cock right in between there and started to hump harder and harder. Until finally I blew it and my warm spooge shot all over her face and tits. I rolled off in exaustion.
We laid there for awhile just making out and feeling eachother up. I asks “Have you ever had sex before”. I didnt know what to say because I was still a virgin. So I say “Not yet” she says “so im the lucky huh?” and I reply ” Nope im the lucky one” she giggles a little bit. Then all of a sudden she climbs on top of me and says “get ready”. She grabs my cock and then sits down on it. Im loving every minute of this. So she starts humping me. Athens escorts agency Models, Athens escort agency luxury escorts girls services vip has been created to cater for International “higher end” clientele, the affluent and influential who enjoy the most discerning taste and demand nothing less than premium I just lay there watching those huge tits bounce as she rides me. Then after about 18 or so minutes im almost ready to come. I say “stop im goin to blow it”. but she kept on going. I blow it in her wet pussy and she rolls off of me. I was just laying there contemplating what just happened. We start talking then she mentions that I should probably go wake rob up.
We both got dressed and started down stairs. I wake Rob up and we talk for a little while. He says “SO what do you want to to im bored” I just smiled and said “Im not”