The Camera Club


It turned out to be quite a night. Not at all what I was expecting as I drove to the station to pick up the young lady who was going to be our photo model for the evening. It was not the same model we had had on previous occasions, we had been informed that the agency thought this one, Veronica, would be “more interesting”. That was OK by me, Sally had been very nice and everything, but we had got a bit tired of her routine which didn’t vary much. She always wore a jumper and skirt which she would remove when we got the lights and cameras out to pose in rather demure ways in her undies. She usually wore stocking and suspenders, so no complaints there, in fact we were all rather excited the first couple of times she came for the monthly class on “photographing the model under studio conditions”, but you know how it is – the novelty wears off after a while. Talking to the others, especially my friends Bill and Roy, we had all begun to fantasise about Sally going a bit further for us, maybe wearing a quarter-cup bra so we could see her nipples. It was too much to expect she would remove her panties, but we could always think about it….

Veronica arrived on the expected train and I introduced myself to her. She was lovely – older than Sally, probably late 30’s, brunette and she had a gleam in her eye. She was what I would call “hot”. I also thought I recognised her from somewhere but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I soon found out though. She had a long dark coat on and carried a rather large holdall.

As we chatted in the car about her journey and what to expect tonight – probably only about half a dozen photo club members (Sally had pulled in many more in the early days but familiarity and “wife knowledge” – ie wives finding out about the nature of the monthly class and putting the mockers on it – had lead to dwindling numbers), model taking the lead on what she wanted to show us, some limited direction from us if that’s OK, and so on. I told her about the typical Sally sessions and when she replied I felt the evening may turn out to be rather good after all. “Oh I think I see why the agency sent me then!” she said. “I don’t really have many inhibitions and if you are a well-behaved lot and we have plenty of cups of tea then I think you’ll be happy.”

She went on to say that she made her income as a model on a full-time basis, glamour and adult stuff, plus the occasional movie. And then I remembered where I’d seen her! I felt my jeans getting tight in the crotch as I drove along as I struggled to cope with an immediate erection – I was certain she’d been in “Sandra’s Anal Adventure” playing the part of Sandra, a movie I’d looked at on the internet a week or so previously, at one of those streaming sites. Good grief. And here she was ready to pose for us. Christmas had come early!

We arrived at the hall. The lads had got all the lights ready, there was a chair set up on a carpet in front of the lights, the kettle on the side was freshly boiled and there was an air of anticipation as soon as they clapped eyes on her. I did the introductions. There were indeed only six of us. Veronica took her time in the ladies getting ready, having taken her tea and biscuits with her. I winked at the others as we got our cameras ready and told them to make sure they had plenty of space in the cameras – had they brought extra memory cards? I had a feeling we’d need them.

Veronica came out of the ladies room. Wow. Six jaws dropped. In unison. What a figure: hourglass shape, a real waist and hips, I would say a C cup pair of breasts which looked real to me from what I could judge. Black shiny underwear: a waspie laced up the back, balconnette bra, full-cut black panties, a separate suspender belt, very long seamed stockings that came a long way up her legs, nearly to her lovely crotch, and finally spectacularly high pair of heels. I struggled to get my breath back. “Will I do” she said. “OOh yes please” said Roy.

“I’ll do a strip then shall I? Tell me if I go too fast. Stop me if you want to take extra shots. I’m happy for you to get as close as you want, or bend in any way you want. Don’t be shy, just tell me what you want”.

Well I think we were a bit shy at first, we couldn’t really believe it. I hadn’t told the others about the film I’d seen her in, just in case I was mistaken. So we were a bit hesitant at first. Veronica didn’t seem to notice though. She started moving about, offering her rear towards the cameras, bending forwards so we could see down her cleavage etc etc. Eventually Bill summoned up the courage and started some directions “would you mind cupping your breast?” he said. “Like this?” she replied, and placed a hand under her left bra cup. “Oh yes, exactly like that” said Bill. Lots of electronic shutters clicked. “I can fold the front of this bra’s cups under so you can see my nipples if you want” she said. We wanted. She did. Oh God, we were already in territory Sally had never taken us to. And we’d only been going five minutes! Snap, snap, snap.

Things started to move then. Bill was on a roll and asked her to turn her back to us, open her legs and bend forward for some great gusset shots. I asked her if it would be OK for her to hold that pose while I took some shots lying on the floor. No problem. I had to adjust myself in my jeans as I got into place for a few shots. While I was lying there she came closer and stood with a foot on either side of my head and crouched slightly. This opened her legs further and her panty gusset came closer to my face and camera. I could hear gasps from the others. The other guys came closer and snapped away. She told me to stay where I was and turned round for a bit of variety. Phew! Roy asked if he could take some like that and she said we had to stop asking permission and get on with it, just sort it out with each other so we don’t get in each other’s shots.

Off came the bra. We had her lying on her back on the carpet, legs akimbo, more fantastic gusset shots. Then she put her hand inside her knickers with her legs apart and we took lots more. She knelt on the carpet with her backside towards us. then she pulled her panties up tighter and ran her fingers up and down the crotch. She pushed at her gusset and traced the line of her vagina through the fabric. She was getting us ready. We were ready all right!

Sally was completely forgotten as Veronica lay on her back, with her legs towards us and slowly raised them vertically. Then she reached under herself, got hold of the back of her panties and eased then down and forward so that they no longer covered her bottom. They were held tightly against her crotch. The excitement was palpable. You could hear a pin drop as she slowly lifted the knickers up her legs, bending at the knee so she could remove them completely. We saw the outer lips of a shaven cunt a few feet in front of us. She straightened her legs again, and the sight was magnificent: long legs pointing skywards, encased in fully-fashioned seamed stockings and tipped by those wonderful heels, while the very smallest hint of her vagina sat at the point those wonderful legs came together.

Even more slowly she eased her legs apart. As she did so the flurry of shutters increased. Her cunt lips opened and we began to see her inner lips, glistening in the photo lamps. Sweat was pouring off me. I glanced at my friends Bill and Roy, but they were transfixed. She raised her head and looked at us with a wanton expression that nearly made me come in my pants.

Then she brought her legs back towards her body and bend her knees. As she did so her lovely bum-hole came into full view and gently opened. No one had given any directions to Veronica for about ten minutes, no-one could improve on what she was doing! But then I found myself gulping and saying, “could you open up your vagina with your fingers, please?” There was no reply, just a wicked look in my direction, which I managed to capture with my camera and she brought her hands down under her arse and pulled the cheeks apart. Her arse-hole and her cunt opened further. Roy moved forward to get a close-up. We all did so, taking it in turns as she lay there spread and open to view.

After that we got her on all fours for some shots from behind, labia clearly on view beyond a lovely open anus. She slid a finger into her cunt, then two and then three. “This always makes me horny, lots of juices thankfully!” she said. Then “well I think its time for a break and another nice cup of tea” she said, “but I think I should give you a big finish to part one, so get ready boys”.

At that she opened her bag and took out a large towel which she folded lengthways and put in front of the chair we had provided. She sat on the chair, moving her arse as far forward as she could, opened her legs wide and bent them back, showing us again her full wide open pudenda, then pulled her cheeks apart again. “OK boys, here it comes”, as she let out a long hot stream of pee onto the towel. It come out of her in an arc and landed completely where she aimed it – on the towel. The stream of golden piss was steady and enabled us all to get at least three or four good shots of it leaving her cunt, just under her clitoris, which seemed to have swollen in the last few seconds. As the stream died away her soaking wet cunt made for a series of excellent further pictures. “OK, time for more tea” she said and we all exhaled together, feeling exhausted and drained.

As one of the club made a fresh brew we stood about chatting. She made no attempt to get changed and just stood there with her breasts (which were clearly real but very firm) and bottom uncovered. I guess we were all thinking – “Wow, what’s for part two?” when she suggested that once we’d had our tea we concentrated on “souvenir” pictures. When we asked her what she meant she said that in the USA famous porn actresses and models will often pose with fans for souvenir photos to take home with them. Typically the model will be nude, and a guy, or a group of guys, will pose with her, possibly holding a breast. She may sit with her legs open showing her snatch while the guy stands with his arm around her smiling at the camera.

What she said next I think I will never forget: “But I do have a groundrule when I do them: if you want to stick your cock in my cunt or my arse then you have to wear a johnny!” Hold on. Did I hear that correctly? I looked at the others and I think we all showed a mixture of elation: “Oh my God she’s going to let me fuck her – even in the arse!” and panic: “But I don’t have any condoms with me, why would I?” We exchanged looks – oh no, so near to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and so far from achieving it. She watched our faces and laughed “Its OK, I have plenty of Durex in my bag!” We all sighed with relief.

We drank our teas with shaking hands. Everyone had a visit to the gents and I guess they did what I did – inspect the “old man” and make sure he’s clean and presentable. After all, I’m going to have to rely on a mate or two to capture my “souvenir”.

While we’d all been psyching ourselves up, Veronica had returned to the Ladies and now came out again in another amazing outfit. This time she was all in white: a beautiful white, strapless corset with an open bottom. No panties, her shaven slit clearly visible. White seamed stockings and high-heeled white shoes. An absolute vision of lust – a huge smile on her face.

The next hour was a blur really. We took it in turns to have our photos taken with her. As we plucked up courage we moved on from simple shots of us standing next to her with an arm around her, though to putting a hand into her corset and fondling a tit, then with her sitting on a knee with her legs apart.

Eventually we started to get our pricks out of our trousers, typically we kept our own clothes on! She took us in her mouth one or two at a time. It was bloody hard not to cum. She was happy for us to lick her cunt too, which we all did, wiping her between each new face. All caught on camera. I did something I had always dreamed of doing, which my wife would never entertain, and I slipped one finger into her cunt while I put another into her arse. Then I slowly moved them in and out while she moaned with (probably fake) pleasure. My erection was straining at my fly and I opened my trousers to let it out after that, only to look at the others to see that they all had their dicks in the hands and were slowly rubbing them. “I hope at least one of you got that” I said “or I’ll have to do it again”. Someone had. “Oh, let’s move on from fingers” said Veronica “if you’re up for it! Get the rubbers on and get up me…”

Bill went first. Veronica turned her back to him and bent forward holding on to the chair back. Her heels brought her to the perfect height for Bill to sink his engorged tool into her. “Slowly” said Roy, if you want me to get this. We snapped away, not really believing this was still happening. Over the next five minutes, Bill and Veronica changed position and pose many times so we could all get shots of her cunt taking him in. She sat astride him on the chair, doggy on the carpet, good old missionary, etc. Eventually he pulled out, saying he was saving cumming for later.

My turn. I put two fingers into her sopping cunt and gently rubbed it and the surrounding area. There was plenty of lubrication and I used my fingers to spead it onto her perineum – I love that area between cunt and arsehole. Then I slipped a finger into her arse. It went in nice and easily, my earlier efforts must have helped. She relaxed her anus and I felt it open even more.

I got my dick out, slipped on a Durex and eased myself into her twat. It was wonderful, still tight after Bill’s efforts. I could hear the others snapping away but they seemed miles away. I did a series of slow thrusts before withdrawing, checking her arsehole was ready and then I very slowly and gently put the head of my cock inside. It resisted slightly and Veronica said “Its OK, wait a sec”. I kept up gentle pressure and felt her anal ring giving way for me. I was in. I was truly “up” her. Her anus closed on my shaft as it gradually went into her, nice and tight as it moved down the shaft, but strangely loose on the head of my prick as it moved into her rectum. “Oh shit that’s amazing” said one of the others as they moved closer to capture the scene. “That feels fucking good” said Veronica, “keep it there. Roy, do you want to come up my twat at the same time?”

Bloody hell. Roy was rubbered-up in a trice. I was up Veronica’s bumhole with her still bending over the chair back. Roy ducked under Veronica, got hold of the chair and turned it round, while helping Veronica stay standing. Then he sat on the chair, his erection looking like a rocket on the launch-pad. Veronica moved forward and down to get Roy into her cunt, while I had to hold tight to her to stop coming out of her arse. Then he was in. We were having a “dp,” that staple of porn films and something the average guy will NEVER get to do in his life.

I felt bloody uncomfortable though, and it was spoiling it for me, I was in danger of getting cramp. “Actually this is a bit uncomfortable”, said Roy, bless him, “let’s get on the floor”. So, I slipped out of Veronica’s arse and Roy de-cunted. Roy got down on the carpet on his back, Veronica climbed on top and got him back up her. She had her head down and her arse was up. I could see Roy’s prick in her and her anus winked at me, a little fluid oozed out.

I got into position and put my dick right back up her arsehole ‘til it would go any further. The other guys clicked away. Roy started to thrust, I think he couldn’t help himself. I could feel his prick pressing against mine through the wall between Veronica’s twat and her bumshaft. I was in heaven. I heard Roy cry out “oh god, too late” and at that precise moment my dick exploded cum right up Veronicas shit-hole. Roy and I both pumped ferociously into Veronica’s holes together and she cried out too “fuck me that was good”. We all collapsed onto the carpet. For now, Roy and I were spent.

The others then got their turns and I got plenty of photos of it all. Some of the best ones had Veronica peeing while Bill was up her arse, four different guys fingers in her twat at the same time, Veronica standing up with one leg held in the air, taken from underneath, while being double penetrated by two blokes still wearing their jeans.

Sadly the evening had to come to an end. Veronica’s train was due to leave the station at 11 pm and we had to close and lock the hall up too. We ended the evening in a grand style though. First we checked to see if everyone was ready to cum again (they were) then we tossed (!) a coin to see who would take the final photos. Bill lost.

Veronica stripped off completely and lay on her back with legs apart and back, cunt, anus and everything on show while we all wanked over her. Bill had to catch five ejaculations for posterity. They came (!) thick and fast. Roy and I actually jerking off at the same time – I onto her face, right between the eyes, and Roy onto her arse. Veronica took pity on Bill for not being able to join in, and sucked him off nicely, while he had a couple of fingers in her arsehole. Just before Veronica dried and dressed herself, she let us all have a final, goodnight feel. I reprised my favourite and fingered her in her twat and bumhole again. Lovely.

As I took her back to the station I asked her if tonight had been a usual situation for her. She said that she had done similar once or twice but could only do it for a small group and they had to be nice people. She said she used the “tea test” – if they made good tea they were probably nice, and the tea helped her pee too.

Post-script: I told the lads what Veronica had said and we decided to keep it all quiet from the rest of the camera club. Now Veronica visits us about twice a year for more fun and games and we pay the agency and give her a nice fat tip (or six) every time. We’ve invested in some new equipment and we’re going to make a video of our exploits with the lovely Veronica at our next session. Maybe I’ll tell you about it….