Only For Him

This is my first attempt at a story & i would like to thank my friend for helpng me be brave enough to write & post.

He pulled me to his lap “ sit here lil one “ his voice commanded softly yet sternly . Like a good girl I went as I was told , eyes turned downward , cheeks a bright red, blushing & still a little ashamed of my nakedness. For a second my eyes caught his & I saw myself there , saw that his need matched my own , but was only him knew what was to come . It was still all so very new to me , I never knew anyone could have so much power over me , I didn’t understand yet how with a look my body , my mind , my soul could be captured . I didn’t know that with such submission to him I could feel so utterly free .

The hands that so roughly before now reached once again for me , pulling me onto his lap , his own nakedness now pressed against mine . I trembled a little as he brought me closer to him , a little scared , a little nervous , a lot excited . I believe my innocence & inexperience made him sometimes fight the strength & power he had at times & today I could feel both coursing through his veins. As he pulled me back against his chest & I felt his strong hands caress my breasts softly, my body involuntarily shuddered and a soft sigh escaped my lips . My breasts overflowed in his big hands , my nipples stood erect as he rolled them between his thumb & fingers , his manhood swelling & pressing against my soft round ass. I knew he could feel my dampness on his legs & could feel him smile with satisfaction as his teeth sunk into my shoulder . He knew I was his , that I would dance to his every whim , that I would give him whatever he desired without him having to take as he had done before . & right now I knew the gift he was taking , the gift of my ass .

I felt his hands encircle my waist , lifting me off his lap , for the second I was panic stricken , thinking I did something wrong, thinking I wasn’t pleasing him , a whispered “its alright little one , relax for daddy “ made my pussy gush anew &throw my head back against his strong chest as I felt the tip of his cock against my hot wet slit “ ahhh already so wet for me huh lil one ? that’s such a good girl “ he growled menacingly . I tried to move , to slide his cock deep inside my needy pussy but he held me tight in place , my wetness flowing over his swollen head , I moaned in frustration, wiggling & aching for him, needing him . With that I felt his fingers dig hard into my thighs & as his teeth once again bit into my flesh “no no little girl, as tempting as it is to have your cunt , today I am taking your sweet virgin ass. Now say it ! say who owns your ass ! “ With a trembling voice I uttered ”you” “AGAIN “ he demands as his rock hard cock lubed from my pussy juice presses against my tight button “you sir “ I say “ you’re my ass master , my ass is yours , I am yours ,you own me sir“ . With that I felt his hard cock pushing into me , impaling me , the pain so intense I almost pass out as my ass is slowly taken , stretched , filled.

Never had I felt such an intensity , the pain was making my ass clench my masters cock in a hot vice , with each inch he pushed inside me , the tighter my ass gripped him , when I felt his balls push against my wet swollen pussy lips & I realized I had taken him inside me I wept softly , part from pain , part from relief , part because I knew I had pleased the man who I would do anything for . Once nestled snugly in my hole he didn’t move, letting his cock throb inside me &letting my tight button get used to the massive intrusion. His hand snaked around my waist to my heat , brushing against my swollen clit as it peeked from its hood , I threw my head back in a moan of pleasure as his fingers so expertly opened my wetness letting his full sack rest between the lips of my aching pussy. Slowly , almost torturously he started to move inside me , my god never had I been so full , my pussy oozed sweet aromatic juices over his sack as he fucked his hard shaft deep inside me . The thrusts getting more intense with each buck of his hips , my cries of pain washing into that of wicked pleasure , feeling so wanton , so reckless I begged him to fuck me harder, deeper. As if goaded by an unknown force he rammed me , savagely & brutally attacking my hole , his fingers driving into my pussy , his balls slapping my wetness. “tell me Bitch” he hissed “fucking tell me “ I could feel his cock swelling , could feel my pussy contracting , I cried , I begged “oh master please , please cum inside me , please god please fill my ass with your hot seed” With a groan I had never heard before , a voice deep from within him “ah yessss jesusss my ass slut take my cummm “ As his Cock surged , his body tensed, his balls contracted I felt jet after jet of his jism spew inside me , making me scream the primitive cry of a woman totally & utterly possessed , his fingers twisted in my wetness , “please master please let me cum “ I begged “ NOW BITCH NOWWWWW” he cried , with that my body arched , my ass milked him , my breasts heaved , my lips cried his name & my pussy gushed over him with a torrent of hot sweet wetness . Trembling , shaking , crying as I came intensely for my master, wave after wave of pleasure washing through me , never before felt . Our sweaty bodies & our sweet cum such a sticky beautiful mess between us giving off the intoxicating aroma of our sex .Both breathless , I lay back against him spent , knowing I would never be the same . He tenderly kissed my neck ”good girl” he uttered . I turned to him looking into my masters face with total adoration , when my eyes met his I knew what I had to do . As his cock softened I Slid from his lap I knelt before him , watching him watch me as I began to lick & clean him like a mother cat attending to her young, tasting his cock, my pussy ,my ass, our cum & my submission . He reached down, tipping my chin to him &bent to kiss me, sharing our union , a kiss full of the promises of a journey yet to come ,.He owned me & I was forever his.

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