Trip to Glastonbury 3.


Maryanne was the first to see it, and she whispered
that “Don is having a problem.” To which Gina glanced
at my crotch and smirked that perhaps we need to find a
bed. With that, we decided to leave and go and find a
Bed and Breakfast location. This time we needed a hotel
badly. We had enjoyed complete open lovemaking at the
cavern at St. Agnes, as we could run around naked,
fucking at will on the beach, in the cavern and on our
rock ledge to our hearts’ contents.

My cock and Gina’s love nest were obviously made for
each other and we could not fuck each other enough. The
hot wet confines of her vulva lips simply embraced the
side of my cock so that the mere hot wetness of them as
I slid into her heated depths would just about set me
off… her firm young titties felt like warm pillows
against my chest as I lay on her. She knew just how to
squirm and pant in heat like a dog as I would cup her
naked buttocks with my hands as I exploded deep into
her womb and shot my fishies into her baby-making nest.

At that cavern where it was warm and yet wet from the
water from the waves creeping into our heaven of lust,
as we lay fucking she totally abandoned all inhibitions
in her lust for my cock, and had gotten so excited as
she climaxed, in my plundering to shot that oily syrup
into her that she had peed herself in that lust, and I
felt that hot bathing against my balls and cock.

Normally piss stinks, but Gina’s was almost like honey
in smell. I truly loved this gal and would have gladly
shrunk my entire body to the size needed to poke my
entire being deep into her tummy and stay there. Her
mouth was a conscious enactment of her lust as she
would open it, stick her tongue against my lips and
force my mouth open to intertwine my tongue with hers
and draw it out and into hers so she could suck on my
tongue in her heat as if my tongue was another cock
ready to shoot its load, too.

Our lovemaking would culminate with so much slobber,
piss, cum, pussy juice that it is a wonder that we ever
got completely dry. I couldn’t help but wonder what her
Air Force Lieutenant was going to do with her if she
returned from England with my baby in her belly and he
had not been home overnight for 6 months. Baby in her
belly? More like maybe 4-6 of them with all the sperm I
had shot into her!

Maryanne fully recognized our love for each other. She
would not get so sexcited when I fucked her, but she
did seem to enjoy receiving my cum. She had gone
through one pregnancy with me as the daddy, and so she
knew what kind of lover I was. Now she wanted to
continue to bear my babies as well, but her fucking was
more designed to produce those babies, as opposed to
having out-and-out sex couplings like Gina and I
experienced. I hoped that Gina would always want to
fuck me like she had been doing… I would be dying an
extremely happy man!

As soon as we got to the base of the Mount and crossed
the 500-yard causeway that the tide normally covers
when it is in, we found the Hotel Chymorwah. This fine
old large hotel was just what we were seeking and I
quickly registered us and we proceeded to our room. We
quickly opened the door, went in, and closed it,
locking it.

The women were suddenly attacking me and my cock nearly
got broken off. I must have fucked at least a half
dozen times that night! I remember taking a break just
once and going downstairs dressed to have our Dinner
meal, but once we had completed that, we were back in
our room fucking like there was no tomorrow.

Chapter 8

The next day, we collected ourselves and were on the
road down the A394 toward Plymouth and eventually
Southampton. The women had decided to wear their micro-
miniskirted denims. Their tank tops that barely covered
their creamy breasts made me thankful that they had
nearly fucked me to death the night before. We managed
to slip into a car parking lot very close by to the
dock that the Pilgrims had sailed from so that we were
not followed by any of the local lads that would have
been trying to catch a glimpse of one of “my” white
thighs to see if it came to a “V” that did or not have

Plymouth is mostly couples with kids, with fathers that
are closely watched by mommies for that sort of thing.
This Daddy did not feel like sharing his Mommies. A
short time later we were again on the road, on the A38.
At Exeter we would briefly join the M5 and then veer
off to the east on the A30 to Honiton and then follow
the A35 to Poole and Bournemouth, and then the A348 and
A349 up to the A31 to catch the M27 into Southhampton.

As is the case on most of our travels, I had made
arrangements at most places well ahead of time before
we left the States…one does not travel in England
very much without having reservations well ahead of
time unless they want to sleep alongside the road with
a bunch of truckers or gypsies. As it turned out we
made better time than what I had expected, and got into
Southampton one day early. Thankfully I had been at the
hotel where we had reservations, previously and they
knew me and they did indeed have an open room for us.

It was just as well because we decided to stay for a
bit in Southampton and see the sights and do some
shopping. Those bare pussies and asses had been taking
their toll on me all day and once again I was ready for
some good fucking. As soon as we got checked in and
into our room, those cunts got plundered I was rapidly
becoming drained. I noticed that now when I shot a load
of cum into either of the women, that my balls seemed
to want to simply suck themselves into my lower belly
in exhaustion.

I mentioned this to Maryanne and she said that Daniel
had complained about this, as well when they had fucked
too much. She said that Tom, before Daniel and who had
“done her dirty” also had that problem when they had
been out and about in the swinger parties they attended
together. She always had attributed this in Tom to
having a rubber on as she would not let him fuck her
without one when he was with other women as she said
that he was not at all careful about STD/VD and that
she was not going to possibly endanger her chances of
having a baby or fuck herself up, otherwise with
something like AIDS.

We lay there, spent and I hated to have to make the
decision like this, I knew I had to. I lovingly told
each of the women that they would have to share me on
an every-other-night basis, so that if I fucked
Maryanne tonight it would be Gina’s turn tomorrow
night, Maryanne’s the next, and Gina’s the next, etc.,
etc. I told them that I would fuck each of them on
their night as long as I could “last” or they wanted
“me’ in their baby nests. As it turned out they were
about ready to suggest this, too, as they both advised
that sometimes their pussy lips were sore from so much

For that night we did not fuck at all, after we had
originally climaxed. The next day after we had eaten
our Breakfasts we decided to go shopping. The women
wore the same outfits they had worn the day before. It
was probably good that I was with them and that my
stature was over 6 feet 4 inches high and that I was
considered to be a solid piece of muscle by most
people, otherwise they would have been surely raped by
some of these longshoremen that were gawking at us just
about every place we went. Southampton is to England
what San Pedro, California, is to the western U.S.A.
All of England’s cruise ships depart and arrive there
and sailors and dockworkers abound there.

Southampton is the sailing and arrival point for
England’s QEII and was the departure point for the ill-
fated Titanic’s maiden and only voyage that put her on
the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. Southampton
is the arrival point for hundreds of thousands of GIs
from the United States of America that came to Europe
to defeat the Nazis.

I took the women down to the dock where the Titanic had
sailed. It has a marble plaque sunk into the ground
commemorating those lost souls with each of their
names. Gina’s grandmother had had a sister from Naples,
Italy, that was on that ill-fated ship and she found
her great-aunt’s name, which brought tears to her eyes.
I gently held my beauty to my chest and cuddled her and
kissed away her tears.

She said that she remembered her Grandmother well
talking about this lost sister from the time she (Gina
was a little girl) until her grandmother had passed
away. Some of the bodies had been found, and pulled out
of their watery grave to be buried in Newfoundland, but
as far as her lost one was concerned she did not think
they ever found her body.

That night was Gina’s turn for sex. As she and I lay in
bed murmuring sweet nothings to each other she lovingly
asked that I made sure she was impregnated on this trip
because she wanted to, if the baby was a girl, to name
the baby after her lost Great-Aunt. I thought this was
awfully sweet of her and told her so. All night that
night she seemed like she could not get enough of my
hard cock or my syrupy sperm-filled cum. This woman was
not just a fuck, she was THE example of what mommy-hood
and wife-hood was all about!

I was falling in love with another man’s wife and I had
decided that when we got back to the States, he was
going to shape up as a husband or else he could take
that big ole bird up in the sky and fuck it to his
heart’s content because I was going to see to it that
he and the entire U.S. Air Force if that was what it
took, would no longer look at Gina as being an Air
Force dependent, except as how a divorce court would
rule on an ongoing desertion petition to separate a

Chapter 9

The next morning we dressed and ate Breakfast and then
left the hotel, driving about Southampton for a bit,
before heading out on the A36 to Salisbury, where
Stonehenge is located. We spent the night in Salisbury
at a B&B, and got up early the next morning to go out
to the Salisbury plains to Stonehenge before the
authorities and tourist buses arrived there at this
ancient site.

Someone had told me once that if you could somehow
sneak into the circle of those rings and fuck, it would
be the most erotic fuck you ever had, what with the Ley
Line magnetic fields affecting you. I was not
disappointed. We got there just before the sun came up
and sneaked in across the fields. We were not alone…
4 other couples had the same idea and the 8 of them,
with the 3 of us were all cavorting naked in amongst
the stones.

I managed to get Maryanne up on top of one of them and
just as the sun came up that morning I was shooting her
cervix full of my baby juice. She later said that she
had never experienced such a climax in her life…it
was like the ancients had come back in their spiritual
form and had raped her!

We left Stonehenge just as the first of the park
rangers began showing up. They stopped us and wanted to
know if they could help us… we were thankful that
they had not been there earlier or there might have
been 3 American assholes sitting in the Tower of London
for awhile until our American Ambassador could come and
get us. We had a long drive ahead of us. We were going
to try to make it to the Bridge Hotel in Brandon,
Suffolk, by nightfall.

At one time when I was in the Air Force at RAF
Lakenheath, this would have been nearly impossible to
do, what with little or no “freeway” type roads in
England, except for the main ones of the M1, M4, M5,
etc. Now there were many more wider and multi-laned A-
series ones and one did not have to slow down every 5-
10 miles on them to pass through some village that used
to accommodate horses and buggies quite well. We made
it to Brandon about 4 p.m. and checked into the Bridge
Hotel. This B&B is very accommodating, setting on the
River Little Ouse, with a nice picnic area type park.

The one king-size bed afforded the 3 of us plenty of
room, as if we needed it… that night was Maryanne’s
turn to be fucked. Gina made all this simple by staying
downstairs to watch the telly while I “fed” Maryanne
her share of my cum. She wasn’t needing very much of
it…she said that she felt like that baby was already
beginning its growth and development in her womb. I
could well recall how her first pregnancy went and this
time my cock was feeling very familiar.

In Maryanne’s first pregnancy with me, the one that her
husband Daniel did not seem to know that little Danny
was not his child, it had been a mysterious
impregnation. Maryanne and I both felt that I was in
fact the daddy, but Daniel had fucked her as well that
night. She had begun her ovulating earlier that morning
and Maryanne and Daniel had planned to go out that
evening for a wining and dining “date” as a married
couple. She said that their plans were to have a nice
evening, and then come back home and fuck, hoping to
start their young family that night.

I had been at that restaurant, eating a meal with a hot
date I had that night. Beverly was a slut of sorts, but
good for a good fuck most of the time, if one wined and
dined her and made her feel important. I was making her
feel important, and about midway through our meal, she
had to go to the powder room. She had to walk right by
Daniel and Maryanne, and Daniel could not take his eyes
off her scantily clad figure.

Something was drastically wrong with this asshole, I
thought, as Maryanne was about 4 times better looking
than Beverly, and appeared to be much more decent in
behavior and dress, as well. Beverly’s boobs were
barely covered, and it would not have taken much to
find out that she did not have any underwear on,
inasmuch as her garters were showing as well as the
tops of her stockings which appear to be almost at her
cunt lips.

This infuriated Maryanne, and I could hear her
chastising Daniel over it. It got worse and worse. I
felt badly for Daniel, because I knew that Beverly was
a slut and that she had probably provoked it. But the
damage was done, and I heard her tell Daniel “You can
have that pig, I’m going home.”

Apparently they had been that route before because he
just sat there and watched her leave. About that time
Beverly came out of the Women’s and seeing Maryanne no
longer sitting there, pulled up a chair and sat down
with Daniel. I went outside to see if I could find this
estranged wife. She was out under the entrance canopy,
sobbing, obviously very disgusted.

We did not know each other, so I introduced myself as
the date that that woman had that night that had caught
the attention of her husband. As soon as I said that
she looked at me and she could see that I was likewise
a bit sad, and before I knew it we were in each others
arms, cuddling and feeling sorry for ourselves.

As we held each other tenderly, I could feel this young
blond wife’s body through the light dress she was
wearing. Her tits were almost boring their roundness
into my chest. I surrounded her back with my arms as
she lay her face into the nape of my neck, sobbing. I
began stroking her back and she seemed to open herself
to my comforting of her. I could feel my cock begin to
thicken and I did not want to scare her off by letting
her feel it against her tummy, so I backed off a bit. I
cupped her chin and raised her face to look at me and
then suggested to her that she allow me to take her

She could sense a caring attitude about me, and gladly
thanked me, saying that she did not feel like going
back in there to confront her husband again, but that
she did not have a way home. She said that when she had
come outside she was thinking of trying to catch a
taxi, but was dismayed that none were around. I then
took her hand and led her to my car, opened the door
for her and let her get in, before slipping around to
the driver’s side, getting in and easing our way out of
the parking lot.

Her house was a good 20 minute drive away. We
introduced ourselves and after we had left the parking
lot and were on a major boulevard, she seemed to relax
a bit and slipped in the seat over closer to me. We
began discussing what had happened back there at the
restaurant, and it was very obvious, this husband of
hers had definitely slipped off his rocker and made a
bad judgment.

I told her about Beverly, and how she was little more
than a whore who if treated decently would gladly lay
down and take on all comers that had treated her right.
She, Maryanne, chuckled and said that there seemed to
be “all kinds in this world”. She said that while sex
was sometimes great that it was nothing to be bantered
about for a good meal, or a good drunk, or both.

She said that she loved sex, too, but that there was a
time and place for everything. She said that in her
case that tonight had been something special because
she and her husband had agreed earlier that tonight
after they returned home that they had decided to start
their family. Now she did not know what she was going
to do… she had waited 3 long years of marriage to get
both of them into decent jobs earning the right kind of
money so they could just about give their kids
EVERYTHING, and then “he had to go and ruin it with
that little whore!”

I was a little mystified and told her so. She looked at
me a bit and then decided perhaps a bit of honesty was
in order. She said that just that morning she had
started ovulating and that tonight was an excellent
time for them to start their family. She apologized for
being so blunt to me because as she said, she barely
knew me. But she said that my kindness to her had
already told her a lot about me and said that she hoped
that I would not be too embarrassed by what she had
just now told me.

She began giving me directions to get to her street and
to her house. I pulled into the driveway and she
removed the automatic garage door opener and opened the
garage door, advising me that she wanted me to put my
car in the garage quickly so the neighbors did not see
it so they wouldn’t have anything to gossip about. I
thought to myself… this gal was planning for me to be
at her house for some time, and I did not argue the

As soon as the garage door was shut, she was getting
out of the car and asked for me to come in and have a
cup of coffee. I followed her in to her kitchen, and
she began making the coffee. Then she excused herself
to “run upstairs” and asked that I sit at the kitchen
table while she was gone. In about 10 minutes time she
returned, this time dressed in a long bathrobe, and she
began fixing a cup of coffee for me. She needed my
assistance to reach to the top shelf to get the
Coffeemate. I reached up and pulled open the cabinet
door and got the Coffeemate and as I came back down she
was standing right next to me and my arms slid against
her robed breast.

I could tell that there was little underneath that
bathrobe other than pure woman. I turned to her and she
murmured that my soft slipping against her breast had
“felt good”. Then she was in my arms, in heated panting
as I slipped my arms beneath her bathrobe to cup her
naked body, as she reached down to undo my belt on my
pants, unbutton my shirt and practically tear my
clothes from my body.

My cock was hard and stiff and wanted one place to go
to We slipped to the floor and we were then naked, and
she opened her legs wide as I crawled up to plant my
mouth against hers in heated lust. I could feel my hard
cock slip deep into her pussy and then we began a
pistoning action that if a wheel had been attached we
probably would have registered at least 5000 wpm!

Then I felt my gonads begin to work and I was afraid it
was just going to be matter of time, so I began to try
to pull my cock from her depths. She could feel it,
too, and began a bucking motion beneath me and cried at
me to cum in her. I was a bit fearful, I did not want
to exactly impregnate another man’s wife but she seemed
to want otherwise. And then it happened…

I was shooting volleys of sperm-loaded cum into her
depths. She would not let me leave her home all night
that night. The next morning I did leave, and it was
good thing, too.

Daniel had fucked Beverly all night at her apartment
but had gotten up to come home to his wife afterwards.
He had come home to start his family by fucking his
wife. He apologized to her and she did let him fuck
her, but both she and I had that old familiar
feeling… she had gotten caught, on my fertile fluids.
It would be 3 months later that Maryanne called me…
she had missed her period and was sure that I had given
her my baby that night long ago.

She said that it could have been Daniel’s but that she
was almost sure it was mine. She said that she would
never tell Daniel otherwise because it had served him
right to allow that slut to “turn his head” when they
had agreed to start their family that night. She
started her family alright, but I was the one who had
obviously impregnated her.

Daniel was no one the wiser. He had remembered fucking
her that morning after he had returned from fucking
Beverly, so he thought he was the one that had knocked
her up. We never did tell him differently and in
watching him with little Danny, I was very proud that
he was raising my son. But little Danny had my
features… my nose, my hair, my webbed toe that all
men in my family have. To be on the safe side and
without Maryanne knowing it, I took a hair from little
Danny’s head and had it analyzed in a comparison to
mine for DNA.

His DNA could not have been identified with Daniel’s,
it matched mine perfectly. I have never told Maryanne
this, but I’m sure her womanly instinct told her just
about the same thing.

I had an adopted sister, with her two brothers and
their mother in Brandon. Genelle had been born in the
United States to an American father near to where I am
from, and British mother earlier, and the British
mother got to the point that she did not enjoy living
in the USA in that rural remote area of Washington
State, so she returned to England with her children.
Soon the father would follow.

I had gotten to know them all quite well when I was
stationed at RAF Lakenheath, and they treated me just
like they had another son. Now that I was back in
Brandon, with the two women that were becoming Mommies
to my babies, I very much wanted to share my new
partners with at least Genelle. I had written a post
card to them upon our arrival at Heathrow to let them
know that while I did not know for sure when we would
arrive in Brandon, that we were in country and that
perhaps in a couple of weeks we would see them.

I added that I had a couple of surprises for them…
they had always tried in the past to match-make me with
an English lass. They had almost succeeded a couple of
times, but the “casual adultery” thing had stymied
that, that I previously described here.

I took both Gina and Maryanne to my “adopted” home.
Thankfully they had both brought along some long
granny-style dresses because sans panties they hardly
would have been very presentable in my adopted family
at first sight. I cautioned them that until this family
got used to them and knew them better that I expected
them to be quite ladylike, because these people were
important to me.

Both Maryanne and Gina were warmly accepted. In fact
Genelle got along with both of them so well that she
was proposing to do a “sisterly” thing and take them to
Bury St. Edmunds to shop tomorrow. She suggested that I
might like to go to RAF Lakenheath and look up old
friends whilst they were gone shopping.

I could just about imagine what kind of shopping they
would do in Bury St. Edmunds, I recalled that Marks and
Spencer Department Stores had a very good store there
that half a day could be spent there. Also at Bury St.
Edmunds was the Bury Abbey, a very popular one that the
Magna Carta had been signed off on that gave the
English-speaking world our civil rights.

Genelle wanted to know if they might be interested in
seeing it and they both replied to the affirmative
because that was the main reason we had come to England
this time in the first place… we did not get into all
the fucking that just the 3 of us knew about. Maryanne
and I had fucked earlier that day, so we all retired
early to bed after visiting Genelle and her family.

The next morning I delivered the women to Genelle’s and
was soon on my way to RAF Lakenheath to see whom all I
might be able to find. I visited my old office at Base
Housing. Lynn Massey was still there. Lynn and I had
spent a lot of time together as co-workers but she was
always being “hit on” by one of our other co-workers,
so I never did try to interfere, although I don’t think
that John Haynes was ever successful in breaking her

Now the coast was clear, that co-worker was no longer
there but had been reassigned to the United States.

Lynn was just as foxy looking as she had ever been,
just a couple of years older. She still was not
married. She was very surprised to see me, dropping her
work and coming straight at me in front of everyone,
throwing her arms around me in a tight hug! She had
visited my flat a couple of times with John when I had
held a private party there that was left over from our
Airman’s Club partying late at night.

She liked to drink, but she knew when to say “No”, and
as far as I could tell she was maybe saving herself for
the guy she would marry, maybe even until her wedding
night. She had flowing long blond hair that reached to
her waist and creamy white skin. Her teeth were almost
an obstacle in their buck-teeth setting but her mouth
and face lent to many imaginative fantasies about how
she might be able to make our cocks whistle!

Lynn had left school at the age of 15, which is allowed
in England. She had learned administration well and had
applied for and been accepted for a job with the
Ministry of Defense at RAF Lakenheath, where they had
assigned her to the Base Housing Office. That is where
we had met. We hit it off right away in our efforts to
find and secure family housing for U.S. military and
civilian personnel newly assigned to the bases both at
RAF Lakenheath and the nearby one at RAF Mildenhall.

She was now 18 years old. I enjoyed the looks of this
little vixen in my arms. She had on a loosely pleated
mini-skirt and an open V-necked sweater. She still had
a beautiful body. She was a slender girl with big full
breasts, and a nice ass that connects to legs so long
it seemed like they go all the way to her neck. She had
the perfect hour glass figure that all women dream of.
I am happy that she knew what she had, with no John
Haynes around she seemed to want to make sure I knew
that she knew how to use it.

I released her from our warm embrace and stood back,
suggesting that she should maybe get back to work to
the people standing in line to be served. She replied
“Okay, but don’t you even try to get away. You sit
right there and stay there, we have so much to talk
about!” She had a subtle way of flirting with me. Now
that I am in my thirties it feels good to have these
young girls flirt with me from time to time it lets me
know I still got it. Obviously she had thought she’d
never see me again, and now she has seen me again and
she ain’t going to let me go away anytime soon.

Her short pleated skirt came down to about mid-thigh on
those still white beauties. Her ample breasts seemed to
fill out her sweater quite abundantly. I never did know
the sizes of them because I never did get to fuck her
before. Now it looked good… I may get into her
panties on this trip, judging by the way she was acting
since I had just observed since I walked into the door
to the Housing office this time. I couldn’t take my
eyes off of her remarkable cleavage as it showed under
her V-necked sweater. I wanted to rub my dick between
that cleavage and come on her face.

Lynn made me stay until her Lunch time. She asked for
the afternoon off, because of my visit and it was
granted to her. She started to gather her belongings. I
noticed when she bent over to put on her shoes she
didn’t have any underwear on and I got an instant
erection. I was trying hard to hide this by turning
from anyone that might have observed it. When I turned
back I realized that Lynn hadn’t missed it because she
was staring at my crotch with a little grin on her

Reluctantly I escorted her out to my car and we left
the base. I figured that if we went somewhere I could
sit down with her and talk to her and explain to her
that I was currently involved with a couple of American
wives who were going to have my babies. She wasn’t
“having it”. She explained that John Haynes had done
her dirty by not marrying her and then shipping off to
a place that was not very safe. She said that she had
never heard from him again. She remembered me and she
remembered that I had often given her those looks like
I really wanted to fuck her and she had been too blind
to see this.

We drove to Newmarket in complete silence. As we
entered the town she wanted to know where we were going
and I told her… “Lynn, Honey, I have always wanted
you, and I think you want me, too, but I cannot fuck
you right now. I only want to hold you and we console
each other of what could have once been.” At that she
just grinned and her eyes sparkled. She turned to me in
the seat and her lips formed “I want to fuck you.” I
could not wait to find a hotel room. This time she not
only caught me but saw just how excited I was.

When we got to a hotel she knew about and we got
registered and in our room, she once again said she
knew I wanted her. A hotel room with its privacy was
definitely the wrong place for me at this time, but I
figured that if I got her naked and she saw me naked
that maybe that would be all she would want? She began
slip the sweater off her body. She was not wearing a

I wanted to touch her breasts so bad, but I knew it was
wrong. She was just a kid. I mean she was a woman now,
but I had committed myself to Gina and Maryanne. They
were hopefully carrying my babies in their tummies at
this very moment and here I am in a strange hotel about
to fuck an old co-worker? She grabbed my hand and put
it on her lovely bosom. My cock started jumping in my
pants. She asked me to tell her I wanted her. I
couldn’t–it was wrong, but I really did want her so
bad. I was so mixed up…with confusing thoughts!

She then reached over and started rubbing her hand
along the length of my cock. She said that she had
often wondered how big I was in the cock department,
but she knew that John and I were extremely close
friends and co-workers and she was afraid we might
start bickering or fighting over her. She told me she
never had one this large before and would really enjoy
riding it all I had to do was tell her how bad I wanted
her. I felt such a desire I have never felt in my life.
Why was she doing this to me?

I knew she probably had plenty of guys that wanted to
give it to her all the time. Why did she have to tempt
ME, little old ME? I have never been unfaithful to Gina
and Maryanne and could not bring myself to do so. I
never thought I would ever be weak enough to allow
myself in a situation like this. She began to unzip my
pants. Part of me knew I had to stop her but the other
part wouldn’t let me. She pulled out my now throbbing
dick. She started to stroke it. I couldn’t believe
this. She told me all I had to say was that I wanted
her and I could have her. She had such an evil grin on
her face. She began stroking harder and faster.

I closed my eyes and threw my head back. Next thing I
knew she had put her head in my lap. She took my whole
cock into her mouth and down her throat. She was
groaning making soft vibrations that drove me wild. Her
blond head was bobbing up and down on my cock with such
passion. It felt as though she was trying to suck my
balls dry. I reached up under her skirt and started
fondling her ass. My pants and underwear were soon on
the floor.

She looked up at me and told me to say it. I closed my
eyes and told her how much I wanted her. I wanted to
ram my cock into her young sweet pussy. With that she
straddled me. Her big firm tits right in my face. I
couldn’t control myself anymore I reached up and
grabbed them. I started playing with her nipples and
pulled one to my mouth. I started sucking on while
massaging the other with my fingers.

She lunged herself onto me. I slipped right into her
wet pussy. I felt her young snatch surround my rock
hard shaft. I felt my head hit her cervix and she let
out a loud moan. She was riding my dick like I have
never been ridden before. She was bouncing up and down
with all of her might making sure I hit the bottom with
every thrust. All I could see were those nice tits
swinging in my face. I started to devour them sucking
and pinching, leaving passion marks all over them. This
was my wildest fantasy coming true.

Her body started thrashing uncontrollable, I knew she
was ready to come. This made my balls tighten and I
could feel my own orgasm start. She started screaming
telling me to fuck her harder. That did it and I lost
my load. I shot my sperm deep into her. When she came I
could feel the suctioning of her pussy against my cock.
Her whole body was shaking. Her pussy was sucking every
sperm out of my body.

When she finished she gave me a deep passionate kiss.
She told me how much she had wanted me all of this time
and I was better than her fantasy of me had been. With
that she slipped on her sweater, fixed her skirt and
sat there with her cunt exposed, the hemline on her
skirt around her waist, waiting for me to dress. My
dick was still exposed, sticky from the mixture of her
pussy juices and my cum. I noticed all of the cum
seeping from her pussy lips.

We were then headed out the door to return to the base,
so she could grab her things and go home to Lakenheath
Village. That was fine ass and for a brief moment it
was mine. I was very disgusted with John Haynes and I
envied the SOB who had busted Lynn Massey’s cherry, as
if it wasn’t for Haynes it could have been me.

Chapter 10

I dropped my latest conquest off at her father’s pub
and journeyed on back to Brandon. It was a good thing
that Genelle had taken the women shopping… quite
frankly they had “shopped ’till they dropped”. They
were not in any shape to get naked and fuck. The stint
I had enjoyed with Lynn had thoroughly depleted my
balls of any sperm. As we visited, Genelle and her
brothers and their wives, and myself, Gina and
Maryanne, I discovered that my “wives” had enjoyed
tremendous camaraderie with my adopted sister today and
that this was beginning to “roll over” into an in-depth
relationship with Genelle’s sisters-in-law, too.

I could barely contain my enthusiasm when Kathy and
Barbara suggested that they take Dina and Maryanne,
with Genelle of course, shopping to Cambridge the next
day. Of course I made it look like I objected, but I
have found that the more you object to something
usually those people that are being affected by the
objection only want to do the action all the more. So
now I had another day of freedom while the women

I couldn’t stop thinking about Lynn Massey. That night
I dreamt of her. I was afraid a little that I might
begin talking in my sleep about her. My cock stayed
hard all night that night thinking about her little
shaved pussy that I had so wondrously fucked so hard
that day.

My dick got so rock hard I was in serious need of some
release. The next morning after the women left for
Cambridge, I could hardly wait to get to the base. I
had called from our hotel phone and talked to Lynn on
the phone and advised we could fuck all day today if
she could get off work and we could find a place. We
had a place… her bedroom at the Pub. Her parents were
going to London today on business and we had the
upstairs living quarters to ourselves. She had
complained to her boss that she was starting her
“monthly” and was experiencing severe cramping. He had
always let her off work because of the pain she

By the time I got to the base my dick was rock hard and
in need of some release. She was waiting in the parking
lot and as soon as she saw me coming she rapidly opened
the door and jumped into my car. It only took about 15
minutes and we were in her bedroom undressing, throwing
our clothes every which way. I was slid my big stiff
cock into her nice sweet pussy made just for me. I
enjoyed watching my dick slide in and out of her. I
reached around and grabbed her breasts. This British
cunt definitely was made for fucking.

We fucked all day that day and she left trails of my
cum juices that seeped from her womb, all over her bed.
I could not imagine what was really going on…until I
was about to leave and go back to Brandon. Instead of
her being on the rag as she had claimed to her
supervisor in order to get off work, she had begun
ovulating that morning, and she had been fucking me all
day long so she could get pregnant with my baby.

She wanted me to take her to the States. I told her
that that was a little impossible until at least I had
told Gina and Maryanne about our last two days of
activity, and she said that that was okay… she could

That night as I lay half naked in my bathrobe that was
not belted shut after taking a shower in my room, there
was a knocking on my door. The Bridge Hotel has those
little peeking holes like a front door so I opened mine
to see who it was. It as Katrina, Kathy’s daughter. I
asked her to wait while I got “decent” and chuckled a
bit and said that it was okay that she had seen a naked
man before. With that I opened the door and this cheeky
little fox came right in past me, causing my robe to
bellow out showing my nakedness. She reached down and
slipped her hand over my hardening cock, milking it.

I could barely contain myself and I soon had her in my
arms, stripping her naked and then I lay her in my arms
and onto the bed and was soon slipping my hardness into
her hot belly. I only lasted about 20 seconds and I
came hard into her with her crying out at me to give
her all I had, deep into her belly. She then told me
that she had come over to let me know that her mother,
aunts and my wives had all decided to stay the night in
Cambridge and go to the opera there. And she teasingly
told me that she was interested in her and I having our
own “opera” that night in my bed. We fucked all night
with me cumming in her half a dozen times.

Later, about 3 months after we got back to the States,
I got a nice letter from Katrina. We had made little
Jamie that night in my hotel room. She was not
interested in coming to the States, as her boyfriend
had thought he had impregnated her and was marrying
her. But she said that if I ever got back to Brandon
she would definitely like to visit me in my hotel room
to try to make a sister for Jamie.

The next day the women all returned to Brandon. I
didn’t know how I was going to haul all this stuff
around that they had bought, “just shopping”. We still
had a few days to go, and one of those days was being
special guests of the owner of Harrad’s in London.
Frantically I began searching… I found an American
bloke who was a crew chief on a C-141 at Mildenhall,
and he was agreeable to putting all we wanted onto his
plane as he and his crew returned to McChord AFB.

He knew of Gina and her husband and said that he would
give all this stuff to Gina’s husband when he got home.
I largely suspected that Gina’s husband was the pilot
of that airplane, but I did not pursue it, and I surely
did not tell Gina my suspicions, but only that “this
guy from McChord I found over at RAF MIldenhall was
taking her stuff home for us.”

We then left Brandon. I could see tears form in
Katrina’s eyes and one time when the rest of them
looked away at an ambulance going up the street, I
briefly kissed Katrina goodbye as she reached down and
gently cupped my cock and balls through my shorts. Then
we were on the road again, this time on the A11 back
down to Newmarket and on over to Cambridge and toward

We had Althorp as our destination, the scene of many
weekend excursions for when I was in the Air Force at
RAF Lakenheath. We got in to the R&R hotel where I had
made our reservations. After I “drained” myself in
Gina’s nest once more, we went downstairs to the bar
and had a few drinks. When we met there, I met an old
friend…Ivan, and we began discussing the late
Princess of Wales, whom we both had known well as a
little girl. We were joint friends with her daddy.

I told Ivan that I was looking forward to the next day
of visiting Althorp House and seeing how they had fixed
it all up after that awful accident. He replied that he
thought I was going to be disappointed, that the news
media had ruined her life–even after she had been

He emphasized that her urn holding her ashes were not
on that island, nor was her body, as he told me about
him meeting the train in Northampton and the young
princes and Prince Charles, and Charley Spencer at the
train station to escort them to the Little Bringham
church just outside Althorp grounds and put the vial of
Diana’s ashes in her father’s crypt.

I had asked him why they wanted to misinform the public
like this and he said “Two reasons! One was that the
thousands that each year from all over the world, to
see Diana’s urn obviously allowed the little village
church to not be worn to a frazzle as they trespassed
about and seemed to be constantly “collecting”
souvenirs and whatever from someplace “important”
(there was even a bit of concern expressed that they
might eventually get past those bars securing that
crypt and steal parts of the crypt, or even the Urn
itself, not to mention a piece of her ashes); and the
second being that at 5 British Pounds per entry ticket,
that those tickets made a lot of money to help keep all
this beauty very much alive and cared for.

Later conversation with Charley Spencer, currently the
Earl Spencer would not reveal for sure where Diana’s
ashes were specifically at, but he sorta admitted to
this factual reality by saying, “You know, you are very
much right!!”, as publicly he advised that the setting
of that large “Urn” we see setting on that island in
that pond was “the depiction of what Diana in death,

I took the next day to show the women around Althorp as
I had once knew it (I refer the reader to another story
I wrote and is posted on Stories Online, under the
heading of “Diana Spencer”) for all my experience in
the past of Diana and of course the Spencers. Both Gina
and Maryanne were equally impressed of my knowledge of
Althorp House and my relationship to them.

Maryanne and I had been working together at the Los
Angeles office of Y.S. Line when the late Princess had
married Prince Philip and I made that startling
discovery in 1980 by seeing her daddy on television
escort her down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. She
recalled my excitement I showed at work the next day. I
felt proud as she explained my behavior of that day to

That night as I made love to Gina, she whispered
sweetly in my ear that she did not want to feel
selfish, but that she fully understood how if it had
not been for Diana’s awful and tragic death that she,
Gina, might have never known me, because I was headed
straight into Diana’s arms, in the route she and I had
been pursuing. I told her how wrong she was, and she
argued back that Dohdi el Fayed had just been an
excuse… that a woman knows… that she thought that
deep down inside of Diana’s mind that she had an
ulterior motive to be my American wife. Not being a
woman, I could not address that.

Our trip to Glastonbury was drawing to a close, but we
had yet another couple of places to visit. One took us
back toward Norwich. Little Walsingham is not on many
maps, yet it is the site of a very important
development in Christianity. It was here that a lady
had a dream one night in 1061 A.D., who had never been
outside of Norfolk in her life. In that dream she
dreamt that she had been ordained by God to build an
exact replica of the site in Bethlehem where the Christ
child had been born of the Virgin Mary. (“God sent the
angel Gabriel to a city of Galilee called Nazareth,
where a Virgin dwelt, betrothed to a man of David’s
lineage; his name was Joseph, and the Virgin’s name was
Mary. Into her presence the angel came, and said,
‘Hail, thou who art full of grace; the Lord is with
thee; blessed art thou among women.” [Luke 1:26-28].

It was 1,000 years later that a woman called Richeldis
de Faverches, widow and Lady of the Manor, was said to
have encountered a vision. The Virgin Mary appeared to
her on three occasions, seen in the setting of the
house in Nazareth. Richeldis was dictated the exact
dimensions of the house and instructed to build it in
the village.

She immediately set her builders and carpenters to work
on the special task. However, their despondent return –
on that day- told of a disappointing start to the
project. That night, unable to sleep, Richeldis heard
singing that seemed to emanate from the unfinished
structure. As she rushed towards the site she was
amazed to see angels departing from the completed

Her further surprise was that it had been moved some
200 or more feet! The following morning the workmen
agreed that the house had been completed in a manner
far beyond their capabilities, standing ‘solid as a
rock’ on its new foundations.

Later Richeldis de Faverches would visit the actual
Bethlehem under sponsorship of the Aramathean Church at
Glastonbury and find for herself the exact duplication
of the site at that location of what the angels had
built at Walsingham.

Today, some nearly 1000 years later pilgrims still hold
a special reverence service at this location. We did a
grand escorted tour of this ancient site. The women
kept giggling to themselves and I asked Gina why. She
looked at Maryanne as if she could not understand what
I meant. So I asked Maryanne and she looked at Gina and
answered similarly. Finally Gina said that she could
not understand it, but that she felt just like
giggling. I figured…Women!!!

After our tour of the ancient shrine, we found a room
at the Black Lion Hotel in Walsingham. We were going to
get naked and thoroughly enjoy a 3-some in sex tonight,
fornicating to our hearts’ desires. But as we stripped
off all our clothes, we could feel a presence that
wasn’t quite defined but each of us felt it.

Gina’s nipples became very pointed and erect, my cock
would not harden, and Maryanne’s pussy got very dry,
where it would normally be extremely wet at the sight
of my cock. Something was strange that was happening to
us. We all lay down together. We felt lust but could
not seem to do anything about it.

Then we heard it… something was telling us to simply
enjoy our lives together, that what we had been doing
on this trip with an ulterior motive of the women
getting pregnant with my babies had been accomplished,
and there was no need for us, tonight to fuck because
both Gina and Maryanne had ‘caught’ and my sperm
fishies were now cavorting with eggs in both of their
bodies. God told us to refrain from sex tonight, and
that He would reward us with yet more, tomorrow night
at another location in a scenario that we could not
understand just yet.

Chapter 11

NOTE: There has been some readership in this story that
has shown some interest in “references”, “websites”,
etc., etc. In areas that seem to indicate a bit of fact
in this fantasy story, where those references are
possible, plain common sense and knowledge of the
Internet will dictate locations of “websites”. For
example: Enter “Glastonbury” into your Search mode and
all sorts of references appear.

Likewise for “Ley Lines”, “Joseph of Arimathea”,
“Little Walsingham”, etc., etc. If I could find these
in my early Theological research as a student, I’m sure
you can, too. My later years of actually going there
was quite a nice experience.

The next morning we awoke feeling refreshed. I could
see a small swell to Maryanne’s naked tummy that did
not seem to be there before. It was located just below
as she stood, to her navel. I reached down with my
mouth and kissed it as we lay naked, the 3 of us on
that bed. Maryanne teasingly slapped my mouth away,
reminding me of God’s instructions the night before.

We got showered and dressed and packed our stuff out to
the car. We went back into the hotel and had our
Breakfast, and then left for Oxford. One of my cousins
from the Philippines had a daughter, Gigi, who was
working on her Master’s in International Business at
Oxford University, and I had been in touch with her
previously with her instructions to me that “if you are
ever in England…” Well, you know how that goes…
EXCEPT I did not expect to find this…

I had not seen Gigi since she was about 13 years old.
Now she had completed college in Manila and had gone on
to her Master’s program overseas, this being Oxford
University. Her mother, who was divorced from my cousin
had stayed in contact with her ex-husband’s cousin
(me). My cousin had gone back into the jungles after
the divorce and remarried with a girl that was about
the same age as Gigi, and took up residence there,
taking up the local traditions and customs of Filipino
tribal life.

I could not fault him for that… what I was doing with
Gina and Maryanne largely resembled that kind of
“tribal life” except we were doing it in what some
might call a “civilized society”. Sometimes I have
often laid awake at night questioning myself to wonder
it was all worth it. All this talk about “adultery”,
married sex, “thou shalt not(s)”, etc., etc., made me
doubt and even question a lot of things that was
supposed to be good for me.

Gigi’s dad and I had discussed this and I had to give
him credit… he may have been onto something highly
healthful– mentally. His siblings had stayed on to a
civilized world, and in looking at their lives, it even
got more confusing. One of his brothers supported his
larger than normal family by working in international
commerce which did not allow him to spend more than a
couple months a year at home with his wife and kids.

The other had several kids as well, but was constantly
having to work long hours just to make ends meet. Their
father, my uncle, had lived his life similarly…
working long hours in the Philippines after he took his
honorable discharge from the U.S.Army at the end of
World War II, but never being able to live at home with
his wife and sons, except when he was off work on the

Gigi had just sent me a letter telling me about how to
get to her apartment, in the event that I found out on
short notice that I might be coming to England. So with
that in mind, we managed to, upon arriving in Oxford,
to drive right to her apartment. I got out of the car
and went to her door and pressed the buzzer. After a
short wait, the door opened and there stood my cousin.
She had been apparently been showering and her hair was
wet. She had thrown on a robe and it was obvious…
there could not have been anything more than Gigi
underneath that bath robe.

This little hot Filipina had grown…and her American
Pennsylvania Dutch Lutheran blood from her grandfather
and my uncle had done wonders for her Negroid Filipina
features, with her long hair and obviously well-rounded
breasts. She was surprised at seeing me and she swooped
into my arms in a tight embrace.

It was about all I could do to keep from slipping my
hands beneath her robe to see just what those young
asscheeks and titties felt like. But I had a couple of
vixens in the car watching this spectacle on Gigi’s
doorstep, and I had come this far, I did not need a
couple of jealous American women that were carrying my
babies in their bellies getting pissed at me.

I turned toward the direction of my car and motioned
for both of them to come to where I was at. They got
out, locking the car doors and came over. I introduced
them to Gigi as my wives, who smiled at me as if to say
that this plural marriage thing must run in my mother’s
family as her grandfather had had 2 wives as well, and
then went to the Philippines in WWII and got yet a
third over there…her grandmother. She ushered us into
her living room and invited the women to sit, while she
asked that I come upstairs to “talk” while she got

We had to walk around a wall to get to the staircase
and it was about all I could do to keep my hands to
myself as she climbed those steep stairs ahead of me,
my face nearly in her ass. Now I knew it… her
bathrobe did not cover her ass very well as she went up
those stairs slightly bent over. She glanced back and
saw me watching her.

We were out of sight of the women, and she had little
inhibitions, so she reached down and pulled up on the
hemline of her robe to wrap it around her waist, and
told me that if I saw something I liked that perhaps I
should touch it, cuddle it? I could not move fast
enough and soon had her cradled in my arms as I
finished our ascent to her bedroom. Then I lay her on
her bed and quickly tore my clothes off and she opened
her legs to receive me as I first poked at her enlarged
vulva lips and then found that wonderful spot and got
my helmet slightly into it as I tried to slide hotly
into her heated depths.

I felt her hymen as my swollen stiffness poked against
it, momentarily stopping me. I looked down at her
wanton staring back up at me and asked if this is
really what she wanted? She answered me by pulling my
head back down to meet her face, our lips coming
together in pure animal lust as she tried tongue
fucking my mouth.

Then she was crying out… “Oh, Oh, Oh, fuck me. Fuck
me with your cock and give me your seed to meet my
egg(s) and become my flesh. Oh, Uncle Don… I have
always wanted you to fuck me every since we first met
when you visited us in the PI right after my
grandfather died, and I saved myself just for you.” She
had always called me Uncle, although I was not her
uncle but her 2nd cousin as her daddy was my first
cousin. Now she was calling me by my first name? And
she was still ‘cherry’ and had been saving herself just
for me?

“I used to dream of you coming back to the Philippines
and taking me from there, to be your bride in America.
When I visited you a couple of years ago, I tried, but
I could not get your attention then. Now that I have
you in my body, I never want to let you go. I want to
have your babies, to take care of you as only I think I
can. Oh you are here now, I never want to let you go,”
she added as she began to buck against me in hot lust.

I felt her tunnel of love explode against my hard staff
and her juices begin to flow around it as I was buried
like a missile in her cavern. I was holding her naked
buttocks in the palms of my hands as if to somehow pull
her naked body tighter against me. My fingers were
probing the crack of her ass and I felt her heated
fluids begin to seep down to coat the ends of my
fingers before puddling beneath her nakedness. Then I
felt it begin deep in my balls, my cum building from
within and begin its ascent into the base of my cock. I
stopped, and once again looked into her beautiful eyes
and told her I was about to possibly make her a Mommy.

She looked up at me, smiled, and said that she had just
begun her ovulating for that month that morning and
“Yes, give me your sperm Uncle Don, so we can have our
baby!” And then I was shooting volleys of my babymaker
into her depths as she squirmed wantonly beneath me.

When I had done shooting, I casually told her that both
Gina and Maryanne waiting downstairs also had my babies
growing in their bellies. She got up and kissed me full
on the lips, and said she was going to go down there
and let them know that their babies would soon have a
baby sister or brother as well. With that she didn’t
even put on any clothes and went down there to show
them my cum seeping from her baby factory in pride.

I had followed her, also naked with my cock still
“stringing” cum and pussy juice coating it, down those
stairs. I stepped around the wall hiding the stairs
from the living room, and by this time Gigi was sitting
on the floor, our spendings still seeping from her
pussy lips. As I entered the room, Gina had arisen and
was walking over to Gigi, disrobing. She then sat down
beside Gigi and the two gals began a tongue searching,

Maryanne got up and came over and took a hold of my wet
sticky cock and pulled me down on top of her, beginning
to “milk” my cock into hardness. I felt a certain
growth beginning and she must have, too, as she
continued to milk my cock and laid over to get her
mouth over Gigi’s pussy to suck the stickiness from
her. Gina rose up and bent over Maryanne’s pussy to
suck on pregnant pussy.

It was about like all that any of us wanted to do was
to suck and fuck, cuddle, kiss, and fondle, in complete
lust and nakedness. Gigi was especially hot… she had
years of lust stored up in her so that if and when she
could ever get me off in private naked she wanted to do
all the things her little virgin body was designed to
do with a man, a man that she wanted to totally give
herself to for the rest of her life.

Now that we had found each other and I had taken her
maidenhead, she seemed to be so openly accepting that
her baby would be only one of many of half-siblings in
a larger monogamous marriage that had the same blood as
she had herself, that her grandfather had so long ago
secured, that our great-grandparents had no idea that
they were creating in their Pennsylvania Dutch

All we wanted to do for the time being was to fuck and
lust with each other. Gigi did take a couple of minutes
and got up and called a Fish n Chips place and order a
delivery for the 4 of us, along with a case of Liters
of Lager. We must have been a sight when that poor
bloke came around with it… 1 guy and 3 naked broads
obviously having just fucked each other with streams of
cum and pussy juice running down naked thighs and my
cock streaming streams of cum from its piss hole. We
were so fucked out that we did not even begin to feel
like getting up and getting dressed.

We ate our Fish n Chips. Pussy juice saturated fish
just makes the fish smell and taste that much richer.
Chips (French fries) stoked in hot cunt juice in a
pussy tastes something like Honey-coated fries. All
this washed down with Lager that also spilled over onto
naked breasts, tummies and my cock and balls made for a
very erotic-appearing orgy, that lasted all the rest of
that evening, the next morning and half the next day,
until Gigi had to go to work at her part-time job at
the local Co-op Grocery store.

That next night saw only Gigi and I fucking. The women
had decided that since they were already pregnant and
that Gigi also wanted to have my baby, that she should
enjoy all the cum I could give to her because the next
day we had to leave, to go back to the States. I don’t
think Gigi left my nakedness all night that night, we
made excellent use of the time we had together.

Chapter 12

That next morning we regretfully packed our things away
and said our good-byes to Gigi. She had about 6 months
left on her studies and had planned to stay in England
upon graduation. I told her that if she developed a big
tummy with my baby that I had other plans for her and
that was to include her in my home in Seattle, together
with the baby. She agreed to that and it was a good
thing I was on my way to getting into my car with the
women, because it would have been so easy for me to
have just dropped my pants right there and fuck her
once again.

Then we were on our way once more to London, and
Heathrow. Our time was highly restrictive and we barely
had the time to turn in our rental car and get to the
Gate and get on our British Airways 747 bound for
Seattle. Once again our flight was sparse in fellow
travelers, but this time as opposed to fucking our way
across the Atlantic and southern Canada, we simply
rested. The women had been properly bred, and I was,
frankly, about all fucked out.

Maryanne was noticeably pregnant once more. She had no
desire to take back up with Daniel and pretty much told
him so. He started to make a fuss and did not like his
wife refusing him his husbandly “rights”. She managed
to get little Danny off to one side at which time I
came along and “kidnapped” my son, taking him out to my
car, and leaving him with Gina who was waiting for us.

I got back just in time to hear Maryanne tell Daniel
that he was incredibly stupid if he thought that little
Danny was his natural son… that she had been
impregnated that one time so long ago, about 4 hours
before Daniel had shot his wad into her, and
unfortunately for him she had begun ovulating before
that first fuck. She further told him that if that was
not enough that she would be happy to give him DNA
results that would prove that he was not the natural

When he turned around to get a hold of little Danny, I
had already taken him. In a nutshell, he had lost out
on being a daddy again, especially with Maryanne. She
suggested that he contact Beverly, the slut who had
brought Maryanne and I together in the first place as
she managed to fuck Daniel that night when he was
supposed to have started a family with Maryanne but
pissed her off, so I could fuck her in her ovulating
period first.

Maryanne then suggested Beverly might be a Mommy to
more of his babies. Then she saw me standing there and
she came over to me and threw her arms around me,
pulling my head down to hers so she could kiss me on
the lips. I saw Daniel crumple in self-pity and begin
crying, begging at her to take him back.

She gave him the finger and told him to go and fuck
himself, and turned to me and asked that we leave. We
got to the car and little Danny was playing with Gina,
who had him on her lap. Maryanne took Danny and
explained to him the best she could that Gina was his
new Auntie, and that I was going to be his new daddy.
We then left as we saw Daniel try to run to catch us.
We kept going and did not look back.

We got to McChord AFB and Gina’s house. Her husband had
returned home apparently and then had left again. He
had left a note saying he was flying to RAF Mildenhall
for a week or so, and that he might see her if she
happened to come into the Base Commissary or BX and
accidentally “run across” her. Apparently that aircrew
member had been telling the truth about taking her
stuff home with him for her. It was just as well that
her flyboy husband had not seen her over there, it
would not have been a nice meeting with my cum seeping
from her pussy just about all the time we were in
England. While we had been gone, there had occurred a
new development in my employ.

The company I was working for was a privately family-
owned company, consisting of mostly free Chinese (Hong
Kong Chinese, Taiwanese, and people of Chinese descent
living in San Francisco, Los Angeles/Orange Counties,
and Washington DC). The People’s Republic of China
owned a competing steamship line, China Overseas
Shipping Co. Ltd (COSCO). They had decided that in
their process of modernization to buy up competing
steamship lines such as the Yamashita-Shinnihon
Steamship Company of Tokyo, Japan Lines of Tokyo, and
Mitsui-Orient Container Lines, in addition to the
company I worked for, that serviced Mainland China.

They could afford to do this because their foundation
economically, was the People’s Republic of China, or
the Communist government of China. They could have just
taken over everything and run everyone off their
territorial possessions but they were in the process of
trying to make the outside Western world think of them
as friendly and cooperative, so instead of doing that
they offered to buy these other competitors out.

In my case, I was offered one of two offers–one, I
could remain on and work within their sales staff as a
regional sales manager, or two, they would pay off my
position and provide me with a very handsome tax-free
lump sum for my “retirement bonus”. I decided to accept
the latter, as prudent investment of what they offered
me came to over $40,000 annually in the form of
Interest checks. Having been in the U.S. military and
“fighting” these Commies, I had no desire to work for
them or have them on any of my Resumes for future

Almost immediately my superiors had a check for me.
With some diligent investing, I came up with a plan
that would give me a monthly retirement of about $3500
per month, a little in excess of the $40,000 I had
planned above, all tax-free of course. But then I had
some financial obligations to take care of… some gals
that I had been fucking were now preggie with my babies
and there would be hospital and doctors bills to take
care of. I could probably have chanced those deliveries
to the natural way, but when you are and have been
fucking a woman for any length of time, lust becomes
“love” and “love” does certain things to you such as
caring and concern.

By my recollections I had babies coming from Gina,
Maryanne, Viola, Lynn, Katrina, and Gigi. Maryanne had
already had one of my babies, Danny, and now we were
hoping for Danielle, his sister. Viola had a handsome
divorce settlement in child support from her ex-husband
who had deserted her. Katrina had said that she did not
need any help from me because her husband had thought
her baby was created from her and his fucking.

Gigi wanted to stay in England, but I had already told
her that she was coming to the States to live with me
with the baby. Gina was still married to her Lieutenant
husband, but that would soon change… we had decided
that for purposes of Air Force benefits that she would
deliver our baby while she was still the Lieutenant’s
wife so that the baby would carry the Lieutenant’s last
name and officially be an Air Force dependent, which
offered all kinds of logistical benefits for all of us
in terms of the Commissary, Base Exchange, Insurance,
Social Security and survivor benefits for her and our
baby, the latter defined above. In addition, until we
had things settled, we had a 3-bedroomed house on base
at McChord AFB that was rent-free and utilities-free.

I began the task of assembling all of my babies’
mothers together. Viola had her B&B business in
Glastonbury and declined my offer to come to the
States, but asked that when we came to England and to
our religious observances in Glastonbury that we plan
on staying at her place. Lynn wanted to divide up her
time equally between us in Washington State and her
home in Lakenheath Village.

Katrina did not want to come to the States, but said
that if we came to England that she would meet us and
stay with us with our baby for as long as we were in
England. Gigi said that she would also stay in England
but that if she was in fact pregnant, that she would
live with us wherever we decided to live. Of course
Maryanne and Danny were living with Gina and I.

Somehow we were out screwing around somewhere each time
the Lieutenant got home from one of his temporary
duties, so he never did come home to find his wife with
a big belly. Gina took to wandering about in a very
short mini-skirt, and white T-shirt, wearing a bedroom-
style loafer on her feet, at home if any clothing was
needed in case company came or we had to go out,
otherwise she wandered around naked, big belly and all.
I found this highly attractive and she looked like a
doll with her enlarged breasts and big belly. It was
about all I could do to keep from fucking her ALL the

When we did fuck, I did it doggie style so as to not
lay on that big belly and hurt our baby. Several of her
neighbors almost ignored her, except she was at a point
in her life that she simply did not give a fuck. I took
her to a nice maternity store in West Seattle and
bought the latest in maternity fashions for her to wear
on the job, and on more than one occasion she was
royally fucked on the Conference table in my office,
that is until the company paid me off. Then we hardly
ever got dressed at home, but instead run about the
house and well-enclosed backyard in the nude, with
Maryanne and little Danny.

Fucking naked on the freshly mowed lawn was a treat all
by itself, except that grass stains on naked skin are
hard to wash off. We were barely home 2 months but what
the phone rang. It was Gigi and she had missed her
period. As soon as we hung up, I was wiring her fare to

The next day a somewhat pregnant Amerasian was
descending the ramp at Sea-Tac and into everyone’s
arms. Gigi fitted right in to our nudity in the back
yard and home. I called Liz to see if she wanted to
join us, from Hockwold. She said that she would, except
that she was now pregnant with a 4th baby that would
probably be half-nigger as well as her other 2 that
were, even though one of her 5 kids was obviously mine.

She did not know what to do, but said that if I wanted,
that she would come to join us, also. I told her to
come, that yes, I wanted her in our family, and I had
British Airways take out 6 tickets for her and her kids
for London-Seattle. Three days later, because she had
to make last minute Passports, a very beautiful and
pregnant middle-aged Mommy with 2 Black children, and 2
White children also came down that same ramp as Gigi
had done at Seattle.

We were now a family of 11 people. Except for Liz’ two
black kids, all were related to me, in some way, shape
or form. Liz’ two black kids were boys… something
that might prove useful for the progeny in the future
that when used with little Danny and my son from her,
Ralphie, could very well keep some what had to be born
or were already with us, pregnant and having yet more
babies to keep our family going. We would have probably
continued on in our lives at McChord AFB, but we had
gotten rather careless. But it would take almost a
Presidential decree to get us out of there.

Chapter 13

Gina’s water broke one night about 3 a.m. I rushed her
over to Fort Lewis’ maternity ward and about 2 hours
later I was standing on the visitor side of the nursery
looking down on our little girl. The military doctors
do what they can do to make the new mommy get up
afterwards and walk around. As I stood there looking, I
felt Gina’s arm slip into my arm as we gazed down on
our new daughter.

I felt intense love for her, and could not restrain
myself… I foolishly slipped my arm about her and
turned her to me and kissed her full on the mouth. She
responded in kind and dropped her hand to my crotch and
whispered that we had a bit of work to do because
little Christine needed a brother. We did not know it,
but we were observed…

Two days later Gina and Christine were home with the
rest of us. Gina and I could not fuck, but that did not
stop us from cavorting nakedly around the house and
back yard. Gina had elected to nurse Christine and in
so doing I had to empty her breasts of any milk left
over that Christine could not consume. Often Gina would
be left “hanging”… my sucking of her breasts would
excite her but we could not fuck until her pussy had
healed from giving birth to Christine, and the fact of
my nakedness being right next to her as I suckled her
did not do any good either as my cock was always hard
when I suckled her.

With little Christine’s arrival, I thought it best to
legalize our unions. To marry everyone in Washington
State jurisdiction, I would be subjecting myself to
bigamy right away. Little realized is multiple
jurisdiction marriages, although if seriously
investigated, might also subject one to the charge of
Bigamy. But in most cases unless someone was to bring
specific court action, there probably would not be any
referral of it.

So I married Gina under Washington state law, Maryanne
under Idaho law, Gigi under Canadian law, Lynn under
English law, Liz under Montana law. Viola and Katrina
had legal problems that prevented them from remarrying
without losing large chunks of property or
settlement(s). We got an unexpected visitor. The
Lieutenant had been promoted to Captain and he returned
in the middle of the night from Kuwait. We did not know
he was coming, and when he opened the front door to his
home, he was confronted with a naked Gina that was
nursing her baby, a naked Maryanne that obviously about
ready to “pop”, a naked Gigi that was about 5 months
pregnant, a naked Liz who likewise was about 7 months
pregnant, and me, naked of course.

He wanted to know who I was, and Gina just about did
him in by informing him that I was little Christine’s
natural daddy. That newly promoted Captain was
thoroughly pissed. He started to give the look that he
could become extremely violent. I jumped his ass, and
knocked him to the floor, while I hurriedly got Gina
and Maryanne to quickly give me some rope. I tied him
up, and gagged him so he could not wake up the
neighborhood. Then I set about to explain a few things
to him, along with Gina’s help.

Gina explained that he was never home and that she had
wanted a family. She did not know how she could ever
have a family with him if he was gone all the time. So
instead of getting bored, she got a job, with me. One
thing led to another, and soon we were fucking all the
time. She did not intend, originally to have my baby,
but that things just sorta worked to that.

She said that since he was hardly ever home that she
had invited me to move in with her so we could fuck
every night, as she enjoyed fucking. She also said
there was an added benefit… working together, we
could use the carpool lanes on the freeway to get to
and from work, so we could spend yet more time
together, making love. I could see the Captain’s eyes
bore hatefully into Gina and then to me. I reached down
and pulled his pants off, along with his underwear.

I compared my big cock to his puny one and asked him
how the Hell he expected Gina to be able to enjoy that
one (his). I could hear his murmuring as it was obvious
he was trying to cuss me out. I chuckled at that.
Maryanne, in her nakedness and bellowed-out tummy said
she had to piss, so she walked over and straddled him
and gave him a yellow shower, right over his cock and
balls. The warmth of her pee excited him and we could
see his cock grow.

Gina lit into him again, chastising him for getting
excited for getting peed on. She got her Polaroid
camera out and took a picture of him laying there half
naked, his cock pointed high toward the ceiling with
the fresh wetness of piss shining from it in the light.
Gigi asked Gina to aim her camera closer to the
Captain’s mouth, and then Gina was straddling his face.
She then peed onto his mouth. Maryanne grabbed his wet
cock and balls and started squeezing, telling him to
open his mouth and drink Gigi’s piss.

At first he would not do it, but then just before Gigi
ran out of pee, Maryanne squeezed his nuts so hard that
his mouth came open and then she peed directly into his
mouth, as Gina too 3 flash pictures of his drinking
Gigi’s piss.

I told him that his wife was pregnant with my baby. I
told him that she did not feel right by having a baby-
killer’s baby, that she had fucked me because it was
obvious that our baby would not know a daddy that had
killed other babies as one of his job requirements.

I also told him that he would give Gina a separate
maintenance agreement based on the grounds that he had
deserted her and that he would sign an agreement with
her that he would provide for ALL her children (little
Christine, and any others she might have with me, and
that he would provide for her in the same manner as if
they were still living together as husband and wife,
including having over $10 million of Life Insurance,
because that was the norm for pilots in general that
flew the big birds in both commercial and military
aviation. I said that failure to do any of this would
“land” the pictures we just took, on not only his Wing
Commander’s, but Numbered Air Force Commander’s, and
Major Air Commander’s desks, if not the Secretary of
the Air Force’ and Defense Secretary’s desks, and when
we got finished with him that his ass would be totally
worthless to anyone!

I then pulled out my Bowie Hunting Knife. I told him I
was going to untie him and that he might seriously
consider to just lay there for a moment while I
prepared the tape recorder to record his declarations
of what I had just now explained to him, and to sign
off on written agreement to be witnessed by the women
here that he had in fact agreed to all this without any
threat of coercion. I told him that all it would take
would be one swipe of that knife, and he definitely
would not have to worry about being a Daddy again, if
in fact he lived through all the blood loss of having
had his cock cut off.

He readily agreed, and after we had recorded his
promises and signed the agreements, we allowed him to
arise, opened the front door, and kicked his bare ass
out into that January cold in the middle of the night.
The women had gathered up all his uniforms and clothing
while he was signing his life away and testifying as
such, and through his possessions out the door after

As he quickly found some pants to put on to keep from
freezing his ass and wet cock and balls, I suggested to
him that he might leave the premises immediately as I
was calling the cops on my cell phone to let them know
we had a vagrant on our hands at this address who had
tried to burglarize us.

I figured that by the time they got him down to the
Security Police station, and figured out who he was (I
had taken all of his ID from his clothing and his
person, including his Dog Tags), we would all be long
gone, because upon the time the women had been all
assembling here I had also taken emergency measures to
support this action, so at the last minute we were all
“headed” back to England on the next flight out.

Almost immediately the Base Law Enforcement team
arrived, and then they were handcuffing a near naked
Captain that they did not know was a captain, and
putting him in the back of their squad car and taking
him off to their station. As soon as they were out of
sight we hurriedly got dressed and headed for Sea-Tac,
and later that morning we were high over Canada, headed
once more for Heathrow.

Chapter 14

As soon as we got to Heathrow I hired a small van with
driver, and I gave directions to get to Glastonbury. I
then phoned to Katrina and Lynn and told them we were
in-country and asked that they meet us at Glastonbury
at Viola’s B&B on High Street, and called Viola to let
her know we were headed for her place.

As soon as we got to Viola’s, she enthusiastically
welcomed us. Her belly was getting swollen… it had
been about 8 months since I had fucked her. I could not
resist… I put all the women and our delivered babies
together in a setting and took their picture. Liz made
a comment that all these little girls were going to
have something to look forward to… slipping those
adolescent cocks into their hot wetness when they
reached puberty. We now had two Filipina beauties that
were going to have my baby. Viola wondered if an
African Black and a Filipino Black would be able to
come out right, or if it made any difference.

I began looking for a place to settle all this family
as a unit. We had stayed before in that cavern at St.
Agnes, some of us anyway, and had liked it. We had
enjoyed being “with nature” in that warm atmosphere,
where we could eat shellfish, fuck to our hearts
content, and be naked all the time. Here we could enjoy
human nature as God intended and have as many babies as
we wanted. But somehow it did not seem “just right”.

I suppose we had gotten rather spoilt from having so
many luxuries, plus our medical attention could be a
problem area in case of emergencies. Ancient cave man
and cave woman did not know that with proper delivery
procedures that death was avoidable, they did not know
that sprains, broken bones, etc., could be medically
attended to. They did not know that the sex of a baby
could be forecast months before the actual birth. They
did not know the entertainment media that was our
television, or even radio! We discussed this at length.
Viola knew of St. Agnes that that cavern, and envied us
in being able to go there and live.

She also knew of a distant cousin of her ex-husband’s
that had some property that consisted of a large hotel-
like structure about a mile away from that cavern, and
she seemed to remember that not too long ago, that
cousin was trying to find a hippie-like group of people
that would take care of it and hopefully live in it for
him for the in turn privilege of living in it for free.
We thought and discussed this–what a golden

The next day I rented a small van and we all took off
for St. Agnes with Viola’s directions on how to find
this place. She had called this cousin but he was not
in, but she had left word on his voice mail that she
had a group of people coming his way to look over his
property. By the time we arrived, the cousin had
returned and he quickly took one look at us, and
decidedly suggested that if he could join in with us
and live with us, that this place was “ours”.

The building just seemed to be made for our use. It was
4 sided, in an “O”-like structure, with the center of
it having a swimming pool, lots of lawn and gardens. It
consisted of 12 bedrooms… 3 on each side, with a
bathroom for each side. It had been a “Lord’s Manor”
but the “Lord” it was built for had died about 50 years
previously and Viola’s ex-husband’s cousin, Drake, and
his family had inherited it through family, and they
had been barely able to keep it up.

They wanted to continue to own it, but to let some
large family live in it in turn for taking care of it.
Drake was not married, and he was not all that pleasant
looking, but looks are only skin deep. Once we all got
in the place with him and clothes started coming off,
he got naked too, and what he had attached to his
crotch would surely make Liz green with envy, even
after she had been fucked and knocked up by those
nigger cocks she had grown used to. And Drake was as
white as a sheet! I could quickly envision those half-
black kids of hers having several siblings from this
giant cock!

It would be a month or so later, after Lynn, Katrina
and Gigi all began waddling around, that I was down at
the cavern with Gina and Maryanne, and our children,
that an obvious American tourist was there. We never
dressed anymore even to go down there as it was such a
short hike down the cliffs from the other side from the
roads. Our nudity must have made him think for a
moment, and he wanted to know if we had ever heard of a
group of people that had been here before, from

This raised my interest and he told us about what he
knew… it seems that at some military base near
Seattle there had been a military couple that the wife
had taken up with a bunch of hippies and had developed
a relationship with them. He went on to say that he had
heard that the Air Force Captain that had been that
wife’s husband had been killed on a mission to some
place in Africa when his plane was shot down, and that
the Air Force could not locate his widow and child…

We waited until this stranger had left, and then Gina
and I looked at each other. We came together almost
jumping with joy and then Maryanne joined us in all our
naked glory. The kids did not know what this was about
and we explained to them that we would explain it to
them when they got older.

Gina and I had not only collected several hundreds of
thousands of dollars along with a lifestyle we both
wanted, but now she and our babies would be provided
for because of what had happened to her ex-husband! We
returned to our mansion and explained all this to the
rest of our family.


It is now two years later and we are two white men with
12 naked, beautiful wives that are pregnant most of the
time. Between we 14 adults we have 25 children and this
continues. We seldom wear any clothing unless it is
cold outside like in the winter. The younger girls are
starting to show an interest in my and Drake’s hard
stiffies as we fuck their mothers. We will not be
fucking them anytime soon because it has been our
experience that while they may be fuckable, they are
not mentally ready to be a mommy, as they cannot very
well care for a baby like that baby should be cared

Each time that one of the women is about due to give
birth we send her to Glastonbury to stay at Viola’s so
proper medical attention can be offered to both her and
the baby if it is needed. Doctors usually highly
recommend no sex for two weeks after the birth canal is
used, but try to tell that to a new mommy that wants to
begin fucking again, and even get impregnated with yet
another baby. Viola, herself has had two more of my

To honor the late Joseph of Arimathea, we have
commissioned a work on a sculpture that will be a 15-
foot high statue of the late saint, in the nude.
Without his influence we might never have accomplished
what we have today. The Roman Catholics are furious
with us because what we depict with this is that their
stories are so full of lies that it is pathetic. Just
recently the World-wise Alliance Church in Missions has
come forth with a $10,000 donation to assist with this

We are truly blessed.