A pizza delivery with a lot of sauce


I deliver pizza for petrol money for my car.

About a month ago things were slow and we got an order from out of our area and the boss took it because he knew we wouldn’t be busy.

I arrived at the place and when I rang on the door it was opened by a woman holding a towel around her.

She said you are not the normal guy and I said no the order came through to another shop because they have problems with their oven.

Oh shit she said I was expecting him and I am all ready.

I said I guess you evidently want more than pizza, and she sort of looked at me and said has he been telling you about me.

I said maybe but I can guess he gets a pretty good tip.

God she said I can’t fool around I have got to have it – put the pizza in the kitchen and come back to me.

I dropped the pizza in the kitchen as she said and when I was going back to the front door she sang out – in here – I am in here.

It was a bedroom and she was naked on the bed and I didn’t have to put one and one together to work out the system, I had heard of women like this who get a free pizza and a fuck for the delivery boy. I had hit the jackpot.

Get your pants off and lets see what I am having for my dinner tonight.

I dropped my pants and I was sort of half hard and she took one look and said you will have to do better than that and took my cock in her hand and stroked it a couple of times before it was hard.

Now that’s better – in fact it’s the best I have seen for a while. Get your shirt off and plug me with that cock.

Within a couple of seconds I was on the bed and ready to fuck.

She lifted her legs and exposed her plump completely shaven vagina. It looked good and I just guided myself into her and pushed myself down deep into her and began to fuck her. I cant remember getting into a fuck so fast before.

She lay there for a minute before she got into it herself, obviously she wasn’t the type to lay back and let it happen she wanted to be in it herself and started to manipulate her ass about to get good sensations as I fucked her. I must say you are not bad, you are no novice the way you use that fuck stick of yours,

I said I have had a bit of experience and a couple of good teachers.

Do you have a regular girl.

I have a regular but not the way you think, we are basically friends with benefits and if one of us is a bit randy we help each other out. She and I get it off together quite often.

That was not bad she said – lets see how good you really are and she said I want it doggy now and I pulled out and she got on all fours and I was looking at her cunt and little brown ass hole and two beautifully firm cheeks of her ass. I pulled her cheeks apart and kissed and licked her cunt.

Shit she said – you really know how to please a girl and said I have some more of that please so I proceeded to lick her cunt from behind and then rimmed her ass hole. She had obviously showered before I arrived as I could smell the soap on her.

After a minute or two of me licking her out she said ok that’s really got me going let’s get back into it.

I then pushed my cock back into her and she and I were fucking like a machine within a moments as she really knew how to move with me in her and actually took control for a while. Not once did my cock pull out which can be a problem when the girl takes control I feel.

After a while she stopped and let me fuck her. As I did I rimmed her ass with my finger using the juices from her cunt to moisten and make it feel better. She started to purr like a kitten.

That’s fantastic she said, I like it and then I slipped my finger into her ass a short way and she really liked that.

God I like that she said.

After a few minutes of doggy she said I want you to plug my ass with that cock of yours, I don’t do this a lot but you have stirred me up and I think I wouldn’t mind a bit of good old ass fucking- but don’t cum in me there, I don’t like that.

I pulled out and aimed my cock at her ass hole, I was covered in juice from her cunt. I said do have any lube? I may be able to get it in without any as my cock is quite wet but it might be easier.

She said try it first I should be ok.

I used my finger to lube up her ass with cunt juice and then I tried to get it in. I had to push quite hard but finally she relaxed and I went in and she shuddered a bit and said holy shit..

I said are you ok, and she said you’re the biggest cock I have had in there and it did hurt a bit getting the head in but its ok now,…….. fuck me.

I fucked her ass for a few minutes and she said ok pull it out – that’s enough.
She then lay back down and said I don’t know what I want now I am more than happy with you, your much better than the other guy who delivers.

I said he only fucks girls…….. I like real women. (I didn’t have a clue who he was.)

Well she said any time you want to fuck me let me know I am more than happy to be serviced by you.

Then she said lets go cowgirl and I rolled over and she got on top of me and began to fuck me cowgirl style and she was really good. The she did reverse cowgirl and I had a marvellous view of my cock plundering her cunt from behind..

She said my ass is still stirred up from you fucking me there, you really gave it to me.

Then she said ok that’s enough of that lets get down to the finish line – you have work to do and so do I and I will be much happier feeling where you have been for the next couple of hours.

She rolled off me and lay down and I got back into her missionary and began to fuck her hard and pretty soon I could feel my orgasm building up – I wouldn’t have been more than a minute away and she noticed my reactions herself and said ok give it to me hard and fast and we may make it together.

I speeded up and she moved with me and I could tell she knew what she had to do to make herself cum and I was going hard and fast.

Then I stared to cum and she was only moments behind me and she grunted and groaned as hard and as loud as I was when I was pumping my cum into her insides flushing her cervix with my cock milk. Between the two of us we made enough noise to wake the dead.

As I slowed down she used her cunt to milk the rest of my cum out of me I said I hope your neighbour is not home. I am sure they would have no doubt about what we were doing.

She laughed and said if I upset them they bang on the wall, they know all about me and I would love to fuck him with her watching .

By now my cock was soft and had flopped out of her.

She said I don’t know about you but I like afters and she said bring that soft sausage up here and it became obvious she was going to take me in her mouth and oral me.

I was really primed up on sex . I had never had my cock sucked covred in cunt juice before – she was a real sex case. I had gone down on many women but not after I had cum in them – but for some reason I felt like I wanted to go down on her – after we had fucked and filled her full of cum. I was prepared to give it a go so I turned around and prepared to 69 her.

She said do I believe we are going to 69.

Are there any problems in that I asked.

No but I have never had a guy go down on me with my cunt full of his cum – you are a real deviate.

As I got my mouth close to her cunt I could clearly see her cunt was leaking a bit of my cum and her juice and her scent was a bit stronger than before, but not bad. I had never tasted a woman’s cunt full of cum before and it took a minute for me to get used to the strong taste. I had never tasted my own cum before either and it was a new sensation for me. After a minute or so I knew what girls meant when they said cum was a bit salty but this was mixed with her juice but I could still get the taste of me through her as I had tasted many women’s juices before, but not mixed with cum.

After a few minutes she said lets swap and we traded places and it was better that way with her on top. By then I was used to this new sensation and as we swapped I said how are you going and she said you never cease to amaze me – I have never had a guy suck me out after he came in me – You are magnificent.

I worked on her and it wasn’t long before she started to cum and she bucked and bounced about as I tried to use my tongue to rub the skin off her clit. She stopped sucking me to let out the groans of pleasure I was giving her, so I just kept going and within a minute she came again and as she was cumming for the second time and she said stop… stop… and I did.

She was completely out of breath and had closed her legs tight around her cunt. Oh shit she said that was powerful, I have had a multiple before but never so close together. That was almost one super long one all the others were a few minutes apart. That was awesome. Now come here and I will do the same for you and I sat on the bed and she got down between my legs and gave me one of the best head jobs ever. She played with my balls and stroked and sucked me at the same time and I went for about 3 or 4 minutes before I came again – only this time she just kept sucking and I had a my first multiple orgasm. It took her a few minutes to get me there the second time but it was awesome. After I had cum the second time it felt like I had been kicked in the balls I was completely winded. And I lay on the bed gasping for breath. Even so soon after the first one I still ejaculated – it was amazing.

She lay beside me and I tried to explain what happened and how I felt.

She just looked at me and said that was the best time I have had in years. I will be getting a lot of pizza from you in future. I said I will give you the delivery boy’s number and the nights he is available to spend more time showing you how to make pizzas.

She took my hand and we went into the bathroom, peed and then showered together. That gave me an opportunity to soap up and feel and play with her tits which were firm and beautifully uplifted. She must have been a few years older than me but she still had a great figure.

After we towelled each other dry – she said do you want some pizza and I said no, that’s where I came in and I don’t really have time to do a repeat delivery.

We kissed and dressed and I left her with my phone number.

When I got back to the shop there was another delivery waiting and the boss said you took your time. If he only knew.

She rang me the next day to tell me how much she enjoyed the time we spent together and made another date.

I continued to visit her but without the pizza and we became regular bed mates and had some of the best sex that I have ever had. She was good and she also enjoyed having me in bed with her. Sucking and fucking was on the menu a couple of times a week – when I wasn’t working from then on.

Having an older woman has many advantages.