Kink Booooooing


I have been invited by a couple I am close with to a party they have put on. It is a party with a bit of a difference, half of the guests are seasoned swingers, the other half are just normal everyday people who are open minded enough to come to a party where they know there will be many sexually liberated guests. When I first arrive everything looks like a relatively normal house party, the room is alive with laughter, drinking dancing and flirting. There is a DJ up one end of the room spinning all the latest tunes and the atmosphere is set to friendly and accommodating. I walk in. I am dressed in a black satin dressing gown and sexy black heels. My eyes sweep over the guests already there, all in sexy sleepwear as per the invite directions. I am one of the most conservatively dressed in my thin gown, many of the other girls are in sheer lacey negligees which barely cover their butt cheeks, but they have a little extra freedom with their size 8 figures – I am a size 12.

A quick survey of the room leaves me satisfied that the man I’m interested in is not there yet, but the woman I’m interested in is. I make a bee line for her. She is someone I have had an ongoing friendship with for a couple of years, she lives and studies in a different town but we speak at least once a week and in her holidays she comes to Auckland and we have a habit of hooking up. We play catch up for half an hour, down a few drinks and take a walk around the rest of the house – off the main room is another area set up with classy porn projected onto a large screen, this room has a bed off to the side made up with sexy lace drapes and sofas facing the screen and the bed. Off this room there are several bedrooms with plenty of inviting spots for those who wish to have sex in private. The idea is that you move through these 3 sections depending on how far you are progressing sexually throughout the night.

We return to the main room and get busy bumping and grinding on the dance floor. The man of interest arrives and makes his way over to me. He hugs me. There are unresolved emotional issues between us but we are very attracted to one another. He says I look nice and comments that I decided not to wear a tiny nightie. Some time goes by; we socialize with other people and steadily get more and more drunk. I notice my man standing off to the side of the room alone, I make my way over to him and confess that I’ve lied to him and that I feel terrible, he looks around like a deer stuck in the headlights, he foresees a drunken emotional meltdown approaching.

The look on his face is priceless when I tell him that I lied about the nightie and drop my dressing gown off my shoulders before placing it in his hands. I watch, satisfied, as his jaw drops, eyes widen and he shifts the weight on his feet uncomfortably as he takes in my outfit, a small black sheer number with embroidery detailing, it leaves very little to the imagination but flatters my figure in all the right ways, my breasts fill the lace cups perfectly. My make up is flawless but my rumpled hair and flushed cheeks from dancing give me that “I just had sex” look. I flash him a seductive glance over my shoulder as I make my way back to my girlfriend and start kissing her passionately. We walk hand in hand into the porn room and position ourselves on the bed. She has beautiful large breasts and groans gently as I tease her nipples in my mouth, she lays down on the bed and I lean in over her with my knee between her legs, as she starts to grind against my knee she pulls my mouth to hers for some frenzied kissing.

Out of the corner of my eye I see my man appear in the door way – exactly as I’d planned. I smirk to myself and glance up again, he’s gone! Bastard! Oh well, I decide I’m not going to let him get me down and focus all my energy on the fabulous woman in my arms. By this stage she has worked herself up into quite the frenzy, we are bucking and rocking in one anothers arms, my knee is damp where she is grinding harder and harder, we have our hands on each others breasts and our tounges are dancing against each other with desire. My partner is still on her back and I am kneeling over her, a quick glance around the room lets me know the porn has been forgotten and the half a dozen people in the room have all eyes approvingly taking in our display. My man is back, he walks towards me, I am so lost in passion that I don’t realize he is tugging on my shoulder for a couple of minutes. I come up to attend to him giving myself some time to breathe and grind my knee hard between my girlfriends legs, she starts to moan deeply and arches her back. Beautiful.

I glance annoyed at my man and then all frustration evaporates when I see that he has returned with a glass of ice! :wink_2: He knows my sexual desires well. I take the glass and place it beside the bed keeping a cube in my hand. I focus my full attention back to the writhing beauty on the bed and place my hand behind her neck holding the cube against her skin at the hair line. Her eyes pop open, connect with mine, glaze over and then roll back into her head in pure ecstasy, the groaning reaches a whole other level! My free hand is exploring every inch of her torso while my knee still builds her desire. I feel my man beginning to pay attention to my arse which is still high in the air and start to get distracted by the fact that he is about to pop an ice cube into my already very wet vagina. The ice cube I’m holding behind my girls neck finally melts and I kneel upright catching my mans hand to pull him out from behind me and to push him over to a spot where he will have a prime view. I direct him to, “Stand there. Just watch.”

I grab another handful of ice and remove my knee from against my girlfriends dripping sex. I push her leg closest to the edge of the bed up so her knee is bent and sit down with full access to her thighs and pussy. I start to rub her down with ice paying particular attention to her inner thigh, stomach and breasts, occasionally reaching right up to ice her neck and behind her ears. Once the ice has left its tracks I alternatively blow on some spots and suck or lick others causing an explosion of warm, cold and freezing sensations. When I only have one cube left I remove her panties then settle back down and start suckling on her clitoris. I work her up to a level of aching and pulsing desire between her legs again. When she starts to really buck I rub the remaining ice cube against the out side of her vagina, pressing firmly as it rolls over her clitoris and lightly sweeping it in between the surrounding folds. Just before the ice melts completely I force the remaining slither deeply in side her. She yelps and then begins to giggle as I start working my fingers inside her, once 3 fingers are the third knuckle deep I get to work on her g-spot and continue sucking and nibbling on her labia and clitoris. Her breathing quickens and she is thrusting her hips against my fingers and mouth, the pace quickens and the movements deepen until she suddenly looses her rhythm and starts to quiver and moan, I get to work massaging her sensitive spots hard and fast and bring her to a rushing, screaming peak.

My attention shifts to the swelling in my mans pants beside us. I remain seated on the bed and turn to face him and pull him toward me. I giggle as I look around the room at our grinning nodding audience and whip his belt out before undoing his pants and releasing his fat hard cock. I discretely reach down into my hand bag beside the bed and slip a condom under my thigh then drop his pants to his knees. I can tell that watching my work on my girl has done most of the work for me and that he wont be hard to bring to climax. I reach one hand over between my girls legs and she shudders intermittently as I continue to gently play with her clitoris for a minute, her breathing is laboured. My other hand pulls my mans cock to my mouth. I gently tease the tip with my tongue for a minute as he watches his cock in my mouth and my hand stroking dripping pussy beside us. I set to work moistening his shaft and start to notice him swaying a little so I stand up and push him onto his back on the bed with his feet still on the floor and I squat between his knees. As we move into position I discretely pull the condom from the packet and place it on my right index finger. With my left hand I stroke his shaft and I continue to suck and lick the pre-come from the head of his swollen, throbbing member.

I gently start to stroke my condomed finger over his anus while still sucking vigorously on his cock. He starts to shift uncomfortably and attempts to close his legs only to find I’m squatting between his knees at which point he half sits up with panicked eyes, “Lye down and relax”, I coo. He does as he’s told and I continue to simultaneously work his head and slowly and gently work my finger around his anus and then gently push it in and out, further and further until he starts to fully relax into the experience and starts to gently moan and swear. My finger thrusts and head bobs increase in both speed and range until thick spurts of come explode into my mouth again and again as he cries out with release. I gulp back all I can but some still escapes my mouth and rolls gently halfway down his shaft, I spend a moment licking him clean. The intensity of his climax empties him so completely it aches in with painful pleasure and leaves his balls feeling strained for a time. I stand and walk back out of the room leaving my 2 lovers panting on the bed. I’m sure they’ll repay me again later…