Auntie Betty 2.


Following my exciting encounter with Auntie Betty and knowing I was invited back the following Saturday, you can imagine my week was feverish to say the least. I seemed to spend the week stroking my cock; in serious danger of a sprained right wrist by the Friday!

My mum was pleased that her sister and I had got along so well – if only she knew how well!! So at 10.00 on the following Saturday morning, I was ringing Auntie Betty’s door bell with a pounding heart and an erection you could knock a fence stake in with. She was so pleased to see me again and gave me a huge hug as soon as I was through the door. She said there was not much work for me to do but we could have a coffee and a chat.

As we sat in the kitchen, she told me how flattered she was that I had used her knickers to masturbate. I said that she was a very sexy woman and any lad would think the same. She asked me whether I had a regular girlfriend and I told her that I didn’t have much success with girls and was always very shy. She immediately replied by asking me if I had ever had sex; I told her that I was a complete novice apart from once feeling Linda Kelly’s tits on the way back from the Youth Club. “Do you like my tits?” she asked. I went red and nodded. “Do you want to see them?” she asked; again I nodded. “Then we’d better go upstairs” she said.

She seated me on the bed, smiled at me and undid her blouse revealing a white lace bra with a loud “Ta Da!!!”.

“If you want to see more, you’ll have to come here and take the bra off” she teased. I got up and walked over and reached around her back for the fastening. Hey, folks, one thing any 16 year old can’t master is to unfasten a bra and retain any element of cool particularly when your hands are shaking and you are in serious danger of cumming in your pants! After a couple of fumbled attempts, Betty undid it herself, dropped it on the floor and with her arms round my neck pulled my face into her beautiful fleshy tits.

“Paul”, she said, “why don’t I take on your training so that when you go to university in a couple of years, you’ll have all the girls queuing up to have you?”

“Auntie Betty” I said, “would you do that for me?”

“Of course, but you’ll have to do everything I say – and we‘ll be taking it slowly.” she said. “First, we’ll need to do something about that boner of yours before you have someone’s eye out with it. Sit on the bed and take your trousers off – I want to watch you wank and you can watch me. I’ll let you have my knickers – I’ve had them on for two days specially for you and, knowing you would like them, my hand’s been in ‘em nearly all of the time” Saying that she lifted her skirt and threw me a pair of white lace knickers, sat on a chair without putting her skirt down and slipped two fingers into her wet, hairy cunt. I had the knickers up to my nose and my hand at work.

I could lie to you and tell you we teased each other slowly for an hour but, you know what it’s like when you’re 16, “slowly” means it’s going to last more than the 2 minutes. Thankfully, Betty saw I was about to redecorate her bedroom carpet and said, “Paul, cum on my tits”. As you can imagine, I didn’t need a second invite and within seconds was pumping a liberal helping of cum onto those beautiful tits. “Wow,” she said,” you look as though you were ready for that “, and proceeded to massage my cum into her tits.

“Paul, I’ll plan out your training – can you ask your mum if you can stay over next Saturday and we’ll move on to the next lesson?”

Phew! Roll on next Saturday!