Sex party on the luxury yacht 2.

Jenny longed for luxury, but found little of it married to Andy. When the owner of Andy’s company invited them to a party on his yacht, Jenny was ecstatic. Dressing in an extremely revealing bikini, Jenny allowed Andy’s boss to fondle her tits as he ostensibly gave her a tour of the yacht, then gave him a blow job in the cockpit of the yacht before returning to the party on the main deck.

When Phillip and Jenny returned to the main deck they found Andy, dutifully holding Jenny’s drink, as he chatted with his co-workers and their spouses. Jenny thanked Andy for her drink, then turned to face the others as he introduced her to the group he was with. After exchanging “hellos”, the group’s attention naturally shifted to Phillip, and Andy turned and asked Jenny how the tour went.

Jenny said, “It was nice…I love all the opulence.” Then she caught Phillip’s eye, winked, and continued saying to Andy, “it was a little bigger than I expected, and it’s extremely impressive….it took my breath away.” Phillip smiled his understanding of their inside joke, then carried on chatting with his other guests.

As the party continued into the night, the drinking and laughing continued, the music got louder, Andy’s co-workers got more raucous, and the dancing even got a bit provocative. Jenny noticed that bikini tops were being untied or pushed aside, and swim trunks were being squeezed and groped as the night got darker, the music got louder, and people danced with more abandon. Jenny couldn’t be sure, but it seemed that the group of partiers would occasionally get smaller for a little while, as some of the men would quietly leave the party area with women who weren’t their spouses, then slip back relatively unnoticed about twenty minutes later.

Andy and Jenny danced together a few times, then Jenny danced with some of Andy’s co-workers while he chatted with others near the bar area. All of her dance partners loved to watch her heavy tits sway and bounce during the fast songs, and tried to push her bikini top aside and cop a feel during the slow songs. Jenny was enjoying herself so she didn’t really resist…just danced with whoever asked her, and even squeezed an occasional cock or ass during the slow songs.

As the party wound down, the couples began leaving until the only ones left onboard were Phillip, Andy, Jenny and the other couple who would be spending the night and sailing with them the following day.

Jenny had met the other couple – Wayne and Paula – during the party, but hadn’t really gotten to know them very well. Wayne was the CFO of Phillip’s company, and was three levels higher than Andy on the org chart.

Jenny had danced with Wayne a few times during the party, but there wasn’t a lot of talking going on….he was one of the ones who enjoyed grabbing her tits during the slow dances, and was laser focused on her bouncing boobs during the fast dances.

After Jenny and Paula helped clean up a little, they all called it a night and everyone headed for their cabins down below the main deck.

Andy was a bit tipsy from drinking so much during the party, and he fell asleep pretty quickly while Jenny was still cleaning up and getting ready for bed. About two hours later – in the middle of the night – Andy woke up and noticed that Jenny wasn’t in the bed beside him.

Curious, he slipped out of the cabin and walked down the hall toward the galley, looking out the porthole windows as he went to see up onto the main deck without having to climb the stairs. When he got to the galley, he could see up onto the main deck through one of the porthole windows, and sure enough…there were Jenny and Phillip on the main deck….both naked, and fucking like crazy. Jenny was bent over, holding onto the railing, with her legs spread wide and her big tits slapping against each other as Phillip plowed her exposed pussy from behind. Andy could even hear Jenny’s grunts through the thick glass of the porthole from the force of Phillip’s rigid cock slamming into her cunt over and over. As Andy continued to watch, he saw Jenny throw her head back and let out a loud moan as she climaxed, creaming all over Phillip’s pounding rod.

Andy knew he was pretty well hidden, so from his spot in the galley he continued watching Phillip hammer his wife’s pussy. Without thinking about it, Andy reached down and rubbed his crotch with one of his hands and realized, with a start, that he was getting a hard-on. Surprised, but extremely aroused, he reached inside the slit in the front of his boxers, pulled out his stiffening cock and started slowly stroking the shaft as he continued watching Phillip fucking his wife on the main deck.

Andy was again surprised when another figure appeared on the main deck with Phillip and Jenny. Phillip didn’t seem surprised at all…like maybe this was planned…and even though Jenny looked surprised initially, she didn’t appear unhappy with the new addition to the scene. Andy could see that it was Wayne, and that he was only wearing a pair of boxers, with his semi-hard prick hanging out from the front slit and dangling between his legs.

Wayne moved toward the railing where Jenny was holding on, grabbed his shaft with one hand and held it out to Jenny’s mouth, encouraging her give him a blow job. Jenny released the railing and….with Phillip still pounding away from behind…grabbed onto Wayne’s hips for support, then sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down on Wayne’s growing hard-on, as Phillip continued to ram his stiff rod in and out of her pussy like a piston, reaching around to grab both boobs as they swung wildly beneath her.

Wayne stood with his hand on his hips and his head thrown back as he rocked his hips and enjoyed having Jenny suck and stroke his engorged prick. Jenny suddenly grabbed Wayne’s ass with both hands, pulling him hard into her mouth, and let out a muffled moan around his shaft as a delicious orgasm ripped through her body.

Andy was watching his wife have a second orgasm through the galley window, and still pumping his now fully erect boner, when he was startled by a voice behind him.

“You probably weren’t expecting that, were you?”

Andy turned to see Paula standing there in a tiny, see-through teddy….her heavy breasts, big areolas and stiff nipples clearly visible through the thin material…smiling at Andy and nodding at the scene they could both see through the porthole window.

“Uhhh…no…I guess I wasn’t,” Andy stuttered.

Paula said, “yeah…this is pretty typical for Phillip’s yacht parties…his wife never comes to them.” Then she stepped closer to Andy and reached out to grab his rock-hard prick…”Can I help you with that?”

“Uhhh…sure…” Andy said, and Paula grabbed his cock and started jerking him off as they both continued watching the scene unfold on the main deck.

Phillip was still pounding away from behind Jenny, when he suddenly released her boobs and grabbed her hips, shoving his rigid pole as far into her as it would go and blasting a load of cum deep inside her cunt. As Phillip continued sliding his dick in and out of her pussy, Jenny sucked even harder on Wayne’s prick, using one hand to stroke his shaft and the other one to massage his balls. It didn’t take long….Wayne suddenly thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock deep into Jenny’s mouth and erupted….sending rope after rope of hot, creamy jizzm against the back of her throat.

Jenny tried to swallow Wayne’s load, but much of it dribbled out from the sides of her mouth. As she stood there on the main deck…still bent over, with cum dripping out of her mouth and pussy at the same time….Andy lost it, and blasted his own load of cum onto the galley floor, and all over Paula’s hand.

Paula laughed and said, “Nice job, Andy….that’s a hell of a mess you made,” as she continued to slide her hand up and down his glistening shaft.

As Andy caught his breath from cumming, he noticed that his wife was still bent over, standing with her legs spread and her hands on Wayne’s hips…her mouth just a few inches from his slimy, softening cock. Phillip continued slowly sliding his still semi-hard dick in and out of her pussy as she sucked the tip of Wayne’s cock back into her mouth and started cleaning it off with her lips and tongue.

When she was done cleaning Wayne’s dick, she stepped forward to pull herself off of Phillip’s shaft, then turned around and squatted in front of him…cum from her pussy dripping onto the deck between her legs. She gently sucked the tip of Phillip’s cock into her mouth and used her tongue and lips to clean it the same way she had Wayne’s.

Meanwhile, Paula had grabbed a towel from the counter and wiped up the mess Andy made on the galley floor. While she was on her knees, she sucked his spent dick into her mouth and licked it clean, gently stroking his flaccid shaft as she did. When she was done, she panted a kiss on the tip of his cock before standing back up to join Andy watching their spouses through the galley window.

Now that the action on the main deck was over, Andy and Paula watched Jenny and the guys talking and laughing…the guys occasionally grabbing her tits, and Jenny playfully slapping their flaccid dicks to watch them swing back and forth between their legs. So, Andy and Paula headed back to their cabins.

In front of Andy’s cabin, Paula stopped and turned to face him. She reached between them to fondle his soft, dangling cock through his boxers, while taking one of his hands and putting it on her left boob.

Placing her hand over his, she encouraged him to squeeze her tit, then said, “That was fun, Andy…I know this was your first time at one of Phillip’s parties, but I hope you and Jenny can come to more so we can do this again.”

Then she stood on her tip toes to give him a deep, lingering kiss on the lips before giving his penis one last squeeze and continuing down the hall to her cabin.

Jenny returned to their cabin about ten minutes later, cleaned up and crawled into bed.

The next day everyone acted normal, as if nothing had happened. Jenny and Paula sunbathed – topless – on chaise lounges in the bow of the yacht…drinking wine, chatting and laughing. The guys hung out in deck chairs around the bow, smoking cigars, sipping whiskey, and watching the women’s boobs jiggle as they talked and laughed.

Phillip docked the yacht when they returned from sailing, and they all headed to the marina restaurant for dinner with Phillip’s wife.

Back at the office, Andy got the promotion he’d hope for, although he was still middle management, and would never be in the same financial category as the senior guys. Jenny remained a little disappointed about that, but she and Andy did get invited to all of Phillip’s yacht parties after that, which Jenny really liked. Phillip managed to fuck her at every one of his parties, and…for Jenny…that seemed to be enough.

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