Sex party on the luxury yacht 1.

Jenny was a woman who liked nice things….really nice things. Unfortunately for her, she married Andy, who was a really nice guy and a good provider, but he was stuck in middle management at a local tech company. They lived very well, but she had long ago realized that he would never advance to a position….or salary….where they could afford expensive luxuries and toys, like boats and lake houses and such. So, when Andy told her that the owner of his company had invited them to a party on his yacht, and to spend the night afterwards, Jenny was ecstatic. This was the kind of thing that made her life worth living.

As the day of the party approached, Jenny got more and more excited, asking Andy repeatedly who else was going to be there, and what she should pack. He told her it was a party with about eight couples on Friday night, then two of the couples had been invited to spend the night on the yacht with the owner and his wife. Saturday would be spent sailing along the coast before finishing up with dinner at the marina restaurant….and Jenny and Andy were one of the couples invited to spend the night onboard. He said he’d been told that once aboard the yacht, everyone pretty much wore bathing suits, sunbathed, drank, and partied, so she should pack lightly….mostly bathing suits.

On Thursday night, Jenny packed her travel bag, shoving in skimpy bikinis, very short shorts, crop tops and tight tank tops. She was a very attractive 36 year-old, with blonde hair and a great body, and she wanted to take advantage of being on a yacht all weekend to show it off. Actually, she loved any chance to show off her 34DD tits and thin waist, since the attention she received from men…and women…really stroked her ego, and gave her a pleasure that seemed elusive in her somewhat ordinary life with Andy. She only wished these opportunities happened more often.

When Jenny crawled into bed that night, she cuddled up against Andy, slipped her hand into the opening in his boxer shorts, and started slowly stroking his cock. As she fondled his growing dick, she cooed wistfully about how much she was looking forward to the upcoming party on the yacht. Andy knew his wife had hoped for a more luxurious life, so he was pleased to see how thrilled she was about spending some time on his boss’ yacht.

Andy loved it when Jenny initiated sex…which wasn’t often…so he was really enjoying his wife’s attention as she jerked his stiff erection, and even slid her lips over the tip of his cock and started sucking on him. She stopped just long enough to pull her night shirt off over her head and toss it aside so Andy could play with her dangling boobs.

Once he had grown to his full size, Jenny pulled him out of her mouth, got up on her knees and threw one leg over him, straddling his hips as she positioned the head of his prick at the opening to her pussy. She rubbed the tip of his rigid pole along her pussy lips for a few minutes, then slipped it into her vagina, slowly lowering herself onto his shaft. She knew that Andy preferred this position because it allowed him to play with her swaying tits as she bounced up and down on his cock.

Jenny leaned forward a bit, causing her heavy breasts to swing back and forth and slap Andy’s face as she twerked her ass up and down, essentially jerking him off with her pussy. Andy enjoyed watching her boobs bump into each other for a minute or two, then reached up and squeezed both of them, pulling both nipples into his mouth, one after the other, to suck and nibble on.

By leaning forward with her tits in Andy’s face like this, Jenny was able to increase the stimulation on her clit, grinding it against the base of his shaft on every down stroke. So, it didn’t take long before she let out a groan, pulled Andy’s face hard into her breasts, and creamed all over his dick as she continued pumping her hips up and down on his cock.

Andy didn’t last much longer….with Jenny’s boobs squashed against his face and one nipple sucked into his mouth, he grabbed her hips with both hands and slammed his dick as far into her cunt as it would go, blasting a hot load of cum deep inside her pussy. He kept pumping his hard prick in and out of her vagina, over and over, as he enjoyed his orgasm and emptied his nutsack into her cunt.

After Andy finished cumming, he slowed down his thrusts and caught his breath while continuing to slide his staff in and out of Jenny’s pussy and sucking on her stiff nipples. After another minute, or so, Jenny pulled her nipples out of his mouth and climbed off his shrinking dick, then grabbed a wash cloth from the bathroom to wipe off his cock. When she was done they both drifted off to sleep, with Andy’s flaccid shaft rubbing up against her lower back, and visions of a rich and luxurious yacht experience dancing around in Jenny’s head.

The next day they left their house around mid-afternoon and arrived at the marina by early evening. Jenny was overwhelmed by the sheer number of impressive and expensive yachts moored to the docks. When they found the one belonging to the owner of Andy’s company, Jenny nearly fell over….it was the biggest of them all and absolutely gorgeous!

The other guests were already on board, and the party had clearly begun in the stern of the boat. Everyone was in bathing suits and loaded up with drinks, sharing lively conversations and loud laughter, as the music blared and couples mingled.

Andy and Jenny stepped onboard and found Mr. Keys, the owner of Andy’s company, in a bathing suit and sandals, refreshing his drink at the bar. Andy introduced Jenny, who flashed a brilliant smile, fluttered her eyelashes and held out her hand, saying, “Hi, Mr. Keys…such a pleasure to meet you….and what a magnificent boat you have!”

Mr. Keys laughed and took her hand, saying, “Call me Phillip….and let’s not call this a boat. It’s a yacht….actually, it’s a mega-yacht, because it’s quite large and has overnight cabins…including one in which you and your husband will be staying tonight, right?”

Jenny cooed, “Yes, and we’re very excited…thank you again for inviting us.”

As he spoke, Phillip held her hand in both of his, and struggled to keep his eyes from drifting to her chest. Jenny had worn a tight crop top…with no bra…very short shorts, and sandals. She knew she’d get some attention in this outfit, but she found herself blushing as he corrected her yacht terminology and stared at her nipples pushing against the thin material of her top.

Phillip shook Andy’s hand and welcomed him aboard, too, then suggested that he show them to their cabin, where they could change into bathing suits and join the party. Andy and Jenny agreed, and followed him below the main deck.

As they made their way down the stairs, Andy turned to Phillip and said, “I looked around but didn’t see your wife with the others upstairs…did I just miss her?”

Phillip shook his head and said, “No, unfortunately she couldn’t make it this weekend. She came down with something on Wednesday, and she hasn’t quite gotten over it. She’s feeling better, but just didn’t have the energy for a party. If she’s feeling up to it, she’ll join us for dinner at the marina when we get back from sailing tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Jenny’s head was on a swivel as she took in the lower deck and cabins, which were palatial, lush and beautifully decorated. She couldn’t believe she was at a party…and would spend the night…on this amazing ship!

The passageways were a little narrow, and after Andy had stepped into their cabin, Phillip seemed to position himself in the doorway so that Jenny had to rub her breasts against him as she entered the room. Jenny saw what he was doing, but didn’t mind at all, so she took her time maneuvering past Phillip, letting her soft boobs and stiffening nipples rub against his bare torso as she worked her way through the cabin doorway.

Phillip smiled and, with his eyes still locked onto the nipples pushing against the thin fabric of Jenny’s top, said, “I’ll let you two get changed and see you up on the main deck in a few minutes.”

After Phillip left the cabin, Andy threw on his bathing trunks and Jenny slipped into one of the tiny, two-piece bikinis she had packed for the party. The top barely covered her nipples and did nothing to keep her heavy tits from wobbling and swaying as she moved about. Her bikini bottom was a thong, and the back of it was virtually hidden in her ass crack, and it left very little to the imagination in front where it covered her bikini-waxed pussy.

Andy noticed the sexy swimsuit his wife was wearing and quietly smiled to himself. He figured that the sexier Jenny looked, the better impression she’d make on his co-workers…especially Phillip…which might lead to promotions in the future.

They made their way back to the main deck and once again found Phillip getting a refill at the bar.

Looking squarely at Jenny’s wobbling boobs tucked precariously into her tiny bikini top, Phillip said, “Holy shit, you guys look great.”

Then, turning to Andy he said, “Hey, Andy – grab a drink for the two of you while I give Jenny a quick tour of the “boat”. Jenny blushed again at his sarcastic use of the word “boat”, but nodded her agreement as he draped his arm around her shoulder, grabbed his drink, and led her toward the bow of the yacht to begin the tour.

As they moved toward the front of the ship, Jenny could barely take it all in. It was magnificent!

By the time they got to the bow, Phillip’s arm around her shoulder had shifted so that his hand was actually resting squarely on her right breast, unobtrusively rubbing it every few steps as they walked along the deck and he pointed out special features of his yacht. Jenny didn’t say anything as he casually massaged her boob, because…to be honest….she was actually quite enjoying it. In fact her nipples were getting even more erect, and becoming more obvious through her bikini top, every time his hand squeezed or brushed against her tit.

Taking Jenny’s silence as a green light, Phillip became more obvious with his hand that was massaging her breast, as he led her up the steps to the cockpit, where the engine controls were, along with the captain’s seat from where Phillip steered the yacht when they were underway. From this vantage point, they could see the other couples mingling at the back of the yacht, but they were quite a ways off, so she could barely recognize Andy, standing in a group and holding two drinks…one of them obviously for her.

As Phillip described the dashboard and control panel, Jenny leaned in close, occasionally bumping the front of his bathing suit with her hand or elbow as she tested out each lever he showed her…she could feel the outline of his dick hanging down one leg of his swim trunks. Every time she bumped it, it seemed to grow, and the last time she bumped it, she just left her hand there and began gently squeezing the shaft of his cock as he finished his explanation of the cockpit.

With Jenny’s hand massaging his growing erection, Phillip smiled, pushed his trunks down to his knees, and took a step back, settling into the captain’s chair and spreading his legs. His semi-hard cock stuck out from his torso, with a smooth arc to the shaft as it hung over the edge of the chair…the tip seeming to point directly at Jenny’s barely covered pussy.

Jenny smiled at Phillip as she stepped in between his knees and wrapped her hand around his growing hard-on.

Phillip grinned at her and said, “As soon as I saw you come onboard, I was hoping you’d be game for some fun like this.”

Jenny began sliding her hand up and down Phillip’s shaft, and replied, “I got moist just stepping onboard your beautiful yacht. Now that I see your impressive cock, I’m even wetter.”

While Jenny’s hand jerked his rapidly expanding penis, Phillip untied her bikini top and tossed it onto the control panel behind her. With an appreciative smile on his face, he sat back in his captain’s chair and watched Jenny’s tits jiggle and sway as she pumped his now fully erect prick with one hand and massaged his balls with the other.

“My God, those are amazing tits,” he said, using both hands to lift and slap her breasts, making them swing back and forth as watched them dangle in front of her.

Jenny smiled her appreciation, and replied, “Well, thank you, Phillip”, then she grabbed the base of his dick and held his rigid 9” pole straight up in the air and added, “and, if I may return the compliment…between this amazing yacht and this beautiful cock, I imagine you have women dripping wet and falling all over themselves to spend time on your ‘boat’.”

Phillip threw his head back and laughed at her “boat” reference, then grinned down at her as he watched her admire and stroke his engorged prick, replying, “You wouldn’t be wrong, Jen. It’s a little tougher to pull off when my wife is onboard, but not so much when she can’t make it.”

Jenny let him play with her boobs for a while, then leaned forward and sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down as she sucked on the head of his dick, running her tongue along the edge of its mushroom head and continuing to stroke his shaft with her hand.

Phillip closed his eyes and moaned, but kept squeezing Jenny’s wobbling tits as they swung wildly beneath her in rhythm with her bobbing head and pumping fist.

After a few minutes, Jenny felt Phillip’s hand on the back of her head, pulling her hard into his crotch, as he shoved his erection as far into her mouth as he could, blasting a load of cum down the back of her throat. Jenny swallowed the initial load, then kept jerking his shaft and sucking on the head of his dick, as Phillip continued to shoot ropes of warm, white jizzm into her mouth. When Phillip had finally finished cumming, Jenny swallowed, then pulled his prick from her mouth…impressed that it was still rather hard. She continued to gently stroke his glistening shaft with her hand, then licked the final drops of semen from the head of his cock. Afterwards she quickly licked and sucked it clean, planted a kiss on the bulbous head, before standing up and wiping cum from the corners of her mouth with the back of her hand.

“That was pretty amazing, Jenny….welcome aboard,” Phillip said with a huge grin.

Jenny smiled back at him and, still standing between his knees and gently stroking his softening cock, she said, “That’s just my way of saying ‘thank you’ for inviting Andy and me onto your gorgeous yacht. I think this party is going to be a blast.”

Jenny gave Phillip’s now flaccid cock a playful slap and watched it sway back and forth for a couple of seconds, then grabbed her bikini top and put it back on, while Phillip slipped back into his bathing trunks.

“Guess it’s time to join the others,” Phillip said, as he led her out of the cockpit and back down to the main deck.

Jenny agreed, saying, “Yep…and I need to find Andy….I think he has a drink for me.”

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