Exchange Students


My name is Edi, I’m 27 years old and my husband’s
name is John and he is 26. We’ve been married for
almost 5 years. I’m office manager to the owner of a
shipping company. My husband is a librarian at the
university library close to where I inherited a large
home. I have been trying to get pregnant with no
success even though we spent a small fortune on
doctors and clinics. My husband suggested we cool it
for a short period and brought home a circular posted
at the university looking for families that would
house exchange students. We volunteered to take two
for the next term figuring having two guests in the
house would take our mind off our problem and relax

We were assigned two, a girl from Sweden, named
Hildegard, and a boy from Corsica, named Antonio.
Let me tell you about them. She was definitely
Swedish, big boned, strong girl, Nordic and about 2
inches taller then me. He was tall and thin,
Italian, swarthy complexion, and you would not be
surprised if he were a member of the mafia. Of
course he wasn’t mafia, just first impression.

Actually, they proved quite pleasant, they were
outgoing, friendly, treated us with respect and we
had many conversations with them after supper in
which they let us know how things were going with
them. Although we were only a few years older then
our guests (Hilda and Andy) we recognized our
responsibility in loco parentis in placing some rules
as to their conduct both in the house and on campus.
They were instructed that there would be no
extramarital conduct tolerated while they lived with
us. They would not have guests alone of the opposite
sex in their rooms and when they did have someone in
their room they were to keep the door open since no
hanky panky would be permitted. No problem, they

Everything was going great, until that eventful
evening, as we were passing by the door of Andy’s
room on the way to bed, we heard whispering. She
wasn’t allowed to be together with him in his room at
night with the door closed. I knocked, but didn’t
wait for an answer, we walked right in. Hilda jumped
up from the bed in her nighties and he was sitting at
the edge of his bed completely nude. We were
shocked, wordless, and did not know what to do. My
husband eyes focused on his large magnificent cock.
Although limp it hung there in all its glory
beckoning attention.

Hilda walked over to me, put her left arm around my
shoulder pulling me to her and slipped her right hand
in my crotch; she took charge. With her lips to my
ear she licked me and whispered, “I’ve been
interested in you since the day I got here.” I lost

At the same time Andy seeing my husband dumbfounded,
mesmerized by his magnificent cock, in a firm
commanding voice say to him, “Don’t just stand there,
I know you want it but first I have to teach you a
lesson for coming in my room without permission.” As
if in a trance, John walked over to him, Andy grabbed
him and pulled him over his lap; pulled down his
pajama bottoms and proceeded to give him a sound
spanking. My husband yelped in pain; his cock
responded and became acquainted with that magnificent

It all happened so suddenly and the two of them could
do with us as they will. Hilda had me in her arms
working me so that I could no longer resist her.
John lying over Andy’s lap with an erection groaning
in pain from the spanking. Andy pushing John to his
knees facing that magnificent cock and said, “Peter
(the name Andy gave his pride and joy) demands
satisfaction and you must not disappoint him.”

Being totally aroused, I joined John on my knees
before Hilda, and my face was forced between her legs
lapping up her nectar and she showed her appreciation
by lubricating my face from my eyebrows to my chin
with her body’s juices and odors.

Peter being pressed against John’s lips, did not take
no for an answer, pressed his advantage and entered
invited or not. He grew larger and larger as he
found his way in. How John took that magnificent
cock all the way down his throat is a mystery but he
managed it as it pulsated in and out. John swallowed
with gusto the emission to the satisfaction of all

Having fulfilled their needs and desires, they placed
us on Andy’s bed, her mouth to cock and his mouth to
cunt, and we sucked and slurped to their
encouragements bringing us to the edge and to our
final pleasure. All of us being exhausted took
together a shower and went to our respected beds for
a well-earned night’s sleep.

The next day I made breakfast for all of us. Hilda
and Andy were very talkative and acted as if nothing
unusual happened the previous night. After they left
to attend classes, John turned to me and said, “We
got to do something. They should be made to know
that we will not tolerate their misconduct. They got
away with it yesterday only by catching us by
surprise.” I agreed and suggested we have a good
talking to them after we come home from work after
supper. We made a firm resolve to do this and went
to work.

After supper, John told Hilda and Andy he had
something to say to straighten them out and they are
to accompany him into the living room. There he told
them that their previous conduct was totally
unacceptable. Andy indicated he wished to present
his rebuttal. He proceeded to take a cord out of his
pocket and while John stood there in amazement, wound
it around him effective binding his hands to his
sides. Down came his trousers and shorts to his hips
exposing his ass and prick. Andy pulled off his two-
inch wide black belt and presented his argument by
giving him a well-aimed lash across his ass.

“Yeow,” screamed John in response, “stop immediately,
I won’t put up with this.”

Hilda took me in her arms, and whispered in my ear,
“Don’t interfere, he deserves it and he will have to
learn.” I immediately decided that it was best for
me to do as Hilda suggests since she was messaging my
clitoris and I was getting aroused.

But Andy was not finished and he lashed him three
more times in rapid succession. “Yeoh,” screamed
John after each blow, “Please stop now, I concede. I
must have been too hasty in my comments.”

“But I’m not though yet,” said Andy, and he proceeded
in continuing in presenting his arguments by giving
John three more. “You must understand that the
demands of Peter are not easily quenched. His
demands must be fulfilled.”

John was beginning to get the point. “I understand
and will gladly and freely comply.”

“Good,” said Andy “I don’t believe in nonconsensual
sex. However I can’t stop now without giving you the
required 10 or I will lose my reputation and be
considered a softy.” He proceeded to give John the
last three to round out his whipping to the full
mandatory ten strokes.

Andy then asked Hilda whether she would mind taking
John in tow and getting him ready for him to have him
by his back door. Hilda replied, “It will be my

She then asked me if I would help. We took John with
his trousers and shorts down on his hips, his ass
well striped with the marks of his whipping and his
penis fully erect and ready for action. We led him
into the bathroom where we untied him removed all his
clothes and Hilda took from a cabinet an enema bag
with hose attached that she previously must have
placed there since we never had one. She filled it
with luke-warm water, and with greased nozzle emptied
it in John.

Three times she gave him this treatment and three
times he emptied his bowels making him perfectly
clean to receive that which he was destined to
receive. We shaved his body from the neck down
except for the thatch around his cock to make him
more attractive to receive his lover and brought him
back so that he could renew his acquaintance with

Peter was pleased, and having John bend over entered
the back way; John at first claimed it hurt but
having become accustomed to the ebb and flow of that
magnificent cock enjoyed the intrusion with cries of,
“Yes, yes, yes.” Hilda, sensing that matters were
soon reaching a climax, placed a towel beneath John
so that when Peter came John also came unto the towel
preventing the soiling of the carpet. Andy threw
away into the wastebasket the rubber he was wearing;
he always was a strong advocate of safe sex. Andy
then asked John for his help on his homework, which
he had to get done before they both were to go to bed
together. John always helpful did what he was asked
to do.

Hilda assured me that I wasn’t forgotten, and after I
helped her with her assignments from school, she
would reward me for my assistance in bed. In fact,
we did share the same bed that night.

John and I became accustomed to our new status, and
became subservient to them and catered to their
pleasures. We enjoyed their company in proper
moderation as was said by Anacharsis, “Nothing to

In view of the foregoing, our guests took control and
we decided it was to our best interest not to raise
objections. A month later it came as a surprise when
Hilda called a meeting to discuss an important matter
concerning all of us and which required unanimous
approval. She presented the following problem. She
felt that since she wanted me to accompany her to
meet some of her new friends on campus that my duties
in the house were too much. As she explained it in
view of the fact that I held a full time job, had to
prepare breakfast and supper, do all the housework
and also to help her with her homework, I should get
help from my husband.

Of course John objected. He felt it was bad for his
image as the man of the house to do women’s work. He
suggested that it was not unreasonable for Hilda and
Andy to help me by at least cleaning up their own
rooms. Andy objected, and presented his argument by
administering ten well placed strokes with his belt
on John’s bare ass and secured from him a willing and
freely given change of mind. John decided that it
was only fair to free me from my many duties by
preparing meals and doing housework.

Generally, on weekends, after the homework was done I
would accompany Hilda to meet not only some of her
new lesbian friends but also casual male pickups on
whom Hilda would play mean tricks. One time she
picked up a male professor who she managed to get to
take off all his clothes obviously to have sex with
her. I being in the bushes snatched his clothes and
we ran off laughing leaving him frustrated and naked
to find his way home. Of course he couldn’t report
us since he would have to explain how this happened.
We learned later that he was picked up for indecent
exposure and he had a hell of a time explaining it to
his wife.

I must say I had many a fun time with her. We went
cruising both in female and male bars but we were
careful not to expose ourselves to diseases by only
letting them use their tongue or a rubber. John,
however, went with Andy. Where I do not know but he
must have been having a good time since he was never
reluctant to go with him.

Summer had started and it was almost the end of the
term. Andy proposed a barbeque on Sunday after
services. He was friendly with two guys whose
fathers came from Sicily and Sardinia, fellow
countrymen; not Corsicans but close enough. Since he
would soon be leaving, he wanted to spend this last
weekend with them. Hilda thought it a good idea and
invited a couple of her lesbian friends. Andy
thought it would be fun for John to prepare the
fixings and serve the guests naked. Andy and his
belt induced John to cooperate, which he did
willingly after ten strokes.

Hilda prepared John by giving him his three enemas
which John was getting used to, and Andy prepared him
by installing a cock ring at the base of his penis to
prevent a premature ejaculation and butt plug to
remind him of what was expected of him. So prepared
John barbequed the hamburgers and hotdogs for the
guests. The men played botchieball and the girls
played dirty word scrabble while things were being
prepared to be served by John.

After everyone had their fill of food, they decided
to have their fill of John. Andy quite proud of
John’s capacity to accommodate the carnal pleasures
of his fellow man, being altruistic in this regard,
presented John to his compatriots. The first one did
him in his mouth and the second, on removing the plug
in his ass used that avenue for his pleasure. Peter
did the coup de grace in that the magnificent cock
traveled the same road as his friend just traveled.

Fortunately, John did not lose his zeal to
accommodate the balance of the guests due to the cock
ring being in place and he did each of the girls in
turn on his knees slurping up the juices from their
cunts including myself. We now felt John deserved a
respite, removed the cock ring and Hilda milked him
dry. Although John was exhausted he was complemented
on his fortitude in receiving each of us in turn and
performing to the satisfaction of the gathering. I
could see that John was proud of his accomplishment.

Well, the term was over and our newfound friends were
going back home. We wished each a fond farewell, a
bon voyage, and promised to keep in touch by letter
if not by an actual visit. I was sorry to see them
go and I am sure John will miss Andy. But, John
would definitely miss Peter, that magnificent cock.
There are not many like him.

After they had left, John suggested maybe next term
we should house a couple of exchange students again.
“Lets decide later,” I told him. But I knew we would
not be able to accommodate anyone next term since I
missed my period by at least five days. I resolved
to go to bed with John this very night since I did
not want there to be a misunderstanding. I wondered
whose it was. Was it one of Hilda’s many friends or
perhaps it was Peter’s. If it was his I am sure he
would have been proud of his progeny.