Cunt Juice

want to tell you a story I hope will turn you on and also turn you on to new experiences.
I am in my mid 20’s and work for a national company in sales. I think I am an intelligent young woman, but I was born with some assets that have helped me in sales. I am a blonde – blue eyed, 5’8” very pretty girl. I have a great body with long legs and a 34DD breast size. I have been in sales for 3 years and sell to mostly male buyers and I use my assets to build my territory. I have never used sex to get an order; well I use it all the time, but only implied sex. Yes I have made it with a couple of buyers, but that was not for the order, it was because they were nice. I have since stopped that as I have lost business when the fling was over. I have always considered myself straight and although masturbated a few times thinking of making it with a woman, never sought it out and rejected the few opportunities that were offered to me. Anyway—

Our company was having a sales meeting in NYC. Since I am from the west coast I was allowed to fly in a day early so I could be there for the start of the meeting at noon the following day. I checked into the downtown hotel (I had never been to NY) and changed into a tight pair of jeans and dressy tee. I went downstairs and asked where a girl should go in the City. The doorman told me to go the Village and that is what I did. I walked around for a couple of hours and finally thought it was time for a drink. I saw two girls about my age walk into a bar and felt that was a good sign. As I walked in the front door there was a poster that read “girls night out.” Great, I though to myself.. I could use a drink but not being hit on. Although “ladies night” usually attracts more guys than girls, to me “girls night out” is different and usually means a bunch of us are going out to be with each other not guys.

Anyway there were maybe 10 people in the bar, it was early, and to my delight it looked like most of the people in the bar were female. I saw the other girls who had just walked in, they were at the bar. I found a seat a few stools down from them and ordered a rum and coke. I had taken a couple of sips and one of the girls says “hello” to me- I said hello back and we started to talk. A few minutes later I was sitting next to Jackie and Linda. They were just coming home from work and were dressed the part- both with skirts and nice tops. Both pretty but Jackie more so. She and I seemed to be hitting it off great. I couldn’t believe how friendly she was. A few other women had come in and a lot of them seem to know each other, I was obviously in a local bar and I was the “girl from out of town.”

After drinking for awhile I had a buzz on and said- “I really need to eat something.” One of the other woman said “don’t we all honey” and people started to laugh. I didn’t get the joke and a moment later asked her where the bathroom was. Jackie told me she would show me. As we got up I realized I was drunk. I staggered a little and looked at Jackie and said “I only had 3 drinks” she looked back at me and said- well Mary makes drinks strong- with the size glass you had you probably had 90% rum and a little coke. We entered a bathroom with 3 stalls. Jackie says; “the handicapped one is usually the cleanest”, I told her “fine” and realized I was slurring my words a little. Jackie then said “I better watch the door for you as these bitches will barge right in on you.” I told her that was fine too. I walked into the stall and Jackie walked in with me. I turned and looked at her with surprise. She said ”these doors open in and the locks suck, this way I can lean on the door.” I stood there trying to figure this all out – all I knew was I was feeling pretty good and I had to pee real bad. Jackie finally breaks the silence and says “look, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen and besides – this is how we do it in NY”

Well I didn’t want to be a wimp from the west, so I figured “fuck it, I’m in NY” I pulled down my pants and then my yellow thong panties. Jackie looked down at me and said “that is so hot- you shave- me too” she then said- “show me that naval ring of yours” I had forgotten I guess that I had told her that at the bar. I had it about 3 months and was still proud that I did it. I lifted my top up a bit and she walked closer. She told me how nice it looked and actually took it in her fingers to “see the jewel better” she was like 2 feet from me and touching my belly. Meanwhile I was naked from there down, with my pants at my ankles. Instead of being scared I was actually being turned on by this. I guess I have as much exhibitionism in me as the next person.

I didn’t know what to do next, but I knew one thing I really had to pee. I finally told Jackie that and she backed to the door and I sat down. I covered myself with my hands and did my business, Jackie was talking to me as if we were still at the bar and that this was something she did all the time. Jackie then asked me if I felt OK, I guess I was still slurring my words. I told her “I think so” and she then says well there is a way to see if you’re going to get sick. Relax your body. I did as best as you can on a toilet. She told me to close my eyes and count to 30 and if I didn’t feel sick I was OK for at least another drink. I thought this was a great idea because I hate when I get back to my bed and close my eyes and start to spin. I told her I was ready- and she said I didn’t look relaxed. She said, “put your hands on your knees” (I still had them over my pussy). I did and as I did I opened my legs more to be comfortable. She said fine- go ahead.

When I had reached about 20 I felt something on my stomach. I opened my eyes and it was Jackie’s head, a moment later I felt her mouth sucking on my clit and labia. I started to close my legs and but her shoulders were blocking me. I started to ask her what the fuck she thought she was doing, but as the words started to come out of my mouth I got this rush of pleasure through my body as she sucked harder on my clit. It took me a few more seconds to realize what truly was going on here and was about to grab her hair and pull her off me, when she slid a finger into my wet pussy. Although my brain was saying no, my entire body was saying “yes, yes.” I was feeling too good now to stop this and was turning the corner to wanting her to continue, and then heard myself starting to moan. I looked down at the top of the head of this pretty girl licking and fingering me.

Hey, a girl doesn’t shave her pussy if she doesn’t like to be licked, and I guess Jackie knew that. When I thought about that I smiled as I remembered she shaved to. I had never licked another girl but was thinking about it as I started moaning louder. Jackie looked up and me and smiled- her figure was still working me- as I took a finger and ran it across her chin to clean off my juices. When I had finished that little move, she went back to licking me and bringing me close to a climax, and my moaning was getting loader..

I suddenly heard the door to the ladies room open. I started to panic, but Jackie kept licking, although I was about to cum a moment before, the fear was bringing me down a bit. A few moments latter the door to our stall opened and there was Linda. “I suspected something like this was going on here” I was now totally panicking, but to my surprise Jackie was still into sucking on my pussy and working her tongue. Linda came closer and said “there is only one way out of this problem you little bitch and that is to do me while my girlfriend does you.” I was still processing this as Linda takes off her skirt and panties and puts them on a hook on the back of the door. She then walks over and puts a foot up on my thigh and her pussy inches from my face. She was not bald down there as I am, but she was trimmed.

At that moment Jackie adds a couple of fingers to the one inside me and feeling is intense, nervous or not, my body started to react. I started to moan and feel weak- Linda took my head and pushed it into her- I opened my mouth and did what seemed to come natural. I did what I like being done to me and started to suck on her labia and nibble on her clit. I then licked across her labia and then drove my tongue inside her. I was doing this for a few moments when she grabs me by the hair and pulls my head back. “stick your tongue out” I did as told. “Damn girl your tongue is long, Jackie stop that munching and look at this.” I have always known I had a long tongue, I never thought it would come into good use. I always had to be too careful kissing when I am cumming as I have turned off a couple of guys shoving my entire tongue into their mouth. I am one of those people who can lick my nose or my chin with my tongue.

I was about to start licking Linda again and she told me to take off my top and bra-
After this little interlude my head was pushed back into her pussy. She was now playing with my big boobs and had this thing about squeezing my nipples, a little too hard but I took it in stride. A minute or two later I was so turned on to what I was doing and what was being done to me that I exploded into an unbelievable orgasm. I was bucking on the toilet even with Linda’s foot on me. I sucked hard on Linda’s clit as I was cumming and she started to moan and kept telling me I was being a good little bitch. Jackie was keeping me cumming and a minute of two later Linda pulls back off of me and tells Jackie to stop.

She told us to switch positions. She could see that I was a little upset that I could have cum longer she looked at me an said “honey, this is bathroom sex- you cum, you stop- you want to multi-orgasm, you find a non-public place.” As she is explaining all of this Jackie was undressing and hanging her outfit up. Linda tells me to take of my jeans, that were still around my ankles. Within a minute or so there were three naked girls in the stall.

I looked at Jackie and she had both her nipples pierced. She had a bar though one and the other one had a silver girl holding onto the bar with her nipple pushing between the two arms. She sat on the toilet and I knelt in front of her. I looked at her bald pussy and saw more metal. She had three rings. One half way down each labia and one- through her fuckin clit. I couldn’t believe it. She asked if I liked what I was looking at and I told her I thought it was totally hot. Linda had enough of us playing around and put us to work. I went down on Jackie and Linda moved back into position so that Jackie could do her.

I started licking Jackie and playing with her rings with my tongue. She told me to finger her and I did. Linda then tells me to take my finger out of Jackie’s pussy and shove it in her butt (she actually said “ass”). I did as I was told and fingered her butt as I licked her pussy. Jackie obviously liked this as she was not only was moaning, but she got totally wet and I got a rush of her juices in my mouth. I heard Linda start to cum as Jackie obviously knew what do to her. I was told to put another finger into Jackie’s butt and I couldn’t believe how easy it went in. I licked her hard and then sucked her clit ring. Jackie started to cum and I was almost cumming with the thought of what was going on. I realized I had a free hand and fingered myself. A few moments later all three of us were at the top of our orgasm and moaning like crazy.

I would have gone on longer but Linda told us it was time to get back to the bar. As were getting dressed Jackie looks at me and says “was this a little act to turn us on, or did you really stumble into a les bar and loose your virginity in here?” I looked at her and said “this is a lesbian bar?” She and Linda laughed and Jackie kissed me on the lips and said “I guess you just answered the question.”

Over the course of the next few hours I wound up in the ladies room 4 more times. Linda kept telling everyone about my tongue and a girl or woman would say “I’ve got to feel that” and I would say “OK” and would go back to the big stall with them.
At midnight Linda and Jackie invited me back to their apartment. I went with them and spent a couple of hours more with them, being introduced to the world of dildos and strap-ons.

Today I am totally Bi- but enjoy my female sex outings the best. I have one pierced nipple and one in my labia, I haven’t had the guts to do my clit… but I’m getting there.

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