Dirty Hilda

When I was in college I worked for a big box retailer. There were quite a few young ladies to choose from for a young guy like myself, but I tended to avoid these ladies since I didn’t need that kind of headache at work, however, sometimes I couldn’t resist.

It was December and we were having our company Christmas party, and most of the stores employees were there. I wasn’t drinking, being under 21 it wouldn’t be smiled upon by management, even though the store manager was probably drunk before he even left the store that evening. I was sitting with a group of coworkers that included a few ladies I could have scored pretty easily. Penny was my age and even though she had a mighty fine ass, she looked like she had been beaten by an ugly stick, more than once. Denise was about forty, a pretty red head with mighty big titties and an equally big ass. Penny and Denise had both been very flirty ever since I was hired and I was definitely interested in exploring my options with both, but there was one other that I occasionally thought about, and this evening was definitely an interesting possibility.

Hilda was about sixty, old enough to be my grandmother. I won’t say she was drop dead gorgeous, but I can say I always had a thing for older women, and Hilda was definitely older. Denise would have been an easier target, but Hilda intrigued me, and this evening she was wearing my favorite dress. Hilda was in a grey wool dress, clingy in all the right places with a wide black belt, unfortunately she was wearing control top panty hose, which made it so her body didn’t move quite naturally. I wanted to get her out of those pantyhose and explore her sixty year old body, so I started to scheme about how to make it happen.

Hilda, along with most everyone else, was getting pretty toasted, so I decided to offer a bunch of people rides home so they could get as drunk as they wanted, in fact I encouraged a few (including Hilda) to drink up. When the party was over I planned my trip so Hilda was last, and her trip was the longest. Penny came with me and she really turned on her charms, but was ultimately disappointed. Denise went home on her own as she wasn’t drunk, probably home to her vibrator. When I was finally alone with Hilda she was sitting next to me, unfortunately I had bucket seats, so she was still arms length away, but I kept my eyes on her legs, the flesh colored nylons covering her knees peeking out from the hem of her dress, I had to really resist reaching over and sliding my hand under her dress.

“Why didn’t your husband come tonight” I asked, knowing he was on a hunting trip with his sons.

“He’s hunting” she replied, her thick German accent slurred by the alcohol.

“Too bad” I said “it would have been fun to see you on the dance floor”.

“Why didn’t you ask me to dance then” she asked?

“I got two left feet” I answered “and I’m sure you don’t want someone my size stepping on your toes”.

Laughing she said “No, broken toes don’t sound too fun. By the way, when we get to my house would you be a dear and come with me to check my house? I get nervous when I’m alone and it would be so nice if you could be sure no one has broken in”.

Not believing my luck I quickly agreed. I was still trying to figure out how I was going to move beyond driving her home to getting her out of her dress and I was beginning to think she had similar thoughts. The next fifteen minutes was all small talk, and her rolling head made it obvious she was very drunk and I had high hopes for the evenings fun.

When we arrived at her home I parked on the street as being parked in the driveway might make the neighbors curious if I stayed the night. I got out and went to her door and gave Hilda my arm so she could steady herself. “You such a gentleman” she said.

“I aim to please” I said. Then I helped her up the path to her front stoop and when she had trouble putting the key in the door, I took the key from her and opened the door. In we walked and Hilda excused herself to use the bathroom, and I walked the house to check for any intruders, besides myself.

Hilda stumbled back to where I was, having left her shoes somewhere else, her feet softly padded the ground, then she said with a smile “Can I offer you a drink”?

“Depends” I answered coyly.

“On what” she slurred?

“On whether you want me to spend the night” I said with a sly smile, and I admit with a large dash of hope.

Hilda seemed surprised by what I said, maybe she thought the flirting was just a fun game and never expected it to come to anything, but then she began to laugh and said “Why would you want to spend the night with a broken down woman like myself”?

I sat down on her sofa and said “Don’t sell yourself short, if I wasn’t attracted to you, I wouldn’t be here…. So, do I get the drink”?

Hilda shrugged and tripped her way to her liquor cabinet and brought out some Rum “Rum and Coke” she asked?

“Works for me” I answered.

Hilda had some trouble pouring but eventually got it right and only spilled a little as she carried them to the sofa. Hilda handed me the drink and said “How old do you think I am”?

Knowing this was a loaded question I decided to answer honestly and said “About sixty”.

Hilda laughed loud and said “Thanks a lot… I’m only fifty eight” and then looked at me for a challenge. I just smiled even though I knew for a fact she was sixty two. Hilda continued “Why would you want to spend a night with an old married woman when you could be with some pretty young woman”.

“What kind of ice cream do you eat” I asked?

“What” she asked confused?

“What kind of ice cream do you eat” I repeated.

“All different kinds, why… what does that have to….”

“What’s your favorite” I asked?

“Probably Rocky Road’ she answered looking confused.

“Then how come you eat all the others if Rocky Road is your favorite” I asked?

“OK, OK” she said “I get it but why a wrinkled old woman like me”?

Looking her up and down as she steadied herself on the arm of the sofa, I loved the way her soft wool dress fit her body, her C-Cup breasts a sexy natural shape and I saw her nipples were enjoying all the attention, the only let down was the panty hose. I then looked into her eyes and said “I think you’re a sexy woman, and I’ve always enjoyed watching you when you’ve worn this dress” and I motioned to the dress she was wearing.

Hilda looked down and said “This old thing? Hell, I bought it off the rack about five years ago, it’s not exactly high fashion”.

“No” I said “but it fits you well, only one thing wrong with it”.

“One” She slurred? “What’s that”?

“I wish you weren’t wearing the panty hose” I said looking disappointed.

“A woman my age needs a little help keeping things together” she said “a little control”.

“Just my opinion” I shrugged “women your age should be proud of their bodies, and accept how they have been sculpted by time”. I was admiring her middle aged figure and I have to admit the back and forth was making me excited, and hopeful.

Hilda stood still for a few moments then she finally said “OK” and as she staggered away she said “We’ll see”. Hilda was gone a few minutes and I took a few sips of the Rum and Coke she gave me, but I set it down, it tasted nasty, then Hilda walked back into the room and I could see the belt was gone and her hips were no longer confined by the figure altering panty hose. Her feet were bare, and I saw her toes were a chipped pink color, and her legs were pale, with small varicose veins running up her ankles. Hilda’s knees were wrinkled and while some would be turned off by this, I was just more excited. “What do you think now” she said and tried to twirl, but stumbled and began to fall.

I jumped up and grabbed her waist to steady her, my hands feeling the soft fabric of her dress, and her yielding flesh underneath. “Easy” I said as I kept her from falling.

“Thanks” she said breathlessly “I guess I’ve had a few too many” and she smiled at me.

I couldn’t resist any longer and I guided her to the sofa and after I sat down I put my hands on her hips and guided her to my lap, where she landed with a plop.

“I’m sorry” she said “That must have hurt”.

“Not at all” I replied “Your light as a feather” I lied, but even if she wasn’t light her round ass felt good on my lap. My hand was immediately on her leg sliding her dress up her thigh.

Hilda suddenly became a little tense and said “I’m married Scott” and she left it at that.

“I know” I replied after a moment, my hand exposing more thigh, but she didn’t stop me.

I looked at her eyes as she looked at me, her blond and silver hair coming loose from her ever present bun, some strands gently brushing her cheeks. I leaned my head in and gently kissed her bright red lips, and I have to say I have always been excited by the waxy taste of a woman lip stick. Hilda closed her eyes and kissed me back, her head lolling to one side and her hand running up my arms to my chest. I opened my mouth and she followed my lead, allowing my tongue to slip into her mouth where it met her tongue and slowly we began to dance, our tongues gliding against each other, twisting and twirling, her breath gently sighing through her nose. I reached up behind her head and took out her hair clip and let her hair drop loose around her shoulders. Next I ran my hands down her back feeling the soft fabric of her dress, then following the outline of her bra straps on her back, following them around to her breasts, her soft fleshy orbs filling my hands as I felt for her nipples, hard and erect. We continued to kiss like teenagers, exploring the opposite sex for the first time, until I decided I needed more. I broke off the kiss and looking her straight in the eye I put one arm under her leg and with the other behind her back I stood up with Hilda in my arms.

“Stop” she yelped “I’m too heavy” and she wrapped her arms around my neck holding on for dear life.

“Nonsense” I said with confidence and I started to walk down the hall and to the master bed room. I walked through the open door and set her on her bed. I then began stripping out of my clothes, Hilda was propping herself up on her elbows, her eyes never leaving my body as she watched me expose myself, my erect cock finally popping free of my underwear.

Hilda shook her head and said “I think you’re crazy, but I won’t argue”.

“Good” I said “You’d lose anyway” I said as I crawled next to her and helped her sit up straight. I reached around her and began to unzip her dress.

Breathlessly Hilda said “I thought you said you liked me in this dress”.

I laughed softly and replied “Because I like to think about taking it off of you” and as I said that I slid the dress off her shoulders, pale and freckled, her cream colored bra looking thread bare and not at all sexy, but that was OK as I didn’t plan on letting her keep it on. Hilda lay back and lifted her hips to allow me to take her dress completely off. As I slid it past her hips I finally saw her bare pussy. Her hair was blond but thin and streaked with grey. I tossed her dress aside, my mind intent upon one thing, the taste of her pussy. I lifted her knees and spread them, but when I dropped my face to taste her sex, Hilda suddenly looked concerned, but I pressed on, and as my tongue found her slit, Hilda spoke.

“Scott, stop, not that” and she began to try to scoot back and away.

I looked up and asked “What’s wrong”?

“At my age I have some… ummm. Bladder control problems” then laughing she added “and this isn’t helping”.

“Don’t worry” I laughed and as I went down again I held her tight and said “I’m a kinky fuck, and that kind of thing only excites me”.

This time Hilda didn’t pull away, she must have figured she warned me, and any bath I took was deserved. My nose was nuzzling her pubic hairs and my tongue was exploring her sex, the flavor of her excitement was mixed with the accumulated musk of a day in panty hose, and while I recognize that is not to everyone’s taste, you need to understand that was a heady mix to me, and as I enjoyed her sex, I was rubbing my cock against Hilda’s comforter, lost in my own little world of desire. Soon Hilda was moaning softly, her hips gently grinding up to my face, her hands running through my hair. I went from gently flicking her clit to plunging deep as my tongue would take me, and soon my face was awash in her juices. Her secretions coating my face mixed with the urine leaking from her bladder, I was lost in my lust for this woman. Finally, as I felt her excitement near it’s peak I pulled away and moved up her body, my erection pointing the way, my face fell to hers, my tongue again thrusting into her mouth as I gave one smooth thrust of my hips and my cock immediately found it’s mark, no guidance needed, and I was inside. Hilda’s arms wrapped tight around my shoulders and pulled me tight to her body and then her legs went up and around my hips. Quickly we moved as one, our hips grinding together, her fingers digging deep into the flesh of my back. My hands were on either side of her, keeping my body from crushing her, my lips moving from her lips to her ears and then her neck, finally pulling back to momentarily look at her body, her pale skin becoming flushed with our sex, her dark nipples erect on breasts that were hanging down to the sides of her chest, Hilda pulled me to her again, her kisses intense as her orgasm began to wash over her, and then I couldn’t hold back any longer and as her orgasm began to subside my thrusts became more fervent and suddenly I began filling her with my cum, each thrust bringing another burst of semen into her barren fields, until I was spent, and as I slowed I opened my eyes and found her looking at my face, a small smile on her lips, I smiled back and gently kissed her. I finally rolled off her and lay on my back, Hilda rolled into me and put her head on my chest and then began snoring in a few short moments.

I fell asleep right after her and slept quite well, even Hilda’s snoring didn’t bother me. I woke first and quietly got out of bed and brought in a tall glass of water and some aspirin. Next I went to the kitchen and looked for something to make for breakfast, and soon I was making some pancakes, eggs and coffee. Just as I was finishing Hilda shuffled in, a thick terry cloth robe covering her body, and her hand on her head.

Smiling I asked “How ya doin’ this morning”.

Hilda looked at me through squinted eyes, a small smile on her lips she said “I feel like shit”.

Laughing I asked “Did you take the aspirin”?

“Yeah” she answered “hasn’t helped yet”.

“Give it time” I said, then added “I made some breakfast, that might help too”.

Hilda sat down and I served her but I have to say I was disappointed she was in the robe. We ate quietly, as I watched her and she occasionally looked at me sitting naked at her table. When she was done I said “why don’t you take a shower while I clean the dishes”.

“OK” she smiled and shuffled to her bed room.

I only had a couple things to clean and I was quickly in her bathroom, where I opened her shower door and stepped in “Thought I’d help you get cleaned up”.

“You’re crazy” she said then added “Scott… I’m married… this will never work out. Last night… well that was the alcohol talking….”

I took the soap and wash cloth from her and smiled as I listened to her, then I began to soap up her body letting my hands wander over her skin, feeling each bump and dip, each curve and line. Hilda’s protests soon petered out and she stood still allowing me my pleasure. My hands moved gently over her whole body, her face and her neck, her back and her chest, her belly, soft and round with middle age, her ass likewise rubinesque as befits her age. I turned her to the wall of the shower and squatted down behind her, my hands gently running over her ass slick with soap. I let the water clear some of the soap, then I put my face to her pussy from the back, my nose purposely at her ass hole getting tickled by the hairs that grew there. I found the inside of her pussy slick with her excitement. My hands gave each cheek a firm squeeze as my tongue worked her over. Hilda was sighing as I lost myself in lust once again. I knew she was married and I knew neither of us wanted a life together, but I also knew each of us was very interested in our mutual pleasure. I couldn’t help myself and I allowed my tongue to drift up from her pussy to her nice clean ass, and I pressed my tongue firmly to her pucker hole, but not inside. Hilda gasped and pushed her hips forward a bit, then relaxed and just let it happen. My tongue was soon swirling around her ass, the tip exploring just inside her anus, but not wanting to scare her too much. Finally I stood and turned off the water, and Hilda turned to me and looked up into my face, and slid her arms up my chest to my neck and wrapped me up, her right leg wrapping around my leg and rubbing up and down. My hands reached down to her ass and gave her a squeeze as I kissed her lustily.

I broke the kiss and said “Let’s go to your bed”.

Hilda smiled and said “OK”.

I grabbed a towel and wrapped her as we walked, then when we reached the bed I made sure she was dry, and she made sure I was dry, and when she finished she kneeled down in front of me and took my throbbing erection in her hand and then into her mouth. She was no expert, but she was willing and what she lacked in skill she made up in earnestness. I ran my fingers through her hair as I watched her face swallow my man hood, her lips gliding back and forth, her eyes closed and a look of contentment on her face. I would have let her suck me to completion, but I wanted to pleasure her and share the excitement. I pulled out and stood her up, admiring her breasts as they gently sagged, but kept their nipple pointing forward. When I was about to guide her to her bed, the phone rang. Hilda looked at me suddenly concerned, reality was intruding.

Hilda said in a whisper “I should answer that”.

“OK” I said and let her go to her phone by the bed.

Hilda’s back was to me and she quietly answered “Hello…? Oh… hi honey….Doing? Oh…um…nothing, how’s the hunting going, will you be bringing anything home? Then she said something that put my mind at rest “Oh… you’re staying another week? OK honey… no… that’s OK”.

As she continued to talk, I walked up behind her, my cock hard as a rock, and placed my hands on her waist and kissed her neck opposite the phone. Hilda continued to talk, but her voice was a little shaky, especially after I reached around and cupped her soft breasts, her nipples pinched between my fingers. I began to kiss down her back, until I reached her ass, Hilda seemed to lose her train of thought as she anticipated what I was about to do, and when my tongue found her ass again she hurriedly said to her husband that she had to go and mumbled something about getting too hot, then she fumbled the phone onto its cradle. Hilda bent over with her arms on the night stand, and spread her legs to give me better access. Soon she was moaning as my tongue probed her ass once again, this time no worries of scaring or offending her, Hilda made it obvious that she was enjoying this as much as I was then she stood up and turned to sit on the bed, scooting back and laying down, knees up and spread, inviting me to again enter her pussy. I crawled up to her again and again my cock found its way without help. A soft moan came from her lips as I entered her slick pussy. Hilda’s lips found mine again, her tongue thrusting into my mouth, she was an animal, uncontrolled lust her only thought. I thrust into her again and again, her hips matching me thrust for thrust, her fingers again digging into my back.

I looked into her face and said “You like this don’t you Hilda”.

“Yes” she answered “God yes”.

“You like fucking me don’t you” I taunted.

“Yes” she answered, her accent exciting me even more.

I was so close I wanted her talking dirty to me as I came so I continued “Tell me you like fucking me, tell me how much you like it”.

Hilda began to growl “I love fucking you Scott, God how I love it, I don’t want you to stop, I want this to go on forever….”

When she said this I felt my cum welling up and I closed my eyes, I threw my head back and began moaning, and as I moaned I heard Hilda say “Cum for me baby, cum for me my little ass licker”.

I exploded into Hilda, my rhythm was shot as my body jerked to satisfaction and my cock spasmed each drop of cum into Hilda’s pussy.

When I opened my eyes Hilda was looking at me a big smile on her face and she almost sneered as she said “My turn” and she rolled me to my back, my cock flopping limply to the side. Hilda mounted me and began grinding her pussy against my cock, her breathing quickened and she stiffened and got herself off by just dry humping me. When she relaxed she opened her eyes and smiling she looked at me and said “My husband won’t be home for a week, I think we’ll need to move your car or the neighbors might start to talk”.

We spent each night together the rest of the week, and even had some stockroom fun, perhaps I’ll share those stories later. Hilda explored her fantasies with me fantasies that she could never share with her husband and since neither one of us wanted to ruin her marriage we were able to keep our little fun just a secret just between the two of us, satisfying each other’s little itches until I finally moved on after graduation, but I will never forget my little frauline.

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