I fucked my co-worker


I had worked with Jim for several months and he had been friendly but lately it seemed like he was always looking at me and coming on to me and I have to admit it was turning me on.

Last week he came up to me in the hall and pulled me into a empty room and kissed me. It felt really good and I responded to his kiss by pressing my body against his and opening my mouth to receive his tongue. When he broke the kiss he looked at me and said” I sure would love to fuck you. Can I come ove to your house tomorrow afternoon”? ” Yes! I would like that and will be waiting for you”.

The next afternoon while my hubby was at work Jim came over. When he came in he was carrying a tool box and said it was so if anyone seen him they would think he was there to do some work. He opened the box and pulled out his camcorder. I want to film us fucking. I led him to the bedroom and as he set up the camcorder I got undressed and laid on the bed waiting for him.

He soon was undressed and joined me on the bed. He pulled my naked body against his and said how he had wanted to feel me naked in his arms for a long time. ” Now I’m going to taste you and get you ready for my cock”. When I felt his mouth on my pussy and his tongue probing my pussy I kknew I was going to love this. I was soon cumming all over his face and begging him to fuck me. He spread my legs wide apart as he got between them. :If you want my cock you will have to guide it in”. I grabbed his cock and guided it to my pussy and felt him ease forward sliding into my married cunt. He fucked me for several min. before he shot his cum into me. I loved feeling him shoot all that cum in me and I came with him.

We rested for awhile then Jim said he wanted to fuck my ass. I told him that I wasn’t used to that but would try if he wanted. He used my juices and his cum to lube his cock then slowly slid it into my ass. It really hurt at first but I soon adjusted to it and started really loving it. We spent the rest of the afternoon with Jim fucking my ass and cumming in it and me loving it and being his total slut.

“God you are hot! I knew you would be a good fuck but never dreamed you would be this hot and good. I want to fuck you lots more and give you lots of my cum”. “I want that too and you can fuck me anytime you want”. “What about your hubby’? I expalined to Jim that we had an open relationship and I could fuck anyone I wanted and I wanted him.”You mean if I call you and he answers I can just ask for you and it is ok”? “Yes and I will meet you or send him out and you can come over and fuck me”.”I think we are going to have a lot of fun together”.