Black Daddy


Matt, my husband came home one day and announced that
the VP for Marketing was going to open up and he and
the two other division chiefs would be up for the
position. I was pleased and gave him a big hug, kiss
and wished him well.

The 3-B corporation, for which Matt works, was started
by the current president’s father and has grown to a
multi-million dollar corporation. It is a family owned
(Black owned) and at this time Matt was the lone white
Division Chief with the other two being black.

Matt informed me that he was excited and wanted the job
as it would give him some prestige but more important
would provide some added income to help with our son’s
college education and perhaps let us have a little
luxury. Matt expressed his concern that he expected the
Black President to select a black for the Vice-
President’s position and that he did not have a chance.

“Oh sweetheart,” I reassured him. “You are very good at
your work and important to the company and I am sure
your black boss (Raja C. Shamili, every one calls him
Rog for short), will recognize your qualities and be

“I sure hope so. You will play an important role as
well as the boss plans to interview and evaluate the
wives as well. He believes that a man’s overall value
is reflected in his wife as well as the executive.”

“And, just how does he plan to do that?” I responded.

“He will have us for an evening of dinner and
entertainment of some kind and will make his
evaluations based on that, I am told, so be at your
best please.”

“Darling I am always at my best when I am with you,”
and I gave him a little kiss.

We soon received the invitation from the boss (Rog) to
meet him at a very exclusive restaurant for dinner. I
put on my best dress up clothes and so did Matt. I was
nervous but was determined to make a favorable
impression on Matt’s black boss.

The restaurant was fabulous and the wine divine. We
must have visited, talked, eat and drank for three or
more hours and Rog seemed to be very interested in me
and was constantly addressing questions to me and
touching my leg for emphasis �..well I wondered. Anyway
it was my night to do or die and I felt very relaxed
from the wine and dinner and was very friendly and
witty, Well at least I thought I was and Rog seemed to
enjoy me very much as he laughed frequently at some of
my witty little comments. We finally bid our farewells
and left for our respective destinations.

Matt told me that I was “Smashing” and thought I had
really made a hit with the boss. I said that I thought
I did well also.

A few days later Matt left on a business trip for a few
days and his boss called me and informed me that he had
decided to do some more evaluations of the spouses
without the knowledge of those being considered for the
promotion and wanted to know if I was opposed to that
and if not would I be available the next evening.

I assured Rog that I thought it was a grand idea and
had no objections and that I was available for the next
evening. Rog gave me the name of one of the finest
hotels in town and asked me to meet him in the lobby
there and we would have dinner in the hotel restaurant.

I arrived on time and was nervous and excited at my
opportunity to further my husband’s career. I knew what
it meat to Matt as well as me to have the promotion and
added money. I arrived at the hotel and we went to the
dining room where we were led to our private room with
a table set in silver, china and in the center of the
table was a vase with two roses, one white and one
Rog asked if he could order drinks for us and I
responded that he could. I sort of giggled and
suggested that he would know better what I might like.
He ordered two Black Russians.

When the drinks came, Rog toasted with, “Tonight is a
night for decision. Here is to the right ones.” As we
clinked glasses, I wondered what he meant, however the
night would surely reveal that they were well thought
out. I had never drunk a black Russian before but I was
impressed with the flavor as well as its ability to
make me feel relaxed. When I had finished my drink, I
knew I was feeling very good and sensed that Rog knew
it as well.

We ate and talked for some time. I looked at the roses
again and remarked how beautiful they were how well
they looked as they produced their contrast in black
and white. Rog’s eyes glistened and he looked at me and
said, “There is always beauty in every thing if one
will just imagine how to bring it out.” He then asked
if I would join him in some Champaign, to which I
responded, “Of course, how could I not want to
celebrate such a fine dinner?”

Although I did not know where the Champaign was, I soon
found myself entering a hotel suite on the top floor. I
noted the crystal chandeliers above the small table
adorned in white rose petals and a bucket of ice
holding a bottle of Champaign. Rog took the bottle out
and held it for my inspection as I read “White Rose
Champaign” on the bottle. I nodded my approval and
wondered to myself it the name was significant or if it
was just a really great Champaign.

Rog opened the bottle and poured two waiting glasses.
He offered a toast, “I hope tonight will be a memorable
one for the both of us.”

We stood drinking our wine looking into each other’s
eyes as if to say, “This evening is just getting

I had a good idea by now that my final test was to be
his bedmate for tonight and the way I felt I was going
to pass the test. I knew I had enough to drink that
saying no was going to be difficult.

Rog said, “Champaign can only be enjoyed to its fullest
if tasted from a woman’s lips,” and he moved toward me.
I offered my Champaign soaked lips for him to sample.
He moved closer and put his arms around me and kissed
me deeply as I returned his passionate kiss. He
whispered that my lips were much better than the finest

I was now responding in a state of instant arousal as I
felt his manhood standing erect touching my tummy. I
knew that the black boss wanted to evaluate more than
Matt’s wife’s table manners and social graces. He was
going to evaluate my bed manners as well and I was
going to show him that this division chief’s wife was
ready to do whatever it took too get her man the job.

I knew that none of the black division chief’s wife’s
could out do me in the bedroom. I was well aware that
black men like to sample the nectar from a white mans
wife now and then. I felt certain that the Black boss
was no exception.

We were now feeling of each other’s bodies as two teens
about to have sex in the back seat of their parent’s
car. I thought of the roses, the black one and the
white one and now knew of their symbolism. I now
realized the “White Rose” Champaign was chosen more for
its name than its flavor. I kissed Rog deeply and
pushed against his now big hard sex tool.

He was now palming both my butt cheeks in his hands and
pulling me tight against him as he slowly moved his
hips in a thrusting motion. He then opened my blouse
and freed a white lobe and placed his black lips over
my nipple and suckled my breast as I closed my eyes and
imagined he was my black baby, nursing on white milk.
Rog then took my hand and led me into the bedroom
containing a large bed with red satin sheets.

We both sat on the edge of the bed as he pushed me back
and started removing my clothes and trailing kisses
down to my now wet curly hairy muff. I was now totally
naked as I moaned and wreathed with every touch and
kiss and lick that Rog was now freely applying to my
white body.

Rog moved beside me and I frantically removed his
clothes to reveal the largest cock I had ever seen with
well defined veins I took the jet black clock in my
hand and started moving my hand up and down as Rog
moaned and trusted into my hand. I then kissed the head
and licked the pre-cum for the end. As I sucked on my
black lover’s cock, I felt his sperm filled balls in
his black pouch.

Rog now pushed me down on the bed and moved above me as
I opened my thighs to receive my new black lover. Rog
pushed part way in as I begged him to hurry and fill me
with his cock. He said, “Molly, call me your ‘Black
Daddy’. Say it!”

“OH, My Black Daddy,” I moaned.

“Tell me how much you want your Black Daddy.”

“Oh! I need you, Black Daddy,” I moaned. “Please give
me all you have. You are driving me crazy.”

Rog was driving me insane, I want it so badly. Matt
always made me hot and horny but Rog was making me
hotter than I had ever been. Rog moved his hands
beneath my butt and pinched my white ass cheeks as he
thrust deep and hard and held it with the head pushing
hard against my cervix. “Rog,” I begged. “Give it to
me. I need you black daddy. I want you! Fuck me like a
black stud dog breeds a white dog bitch.”

Rog was now breathing hard as he drove into me with
deep thrusts pounding on the opening to my womb with
every stroke as I wiggle my but and moaned over and
over, “Black Daddy, I’m yours! Take me!”

Rog was now pounding me hard and fast as his black
balls slapped my bottom with every stroke. They were
full of his sperm ready to spew into his white bitch.

I was now so wild with passion that I was clawing his
back with my nails. I then felt his cock start to throb
and it threw me into a rage of passion with my own
orgasm coming in waves of shakes and shudders, as he
thrust deep and held his clock in my cervix as it
emptied his black balls into my waiting white womb. I
lay there and my body gave one final shudder as Rog
planted his seed deep inside me. I moved my hands over
his sweaty black body as he lay there relaxing and
letting his balls drain their every drop into his white

As his erection shrank he moved to my side and we lay
there in each other’s arms for a long time. Rog broke
the silence and said, “I am impressed with Matt’s wife.
I am sure she will be able to contribute to her
husband’s success.”

I now knew that Matt had the job and I had done my
wifely duties. Matt would get his job but he would be
sharing his wife with his boss, the “Black Daddy.”

When the time came for the announcement, Matt came home
and said, “Well, guess who got the VP job?”

“I can’t imagine, Matt. Who?”

Matt then grabbed and hugged me and said, “I DID!”

I hugged Matt and kissed him and said,
“Congratulations! I think your boss is a smart man and
knows how to get what he wants, uhhh… well I mean…
he knows how to get the best man for the job.”

I knew that I had traded my body to get what Matt
wanted. Rog had used the promotion to get what he
wanted, which was me, and I had gotten a nice
unexpected bonus out of the whole situation. I knew
that it was up to me now to keep Matt’s job secure and
I knew that it would be a real pleasure.

Matt said, “Oh I almost forgot something the boss gave
me to celebrate with tonight,” and went to the car and
returned with a bottle of champing. I took the bottle
to the kitchen to place it in a bucket of ice and as I
read the label, “White Rose,” I slide my had down my
jeans and into my panties and cupped my hand over my
hairy mound as I thought of Rog and knew that he wanted
me to know that he was thinking of me. I was thinking
“Rog, Black Daddy, this white muff is yours any time
you want it.”

That night Matt wanted to make love and so did I but my
thoughts was of my Black Daddy as Matt’s white balls
slapped my bottom.

Yes my dear husband, you are getting what you want, but
your wife is earning the bonuses.