My Favorite Nurse

First off, I’m a student who works as a delivery driver for a local pizza place in the southeastern United States. You wouldn’t even need to know that, except that like so many of my other adventures, this encounter occurred while I was at work.

I remember when the order came in. Like so many others, it was headed to the local hospital located about 5 miles north of us. I glanced at the ticked and saw that it as going to one of the usual spots. We used to get so many orders from the hospital that I ended up remembering which nurses worked at which station. This particular station was composed of mostly old, fat woman, except for one nurse. She was probably in her mid-to-late 40’s, but she still looked good. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t gorgeous, but she had a nice personality and I remembered her. For some reason I was extra-horny that day, and as soon as I realized where I was going the blood started flowing. I have a big, fat cock, so when I even get semi-hard, it can have an interesting effect on my pants. Luckily, I’ve learned to deal with it and usually all it produces is a bulge that, while noticeable, isn’t a giveaway. In fact, I quite like the bulge, as well as the way the stretched fabric feels when it rubs against me. Sometimes I walk around all day with chubby just for the hell of it.

This was one of those days. When I saw that ticket, it instantly became apparent to me what had to be done. I was going to find a way to offer my cock to this woman. The next few minutes were anxious ones and I was glad to finally get into my car. I rubbed myself through my pants the whole way there. When I finally arrived and exited the vehicle I was actually hard. I overshot my goals of arousal. For those of you who think this strategy (and me by association) to be crazy, my only reply is that there is no other way I can display my wares to potential companions. The trick is to make it obvious only to the one you’re pursuing.

I decided to wait it out and eventually my penis relented. Still sitting in my car, I adjusted my pants and got out. While walking to the the front door of the hospital, I checked myself in the glass. There was a very noticeable bulge, but nothing that would offend anyone. I made my way to the 6th floor nurses station and asked the nurse at the desk what she would like me to do with the food. She said Cathy would be right with me. The name sounded familiar. I thought that might be my nurse’s name, but I wasn’t sure. I got my answer when she rounded the corner and asked me to follow her. “Gladly,” I said.

I stared at the plump mound of flesh just south of her waist the entire way to the nurses’ break room. I could feel my cock wrestling against the fabric in my pants and it made me smile. I was really getting into it. When we finally got to the break room, she turned around and smiled while I unloaded the food. She was a pretty older woman with tannish, shoulder-length hair. She had bright green eyes and was probably 5’6 and 130 lbs, but her lips were amazing. They were what had first made me notice her. Full and plump, they always made me think of sex. Seeing them only intensified the battle which was taking place in my pants.

As I was unloading the food I saw that, not surprisingly, I was sporting a serious bulge — larger than when I first arrived at the hospital. It was a strange sensation, being hard but forced into a tight space by cloth. I finished placing the food on their table and began collecting money for each separate order (she had collected everyone’s money and was paying for each order individually). This was my chance. We both had to look at the ticket I had set on the table (which just so happened to be a little below my waist), so she was sure to get an eyeful of my bulging groin.

The whole process took about three minutes, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wasn’t sure what to make of her. I was sure she had noticed my predicament, but she remained silent. I smiled at her and picked up my bag, preparing to leave. As I made for the door, she asked me if I needed a few minutes to “calm down” before heading back outside. I asked her what she meant and she smiled before telling me that I might scare the women and children or make the men jealous, one or the other. At this moment I smiled, realizing I was in.

She was staring directly at the bulge in my pants and smiling. She said she couldn’t believe I walked around around like that, but admitted that it turned her on. She laughed a little and then continued by asking how big it was. This was going exactly where I wanted, but I replied that she was the scientist, not me. She had moved a little closer to me and I started slowly massaging the bulge in my pants while watching her watch me. After a short time, I moved my hand away from my groin and gently guided her hand there instead. She seemed startled upon touching my trunk. At first she was reluctant, and only gently caressed the spot where she initially made contact. I was starting to breathe heavily. She asked me if I was human and explained that the men she had been with seemed like infants compared to me.

She was now stroking my entire cock through the fabric of my pants. Despite the wonderful throbbing sensation, I had the foresight to ask if we would be discovered. She replied that she hoped not. This answer told me all I needed to know about her state of mind. She was completely blinded by the hunger for a large young penis and I was going to get a tour of her mouth. On queue she began fumbling with my belt. I remained still as she worked to free her meaty prize from its cotton prison.

Just then I felt a cold breeze as my still-hard penis sprung from my pants which were being pulled down. For a moment she said nothing and just stared as my cock swung back-and-forth a few inches from her mouth. She laughed self-consciously before noting that she had just realized that she could be my mother. This, combined with her obvious lust for my hanging member, turned me on even more. I started calling her mama and guided her hand back to my groin. At first a look of shame crossed her face. It was understandable, though, I mean she was stroking the biggest, fattest cock she had ever seen in plain view of anyone who decided to walk into the break room. The fact that the object of her lust was attached to a 20-something pizza delivery guy didn’t help matters either. However, the shame was soon overcome by pure animal instinct. Her hunger was obvious, but there was tugging to be done.

She smiled a big smile, but her eyes remained fixed on the throbbing penis she was pulling on. I relaxed and watched as she massaged my member. Without stopping or even looking up she told me that I had no idea how horny she got around big penis. She said that she is constantly on the lookout for big bulges, and that when she saw mine she immediately started dripping in anticipation. I just smiled and watched as her hand (which couldn’t even go all the way around me) moved up and down my shaft rhythmically.

As this middle-aged nurse continued enthusiastically pulling on my cock, I asked her if she might give me the tour of her mouth. She blushed, but didn’t let go. She told me that was uncharted territory for men as young as me, and added that she was afraid I might not fit. I told her we should find out and motioned for her to kneel in front of me. When she was in place I instructed her to put her hands under he knees and open her mouth. She complied and i stood dangling my penis in front of her while rubbing her lips and mouth. I told her what a sexy mouth she had and swung my salami-like appendage toward it. Unsurprisingly, my unwieldy member missed its mark and ended up slapping her in the forehead before I regained control of it and entered her mouth. It was a beautiful moment, and I secretly imagined her coworkers and family’s reaction were they to witness such a carnal scene.

Her mouth was warm and damp, and I immediately began to wonder what tricks she had up her sleeve (or down her throat, as the case may be). Her generous, pouty lips were wrapped around my shaft about 2 inches from the tip and insid her mouth her tongue was dancing across my the head. I let her slobber on the head for a few minutes before placing my hand on her forehead and gently pushing toward her throat. I was prepared for all sorts of reactions to this maneuver, but the way she opened her mouth wider to accommodate my girthy trunk and the slight gurgle that followed both surprised and turned me on. It was at this point that I realized I was dealing with a professional.

With my hand still resting on her head, and our eyes fixed on one another, I began fucking her mouth and throat. This middle-aged nurse had absolutely no gag reflex. At first I slowly entered her mouth and pushed toward the throat, allowing her to do some of the work in swallowing my throbbing penis. Sometimes at this point I would stay there, in her throat, and slowly move back and forth to cause friction between the inside of her esophagus and my member. However, I soon realized this caution was not necessary and began fucking her throat as if it were a vagina. With her hands still resting obediently under her knees, and a puddle of saliva forming on the floor beneath her chin, she sat, mouth-open, while my hog plunged deeper and deeper into her her oral cavity. To give you an idea of the speed with which I was thrusting, you could have told time by the way my testicles were rhythmically slapping against this 40-year-old nurse’s chin. In fact, that slight thumping sound and her watery gurgles were the only sounds anyone made. Considering the location and circumstances, her reaction to this extreme form of fellatio was nothing short of amazing. Throughout the entire episode she kept her eyes open and pointed directly at mine. I can’t tell you how great it was to stare into her motherly eyes while I was ball-deep in her mouth.

It’s strange to say, but as I was using Cathy’s throat as a masturbatory instrument, I began to wish someone would walk in on us. Yes, it might have meant I would lose my job or get into some other form of minor trouble, but at the time I felt it would have been worth it. The idea of someone this woman knew walking into the room and seeing her getting her mouth fucked by a big-dick pizza delivery guy is beautiful. What if she’s married, or has kids, or both? Just think of the reaction. That’s the real reason this adventure (and many like it) was so hot. Yes, the fact that a woman nearly twice my age basically gave me free reign to do what I pleased with her mouth and throat in a public place is amazing in and of itself, but it’s the reason she did this that really turns me on: she was craving a giant penis. I will leave an analysis of this phenomenon for another post, but suffice to say that women who crave big cocks interest me, and not just because of the sex we have.

We continued on like that for sometime. At one point I even ended up putting my right foot up on one of the chairs in order to see just how deep her throat was, but I never hit bottom. It was around this time that she told me she never realized that she could take something as big as my hog as deep as I had buried it. As a result, there was a 3-foot, ropey strand of saliva hanging like an ice icicle from her chin, and a large puddle resting on the floor beneath. During one brief intermission she scolded me for the mess I was making. I told her that if she wasn’t careful I would send her to bed with no dinner and motioned for her to open wide for another round of tonsil-poking (really, at one point I was keeping track of how many times I tagged them on my way down her throat).

Honestly, I didn’t ever want to stop publicly fucking this woman’s deep throat. However, I didn’t know how much longer it would be before someone walked in, and I didn’t want to have to answer questions at work, so after a few more minutes of oral exploration I extracted my member from her cavity and told her to start stroking it for me. She complied while wiping the strand of saliva from her chin. She misjudged it, however, and ended up with a large drool stain on her nurse uniform. I thought it looked good, but she didn’t seem too excited. As she tugged on my penis, I realized I was nearing climax. I still can’t believe I did this, but I asked her if any of the food was hers, and she motioned toward a chef salad while continuing to milk me with her other hand. I grabbed the salad and gave it to her, explaining that if she continued milking me, she’d get some special dressing. I think she was in shock, but her lust for big cocks had so taken hold of her that she complied. Less than a minute later she was aiming the tip of my penis at the middle of her salad while pulling on it rhythmically. It was the best orgasm I have ever had, not only because of the time spent in her throat, but because I knew what was going to happen next. I watched as stream after stream of milk-white semen shot the tip of my cock to the lettuce below. I think I came more that day than I ever have in my entire life. In the end, she had what appeared to be an extra-large serving of ranch dressing covering the top of her meal. As I pulled up my pants and buckled my belt, she stuck a fork into the center of the dish and lifted a portion to her mouth. I watched as the gooey sperm clung to the leaves before entering her mouth. She thanked me for the protein and we left the room. She was still eating her salad in front of her coworkers 3 minutes later when I left.

I hope she had as good a time as I did.

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