Our first time

We have now been swinging on and off for about twenty years. We are not into it in a big way, just a few times per year we like to have a fun night with other like minded adults. Sometimes with another couple, sometimes with only one other person, occasionally as part of a group. We have met people via contact magazines, bulletin boards and web sites but the first time was with a friend of ours. It had taken lots of convincing but I had finally talked Andrea into having a threesome and our friend Todd was the perfect target. We were living overseas at the time in a small, remote community and he was a single man, liked by many of the women there but I don’t think he ever thought he would get lucky with one of them as they were all married.

One night he dropped me home after a night at our local club and we walked in to find Andrea laying on the lounge watching a porn video. We made drinks and I joined Andrea on the lounge while Todd took a chair to our left. As I said it had taken me some convincing to get Andrea to agree to try anything sexual with another person but I didn’t expect things to get started the way they did. We had been watching the movie for a little over five minutes and I was feeling her breasts through her top when she sat up and asked Todd if he would like to taste them. Todd wasted no time coming over to the lounge and together we unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a nice lacy bra stretched to the max by a pair of breasts straining to be released. Todd reached around and unclasped the bra allowing Andrea’s horny nipples to stand proud. They are a lovely pink colour and when aroused protrude over a ½ inch from the nice sized B cup breasts which we were now both feasting upon. It didn’t take long for all three of us to get very aroused and in no time Todd was feeling Andrea’s pussy and I could hear the liquid sounds of her arousal.

We moved the party to the bedroom and as we entered we both removed the last of Andrea’s clothes then our own. Todd had a massive erection, as did I. Andrea lay on the bed and invited us to join her. Todd moved straight over her and started tonguing her pussy. Now Andrea always cums quickly, usually two or three times to my one, and she also gets very wet. In less than two minutes she wet Todd’s face with a massive amount of pussy juice as she had her first orgasm. All this time I had been kissing her and sucking her breasts. I fingered her pussy for a few moments after Todd moved away but I know that after an orgasm from a tongue Andrea loves (needs) to be filled by a long hard cock so I said to Todd that as he was a visitor he should go first. Todd inserted the head of his cock between the lips of Andrea’s pussy that until that time had only ever known one cock. Andrea started to moan and I knew she was hungry for more and obviously enjoying her first threesome. Todd began to fuck her quickly and he came pretty soon. For a man who had not had sex for a number of weeks he did well to last that long. I was so turned on that I thought I would cum straight away but as soon as Todd moved aside I mounted Andrea, slid my hard cock all the way in to her and started to thrust as hard and long as I could. Todd had cum in her pussy but Andrea wanted me to unload on her belly so I pulled out and shot my cum onto her with some of it shooting as far as her breasts.

By this time Todd was starting to get turned on again from watching us. Andrea went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and when she returned to bed began giving head to Todd. She doesn’t deepthroat but has an excellent technique she uses with her tongue and lips that I know I can’t resist and I have yet to meet a man who she can’t get hard using her oral skills. Todd was the first I have ever seen her give head to and he was hard again in no time. This time Andrea told him she wanted more of him in her pussy and she crawled up the bed on her hands and knees and Todd took her doggy style. I could hear her wet pussy suctioning onto Todds cock as he moved in and out of her. I was able to see her inner lips clasping his cock as he was on the out stroke as though they were saying “I’ve got you and I don’t want you to go, come back!” The moisture being produced by Andrea’s pussy had to be seen to be believed. She was absolutely saturated. They changed positions and Todd was still fucking her from behind but Andrea was laying on her side leaning over me. She started playing with my balls. Massaging and teasing them but not touching my cock. I was rock hard, pre-cum leaking from me in huge quantities but try as I might I could not get Andrea to touch my cock.

Suddenly she started to cum again, this must have been her fifth or sixth orgasm and as she started to cry out she buried my cock in her mouth, nearly all the way to the base. The sensation was awesome. I nearly came and I would have if she had of repeated such a deep stroke but she removed her head and played with my cock using her hand until Todd warned her he was about to cum. Andrea started thrusting back at Todd as though his was the last erection she was ever going to see. She started to cum again and as she was crying out Todd grunted and thrust deep into her pussy unloading another load of cum right at the top of her vagina. Andrea looked at me and said “I am still horny”. Todd left the room to visit the bathroom as Andrea crawled over me and sank her molten pussy down over my cock. I was in heaven and as the night progressed I just couldn’t get over how fantastic this all was. Much better that anything we had thought it could possibly be. Andrea was atop me impaling her saturated pussy onto my cock and she was telling me that it was such a turn on being able to go from one cock to another and how great it felt with all the cum inside her.

My pubes were soaking up all of Todd’s cum that was being pushed out of her and as Andrea came again she released a massive amount of fluid that I could feel run all over my belly, thighs and down my bum to the bed. Todd returned and I thought that two fucks may have been enough but Andrea dismounted me and got on all fours and she started playing with Todd’s soft cock. I moved behind and entered her gaping pussy and began a slow thrusting motion that Andrea always complains is a teasing speed. Using a combination of fingers, hand, tongue and mouth Andrea soon had Todd hard again. I couldn’t hold out any longer as the sight of Andrea giving head while I was enjoying the silky feel of the insides of her pussy was more than I could take. I grabbed her hips and after a half dozen very deep and hard thrusts I came in her pussy just as she started to cum again. She wasn’t finished cumming though and she quickly pulled away from me and sat her convulsing pussy down onto Todd’s hard cock and began slamming herself onto him as she finished her orgasm. She can’t keep going in that position for long so she turned around and keeping Todd’s cock in her pussy she once again resumed the doggy position. This is her favourite position as she loves the feeling of deep penetration she gets from it. Andrea started moaning indicating she was having another orgasm. She was still moaning and grunting with very erratic breathing about a minute later. I began to think she must be hurting or something else may be wrong so I asked if she was alright. She looked at me, tried to catch a breath and between moans and grunts told me she was cumming continuously, something she had never experienced before. I felt so happy for her that I lay down under her so we could kiss. As we were kissing she reached down and started rubbing by cock again. I surprised myself when my cock started to grow and I shortly had another erection. Todd had now been fucking her for over ten minutes but as we had both cum a couple of times already we were now able to last much longer. Andrea began giving me head and I loved the added sensation of her body being buffeted from Todd’s thrusting. It is something I try to repeat whenever the opportunity presents itself. Andrea has a little trick that makes me cum very quickly when fucking doggy style and she did this to Todd as she was sucking me. She reaches around, slides a finger each side of the cock that is fucking her pussy and loops one finger over the top of the cock which gives an incredible sensation which Todd must have liked also because he came inside her once again within thirty seconds of this treatment.

As Todd deflated and Andrea crawled over me there was a stream of white cum running down her left leg that just looked as though she was having the most fantastic time as she didn’t even bother to wipe it up. She turned around so she was facing away from me, lent right over and lowered her open, soaking wet pussy slowly onto my cock. The feeling was sensational and I couldn’t believe it but I started to cum straight away. I remained semi hard in the warmth of her vagina as Todd stood on front of her and received a head job to finish off the night. He was able to cum once more but the quantity was not great this time. Just enough to land on her breast and run down toward her nipple. Todd left to return to his place and we slept well into the next morning and although Andrea was quite sore we made beautiful love, feeling very close to each other and just enjoying being together.

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