Harry meets Sally – and that orgasm come to life

I was invited to a party just after I had broken up with my girlfriend of 12 months. I was going to decline but the host mentioned that was no problem there will be a lot of people you know.

At the party I met an old friend and his wife and he got on the grog and overdid it and could not drive home. His wife asked me if I could drive them home. I said I would as I had walked to the party. She was very appreciative and after I drove them home she said for me to take the car to my place and she would pick it up the next day.

I helped her get her husband into the bedroom and in the process got pretty close to her and commented that she had a nice perfume on. She told me the name of it and I thought next time I needed to buy a perfume to impress a woman I would buy that.

We got him to the bedroom and I left her to undress her husband and get him into bed – he was out to it. She said she would leave him sleep it off and use the other bedroom, and I took their car home.

The next morning she rang to ask when it would be convenient to come around to pick up the car and I said make it about 11am. I asked how her husband was and she said he had gone to work by taxi but was not well. She said he had to go in as there was some important work being undertaken in the factory on the weekend and he was required to be there but would probably sleep it off in his office.

At 11 she arrived and I suggested a drink but she said no a coffee would be fine. During coffee she noticed a photograph of my ex and said she was sorry that our affair had ended. I said I was too. She had fond somebody else and had been cheating for a couple of months.

She said I know – she confided in me and asked me about you and how best to let you know it was all over. She told me she was having it off with a guy at work, he just charmed my pants off – she said I know I am easy but I thought I was past that. He is fantastic in bed, but I couldn’t say no and he fucks like there is no tomorrow – it’s fantastic. Sally said I had no idea you would find out before hand though. She was planning to go and leave a note – she didn’t want a scene.

I said well she got one – it was unfortunate – I came home late on Wednesday night and I was working late and when I got into bed I was interested in sex. She let me know that she was definitely not interested. I threw the cover off her intending to kid her into it and I got a whiff of that obvious scent of sex. She had been fucking somebody. There was dry cum in her pubic hair and it was leaking down her legs, she was full of it, then I noticed a small love bite on both breasts. The stupid bitch didn’t bother to clean herself up after it, or wanted me to find out. She didn’t care and didn’t even make an excuse – she just lay there stinking of his cum.

I did my block and slapped her – I was really wild and combined with a couple of other incidents – I told her to pack and get out and not be here when I got home the next night. She had all day to arrange it. I slept in the other room.

My friend’s wife (Sally) said she was so sorry because she knew that at one time we were made for each other. Jean had told her that she was screwing a guy at work. It was then she confided in me that she had talked about our relationship and some of the things we had done together and the bedroom experiences we have had. Sally told me she had told Jean a few weeks ago that she and her husband were not happy – after less than a year – he was hopeless in bed and that she had not had a good night’s sex for almost a year. The only reason they got married was she was pregnant to him but had a miscarriage a month after they married. She was then nearly four months pregnant. It wasn’t until the discussions with the doctor about him cumming so quickly afterwards she realized it might not have been his. He and I were having sex before we had to get married. I had missed my second period and I did a pregnancy test and I was positive. We got married and It wasn’t until after the miscarriage – and we started to fuck again I realised it might not be him – he was cumming too quick and I doubt he could get his semen into me – he is so fast, he cums in seconds and often sprays it all over me rather than into me. It didn’t matter then I was married to him and the other guy was already married so that was that. I just hoped Jack would get better at it.

Before we got married I was also fucked a guy at work –marriage was not on the scene then. I got pissed and screwed one of the guys in the office after a party one night and it could well have been him. I fucked up big time. God if I wasn’t married to him I would drive you crazy to get us together.

She said Jean really adored the life she had with you – but as you probably know she had a past and it was men that caused all her problems. She could not control her desire to see what men were like in bed. The relationship you had was probably the longest relationship she ever had with one man. You must have been pretty good to keep her away from other men for that long. I know some of the things you two did together, I should not tell you but it doesn’t matter now – she showed me a video of the both of you in bed and another when you had a weekend away. God I would have given the earth to have been her at that time.

I said what are you telling me – you have seen the two of us having sex and you wanted to be part of it.

Well it was a video you and Jean made and what I saw made me envious, I would have loved to be the photographer who took it for you. God it was amazing what you two did. Did you fuck whoever it was afterwards?

Jane did – she knew her and she was lesbian and made porno videos mainly for sex sites. The thing about it was she insisted on being naked like us and she was big and fat. As she took the video there were times her cunt or her tits were right in my face and I would have loved to have touched them or something but she wanted no part of me – Jean was what she wanted – even after we had been fucking each other for four hours -that’s how long it took to make the first video of 40 minutes – it was amazing. Keeping me hard or getting it hard was my biggest problem. I must have cum five or six times but it had to appear it was one long fuck session. I would never make a porno star – I can’t keep it up long enough for them – they seem to be able to keep it up for hours. Anyhow Jean made her happy but it still cost a bomb to make it.

Jack is only a missionary man she said, and he is more often than not too quick for me and we have to use foreplay to get me close to cumming then he hops on and I hope I can cum before he does.

Are you telling me you want to sleep with me.

If you put it that way – yes. Jean has gone forever and I am screaming for it. Last night I hoped I would have been able to get you to stay and do it with me after I got him to bed – he would never know. I got him drunk hoping to get you into bed. I cried myself to sleep and when you mentioned my perfume I thought I was going to get my wish. Now to be perfectly honest – if you would sleep with me now you would make me the happiest woman alive. I know what it was like with Jean – she has told me so much and I asked her to lend me that video of you two again but she wouldn’t – I think she realised I would do what I could to get you and I together the same way. Now she has gone – I can’t see anything to stop us. Please take me to your bed. Please.

God I said – this is the first time somebody has pleaded with me to sleep with them. It bothers me you are married to Jack – what if he finds out.

I couldn’t care less – except that he wouldn’t know it was you. He has been shagging an office girl for months since I miscarried –and I lost interest in him. He doesn’t realise I know – that poor girl – she gets no pleasure from him I am sure.

Hell I said – I won’t say you don’t attract me – you do; and last night that perfume had me really going and when I came home I wanked off thinking about it. Well I am not the one to refuse an offer like that, where do we start.

Kiss me – she said.

I kissed her and she put her arms around my neck and pulled herself to me snuggled against me and rubbed her body against mine. I could feel her tits pressing against my chest and her pelvis seeking to see if I was hard. That was a certainty. I knew immediately she was ready willing and I hoped able to go through with it. It was then I smelled her perfume again and I said – shit you know how to get me going – you have that perfume on again.

I thought you would appreciate it – I have it over half my body – the hotter I get the better it smells. I really wanted you and I thought that it may help me get you going after your comment last night.

After a few minutes of heavy petting I took her by the hand and led her toward my bedroom. On the way I asked her how often you have been unfaithful to Jack.

Never since we have been married, but before that I was pretty free and easy with it and have even been pregnant when I was 16. I started young and took risks – got pregnant – and had an abortion. When I was pregnant again I decided to go through with it and married Jack. I have lost count of the number of boys I slept with at college, but it wasn’t just one or two believe me. I don’t think you will be disappointed in me.

On the way to the bedroom and she said would you mind if we did it in the other bedroom – I don’t want to share the same bed she does with you.

Did share – I corrected her.

I said fine and we went into the second bedroom we used for guests. By then she was beginning to undress and I kissed her and helped her as she did the same for me. By the time we were both naked we were both hot and ready for action, my cock was bone hard and she looked beautiful standing there naked, she still had a full bush – something I hadn’t seen for ages on a woman and her magnificent tits. They were as perfect as they could be. We stood there just looking at the beautiful sights before us then she sat on the edge of the bed and patted beside her for me to sit there. I went to put my arm around her and fondle one of those perfect breasts but she slid off and down and within a second she had her mouth over my cock.

AAAhhhhh she moand, I really need this, from the moment I saw Jean doing this to you I hoped one day I might get the pleasure of having you cum in my mouth. The way she sucked you was brilliant and I tried it on Jack and his response was shit where did you learn to do that. I lied and said the porno internet. He said keep it up – you certainly learned how to do this right.

It was about the only pleasure his cock gave me. One night he was fucking me and I asked him if it was in – I couldn’t feel a thing. God he got mad and even slapped me.

I can’t believe how different you are – its long and thick and it looks beautiful and you are circumcised. Jack wasn’t and sometimes when he shoved it into my mouth it tasted horrible. Your head is twice as big as Jacks and it looks good and feels marvellous in my mouth. Would you mind if you came in there before we fucked – I could always suck it a bit more to get it up again?

I said I am beginning to like this more and more – Jack obviously doesn’t know what he has in you.

She sucked me beautifully and used her long thin manicured fingers to stroke me up and down in unison with the lovely sensation she was giving me with her lips and mouth. Her other hand fondled my balls. I suppose she worked on me for about eight or ten minutes before I was ready to cum and I said – you are about to get your wish and she looked into my eyes and my knees went weak, and she smiled, still with my cock in her mouth, as the first spurt of my cum ejaculated into her , followed by three or four good spurts afterwards and she swallowed every drop.

God that was amazing she said – you make twice as much as Jack and it tasted wonderful. That was the best suck off I have had since college. I will admit the best one ever was a black boy in the team. Nobody would let him near them – he had a cock as big as a horse. I got him alone one night and sucked him off and I never enjoyed anything like it. He was huge and long and his black cock and cum tasted like liquorice – beautiful. I wanted him to fuck me but he said -no – not another white girl. He had fucked a white girl before and got caught and thrashed for doing it – by his own mob. He said never again – if anybody knew I had blown him we would both be in big trouble. I would have given anything to have him fuck me but alas that wasn’t to happen and I believe I was lucky to even suck him off.

Well I said let’s see if I can make up for your dark skinned boy friend. So far so good – if you sucked him as well as you sucked me – he was a very lucky boy.

After she had swallowed my load of cum we kissed and I got the taste of myself once more. I had no problems – kissing a girl who smoked was far worse than one with a mouth full of MY cum.

Now I said what is your preference? – would you like me to go down on you before or after we have our first fuck?

What happens if we fuck first – will you go down on me afterwards.

Sure why not – you probably saw me doing it to Jean a few times if you saw that video. I have no problems going down afterwards. I can take my cum back from there or your mouth – either way I have no problems.

No lick me out first – I want to have something I really love and don’t get any of. Jack won’t go down on me. I have begged him to do it but he won’t. I don’t smell down there I make sure of that. That poor girl at his office I bet he gets her hot and sweaty then won’t go down on her and cums seconds after her gets it into her. I think I will let her know she can keep him happy if she likes – I think I have found something that will keep both ends of me happy now. That is if you don’t mind fucking me occasionally. I certainly want more of that nice thick spunky cock in my mouth and if its half as good in my cunt then you never know what may eventuate. Come on big boy – show me how you give it to Jean.

Ok I said – I am beginning to enjoy this. I never imagined that I would be doing this 24 hours ago. Now get on your back and I will see how you like my tongue before you get to feel my cock.

She lay on the bed and did exactly what I asked and I got right over her and we kissed – she kissed beautifully – I really enjoyed her tongue in my mouth. It was then I smelled her perfume again. My cock was firm and immediately it hardened, I said shit that scent does things to me.

She said I had hoped it would I used heaps of it before I left home; it has that wonderful character of releasing its perfume as I get warm and at the moment I am hot. Go for it big boy she said.

I kissed her softly and gently moved my hand over her body until I had slipped down and had sucked a little of her left breast into my mouth. She moaned softly as I sucked it and licked the hard nipple with my tongue. She placed her hand over my head and gently rubbed her fingers through my hair as I massaged her nipple with my tongue. I then moved to her right breast and did the same – then she said ‘bite me’ – so I gently sucked and bit her areola and she said ‘harder’ and I used my teeth to grab her nipple rather than her breast meat and gently bit a little harder and she moaned again, then whispered ‘ harder – I love it’. I used my teeth to gently apply pressure to her nipple and she said ‘oh god that’s wonderful – just a bit harder’. I could feel that I was really biting her now – my teeth were virtually touching so I moved my jaw from side to side without applying too much pressure – I did not want to hurt her and she lifted her backside off the bed and moaned loudly and said ‘fuck…… that’s amazing. Fuck me hard please…… fuck me now.

I let go of her nipple and she had spread her legs and drawn them back almost onto her shoulders and I guided my cock which was as hard as rock now into her moist and waiting vagina. As my cock slipped into her moist hairy cunt she moaned again and shuddered – ‘fuck it – god …..fuck me hard I am cumming’ she moaned. I drove my cock hard and fast as if I was about to cum myself and after half a dozen thrusts she said ‘I am done – fuck – I have never cum that fast ever. I even beat that bastard I am married to – I came faster than him. I pulled out as I wanted to lick her out before I came inside her.

I immediately went down on her and despite her hair I managed to get onto her clit immediately and she screamed – ‘ohhhh shit – FFFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKK my clit is so tender go carefully – don’t lick it yet. It’s still in spasm after that cum – god that was amazing – now slowly do it slowly slowly – I love it but go slow – shit I have never been so hyped up after cumming – this is lasting for ages, I can still feel my tummy in spasm too inside me – god my nipples are hurting a bit too. I love having them bitten but wow that was amazing – From the tip of my toes to the top of my head is alive with the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. Shit you and I are going to fuck forever if this is what it is like with you.

I said I hardly did a thing – only what you asked – I must admit I have never bitten a girl so hard on the nipple, a lot of girls like it but you wanted it harder and I must have overdone it – I was getting so much pleasure out of being on you and having you under me and that fucking perfume drove me mad. Sorry I hurt you. I am sorry but I have bitten through the skin there is a bit of blood on the areola. Then you said fuck me and knew you must have been on a high when I plugged you – but you came so fast. I have never had a girl cum that quick before.

And this girl has never ever cum that quick before and virtually the sensation in my nipples had me just on the brink and when your cock went up me that did it and I burst my bubble and came. Shit I think I came faster than he does – and that can be real fast – he has even cum the moment his cock hit my cunt lips – think of how much that does for me, and as I said he won’t go down on me. I haven’t had a man go down on me since I can’t remember – if we do nothing else – and that won’t happen – I am having the most wonderful time and you are so good at this – I am so glad Jean is not around anymore – from now on I am going to be an adulterous wife – if you can handle that.

I have no problems – I don’t remember ever fucking somebody else’s wife before but if it’s as good as this – I am all for it. What do you think will happen if he finds out you and I are fucking like rabbits.

I will send him off to his 18year old slut he is poking – well I hope she is getting poked – if he is like her with me – she will piss him off real fast – if she hasn’t already.

God I said – this sound serious – look I don’t want to be the cause of a marriage break up.

You won’t be – he will. And don’t worry I won’t be moving in here – I want some breathing space and a lot more of what I am doing now – fucking. I will probably try out a few of the guys who sniff about occasionally –when we met last night and I knew what you were like with Jean and I decided after I got home with that drunken sod I wanted a part of it now you two have split up. I am so happy. Sorry I am being selfish – after seeing you and Jean on that video I realised what I was missing out on and I wanted something better than a dildo up me every other day. God I was masturbating like there was no tomorrow some days. Now I have the most wonderful toy I could ever imagine playing with and to taste, after this I want you to fuck me for hours on end. I have had it in for a minute – just like Jack but now I want you to do to me what you did to Jean.

By now she had settled down and I could concentrate on licking her out and she tasted wonderful – she had obviously rubbed her scent on her thighs and being down there licking between her cunt lips and opening her with my fingers and peeking into her pink well of pleasure was fantastic. Her hair was still full bush and I stopped long enough to tell her she needed a shave and I was the perfect barber.

Oh God she said – what will Jack say when he sees it. ………Fuck him – she said……..I am going to tell him I know about his school girl slut and I have had a bit of a real man in me and he likes me like this.

I licked and sucked on her clit and slid a couple of fingers into her. She groaned with delight – oh fuck – she said I haven’t had that happen since some fresh guy fingered me in the back row of the movies a lifetime ago. I don’t know why Jean decided she wanted something different – I certainly do – YOU.

She was taking a while to cum and seemed relaxed and enjoying my fingering and licking etc or she was deliberately delaying it so she could enjoy my treatment of her– I was dying to fuck her and my cock was leaking pre cum like a tap. I decided to speed up the pace and turned my fingers and ticked her G spot – she moaned again and said what the fuc k are you doing now? I laughed – it seems you are getting a sex lesson I said – I still have a trick or two up my sleeve.

It’s not your sleeve I want it’s your cock.

Well then get on with it – cum and then get ready for the fuck of your life.

With that I went a bit harder with the fingering and then slipped a finger up her ass.

OOOOOOHHHHHHH shit she said – THAT DID IT I AM CUMMING – OOOHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK I am cumming . OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH she began to shake and bounce about and her legs clamped my head between her thighs and I had no alternative but to suck on her cunt. She began to flood her cunt juice and I have never had a woman spurt when we have fucked before but this may be my first. Her juices ran down and I was trying to lick and suck them into my mouth and then she relaxed and I could lift my face off her cunt.

Oh shit I said – you were amazing – that was a great orgasm – do you have them like that all the time – the last one was good this one was better. Do you spurt? I got a good mouthful of cunt juice and never having had a girl spurt for me before I wasn’t sure. It tasted ok though – real women’s juice.

No I haven’t spurted before – but I do cum pretty heavily often and I can’t tell if it’s my cunt juice or his cum inside me there is quite a bit of both sometimes, particularly if I have to finger myself before we fuck because he is so quick and I want to cum too and I usually end up fingering myself off in his cum. That was one of the best orgasms I can remember – after you put your finger up my ass I couldn’t help myself I just exploded. It was great – I hope you like it.

I loved it – you taste almost as good as you smell – that scent is amazing.

I rubbed it all over my legs by not my lips – I thought it might taste funny if you went down on me – as I hoped.

Well whatever you did it worked. Now my sweet – open wide Doctor Doolittle is going to do an internal examination using the most amazing tool.

She lay back lifted her legs and exposed her hair covered cunt. I said this is like chasing tigers through the jungle.

Just put the tiger in my tank she said – forget the jungle – this may be the last time you get to do it with it looking like that. I am going to see the barber before I leave here.

I slipped my cock into her now really wet and slippery cunt – it was warm wet and TIGHT – I was surprised how tight she was, she gripped my cock with the walls of her cunt and I haven’t felt a girl that tight for years – it was fantastic. I said shit that cunt of yours is tight, it’s magnificent.
She said well it hasn’t had a cock like yours up it for quite a while. He hardly gets it in and when he does it’s like his little finger. One night not long after we got married I asked him if he was in me – he got really cranky and almost slapped me. I only let him fuck me a couple of times before we got married – I was getting a bit on the side from another guy who was already married where I was working. I put it down to the fact Jack was so horny and came quickly – if I had known now what I knew then I may not have married him.

Let’s not worry about him – we have a few things to sort out before we make too many decisions but I am happy to bed you any time you want to. I haven’t enjoyed a fuck like this for ages.

Not even Jean.

Yes – she and I were great in bed and we fucked almost every day. We fucked and fucked well – you already know that and have seen us – you know we both fucked the daylights out of each other. Nothing I have done with you is any different to what I did with her only we did it often and you would be surprised where. We have done it all over the house and wherever we could – she was quite a girl when we first married – she couldn’t get enough cock from me and we were naked half the time so we could fuck and suck when and where ever we were. You have no idea how many times we fucked while she cooked dinner and stuff. She got it up her everywhere whenever. I think my cock was harder longer than softer when we were both home – I hope her new guy can keep it up – I won’t be wanting her back now I have found a cunt as tight as yours. I haven’t enjoyed a fuck like this for ages – you are good.

Thank you……. and believe me I haven’t enjoyed a day like this for ages – naked and having sex i with a man with a wonderful cock who knows how to fuck.

I went back to pumping my cock into her and after a few minutes I asked if she was happy with missionary or would she prefer some other position.

I am happy like this for the time being – I have not enjoy feeling a man inside me and watching the pleasure on his face as he works himself above me – you are very handsome – naked and sweaty, I cannot remember a better time being fucked than this.

Then I said ok let’s make this a good one and I began to work at fucking her well and truly, Going in deep and hard and the sound of our bodies slapping together rang aloud around the room. The both of us were enjoying a great fuck and we worked at it for about 10 minutes together – hardly talking but making sure that we both were enjoying the fact we were fucking each other and my cock and her cunt were working together to make each other happier than we had been for a while. Jean was a great fuck but Sally was something else – a woman that had been deprived of a good fuck and cock for a while.

God that sound good she said as our bodies slapped against each other as I drove my cock firmly and fairly hard into her. – That’s the first time I can remember that happening she said. He never got it into me long enough to go like this – I am loving it.

I kept going as I was enjoying being inside her tight cunt – the feeling all around my cock was fantastic. I hadn’t had a fuck as good as this for a while. I said to her shit this is magnificent – your pussy is doing things for my cock that I can’t remember happening before – you are so tight – I love it. I kept pounding into her and the slapping noise got a bit louder and she worked her legs around me and it was obvious she was having a good time and enjoying being fucked by me. I looked down at her and she pursed her lips as if to kiss me and smiled – shit she looked good as well as feeling good, the scent was working overtime on me and my nostrils were filled with her scent and the scent of the sex we weremaking together. We were both sweating with the exertion of the effort we were putting into fucking each other – this was a two way affair she certainly wasn’t laying there to be fucked – she was fucking me just as hard. Her tits were bouncing around as I was pumping and slamming my cock into her – this was the sexiest fuck I had in months. I bent down and kissed each nipple and she moaned with delight. She put her hands up and fondled my nipples and that really turned me on.

My ass was pumping up and down like a piston and I managed to keep it up for another few minutes before she said I don’t know how much longer I can last – I think I am going to cum pretty soon. I have not felt like this for months– this will be the climax I have been waiting for. I have frigged myself off a few times remembering how you fucked Jean – now I know what it’s like and I love it. I know what you’re cum tastes like now I want to feel it flooding my cervix and filling me with that wonderful steamy semen you make so well. Ohhhh fuck me hard please fill my cunt with your wonderful baby syrup.

That really turned me on and I said get ready quick I am going to cum….Fuck I said are you safe ….

Don’t worry about that now she screamed…. yes I am ………just cum big…… just cum and fill me up. I screwed my face up as I felt the sensation in my balls and then the first spurt of cum sped out of the eye of my cock and I grunted and then I heard an echo – no it was her cumming and at the same time as me – we both were grunting and I was pumping a gallon of cum into her and she was bucking and forcing her cunt up as I went down milking the cum out of me with her tight cunt like it was a fire hose – I couldn’t remember cumming this hard for ages – I often came hard with Jean as we both enjoyed a good fuck but for a while now she hadn’t cum as hard as this – for a moment I realised why. Then I concentrated on giving Sally one of my best fuck finishes…. my first with her and I hoped a long way from our last. I wanted more than anything now to fuck the daylights out of her time and time again and I think she would like me to if what is happening now is any sign of her pleasure. That bastard of a husband was going to get the shock of his life – finding her cunt full of my cum.

We both finished cumming and we were exhausted – I lay on her for ages my cock still inside her but now it had gone soft and even then I could feel her warm wet cunt gripping it tightly – she had the best cunt on a woman I have ever known. After a while she said I am beginning to leak. I can feel it running down my legs. That makes me sad because I want every part of you I can get – inside me. We were looking into each other eyes and gently kissing and just having fun – I was rubbing my finger around her nipple on her areola and she was giggling. She said I hope you won’t be offended – but I love you – more than you can ever imagine. From the time I saw the video I have wanted you and now I have done this with you I want it to continue.

My cock slipped out of her cunt – all covered in our love potion – cum and cunt juice. Then she said I saw Jean do this and I want to try it. Then she got down and took my flaccid cock in her mouth covered in the love potion we made together. She sucked it clean and I was almost hard again. She said that was different – not perfect but it was us – our love syrup mixed together in my love bowl and now I have tasted what we can make together – I want to see if we can improve on it and what I just tasted was good. Now I want to do something for you.

I want to meet the barber – bring him on.

I said let’s have a shower – I am covered in sweat and fuck shit.

My darling she said – I will be more than happy to cover you with our love shit any time you ask.

We went to the shower and we showered together – something she had never done and I told her Jean and I often did it together. I lathered her tits and her pubic hair and rubbed her all over. She did the same for me and apologised for not being perfect – it was her first time. I said well if you are a virgin – lets crack that wide open and I slipped my cock into her under the shower and we had a quick knee trembler for a few minutes – but neither of us came. It was still tight getting my cock into her even though it was wet and soapy.

God she said is there any end to the way you can make a woman feel like a goddess.

Get out and I will towel you off I said and I dried her body and made sure all the vital parts were attended to. Then she did the same for me and said I need lots of practice at this.

I said you will get it – don’t worry.

Then I got my clippers and shaving gear out and I said now what shape do you want.

She said anything you like.

I said you can’t have 5 different shapes at once – let’s try a small V – if that’s not right we can change that fairly easily to a heart or a strip.

She sat on the edge of the bath – spread her legs and I used the clippers to shorten her hair down to about 5 millimetres. Even that was an improvement. She had one of jeans mirrors and was looking at herself and said that’s not bad but I want more than that off.

I said have no fear and I got my shaving gel and soaped her hair that was still wet from the shower.

Then I skilfully removed the hair from her cunt lips and down under her slit till she was as smooth a s a baby’s bum from the clit down. Then I went to work shaping her hair above her clit, removing her hair slowly from the bikini line. I washed the soap off her and said how does that look? She looked down and then in the mirror before rubbing her hand over her now smooth skin and short hair. Almost perfect she said – can you take the hair back a little on the sides. I did and she was happy. Perfect – I thought and she look beautiful, she has nice cunt lips and after the fucking we had done they were nice and puffy – fully blown so to speak. Her labia were contained within her outer lips and had nothing visible showing – she looked great.

Now she said I want you to road test it. Lick me out.

We went back to the bedroom and I got down on her and licked her out. She was beautifully smooth and I commented on how much better she tasted and I did a great job on her. She came beautifully in about 7 or 8 minutes and held my head to her lips as she did and filled my mouth once more with her perfect love potion directly from the beautiful pink well of pleasure.

My cock was hard from sucking her out. When I stood up she looked at it – stroked it gently and she said let me take the bone out of that. She kissed me and said I even taste better as our tongues shared the wonderful cunt juice she had made for me.

I fucked her again – once more that wonderful warm wet and firm cunt gripped my cock milked it and made my fucking of her absolutely mind blowing – I had never realised how wonderful a firm wet and tight cunt felt. I doubt if a 14yo girl would be as tight as her. I christened her cunt my mouse’s ear. When I came she said I just love that feeling of you deep in there and the warm feeling of your cum when it fills me. I never get that feeling from him. It feels every bit as good as when you cum in my mouth.

It was getting late – we had been having a sex feast for almost 8 hours – I have never enjoyed fucking and sucking a woman as much as I did that day.

She said I can’t remember a more wonderful time of being naked with a man before and using my cunt for what it was made for – being filled by a man and to feel you’re cum deep inside me. Today will be the beginning of so many more times I want to be fucked by you. I am so glad Jean has found somebody else and made room for me to fill that void – my vagina is available for you to fill as often as you wish and my body to use as you desire. I will never refuse anything you desire. Could you fuck me again – and I did. Afterwards when I was towelling her off after our shower again we looked at her and her cunt lips were really swollen – I could not remember how often I had used her cunt to fuck and suck but the more I did it the more I wanted it. Even my mouth was sore from kissing and sucking but it had a wonderful taste in it. I had a feeling my balls would be sore tomorrow from cumming as often as I had.

Two weeks later after we fucked every night – she finally left her husband and moved in with me. We fucked nonstop for the whole night. No matter how often we fucked she was tight and wonderful to fuck and suck. I can’t remember a time where I had cum so often.

We fucked and got pissed as we celebrated her husband having told her he was divorcing her. He was leaving town – his 18yo girl had pissed him off too.

The first time we had a break from fucking every night was when her period arrived. I was going to get a few days rest – perhaps.

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