IM encounter

This short story is a an almost exact transcript of an instant messaging chat that a friend asked me to edit into a story.

After they read the results they agreed that it would be good to share it with you here.

All of the content is direct from the transcript I have only changed small areas to make it more readable.

“Come and meet me on Messenger”

As I walk into the bedroom I am not surprised to find you on the bed, completely naked using a striped candy cane as a dildo, sliding in between the lips of your moist pussy. A large pink vibrator glistening next to you.

You look up. “Hi Honey would you like a taste?”

“You bet you sweet life I would.” I respond pulling my shirt over my head as I approach.

“And I would LOVE to wrap my lips around your sweet stick, to suck you slowly & sweetly. till you can take no more ” You continue as I drop my trousers and boxers. I am already hard.

“Sounds good, especially if it is coated with your juices my lover”

I remove the cane, slipping it into my mouth as I slide my cock between the lips of your pussy coating it with her musky juices. The flavour of your juices contrasting with the sweetness of the candy.

I slide up your body and as you open your mouth I ease my rampant penis between those luscious lips. Grabbing your head & pulling you hard onto me, wrapping my fingers in your hair.

Sliding my delicious hardness in & out of your hungry mouth, pumping it between your lips, gagging you as I force it deep into your throat and like a good little cock sucker you swallow it deep throating me.

Before I loose control I slide down your soft sexy body to nestle it between your lovely breasts. Pushing them together so your titties are snugly surrounding my cock in a wonderfully soft tunnel embracing my throbbing cock whilst nipping you nipples between my fingers, making you cry out as they hardened to my touch.

As your breasts engulf my beautiful cock your mouth quests for the tip as it thrusts back and fourth, licking tasting me with each thrust. I can see the desire in your eyes longing for each time you touch my cock my pre cum moistening your lips .

Glancing over my shoulder I can see this is making your pussy so wet & slick, I swivel round so my cock is still between your breasts but my head is now surrounded by your thighs. Then I dive into you wetness with my tongue.

You lick at my balls & ass, your moans & cries vibrating against me as my tongue bathes your wetness. I slide my cock back into your mouth whilst I take hold of you clit between my lips.

“Oh yes Michael please taste me, taste how wet I am for you.”

You are sucking me like a bitch in heat pulling at my cock with your lips and tongue.
Your mouth is as hot & wet as the pussy I am driving wild. You lift your hips to meet my tongue writhing beneath me. As my tongue beats a rhythm on you sensitive clit.

“Michael yes oh fuck yesssss.”

I slide a finger into your soaking pussy. Your pussy sucks at it as your mouth continues to
suck my pulsating cock. Your clit so swollen and your pussy so hot tight & wet coating my finger with your slick juices before I trace the outline of your tight anus with it. You I tremble and your tight little bud puckers and twitches.

Then I plunge more fingers back into your pussy, liberating more and more juice. Clenching on my fingers, pulling on them as I am fucking you with them I feel your pussy contracting as you hover on the edge of climax.

You suck me hard & deep, your moans of pleasure vibrating on my cock. Whilst I am sliding more and more of your juice from your pussy to your ass. Teasing both your holes with my fingers.

Suddenly I am cumming, spurting deep in you mouth. This pushes you over as the sensations become to much.

“Oh yes god yessss” you gasp. “Feed me your cum in my mouth, Michael”

Your muscles tighten, your pussy gushing. You continue to suck my cock adoring It with your mouth milking every sweet drop from my erupting cock. As my orgasm shudders through me I continue to work my fingers into your holes.

As my breath gasps over your clit you continue to cum. “Come for me” I suck you hard, tasting your cream.

I stand up, my cock still hard with the excitement.

“Please I need to cum, let me cum again. Now fuck me,Fuck me now!” you plead. “ Please Michael”

I turn you over. “Onto your knees.” I push your round ass high in the air, then I slowly slide my hardness into your waiting pussy.

“MMMMYESSSSSS, fill me” you purr. “Yes, fuck me, OH god the torture, the exquisite torture.”

Taking my time I relish the sensation as your pussy stretches to accommodate my thick hard cock.

You are pushing back onto me, my balls bang against you clit as I am in to the hilt.

You meet my sweet thrusts, your juices coat my balls, you reach back & feel me as my beautiful cock glides inside you. I am sliding in and out with a measured pace, whilst you are massaging my balls as I fill your pussy so perfectly and it is contracting as I withdraw steadily pulling my hard cock.

I guide you hand down to your clit as I pick up the pace.

“mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssss” your groan as your rub your hard sensitive clit as I try push into you deeper sliding my full length in and out.

Your cries,my grunts & the sounds of that beautiful cock fucking your wetness filling the room.
My thumb rubs circles around you anus still moist from before. I ease it in a bit a a time.

“ Oh god so tight, Ohhhhhhh Michael Jesus yes.”

You frig your clit harder relaxing that tight ring a little, my thumb eases inside you. I pull out and slide my hand over your soaking pussy catching your juices before plunging my cock back into you hard.

You cry, moan, scream “Please Michael oh pleaseeeeeeee”

I use the juices around your tight anus, then work my thumb back in then start moving it in an out keeping it in keeping rhythm with my cock.

I feel your heat growing your pussy & ass so tightly pulling on my cock & thumb, pussy juice soaking my cock, balls & thighs. Soon I swap my thumb for two fingers working them in harder, deeper as my cock keeps up its steady rhythm.

“Oh fuck yesssssssssssssss, please oh fuck please, I beg you.”

Then I slide out of you welcoming wetness. Sliding my cock between your cheeks bumping over your anus.

“Do you want it my darling, do you?”

You push your fingers into into your dripping pussy

“Please Michael yes, I want it, I need it. Take my ass Michael, fuck my ass, make it yours pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, oh please, I beg you please fill me.”

Your body is trembling as I continue to rub myself in your butt cheeks and I take your vibrator, switching it on to max before sliding it into you pussy. Once it is fully home I ease my cock into your ass.


Little by little, taking my time until it is all the way in, my big hard cock slowly penetrating your tight ass.

“Oh god oh godddddddddddddddd, Micheal.” you are gasping for breath. “never before have i felt so full.”

The vibrator is now pushing on the base of my cock whilst pushing hard against your cervix.

“Oh Christ yessssssss.” you thunder as you turn to look at me the pain washing into pleasure across your face, as your ass fully accepts my hard prick. I start thrusting in and out the sensation is wonderful. Your my soft ass cheeks cushioning me, your juices bathing my balls.

You weep. “The pleasure beyond anything, Ooh my god Michael, your fucking my ass,so tight, so so fucking tight.”

Each time I bottom out the vibration through the base of my cock as it is squeezed in you ass is almost to much to stand.

“Michael oh god, sweetie am cumming, please let me cummmmmm”

“That makes two off us.” I grunt.

“Please, oh fuck fill my ass Michael,please god cum inside meeeeeeeee, with me Michael please” “Oh yes watch baby, watch as my tight ass is wrapped so perfectly around your prick feel me, my tightness, my heat.”

I push home hard as wave after wave of my cum coats the inside of your ass and your juices explode over my balls. Your body spasming as my hot seed fills you. Your ass squeezing out every last sweet drop.

I slow my thrusts staying deep in you as I reach thorough to continue to rub you sensitive clit, it is huge and pulsing. Your are still cumming hard juices squirting. I let the vibrator slip out and turning it right down, I slide it gently over your clit, savouring you orgasm keeping you going.

“Cumminggggg so mmmmmmm good, Michael oh Michael.” Your whole body contracting, spasming, belonging to me, your master. You have no control.

You have sucked the very essence from me. I remove my deflating cock but continue to gently work your clit. Reaching for your wonderful breasts nipping your engorged nipples.

You turn to bringing your lips to mine, sighing as our mouths meet cumming once again on my fingers as our tongues dance. I take you in my arms holding you close as we gasp into each others mouths. Spent but OH so wonderfully

“Michael” you coo my name as you kiss down my throat. I collapse on my back. Looking down our bodies. Your spent, slick sexy body so beautiful. You kiss down my body to my softening cock glistening with our cum and like a mother cat adoringly clean it licking, kissing, softly tasting our cum.

Then returning to lay against me, once again kissing, sharing our juices. You are nestled in my strong arms our bodies entwined. The feeling of you soft full breasts against my chest is heavenly with the contrast of your still hard nipples.

You smile into my eyes, I respond. “ That was so good. Thanks”

“Amazing” you reply as we drift on in post orgasmic relief.

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