Is your wife cheating?If she is or was,how would you take it?
Most men myself included would be upset,angry or both.Then when you start to think about it,strange and unusual ideas and images start to creep into your mind.When i expierenced it my thoughts were that of,why was i not there to watch or get involved?
I once caught Mitch on our bed[with her pal Dan] on all fours with her g string pulled aside,and her sweet butt hole and pussy exposed and throbbing.Dan’s tongue flicking and lapping at her ring piece.When Mitch discovers i am watching she orders me to strip and come in.I of course comply,and Dan has no objection.I could not help but notice his cock,erect and pulsating with anticapition,as was mine at this stage.
While he is lying down and she is squating over him so he can eat her shaved pussy.And i can get at her sweet butt.It was a great site, Dan is lying down,Mitch is squating over his face and i am squating over Dan’s belly,with my face in Mitch’s butt crack,and every now and again i could feel Dan’s cock slapping against my ass cheek.I did not mind nor did he so we continued.Soon enough with all the tongue action going on,Mitch started to cum.With every twitch a cupfull of she cum squirted on to Dan’s face,he took as much as he could and i got a handfull to rub in to her meaty but firm ass.
I could not believe what i did next.My hands were wet with Mitch’s cum so decided to dry them off by rubbing Dan’s cock to lube it up.So looking at Mitch’s shiny butt cheeks and Dan’s glistening cock i could not resist.I lowered her down on to his ample shaft,with cum still leaking from her pussy she grinded on his cock.She then leaned forward exposing her lovely butt hole,so i was happy to lap away at it for a while.Soon enough Dan said he was going to cum,so as he slid his rod out of Mitch’s
hot swollen slit i grabbed it and hosed Mitch’s ass with Dan’s cum.
Dan sat down to regroup and Mitch lay there on her belly with Dan cum all over her ass.I sat down on the backs of her legs and started to massage the cum in to her shiny ass.I spread her ass cheeks,using Dan’s cum as lube i slid a finger into her ass.She moaned for more so i lubed my cock with some Dan cum and slowly pushed my shiny throbbing cock in to her succulent hole.As she adapted i started to pump harder and harder.Dan joined us again,he came over and lubed his freshly hardened cock with some of his own cum from Mitch’s ass cheeks and walked around behind me as i was shafting her ass.He started to slide his cock between my butt cheeks.The next thing i knew he was pumping my ass.I was shocked but didnt argue,Mitch didnt mind but she was always very open minded.I was about to cum and so was Dan,so he pulled out and ran around and hosed Mitch’s face,i pulled out and hosed her ass and back.
Then me and Dan lapped every drop of cum off Mitch.
Dan went to have a shower and Mitch was on the bed with me,still naked and sexy as ever.Her pussy was still wet and swollen so i asked her for a taste,she was happy to
allow it.As i lapped away she said she was suprised that i was not angry and that i took Dan’s length in my ass.I told her that with lust and hornyness you can do a lot.
she decided to test this theory of mine.
She went to the wardrobe and took out a strapon dick.She put it on and started to wank my cock.As i started to cum she caught it in her hands and lubed up her strapon.i knew what coming next.She ordered me on all fours,spread my butt cheeks and slid the cum soaked dildo in my ass.As i moaned with pleasure and pain she pumped
harder and harder.When she withdrew she was about to cum and shoved that sweet shaved minge in to my face.I swallowed most of it and she licked the rest of it of my chest.

When Dan came back after his shower i went to have one.While in there i could hear Mitch moaning with pleasure and i could not wait to see what they would be doing when i was not about.I left the shower running and snuck up to the door of the room.They were on the floor,Mitch was all fours with her fine ass high in the air
and Dan was tongueing and fingering her butt hole and pussy,she was going wild.There was cum all over the floor and they were slipping on it.Just then the door bell rang,i said i would get it.I put on a robe and went down to the door.It was another friend of Mitch,his name is stephen.He could hear the moans from up stairs and knew straight away what was going on.My cock sprang to life Stephen shed his clothes and i thought he knew my wife better than i thought.Anyway i shed my robe and we both assended the stairs naked and stood at the bedroom door.

Mitch was lying on the floor,her ass and back covered in Dan’s cum,and the floor covered in Mitch’s cum.She greeted Stephen and beckoned him to the floor.
He proceded to massage the cum on her ass,this made it glisten and look so hot.Then he lay down on his back and Mitch took his hard cock in her mouth and lapped,sucked and chewed it.He moaned and said he was going to cum but she didnt move,he came and she swallowed every last drop.than she straddled him and guided his cock in to her shiny bald swollen quim.She moaned as he pumped her and she fingered her own ass.Then Stephen got up and left Mitch on the floor fingering herself.So myself Dan and Stephen stood over her and wanked while she fingered her own ass and pussy.We came together and covered her in thick spunk,which we then massaged in to her and ourselves.
We have done this a few times since.and it just gets better and better.