Alone with a masked guy

You are there, laying on your bed with eyes closed, lightly stroking your left breast. Slowly you are getting yourself worked up for your daily self propelled orgasm. You hear your bedroom door lightly squeak and your bed move as if somebody has sat on it. Concentrating really hard on your inner self and all of the desires, someone removes your hand from your breast and replaces it with his own.

Slowly his hand makes smaller and smaller circles on your breast slowly coming to your nipple. There is a light pinch and slowly the hand begins to make bigger circles and goes to your right breast. Slowly making smaller circles, your beautiful breast gets the same treatment topped by a small pinch on your nipple. The hand once again starts making bigger circles and makes its way toward your face. Lightly the hand goes up the right side of your face to your forehead, slowly the hand goes straight down over your eyes, nose and mouth, down your throat and between your breast. Lightly touching and tickling as it moves past your belly button.

Slowly the hand makes its way down to your soft girlie lips, applying gently pressure to both sides of your labia but staying away from your heated center and sensitive clit. You arch your back hoping that the hand will satisfy your aching clit as it needs A LOT of attention. The hand however misses the clit entirely and makes its way back up your stomach to your sensitive breast. Once again the hand goes through its routine making smaller circles on your breast accompanied by the little pinch. Once again the hand goes up your neck and to your forehead. Once again it makes its way over your eyes, nose and when the hand gets to your mouth. You reach your tongue out and lick the finger tips that are ever so slowly making your body tingle with anticipation.

The hand stays at your mouth and you quickly suck a couple of fingers into your mouth. The fingers pull out though and head down your neck and between your breast, lightly trailing your saliva down your body giving you small chills. The hand goes down past your stomach to your VERY sensitive labia and once again applies a gentle pressure, this time though your labia is caught between 2 fingers and they are squeezing and twisting your engorged clit causing you major problems. The heat is emanating from your overheated pussy and girlie goo is poring out profusely.

While the hand is making it harder and harder to stay in control, you suddenly feel a shift on the bed and a pair of warm soft lips meet yours. Your tongue immediately reaches out to his offering. A tongue slowly meets yours but soon begins to wrestle with yours. Deep in your mind you realize that you don’t recognize the taste of the tongue kissing you but you still don’t open your eyes.

The hand has gotten more vigorous. It still hasn’t gotten a hold on your clit but you are about ready to explode into a thousand pieces. The tongue stops kissing you but makes its was down your neck and to your breasts leaving behind a trail of hot tingles. Slowly the tongue makes its way to your right breast and before you know it, inhales your breast and the tongue flicks and dances over your sensitive nipple. All of a sudden it stops and makes a trail of hot kisses to your left breast, once again inhaling it and this time nibbling on your nipple.

This too stops as the mouth make its way back up your neck and to your forehead. Lightly there are kisses on your eyelids, nose and soon a deeply passionate kiss on your mouth. You body is aching as it longs for release. The kiss stops and so does the hand that was very vigorously massaging your labia. You moan from want, need and desire. The mouth makes its way down your neck, past your breast. You hold your breath, hoping for that which is to come, for that which you so desperately need.

The Mouth and its hot kisses go down past your breast and slowly plants a circle of kisses around your belly button. Slowly the mouth makes its way down to the very tip of your beautiful pussy, a hand comes up from beneath your thighs and slowly spreads your lips.

All of a sudden you feel it, as lightning bolts of energy and excitement shoot up and down your spine, the mouth has sucked your clit right into it and the tongue sets to dancing and flicking all over it. Immediately you cum, nothing big but better than you have had in a long time. Then suddenly you feel 2 fingers push into your pussy and hit a spot that just shatters your world. Your body cums and cums again in waves, Each wave more powerful than the last. You sit up and immediately fall back, your head spinning. Your eyes finally open and…

The man is wearing a black stocking cap with a hole where his mouth is. You cant see his eyes but you do see that the fabric is thinner where his eyes should be. You evaluate this strange person further as your eyes slowly travel down the length of his body. He is about 5’8″, has a little extra weight around the belly but not disgustingly so. Your gaze travels further down and happen to notice he is sporting a very nice tent in his pants. Not even thinking about it all, you reach for the mans belt, undo it and pull his cock out of his boxers.

It is a very nice 8 inches of man meat and very warm to your touch. On impulse you push the man on his back and take his beautiful cock into your mouth. You notice that the texture of the cock is very soft and are very appreciative that the guy shaves. All at once you deep throat him and you can fill his cock jump in your throat. Clearly you surprised him by your expertise. Slowly you back off until just the tip is in your mouth, slowly you begin stroking his cock with your mouth. You hear muffled moans come from the stocking cap.

Gaining confidence, you begin to stroke that beautiful cock faster. All of a sudden, you feel a hand between your thighs. You feel a pull as he pulls your body around to where your body is almost parallel to his. He then takes a leg and pulls it over his head so your pussy is directly over his waiting mouth. He buries his face into your hot wet snatch and clamps down on your poor little clit. You take your mouth off his cock and grind your pussy onto his face.

It has been a long time since anyone has giving you this kind of attention. Slowly you feel yet another orgasm coming. Even though his tongue feels heavenly as it devoures your over heated pussy, you want to feel his beautiful cock buried deep inside of you. You move your leg back over his head and move to straddle his cock. He holds the head of his cock as you slowly lower yourself onto him. As you sink onto his cock, it stretches out some areas that hadnt seen much action of late and makes you very full.

Slowly you start moving up and down relishing the full feeling as his cock takes you to wonderland. Soon you are jumping up and down on the strange mans cock like a pogo stick. Grinding your clit on his stomach every time your pelvis’ meet. As your orgasm continues to get closer, you begin moaning and thrashing around like a wild woman. All of a sudden your orgasm slams in to you like a semi truck. You just sit on the poor guy, stunned. Never has a man reduced you to this state of mind. You want to move but your body is incapable of action.

The strange man, realizing your plight, brings you close to him and rolls you both over so that he is on top of you. You realize this fantastic torture will not end until he has emptied his seed into your womb. slowly he begins moving his cock in and out of your tight little pussy. He lifts up a little and takes one of your nipples into his mouth and give a soft bite followed by a tongue flicking. As the man begins to pick up the pace, he lets the nipple fall from his mouth and he raised is mouth to yours and gives you a deep passionate kiss.

You moan into his mouth as your tongues tangle. He stops kissing and concentrates on pounding your pussy for all he is worth. He sticks a finger in his mouth and then reaches back behind and under your leg. He lifts your right knee up to his ear and then reaches down again. You think maybe he is wanting to play with your clit but you feel his finger massaging your back door. You moan loudly as he pushes his finger into your ass. It hurts a little but you also notice that you feel fuller than ever.

Believe it or not, you are also about ready to cum again. He is fucking you faster and his breathing is becoming erratic. You are almost there. Almost there… All of a sudden it feels like lightning is coursing through your veins. You notice that his cock has gotten bigger and all of a sudden, the man buries his cock to the hilt and you feel his seed shoot into your waiting pussy.

Feeling his hot seed splash the inside of your pussy sets you off even higher yet. By this time you are almost screaming and he is grunting hard as stream after stream of his seed shoots deep into your pussy. Slowly he lowers himself onto you as you and he slowly recuperate from your mutual orgasms. After about 10 minutes he slowly gets up and his skin sticks to you. You ask him to wait and slowly you get up. You lean near him and slowly lift the stocking cap off of his head to reveal…

The man you love most!!

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