Still a virgin

It all started my freshman year, 2 senior guys were both on me right away. One was a weight lifter, the other a linebacker. Both huge guys, not that good looking, but very muscular, both amazingly well hung. Me on the other hand, I was and still am very small, 4’10 if I stretch. Why do the big guys always like the small girls, and I guess why do I like the big guys?

I was a virgin and determined to stay that way, even with the two sexy muscular studs trying to get in my pants. I knew I’d have to do something to keep them interested, I started dressing sexier and being more affectionate. But that didn’t last long. I was being pressured from two guys to put out.
They were also pressuring me to see only one of them, but how could I possibly choose? I started sucking cock one day when I met them both at the beach, they were both flirting pretty hard with me and trying to out do each other. It was great.
I had been teasing them about sucking their cocks and they knew I hadn’t done either of them yet. I decided I was ready to do it, I had been reading and practicing at home, with a banana. But I didn’t want one of them to be able to say “I had her first” So I knew what I had to do. Suck them both at the same time!

I took them into the woods, pulled off my bikini top and got on my knees.
“I want to suck you both. Both at the same time. It’s both or nothing.” They just stood there. I reached out and pulled them closer.

“It’s OK, show me what you got” I got one unzipped then the other, I pulled one cock out and gasped “Shit” Then the other, “Damn” Two damn big cocks. Now I knew I wanted them both. 1 cock in each hand I pulled them closer until I could get both cocks in my mouth. Well not really in, they were too big for that, but definitely against. I could only get my mouth around the head one at a time. So I alternated, one then the other, I could feel they each had a hand on my head. guiding me. I looked up at them and said “Fuck my mouth” Wow that was something. getting mouth fucked was and still is fantastic. When they came then tried to get it in my mouth, but it got in my hair and face, I don’t think anyone minded!

“OK, guys. I want you both. I can’t choose, I won’t choose. If one of you can’t share I won’t date the other one OK? It’s both or nothing” I said looking up at them feeling the cooling cum running down my wet face.
“Ok” the both said surprisingly easily.

We didn’t always date together, usually it was just one of them at a time. But sometimes it was both. God I loved that. I’d dress extra slutty and started sucking the guys off twice a night. Once at the start of the date and once at the end. Buy did they like that!

For a while that is. After a while they were pressuring me for my pussy. I really wanted to fuck them. But my parents were really strict and mom actually checked me once in a while to be sure I was still a virgin! Yep, I had to sit on the counter and she’d check. So there was NO way I was going to get away with that.

So they switched tactics, and started on my ass.
“Mom would never know” They said “You’ll like it too you know”

So I did a little research and decided it was possible, and a lot of girls seemed to like it. My only problem is the size of the cocks I had to work with. I found some forums and got some advice. I spent a couple of weeks using my fingers in my own ass to get used to it, and yea, it wasn’t bad. I got good enough so I could get 3 fingers in my ass, but I had a long way to go.

So I set up a date with both guys. I wore a little knit skirt and a spagetti strap top. As soon as I got out of the house I hiked the skirt up and folded the hem down untill it was a very small skirt. I took a siccors and cut up the top, Took off my bra and made the top short to show my belly. Lastly a pair of heels borrowed from a friend.

I met the guys at a party, and they were impressed. I told them I decided to give them my ass, But first we had to get me loosened up enough to be able to take such large cocks!
After a few beers I took them to a bedroom and explained that I needed them to train my asshole to take something that large. they were to use their fingers until I could do it. It was going to take a few days or maybe weeks.

those guys had their fingers in my ass every chance they had. I loved feeling them inside me and would rub my pussy whlie they pushed and pulled on my asshole.

Finally one day one of the guys got all four fingers in me, I dont know who, I had my face in the mattress trying not to scream. I was ready. A few days later We were at another party and I was on a bed ass in the air, head down, The weight lifting guy was slightly smaller so he went first. Lots of lube and I guided him in. Damn that felt good. I could feel him deep in my belly, stretching my asshole so nicely.

“OK, pull back, push, yes, Fuck, Fuck, OK now pull out and let me suck you.” “Your turn” I winked at my linebacker. He got behind me and I got to work on sucking the shit off the cock that just pulled out of my asshole. The big cock entering my asshole pushed me deep on the cock in my throat. It went even deeper. Two cocks buried in my body. they started to Fuck me from both ends. After a little bit I yelled “switch” and they did. I had another shit covered cock to service.
soon the guys took over fuck for a while, then switch until they both pumped into my mouth. The date was just starting, we all knew we’d repeat the performance again later.

So thats how the dates would go. Ass fuck, cum in my mouth, go out, come home and fuck again. Always cumming in my mouth.
the guys started getting more and more dominant, I didn’t mind at all. they soon realized that my only restriction was no pussy, so they started making me wear collars, got my tongue and nipples pierced, boy that didn’t go over well at home, but I was a senior by then, and there wasn’t much the parents could do.
the guys started really liking the idea that I was their little virgin ass slut. We’d be out with friends and they would reach under my skirt and put a finger in my asshole. Then make me lick it off. right in front of everyone!
Soon they started putting things in me. salt shakers, toys, a beer can!
Once they really got how submissive I was we started doing bondage. It got really interesting when I graduated. They had an apartment, and I moved in with them. Before they allowed me in however they told me how things were going to be.

They were going to put a chastity belt on me. Not really a belt, but rather piercings. 8 piercings on my pussy lips. 4 per side. A ring is run through on hole on each lip locking them together. They were heavy gauge and were crimped closed the only way to remove then would be to cut them off. A 9th piercing went through my clit. Not the hood, my clit. It was bigger in diameter so a lead could attached. There would be some loss of feeling the piercer said, but the guys made me do it anyway.

“It’s not like we let you cum anyway” It was true, they had started to keep me fustrated and horny, I would then do anything to get off. My virginity however would remain intact.
It’s been 5 years since I graduated, We’re still together. I can now take them both in my asshole at the same time. I spend a large amount of my time in bondage. They’ve pierced my mouth lips such that it looks like I just have a couple of lip piercings, but I cannot open my mouth to speak or eat.

The last time I saw my parents, the three of us went. both guys went shirtless, they are some scary mother fuckers. Even bigger and more muscular than ever.
I wore a tiny skirt and top, spike heels an heavy makeup. I had on my collar and leash my wrist and ankle cuffs.
They led me into the house, pushed me towards mom and said ” She wanted to see you”
then stood there like Mack trucks on either side of me. I took moms hand and took her into the bathroom. I hopped on the counter and lifted my skirt showing her my chastised pussy. She almost fainted.
“I’m still a Virgin, mommy” I said in my best little girl voice. “I’ll always be a virgin, right mommy”

She could barely say “but you’re a grown woman now, you can have sex if you want!”

“Oh mommy, don’t worry, I’ll never give up my virginity. My Hyman is never going to be broken”

“But, ” she said, “Those guys, they don’t ever have sex with you?”

“Oh yes mommy, they fuck my asshole everyday. And if I cum they punish me. I’m sorry I cum sometimes mommy, I try no to.”

Eating, that’s a privilege I don’t get much of anymore. they decided to have me loose weight. I was small to begin with, now I’m skinny too, pretty much anorexic. You can easily see my ribs front and back. My stomach is hollow, my bikini only touches my mound and my hip bones. I have nothing soft on on me at all, well except for my fake tits. They starve me until I get weak, then they feed me, but they make me eat out of a dog dish on the floor with a big anal plug in my asshole that looks like a tail. I love it. I love being so small, so frail and just used and abused sexually. They really get off on hurting me, denying me any pleasure. The only pleasure I get now is feeling them get off on me. I get so horny, I’ve cum from just being whipped.

Well I have to go. They are going to take me down stairs. We have a house now. In the basement they cuff my arms behind my back at the wrist and elbow, the pull my wrists to the ceiling with a rope. My head is pulled back by my hair. My feet are locked to bolts in the floor and I have to stay on my tip toes to keep the pain bearable. they will whip me in this position, hard, and hang weights from my pierced nipples and clit. I have a tongue piercing with a chain that goes to my collar, it pulls my tongue out and I can’t swallow like that so I just drool.

They will keep me there for hours, until it’s all I can take. Then they tell me foreplay is over. And fuck my asshole and my mouth. I still love the feeling of those huge men fucking me from both ends. Filling my asshole. pushing it deep in my throat, keeping me from breathing, until I almost blackout.
They both still fuck me twice a day, sometimes more on weekends.


Lately they’ve been talking about making me do porn, the big black cock anal porn. Boy that makes my pussy drip!

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