Cheerleader’s Spring break

Trish, Buffy and I decided to drive to Florida for Spring Break. Trish’s
dad was an old car buff and had restored a 1970 Cadillac convertible for
her. It was huge and the three of us could sit in the front seat easily. We
decided it would be fun to tease the truckers on the way down who could
easily see into the open car so we wore our tiniest micro-skirts and
T-shirts cut off just below the VASSAR logo so we could flash our boobs. We
thought that would be good practice for the wet t-shirt contests we planned
to enter.

We all had great bodies from practising our cheerleader routines and were
sure at least one of us would win and even if we didn’t we would be able to
pick and choose among the boys for dates.

We had a great time going down. Buffy’s brother had bought us a case of
beer which we stuffed into coolers of ice and we were laughing and chugging
the beer enjoying the stares and erratic driving of the truckers when we
pulled up our skirts to show our tiny panties or jerked up the t-shirts.

We almost made it. When we stopped for snacks in Georgia Buffy noticed a
secondary road that seemed to be a shortcut in the map. Since she had been
designated as navigator we tried it. It was just two lane blacktop with very
few cars. We missed not being able to shake up the truckers but found a new
diversion. We began throwing the empty beer cans at mail boxes while Trish
bombed along about 70 in the 55MPH speed limit.

All of a sudden we were shocked by a loud siren behind us. Trish said, “Oh
shit! This is gonna cost me.” Little did she know. She pulled over and Buffy
suggested she wrap a fifty dollar bill around her license since she had
heard the hick cops often accepted bribes. Trish slid forward in her seat to
pull her skirt right up to the crotch and when this fat cop in a faded
uniform came to the door she said innocently, “Hi Officer. Did I do
something wrong?” and handed him her license with the fifty wrapped around

He stared at her thighs then looked at the license saying, “What is the
fifty for?” Trish smiled amnd said, “I thought I would pay the fine now to
save time. We are in a hurry to get to Florida.”

He said gruffly, “Girlie this won’t even come close to your fines. I have
you for speeding, destroying private property by hitting the mail boxes,
open containers, and I think you are all drunk and under age. Get out of the
car. All of you! Get in the back of my patrol car. Now!”

Trish said, “What about my car? am not going to let some doofus drive it.
Dad spent a lot of time and money restoring it.” He pulled his gun! “Girlie
don’t argue. Your car will be towed. You aren’t going to drive it one more
foot until you have had a breathalyzer.”

We felt sick. Our vacation would be ruined. We had money and plastic so
the fines would be no problem but if Trishes license was taken her dad would
shit. Buffy and my folks would shit if they found out we had been arrested.

Obviously we weren’t going to take the chance this idiot may shoot us so
we got out of the car and into the backseat of his which had no door handles
and a screen between the front and back seat.

It was bad enough to be frightened by our arrest but he made it worse by
ranting on about how he hated us rich kids that thought we owned the world
and that we should be ashamed of being such sluts and that he may add
indecent exposure to our crimes.

He made a right turn into another little road that led into the woods
until we came to a town. It looked like a ghost town! There was a big
factory building with broken windows and obviously vacant and all the
businesses except a little convenience store had the windows and doors
boarded up.

He dove up to a concrete building with just a sign saying “JAIL” over the
door and led us in to put us in individual cells while saying, “You can wait
here while I get the judge.” The cells were terrible. Just a big iron bed
and a five gallon bbucket obviously to be used as a toilet. As bad as I had
to pee after all the beer I resolved I would die before I squatted over it
with no privacy.

Once we were securely locked up he just stood and stared at us for a
minute. I wished I was wearing coveralls and I am sure the other girls felt
the same way.

Then Trish said, “For Chrissakes. Go get the judge. We are in a hurry.” He
just smiled evilly and said, “There aint no judge. I am judge, jury and
executioner. The only people in town are my sister, brother and me since the
fucking factory closed to move down to Mexico for the cheap spick labor. We
wouldn’t be here either if I had not come up with this scheme.”

Trish said, “You mean you can make a living off of traffic tickets?” “Hell
no. There is more to it than that. You girls are worth money!” Trish said,
“Oh shit girls! We have been kidnapped. How much ransom are you going to
want? Our folks have most of their money tied up in investments.”

He just grinned again and said, “Do you think I am that stupid? How could
we collect ransom? FBI would be crawling all over any place we had your
folks put it. No, once you are trained you are worth a mint in the slave
market. Also my brother will pick up your car and we will make a phony bill
of sale to sell it at a good price in the carribbean where it can’t be

We all began crying. How could this terrible thing happen to us? He went
into Trish’s cell and said, “Okay girlie. Let’s see if you look as good as I
think. Get those clothes off. Everything! Even the shoes and socks.”

“Fuck you! You prick! Dad will be calling our motel in a few hours to make
sure we got there alright and if we aren’t there he will call the real cops.
You had better turn us loose now or you will be in jail forever!”

I knew that was a lie. Her folks were on a cruise with my folks and
Buffy’s and we hadn’t been able to find a motel with a vacancy. We had hoped
we might bunk with some of the other girls from school. I had to admire the
lie and hoped it would scare him.

He just walked over her and said, “Bullshit. The cops won’t take a missing
report until you have been gone 24 hours. By then there will be no trace of
you. Now get those clothes off!”

Trish put an arm over her breasts and the other over her crotch as she
shrilled, “No! No!” He went closer to her and yelled, “No? You will never
use that word again!”

He punched her in the stomach! Hard! She fell to the floor gagging and
trying to breathe. While she was still trying to get her breath he picked
her up and laid her over the 2 inch pipes of the footboard of the bed and
jerked her arms over to handcuffs at the sides of the bed springs. Then I
noticed more cuffs at the legs of the foot board which he quickly snapped
over her ankles. He walked out leaving her there with her skirt up to her
waist in that horribly bound position.

Trish got back her breath and began struggling to get loose but all that
did was push her t-shirt up until her cute round boobs were rubbing on the
dirty mattress. She gave up and slumped to the mattress just as he returned.
He was carrying a riding crop! I was familiar with it. They were so evil I
wouldn’t use one on my horse but Trish had. I was sure she would know now
how the horse had felt.

He went over to her and said, “A ‘No’ is worth twenty lashes and twenty
more anytime I hear it.” The quirt dug deep into the roundest part of her
thinly clad butt and by the tenth the panties were ripped and Trish scramed,
“No! No more! I will take off my clothes. Damn you!”

He growled, “Stupid bitch. That is two more ‘No,s’.” She screamed and
screamed as he slammed the sixty lashes into her until her panties were in
tatters and her voice went hoarse. Finally her body just jerked at each lash
as she became too exhausted to struggle then she fainted.

He left her cell and walked into Buffy’s. He stared at her trembling body
a moment then said, “Are you going to refuse to strip?” She started to say
“No.” but caught herself changing it to “Nggg. I will strip for you. Please
don’t hurt me. I will do anything you want.”

“Good. Do it nice and slow. I want to see your naked skin a little at a
time.” I knew that normally Buffy loved to strip in front of boys but this
was totally different. There was no music or excited boys. Just this ugly
man with his day old scruffy beard and beer belly staring at her

She slowly slid her t-shirt up and over her head to show her 38D boobs she
was normally proud of but this time it just made her blush and tremble, she
slowly unzipped the skirt to slide it down and let it puddle at her feet
then paused in only her nearly transparent panties until he said, “Those

She made a little moan then slid down the panties slowly revealing her
bikini waxed pussy which hid nothing. He went over to her and grabbed both
her breasts squeeezing them until his fingers went deep into them and then
pinching and pulling on the nipples as she gasped and trembled obviously
fighting her impulse to push him away or grab his hands.

As he did it he said, “I hope you do something wrong. I will love to see
these bouncing under my quirt.” She blanched at the thought and moaned,
“Please. Please! I will be good.”

“Good. Now kneel down and unzip my pants to give me a great blow job.”
The idea horrified her so much she forgot and whined, “No. Please. It will
make me sick.” He smiile evilly and said, “That is a ‘No’. Go over and lean
back against the wall.”

She whined “Oh God. Pleases. Please!” but she slowly backed up to the wall
as he moved toward her. When her butt hit the wall he said, “Put your hands
on your head. If you take them down I will start over.”

She sobbed and tears rolled down her cheeks as she put her hands on her
head. I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful her boobs looked as they rose
to eliminate any sag.

He started beating her poor tits with the quirt! She screamed and almost
ripped out her hair in the effort to keep her hands in place as her boobs
jumped and quivered under the quirt. By the time he finished they were a
maroon color and had swollen and she was crying hysterically.

He smiled and put his hand on his crotch to move the huge lump into a more
comfortable position then left to lock her door and come to mine. He came in
and said, “Are you ready to strip?

I had determined not to use the “No” word no matter what he would want and
said in a trembly voice, “Yes. I will try to make you happy.” I began the
slow strip dreading the panty part knowing my pussy was completely hairless.
I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it was not him but my boyfriend I was
stripping for but he would not allow that fantasy by yelling, “Open your
eyes. Look at me!”

Shame and humiliation returned as I looked at his ugly leering face but I
knew I had to continue. I slid down the panties and stood at attention with
my legs apart as he ordered. I swear I could feel his eyes covering every
inch of my body as tears dripped off my chin to splash on my breasts.

By then Trish was awake and her and Buffy were staring at me. I wished
they had the decency to look away as that just added to my humiliation as I
stood there wondering what else I would have to suffer. His next statement
made me realize even my complete submission would not allow me to escape

He grinned at me like a kid with a new toy and said, “You mind very well
but you should at least have a taste of pain to make sure you continue to be
good. Come over here and slide my belt out of my pants.”

I knew it would be used on me and whined avoiding the “N” word, “Please.
Do I have to? I have done what you asked.” “Yes and if you argue you will be
punished more. Now do it!”

I went to him now sobbing and slid out the belt and let it hang from my
hand. My only consolation was that it seemed much less severe than that
terrible quirt he had used on Trish to bruise her so terribly.

“Good. Give it to me and say, ‘Please give me 5 spanks on my butt.’ Bend
over and hold on to your knees for it.” God this would be the ultimate
humiliation to actually ask for pain! I wished I could be brave like Trish
but knew that would be foolish since it would just be worse.

I sobbed. “Please give me five spanks on my butt” then turned and bent
over to grip my knees tightly to brace for the pain. It was weird I heard
the “whir” of the belt and the “Splat!” before I felt the sharp sting on my
butt. I had never been spanked before and was actually relieved it was not
as bad as I had feared. He had told me to ask for the spanks by counting the
next number and at two he hit lower at the bottom of my butt which stung
even more but was still bearable. I was able to continue to hold on to my
knnes and keep my response to gasps and shudders until 5 which landed on a
previously spanked place that stung enough to make me scream.

He said, “Good girl! Now turn around and stand up.” I know it sounds weird
but his “Good Girl” pleased me and I felt a little proud I was able to do as
he asked. Unfortunately it was not over.

He said, “Put your hands on your head and push out your tits then ask me
to give you four spanks on your breasts.” The thought was horrifying! I
whimpered “Please don’t do this! I have been good!” “Would you rather argue
and get twenty?”

“Oh no sir. Please give me four spanks on my boobies.” At one he hit the
side of my left breast to make a horrible sting that seemed to sink in
deeply and made it slap into my right breast. It took all my nerve to say
“Two” He hit the outside of my right breast to make another sting and make
it slap into my left breast. I paused a moment feeling the terrible stings
seem to sink into my body before saying “Three.” The tip hit into my
cleavage to jerk my breast toward my armpit and drag over my nipple. I had
to scream and shuddered a moment before saying “Four.” He did the same to my
other breast.

I stood there sobbing with tears running down my cheeks as I felt the
stings radiate from my poor boobies which were beginning to throb with each
heartbeat. I caressed them trying to soothe them as he watched in glee.

He said, “Okay last bit. Open your legs and ask for three to your snatch.”
I moaned, “Oh how can you be so mean!” He had no sympathy saying, “Are you

I said, “Oh Jesus!” and opened my legs a little but he kept saying “Wider”
until I felt the lips open and a strain to my inner thighs. When he was
satisfied I said, “One”. he brought his belt up from the floor to sting the
right side of my crotch.

To my surprise the sting was no worse than the ones to my butt and much
less than the ones to my breasts. I said “Two” and he hit the other side.
The stings radiated into my tummy and around my clitoris. It was weird! As
the stings radiated I felt an excitement much like masturbation. That
feeling was stopped when I said, “Three.” He brought the belt up the center
to sink into my open slit and rip at my tender inner lips and clitoris. I
let out a scream at the pain that seemed to go deep into my guts and
slapped my legs together to stand there sobbing and caressing my pussy in
the hope it may help.

He misinterpreted that completely as he watched me rubbing my pussy
saying, “Shit! Watching you jerking off has made me rock hard. Come over
here and undo my pants to give me a great blow-job.”

I looked over a Trish and Buffy who were staring wide-eyed and said, “God.
Couldn’t I do it somewhere else. This is terribly humiliating to have Trish
and Buffy see.” I realized asking for this concession only implied my
willingness to do it.

He would not even allow that. He said, “No. I want them to watch so they
will know how I like it done. Now get on your knees and take down my pants.”
I had gone down on my boyfriend once after his begging for months and
remembered it was not too bad.

I knelt and opened his pants to let them fall to the floor revealing
surprisingly skinny hairy legs so out of proportion to his fat gut. He was
not wearing shorts. I looked up to his dick.

It was not like my boyfriends at all. It was huge and almost a maroon
color with big ugly veins looking like worms. I took it in my hand noting my
fingers barely made it around it and brought it to my mouth. As I breathed
in I smelled this vile odor and knew he had not washed it for weeks. I
gagged just as he said, “No. Don’t put it in your mouth yet. First lick
every inch of my balls. Be gentle! If you hurt me I will quirt your pussy
until it bleeds.”

It was so gross! I had to gag several times at the taste of old sweat and
possibly cum on his hairy balls but I tried to be as gentle as possible. He
had me lick the shaft of his dick which was just as bad then put the
purplish head into my mouth being careful not to touch it with my teeth
since that had made my boy-friend scream.

My boy-friend had wanted me to suck gently and lovingly but this creep
didn’t. He just grabbed my hair and began jerking my head back and forth
causing me to gag as it hit the back of my throat. I dreaded the moment his
vile spunk would flood my mouth but he wanted to humiliate me more.

He pulled back and shot his sperm in my face and eyes. He must have not
been laid for a long time because there was a lot of it and when he had
squeezed out the last drop I knelt there sobbing at the terrible treatment.
He said, “Nice Blowjob. You could make a good living doing that. I have to
go check on my brother. Be back soon. Don’t any of you put on clothes!”

I continued to sob as I grabbed the rough wool blanket from the bed to
wipe off his fishy cum. When I calmed a little I sat on the bed and whined,
“Jesus! I could never have imagined anything happening to me that was so
bad.” To my surprise Trish answered angrily, ” What the fuck are you talking
about. Your skin is just red. Look at us. we will have bruises for weeks.
You are such a wuss! You could have easily grabbed his gun when you took off
his belt or blew him and shot the bastard. But no! You just did what he
wanted like some S and M whore.”

That was so unfair! I answered angrily, “Are you fuckin crazy. I couldn’t
shoot a cop! I would be boiled in oil. I couldn’t kill anyone anyway. At
least I am smarter than you. Look at you! Your ass is hamburger and you know
eventually you will be sucking cock too.”

“Maybe, but not without a fight. I have some dignity! You are just a
coward. Isn’t that right, Buffy?” I felt better when Buffy said, “My tits
hurt awful! I am not going through that again if I can help it. Besides what
makes you so damn brave? You were tied down. I think Allene and I were the
brave ones to take our terrible punishment without being tied up. I would
have rather been tied. It was really hard not to bring my arms down to
protect my poor boobs.”

I agreed! “Yeah! You have no idea of the nerve it took Buffy and me to
take that kind of punishment. I’ll bet you could not do it!” Trish said, “I
will never know because there is no way I am going to humiliate myself by
just standing there and be beaten. I will fight back!”

I answered, “God Trish. That may be a bad mistake. You know that by my
cooperating I was not hurt nearly as bad as you.” “Yeah but now you have no
pride! I am not about to have these rednecks turn me into a wuss!”

There was no sense arguing the point. Fear returned as I wondered what he
may do next. Buffy said, “Shit girls. We shouldn’t be fighting among
ourselves. Let’s try to find a way out of this!”

Trish said. “Right! Now damnit next time he gets close to you, grab his
gun and shoot the bastard. No jury in the world would blame us.” She had a
point but I hoped one of them would get the opportunity first because I was
afraid I would screw it up in my fear and may be killed.”

Trish had a plan. “Look. When he comes back offer to give him another
blowjob. When you undo his pants you will be able to grab his gun out of the

I said, “It is your plan. You offer. That was really gross!” “Oh okay, You
pussy! I thought I would be the only one who had the guts to get us out of
this.” He came back and went into Trish’s cell To slap her butt now badly
bruised with scabs on part of it to make her gasp to say, “Well you have had
some time to think. Are you going to be good now?”

I swear if this had been a movie Trish would have received the academy
award. She said pitifully, “Oh yes sir. I’ll be good. Please don’t hurt me
anymore. May I please suck your cock to let you know I will do anything to
please you?” He smiled broadly and said, “That is more like it. Let me get
you loose.”

He took off her bonds and I was amazed that Trish could actually smile at
him as she put her hands at the sides of his chest and began sliding down to
kneel in front of him. As soon as her hand got close to his gun she grabbed
it and pointed it right at his crotch yelling, “Okay you bastard! Turn
around so I can handcuff you or I will blow your nuts off!”

He laughed at her! “You stupid bitch! Did you really think I was dumb
enough to bring a loaded gun in with prisoners. Pull the trigger!” She
jerked on the trigger as fast as she could but there was only “Clicks” her
face showed panic just as he hit her in the face as hard as he could with
his fist. She dropped as if hit by a bomb, totally unconscious.

He dragged her nude body over to the wall and pulled up her wrists to
handcuff them to the bars of the window face out then pulled her right ankle
over to lock it to the bars of Buffy’s cell then the left to the bed. He had
to strain to pull her legs so far and I knew when she woke up her hips would
be killing her.

He looked over at us and said, “You bitch’s pay attention. It will be a
lesson to you to never try to fight back!” He left and came back carrying a
long black stick. I recognized it! It was a cattle prod that was used on
cattle on our ranch. Once one of our ranch hands had playfully touched my
butt with one and even through my jeans and panties it hurt so bad my Dad
fired him on the spot. This one was even longer than the one that had been
used on me and I knew it had more batteries to make an even worse shock.
Then I noticed something else about it. Normally the rods coming out of the
end were blunt but this one had been sharpened into evil looking nails.

He set it on the bed then threw a bucket of water on her. I saw ice cubes
bouncing off her face! She came to sputtering from the water that had gone
into her mouth and nose. He said, “Awake now?” Trish just moaned, Oh God.
Let me down. My hip joints are killing me!”

“You won’t notice that in a minute. I see I am going to have to get
tougher to tame you.” Without warning he jammed the nails into her left
breast on each side of her nipples as deep as they would go. While she was
still screaming from that pain he began pushing and releasing a button which
made her shreiks hurt my ears as her breasts jumped from the electric shocks
going deep inside her poor boob.

He pulled out the nails and blood began rolling down her boob to drip onto
her lower stomach while she sobbed her heart out. He pressed the sharp point
of one nail against her right nipple And as she screamed “No! No! No!” he
slowly drove it into the hilt then pressed the button again in pulses that
made the muscles of her boob contract to make it jump as if being hit. Her
keening wails were terrifying.

He pulled the nails out slowly and now both breasts were dripping blood
but even that was not enough for him. He carefully aimed the nails on both
sides of her clitoeis and began pushing the button in pulses that made her
hips buck as if she was fucking it until her screams faded as she went into
another faint.

He was mad at her for fainting! He said angrily, “Shit! Now I have to get
more water.” He left and Buffy and I looked at her utterly terrified. Blood
was slowly dripping now from both breasts and her pussy and her body had
gone limp to pull her into even more of a split position that left her pussy

He returned with another bucket of water but it did not revive her as much
so he added it to it by jamming smelling salts under her nose until she was
waving her head madly to avoid it. She pulled against her wristcuffs
desperately trying to remove some of the pain at her hips but could only
hold for a few seconds before her arms gave out and her legs returned to the
bowed position.

She began moaning, “Please let me down. I’ll be good! I promise! Please.
Please!” He just grinned at her obviously enjoying her pain and said, “In a
little while but I seem to remember three ‘No,s’ coming out of your mouth.”
She panicked and managed to pull herself up to the point her neck was at her
wrists as she wailed, “Oh God. Jesus help me!”

I knew she was desperate because she had said it was stupid to believe in
God and the Bible was just a collection of fables. He just grinned more and
said, “I will give you a break. Just five lashes per ‘No’.” I thought he was
finally feeling some compassion until he reached to his belt to get the whip
that had been hidden by his leg. I gasped when I saw it. It looked like a
billy club but the end sprouted a length of barbed wire about two feet long.

He swung it against the upper swell of her breasts to make her scream but
he wasn’t satisfied to just let the points dig in to her poor boobs. He
dragged the whip as it hit to tear furrows in the skin. He gave her four
more on her breasts nearly ripping off a nipple on one then five more to her
soft underbelly and finally five more that crossed her vagina over and over
until blood was running out of it.

You could no longer see skin for the blood then he said, “This solution of
salt and alum will stop the bleeding.” He splashed a bucket over the front
of her body. Her mouth opened and eyes bugged at what must have been a
terrible burn but she was too hoarse to make a loud sound. Just a strangling

The screams must have been heard because a skinny guy in overalls and a
woman in a dirty housedress walked in. She took one look at poor Trish and
said, “Goddammit Zeke! You have scarred her. You know that lowers her price
at auction. You dumb shit! Some of those cuts need to be sewed up. Go get my
sewing kit! Now!”

He looked sheepish and said, “Okay but let me introduce you! The bitch
hanging is Trish, The girl with the purple boobs is Buffy and the red one is
Allene. Girls meet Zeb and Ruth.” Trish of course did not respond. I don’t
think her mind could handle any more than the pain. I just stared but Buffy
evidentally after years of being polite said sweetly, “Glad to meet you
Ruth. You too Zeb.”

I could hardly believe it! I stared at Buffy in amazement. Ruth said
grudgingly, “Well at least one of them is polite.” Zeke said, “Yeah, Buffy
and Allene are okay, but Trish is gonna take a lot of training. Ruth
snarled, “Any more training from you and she will be dead. Help Zeb get her
down and lay her out on the bed and go get my sewing kit.”

Trish was limp as they put her on the bed and manacled her wrists and
ankles to the corners of the bed. I was amazed to see the salt and alum had
worked. Now only the worst gashes continued too ooze blood. Zeke ran off and
returned with a wicker sewing basket. Ruth reached in to bring out a curved
upholstery needle which she threaded. She went to Trish and began sewing up
her wounds. Trish must have been in so much pain anyway she hardly seeemed
to notice the needle going through her skin in tiny stitches.

It took a long time but Trish only moaned until she began sewing up her
ripped nipple. This hurt enough to make her give out little squeals as the
needle went through the skin and the thread was tightened.” Finally she was
done and stepped back. I had to admire her skill. The skin that had been so
horribly ripped was now just tight lines but it frightened me that she must
have learned to do it through experience. Zeke smiled and said, “Great Job
Sis. I can always count on you to fix em up when I get carried away.”

“Dammit. You aren’t going to get carried away again. These are good lookin
girls and I want them in good shape for the auction. I am locking up that
damn cattle prod and the barbed wire whip. You are going to have to get
along with just canes, switches and leather whips!” He pouted like a kid who
had lost his favorite toys and said,”Aw come on Sis you know some bitches
are hard to train.”

“Bullshit. Enough simple whippings will bring them around and I won’t have
to sew them up. Now put on the iodine and then let her sleep.” Zeke grinned
and I knew this must involve more pain. He took out a bottle of iodine and
soaked a cotton ball. It must have burned awful. Everytime he dabbed at a
wound with the ball Trish would squeal and squirm. He saved her nipple and
pussy for last and that brought screams and then another faint.

Ruth said, “Okay Zeke. Now go out in the woods and cut some fresh
switches. As punishment for getting carried away I am not going to let you
watch me test the other girls.” I was amazed at her power over this asshole.
He whined, “Aw sis. You know I love to watch that.”

When she said. “Git!” he walked away grumbling. I was glad someone
sensible could control him not knowing she was as evil as him. She walked
over to Buffy and squeezed her poor purple boobs as she said, “Are these
sore? Buffy whimpered, “Oh God yes!”

“Nice big tits. I can see why he couldn’t resist hittin them. I bet they
bounced and jumped like crazy.” Tears began rolling down her cheeks as she
remembered the ordeal and whimpered, “Yes. I thought he was going to rip
them off. They are still throbbing and aching.” “Good! Are you going to be
good now?” “Yes! Just don’t hurt me any more. Please!” “We’ll see.”

She pulled her dress up and over her head revealing an ugly flabby body.
Her tits hung like partially deflated balloons and she had the hairiest
crotch I had ever seen. The hair reached almost up to her navel. I could
hardly believe she would strip naked like that in front of her own brother.
He didn’t even look at her. He just stared at Buffy with a grin on his face
obviously knowing what was coming.

She said evilly, “Okay Buffy. Get on your knees. I want to see how good
you are at licking pussy.” Buffy looked at her in revulsion and said, “Do I
have to? I am not a lesbian!” “Me either Bitch but it still feels good. Now
do it! I want a lot of tongue action.”

Buffy whimpered and looked at me. I knew it made it worse for her to know
I was watching. She got on her knees and Ruth walked to her and pulled her
head into that mass of hair. Buffy whimpered, “Oh it smells awful!” Ruth
just laughed and said, “Yeah. Maybe I should have douched after the fucking
by Zeb and Zeke yesterday but you can clean me out. Do it!”

Buffy pressed into her gagging and spitting as loose hairs went into her
mouth. Ruth grabbed her hair with a look of pure bliss on her face as she
moaned “Faster. Make your tongue move faster!” It seemed to take forever to
get Ruth off but finally she pushed Buffy away and said, “Nice head! You
are gonna do fine.”

Buffy got on her hands and knees and began gagging. It had been so long
since we had food there was nothing to throw up. Ruth just grinned at her
convulsing body then left to come to my cell. “Okay Allene. You know the
drill. Get on with it.”

I knew it was fruitless to argue and knelt in front of her to spread the
hair with my hands and tentively lick her clitoris. It wasn’t good enough!
She snarled, “Get that tongue in deep and don’t forget the asshole.”
Thankfully Buffy had cleaned her enough to take away some of the smell and
taste but when I ran my tongue over her anus The taste of her shit made me
gag. I swear she didn’t even try to wipe her ass after a shit. She just
giggled as she watched my body convulse with my gagging. I went back to her
clit licking furiously in the effort to get her off fast and it worked! She
made a long moan and jerked away my head to make me fall back to sprawl on
the floor.

She stood there a moment rubbing my spit and her juices around on her
split then said thoughtfully, “Do you girls like each other?” I said, “Yes.
We are best friends. Why?” “Good you may not hurt each other too much. Zeb
bring Buffy in here with a couple of switches. One little one big.”

He dragged Buffy in and handed Ruth the willow switches. She held them up
in front of me. “Okay Buffy is going to give you ten lashes. Your choice.
The little one on your tits and pussy or the long one on your ass.” I
gasped. This was dabolical! I would have to choose my punishment! It was a
hell of a choice to make. The little one was only about two feet long and
about a half inch wide at the base narrowing to a point. The big one was
over five feet long and much thicker. Even the end was about a quarter inch

I debated with myself. The short one was light enough to just sting
without bruising badly but it would be on my most sensitive places. The long
one would definitely bruise badly as the weight dug deep into my flesh.
She became impatient saying, “Come on. Lets go! You girls have worn me out.
I want to get to bed.” I murmured, “The little one I guess.”

“Good choice. It shouldn’t cut you. Buffy I want you to give her six to
her tits and four to her pussy. I want red lines. Any pink ones will get you
ten in the same place.” Buffy said, “Oh please. I don’t want to hurt her.
Can’t you do it.”

“No bitch. I want you to do it! Allene. Put your hands on your head and
open your legs.” She was not satisfied until my legs were open about three
feet. I whimpered knowing every inch of my pussy was now vulnerable and
worse the slit had opened.”

She handed the switch to Buffy. Buffy said, “Sorry Allene.” and brought it
back over her shoulder. I braced myself but was not prepared for the sting
as it came down to hit the upper swell of my boob and rip at my nipple. I
screamed and it was all I could do to keep my hands on my head since I
wanted to caress the sting so bad.

She hit my other breast in the same place and I screamed again as it
ripped into my nipple and bent over to sob. Ruth screamed, “Get back in
position. Now!” I straightened up but she was not satisfied until I pushed
out my boobs for the rest. Thankfully Buffy did the next two fast and missed
the nipples but it still hurt awful.

Ruth said, “Okay. Her pussy. I want two red exxes across the lips.” It was
awful. It took longer because Buffy had to move to my right side to make the
switch whistle as it went down dagonally to rip at the lips. As the sting
radiated she went to the other side to bring it down for the first X. I
hated Buffy! I forgot the threat she was under and hated her for hitting so

The stings radiated deep inside me as she changed position to make the
other X. I hurt so bad I dropped to my knees and bawled like a baby as I
caressed my tits and pussy to try to lessen the sting. Ruth grinned and
said, “Good job, Buffy. Now it is your turn. Which switch?”

Buffy looked surprised. I guessed she had not realized she would have her
turn. She didn’t answer only sobbing until Ruth yelled, “Dammit. Which
switch?” “Oh God. My boobies are still sore. The long one I think.” Ruth
said, “Okay. Bend over and hold on to the foot of the bed. Don’t let go! If
you do I will have her start over.”

“Allene. I want deep red stripes a couple of inches apart starting at the
top of her ass and ending at the top of her thighs. They had better be good
and red!” I had no problem with that. I was hating Buffy not realizing until
much later this was a diabolical plan to make us hate each other.

I swung the switch as hard as I could ignoring Buffy’s screams as I
watched her ass flatten and jiggle under the switch as deep red lines
appeared. Obviously the juncture of her thighs and butt was especially
sensitive since it brought the loudest scream.

She collapsed on the bed with her ass in the air and began rubbing her ass
with both hands. Zeb yelled, “God that made me hot! Leave her there.” He
unsnapped the shoulder straps of his overalls to let them fall to his ankles
and jammed his dick into her pussy from behind to bring a loud squeal as it
ripped into her dry slit. After a few pumps there he pulled out and grabbed
his long gnarly dick to aim it at her little puckered anus. He just jammed
it in causing Buffy to make an agonized howl.

He pumped furiously then jerked out to shoot his sperm onto her poor red
ass. He dragged her back to her cell. They locked us in and left laughing.
Buffy laid on her bed sobbing for awhile then said accusingly, “You really
hurt me bad, Allene. It made it worse when I was buttfucked.” “You hurt me
bad too Buffy.”

“I know. I’m sorry but I couldn’t take the chance of having my boobs hurt
again.” “I understand. Go to sleep. It has been an awful day and I am
exhausted.” “Oh God. What do you think they will do to us tomorrow?” “I
don’t want to think about it. Go to sleep.”

Neither of us could sleep for awhile because we could not help but think
of other terrible things they may do. Finally the exhaustion from all our
pain allowed escape in sleep. I awoke not sure where I was but the itchy
wool blanket rather than my satin sheets made it plain I was not home. I
kicked it off as I opened my eyes and the bars I saw brought back reality

Buffy was already up and sitting on the edge of her bed caressing her
breasts and sniffling. They looked awful! Solid black and blue. When she saw
I was awake she said, “Oh Allene. Look at my poor boobs. Do you think they
will ever look good again?”

“Sure Buffy. The bruises will fade in time. Do they still hurt?” “Not
really. They are swollen and kind of throb though.” “That should go away
soon. How is Trish? “I don’t know. She is still asleep.”

I got up to look at her. No-one had bothered to put a blanket on her and
she was shivering in the morning chill but was not yet awake. I knew the
ordeal yesterday must have completely exhausted her. Her body looked awful
although she was no longer bleeding.

A short time later Zeb banged on the bars with a nightstick and yelled.
“Breakfast. After that it is exercise time. Come and get it.” He pushed
trays under the doors with cups of coffee and bowls of mush. That woke Trish
but she didn’t get up. she just weakly raised her head and moaned, “Oh no.
It isn’t a nightmare.”

Zeb yelled, “You got ten minutes to eat before I come back. Any flakes of
mush left gets you a lash each!” The coffee sure as hell wasn’t Starbucks
and the mush was nearly tasteless with just a little milk and no sugar but I
wolfed it down and even licked the bowl to make sure there was not the
tiniest flake.

I looked over at Trish. She was still in bed moaning. I yelled, “Trish!
Get up and eat! If that bowl is full when they get back they will lash all
the skin off you!” That scared her and she swung her legs off the bed but
when she tried to stand up she screamed and fell. “Oh God! He dislocated my
hips. I can’t walk!”

“Well then crawl over to the bowl. You have to eat it!” She crawled over
to it but then she looked at the grey mass and sobbed, “I can’t eat. I feel
sick.” “Then push it over to Buffy. We will eat it for you.” She did and
Buffy and I shared it although neither of us wanted more. Trish rolled over
on her belly and sipped the coffee while feebly moving her legs trying to
get rid of the cramp from her hips.

All three of them came in a few minutes later and Zeb said, “Exercise
Time!” Zeke came in to my cell and I froze sure I was in for more pain but
he just put a dog collar around my neck with a rope attached to it. Zeb did
the same with Buffy and Ruth put on Trish’s while she was on hands and

They started to lead us out of the cell but Trish whined, “I can’t walk!
He dislocated my hips!” Ruth showed no compassion, “Crawl then. Bitches walk
on four legs anyway.” I felt so sorry for Trish. She made little squeals at
each step as Ruth jerked at her leash and I knew the rough cement floor had
to hurt her knees.

They pulled us out to a dirt courtyard with three poles stuck in the
ground and tied our ropes to them. Ruth said, “Get up on your feet Trish!”
Trish moaned, “I can’t. It hurts too much.” Ruth said, “Help her up Zeke.”
He grinned and said,”Sure!”

He went over to her where she was sitting in the dirt sobbing from the
pain of the long crawl and reached down to grab her tits in each hand to
squeeze them cruelly and lift her by them so high her toes were off the
ground while she made agonized screams.

He let her down to lean against the post while tears rolled down her
cheeks to splash on her poor bruised breasts. Ruth finally showed some
compassion. “Okay Trish since you are so sore you don’t have to do the
exercises today. Just walk around the post until the rope is tight then
reverse until it is tight again.”

Trish began limping around but every time she stopped for a moment Zeb
would pop her on the butt with the knot at the end of a long buggy whip to
make her squeal and move again. Ruth wearing some ugly flowered shorts and a
t-shirt moved in front of us and led us in exercises. Well not really led
us. She was too out of shape for that. She would just do a few to get us
started and then counted. Anytime either of us would stumble or get out of
time she would hit us with another buggy whip to leave a red splotch that
stung like hell.

The sun was really hot and soon Buffy and I were dripping sweat as we did
the aerobics. Having always worn shorts when exercising I had not thought
about how obscene the exercises were when done naked. Zeb and Zeke loved
watching us they rubbed their crotches as they laughed and made comments
about how much our boobs jumped in jumping jacks and the way our pussies
opened up in the stretching things. Buffy and I never stopped blushing
throughout the long hour.

By the end of the hour Trish was able to walk with only a little limp but
the damn exercises had excited the men. They made Buffy and me suck their
dicks but we were lucky. Trish had to pull down Ruth’s shorts and lick that
hairy stinking pussy. I knew Trish’s pride had been completely broken when
she did it with no protest. They made us stand in the hot sun until their
cum had dried on our faces and then led us back to our cells to wonder what
indignity or pain they would come up with next.

As soon as we were locked in our cells we rushed to the bucket of drinking
water in our cells to scrub off the dried smelly cum with the corners of the
wool blankets. Zeke chuckled, “Hey aint it nice to have such clean little
girls.” Zeb said, “Yep. Clean and pretty. That Saudi Oil should pay a mint
for them.”

As soon as they left I said, “Did you hear what they said! They plan to
sell us to the Arabs. Those people are terrible. They cut off hands for
shoplifting and do terrible toertures. We have to escape.” I knew Trish had
lost all her will to fight when she whimpered, “Oh God. Allene. Don’t do
anything to make them mad. When Zeke was holding me up by ny boobs he said,
‘Sweet tits. Maybe I will fry them and eat em.’ He would too!!. She broke
into hysterical sobbing just at the thought.

Buffy even agreed saying, “I don’t believe Saudi’s could be worse. I think
they will just want us for sex. Don’t do anything! Please, Allene?” In spite
of them I went through every plan I could think of to try to escape but none
seemed workable. The next morning Zeb said as he pushed the mush in, “Your
girls are in luck. Zeke and Ruth went to town to go thru junyards to find
stuff to make a third sulky for racing. Ruth said I should let you rest up.
they will be gone all day.”

I said, “Racing? You have horses?” “No baby. You girls are going to be the
horses. You will race and losers will be whipped by the winner. Pray you
don’t get Zeke. He weighs about 260.” He laughed as he left. Trish began
bawling and between sobs said, “Oh God. I know Zeke will want me. I will die
for sure!”

I said, “Now will you help me come up with a plan to escape?” They tried
but they couldn’t come up with anything workable either. We were still
talking softly when Zeb returned saying. “I think I will give you a taste of
sulky racing. Trish’s legs are still weak so Allene and Buffy can cut cards.
Low card is the horse, the rest of you can watch.”

I had hope. Maybe the three of us would get a chance to gang up on him. We
cut cards and Buffy lost. I felt sorry for her but was still happy I had
won. We did not get a chance to gang up. He took us out one by one to
handcuff us to telephone poles in front of the jail. Then he brought out
Buffy with her hands cuffed behind her back. He led her over to a strange
contraption. It was like a ricksha but much cruder with iron pipes running
from an axle with go cart wheels to bend to fit a girls waist and an old
iron tractor seat on a springy piece of steel that was welded to the axle.
He led Buffy between the pipes and buckled a wide leather strap from the
pipes to her waist.

The next part was horrifying. He reached into a sack and brought out two
huge fish hooks with nylon line tied to them and drove the points clear
through poor Buffy’s nipples ignoring her screams. He reached down to the
ground to get a long leather whip then got into the tractor seat putting the
handle of the whip into another pipe.

He said, “When I pull back like this stop.” he jerked on both reins to
jerk Buffy’s tits into her armpits while she let out a scream. “When I pull
on this one, turn right. He jerked on the right rein to pull her tit back
and stretch the nipple horribly to bring another scream. He ignored it and
said, “When I pull on this, turn left.” He jerked on her left nipple so hard
I thought the hook may tear out as Buffy screamed and turned as far as she

“Okay. We are ready. Get ready to run.” He put both reins in one hand and
brought out the whip. He swung it around her arms to make it “Spat!” into
both boobs and Buffy bent over in pain and began running as fast as she
could. The sulky bounced at each pothole to make him jerk on the reins and
he never stopped whipping her until the end of the street when he had to put
the whip back into the holder to jerk on her left nipple to make her turn to
come back. As soon as she was headed straight he brought out the whip to
whip her some more until she got to us where he jerked back on both reins to
make Buffy scream as her poor nipples were stretched to the max.

She stood there panting as sweat poured down over the nasty red stripes
covering her boobs and tummy. Thankfully the pipes had protected her pussy.
He grinned, and said, “You got the idea, I hope I get Buffy. she is fast!”
He tied the reins to a post then led Trish, then me into our cells before
returning for Buffy.

After she was in and lying on her bed sobbing he came into my cell and
said, “That got me rock hard. Take down my overalls and suck me off.” It was
horrible. I would never get used to the shame. As usual he made it as
humiliating as possible by shooting his cum all over my face.” He began
pulling up his overalls as he said, “Not a bad blowjob. I will be back later
to work up another hardon by whipping those nice tits.”

I went crazy. I didn’t care what happened to me. The rope was still on my
collar and when he turned I looped it around his neck while jumping up to
wrap my legs around his waist and jerked on the rope as hard as I could. He
thrashed around but there was no way I was going to let him shake me off and
I kept pulling until he was weakened and fell to the floor. I still pulled
until he was completely still. I turned his head to the side and his eyes
were open and bulging and his tongue was sticking out obviously dead.

I would never have thought I could kill anyone but I felt no remorse at
all in fact I felt a feeling of power and triumph. I grabbed his ring of
keys and let Trish and Buffy out. We began running down the road towards the
main road and just kept running until we heard a car behind us honking. The
driver was grinning broadly and when he pulled up he yelled, “You girls out
for a jog?”

We didn’t bother to answer. We just jerked open the doors and jumped into
his car. Me in front and Trish and Buffy in back. He yelled, “Hey! Get out
of the car! My wife would kill me if she saw me with three naked girls.”
Trish screamed, “Shut up and take us to the highway patrol. We have been
kidnapped. Hurry or I will kill your ass!”

He jammed the car into gear and took off. Once we were moving he said,
“Kidnapped? Who kidnapped you?” We told him the sheriff in that town off the
road and the bastard laughed, “Hell there isn’t any sheriff there. It is a
ghost town. What is the real story. Did some boys tell you to hump or dump?”

“No you asshole. We were kidnapped by some creeps named Zeke, Zeb and
Ruth.” That shook him for a minute then he said, “I find that hard to
believe. Zeke and Zeb are good ole boys and I buy preserves from Ruth.” I
hoped the state patrol didn’t feel the same way. It is a wonder we got
there. He spent so much time staring at me and looking in the rear-view
mirror at Buffy’s big tits we almost went off the road several times.

When we got to the state patrol office we piled out and ran in not giving
a damn about being naked. The sargent at the desk looked shocked but as we
babled our story he led us to a back room and gave us blankets to cover

We felt secure with all the guys with guns knowing there was no way Zeke
and Ruth would try to get us back. I didn’t even have to go to trial for
killing Zeb. I was held in jail for about a week while statements were taken
and they searched Zeke’s place where they found all kinds of torture devices
and a couple of graves. The prosecuting attorney said it was justifiable
homicide and I was released.

About a year later Zeke and Ruth were sentenced to life in prison which
was much too good for them. We don’t go anywhere anymore without a gun.

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