Anal with my wife

My wife and I have been married 15 yrs. so theres not too many things we haven’t tried.
We had anal sex a few times but not a lot.
It all started on a Friday she and I like to sleep in on Saturdays so we stay up a little longer on Friday.we have a computer in our room and lately shes been watching porn”which I think is very hot” I usually watch with her but it was football season.
Anyway I looked over and she was watching anal porn DP and just plain old ass pounding. I said holy shit honey what are you doing “I know we men are so smart some times it scary” She turned and smiled and said “just thinking”.Later that night after she got herself all worked up, She came to bed, well I’m slow but not stupid,I shut off the game and put on some background TV. we have 3 boys so its best to have a cover sound. any way She started to play with my dick which was already hard about the same time she climbed into bed. Shes really good at giving head so to distract myself I grabbed her thighs and pulled her on top of me into the 69 position. while I was pushing my tongue into her tight hole my nose was pressing up against her little asshole.My wife was a beautiful asshole like a rose bud.”If you don’t believe me checkout my profile”
I could feel her moaning while she forced my dick all the way into her I did what any good husband would do I started to tease her little bud of a hole with my tongue which brought even more moaning around my stiff shaft. I don’t know about you but the moaning during oral sex is a great feeling the wife and I have a running joke that I ask her to hum Dixie while she blows me. anyway She started getting so into it she was laying her forehead on my thigh completely forgetting my cock as the pleasure took over her. I slid from under her kissed her deeply and told her to get on her knees on the edge of the bed “Our bed is about a foot taller than average”and I got down to a serious rim job. using just one finger I slid it into her. she was so tight! while gently sliding my finger in and out I took her clit between my lips gently sucking in and our when she was near her orgasm I sucked it harder while teasing inside with my tongue I pushed my finger all the way in as she came I could feel her tight asshole a rush of fluid came out of her pussy.she falls forward off her knees panting I gently stroke her beautiful ass and cover her up. before she falls into a blissful sleep.
I can wait for my fun I know tomorrow is going to be lots of fun.

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